Alexander Meyrick Broadley.

The royal miracle; a collection of rare tracts, broadsides, letters, prints, & ballads concerning the wanderings of Charles II. after th online

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having taken leave of "and thanked the Lady with many salutations
and promises, to Graves-end they went, and from thence on, and
a ship-board. As soon as my Lord was entred the Barque, and the
King as his Servant, the Master of the vessel came to my Lord, and
told him, that he knew the King, and told him, That in Case it should
be known he could expect no mercy ; which saying troubled them :
But at length what with money and promises, they prevailed, and
so set sail for Havre de Grace, where they landed ; and from thence to
Rouen, where they cloathed themselves."

A second broadside is entitled " A List of the Princes, Dukes,
Earls, Lords, Knights, Generals, Maior Generalls, &c., and Colonells,
of the Scots Kings party slaine and taken Prisoners." It was published


The Royal Miracle

in 1 65 1, and of the ten portraits given below the title the first is that of
William, Duke of Hamilton, who died at the Worcester Commandery.
There is an emblematical figure of Death enthroned, and the following
supposed proclamation as a warning to the Royalists : —

By His Majesty Death


Whereas the Crown and Scepter of England, Scotland, and Ireland
have so often been taken from me, notwithstanding all my Re-
inthronisations, and I have been still laid by, yet now my victorious
sword hath placed me in tryumph, where I sit clothed with the Royall
Robes, and weare the Crown without disturbance, where Women are
my Companions, and the bones of all the dead my Subjects.

If therefore any of the generation of Charles Stuart, or other
English, Irish, or Scots whatsoever, presume to jostle me, or be my
Competitor, he shall soon be my Captive ; If the first step be in the
Throne the second shall be in the Grave ; 1 have long given warning,
but will be at Courtesie no longer ; And now I have begun to set so
good footing on this part of the Earthen Globe that I shall attempt to
Conquer all Emperors, Kings and Monarches in the World.

Given at the Rout at Worcester, the remark-
able third day of September 1651 before
my Regall Picture. DFATH

To the right of the illustration is the following text : —


Here is wisdome. Let him that hath understanding count the
number of the Beast, for it is the number of a Man, and his number
is six hundred three score and six.


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