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married Wellington Ray, M.A., with issue ; (5)
Robert Lawrence, in Buenos Ayres, married
Victoria Troutbeck ; (6) Kenneth, an electrical
engineer in India; (7) William Elmslie, Indian
Medical Service ; (8) Catherine, B.A., of London
University ; (9) David.

»2. Flora Anne, married Major John Ross, of
Tilliscorthy, Aberdeenshire, with issue :— (1) John,
British Consul, Fiji Islands ; (2) Alexander, British
Consul at Beira; (3) Helen, married W. J. Bundock
Mackinnon; (4) Jessie ; (5) Charles; (6) Robert.

iB. Jessie, married Dr A. Halliday Douglas,
Edinburgh, with issue:— (1) Kenneth Mackinnon,
M.D., married Florence Amy Leslie, with issue-
Jessie Margery; Kenneth; Archibald. (2) Rev.
Andrew Halliday Douglas, M.A., Presbyterian
minister, Cambridge, married Isabel Lumsden Love,


with issiie, Margaret Isabel Mackinnon ; (3) Charles
Mackinnon, D.Sc, Lecturer, Edinburgh University,
married Anne Tod.

i4. Charles Kenneth, Colonel in the Indian Army,
married Miss Broadfoot.

ib. Kenneth Hector, died unmarried.

j. Jessie, married Hugh Macaskill, of Mornish.

k. Johanna, married the Rev. James Morrison,
of Kintail, with issue —

kl. Rev. Roderick Morrison, born 1839, also
minister of Kintail, who died at Kintail Manse 11th
June, 1897.

1'2. Annie, married William Dick, Esq.

k3. Jane.

/. Susannah, and Jane (twins), died unmarried.

10. Hector, born September, 1722, died young.

11. Florence married Captain Kenneth Mac-
kenzie of Kerrisdale, in Gairloch, younger son of
Sir Alexander Mackenzie, third baronet of Gairloch,
with issue —

a. Alexander, a Captain in the 58th Regiment,
married Ellen, daughter of William Beibly, M.D.,
President of the College of Physicians, Edinburgh,
with issue —

«1. Kenneth, a planter in Bengal.

«2. William, Deputy Postmaster-General in
India — retired.

«3. Julius, an engineer in Birmingham, married,
with issue.

a4. Frank, a planter in India, married, with

b. Hector died unmarried in Java.


c\ Farquhar went to Victoria, where he married
and left issue :— Hector ; John; Violet; Mary; Flora.

(/. Jean married William H. Garrett, of the
Indian Civil Service, with issue —

dl. Edward. (12. William.

dS. Eleanor, married, first, Dr Calder, H.E.I.C.S.,
with issue : — (l) William, died without issue ; (2) Ed-
ward, Captain, Mercantile Service, married, with issue.

Eleanor married, secondly, Gershom Gourlay,
Esq., of the firm of Gourlay Brothers, engineers,
Dundee, with issue; (3) Henry, of the firm of
Gourlay Brothers ; (4) Jane, died young- ; (5)
Miriam, died young ; (6) Frederick, a civil engineer,
married Agnes, daughter of the Venerable Arch-
deacon John Edward Herring, with issue; (7)
Florence, died young; (8) Charles, of the firm of
Gourlay Brothers, married Fanny Gordon ; (9)
Morris, died young; (10) Margaret, married J.
Campbell Penney, with issue; (11) Kenneth Mac-
kenzie married Grace, daughter of D. M. Watson
of Greystone, with issue ; (12) Frank, a Doctor of

di. Flora died young, f/5. Emily.

c/6. Elizabeth married James Bell, Esq., Dundee,
with issue :— (1) James, merchant in Dundee, mar-
ried, with issue; (2) Morris, a civil engineer,
married, with issue ; (3) Grace married, with issue ;
(4) Jane married, with issue; (5) Thomas; (G)
William ; (7) Son.

e. Mary married, first, Dr Macleod, Dingwall,
without issue, and secondly, Murdo Mackenzie,
Calcutta, also without issue.


f. Christian Henderson married John Mackenzie,
solicitor, Tain, a son of George Mackenzie, third of
Pitlundie, with issue : — George ; Kenneth.

g. Jessie married Dr Kenneth Mackinnon, of the
Corriechatachan family, H.E.I.C.S., Calcutta.

12. Colin, of whom next.

XIII. COLIN, youngest son of Farquhar Macrae
of Inverinate and Mary Mackenzie of Dochmaluag,
was born on the 14th March, 1776. He was a
merchant and planter in Demerara, where he rose to
a position of importance and prominence. He was
Colonel Commandant of the Colonial Militia, a
member of the Colonial Legislation, and one of the
negotiators of the cession of Demerara to England
after the Peace of 1814. He married Charlotte
Gertrude, daughter of John Cornelius Vandenheuvel, 1
Esq., of Demerara, who was for some time Governor
of that Colony when it belonged to the Dutch, and
by her had issue, as below. Colin died in Edin-
burgh on the 25th October, 1854.

1. Charlotte married Captain Edward Brook
Vass, with issue — Charlotte Gertrude ; Catherine
Murat ; Maria Cornelia.

1 The Vandenheuvel family came originally from Germany, which they
were obliged to quit at the time of the Reformation in consequence of their
adhesion to the Protestant cause. This they did, however, with the permis-
sion of the Emperor Charles V., and settled for a time in Brabant. Shortly
afterwards the head of the family rendered an important military service to
the Emperor, for which he received a patent of nobility, the addition of a
sword to his eoat-of-arms, and a medal which was recently, and is probably
still, in the possession of his descendants. One of his sons eventually returned
to Germany, and, having made profession of the Koman Catholic religion, he
obtained possession of the old family estates. The eldest son, however,
remained in the Netherlands, and from him was descended in a direct line the
.-aid .John Cornelius Vandenheuvel. of Demerara.


2. Farquhar, drowned in 1838 off Cape Hatteras,
in America, while trying to rescue another man.

3. Maria Cornelia married Dr James Sewell,
son of Chief Justice Sewell, of Quebec, with issue —
James; Justine; Colin; Edward; Hope; Horace.

4. John Anthony, who succeeded as representa-
tive of the Inverinate family, and of whom hereafter.

5. Colin Wilson married Louisa Elliott, without

G. Justine Henriette married, 26th December,
1833, Horatio Ross, Esq. of Rossie, Forfarshire, and
Wyvis, Ross-shire, Captain in the 14th Light
Dragoons, and some time M.P. for Aberdeen and
the Montrose Burghs. She died at Southsea in
1894, leaving issue —

a. Horatio Senftenberg John, Esq., of the Indian
Civil Service, married Caroline Latour St George,
daughter of Sir Theophilus St George, Bart., with

b. Hercules Grey, Esq., of the Indian Civil
Service, who distinguished himself during the
Indian Mutiny, married, with issue.

c. Colin George, Esq., sometime of Wyvis, and
later of Gruinards, Ross-shire, married, with issue.

d. Edward Charles Russell, who was winner of
the Queen's prize at the first Wimbledon Meeting
in 1860, Chairman of the Board of Lunacy, &c,
married Margaret Seymour Osborne, with issue.

e. The Rev. Robert Peel, a clergyman of the
Church of England, some time Rector of Drayton
Bassett, in Staffordshire, married, with issue.

7. Alexander Charles, M.D., formerly In-


spector-General of* Hospitals, Army Medical Depart-
ment, married Charlotte Eeid, with issue —

a Fanny Catherine Ousley married on the 26th
April, 1866, Robert George, son of Sir Frederick
Larkins Currie, Bart., and died on the 17th
September, 1870, leaving issue, a son and two

h. Charles Colin, born 1843, M.A. University
College, Oxford, barrister-at-law in London, and of
Oakhurst, Oxted, Surrey, formerly Secretary of the
Legislative Council of Bengal, married Cecilia,
daughter of Samuel Laing, Esq., M.P., with issue —
Charles Alexander ; Frank Laing.

c, Louisa.

8. Isaac Vandenheuvel, born 12th June, 1819,
a clergyman of the Church of England, and now
(1897) Vicar of "Brassington, in Derbyshire. He
married Elizabeth Johnson, with issue —

a. Christina Elizabeth married, 6th September,
1894, John Eaton Fearn, with issue — Francis;
Russel Colin.

b Colin John.

9. Robert Campbell married, 25th October,
1853, Jane Eliza, eldest daughter of Vice- Admiral
Mark John Currie, and died 11th February, 1896,
with issue —

a. Farquhar Campbell.

/;. Mark Reginald married Nancy Dill, with issue.

C Junita Gertrude married Harry William Antill,
with issue.

(/. Justine Alice married William Mathias Lan-


i\ Harold John married Maggie von Broda;

f, Colin Tisdall.

g. Horace Duncan died unmarried in 1885.
h, Marshall.

i. Hilda married William Arthur Warwick Her-
ring, with issue.

j. Marv Edith married Peter Felix Mackenzie-
Richards, with issue.

10. Margaret Elizabeth married John Ken-
nedy, Esq. of Underwood, Ayrshire, and died in
1893, leaving issue —

a. John, D.L. for County of Ayr, W.S., and a
Parliamentary solicitor, Westminster, married and
has issue.

h. Neil James, B.A., LL.B. and advocate in
Edinburgh, married, 10th September, 1805, Eleonora
Agnes, only surviving child of Robert William
Cochran Patrick, Esq. of Woodside and Ladyland, in
the County of Ayr, some time M.P. for North Ayr-
shire, on whose death, in 1897, Mrs Kennedy having
succeeded to the estates, Mr Neil J. Kennedy
assumed the name of Cochran Patrick.

c. Charlotte Maria died unmarried, 1896.

d. Justine Henriette married, 1884, Alan John
Colquhoun, C.B., son of John Colquhoun, author of
" The Moor and the Loch," a nephew of the late Sir
James Colquhoun of Luss, Bart. He was formerly
Captain in "The Black Watch," and is now (1897)
Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the Duke of Edin-
burgh's Own Edinburgh Artillery Militia, and has

e. Elizabeth Theodora Mary married John


William M'Kerrell Brown, of the Bank of* Scot-
land, Dunfermline.

f. Adelaide Emily Jane.

XIV. JOHN ANTHONY, LL.D., Esquire of
Wellbank, Forfarshire, J. P., and a Writer to the
Signet in Edinburgh, second son of Colin XIII.,
was born on the 1st February, 1812. Mr Macrae
raised the first Volunteer Company in Scotland in
1859, and, at his death, was Major of the Queen's
R. V Brigade. He married Joanna Isabella Maclean,
daughter of John Maclean of Dumfries estate, in
the Island of Carriacou, West Indies, and died on
the 23rd May, 1868, leaving issue—

1. John Anthony, born 23rd November, 1842;
died 5th March, 1852.

2. Colin George, of whom below.

3. Horatio Ross, Esquire of Clunes, 1 Inverness-
shire, is a Justice of the Peace for the County of
Inverness, a writer to the Signet in Edinburgh, and
Lieutenant-Colonel of the Queen's Rifle Volunteer
Brigade. He married Letitia May, daughter of Sir
William Maxwell of Cardoness, Bart., with issue —
Alexander William Urquhart, born 18th April,

4. Jessidora married in 1884, Sir William
Francis Maxwell of Cardoness, Bart., Kirkcudbright-
shire, with issue —

William Francis John, born 7th July, 1885;
Joanna Mary ; Dorothea Letitia May.

iMr Macrae's estate of Clunes is situated in tin- district which, according
to tradition, was the original home from which the Macraes migrated to
Kin tail.— See Chapter I,



XV. COLIN GEORGE, eldest surviving son of
John Anthony XIV., is now the lineal representative
of the Macraes of Inverinate, and is fifteenth in
descent from Fionnla Dubh Mac Gillechriosd, the
founder of the Clan Macrae of Kintail. He was
horn 30th November, 1844, is a writer to the Signet
in Edinburgh and a Justice of the Peace for the
City of Edinburgh and for the County of Forfar.
He was educated at the Edinburgh Academy and at
the University of Edinburgh, where he had a dis-
tinguished career and graduated Master of Arts.
As a student, he was for two years President of the
University Conservative Club, and since his entry
upon public life has taken a prominent part in the
affairs of his native city. At the present time
(1897) he is Chairman of the School Board of Edin-
burgh, a position which he has occupied for the past
seven years with conspicuous success and with the
cordial support of his fellow-citizens. 1 He is also a
loyal member and supporter of the Church of Scot-
land, in connection with which he has done much
active and valuable work, having sat in the General
Assembly almost continuously for twenty years.
His interest in the Highlands, and more especially
in young Highlanders coming to Edinburgh, has
always been great, and has frequently been shown
in a kindly and practical manner. 2 Mr Macrae

1. . . He is a man who, as an educationist, has done much sterling and
unselfish wort for the city, and his opinions must command respect even from
those who disagree with him. . . . It is undeniable that the Edinburgh

Board has done admirable public work, and never more than in the time of
Mr Macrae himself. . . . — The Scotsman, 19th February, 1897.

2 A portrait and biographical sketch of Mr Colin George Macrae appeared
ill The Celtic Monthly for November, 1896,


married, 23rd June, 1877, Flora Maitland, daughter
of John Colquhoun, Esq., author of the well-known
work entitled " The Moor and the Loch," and has
issue —

1. John Anthony, horn 19th May, 1883.

2. Frances Maitland Dorothea.



Christopher, son of Alexander of Tnverinate. — Tacksman of
Aryngan.— His Marriage and Descendants.— Mat hesons of
LochTlsh and the Rev. Dr Kennedy of Dingwall Descended
from him.— Other Descendants of Christopher.— John, son of
Christopher.— His Marriage and Descendants.

IX. CHRISTOPHER, son of Alexander of Inverinate
and Mary Mackenzie of Dochmaluag, and ninth in
descent from Fionnla Du Mac Gillechriosd, was
tacksman of Aryugan, in Kintail, and was commonly
known as " Gillecriosd Mor a Chroidh " (Big Chris-
topher of the Cattle). He was alive on the 15th
August, 1723, as his signature appears on a bond f
caution' drawn up on that date for the protection
of their rights by the wadsetters on the estates of
Macdonald°of Sleat, which the ; ' Forfeited Estates
Commissioners " were then proposing to sell. It is
uncertain who his wife was, hut it is said that he
was twice married, and that his first wife was of the
Murchisons of Auchtertyre, and that his second wife
was a Chisholm. He left a large family, all of whom
are said to have married and to have left issue.
Many of his descendants are still living in Kintail
and Lochalsh.

1. Duncan. He is witness to a sasine on the
19th March, 1700, and was killed at the Battle of
Sheriffnmir in 1715. He is said to have married


Margaret, daughter of John Mackenzie of Loch-
broom, and left issue, as below, so far as it has been
found possible to trace them —

a. John, who had a son.

«1. Duncan, who married Janet, daughter of
Christopher, son of Finlay, son of John Breac. son
of the Rev. Farquhar Macrae, and had (l) John,
who had issue — John ; Donald ; Farquhar ; Ken-
neth ; Christopher. (2) A son called Christopher
Tailor ; (3) Isabella ; (4) Christina.

«2. John, who had issue — John, Christopher,
Alexander, Duncan.

«3. Anne, who married Christopher, at Druidaig.

«4. Christina, who married Ian Mac Callum.

6. Alexander, called Alister Ruadh (Red Alex-
ander), who had issue —

61. John, called the Red Smith, who had sons —

(1) Alexander, who was a blacksmith at Ardelve ;

(2) Finlay.

62. Finlay, who went to America.

2. Alexander had a son Duncan, who had a
son Christopher, a priest, and other issue.

3. Donald, who had a son Duncan, who had a
son John, who had a son Alexander, admitted to the
Grammar School, Aberdeen, with a Macra bursary
in 1806, entered the University in 1809, and
graduated M.A. in 1813.

4. Christopher, mentioned as taking part in i
the affair of Ath nam Muileach on the 2nd October,

5. Murdoch, also present at the affair of Ath
nam Muileach,


6 Farquhar, who was also present at the affair
of Ath nam Mnileach, married, it is said, a Macdonald
of Sleat, and had a daughter, Barhara, who married,
first, John Og, son of the Rev. Donald Macrae of
Kintail, with issue, and secondly Donald, son of the
Rev. Finlay Macrae of Lochalsh, also with issue.

7. John, mentioned helow.

8. Finlay.

9. Mary married, in 1695, Farquhar Matheson
of Fernaig, and had, with other issue—

a. John, who, in 1728, married, as his second
wife, Margaret Mackenzie of Pitlundie, and died in
1760, leaving issue— Alexander, who, about 1763,
married Catherine Matheson, and died in 1804,
leaving issue- John, who, in 1804, married Mar-
garet, daughter of Captain Donald Matheson oi
Shiness, and died in 1826, leaving, with other
issue— Sir Alexander Matheson, Bart, of Lochalsh,
who married, as his second wife, Lavinia Mary,
daughter of Thomas Stapleton of Carlton, York-
shire, and died in 1886, leaving, with other issue-
Sir Kenneth James Matheson, Bart, of Lochalsh.

b. Donald, who married Margaret, daughter ot
Roderick Mackenzie, Sanachan, of the Applecross
family, and had a daughter-Mary, who married
Donald Kennedy of Kishorn, by whom she had,
with other issue— the Rev. John Kennedy of Red-
castle, one of whose sons was the Rev. John
Kennedy, D.D., who was Free Church minister of
Dingwall' from 1844 until his death in 1884, and
occupied throughout his whole career a foremost
place among the greatest preachers of Scotland.


10. Marian married John Macrae, a descendant
of Miles, son of the Rev. Farquhar.

11. Anne.

12. Christina.

13. Catherine married Colin Mackenzie, ninth
laird of Hilton. There is a sasine by Colin Mac-
kenzie of Hilton 1 in favour of Catherine Macrae, his
spouse, in liferent of his pecklands of Easter
Casichan in the parish of Contin and shire of Ross,
on the 26th August, 1749. Catherine left issue —

a. John, who died before his father.

h. Alexander, tenth of Hilton.

c. A daughter who married, as his first wife,
John Macdonell, twelfth of Glengarry, and had,
with other issue — Alexander, who carried on the
representation of that family.

14. Janet. 15. Isabel.

16. Margaret, who married Finlay Macrae,

X. JOHN, 2 son of Christopher of Aryugan,
called Ian Ban, was educated at Aberdeen, and is
mentioned in some copies of the MS. history of the
Clan as " Mr John, graduate in Aberdeen." He is
said to have married Annabella, daughter of Duncan
Macrae, tutor of Conchra, by his wife Isabel,
daughter of the Rev. Finlay Macrae, with issue —

1 The property of this family, which was formerly known as Hilton, was
situated in Strathbran, and is now traversed by the Dingwall and Skye
llailway between the stations of Aclmault and Aclmasheen.

2 The succession of Christopher of Aryugan is continued here in his son
John only for convenience of arrangement, and not because John's descendants
are the oldest lineal representatives of Christopher.


1. FlNEAY, who lived at Aehmore. and married
Isabella Macrae, daughter of Farquhar Mac Ian of
the Torlysich family, with other issue-
rs Alexander.

6. John, who married Kate, daughter of Duncan
Macrae, and had, together with several daughters,
the following issue —

61. Christopher, who married Mary, daughter
of Christopher Macrae, Carr, with issue— (l) Alex-
ander; (2) John, married Isabella, daughter of
Duncan Maclennan, Sallachy, with issue -Mary ;
Jemima ; Christopher ; Ewen ; Mary Anne ; Duncan ;
(3) Christopher ; (4) Janet ; (5) Isabella ; (6) Mary.
b-2. Finlay. 63. Alexander.

64. Duncan, who was for many years a farmer
atKirkton, Lochalsh, and is now (1897) living at
Ihuinish, Lochalsh. He married Jessie, daughter
of Alexander Maclennan by his wife Mary, daughter
of Alexander Macrae, Achtertyre, and by her, who
died 11th April, 1882, aged sixty-seven, had issue—
(1) Mary, who married John Maclennan, Strathglass,
with issue— Duncan ; John ; Donald Ewen ; Jessie ;
Annie ; Catherine ; Mary ; Mary Anne ; Margaret ;
Lexy ; (2) Catherine, who married Captain William
Mackenzie of the Merchant Service, with issue
William; (3) Mary Anne, who died unmarried on
the 19th January, 1893.

65. Annabella, married Duncan Macrae, with
j ssue _(l) John, married Mary, daughter of Thomas
Macrae, with issue; (2) Finlay married Annabella
Macdonald, with issue ; (3) Duncan; (4) Annabella
married, with issue.


2. Duncan married and had issue — at least one
son —

«. John, who married, and had, with other issue —

ol. Duncan, who married Grace, daughter of
Colin Mackenzie, Kishorn, and died at Dingwall on
the 19th December, 1895, aged seventy-nine, leaving
issue : — (1) Donald, in America, married Jessie
Kennedy, with issue ; (2) Marjory married Andrew
Robertson, with issue ; (3) Catherine married John
Murchison, builder, Dingwall.

a2. Alexander, in Kishorn, married a daughter
of Duncan Mackenzie of Lochcarron, and sister of
the Rev. Murdoch Mackenzie of the Free Church,
Inverness, with issue : — (l) Duncan, living at Kyle-
akin ; (2) Murdoch, a minister of the Free Church
of Scotland. Alexander has also three daughters.

aZ. Murdoch, living at Strome Ferry, married,
without issue.

3. Farquhar married Mary Macrae, with issue —
a. Duncan married Christina Mackenzie, and

died in 1864, with issue —

al. Alexander, a schoolmaster in Lochcarron,
married, first, Mary Mackenzie, without surviving
issue. He married, secondly, Catherine, daughter
of John Macpherson, and died in 1892. By his
second wife he had issue : — (l) John, a doctor,
married Sarah Wilson, and died at Gateshead-on-
Tyne in 1889, leaving issue— Ethel ; Charles; (2)
Alexander married Agnes Reid ; (3) Farquhar,
Lieutenant, Army Ordnance Department, married
Martha Bessie Rafuse, with issue — Albert Edward ;
William Farquhar ; Catherine Macpherson ; James


Norman; (4) the Rev. James Duncan, minister of
Contin, married Catherine, daughter of Peter
Robertson, with issue — Catherine Macpherson ;
James Peter Robertson ; (5) Mary Elizabeth mar-
ried John Macleod, with issue.

a'2. Farquhar, married Mary Macrae and died in

«3. John was holder of the Macra bursary at the
Grammar School, Aberdeen, in 1831, and afterwards
entered the shipbuilding business and was drowned
at the launching of the Daphne, on the Clyde, on
the 3rd July, 1883. He married Margaret Gillies,
with issue — (1) Alexander, a joiner in Glasgow,
married, with issue ; (2) Mary, married, with issue.

«4. Donald, married Margaret Macrae, with
issue — Colin ; John ; Farquhar.

«5. Kenneth, married Flora Macmillan, with
issue — Donald; John; Helen; Jane; Christina Anne.

«G. Margaret, married Lachlan Matheson, with

«7. Helen, married Christopher Macrae, with


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