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b. Thomas emigrated to Australia, where he died un-

c. George.

d. Margaret married John, son of Ferachar Ban
Macrae, Faddoch, with issue.

e. Julia died unmarried.

7. Barbara married as his second wife Murdo Macrae
of Corriedhomhain family, with issue, as already
mentioned (page 503).

8. Helen married Christopher Macrae with issue.and
emigrated to America.


VI. Malcolm, eldest son of Duncan V. lived in
Corriedhomhain. He married Christina, daughter of
Farquhar, son of Duncan og Macrae of the Balnain family
(page 149, line 1), with issue.

a. Alexander Ban lived for some time in Balmacara,
Lochalsh. He married Isabella, daughter of Christopher
Macrae, Achnagart, with issue, as given on page 211.

b. Farquhar emigrated to America. He married a
daughter of Christopher, son of Finlay Buidh Macrae
with issue — John, Donald, and others in Canada.

c. George lived at Sallachy, Lochalsh. He married
Mary, daughter of Donald, son of Duncan Macrae with
issue —

John, died unmarried.

Duncan, died unmarried.

Christina, now (1910), living at Sallachy

Donald, unmarried.

Malcolm, died unmarried.

Murdo,\vho lived at Sallachy, married Margaret,
daughter of Duncan Mackay, Fearn, Easter Ross, with
issue — Duncan George, now (1910) in General Post-Office,
Glasgow ; Malcolm at Sallachy, married in March, 1910,
Mary Maclennah, Durinish, Lochalsh ; George in U.S.
America ; Mary married Duncan Maclennan, and went
to U.S.America; Alexander in U.S. America; Anne at

d. Margaret married Alexander Mackay, l'lockton,
with issue.



Page 51, line 7 :

VII. Maurice, known as Muireach Fial (Maurice the
Generous), was, according to a tradition among his own
descendants, not the fifth son of Christopher VI., but the
twin brother of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae. He married,
and left issue, at least one son.

VIII. Duncan, who married and left issue, at least
one son.

IX. Murdo, who married and left issue, three sons —
Duncan, John, Farquhar.

X. Duncan, eldest son of Murdo IX., married Annie
Roy, daughter of Eonachan Dubh (page 210), with issue —

1. Donald, known as the " Comastair," married, and
had issue.

a. Margaret.

b. Donald (called " Drobhair ") who died unmarried
at Bundaloch about 1870.

2. Murdoch, known as Murachadh Buidh nam Meoir
(yellow Murdoch of the fingers), died without issue.

3. Annie married John Macrae, Killechuinard, son of
Malcolm, son of Donald, son of John, with issue.

a. Mary died unmarried.

b. Isabella died unmarried.

c. Alexander, called Alasdair Dhu (Black Alexander),
married Christina, daughter of Malcolm, son of t inlay
Buidh Macrae, Coilree, with issue.

ci. Annie, who married Donald MacDonell, Letter-
fearn, without issue.

d. Duncan, called " Fear an Duin," married Mary,
daughter of Farquhar Mackerlich, Glenelchaig, with issue.

di. Anne.
dz. Annie.

4. Margaret married Alexander Macrae, son of
Malcolm of the Clann Iain Charrich family, with issue as
already mentioned.


X. John, called John Donn (Brown John), second
son of Murdo IX., married, with issue — Alexander, of
whom hereafter ; Christopher.

XI. Christopher married Julia, daughter of Alexander
Macrae of Achnagart (page 2:11), with issue.

1. Farquhar married I.Iary, daughter of Duncan Mac-
rae, with issue — a. Alexander, died young, b. Finlay, died
young, c. Duncan, died unmarried, d. Julia, e. Anne,
married Dnncan Matheson, Plockton. /. Alexandrina.
died unmarried.

2. Alexander, went to Canada about i860, married,
with issue.

3. Murdo Roy, died in 1876. He married Elizabeth
Mackenzie, with issue.

a. Duncan, went to Canada.

b. Christopher, lived in Forres, married, with issue.

c. Murdo, drowned when young.

d. Roderick, now (1910) living in Tulloch, Lochcarron.

e. Julia, married, and left issue, who live in Alness.
/. Elizabeth, deceased.

4. Anne married Donald Cross, Gairloch, with issue.

a. Anne married John Murchison, Torridon, with

rti. Donald, married in Rothesay, az. James, married
in Forres, with numerous issue. 83. Murdo. married with
issue in Glasgow, rt-t. Jeanette, married Donald Macrae,
Invershiel, with issue.

(1). Julia, married in Strathconon. (2). Hannah,
married with issue in Dornie. (3). Duncan. 14). Helen.

b. Anabella, married Donald Macrae, as mentioned

5. Mary, died young.

6. AnaLella, married a MacNair, without issue.

XI. Alexander, eldest son of John X., was a soldier
in tne 78th Highlanders, and was present in several
engagements in India, and also in the Peninsula, where
he served under Sir John Moore. He died in Bundaloch,
Kintail, about 1845. He married Barbara Macrae, a
descendant of Duncan Mor of Torlysich (page 198), with

1. Duncan, called Donnacha Donn (Brown Duncan),
married Anne, daughter of Roderick MacLean, Morvich,
Kintail. He and all his family, except one daughter, Isa-


bella, died on the way to America in 1849. Isabella
married Farquhar, son of Malcolm Macrae of Cragaig,
Glenelchaig, with issue, now living in Glengarry, Canada.
2. Donald lived in Bundaloch, Kintail, where he died
in 1884. He m irried Anabella, daughter of Donald Cross,
Gairloch, with issue.

a. Donald, died unmarried.

b. Catherine, died unmarried.

c. Christopher, now (1910) living at Carndue, Kintail.
He married in 1874 Catherine Macrae, a descendant of
Muireach Fial, with issue.

ci. Catherine, married John Gray, Dundee, with issue.

C2. Alexander, now living in U.S. America.

C3. Donald.

c 4 . Bella.

C5. John Duncan, educated at the Grammar School,
Aberdeen, and now a student in Arts at Aberdeen

c6. Flora.

d. Duncan, died young.

e. John, married Mary Maclaine, with issue.

ei. D >nald, married in Ardrossan, with issue —
William, Alexander.

e2. Alexander, died in 1901.

£3. Malcolm.

e4. Catherine.

C5. Kenneth.

/. Donald, died unmarried.

g. Barbara, died young.

X. Farquhar, the youngest son of Murdo IX., married
with issue, at least one son.

XI. John, who married with issue.
1. John, married with issue.

a. Anne, died unmarried.

b. Murdo, married Flora Macdonald, Inverinate, with

61. Christina, died unmarried.

bz. Farquhar, now living unmarried at Inverinate.

63. Catherine, now living unmarried at Inverinale.

c. Alexander, married Mary Macrae, Lochalsh, with

ci. Duncan, married, and went to Australia.
C2. Lily, married, and went to Australia.


c$. Donald, married in Easter Ross.
c|. Alexander, died young.

2. Alexander married Catherine Maclennan, Kintail,
with issue.

a. Farquhar married Margaret Macleod, with issue —
Finlay, Malcolm, John, and several daughters. He
emigrated about 1859 to Prince Edward Island, where his
descendants now live.

b. Anne, died unmarried.

c. Catherine went to Canada, and married a Mr
Garvice of the Free Church College, Halifax, with issue.

d. Margaret married a Mr Burke in Canada, with

e. Alexander died in 18S1. He married Isabella Mac-
donald, with issue.

ei. Duncan married Christina Macrae, with issue.

(1). Alexander, now living in Kyle. He married Mary
Murchison, with issue. (2). Duncan, married in Dundee.
(3). Margaret, now living in Balmacara. (4). Finlay,
married with issue in Glasgow.

e2. Flora married John Mackay, Arde've, with issue.

£•3. John married Catherine Poison. He went about
i860 to Canada, where he died in 1895. He left one
daughter, Catherine, who married a Mr Mackie, with issue.

ei. Alexander went to Canada. He married Mary
Ann Sutherland, with issue.

(1). Thomas, an Inspector on the staff of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, married with issue. (2). Flora married
a Mr Craig, a banker, with issue. (3). Hugh.

£5. Finlay married a Mackenzie in Elgin, with issue
Bella and Grace.

e6. Donald died in 1873. He married Jessie Mac-
millan, with issue, in Liverpool.

ey. Catherine married in 1874 Christopher Macrae, a
descendant of Muireach Fial, with issue as already

eS. Allan went to Canada in 1864. He married
Catherine Finlayson, with issue — Finlay, Grace, Bella,
Mary, Alexander.

455, .

, 1

459, ,

. 13

463, .

i, 12

• >

,. 13

467 .,

5 fi-


468 ,

. 10



Paje 453, lino 10 from top -After 1819 insert except Malcolm who went
to Australia.
— For Carolina read Australia.
—For a medical student read M.B. and CM.
— For Donald read Donald John. Delete Anne.
, —Delete John.

foot— Delete Alexander, who is given on page 468,
line 1.

— For Newcastle read Muncastle.

— Before Isabella insert fl.

— For (g) read f2.
,, ,, 7 ,. —For (h) read f3.
„ ,. « ., —For (i) read f4.

471 ,. 7 ,, — After this line inserts. Mary married Duncan
Macrae (page 455).

474 ,, 10 .. —After Johan Flora insert— William Murdoch.

475 ,, 8 ,, — For Father read Rev. Duncan.
485 .. 12 ., — After Bundaloch insert— d. Mary married

James Macrae with issue in America.
487 .. 19 .. —After Mary insert A 3. Isabella married
Christopher Macrae (page 485).
„ ,. 12 ,. —Delete (iault.

489 ,. II .. — For America read Australia.
,, ,, 8 ., — For America read Australia.
., ,." 7 ,. — Ineert A 4 John married with issue in New

Zealand. A 5 Duncan in America.

490 ,. 8 from top— For Kentucky read Alabama.

Page 104, line 24 ; also page 348, foot note.

The central figure representing the founder of the House of Seaforth
in this painting is not Farquhar Macrae, as 3tated in the text, but
Francis Lord Seaforth who died in 1815. Farquhar is probably repre-
sented as one of the younger men in the group

Page 351, foot note 2.

Killechuinard ought to beCille ehaoin teort, which is shown in Mr W.
J. Watson's Place names of Ross and Cromarty to beKentigerna's Church
or cell.


Alabama, U.S.A., 190

Alhambra, London, 450

Alistair Caol, of Claim Ian Charrich, 48!>

Ampthill. Lord, 500

Balnain family, 451. 452. 468, 491, 493.

Battle of Auldearn, 484
of Culloden, 495
.. of Sheriffmuir, 47(i. 478. 505
Plack Isle, 496. 506
Black Watch, 503
Bliss, Judge, of Frederic-ton, 446
Bosanquet, Richard Arthur. 447
Boulogne, 447, 471
Breac, John, 458
Cadell, George, 469
Callum Cragaig, 476, 510
Callum Dall, 506
Callum Mac Urichcian, 470
Campbell, Peter, Schoolmaster. Abri- [

achan, 465, 480
Canadian Pacific Railway, 511
Carolina, 454, 455, 489, 490
Castle of Strome, Siege of, 472
Castle of Ellandonan, 476
Chanonrv of Ross, 488
Coillc Bhan, Affair of the, 476
Colquhoun, Sir Allan Jonn, 454
Comastair, 508

Currie, Edward, Descendants of, 447
Davidson, Alexander, Schoolmaster,

Plockton, 450
Devery, Arthur, 494
Dingwall Rev. Donald, 497
Domhnull a Chogidh, 489
DomhnullDuilig, 471
Domhnull Og, 472
Donnacha Mor nan Creach,'505
Donnacha Sealgair, 464
Duilig family, 454, 456, 458, 460, 461,476,

Duncan Mor of Totaig, 462
Earl Colin of Seaforth, 504
Earl William of Seaforth, 476
Eonachan Dubh. 477, 508
Eonacban Dubh, Descendants of, 406
Fear-an-Duin, 508
Feraehar Buidh Brocair, 503
Ferachir Buidh nam Fiadh, 492, 493
Feraehar Ma Ian Og, 460, 485, 491
Feraehar Post, 468
Finlay Maclan Charrich, 470
Finlayson, Archibald Ninnie, 461
Finlayson, Duncan, Plockton. 458
Fionnln Rnn. 46?. 492

Fionnla Dubh nam Fiadh, 502
Fletcher, Ronald, Laggan, Mull, 468
Forfeited Estates Commissioner.-. 176
Four Johns of Scotland, 476, 477
Fowler, Rev. Mr, Victoria, 486
Garvice, Mr, of Free Church College,

Halifax, 511
Gillanders, Flora, 460
Gladstone. William Ewart, 471
Gobha Ban, 487
Crabel, Mary, 492
(.'rants of Glenmoriston, 470
Grant, Rev. Evan, 497
Hector Roy of Gairloch, 470
Highlanders, 78th or Seaforth, 450. 456.

460, 466. 4S 1 , 484, 489. 509
Hoeckling, Horr. 468
Ian Ard, 458
Ian Carrach, 470

Ian Maclan, of Claim Ian Charrich, 476
Ian Mor, of Balnain family, 453
Ian Mor, of Duilig family, 460
Ian Ruadh. of Claim Ian Charrich, 488
Ian Soar. 485
John of Killin, 470
Killearnan, Macraes of, 495
Kitchener, Lord 590
Leed, Murdo, Inverness, 468
Leitch, Rev. Mr, Fort-Augustus, 501
London Courier, 476
Macaulay, Charles Welsley, 455
MacColl, Hugh, Boulogne, 471
MacColl, Rev. Malcolm, D. D. , Canon of

Ripon, 471
MacDonald of (Glengarry, 472

„ Rev. J.Jin. of Sleat, 468

Rev. William, of Kirkcaldy.

Macintosh, Rev. Mr, 497
Maciver, Evander, of Coll family, 498
Mackenzie, Anne, of Lentran, 458

., Bailie John, Inverness, 468

, , Charles, of Letterewe, 458

George, of Dochmaluak. 488
of Fairburn. 484, 505
of Kintail, 472
Rev. Char es Evander, 500

., Rev. James, 496

Roderick, of Canadian
'• Kilties Band, 487
MacLean, Rev. John, of Kintail, 459
MacMillan, Alexander, Genealogist,

Dornie, 482
MacNair, Alexander. Citv Chambers.

Edinburgh. 479

Index to Notes and Additions (Continued.)

MacNeill, Captain, 476

MacQueen, Rev. John, Descendants of.

MacQueen, Rev. Duncan, Inverness, 475
Macrae, Abigail, 458

Alexander, Author of " Deer

Stalking," 457
Alexander, M.A. , Bushey,

Herts, 491
Alexander, M.A., Canada, 419
Alexander, Cnoc-na-Carn, Kin

tail, 477, 48', 503, 505
Alexander, Hotelkeeper, Re-

raig, 458
Alexander, Inland Revenue,

Lochcarron, 481
Alexander, of 78th Highlanders.
,, Alexander, Quartermaster, 466
Alexander, " The Bard," 490
Captain Duncan of Inverinate,

Christopher, of 78th Highland-
ers, 456
Colin, of Inchcro, 445, 461
Dr Charles, Stornoway, 484, 499
Dr Farquhar, Alne«s, 462
Dr Murdo, Glasgow, 460
Donald Buidh, of Nonach, 455.

Donald, Otaperi, New Zealand.

Donald, Port Campbell, Vic-
toria, 461
Donald. Schoolmaster. Harris,

Duncan, M.A., 463
Duncan, Genealogist. Bun-

daloch, 459
Duncan, Horsham, Victoria, 486
Duncan Mor of Torlysich, 509
Farquhar, M.A., 452
Farquhar. Hotelkeeper. Strome.

Finlay.of Seafor h Highlanders,
450, 461
,, Georgina, 447

Honorary Colonel Alexander

William, 499
John, Schoolmaster. Sleat, 462
John Tait, 450
,, Kenneth, Author of "Four Johns
of Scotland," 476
,, Kenneth, innkeeper,Lochcarron,

Malcolm, Constable of Ellandonan,
,, Malcolm, Cragaig, 476, 510

Murdoch, son of Rev. Farquhar.
Descendants of, 458
,, Roderick, Schoolmaster, Glen-
convinth, 485

„ Ronald, New South Wales, 473
.. Thomas, Carr, 46", 491
., Rev. Alexander, M.A., London,

,, Rev. Archibald, Calgary, 496
., Rov. Donald, D.D., Canada, 496
Rev. Donald Alexander, God-
eiich, Ontario, 457
., Rev. Donald, Junior of Kintail,

Rev. Donald, of Uiray, Descend
ants of, 454

.. Rev. Farquhar of Kintail, 508
.. Rev. Finlay, 505

Rev. John, Stornowa}-, 4S4, 495
Rev. Kenneth, Ontario, 457
Rev. Kenneth, of Glenshiel, 483
Rev. Murdoch of Edderton, 452
,, Rev. William, of Barvas, Lewis,
484, 497
Macraes. Affair of the, 489

Clann Ian Charrich, 470.49,3,504,

of Clunes, 470
of Corriedhoin, 453
of Inchro, 446, 461, 474, 477. 506
of Killearnan. 495
,, cf Wilmington. U.S.A., 489
Malcolm Maclan Charrich, 470
Matheson, Alexander. Schoolmaster,
Dornie, 479
,, Alexander, Shipowner. Dornie,
MoarDu'h, 486
Moore, Sir John, 509
Murchison, C.Jonel Donald of Auchter-



Muireach Fial, Descendants of, 508
Murachadh Buidh nam Meoir, 508
Mylne, Right Rev. Louis George, 447
Nicholson, Rev. Daniel 500
Faterson, Rev. Dean, 497
Ripon Cathedral, 471
Ross, Rev. Walter, Nethey Bridge, 463
School, Grammar, Aberdeen, 457, 491,

,, Raining, Inverness, 466
Scott, James Beeby, Bank of England.

Stnnsfield, Major-General Crompton, 471
Thomson, Sir Augustus Rivers, 447
University of Aberdeen, 449, 491, 496,

of Edinburgh, 446
of Glasgow, 452, 460
Waller, Major-General Hardress Ed

mund, 498
War. American Civil. 490
,, Boer, 500
,, Teninsular, 446, 509











m ■












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