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ARIOSTO. Paladin and Saracen. Stories from Ariosto. By
W. C. HOLLWAY-CALTHROP. With Illustrations. $1.50.

ATKINSON. The Last of the Giant Killers. By the Rev. J.

C. ATKINSON, author of "A Moorland Parish. 1 ' Shortly.

AWDRY (F.)- The Story of a Fellow Soldier. A Life of
Bishop Patteson for the Young. i6mo. $1.00.

BAKER. Wild Beasts and Their Ways. Reminiscences in
Asia, Africa, and America. By Sir SAMUEL W. BAKER,
F.R.S., etc., author of ''Albert Nyanza," etc. With numer-
ous Illustrations. Large I2mo. Cloth extra. Gilt. $3.50.

" A book which is destined not only to serve as a chart and compass
for every hunter of big game, but which is likewise a valuable study of
natural history, placed before the public in a practical and interesting form."
New York Tribune.

BEESLY (Mrs.). Stories from the History of Rome. i6mo.

60 cents.

" Of all the stories we remember from history none have struck us
as so genuinely good with the right ring as those of Mrs. Beesly."
Educational Times.

BERTZ (E.). The French Prisoners : A Story for Boys.


" Written throughout in a wise and gentle spirit, and omits no oppor-
tunity to deprecate war as a barbaric survival, wholly unnecessary in a
civilized age." Independent.

"The story is an extremely interesting one, full of incident, told in a
quiet, healthful way, and with a great deal of pleasantly interfused informa-
tion about German and French boys." Christian Union.

BUNCE (J. T.). Fairy Tales: Their Origin and Meaning.

i6mo. 75 cents.

CARPENTER. Truth in Tale. Addresses Chiefly to Children.
By W. BOYD CARPENTER, D.D., Bishop of Ripon. $1.00.

" These ingenious and interesting tales by Bishop Carpenter are full of
poetic beauty and of religious truth. . . . We would like to see a copy in
every Sunday-school library." Sunday School Banner.



Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. With 42 Illustrations
by TENNIEL. i2ino. $1.00.

A German Translation. I2tno. $2.00.
A French Translation. 121110. $2.00.

An Italian Translation. 121110. $2.00.

"An excellent piece of nonsense." Times.

"That most delightful of children's stories." Saturday Review.

"Elegant and delicious nonsense." Guardian.

Through the Looking-glass and What Alice Found There.

50 Illustrations by TENNIEL. I2mo. $1.00.

"Will fairly rank with the tale of her previous experience." Daily

" Many of Mr. Tenniel's designs are masterpieces of wise absurdity."

" Whether as regarding author or illustrator, this book is a jewel rarely
to be found nowadays."- Echo.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Look-
ing Glass. In i vol. With TENNIEL'S Illustrations. i2mo.


Rhyme ? and Reason ? With 65 Illustrations by ARTHUR
B. FROST, and nine by HENRY HOLIDAY. 121110. $1.50.

This book is a reprint, with additions, of the comic portions
of "Phantasmagoria, and other Poems," and of the "Hunting
of the Snark."

A Tangled Tale. Reprinted from the "Monthly Packet."
With Illustrations. 121110. $1.50.

Alice's Adventures under Ground. Being a Fac-simile of the

original MS. Book afterward developed into "Alice's

Adventures in Wonderland." With 37 Illustrations.
I2mo. $1.50.

The Hunting of the Snark : An Agony in Eight Fits. By

LEWIS CARROLL. With nine Illustrations by HENRY
HOLIDAY. New Edition. I2mo. $1.00.

Sylvie and Bruno. With 46 Illustrations by HARRY FUR-
NISS. i2mo. $1.50.

" Alice was a delightful little girl, but hardly more pleasing than are
the hero and heroine of this latest book from a writer in \\hose nonsense
there is far more sense than in the serious works of many contemporary
authors." - Morning Post.

" Mr. Furniss's illustrations, which are numerous, are at once graceful


and full of humor. We pay him a high compliment when we say he
proves himself a worthy successor to Mr. Tenniel in illustrating Mr. Lewis
Carroll's books." St. James' Gazette.

The Nursery "Alice." Containing 20 coloured enlarge-
ments from TENNIEL'S Illustrations to " Alice's Adven-
tures in Wonderland," with Text adapted to Nursery
Readers, by LEWIS CARROLL. 410. $1.50.

" Let the little people rejoice ! the most charming book in the world has
appeared for them. ' The Nursery Alice,' with its wealth of colored illus-
trations from Tenniel's Pictures, is certainly the most artistic juvenile that
has been seen for many and many a day." Boston Budget.


The Story of the Iliad. With Coloured Illustrations. i2mo.

The Story of the Odyssey. With Coloured Illustrations.
I2mo. $1.00.

Stories from the Bible. With Illustrations after JULIUS
SCHNORR. i2mo. $1.50.

"Of all the books of this kind, this is the best we have seen."

" The book will be of infinite value to the student or teacher of the
Scriptures, and the stories are well arranged for interesting reading for
children." Boston Traveller.

Stories from Bible. Illustrated. Second Series. Shortly.

The Greek Gulliver. Stories from Lucian. With Illustra-
tions by C. O. MURRAY. New edition. i6mo. Paper.
40 cents.

"A curious example of ancient humor." Chicago Standard.

The Burning of Rome. A Story of the Times of Nero.

With Illustrations. I2mo. $1.00.

CLIFFORD (Mrs. W. K.). Anyhow Stories, Moral and Other-
wise. With Illustrations. $1.00.

CRAIK. WORKS BY MRS. CRAIK, author of "John Halifax,

Sermons out of Church. New Edition. i2mo. $1.75.
Children's Poetry. Globe 8vo. $1.25.

The Little Lame Prince and His Travelling Cloak. A
Parable for Young and Old. With Illustrations. I2mo.


Little Sunshine's Holiday. Globe 8vo. $1.00.


Adventures of a Brownie. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.00.

Alice Learmont. A Fairy Tale. With Illustrations. i6mo.

Our Year : a Child's Book. Illustrated. i6mo. $1.00.

The Fairy Book. The Best Popular Fairy Stories. Selected
and rendered ane w . Golden Treasury Series . i8mo. $1.25.

DEFOE. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Edited from
the Original Edition by HENRY KINGSLEY. Globe Edition.


Golden Treasury Series. i8mo. $1.00.

DE MORGAN. The Necklace of Princess Florimonde, and
other Stories. By MARY DE MORGAN. Illustrated by
WALTER CRANE. New and cheaper Edition, cloth extra.


" The stories display considerable originality, and Mr. Walter Crane's
characteristic illustrations combine with Miss De Morgan's pretty fancies
in forming a charming gift-book." Graphic.

"A real gem." Punch.

60 cents ; cloth, uncut edges, 75 cents.

" An admirable set of brief biographies. . . . The volumes are small,
attractive, and inexpensive." - Dial.

" The ' English Men of Action ' promises to be a notable series of short
biographies. The subjects are well chosen, and the authors almost as well."

Gordon. By Col. Sir W. BUTLER.

Henry the Fifth. By the Rev. A. J. CHURCH.

Livingstone. By THOMAS HUGHES.

Lord Lawrence. By Sir R. TEMPLE.

Wellington. By GEORGE HOOPER.



Strafford. By H. D. TRAILL.

Warren Hastings. By Sir ALFRED LYALL, K.C.B.

Peterborough. By WILLIAM STEBBING.

Captain Cook. By WALTER BESANT.



Clive. By Col. Sir CHARLES WILSON.


Warwick, the King Maker. By C. W. OMAN.

Napier. By Col. Sir WILLIAM BUTLER.

Rodney. By D. G. HANNAY.

Montrose. By MOWBRAY MORRIS. Shortly.

EWING (J. H.). We and the World. A Story for Boys. By
the late JULIANA HORATIO EWING. With seven Illustra-
tions by W. L. Jones, and a Pictorial Design on the Cover.
4th Edition. 121110. $1.00.

Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper boards,
35 cents.

" A very good book it is, full of adventure graphically told. The style
is just what it should be; simple but not bold, full of pleasant humor, and
vith some pretty touches of feeling. Like all Mrs. Ewing's tales, it is
sound, sensible, and wholesome." Times.

A Flat Iron for a Farthing ; or, Some Passages in the Life
of an Only Son. With 12 Illustrations by H. ALLING-
HAM, and Pictorial Design on the Cover. i6th Edition.
I2mo. $1.00.

Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper boards,
35 cents.

" Let every parent and guardian who wishes to be amused, and at the
same time to please a child, purchase 'A Flat Iron for a Farthing; or,
Some Passages in the Life of an Only Son," by J. H. Evving. We will
answer for the delight with which they will read it themselves, and we do
not doubt that the young and fortunate recipients will also like it. The
story is quaint, original, and altogether delightful." Athenaeum.

Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances. Illustrated with nine
fine full-page Engravings by PASQUIER, and Frontispiece by
WOLF, and Pictorial Design on the Cover. 4th Edition.
I2mo. $1.00.

Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper boards,
35 cents.

" It is not often nowadays the privilege of a critic to grow enthusiastic
over a new work ; and the rarity of the occasion that calls forth the delight
is apt to lead one into the sin of hyperbole. And yet we think we shall not
be accused of extravagance when we say that, without exception, ' Mrs.
Overthew r ay's Remembrances ' is the most delightful work avowedly written
for children that we have ever read." Leader.

Six to Sixteen. A Story for Girls. With 10 Illustrations
by Mrs. ALLINGHAM. yth Edition. I2mo. $1.00.


Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper boards,
35 cents.

" It is scarcely necessary to say that Mrs. Ewing's book is one of the
best of the year." Saturday Review.

A Great Emergency. (A very Ill-Tempered Family; Our
Field ; Madame Liberality.) With four Illustrations. 3d
Edition. 121110. $1.00.

Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper boards, 35

" Never has Mrs. Ewing published a more charming volume of stories,
and that is saying a very great deal. From the first to the last the book
overflows with the strange knowledge of child-nature which so rarely sur-
vives childhood ; and, moreover, with inexhaustible quiet humor, which
is never anything but innocent and well-bred, never priggish, and never
clumsy." Academy.

Jan of the Windmill. A Story of the Plains. With 11
Illustrations by Mrs. ALLINGHAM and design on the cover.
5th Edition. 121110. $1.00.

Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper boards, 35

" The life and its surroundings, the incidents of Jan's childhood, are
described with Mrs. Ewing's accustomed skill; the village schoolmaster,
the miller's wife, and the other children, are extremely well done."

Melchior's Dream. (The Blackbird's Nest ; Friedrich's Bal-
lad ; A Bit of Green ; Monsieur the Viscount's Friend ;
The Yew Lane Ghosts ; A Bad Habit ; A Happy Family.)
With eight Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE. 6th Edi-
tion. I2mo. $1.00.

Cheap Illustrated Edition. 4to. In paper wrapper,
35 cents.

" ' Melchior's Dream ' is an exquisite little story, charming by original
humor, buoyant spirits, and tender pathos." Athenceum.

Lob-lie-by-the-fire; or, the Luck of Lingborough, and Other
Tales. With three Illustrations by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK.
4th Edition. i6mo. $1.00.

" Mrs. Ewing has written as good a story as her ' Brownies,' and that
is saying a great deal. ' Lob-lie-by-the-fire ' has humor and pathos, and
teaches what is right without making children think they are reading a
sermon." Saturday Review.

The Brownies. (The Land of Lost Toys; Three Christ-
mas Trees ; An Idyl of the Wood ; Christmas Crackers ;
Amelia and the Dwarfs ; Timothy's Shoes ; Benjy in
Beastland.) Illustrated by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. 7th
Edition. 161110. $1.00.


Cheap Illustrated Edition. Fcap. 4to. In paper
wrapper, 35 cents.

" If a child once begins ' The Brownies,' it will get so deeply interested
in it that when bedtime comes it will altogether forget the moral, and will
weary its parents with importunities for just a few minutes more to see how
everything ends." Saturday Review.

FREILIGRATH-KROEKER. Alice, and other Fairy Plays for
Children, including a Dramatised Version (under sanction)
of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," and three
other Plays. By Mrs. FREILIGRATH-KROEKER, with
eight original full-page Plates. Cloth, extra gilt. Gilt
edges. 2d Edition. I2mo. $1.25.

"They have stood a practical ordeal, and stood it triumphantly."

GASKOIN (Mrs. H.). Children's Treasury of Bible Stories.

Edited by the Rev. G. F. MACLEAR, D.D. iSmo. Each,
30 cents.

Part I. Old Testament.
II. New Testament.
III. Three Apostles : St. James, St. Paul, St. John.

GATTY (Mrs.). Parables from Nature. With Illustrations by


others. Two Series. Each, 35 cents.

GOLDEN TREASURY SERIES. Uniformly printed in iSmo,
with Vignette Titles by J. E. MILLAIS, Sir NOEL PATON,
Engraved on Steel. iSmo. Cloth. Each, $1.00.

Also bound in half morocco, $2.50.
Half calf, $2.50. Padded calf, $3.00.

Or beautifully bound in full morocco, padded, solid gilt edges,
in boxes, $2.50.

The Children's Garland from the Best Poets. Selected and
arranged by COVENTRY PATMORE, with a Vignette by

" Mr. Patmore deserves our gratitude for having searched through the
wide field of English Poetry for these flowers which youth and age can
equally enjoy, and woven them into ' The Children's Garland.' ' London

The Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which is
to come. By JOHN BUNYAN, with a Vignette by W.

"A beautiful and scholarly reprint." Spectator.


The Fairy Book. The best popular Fairy Tales. Selected
and rendered anew by the Author of " John Halifax, Gen-
tleman,' 1 with a Vignette by Sir NOEL PATON.

" Miss Mulock has the true instinct into the secret of a perfect Fairy
Tale. . . . delightful selection in a delightful external form." Spectator.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Edited by J. W-
CLARK, M.A., with a Vignette by Sir J. E. MILLAIS.

" This cheap and pretty copy, rigidly exact to the original, will be a
prize to many book buyers." Examiner.

The Sunday Book of Poetry for the Young. Selected and
arranged by C. F. ALEXANDER.

A Book of Golden Deeds of All Times and All Countries.
Gathered and Narrated Anew. By the Author of " The
Heir of Redclyffe."

Children's Treasury of English Song. Edited by F. T

Tom Brown's School Days. By an OLD BOY.

Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare. Edited by the Rev. A

GOLDSMITH. The Vicar of Wakefield. By OLIVER GOLD
SMITH. With 182 Illustrations by HUGH THOMSON, anc
a Preface by AUSTIN DOBSON. Uniform with the Ran
dolph Caldecott Edition of Washington Irving's " Brace
bridge Hall" and "Old Christmas." 121110. Cloth extra


" Mr. Thomson hits the exact line of humor which lies in Goldsmith'?
creations. His work is refined, much of it graceful and dignified, but thf
humor of the situation never escapes him. The work is English line work ,
very beautiful, delicate, and effective, with a very perceptible touch of old
time quality, life, and costume in it. The volume itself is such as lovers o\
good books delight to hold in their hands." Independent.

" A more bewitching bit of book work has not reached us for many a
day." New York Tribune.

GREENWOOD. The Moon Maiden, and Other Stories. By
JESSY E. GREENWOOD. 121110. $1.25.

" A collection of brightly written and distinctly original stories in which
fairy lore and moral allegory are deftly and pleasantly mingled." Chris-
tian Union.

GRIMM'S Fairy Tales. The Household Stories. Translated
by LUCY CRANE, and done into pictures by WALTER
CRANE. 121110. $1.25.


HALLWARD (R. F.). Flowers of Paradise. Music Verse
Design Illustration. Printed in colors by Edmund
Evans. Royal 4to. $2.00.

"To our mind one of the prettiest if not the prettiest of this year's
picture books. The pages are very Blake-like in effect, the drawings har-
moniously blending with the music and words, and some of the larger pic-
tures are quite beautiful in thought and feeling as well as in coloring. We
ought soon to hear of Mr. Hallward again ; he shows much promise."
Pall Mall Gazette.


Tom Brown's School Days. New Illustrated Edition. I2mo.

Cloth. Gilt. $1.00 Pocket Edition, 50 cents. English

Edition, $1.25.
"The most famous boy's book in the language." Daily News.

Golden Treasury Edition. i8mo. $1.00.

Cheap Edition. With 58 Illustrations by ARTHUR
HUGHES and S. P. HALL. 8vo. Paper. 25 cents.

Tom Brown at Oxford. New Illustrated Edition. i2mo.
Cloth. Gilt. $1.50. English Edition. I2mo. $1.25.

" In no other work that we can call to mind are the finer qualities of the
English gentleman more happily portrayed." Daily News.
" A book of great power and truth." National Review.

HULLAH (M. A.). Hannah Tarne. A Story for Girls. With

Illustrations. i6mo. $1.25.


The Heroes of Asgard. Tales from Scandinavian Mythology.
Illustrated. i6mo. $1.00.

The Magic Valley ; or, Patient Antoine. With Illustrations.
i6mo. $1.25.


Madam How and Lady Why : First Lessons in Earth Lore
for Children. $1.00.
English Edition, $1.25.

The Heroes ; or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children. With

Illustrations. $1.00.

English Edition. I2mo. $1.25.

" This lovely version of three of the most famous folk stones of the old
Greeks." Mail and Express.

" Ought to be in the hands of every child in the country." Christian


The Water-Babies : A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby. Illus-
trated. I2ino. $1.00.
English Edition. I2mo. $1.25.

" They have included the admirable series of too illustrations by Mr.
Linley Sambourne, which have hitherto only been procurable in the some-
what expensive Christinas edition of 1885. It is pleasing to think that Sir
Richard Owen and Mr. Huxley both survive to occupy the same position
in the world of science, which the author assigned to them more than a
quarter of a century ago. The artist's portrait of the two professors on
page 69 is a masterpiece." Academy.

" They are simply inimitable, and will delight boys and girls of mature
age, as well as their juniors. No happier combination of author and artist
than this volume presents could be found to furnish healthy amusement to
the young folks. The book is an artistic one in every sense." Toronto

Glaucus ; or, The Wonders of the Seashore. With Coloured
Illustrations. $2.00.

LAMB. Tales from Shakespeare. Edited, with Preface, by
the Rev. A. AINGER, M.A. Golden Treasury Series.
i8mo. $1.00.

MACMILLAN. The Gate Beautiful. Bible Teachings for the
Young. By the Rev. HUGH MACMILLAN, author of
" Bible Teachings from Nature." Shortly.

trated. $1.25.

MARRYAT'S (Captain) BOOKS FOR BOYS. Uniformly
bound in blue cloth. 8 vols. Large. i6mo. $1.00

Masterman Ready; or, The Wreck of the Pacific. With
93 Engravings on Wood. $1.00.

Poor Jack. With 1 6 Illustrations. 22d Edition. $1.00.

The Mission ; or, Scenes in Africa. With Illustrations by

The Settlers in Canada. With Illustrations by GILBERT
and DALZIEL. $1.00.

The Privateersman. Adventures by Sea and Land in Civil
and Savage Life, One Hundred Years Ago. With eight
Engravings. $1.00.

The Pirate, and the Three Cutters. Illustrated with eight
Engravings. With a Memoir of the Author. $1.00.


Peter Simple. With eight Full-page Illustrations. $1.00.
Midshipman Easy. With eight Illustrations. $1.00.

MARSHALL. Winifrede's Journal. By Mrs. EMMA MAR-
SHALL, author of "Life's Aftermath," "Mrs. Willough-
by's Octave," etc. With Illustrations. I2mo. Shortly.

GRAHAM). With Illustrations by WALTER CRANE. 161110.
Uniformly bound. $1.00 each volume.

Herr Baby.

Grandmother Dear.

Tell Me a Story.

The Cuckoo Clock.

The Tapestry Room. A Child's Romance.

A Christmas Child : A Sketch of a Boy-Life.


Two Little Waifs.

Christmas-Tree Land.

" Carrots," Just a Little Boy. -

" Us : " An Old-fashioned Story.

Four Winds Farm.

Little Miss Peggy. Only a Nursery Story.

A Christmas Posy.

The Rectory Children.

The Children of the Castle.

Nurse Heatherdale's Story. With Illustrations by L. LESLIE
BROOKE. $1.25.

" There is no more acceptable writer for children than Mrs. Moles-
worth . " Literary World.

" No English writer of stories for children has a better reputation than
Mrs. Molesworth, and none whose stories we are familiar with deserves it
better." New York A^ail and Express.

" Mistress of the art of writing for children." Spectator.

NOEL. Wandering Willie. By Lady AUGUSTA NOEL. Globe
8vo. $1.00.

OLIPHANT. Agnes Hopetown's School and Holidays. By

Mrs. OLIPHANT. With Illustrations. i6mo. $1.00.


PATMORE (C.) . The Children's Garland from the Best Poets.

Selected. Golden Treasury Series. 181110. $1.00.

PROCTER (A. A.). Legends and Lyrics. By ADELAIDE
ANNE PROCTER. Original Edition. First Series. With
Introduction by CHARLES DICKENS. 67th Thousand.
Second Series. 59th Thousand. 2 vols. 75 cents each.
Also an Edition. 4to. 2 Series. 35 cents each.

Legends and Lyrics. New edition in one vol. With new
Portrait etched by C. O. MURRAY, from a painting by
E. Gaggiotti Richards. i6th Thousand. Large I2mo.
Cloth, gilt edges, $1.00.

RUNAWAY (THE). By the author of "Mrs. Jerningham's
Journal." $1.00.

RUTH and Her Friends. A Story for Girls. With Illustrations.


St. JOHNSON. Charlie Asgarde. A Tale of Adventure. By
ALFRED ST. JOHNSON. With Illustrations. $1.50.

" Will not prevent boys from reading it with keen interest. The inci-
dents of savage life are described from the author's personal experience,
and the book is so well written that we may reasonably hope for something
of much higher quality from Mr. Johnson's pen." Academy.

"Whoever likes Robinson Crusoe and who does not like it? is
pretty sure to like ' Charlie Asgarde.' " N. Y. Mail and Express.

" The story is spirited and interesting, full of exciting incidents and
situations." Boston Saturday Evening Gazette.

SPENSER. Tales chosen from the Fairie Queene. By SOPHIA
H. MACLEHOSE. $1.25.

Nine Years Old. With Illustrations. 161110. $1.00.
Pansie ' s Flour Bin . 1 1 lus trate d . $ i . oo .
When I was a Little Girl. Illustrated. i6mo. $1.00.

When Papa comes Home. The Story of Tip, Tap, Toe.
Illustrated. $1.25.

STEWART. The Tale of Troy. Done into English by AUBREY
STEWART. i6mo. $1.00.

"We are much pleased with 'The Tale of Troy,' by Aubrey Stewart.
. . . The Homeric legend is given in strong, simple, melodious English,
which sometimes leaves one in doubt as to the distinction between poetry
and prose. . . . While the story delights them, it will ennoble and strengthen
their minds, and the form in which it is rendered will teach them that love,
which, for an American, should lie deep in his heart, the love of good
English." Independent.


TIM. A Story of School Life. i2mo. Cloth. $1.00.

WARD. A Pair of Originals. By E. WARD, Author of " Fresh

from the Fens." With Illustrations. I2mo. $1.25.

WARD. Milly and Oily; or, A Holiday among the Moun-
tains. BY Airs. HUMPHRY WARD. Illustrated by Mrs.
ALMA-TADEMA. i6mo. $1.00.

WHITE (GILBERT) . Natural History and Antiquities of Sel-
borne. New Edition, with a Poem and Letters never
before Published. Edited by FRANK BUCKLAND. With
Illustrations. $1.75.

WILLOUGHBY. Fairy Guardians. By F. WILLOUGHBY. Illus-
trated. $1.25.

WILSON. The Five Gateways of Knowledge. By GEORGE
WILSON, M.D., F.R.S.E. i6mo. Cloth. 50 cents.

of the Tales. I2mo. Cloth. $i.ooeach.

The Heir of Redclyffe. Illustrated.

Heartsease ; or, The Brother's Wife. Illustrated.

Hopes and Fears. Illustrated.

Dynevor Terrace. Illustrated.

The Daisy Chain. Illustrated.

The Trial : More Links of the Daisy Chain. Illustrated.

Pillars of the House ; or, Under Wode Under Rode. 2 vols.

The Young Stepmother. Illustrated.

The Clever Woman of the Family. Illustrated.

The Three Brides. Illustrated.

My Young Alcides. Illustrated.

The Caged Lion. Illustrated.

The Dove in the Eagle's Nest. Illustrated.

The Chaplet of Pearls. Illustrated.

Lady Hester, and the Danvers Papers. Illustrated.

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