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The royal miracle; a collection of rare tracts, broadsides, letters, prints, & ballads concerning the wanderings of Charles II. after th online

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the whole business in the meantime I remain

Team-Bridge near Your obliged friend

Worcester Sept Sam Wharton

4 at one of the
Clock in the morning


Upon the close of this Letter, the Fight ended & the Generall, with
Major Generall Lambert, came into the North streets where our men have full
possession, & the enemy much straitened and begirt up in the Cathedral
places adjoyning. But by reason of the Posts hesty expedition, I am forced
to contract, bidding you

Vale, Vale




of Printed Matter dealing with the Escape of Charles II
after the Battle of Worcester

BIBLIOGRAPHY of printed matter dealing with the miraculous preservation of
his Sacred Majesty King Charles II after the defeat of his army on the field
of Worcester, September 3rd to October 15th, 1651, when he left for France.
Part I. Volumes and Pamphlets.
Part II. Broadsides and Ballads.

Part III. Miscellaneous. (Periodical publications, Plays, Romances, etc.)

r B. Signifies Broadley Collection.
The Abbreviations -< Bod. Bodleian.

I B.M. British Museum.
Books are catalogued as much as possible under Subject with cross references from

Anonymous and contemporary accounts, and modern works containing references
to the escape, but not entirely devoted to the subject, are under the general
heading of Charles II, King of Great Britain and Ireland.



AIRY, OSMUND See Charles II, King of Great Britain

and Ireland.
AN ACCOUNT, Etc. See His Majesty's Account.


" Narrative " in Cary's Memorials of the Great Civil War

London. 1842

BATE, G. M. D. See Charles II, King of Great Britain

and Ireland.

BOSCOBEL, or the History of his Most Sacred Majesty's Most
Miraculous Preservation after the Battle of Worcester 3rd
Sep: 1651. By Blount. 12°. pp. ^5- Printed for H. Seile,
Stationer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. (Probably
published in August 1660) with three plates added 1660 B.

u 305

The Royal Miracle

BOSCOBEL— Ditto ditto Bod. B.M.

Another Edition. Boscobel, or the History of His Sacred
Majesty's Most Miraculous Preservation after the Battle of
Worcester 3rd September 165 1. Introduced by an exact
relation of that Battle by T. Blount. Printed by Henry Seile,
Stationer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. With two
plates ........ 1660 B.

Another Copy with two additional portraits .... B.M.

Another Copy ......... B.

Another Copy with portrait and engraving of Boscobel by Van de

Gucht added B.

Another Copy, Boscobel plate mutilated ..... B.M.

Another Copy, imperfect ........ B.M.

Another Copy with later portrait added . . . . . B.

Another Copy, portrait inserted and Print of Carlos arms : im-
perfect* .......... B.

(Reprints of the first Edition of 1 660 were published at Doncaster

1809 and at Wellington, Salop, 1822) B. B.M.

There was a privately issued Edition limited to 1, 000 copies at

Edinburgh, 1887 B.

Another Edition . . . illustrated with a map of the City of
Worcester. 12°. London. Printed by A. Seile over
against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street. With this
was published the Second Part.f . . . 1 862 B. Bod.

Third Edition. The two Parts. To this was added Claus-
trum Regale. 12° Published by A. W. (i.e. Mrs. Ann
Wyndham) London. Printed by W. Clark to be sold by
H. Brome and C. Harper at their shops in St. Pauls Church

Yard and Fleet Street 1680

(The Second Part is dated 168 1, as is also Claustrum Regale) Bod. B.M.

Another Edition. 12°. pp. vi, 60. Printed by James Walsh

for Charles Jackson . . . . Edinborough 1709 B. Bod. B.M.

* The King's own copy of Boscobel (described as 1660, 8vo) was sold at Sotheby's
to Mr. Quaritch for ^14 15s. od. on July 2nd, 1896. It was bound in blue morocco, with
the Royal Monogram, and came from the library of the late Sir E. Bunbury, of Barton
Hall, Bury St. Edmunds, Bart.

t Hughes says Boscobel was translated into Portuguese at the desire of Queen
Catherine. " Mr. Peter Gifford of Whiteladies has lately made it speak Portuguese." See
Hughes' preface to the Second Part.



Another Edition. Does not reprint Part II in its entirety.
Pages 38 and 39 of the 1680 Ed. being omitted. "Pub-
lished by Mrs. Wyndham. The fourth Edition, adorn'd with
Cuts." At the three Golden Flower de Luces Little Britain.
I2mo. pp. 189 . . . . 1725 (large paper) B. Bod. B.M.

Another Copy, extra illustrated by the late Mr. F. L. Mawdesley B.

Another Copy with a print of Boscobel House .... B.M.

Another Edition with the misprint of April 3rd for September
3rd. 12^0. pp. 192. Printed for M. Cooper, the Globe,
Paternoster Row 1 743 B. B.M.

Another Impression with misprint corrected. Printed by R.

Freeman, Fleet Street, described as the 6th Edition . . B.

Another Impression with misprint uncorrected. Printed and sold

by all booksellers, etc. Described as the fifth Edition 1 748 B.

Another Edition with plan of "Worcester and a view of Boscobel

House. Printed by S. Gamidge .... 1 769 Bod.

Ditto with Autograph of Martha Penderel . . . . . B.

Another Copy with plate of the flight of Charles attended by the

Penderels added ......... B.

Another Edition. Boscobel only. C. Earl. 8^°. pp. 132

Birmingham, 1 786 B.M.

BOSCOBEL, with the King's Account. Edited with an intro-
duction and bibliography by C. G. Thomas (subsequently
Thomas-Stanford), pp. 1 67, size 8° 500 copies.

London, 1894 ^- ^-^I-

BOSCOBEL. (An account of the Escape of Charles II after the
Battle of Worcester, followed by the Royal Woodman. A
Ballad.) 24 London B.M.

BOSCOBEL. A narrative of the Adventures of Charles II after

the Battle of Worcester. 8^0 . . Wolverhampton, 1843 •^•^•

Ditto. 2nd Edition enlarged. W. Park. High Street.

Wolverhampton, 1S49 B. Bod.

BOSCOBEL, ou abrege de ce qui s'est passe dans la retraite
memorable de Sa Majeste Britannique apres la bataille de
Worcester le -y- Sept. 1 65 1. Traduit de I'anglais par D.
CailloUe, with portrait of the King and View of Boscobel
House. Sm. 8vo. pp. 116 . . . Rowen, 1676 B. Bod.

B.M. (2)

The Royal Miracle


Paris, 1827 Bod.

BOSCOBEL. The Pourtraiture of his Sacred Majesty Charles 2nd
after Defeat at Worcester, by an eye witness. 8^0 original
edition. Portraits in style of Hollar * . . 1 660

BOSCOBEL. The Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty Charles
2nd: Defeat at Worcester : Escape to Worcester: The Royal
Oak: Conceal'd at Boscobel House: Journey with Mrs. Lane
to Trent etc. 8^° Portrait, calf, very neat.f Printed (secretly)


BOSCOBEL. An account of the Royal Oak, Boscobel House, and
Whiteladies, by Henry G. de Bunsen. pp. 54. Sm. 4^° size

London. Simpkin Marshall. 1878 B.

BOSCOBEL AND ITS VISITORS. Recollections by the
Custodian, pp. 48. 8vo,

Wolverhampton. 1905 Whitehead Bros. Ltd. B.

See Boscobel Tracts. Charles II King of Great Britain. Claustrum
Regale. Hamilton. His Majesty's Narrative. Penderel


BOSCOBEL TRACTS relating to the escape of Charles II after
the Battle of Worcester. Edited by John Hughes, m.a.
pp. 347. 8vo. Edinburgh. Wm. Blackwood. London.

J. Cadell. 1830 B. Bod.
B.M. (2)
Second Edition, pp. 399. 8° .... 1857 B.M.

Another Copy with numerous MS. corrections .... B.M.
THE BOSCOBEL TRACTS were reprinted in Bohn's Edition
of Hamilton's Memoirs of the Comte de Grammont

London. 1853

BROADLEY, A. M. See Commemoration Pilgrimage.

CHAMBERS, JOHN. See Charles II, King of Great Britain :


* From a second-hand bookseller's catalogue, described as rare. Priced at 14s.
t From a second-hand bookseller's catalogue, described as rare. Priced at 15s.




AUGUSTUS ANGLICUS. A compendious View of the Life
and Reign of that Immortal and Glorious Monarch Charles II.
pp. 192, size l2i"o. Samuel Holford at the Crown, Pall Mall.
Portrait as a youth ..... London 1686 B.

A TRUE NARRATIVE* of his Most Sacred Majesty's Escape
from Worcester on the third of September 1 65 1 till his
arrival in Paris, pp. 8. 4°- London. G. Colboun. 1660 B.

Another Edition. Reprinted in the 1745 and 1809 Editions of
the Harleian Miscellany on pp. 419, 441 respectively. Also
in After Worcester Fight.

pp. viii, 383. Large 8^°. Chapter XVIII deals at length
with the escape ....... 1862

BRITANNIA TRUMPHALIS. A brief history of the Warres
and other State Affairs of Great Britain from the death of
the late King etc. (Account of the battle of Worcester.)
pp. 207. 8°. . . London, Samuel Howes, 1654 B. B.M. (4)

Another Edition, pp. 184. 8° . . . . , . B.M.

BUND, JOHN WILLIAM WILLIS. Civil War in Worcester-
shire, pp. VI. 267. 8° pp. 214-261 deal with the escape.

Birmingham, 1905 B. B.M.

CHARLES II ET CROMWEL. (An account of Charles IPs
escape from England.) pp. 28. 18° Part of the 7th series
of the Bibliotheque cretienne et Morale. Contains quaint
rude frontispiece of the King on board the " Surprise " with,
presumably, Mansel at his feet. Mansel in a modern military
uniform with strapped trousers ! . . Limoges, 1872 B.M.

* There are two issues of j4 True Narrative, etc., which though apparently identical
differ on page 4, paragraph 3. The earlier issue has it : " then William came with a pair
of shears and rounded the King's hair." The later issue reads : " then Richard came with
a pair," etc. The succeeding paragraph in the earlier tract reads : " Hereupon Richard
Pendrill." For " Richard " " William " is substituted in the later tract. There is also a
small quarto of eighteen pages, the text of which follows the later issue of above, entitled :
" An Exact Narrative and Relation of His Most Sacred Majesty's Escape from Worcester
on the third of September 1651 till his arrival at Paris. London. Printed for G. Colboun.

It is the large quarto which is reprinted in the Flight of the King and Harl. Mis-
cellany. The small quarto is reprinted in the Russell Press Stuart Series, Vol. V, Royal
and Loyal Sufferers, page 45. (1903 ?). — F. L. Mawdeslev.

The Royal Miracle

CHARACTER, A, OF CHARLES II. Written by an impartial

Hand. pp. 8. 4° . . . . G. Bedell, 1660 B.

COAXDEN MANOR. King Charles II and the Cogans of
Coaxden Manor. A missing chapter of the Boscobel Tracts,
with illustrations and a history of the Manor House. Edited
by a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (i.e. Thomas
Chambers Hine). pp. 15. la 8vo . London, 1891 B.Bod.(2)B.M.

CHARLES II AT COAXDEN HALL. By Hugh Norris. 1894 B. Bod. B.M.

EIKON BASILIKE, or the true Portraiture of His S. M. Charls
\_sic\ I from his birth in 1630 until the present year 1660
by E. F. Esq. Portraits of the King, the two Princes and the
Duke of Albemarle, pp.228, size 12^0 H. Broome, 1660 B.

EIKON BASILIKE DEUTERA. The Pourtraiture of his
Sacred Majesty King Charles II. With his reasons for turning
Roman Catholic. Published by K. James. Found in his
Strong Box. Portrait of his Majesty at prayer. With a lady
in the Clouds. 8« Calf. Printed in the year MDCXIV*

Secunda : sinul ac Regis effugii mirabiles e Prcelio Nigorhias
enarralio. Authore, Georgio Bate, m.d. Printed by J.
Flesher and sold by R. Royston, Bookseller to the King.
S. 8^0 1662 B. B.M.

Another Edition. Amstelodami 12° . . . l6

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