Alexander Meyrick Broadley.

The royal miracle; a collection of rare tracts, broadsides, letters, prints, & ballads concerning the wanderings of Charles II. after th online

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And never be surprised.


The IVonderfull and Miraculous Escape

Then Humphry, Richard, John & George

safely did surrender,
The King which they had in their charg

on the eighth day of September,
The King he leave then took of them,
And said if e'r he came agen,

their loves he would remember.

Printed for F. Coles. T. Vere, and W. Gilbertson. [1660*] [* Added in Antony

Wood's hand]




The Royal Miracle



Truly Exkiblcing

The wonderful Prefcrvation of His Sacred

Majejly'in.:, vvirh his miraculous Efcape after , the
Battel o^worctper-^\xh his Deliverances at Edge-hill, and In
the Downs ; taithtully colIeAed and compofed from the belt
and trucft Relations : But as to that oUpora^er, princi-
pally from the incomparable EUnchks motuum, &c,
as it was immediately delivci'd from the K}fi^*^
own mouthj to that learned Author,

Whereunto is added
Some Elfayes, by way of In:rodu

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