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5. Mary, who married Murdoch, son of Far-

quhar Macrae of Morvich, and had, with other

issue, John, the Kintail poet, already mentioned.

6. Anne, who married Duncan Macrae, son of

Donald, in Glensheil.

XT. DUNCAN, eldest son of Farquhar X., was
served heir on the 19th March, 1725. He married
Florence, daughter of Charles Mackenzie of Cullen
(Kilcoy family), by his wife, Florence, daughter of
John Mackenzie, second laird of Applecross, and
died in 1726, leaving issue —

1. Farquhar, mentioned below.

2. Anne, who married Captain Home and
resided with him in France. Mrs Home is said
to have been the first to bring tea to Kintail. The
caddy in, which the tea was brought is now in the
possession of Mrs Mackenzie, of Abbotsford Park,
Edinburgh, the great-granddaughter of Mrs Home's
brother, Farquhar of Inverinate.



XII. Farquhar, Last of Invcrinatc. — His Marriages and Family. —
Alexander. — Captain Duncan Macrae and his Descend; its. —
Colonel Kenneth Macrae. — Jean married the Rev. John
Macqueen of Applecross. — Her Descendants. — Dr John
Macrae and his Descendants. — Dr Farquhar Macrae. —
Represents Colin Fitzgerald in Benjamin West's Painting
in Brahan Castle. — Killed in a Duel. — Madeline Married
the Rev. John Macrae of Gleusheil. — Her Descendants.—
Anne married Lachlan Mackinnon of Corriechatachan. — Her
Descendants.— Florence married Captain Kenneth Mackenzie
of Kerrisdale.— Her Descendants.— XIII. Colin.— His Marriage
and Family. — XIV. John Anthony.— His Marriage and Family.
— XV. Colin George. — His Marriage and Family.

XII. FARQUHAR, son of Duncan XL, was the
last of the family who held Inverinate and acted as
Chamberlain of Kintail. Like so many more of his
Clan, he was an ardent Jacobite, and narrowly
escaped trouble in 1745. Considering all that tin-
people of Kintail had suffered at the hands of the
supporters of the House of Hanover, both in 1715
and again in 1719, it is no matter for surprise that
in 1745 they once more showed signs of strong
Jacobite sympathies. It is said that, notwith-
standing Seaforth's loyalty to the House of
Hanover at that time, the army of the Prince was
joined by a number of Macraes, not one of whom


ever again returned to Kintail, and that Farquhar,
who was then a very young man, was so strongly
suspected of Jacobite sympathies that he was placed
for some time under arrest. There is a tradition
that on one occasion he was mistaken by a party of
the King's soldiers for the Prince himself, who had
recently passed a day or two in Kintail in the course
of his wanderings after the battle of Culloden, and
that they took him to Fort-William, where his
mother succeeded in satisfying the authorities as to
his identity, and so secured his release. Farquhar
made some additions to the Rev. John Macrae's
Manuscript History of the Clan, but those additions
appear to have been limited to the merest outline of
his own family. He married first, on the 22nd
April, 1755, Mary, daughter of Alexander Mac-
kenzie, eighth laird of Dochmaluag, on whose death
he married, as his second wife, Elizabeth, widow of
Richard Ord, of Inverness, and daughter of John
Mackenzie, son of Alexander, seventh laird of
Dochmaluag, by whom he had no issue. He died
at Inverness in December, 1789, and was buried in
Kintail. By his first wife, Farquhar left numerous
issue —

1. Alexander, born 10th May, 1756, and died
unmarried in Demerara.

2. Duncan, born 8th June, 1757. He received
an Ensign's Commission in the 78th Highlanders,
which was raised by Lord Seaforth in 1793, and
served with that regiment in India. He was
promoted Captain in 1797, and retired on half- pay
in 1805, He was connected at various times with


other regiments than the 78th. He died about
1825. Captain Duncan is said to have heen a man
of very handsome personal appearance, a good
Highlander, and a generous man. He married first,
on the 4th August, 1784, Janet, daughter of Alex-
ander Murchison of Tarradale. He married, as his
second wife, Christina, daughter of the Rev. William
Bethune of Kilmuir, Skye. By his first wife he had
issue — ■

a. Kenneth, horn 19th May, 1785. He was
educated at King's College, Aberdeen, and went
to London in 1803 "to be placed in a mercantile
house." He was afterwards a planter in Demerara.

6. Mary, born 20th August, 1786, died in infancy.

c. Alexander, born 28th August, 1787. He was
educated at Aberdeen, and was afterwards a planter
in Demerara, where he was resident for half a
century. He is the author of a "Manual of
Plantership in British Guiana," which was published
in 1856. Alexander married and left three daughters
— Christina, Mary, and Flora — but no male issue.
He died at Southampton in 1860 from the effects
of an accident he met with on the homeward
voyage from Demerara.

d. Mary and Margaret, born 1st February,
1789, died in infancy.

Captain Duncan had issue also by his second
wife, as follows —

e. John

f. Duncan, who entered Aberdeen University
in 1820, and attended for four sessions, but did not
graduate. He died unmarried in Demerara.


g. Mary, who was born at Inverinate, and married
Lieutenant John Robertson Macdonald of Rodel, in
Hams, with issue, one daughter, Jane, unmarried.

h. Jessie, who married Hector Mackinnon of the
Island of Egg, with issue : —

hi. Duncan, died in Australia.

h2. Lachlan also died in Australia.

/i3. Jessie, who married a Mr Crawford.

hi. Flora, who married a Mr Morrison, with

h5. Alexandrina, who married a Mr Finlayson.

i. Flora, who, on 2nd February, 1826, married
Alexander Macdonald of Vallay, North Uist, with
issue —

il. Alexander Ewen, in Australia, married, with

i2. William John, a Senator of Vancouver
Island, married, with issue — Flora ; Edith ; Chris-
tina ; Reginald, in the Royal Artillery ; William, in
the Royal Navy ; Douglas.

i'3. Duncan Alexander Macrae, in Australia.

ii. Colin Hector, in Australia, married, with

i5. Duncan, in Australia.

i6. Christina Mary, married the Rev. John
William Tolmie, of Contin, with issue: — (l) John,
married Alexandrina, daughter of Donald Macrae,
Luskintyre, in Harris, son of the Rev. Finlay
Macrae; (2) the Rev. Alexander Macdonald Cornfute
of Southend, Kintyre ; (3) Margaret, married the
Rev. Archibald Macdonald of Kiltarlity, joint author
of the History of Clan Donald, with issue, Marion


Margaret Hope ; Christina Mary ; Flora Amy Mac-
ruari ; (4) Mary Macrae ; (5) Flora, married Charles
Hoffman Weatherall, M.RC.V.S., in India, with
issue ; (6) Hugh Macaskill, in New Zealand ; (7)
Gregory, in New Zealand ; (8) Williamina Alex-

i7. Harriet Margaret married Alexander Allan
Gregory, of Inverness, with issue: — (1) Alexander,
married Miss Stewart (of Murdostoun, Lanarkshire),
with issue ; (2) Margaret Maclean, married Francis
Foster, with issue ; (3) Harriett, married William
Lindsay Stewart (of Murdostoun) ; (4) Catherine
Christina, married Charles William Dyson Perrins,
Esq. of Davenham, Worcestershire, and of Ardross
Castle, with issue; (5) William; (6) Neil; (7)
Mary ; (8) John, in the Royal Navy ; (9) Reginald.
i8. Mary Isabella married the Rev. Kenneth
Alexander Mackenzie, LL.D., of Kingussie, with
issue : — John, died young ; Mary Flora, married
Walter Frederick Rodolph De Watteville, M.B., &c,
of Edinburgh University ; Elizabeth.

3. Kenneth, born 16th July, 1758. He re-
ceived a Commission in the old 78th, afterwards the
72nd Highlanders, which was raised by the Earl of
Seaforth in 1778. He afterwards served in the
76th Foot, in which regiment he was promoted
Major in 1795, and Lieutenant-Colonel in
1804. He served with his regiment in India with
much distinction. In one of his dispatches from
India, dated 26th December, 1804, and giving an
account of the capture of Deig, General Lake says :
— " I myself feel under the greatest obligation to


Lieutenant-Colonel Macrae, to whose conduct on
this occasion I attribute the ultimate success of the
attack" (on Deig, on the 23rd December, 1804).
Colonel Kenneth also took a prominent part in the
siege and capture of Bhurtpore in the following
year. Among the casualties at the siege at Bhurt-
pore, there was a Lieutenant D. Macrae of the 76th
killed, and a Lieutenant J. Macrae of the same
regiment wounded, on the 21st January, 1805.
Colonel Kenneth Macrae was afterwards Paymaster-
General of Jamaica, where he died about 1814. He
married a Miss Mackay in Jamaica, but left no issue.

4. Jean, born 23rd August, 1759. She married,
in 1781, the Rev. John Macqueen, of Applecross,
and died in 1847. She was called in Kintail " The
Sunbeam of Tullochard " because of her beauty.
She left issue —

a. Donald, a planter in Demerara.

b. John, a Major in the Army ; married a
daughter of Judge Bliss, of New Brunswick, and
left a son, John, a Lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade,
and other issue.

c. George, a Captain in the Rifle Brigade.

d. Archibald, who was Clerk of Arraigns in
Demerara, and died unmarried.

e. Dr Kenneth, H.E.I.C.S., married, but left no
surviving issue.

f. Farquhar, a Captain in the Indian Navy,
married and left issue.

g. Mary ; h, Jane ; i, Jessie ; k, Beatrice.

5. John, born 3rd November, 1760, was a Doctor
of Medicine, H.E.I.C.S. (Calcutta and Chittagong).


He married the daughter of a Colonel Erskine, with
issue —

a. John, also a Doctor of Medicine, H.E.I.C.S.,
married and left one daughter. He died at Monghyr,
in India, early in 1864.

b. Farquhar, who was a Lieutenant in the Indian
Army, served in the first Burmese War, 1824-6,
and died in 1847.

c. Ellen married Mr Lee Warner, without issue.

d. Dora married James Fraser of Achnagaim, in
Inverness-shire, with issue —

d\. Dora, who married "Robert Reid, brewer,
London, without issue.

d2. Jane, who married Eyre Lambert, without

dZ. Helen, who married, first, Huntly George
Gordon Duff of Muirtown, with issue:— (1) Emily
Dora, who died young ; (2) Georgina Huntly, who
married Francis Darwin of Elston, Notts, and of
Muirtown, Inverness, without issue. Helen mar-
ried, secondly, Charles Middleton of Middleton
Lodge, Ilkley, Yorkshire, with issue; (3) Charles
Marmaduke ; (4) Reginald Charles ; (5) Lionel
George ; (6) Mary Hilda.

e. Georgina, who married, 3rd March, 1831,
Edmund Currie of Pickford, Sussex, with issue-
el. The Very Rev. Edward Reid Currie, D.D.,
Dean and Vicar of Battle, in Sussex, married, first,
Geraldine Dowdeswell, only child of Richard Tyrrell,
Esq., with issue; Edward George. He married,
secondly, Frances Emma, only daughter of the Rev.
William Frederick Hotham.


e2. Georgina married Sir Augustus Rivers
Thompson, K.C.S.I.. Lieutenant Governor of Bengal.

c3. Eliza Fredrica married George William
Moultrie, of the Bank of Bengal.

ei. Mary Catherine.

c5. Dora married Nathaniel Stewart Alexander,
Bengal Civil Service.

6. Charles, born 26th June, 1762, died young.

7. Farquhar, born 30th March, 1764. He was
a Doctor of Medicine, and was appointed Medical
Officer to Lord Macartney's Embassy to China in
1792-4. He was afterwards killed in a duel with a
Major Blair in Demerara in 1802. He left no issue.
He is said to have been " handsome and comely in
personal appearance, and strong in proportion."
His portrait is represented as Colin Fitzgerald,
the reputed founder of the House of Seaforth in
Benjamin West's celebrated deer hunt painting in
Brahan Castle. There is an interesting tradition
with regard to the manner in which Farquhar came
to be chosen as the model for Colin Fitzgerald. It
is said that the artist accidentally saw him one day
in Hyde Park, and, being struck by his appearance,
asked him if he would sit as a model for the founder
of the House of Seaforth, which he readily consented
to do. Farquhar was not only a native of the
ancestral country of the Seaforths, but was also
closely related to that family, and it is a remarkable
fact that he should have struck the artist, to whom
he is said to have been a perfect stranger, as a
suitable representative for the hero of the painting.

8. Madeline, born 2nd October, 1765. She


married, on the 27th June, 1782, the Rev. John
Macrae, M.A., minister of Glensheil, and died on the
21st January, 1837. The Rev. John Macrae, who
was a native of the neighbourhood of Dingwall, was
educated at Aberdeen. He was ordained to the
parish of Glensheil in 1777, and died there in 1823,
aged seventy-five years. By him Madeline had
issue —

a. Alexander, born in 1783, died young.

b. Mary, born in 1785, married in 1814, Donald
Munro (of the family of Lealty, in Ross-shire), and
died in 1844, leaving issue —

b\. Madeline, who married the Rev. Alexander
Fraser Russell, M.A., Free Church minister of Kil-
modan, in Argvlesh ire, with issue: — (l) Sir James
Alexander Russell, M.D., L.L.D.. &c, Lord Provost
of Edinburgh, 1891-94. He married Marianne Rae,
daughter of James Wilson, Esq., of Edinburgh, and
niece of Professor Wilson (Christopher North), with-
out issue; (2) The Rev. John Munro Russell, M.A.,
B.D., minister of the Scottish Church, Cape Town.
He married Nancy Eliza, daughter of the Rev.
Robert Elder, D.D., Free Church minister of Rothe-
say, with issue — Alexander Fraser ; Robert Elder ;
Madeline Mary; Ian Robson ; (3) Donald George, a
tea planter in India, died in Edinburgh in 1897 ;
(4) William John, M.B., died at Wandsworth in
1883 ; (5) Duncan Kenneth Campbell, a Civil
Engineer ; (G) Tindal Mackenzie, died young ; (7)
Alexander Fraser, M.A., M.B., &c, Army Medical
Department, married Laura Charlotte, daughter of
Colonel Frederick Prescott Forteath of Newton,


Elginshire, with issue— James Forteath, Margaret
Marianne ; (8) Mary Florence Beatrice, died young.
b2. Isabella, now (1897) residing at Abbotsford
Park, Edinburgh, married John Mackenzie, Leguan,
British Guiana, with issue: — (1) Gilbert Proby,
Surgeon - Major Indian Medical Service, married
Jane Scott, and died in 1890, leaving issue — John,
Indian Staff Corps ; Thomas Rennie Scott ; George
Kenneth ; Isabella; Emma; Gilbert Proby; (2) Donald
George, Captain, Indian Staff Corps, married Mary
Ruth, daughter of Captain G. M. Prior, R.A., and
died in India in 1885, leaving issue — Isabella
Florence Ruth; Ethel Lucy; (3) Charles Tindal
Grant, died young.

b3. John died unmarried in Australia.

64. Anne married Allan Cameron, with issue.

65. Christina Flora married George Ross in
Demerara, with issue.

66. Donald married Maggie Muir, with issue.

c. Isabella, born 1786, married John Campbell,
farmer, Duntulm, in Skye, and died in 1849, leaving
numerous issue.

d. Florence, born 1788, married Duncan Macrae
of the Torlysich family, and died in 1865, with
issue, one son, Francis Humberston, who married
in Tasmania, and left issue, two sons and one

e. Beatrice, born 1790, married the Rev. Alex-
ander Campbell, minister of Croy, and died in 1877,
with issue —

el. Rev. Patrick Campbell, minister of Kil-
learnan, in Ross-shire, died unmarried.


c2. Madeline married James M'Inroy, with issue.

t>3. Jane married the Rev. James M. Allardyce,
D.D., minister of Bowden, in Roxburghshire, with
issue, one son, who died young.

e4. Duncan died in Calcutta.

e5. Charlotte married Captain Hamilton,
H.E.I.C.S., with issue, one son, Dr Archibald

e6. Rev. Colin A. Campbell, minister of Lyne,

f. Duncan, born 1796, died in Florida.

g. Christina, born 1798, married Lieutenant
Farquhar Macrae of the 78th Highlanders, Torly-
sich family, of whom hereafter.

h. Rev. John Macrae, born 21st November,
1799. He succeeded his father as minister of
Glensheil in 1823, became minister of Glenelg in
1840, and died on the 7th July, 1875. He married
in 1826 Jamesina Fraser, daughter of Norman
Macleod of Ellanriach, Glenelg, and by her, who
died in 1852, he had issue —

hi. John Kenneth, who was Deputy-Commis-
sioner at Rangoon, and married Elizabeth Dunbar,
with issue ; John Dunbar ; Norman Farquhar ;
Hugh ; Madeline ; Catherine ; Florence.

h2. Norman James, an Indian missionary, mar-
ried Jessie, daughter of Dr John Junor, Peebles,
without issue.

hZ. Alexa married Hugh Bogle, Esq., of Glasgow,
with issue : — (1) Margaret Kennedy married Frank
Crossman ; (2) Madeline Macrae married Harry
Calthorpe, with issue ; (3) Gilbert married Alice


Galloway, with issue ; (4) John Stewart Douglas ;
(5) William Lockhart, a distinguished artist, whose
paintings of Highland subjects are well known at
the annual exhibitions of the Royal Academy. He
is married to Margaret, daughter of Peter Maclean
of Dunvegan, Skye ; (6) Rosalind De Vere ; (7)
Mary Innes married George Kynoch ; (8) Norman
Archibald died in Burmah in 1894.

hi. Madeline Charlotte married the Rev. Colin
A. Campbell, minister of Lyne,. Peeblesshire, without

h5. Forbes. /i6. Catherine Christina Sibella.

^. Kenneth, born in 1802, died unmarried in

9. Anne, born 21st March, 1768, married in
1794 Lachlan Mackinnon, Esq. of Corriechatachan,
in Skye, who died in 1828, aged 56 years, leaving
issue — ■

a. Lachlan, who married, first, Catherine,
daughter of Duncan Macdougall of Ardentrive, by
whom he had issue, five daughters, one of whom
married Archibald Roberts Young, of the Bengal
Civil Service, with issue. He married, secondly,
Charlotte, daughter of General Sir John Hope,
without surviving issue.

6. Anne, who in 1815 married the Rev. John
Mackinnon, minister of Strath, in Skye, with
issue —

61. The Rev. Donald Mackinnon, D.D., also
minister of Strath. He married, first, Flora,
daughter of Dr Farquhar Mackinnon of Kyle, in
Skye, and secondly, Emma Flora, daughter of


Colonel William Macleod, of the Madras Army,
and by her had issue — John William Macleod ;
Lachlan Kenneth Scobie ; Donald ; Charles John ;
Archibald ; Godfrey William Went worth ; Emma
Flora ; Annie Emily.

b'2. Lachlan, of Melbourne, in Australia, and of
Elfordleigh, in Devonshire, who was one of the
original founders of The Melbourne Argus. He
married, first, Jane, daughter of Robert Mont-
gomery, of Belfast, and secondly, Emily, daughter
of Lieutenant Bundock, R.N.

bZ. John Murray Macgregor of Ostaig House,
Skye, who married Christina, widow of Archibald
Smith, Esq.

64. Charles Farquhar, of Melbourne, Australia,
died unmarried.

bb. Surgeon-General Sir William Alexander
Mackinnon, K.C.B., LL.D., &c, Knight of the
Legion of Honour in France, &c, who was born in
1830, and educated at Edinburgh and Glasgow
Universities. He joined the army in 1853, and
was appointed Assistant-Surgeon to the Forty-
Second Highlanders. He served with that regi-
ment during the Crimean War, being present at
Alma, Balaclava, Kertch, and Sebastopol, for which
he received the medal with three clasps ; was
appointed Knight Commander of the Legion of
Honour ; and received the Turkish medal. He
afterwards served on the personal staff of Lord
Clyde in the Indian Mutiny in 1857, taking part
in the campaigns of Rohilcund and Oude, and in the
actions of Bareilly and others. He served in New


Zealand from 1862 to 1866 as Surgeon of the Fifty-
Seventh Regiment ; was appointed Sanitary Officer
and Field-Surgeon to the New Zealand forces, and
was present at various engagements. For these
services he received the Companionship of the
Bath. He was Assistant-Professor of Clinical and
Military Surgery at the Army Medical Hospital
from 1867 to 1873. In 1874, he was appointed
principal Medical Officer in the Ashantee War, and
was promoted to be Deputy-Surgeon-General. He
was principal Medical Officer also at Aldershot and
Colchester, and in China, Malta, and Gibraltar, and
is Honorary Surgeon to the Queen. In 1889, he
attained the highest rank in his profession, being
appointed in that year Director-General of the
Army Medical Department. In 1891, he was
created a Knight Commander of the Bath, and
finally, after forty-three years of service, retired
from the army on the 7th May, 1896. His career
has thus been one of great distinction. Lord Clyde,
General Sir Duncan A. Cameron, and others have
borne the strongest testimony to his fearless and
efficient devotion to duty on active service ; and on
the 3rd July, 1894, the Secretary for War declared
in Parliament that " there could be no more efficient
or just chief of the Army Medical Department than
Sir William Mackinnon." 1

66. Colin Macrae married Anne, daughter of
Robert Saunders Webb, Esq., with issue.

67. Godfrey Bosville, of Melbourne, Australia,

1 A portrait and biographical sketch of Sir William Mackinnon appeared in
tlie Celtic Monthly for August, 1896,



married Maggie, daughter of Charles Macdonald,
Esq. of Ord, Skye, with issue -.—John ; Annie ;
Mary Anne ; Charles Macdonald ; William ; Neilly.

68. Ann Susan, died young.

69. Mary Jane, died young.

610. Catherine Charlotte, died in 1890.

611. Louisa Houptoun, married John Henry
Stonehouse Lydiard, son of Admiral Lydiard, K.N.,
with issue, and is now living in Melbourne.

612. Flora Downie, now of Duisdale House,


c. Mary, married Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan
Mackenzie, with issue :— George and Lachlan, both
in the Indian Service.

d. Charles, married Henrietta, daughter of Cap-
tain Studd, H.E.I.C.S., with issue—

dl. Victoria, married Major-General Colin Mac-
kenzie, of the Indian Army, with issue :— (1) Colin
John, Major 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders
(Ross-shire Buffs). He served in the Egyptian
Campaign, the Burmese Campaign, the Black Moun-
tain Expedition, and the Hunga Nagar Campaign
in Cashmere. (2) Charles Alexander ; (3) Ronald
Pearson, M.D.; (4) Mary Charlotte ; (5) Henrietta
Studd; (6) Victor Herbert, of the British East
Africa Company, died in 1892 ; (7) Kenneth
Lascelles; (8) Frederick William, R.N.; (9) Henry
Studd ; (10) Morna ; (11) Annie Stuart.

d-2. Anne, married General John Stewart, of the
Indian Army.

c/3. Flora Jane, married Dr Clarke, of the Indian
Army, with issue,


cU. Harriet, married Colonel Prinsep, of the
Indian Army, with issue.

d5. Jessie, married Captain Poynter, with issue.

d6. Mary, married Captain Murray, with issue.

dl . Susan Margaret, married, in 1877, Algernon
St Maur, fifteenth Duke of Somerset.

d%. Henrietta, married a Mr Sargent, with issue.

e. Farquhar, Lieutenant H.E.I.C.S., died at the
Cape of Good Hope in 1825.

f. Flora, died unmarried.

g. Margaret, married Captain D. Macdonald, of
the 42nd Highlanders, with issue : —

gl. Farquhar; g'2 Archibald; g3 Lachlan ;

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