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English miracle plays, moralities, and interludes : specimens of the pre-Elizabethan drama online

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Thou, conj, though. CP. (344).
Thought, sb. sadness, anxiety.

Sk. 1995.
Thowth, sb. thought. MM. 633 ;

CP. (48).
Thoys, dem. adj. those. MM.

Thred, num. adj. third. KJ.

Threde, sb. thread. Hey. 260.
Threpe, pr. 2 //. chide, dispute.

Y. 114.

Threttye, num. thirty. Co. II.
Thridde, num. adj. third. Hh.

45, 74-

Thrist, sb. thirst. Hh. 50.
Thritti, num. thirty. Hh. 45.
Throwe, sb. while, time. CP.

("3). (H7).

Thryfe, v. thrive. T. 27.
Thryst, v. thrust. Ev. 825.
Thryst, sb. thirst. MM. 492 ;

thryste. Co. 13.
Thu,pron. thou. KJ. 2078, 2100,

Thyder, adv. thither. Ev. 675,


Thylke, adj. that. Hey. 44, 46.
Thynkes, pr. 2 s. thinkest. MM.


Till, prep. to. Ch 1 . 47.
To, num. two. MM. 68 ; CP.


Tocken, sb. token. Ch 1 . 31 1, 318.
Toddes, toads. MM. 1199.
To-dyghte, pp. committed to.

Y. 98.
Togyder, adv. together. Ev. 666,

677; Hey. 285.
Toke, //. took. Ev. 848.
Token, sb. parable. T. 331.
To medys, conj. provided that.

CP. (I 9 7).

Ton, adj. the one. CP. (28), (38).
Tone, adj. the one, though used

with the definite article, ' the

tone.' Hey. 579.
Tong, sb. tongue. MM. 278;

tonge. Ch 1 . 234; MM. 1530.
Too, sb. toe. CP. (209).
Torke, sb. Turkey. MM. 1435.
Tother, the, i. e. that other. CP.


Towe, num. two. Ch 1 . 121.
To-whyls, adv. whilst. Y. 62.
Traysh, sb. trash. KJ. 1389.
Treey, sb. tree. Ch 1 . 89.
Tremyll, v. tremble. MM. 1554.
Treubelacyon, sb. tribulation.

MM. 1534.

Trew, adj. true. MM. 66, 603.
Trobylled, //. troubled. MM.

Trone, sb. throne. Ev. 637 ; CP.


Trost, sb. trust. MM. 634, 1214.
Trotte, sb. old woman. Th. 501.
Trow, adj. true. CP. (212).
Trye, adj. pure, refined. CP. (81),


Tryfellys, sb. pi. trifles. FE. 1 7.
Twyne,/r. i s. separate. Y. 153.
Tyde, sb. time, MM. 273, 1442.
Tympanye, sb. dropsy. KJ. 2117.
Tyne, adj. tiny. T. 735.
Tyte, adv. quickly ; as tyte, as

quickly as may be. T. 638.
Tytte, sb. teat. Th. 73.
Tytyll, sb. title, name. MM. 603.




Unbuxumnes, sb. disobedience.

Y. 123.
TJnchende,o!(^'. unkind, unnatural?

or for #/z^/,uncourteous. CP.


Underfoe, z/.undertake. Ch. 1 67.

Underfonge, v. undergo. Ch 2 .

TJnkende, adj. unnatural. 00.67.

TJnkynde, adj. unnatural. Co.
59; Ev. 23; unkind. Ev. 310.

TJnlykynge, adj. in poor condi-
tion. Sk. 1984.

Unneth, adv. scarcely. FE. 19.

Unrightes, sb. unrighteousness.
Ch 1 . 142.

TJnthryvandly, adv. in vain, un-
thrivingly. Y. 114.

Unyte, sb. unity. MM. 620.


Vagys, sb. pi. strayings. Sk.


Vayne, sb. vein. Hey. 548.
Velyarde, sb. old man, dotard.

Sk. 1903.
Vengeabyl, adj. vengeful. Co.


Venter, v. venture. Ev. 484.
Vernage, sb. wine of Verona.

MM. 480.
Veryabyll, adj. variable. MM.

Violatt, //. violated, polluted,

foul. MM. 1557.
Vyage, sb. voyage. Ev. 249, 674.

Vyand, sb. food. FE. 465.


"Walter, v. welter, roll about. Sk.


"Wane, sb. wain, waggon. T. 38.
"War, comp. adj. worse. Y. 113.
War, v. were. MM. 1535.
Warande, pr. i s. warrant. Y.

96; KJ. 2105.

"Ware, imp. s. beware. MM. 492.
Ware, v. wear. KJ. 1324.

Warke, sb. work. Y. 15, 17, etc.

warkes. FE. 20.
"Warloo, sb. warlock, wizard. T.

651, 723-
War-rye, v. curse. Ch 1 . 273 ;

wary. T. 19 ; waryd. T. 723.
Wassayle, s. wassail, 'good
. health.' KJ. -2165.
Wast, sb. waste. MM. 487.
Wat, pr. i s. know. Hh. 2 1 7.
Waus,/Awas. CP. (314).
Waxit, pr. s. waxeth, grows. CP.

Waye,/r. 2 pi. weigh. KJ. 2166 ;

wayeth. KJ. 1321.
Wayn, adj. vain. MM. 595.
Wede, sb. attire. CP. (183) ; Hh.

Weder, adv. wither. CP. (177),

Weders, sb. pi. weathers, storms.

T. i.

Wedyr, adv. whither. CP. (49).
Weeke, adj. weak. Ch 1 . 67.
Weelde, sb. power. Y. 67.
Weendande, pr. p. wending. Y.


Weete, sb. wet, rain. Ch 1 . 95.
Wei, sb. way. Hh. 39, 209.
Weither, sb. weather. Ch 1 . 323,


Weither, sb. wether. Ch 2 . 441.
Weke, adj. weak. Ev. 482.
Welde, v. wield, rule, enjoy. Y.

28, 73; Hh. 108.
Welde, sb. power. Y. 86.
Wele, sb. wealth, well-being.

CP. (79). (335)-

Wele, adv. well. KJ. 2137, 2145.
Weledyng, sb, wielding, rule.

Y. 39; weledande, pr. p. Y. 86.
Well, pr. i s. boil, seethe. Y.

104, 131.
Welth, sb. well-being, salvation.

Y. 3, 28, 85.
Women, women. Ch 1 . 48,


Wende, pp. thought. Ev. 163.
Wendest,/r. 2 s. weenest, think-

est. Hey. 179.
Wene, v. think. CP. (48); cp.

Ch 1 . in; MM. 493 ; wenest,

Ev. 161.



Wente,//. gone. Y. 105.
Wepyn,^.//. weapons. T. 626.
Wer, pt. 2 s. wast. MM. 673.
Werd, sb. world. CP. (72);

werdes, CP. (68).
Were, v. wear. Ev. 648 ; Th.

55, 129.

"Werely, adv. verily. MM. 675.
Wery, v. weary, grow tired. FE.


Weryauns, sb. variance. MM. 92.
Werye, v. war against. Th.


Wes, pt. s. was. Hh. 4.
Westment, sb. vestment. MM.

Wete, v. know. Y. 67; Ev. 88,

112, 143.

"Wete, sb. wheat. Hh. 131.
Weth, />?/. with. FE. 522.
Wetyn, v. know. CP. (101).
Wexith, pr. s. waxes, becomes.

FE. 460.

"Weyle, v. wail. CP. (173).
Weylle, adv. well. T. 287, 709.
Weyn, pr. \ s. ween. T. 706.
Weyscelles, ^.//.weasels. Ch 1 .

Whan, adv. when. Ev. 641 ;

whane, CP. (45).
What, adv. how. T. I, 298 ;

CP. (405).

Wheder, adv. whether. Ev. 287.
Wheder, adv. whither. Ev. 297.

Wher, pt. pi. were. MM. 369 ;

imp. subj. MM. 1436.
Where, conj. whereas. Hey.


Whyder, adv. whither. Ev. 802.
Who, pron. whoever. MM. 61.
Whorshep, sb. worship. MM.

Whow, adv. how. CP. (13),

Whypyng, pr. p. wiping. MM.

Whytly, adv. quickly. MM.


Whytt, sb. bit, atom. CP. (85).
Wiht, sb. wight, man. Hh. 23.
Wike, sb. town, place. Hh. 175.
Winde, v. escape. Hh. 146.

Wist, //. known. Hh. 49.

Wite, v. know. Hh. 71.

"With so that, conj. provided that.

CP. (167).

"Wo, pron. who. MM. 608.
Wod, sb. wood. T. 661.
Wode, adj. mad, furious. CP.

(34) ; Y. 105.
"Wold, wolde, would. Hey. 558 ;

KJ. 1387; Ev. 274.
Wole, woll, will. Co. 14; MM.


Won, v. dwell. Y. 28.
Wonde, v. turn aside from. CP.

Wonders, adv. wondrously. Ev.

7 ; wonder sly, FE. 329.
Wondydd, pp. wrapped, en-
veloped in. MM. 605.
Wone, v. dwell. Y. 137; Hh.

160; wonen, Hh. 233; waned,

Hh. 46.
Wones, sb. pi. places, dwellings.

Y. 28.
Wondyr, adv. wonderfully. CP.


"Woo, pron. who. MM. 609.
Wood, adj. mad. Ch 1 . 254.
Worche, v. work. Ch 1 . 50 ; KJ.


Word, sb. world. MM. 305, 381.
Worthely, adj. worthy. Y. 17.
Wo so, pron. who so. MM. 57.
Wost, pt. 2 s. knewest. Hh. 73.
Wot, v. know. Ev. 821 ; wote.

Ev. 195, 271 ; wote,/r. s. Th.

150; ivolst. MM. 1216.
Wounder, adv. wondrously. Ch 1 .


Wrake, sb. harm. MM. 380.
Wrawe, adj. angry. Ch 1 . 209.
Wrocken, pp. wreaked. Ch 1 .


Wrokyn,//. avenged. T. 625.
Wrowth, pp. wrought. MM.

305, 6 3i, 1387-

Wrytynge, sb. account. Ev. 187.
Wurkes, sb. pi. works. KJ.


Wyche,/r0w. which. CP. (107).
Wycke, sb. wickedness. CP. (39).
Wyhylles, sb. pi. wiles. MM.




"Wylddyng, sb. wielding, power.

MM. 59.
Wylfull, adj. voluntary. Hey.


Wyn, sb. wine. MM. 485.
Wynche, v. kick. Sk. 2049.
Wynde, v. go. FE. 418.
Wynnyng, pr. p. leading to. Y.


Wyrk, v. work. T. 282.
"Wyrschip, sb. worship. Y. 81.
Wyse, sb. manner. MM. 665.
Wyshyng, pr. p. guiding. Y.

Wyssande, pr. p. guiding. Y.

Wythly, adv. actively, swiftly.

MM. 270.
Wytt, sb. knowledge, understand-

ingCo. 115; MM. 1213; wytte,

Ch 1 . 29.

Wytte, know. Hey. 85.
Wytystsaufj/r. 2 s. vouchestsafe.

MM. 624.


Xall,/*. s. shall. MM. 64, etc.
Xulde, pt. s. should. MM.


T,pr. I. KJ. 1322; MM 292.
Ya, adv. yea, yes. CP. (53).
Yarde, sb. stick, rod. Ch 2 . 290.
Yarde, pp. made ready. Ch 1 . 91.
Yare, adj. ready, prepared. T.


Y-beten, //. beaten. Sk. 2043.
Ydolls, sb. pi. idols. KJ. 1352.

Yeinder, adj. yonder. Ch 1 . 214.
Yender, adj. yonder. Ch 2 . 250 ;

MM. 1438.

Yer, adv. ere, before. Th. 328.
Yerth, sb. earth. FE. 332, 340.
Yf, con/, if. FE. 24.
Yinge, adj. young. Ch 2 . 369.
Yle, sb. aisle. KJ. 2114.
Ylle, adv. ill. T. i.
Ymagyn, v. imagine. Hey. 287.
Ynough, adv. enough. Th. 207 ;

ynoughe. Ev. 816.
Yode,//.//. went, ran. T. 517.
Yone, adj. yonder. CP. (391),


Yower, pron. your. MM. 86.
Yre, sb. ire, wrath. Hey. 59;

Th. 77.
Yrons, sb. pi. irons. Th. 170,


Ys, pr. s. is. KJ. 1313.
Ywys, adv. iwis, certainly. Th.

96, 510; Hey. 553.
Yys, eyes. MM. 640.
Yys, adv. yes. CP. (155), (164).


3af, //. gave. Hh. 91.
3ates, gates. Hh. 135.
3ateward, sb. porter. Hh. 137.
3 erne, v. guard, take care of.

Hh. 24, 167.
3er, sb. year. Hh. 45.
3erned, //. yearned. Hh. 162.
3if, imp. s. give. Hh. 173.
3if, conj. if. Hh. 121.
3onge, adj. young. Hh. 132.
3oven, //. given. Hh. 177.





York Plays. The Plays performed by the Crafts or
Mysteries of York, on the day of Corpus Christi, in the I4th, i5th,
and 1 6th centuries; now first printed from the unique manuscript
in the library of Lord Ashburnham. Edited, with Introduction and
Glossary, by LUCY TOULMIN SMITH. 8vo. il. is.

The Pilgrimage to Parnassus, with the Two Parts of
the Return from Parnassus. Three Comedies performed in
St. John's College, Cambridge, A.D. MDXCVII-MDCI. Edited from
MSS. by W. D. MACRAY, M.A., F.S.A. Medium 8vo. Bevelled
Boards, Gilt top, 8*. 6d.

Marlowe's Edward II. With Introduction, Notes, &c.
By O. W. TANCOCK, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo. Paper covers, 25. ;
cloth, 3-r.

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Dr. Faustus, and Greene's Honourable History of Friar Bacon and
Friar Bungay. Edited by A. W. WARD, Litt. D. New and en-
larged Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, 6s. 6d.

Shakespeare. Select Plays. Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers.
Edited by W. G. CLARK, M.A., and W. ALOIS WRIGHT, D.C.L.
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Richard the Third. 2s. 6d. Twelfth Night, u. 6cf.
King Lear. is. 6d. King John. is. 6d.

Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist; a popular Illustration
of the Principles of Scientific Criticism. By R. G. MOULTON, M.A.
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Relation of the Imprisonment of Mr. JOHN BUNYAN. Edited,
with Biographical Introduction and Notes, by E. VENABLES, M.A.
Extra fcap. 8vo, 5.?. In Parchment, 6s.

Clarendon. Characters and Episodes of the Great Rebel-
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Clarenbon press, yforb*




ANGLO-SAXON. An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, based on the
MS. Collections of the late JOSEPH BOSWORTH, D.D., Professor of Anglo-
Saxon, Oxford. Edited and enlarged by Prof. T. N. TOLLER, M.A.
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ENGLISH (continued).

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A List of English Words the Etymology of which is

illustrated by comparison with Icelandic. Prepared in the form of an
Appendix to the above. By W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. stitched, 2s.

Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Dictionaries, Grammars, etc.

ICELANDIC. An Icelandic Primer, with Grammar, Notes,
and Glossary. BY HENBT SWEET, M.A. Extra fcap. 8vo. 38. 6d.

An Icelandic Prose Reader, with Notes, Grammar and

Extra fcap. 8vo. io. 6d.

LATIN. A Latin Dictionary, founded on Andrews' edition of

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Contributions to Latin Lexicography. By HENRY

NETTLESHIP, M.A. 8vo. 2 is.
MELANESIAN. The Melanesian Languages. By EGBERT

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RUSSIAN. A Grammar of the Russian Language. By

W. R. MOBFILL, M.A. Crown 8vo. 6s.

SANSKRIT. A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language.
arranged with reference to the Classical Languages of Europe, for the use
of English Students, by Sir M. MONIEB- WILLIAMS, D.C.L. Fourth
Edition. 8vo. 158.

- A Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Etymologically and

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Anglo-Saxon, English, and other cognate Indo-European Languages.
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- Nalopdkhyanam. Story of Nala, an Episode of the

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B 2

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ciples, founded mainly on the materials collected by the Philological
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Oxford : Clarendon Press.

Anglo-Saxon and English.

Mayhew and Skeat. A Concise Dictionary of Middle English,
fromA.D. 1150 to 1580. By A. L. MAYHEW, M.A., and W. W. SKEAT,
Litt. D. Crown 8vo. half roan, 7*. 6d.

Skeat. An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language,

arranged on an Historical Basis. By W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. Second
Edition. 4to. 2l. 4,?.

A Supplement to the First Edition of the above. 4to. 2s, 6d.

A Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English

Language. Third Edition. Crown 8vo. 5*. 6d.

- Principles of English Etymology. First Series. The

Native Element. Crown 8vo. gs.

Principles of English Etymology. Second Series.

Nearly ready.

Stratmann. A Middle-English Dictionary, containing Words

used by English Writers from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century. By
FRANCIS HENRY STRATMANN. A New Edition, Ke-arranged, Revised,
and Enlarged by HENRY BRADLEY. Small 4to. il. us. 6d.

Sweet. An Anglo-Saxon Primer, with Grammar, Notes and
Glossary. By HENRY SWEET, M.A. 2nd Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

An Anglo-Saxon Reader. In Prose and Verse. With

Grammatical Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. Sixth Edition, Revised
and Enlarged. Extra fcap. 8vo. 8*. 6d.

A Second Anglo-Saxon Reader. Extra fcap. 8vo. 4*. 6d.

Old English Reading Primers :

I. Selected Homilies of JSlfric. Stiff covers, is. 6d.

II. Extracts from Alfred's Orosius. Stiff covers, I*. 6d.

- First Middle English Primer, with Grammar and Glos-
sary. Extra fcap. 8vo. 2s.

- Second Middle English Primer. Extracts from Chaucer,

with Grammar and Glossary. Extra fcap. 8vo. 28.

History of English Sounds from the Earliest Period.

With fullWord-Lists. 8vo. 14*.

A Primer of Spoken English. Extra fcap. 8vo. 3*. 6d.

A Primer of Phonetics. Extra fcap. 8vo. 3*. 6d.

Elementarbuch des Gesprqchenen Englisch. Grammatik,

Texte und Glossar. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo, stiff covers, 28. 6d.

London : HENRY FROWDG, Amen Corner, E.G.

/. Literature and Philology.

Tancock. An Elementary English Grammar and Exercise
Book. By 0. W. TANCOCK, M. A. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. is. 6d.

An English Grammar and Reading- Book, for Lower

Forms in Classical Schools. Fourth Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 3*. 6d.

Saxon Chronicles. Two of the Saxon Chronicles parallel

(787-1001 A.D.). A Eevised Text. Edited, with Introduction, Critical
Notes, and Glossary, by CHARLES PLUMMEK, M.A., on the basis of an
Edition by JOHN EASLE, M.A. Crown 8vo, stiff covers, 3*. .

Specimens of Early English. A New and Eevised Edition.

With Introduction, Notes, and Glossarial Index.

Part I. From Old English Homilies to King Horn (A.D. 1150 to A.D.
1300). By R. MOKKIS, LL.D. Ed. 2. Extra fcap. 8vo. 9*.

Part II. From Robert of Gloucester to Gower (A.D. 1298 to A.D. 1393).
By R. MOERIS, LL.D., and W. W. SKEAT, Litt. D. Third Edition.
Extra fcap. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Specimens of English Literature, from the 'Ploughmans

Crede' to the ' Shepheardes Calender' (A.D. 1394 to A.D. 1579). With
Introduction, Notes, and Glossarial Index. By W. W. SKEAT, Litt. D.
Fourth Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 7*. 6d.

Typical Selections from the best English Writers, with

Introductory Notices. In 2 vols. Extra fcap. 8vo. 3*. 6d. each.
Vol. I. Latimer to Berkeley. Vol. II. Pope to Macaulay.



Ormulum, The, with the Notes and Glossary of Dr. R. M.
WHITE. Edited by R. HOLT, M.A. 2 vols. Extra fcap. 8 vo. iZ. i.


I. The Prologue, the Knightes Tale, The Nonne Preestes

Tale; from the Canterbury Tales. Edited by R. MOBRIS, LL.D. A
New Edition, with Collations and Additional Notes by W. W. SKEAT,
Litt.D. Extra fcap. 8vo. is. 6d.

Oxford : Clarendon Press.

A Series of English Classics.

CHAUCER (continued).

II. The Prioresses Tale ; SirThopas; The Monkes Tale;

The Clerkes Tale ; The Squieres Tale, &c. Edited by W. W. SKEAT,
Litt.D. Third Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 4*. 6d.

III. The Tale of the Man of Lawe ; The Pardoneres

Tale; The Second Nonnes Tale; The Chanouns Yemannes Tale.
By W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D. New Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 48. 6d.

IV. Minor Poems. Edited by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.D.

Crown 8vo. los. 6d.

V. The Legend of Good Women. By W. W. SKEAT,

Litt.D. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Langland, W. The Vision of William concerning- Piers the

Plowman, in three Parallel Texts.; together with Richard the Redeless.
By WILLIAM LANGLAND (about 1362-1399 A.D.). Edited from numerous
Manuscripts, with Preface, Notes, and a Glossary, by W. W. SKEAT,
Litt.D. 2 vols. 8vo. il. n*. 6d.

The Vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman, by

WILLIAM LANOLAND. Edited, with Notes, by W. W. SKEAT, Litt.L).
Fourth Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 48. 6d.

Gamelyn, the Tale of. Edited, with Notes, Glossary, &c., by
W. W SKEAT, Litt.D. Extra fcap. 8vo. Stiff covers, is. 6d.

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