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he was "presented'* by the Jury of the Court Leet (2 October, 1654)
for neglect, "causing annoyance of the highwayes."t

Members of the EUesdon family were Mayors of Lyme Regis
seven times between 1521 and 1651, in which year Anthony Ellesdon
held the office. In the ancient and interesting church of Lyme Regis is
a brass in memory of four of them with the family arms and the lines : —

" Men pious just & wise, each many a yeere
The helme of this towne's government did steere
Beyond base envious reach, whose endless name
Lives in all those that emulate theire fame."

William Ellesdon, who subsequently furnished Lord Clarendon with
the detailed account of his share in the events of September 22-3, 1651,
had two sons, Anthony and Charles (the latter, born on June, 1661,
named after the King). Anthony Ellesdon lived till 13 November, 1737,
having survived his brother Charles thirty-two years. There is a
monument to him in the new church at Charmouth, removed thither
from the older building. His mother and wife as well as his brother
Charles were buried in the same vault with Anthony.

Richard Alford was on five occasions elected Mayor of Lyme
before 1632, when he held the office for the last time. The " Captain"
Alford, whose curious letter, bitterly attacking the good faith of his

* See Vols. V (1906), pp. 20-23, ^^^ ^^ (1908), pp. 1-4.

t The Rev. Joseph Ogle, who now lives at the " Manse " (formerly the " Queen's
Head "),where Charles II and his friends passed the night of September 2 2-2 3,1651, contributed
a very interesting article on the subject of Benjamin Wesley and the landlady of the " Queen's
Head" entided "The Story of a King's Kiss " to the CMstian World of June 16, 1910.


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