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President. Med. Director George P. Bradley.
Members. Surgeons S. H. Griffith and Samuel
H. Dicksbn.

Naval Retiring Board.

President. Rear-Admiral John C. Watson.

M< nthi -rn. Capts. F. A. Cook. Theo. F. Jewell,

Med. Directors J. C. Wise, George P. Bradley

and Charles H. Gravatt.

Board of Inspection and Survey.

President, Capt. Charles J. Train.

Members, Commanders C. R. Itoelker and W. C.
Cowles, Naval Constr. J. J. Woodward and
Maj.C. H. Lauchheimer. U. S. marine corps.

Naval Dispensary.

Medical Inspector. W. S. Dixon.
Pharmacist, J. C. Martin.

Naval Museum of Hygiene and Medical School .

Medical Director, Robert A. Marmion.
Surgeons, Averley C. H. Russell, Edward R.

Stitt and John W. Ross (ret.).
^4sst. Surgeons, E. M. Brown. U. A. Bachmann.

M. W. Baker. H. F. Strines, F. M. Munson

and J. P. Traynor.
Pharmacist, Francis Wood.

Navy Pay Office .
Pay Director, L. A. Frailey.

Headquarters of United States Marine Corps.

Brig.-Gen. (Commandant, Charles Heywood.
Adjt. and Inspector, Co). George C. Reid.
Asst.Adj.and Inspector. Maj.C. H.Lauchheimer.
Quartermaster, Col. Frank L. Denny.
-4sst. Quartermaster, Capt. C. S. McCauley.
Paymaster, Col. Green Clay Goodloe.


Secretary, Elihu Root (N. Y.). ... ... .$8,000

Asst. Sec.. William Cary Sanger (N. Y.)... 4,500
Sec. to Sec. of War. Merritt O. Chance (111.) 2.250
Chief Clerk, John C. Scofleld 3.000

Headquarters of the Army.

Lieut.-Gen., Nelson A. Miles.
Adjt.-Gen., Col. John B. Babcock.
Mil. Secretary. Lieut.-Col. Samuel Reber.
Ald-de-Camp. Lieut.-Col. Marion P. Maus.
Aid-de-Camp, Lieut.-Col. H. H. Whitney.
Chief Clerk, J. B. Morton.

Adjutant-General's Department.

A0.jt.-Gen., Mai.-Gen. H. C. Corbin.
Assistants. Col. Wm. P. Hall. Lieut.-Col. John

A. Johnston. Lieut.-Col. Wm. A. Simpson.

Lieut.-Col. H. P. McCain. Lieut.-Col. Wm.

Eunis. Maj. James Parker, Maj. Daniel A.

Chief Clerk, R. P. Thlan $2.000

Inspector-General's Department.

Inspector-Gen., Brig.-Gen. J. C. Breckinridge.
Assistants, Lieut.-Col. C. H. Heyl and Maj.

Thos. T. Knox.
Chief Clerk, O. B. Goodall.

Judge-Advocate General's Office.

Judge-Advocate Gen.. Brig.-Gen. G. B. Davis.
Assistant*. Lieut.-Col. E. H. Crowder, Maj. Geo.

M. Dunn.
Chief Clerk, Lewis W. Call.

Subsistence Department.

Commissary-Gen., Brig.-Gen. Jno. F. Weston.
Assistants, Capt. H. J. Gall.iigber, Capt. M. S.

Chief Clerk, Emmet Hamilton.


Quartermaster's Department.

Quarterm.-Gen., Brig. -Gen. M. I. Luclington.

Assistants, Lieut.-Col. William S. Patten, Maj.
George Ruhlen, Maj. O. F. Long, Maj. F. G.
Hodgson, Maj. J. T. French., Tr., Capt. J. M.
Carson, Jr., Capt. C. B. Baker and Capt. J. 2.

Chief Clerk, Henry D. Saxton.

Medical Department,

Surgeon-Gen.. Brig.-Gen. Robert M. O'Reilly.

Assistants, Col. Calvin DeWHt, Lieut.-Col. J.
Van K. HotT, Maj. Walter Heed. Maj. J. C.
Merrill, Maj. Walter I). McCaw, Maj. Jeffer-
son R. Kean. Capt. Merritte W. Ireland, Capt.
Carl R. Darnell.

Chief Clerk, George A. Jones.

Pay Department.

Paymaster-Gen., Brig.-Gen. A. E. Bates.

Assistant. Lieut.-Col. C. C. Sniffen.

Chief Clerk, T. M. Exley.

Corps of Engineers.

Hodges and Capt. M. M. Patrick.

Chief Clerk, P. J. Dempsey.

Public Buildings and Grounds.

Officer in Charge. Col. T. A. BinKhain.
Ordnance Department.

Chief of Ordnance, Brig.-Gen. William Crozier.

Assistants, Mai. V.MeNally.Maj. C. 8- Smith,
Capt. L. L. Bruff, Capt. W. W. Gibson, Capt.
C. B. Wheeler, Capt. G. W. Burr, Capt. T. C.
Dickson, Capt. J. W. Joyes, Capt. C. C. Wil-

Chief Clerk, John J. Cook.

Signal Office.

Chief Signal Officer, Brig.-Gen. A. W. Greely. "

Assistant, Maj. George P. Scriven.

Assistant . Capt. Edgar Russel.

l>ixl>nrsi)ig Officer. Capt. D. J. Carr.

Chief Clerk, George A. Warren.

Record and Pension Office.

Chief of (9ice, Brig.-Gen. F. C. Ainsworth.

Assistant, Maj. John Tweedale.

Chief Clerk, Jacob Freeh.

Bureau of Insular Affairs.

Chief of Bureau, Col. Clarence R. Edwards.

Asswtant, J. Van Ness Philip.

Law Officer. Charles E. Magoon.

Chief Clerk, F. Steinhart.


Postmaster-Gen., Henry C. Payne (Wis.).. $8,000

Chief Clerk, Blain W. Taylor ( W. Va.) 2,500

Asst. Atty.-Oen., James N. Tyner (Ind.)... 4,500

Law Clerk, G. A. C. Christiancy (Neb.) 2,750

Aiii'nintinent Clerk. J. H. Robinson (Miss.) 1,800
Knpt. and Disbursing Clerk, RufusB. Mer-
chant (Va.) 2,100

Topographer, A. Von llaake (N. Y.) 2.500


First Asst. P. M. G., Robt. J. Wynne (Pa.) 4,000

ciiiet Clerk. John J. Howley (N. Y.) 2.500

Snpt.Div.P.O.Sup., Michael W.Louis (O.) 2,260
Gen'/. IS u lit. Div. Free Delivery. August W.

Machen(O.) 3,500

Gen'l Supt. Salaries awl Allowances,

George W. Beavers (N. Y.) 3,500

Assistant Supt. Salaries and Allowances,

Chas. P. Grandnehl (Mo.), 2,000

Supt. Money-Order System, James T.Met-

calf (Iowa) 3,000

Chief Clerk Money-Order System, E. F.

Kimball (Mass.; 2,000

Supt. Dead-Letter Office, David P. Leib-

hardt (Ind.) 2,500

Chief Clerk Dead-Letter Office, Ward Bur-
lingame (Kas.) $1,800

Chief Div. of Correspondence, J.R.Asli(Pa.) 2,000

Supt. City Delivery Service. Chas. Hedges
(Tex.); headquarters Washington 3,000

Supt. Jturnl Free Delivery. 11. Conquest
Clark (La.) hdqrs. Washington


Second Asst. P. M. G., W.S. Shallenberger

(Pa.) 4.000

Chief Clerk, George F. Stone (N. Y.) 2,100

Supt. Railway Adjustments. J ll.Crew(O.) 2,500
Chief Div. of Inspection, James B. Cook

(Md.) 2,000

Chief Div. Mail Equipment, Thomas P.

Graham (N. Y.) 2,000

Gen. Supt. Railway Mail Service, James

E. White (111.) 3,500

Asst. Gen. Supt. Railway Mail Service,

Alexander Grant (Mich.).rr 3,000

chief Clerk Railway Mail Service, John

W. Hollyday (O.) ! 2,000

Supt. Foreign Mails, N. M. Brooks (Va.).. 3,000
Chief Clerk Foreign Mails. R. L. Maddox

(Ky.) 2,000


Third Asst. P. M. G., Edwin C. Madden

(Mich.) 4,000

Chief Clerk, H. M. Bacon (Mich.) 2,100

Chief Div. Finance. C. H. Buckler (Md.)... 2,250
Chief Div. Postage SfampsJamesH. Reeve

(N.Y.) : 2.500

Chief ClassiHcaHim Division, William H.

Landvoigt (D. C.) 2,000

Xiii>fi-iiiteiident Jlegistry System, Louis

Kempner (N. Y.) 3,500

Chief Clerk, Registry System,!/?. M.Mooney

(O.) 1,800

A sst. Supts. Registry System, John B. Quay

(Mo-.), Edwiii Sands (N. Y.), R. B. Mau-

delle (Ind.), William A. Robinson (Gal.),

Arthur M. Travers (Mich.) 2,000

Chief Clerk Division of Files, Mail,

etc., E. S. Hall(Vt.) 2,000

Chief Redemption Div., George D. Scott,

(N. Y.)...... T 2.000

Postage Stamp Agent, John P. Green (O.). . 2,500
Postal Card Agent, Edgar H. Shook (W.

Va.) 2,500

Stamped Envelope Agent, Chas. H. Field

(Conn.) 2,500


Fourth Asst. P. M. G., J. L. Bristow (Kas.) . 4,000

Chief Clerk, Charles A. Conrard (Ky.) 2,100

Chief Div. of Appointments. W. R. Spil-

man (Kas.; 2,000

Chief Div. of Bonds and Commissions,

Christian B. Dickey (O.) 2.000

Chief P. O. Inspector. W. E. Cochran (Col.). 3,000
Chief Clerk Div. P. O. Inspectors and Mail

Depredations, Theodore Ingalls (Ky.)... 2,000


Auditor, Henry A. Castle (Minn.) 4,000

Deputy Auditors, Nolan L. Chew(lnd.)and

Harrison Allen (N. D.) 2,500

Chief Clerk, John B. Sleman (111.) 2,000

Law Clerk, D. H. Fenton (Ind. ) 2,000

Disbursing Clerk, B. W. Holman (Wis.). .. 2,000
Chief Collecting Div., ArthurClements(Md) 2,000
Chief Bookkeeping 7)ir..l>.W.Duncan(Pa.) 2,000

Chief Pay Div., A. M. McBath (Tenn.) 2.000

Chief Inspecting Div.. B. A. Allen (Kas.). . 2,000
Chief Assorting and Checking Div., W. 8.

Beldingda.) 2.000

Chief Foreign Div.. D. N. Burhank (N. Y.).. 2,000
Chief Recording Div., M. M. Holland (D.C.) 2,000


Secretary, Ethan A. Hitchcoci (Mo.; 8.000

First Asst. Sec., Thomas Hyan (Kas.) 4,500

Asst. Sec., Frank L. Campbell (D. C.) 4,(XKI

Chie.t Clerk, Edward M.Dawson (Md.) 2,750


General Land Office .

Commissioner. Binder Hermann (Ore.) $5.000

Asst. Cornr., William A: Richards (Wyo.). 3,000
Office of Indian Affairs.

Commissioner, Wm. A. Jones (Wis.) 4.000

Aunt. f ',)(/.. A.Clarke Tonner (O.).... 3,000

Siil>t. In/lian Schools, Miss Estelle Reel

(Wyo.) 3.000

Pension Office.

Commissioner. Eugene F. Ware (Kas.) 5.000

First Deputy Comr., J.L.Davenport(N.H.). 3.600
Second Deputy Comr., Leverett M. Kelly

(111.) .T. 3.KOO

Chief rierTc.Vfm. H. Bayly (O.) 2.250

Medical Referee, Samuel Houston (Pa.>.. . . 3,000

Office of Commissioner of Railroads.

Commissioner, James Longstreet (Ga.) 4.500

Batent Office. '

Commissioner. Frederick I. Allen (N. Y.). 5.000
Afst. r.,mr., Edward B.Moore (Mich.).... 3.00(1

Chief Clerk. Charles M. Ire! an (Md.) 2,500

Office of Editcation.

Commissioner. William T. Harris (Mass.). 3.000
Chief Clerk, Lo vick Pierce (G a.) 1,800

Geological Survey.

IHreetnr, Chas. D. Walcott (N. Y.) 5.000

Chief Clerk, Henry C. Rizc-r (lisa.) 2,400

Census Office.

Director. William R. Merriam (Minn.).... fi.OflO
Chief Clerk, Edward McCauley (D. C.) 2,500


Atty.-Gen.. Philander C. Knox (I'a.) ?8.000

Solicttor-Oen., J . K. Richards (O.; 7,wjo

Asst. Atty.-Gen., James M. Beck (Pa.). ... 6000

Asst. Atty.-Gen., Henry M. Hoyt(Pa.) 5.COO

Asst. Atty.-Gen., Jno. G.Thom])son (111.).. 6.1100 Atti/.-den., Louis A. Pradt (Wis.).. .. 5,100
Asst. Atty.-Gen. (Dept. of Int.), Willis Van

Devanter(Wyo.) 5,000

Asst,. Attj.-Gen. (Simnish Treaty Claims

Commission). Wm. K. r ulk-r (la.) 5,000

Spl. Asst. Atty.-Gt a. ( Insular and Tirrito- Affairs}, ('has. W. Russell (W.Va.). . 5.000
Aast. Atty.-Gen.(P. O. Dtpt,),3aa.N. Tyner

(Ind.) 4,000

Solicitor of Int. Her. (Treas.Dept. I.Albert..

W. Wisliard (Ind.) !.. 4,500

Solicitor for Dent, of State, W. L. Penneld

(Ind.) 4,500

Law Clerk and Examiner of Titles, A. J.

Bentley(O.) 2.700

Chief Clerk and Sui>t. of liuilding. Cecil

Clay (W.Va.) 2.750

Gen. Agent, Frank Strong (Ark.) 4.U.O

Dittntrtina Clerk.Alvx. C. Calne (O.) 2.1*0

Appointment Clerk, <. . J. Field (Kas.i 2,000

Aft ii. in, Clta rne of Pardons. Jas. 8. E. Smith

(Ala.) 2,400

Si'iit-itnr of Trtns. ( Tre as. Dent.) Mauiice

T). O'Cqnnell (Iowa) 4.500

Asst. Solicitor, Felix A. Reeve (Tenn.) 8.I.UI

Chief Clerk Solicitor's Office (Treas. Dept.),
Charles E. Vrooman (Iowa) $2,000

Asst. Attorney in Charge of Dockets, S. B.
Sheibley(Ga-) 2,500


Secretary, James Wilson (Iowa) 8.000

Asst. Sec., Joseph H. Brighani (O.) 4.500

( 'hief Clerk. Aadrew Gedcies (Iowa) ^2,600

Api/ointment clerk. J. B. Bennett (Wis.)T2.000
Private Secretary to Secretary of A/iricul-

ture. Jasp.-T Wilson (Iowa; 2,250

Chief of n'eather Jiureuii, Willis L. Moore

(111.) 5,000

Chii'f of Bureau of Animal Industry. D.

E. Salmon (N.J.) ....4.000

Stati fiYi.iii. John Hyde (Neb.) 3.000 W. Wiley (Ind.) 3,000

Entomologist. L. O. Howard (N. Y.) 2.500

Unionist. F. V. Coville < N. Y.) 2,500

Ch ef of Hi ilotjical Surr i/. C. Hart Mer-
riam (N. V.i' 2,500

Chief <>f Bumtuo/jRwMtrv.GiffordPincfaOt

iX. Y.I 3,000

PnmoliMjixt. G. B. Bracket! (Iowa) 2,500

Agroatolootst, Win. J. Spillman ;Wash.K... 2,500
Cliiff nf Bureau of Soils. Milton Whitney

(Md.) 3,000

Plant Pathologist and Pliysiolnyist, A. V.

Woods iNeb.) 2.500

Director office of Experiment Stations. A.

C. True (Conn.) 3,000

Cltief Di>\ of Accounts and Dixbursementa.

F. L. Evans (Pa.) .-. 2.500

Editor. Georno Win. Hill (Minn.) 2.500

Chief of the Hunan of Plant Industry 'and

in chariif of Seed Distribution). B. F. Gal-
loway (Mo.) 3,000

Director of the Office nf Public Koad In-
quiry. Martin Dodge (O.) 2,500

Chief of Srcti'in of Foreiin Markets. Frank
U. Hitchcock (Mass.) 2.500

Government Printing Office.

Public 'Printer. F. W. Palmer (111 ) 4.500

Chief Clerk. W. H. Collins (I). C.) 2.500

Foreman of Printing. H. T. Brian ^ld.).. 2,500
foreman of Minding. P. J. Byrne (N\Y.).. 2.100

United States Civil-Service Commission.
CommitaiOHert, John R. Procter (Ky.),
William W. Foulke Undo, James R.

Garneld (O.) :U<',0

Chief Examiner. A. L. Severn 3 (KKl

Secretary, John T. Doyle (N. Y.) 2,000

Department of Labor.
Commissioner, Carroll D. Wright (Mass.). 5.0110

Chief Clerk. G. W. W. Hanger (Miss.) 2.:>00

Disbursing Clerk, Charles E. Morse (Pa.). 1,800
Interstate-Commerce Commission.

Chairman. Martin A. Knapp (N . Y. 1 7.500

Judson C. Clements (Ga ) 7.500

James D. Yeomans (Iowa) 7,51.0

Charles A. Prouty (Vt.) 7.9"0

Joseph W. Fifer (111.) 7.500

S<cr<tary, Kdward A. Moseley (Mass.).... 3.500


(West Point, N. Y.)

The United States military academy is i 4.121. Th.- maximum number of cadets at
a school for the practical and theoretical I present permitted by law is 521. 'Hie corps
training of cadets for the military seivice
of the United States. Upon completing the
course satisfactorily, cadets are e!ig hlr t'.ir
promotion and commission as second lieu-
tenants in any arm or corps of the army
in which there may a vacancy, the d ties
of which they may have been judged c m-
petent to perform. The total number of



m 1802 to 1902 inclusive is

of cadets consists of one from each con
gressional (iistiict. one from e:ich territory,
one from the District/ of Columbia, two
from each state at large and forty fiomj
the United States at large. ;ill a; point d'
by the- president. CoL Albert l,. .Mills is
superintendent, Cant. William C. Kiv, rs
adjutant and Maj. John 15. Bellinger quar-


Cfje JFrtcral 3uBtrtarg.

Chief Justice MELVILLE \V. FLTLLEH, Illinois, 1888.

Justices JohnM.Harlan. Kentucky 1S77

Oliver W. Holmes Massachusetts 1902

David J. Brewer Kansas 1889

Henry B. Brown Michigan 1890

George Shiras. Jr Pennsylvania 1892

Edward I). White Louisiana.. .

Kulus W. Peckham New York...

Joseph McKenna California. . .


Clerk 3. II. McKenney. D. C 1880

Salaries: Chief Justice, $10.500; .Justices, $10,000; Clerk. $6.000.
Marshal J. M. Wright, Kentucky $3,500 | lieporter-J. C. B. Davis, New York $1,500


FIRST CIRCUIT. Judges Mr. Justice Oliver
W. Holmes; Circuit Judges, Le Baron B. Colt,
W.L. Putnam ; District Judges, Francis C. Low-
ell. Clarence Hall, Arthur L. Brown, Edgar
Aldrich. Clerk J. G. Stetson. Boston, Mass.

SECOND CIRCUIT. Judges Mr. Justice Ru-
fus W. Peckham; Circuit Judges, William J.
Wallace, E. H. Lacombe. William K. Town-
send, Alfred C. Cox; District Judges, Hoyt 11.
Wheeler, James P. Platt, Edward B. Thomas,
George B. Adams. George W. Ray. John R.
Hazel. Clerk Vfm. Parkins. NewYorkcity.

THIRD CIRCUIT. Judges Mr. Justice
George Shiras, Jr.; Circuit Judges, M. W.
Acheson. G. M. Dallas, George Gray; District
Judges, John B. McPherson, Robt. W. Arch-
Dald, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Joseph Butfington,
Edward G. Bradford. Clerk W. V. William-
son. Philadelphia.

FOURTH CIRCUIT. Judges Mr. Chief Jus-
tice Melville W. Fuller, Chief Justice United
States ; Circuit Judges.C. H.Simonton. Nathan
Goff; District Judges, John J. Jackson, Benj. .
Kellar. Thomas R. Purnell, James E. Boyd,
W. H. Brawley. T. J. Morris, Edmund Waddill,
JR, H. Clay McDowell. Clerk H. T. Meloney.
Richmond, Va.

FIFTH CIRCUIT. Judges Mr. Justice E. D.
White; Circuit Judges, D. A. Pardee, A. P.
McCormick, David D. Shelby; District Judges,
W. T. Newman. Emory Speer, Charles Swayne,
J. W. Locke, Thos. G. Jones, H. T. Toulmin, H.
C. Niles.Charles Parlange. Aleck Boarman, Ed-
ward R. Meek, D. E. Bryant. T. S. Maxey,
Waller T. Burno. Clerk James M. McKee.
New Orleans, La.

SIXTH CIRCUIT. Judges MrJustice John M.
Harlan; Circuit Judges. Henry F. Severens. H.
H. Lurton, William R. Day; District Judges.
Albert C. Thompson, A. J. kicks. H. H. Swan.
George P. Wanty, Walter Evans. E. S. Ham-
mond, C. D. Clark, Francis J. Wing, A. M. J.
Coohran. Clerk Frank O. Loveland. Cincin-
nati, O.

SEVENTH CIRCUIT. Judges Mr. Justice H.

B. Brown. Circuit Judges. J. G. Jenkins, P. S.
Grosscup. Francis E Baker; District Judges,

C. C. Kohlsaat, J. H. Baker (resigned 1902). .1.
Otis Humphrey. W. H. Seaman, K. Bunn.
Clerk- Edw. M. Holloway. Chicago, 111.

EIGHTH CIRCUIT. Judges Mr: Justice D. ,T.
Brewer; Circuit Judges, H.C.Cald well, W. H.
Sanborn, A. M. Thayer; District Judges, Wm.
II. Munger. O. P. Shiras. Smith McPhei-son.Wm.
Lochren, J. F. Phillips, Jacob Trieber, Moses
Hallett, Wm. C. Hook, J. A. Riner, Elmer B.
Adams. John H. Rogers. Chas. F. Amidon, John
E. Carland. Jno. A. Marshall. Jos. A. Gill, Wm.
H. H. Clayton, Hosea Townsend. Charles W.
Raymond, William J. Mills. John H. Burford.
Clerk J. D. Jordan. St. Louis, Mo.

NINTH CIRCUIT. Judges Mr.Justlce Joseph
McKenna; Circuit Judges, E. M. Ross, William

B. Gilbert. W. W. Morrow; District Judges,
James H. Beatty , J. J. DeHaven. C. B. Belling-
er, T. P. Hawley, O. Wellborn, Hiram Knowles,

C. 1 T . Hanford. Melville C. Brown, Arthur H.
Noyts, Jas. Wickersham, M. M. Estee, Wm. H.
Holt. Edward Kent, W. F. Frear. Glerk~F. D.
Monckton. San Francisco.


(Salaries of Judges, $4,500 each.)
Chief Justice C. C. NOTT, New York, 1865.

Judges Lawrence Weldon.. Illinois 1883 I C. B. Howry Mississippi.

". J. Peelle Indiana 1892

Chief Clerk Archibald Hopkins, Massachusetts, 1873, $3,000.


(Salaries of Circuit Judges, $6,000 each.)

Holmes. Boston, Mass. Districts of Maine. New
Hampshire, Massachusetts. Rhode Island.
Circuit Judges -Le Baron B.Colt, Bristol, R. 1.,
July 5. 1884; W. L. Putnam, Portland, Me.,
March 17, 1892.

Peckham. Districts of Vermont, Connecticut,
Now York. < 'IrcHlt Judijea Win. J. Wallace.
Albany. N. Y.. April l>, 1882; E. H. Lacorabe,
New York, May 20. 1887; Win. K. Townsand,
New Haven, Conn.. March 23, 1902; Alfred C.
Cox, Utiea, N. Y.. June 3. 1902.

Shiras. Pittsburg. Pa. Districts of New Jer-
sey, Pennsylvania. Delaware. Circuit JudoM
Marcus W. Acheson, Pittsburg, Pa.. Feb. :>,
1891; George M. Dallas. Philadelphia, Pa.,
March 17. 1892; George Gray, Wiluiiugtou, Del.,
March 29, 1899.

tice Fuller, Washington, D.C. Districts of Mary-
land, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina.
South Carolina. Circuit Judges C. II. Si-
monton. Charleston, 8. C.. Dec. 19, 1893; Na-
than Goff, Clarksburg, W. Va.. March 17, 1892.

White Districts of Georgia. Florida. Ala-
bama, Mississippi, Louisiana. Texas. Circuit
Judyes Don A. Pardee. New Orleans. La.,
May 13, 1881; A. P. McCormick, Dallas, Tex..
March 17, 1892; D. D. Shelby, Uuntsville, Ala-
March 2, 1899.

Harlan. Districts of Ohio, Michigan. Kentucky,
Tennessee. Circuit Jitiliirti Henry F. Severens.
Cincinnati.O.. Feb. 20. 1900; H. 11. Lurton. Nash-
ville, Tenn., March 27. 1893; Wm. R. Day, Can-
ton, O., Feb. 28. 1899.

Brown, Chicago. 111. Districts of Indiana, lllij



nois, Wisconsin, Circuit .Tmltifs.t. G. Jenkins.
Milwaukee, Win.. March XI. 1*9:!; PeterS. OrOM-
cup, Chicago. 111. .Jan. 28, 1899; Francis E. Ba-
ker (Indiana), .Ian. 21, 1'.KB.

Brewer, Leavenworth.Kas. Districts of Minne-
sota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming,
Iowa, Missouri, Kansas. Arkansas. Nebraska,
Colorado, Utah. Circuit Judges W.H. Sanborn,

St. Paul, Minn., March 17, 1892; II. C. Caldwell
Little Rock. Ark., March 4. I.i90; Amos M
Thayer. St. LOnlB, Mo., Ana. SI, 1*94.

Kenna. Districts of California, Montana, Wash
ington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada. Circuit Judi/fs
E. M. Ross, Los Angeles, Cal.. Feb. 22. 1S'.5: W
B. Gilbert. Portland, Ore.. March 18. 1892: Wm
W. Morrow, San Francisco, Cal., May 20, 1897


(South McAlester, Indian Territory.)

Chief Judge SPENCER B. ADAMS, North Carolina, 1902.

Judges Walter L. Weaver.. .Ohio ........... 1S)02 I Clerk James B. Cassada ..................... 1902

Henry S. Foote ............... California... .11X12 |

Salaries: Chief Judge, $5.000; Judges, $5,000; Clerk, $2.400.
*The existence of this court is to terminate upon the final determination of certain suits
and proceedings, but in no event later than Dec. 31, 1903.


(With date of commission. Salaries, $5,000 each.)
ALABAMA Northern and Middle Dist. ThomasGoode Jones Montgomery ....... *Oct. 7, 1001

Southern District ........................ H. T. Toulmin ...... Mobile .............. Jan. 18, 1887

ALASKA First District .................. Melville C. Brown .. Juneau., ........... June t;. I'.HJC

Second District .......................... Alfred S. Moore ..... Nome ............... May 27, 1902

Third District ............................ Jas. Wickersham Eagle City .......... Jan. 9, WO]

ARKANSAS Eastern District ........... Jacob Trieber ....... Little Rock ......... July 20, 1900

Western District ......................... John H. Rogers ...... Fort Smith ......... Nov. 27, 1S9

ARIZONA ...................... ! ........... EdwardKent ......... Phoenix ............ Mar. 21, 1H02

CALlFOHNIA-Northern District ........ John J. De Haven... San Francisco ...... June 8, 1*117

Southern District ......................... Olin Wellborn ....... Los Angeles ........ Mar. 1, 1895

COLORADO ................................ MosesHallett ........ Denver ......... Jan. 12,1877

CONNECTICUT ............................ James P. Platt ....... Hartford ...... Mar. 23, 1902

DELAWARE ............................... Edward G. Bradford Wilmington ........ May 11, 1897

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ........... ...E. V. Bingham ....... Washington ........ April 2-.'. IMS?

FLORIDA Nor! hern District ............. Charles Swayne ...... Pensacola .......... May 17, 1889

Southern District ......................... James W. Locke ..... Jacksonville ....... Feb.

GEORGIA Northern District ............. Win. T. Newman..

Southern District ........................ '. Emory Speer

HAWAII .................................... M. M. Estee

IDAHO...: ................................ James H. Beatty

ILLINOIS Northern District ............ C. C. Kohlsaat

Southern District ................... . ..... J. Otis Humphrey.

Atlanta ............. Aug. 18. tfS

Macon .............. Feb. Is 1 >*

Honolulu ........... June 5,1900

Boise ................ Mar. 7, 1891

Chicago ............. Feb. 2s. lsi'9

Springfield .......... *Mar. 8,1901

INDIANA JohnH. Bakerf Indianapolis Mar. 29, I*lt2

INDIA* TERRITORY Northern Dist.. Jos. A. Gill Vinita Dec. is. l-!'t

Middle District : Wm. H. H. Clayton.. South McAlester .. May 18,1897

Southern District Hosea Townsend Ardmore Jan. 10,""

Western District Charles W.Raymond Vinita "July

IOWA Northern District Oliver P. Shiras Dubuque Aug.

Red Oak May

Leavenworth Mar.

7. 1900
1, 1S99

Southern District Smith McPhersou.

KANSAS Wm. C. Hook

KENTUCKY Eastern District A. M. J. Cochran...

Western District Walter Evans

LOUISI AN A Eastern District C. Parlange

Western District Aleck Boarman

MAINE Clarence Hale Portland July

MARYLAND . Thomas J. Morris. . . . Baltimore July

MASSACHUSETTS Francis C. Lowell .. . Boston Jan.

MICHIGAN Eastern District Henry H. Swan Detroit Jan.

Western District Geo. P. Wanty Grand Rapids Mar. lii, 190U

MINNESOTA William Lochren.... Minneapolis May 18, 18SW

MISSISSIPPI Two Districts HenryC. Niles Kosciusko Aug. 11.1891

MISSOURI Eastern District E. B. Adams "

Western District J ohn F. Philips

MONTANA Hiram Knowles

NEBRASKA Wm. H. Munger

NEVADA Thomas P. Hawley.

NEW HAMPSHIRE Edgar Aldrich Littleton Fek 20, 1891

NEW JERSEY Andrew Kirkpatrick Newark Nov. 20, issui

NEW MEXICO Wm. J. Mills Las Vegas Jan. 31,

NEW YORK Northern District Gcorge'W.Ray Norwich Sept. 12. 19H2

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