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Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen Prince, Chaa.

Waldeck Prince, Frederick.
Wurttemberg King, William II.



GOVERNMENT King, George I.; heir-ap-
parent, Prince Constautiue, duke of Sparta.
Cabinet :

President of the Council and Minister of
Foreign Affairs M. Zairnis.

Finance M. Negris.

Interior Trianda-Fyllakos. .

Worship and Instruction M. Monferrato.

War Col. Korpas.

Marine Col. Korpas (ad interim).

Justice C. Topalis.

Legislative authority is vested in one
chamber, the "boule," consisting of 207

members, each of whom is elected for four

AREA AND POPULATION Total area, 25,014
square miles. Population in 1896, 2,433,806.
Athens then had 111,486 inhabitants; Piraeus,
42,169, and Patras, 37,958.

EXPORTS AND IMPORTS The total exports
in 1901 amounted in value to $18,099,724; im-
ports, $26,781,703. Exports to the United
States in 1902, $1,560,913; imports from the
United States, $305,950. The leading ex-
ports are currants, ores, olive oil and tigs;
imports, foodstuffs, textiles, coal and timber.


GOVERNMENT King, Victor Emmanuele
III.; heir to the crown in default of male
issue to the king, Eininanuele Flliberto,
duke of Aosta. the eldest son of the king's
uncle, the late Prince Amedeo. The Salic
law obtains in Italy. Cabinet:

President of the Council of Ministers-
Giuseppe Zanaraelll.

Foreign Affairs Giulio Prinetti.

Interior Giovanni Giolitti.

Treasury Ernesto di Broglio.

Finance Paolo Ca.rcauo. .

Grace, Justice and Public Worship-
Francesco* Cocco Ortu.

War Gen. Gideone Ottolenghi.

Marim Admiral Morin.

Public Instruction Nunzio Nasi.

Public Works Nicola Balenzario.

Agriculture, Industry and Trade Guide

Posts and Telegraphs Tancredi Galimberti.

Legislative authority is vested In the
chamber of deputies and the senate. Mem-

bers of the latter body are nominated by
the king and are not limited to any fixed

Is 110,646 square miles. According to the
census of Feb. 9, 1901, the total population

is 32,449,754.

Population of the principal

Naples 563,731

Milan 491,460

Home 463,000

Turin :335,639

Palermo 310,352


Venice ..


merchandise exported in 1901 was $265,283,-
305; imported, $331,497.902. The total value
of the exports to the United States in 1902
was $30,557,332; Imports from the United
States, $31,388,135. Chief imports are coal,
cotton, grain, silk, wool, timber, machinery,
sugar and oil; chief exports, silk, wine, oil,
coral, sulphur, hemp and flax.


GOVERNMENT King of Norway and Swed-
en, Oscar II. Council of state at Chris-

Minister of State Otto Albert Blehr. He
is also head of the department of com-
merce, shipping and industries.

Justice Soren Tobias Aarstad.

Instruction Vilhelm Andreas Wexelson.

Finance Elias Sunde.

Public Works Jorgen Gunderson Lovland.

War and Navv Hans Georg Jacob Stang.

Agriculture Wollert Konnow.

Councilors at Stockholm Ole Anton Quam,

Sigurd Ibsen, Aanon Gunnar Knudsen.

' Legislative authority is vested in the

storthing, consisting of 114 member?. There

are two houses, the odelsthiug and the

lagthing. The former is made up of three-
fourths of the members of the storthing
and the latter of one-fourth.

AREA AND POPULATION The total area of
Norway is 124,445 square miles. Total pop-
lation in December, 1900. 2,239,880. Chris-
tiauia then had a population of 227,626 and
Bergen, 72,151.

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS The value of the
imports in 1901 was approximately $83,255,-
031; exports, $43,615,687. Combined exports
of Sweden and Norway to the United States
in 1902 amounted to $3,804,149; imports, $10,-
108,163. The chief exports are timber and
wood manufactures, malty food, paper and
.minerals; imports, breadstuffs, groceries,
yarn, textiles, vessels and machinery.


GOVERNMENT King, Carlos I. ; heir-appar-
ent, Louis Philippe. Cabinet:

Premier and Minister of the Interior E.
R. H. Ribeiro.

Finance F. M. Santos.

Foreign Affairs F. M. Santos (ad in-

War L. A. Pinto.

Marine and Colonies A. T. do Sousa.

Commerce M. A. de Vargas.

Legislative authority is vested in the
cortes, which consists of a house of peers
and a house of commons, the former having
155 members and the latter 145.

ARKA AND POPULATION Total area, includ-

ing Azores and Madeira, 36,038 square miles.
Area of possessions in Africa and Asia, 801,-
060 square 'miles. The population of the
.home country with the Azores and Madeira
in 1900 was 5,428.659; of the colonies in Af-
rica and Asia. 9.216.707. In the same year
Lisbon had a population of 357,000 and
Oporto 172,421.

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS Total imports in
1901, $62,497,000: total exports. $30,546,000.
Imports from the United States in 1902,
$3,055,817; exports to the United States,
$3.178,921. The chief imports are foodstuffs,
cotton, sugar, fish, wool, leather, coal and
coffer: chief exports, wine, sardines, copper
ore. olives and figs.




GOVERNMENT King, Carol I. ; heir-ap-
parent, Ferdinand, prince of Koumania.
Legislative authority is vested in a senate
of -120 members and a chamber of deputies
of 183 members elected for four years.

60,720 square miles. The population in 1899
was 5,912,520. Population of the principal
towns in December, 1899: Bucharest, 282,-

071; Jassy, 78,067; Galatz, 62,678; Bratla,

EXPORTS AND IMPORTS The value of the
exports in 1900 was $70,000,100; of the im-
ports, $53,397,150. The chief exports are
cereals and the leading imports are tex-
tiles. The trade of Koumania with the
United States is insignificant, the exports
amounting to less than $300 a year and
the imports to about $128,879.


GOVERNMENT Czar, Nicholas II. ; heir-pre-
sumptive, Grand Duke Michael. Cabinet:

Foreign Affairs Count V. N. Lamsdorf.

Interior Von Plehn.

War A. N. Kuropatkin.

Navy P. P. Tyrtoff.

Finance S. S. Witte.

Agriculture A. S. Ermoloff.

Public Instruction P. S. Vannovsky.

Justice N. V. Muravieff.

Public Works and Railways Prince Hil-

Minister to the Court Baron V. B. Fred-

Legislative authority is vested in the
czar and his cabinet.


square miles. Total population in 1897,
129,004,514; estimated in 1901, 1115, 000,000.
Population of the principal cities:

St. Petersb'g.1,267,023



Riga 256,197



Vilna 159,5


Lodz 315,209

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS The totnl value of
the imports in 1901 was $322.583,062; of th
exports, $368.955,242. The exports to the
United States in 1902 amounted in valu
to $7,308,466; imports from the United
States, $9,302,359. The chief exports are
foodstuffs, timber, oil, furs and tiax; im-
ports, raw cotton, wool, metals, leather,
hides, skins and machinery.


GOVERNMENT King, Alexander I. Legis-
lative authority is vested in a single cham-
ber called "skupshtina" of 198 members.

square miles; population Jan. 1, 1900. 2,161,-
961. The capital, Belgrade, has 69,097 in-

exports in 1900, $13,304,:i90; imports, $10,805,-
445. Exports to the United States, $32,781;
imports from the United States nominal.
The exports are mainly agricultural prod-
ucts and animals and the imports cotton
and woolen goods and metals.


GOVERNMENT King, Alfonso XIII.; queen
mother, Maria Christina. Cabinet:

President of the Council of Ministers and
Premier Don Praxedes Mateo Sagasta.

Foreign Affairs Duke de Almodovar.

War Gen. Weyler.

Marine Duke de Veragua.

Finance Senor Equilior.

Public Works Senor Salvador.

Public Instruction Count de Romanones.

Justice Senor Puigcerver.

Interior Senor Moret.

President of the Cortes Marquis Vega de

President of the Senaie Don M. Montero

. Primate of Spain and Archbishop of To-
ledoCardinal Sancha.

AREA AND POPULATION Total area, 197,-
670 square miles. Total population of Spain,
census of 1897, 18,089,500. Population of
large cities:

Saragossa 98,188

Carthagena 86,245

Madrid 512,150



Valencia ...... 204,768

Seville ........ 146.205

Malaga ........ 125,579

Murcia ........ 108,408



Bilbao .......... 74.093

Cadiz 70,177

Valladolid .... 68,746

Spain in 1901 amounted to $129,39,s,465; im-
ports. $161.886,406. Total exports to the
United States in 1902, $15.511,987; imports,
$8,270,703. Chief exports are wine, sugar,
timber, animals, glassware and pottery;
imports, cotton and cotton manufactures,
machinery, drugs and chemical products.


GOVERNMENT King, Oscar II. ; heir-ap-
parent, Prince Gustaf. Oscar is also king
of the allied nation Norway, but resides in
Stockholm. The crown prince spends part
of each year at the royal palace in Chris-
tiania. Cabinet:

Minister of State Erik Gustaf Bostrom.

Foreign Affairs Carl Herman Theodor
Alfred Lagerheim.

Justice Ossian Berger.

Interior Hjalmar Georg Westriug.

Education Carl von Frlesen.

War Jesper Ingevald Krusebjdrn.

Marine Adolf Arnold Louis Palander af

Finances Ernst Fredrik Vilhelm Meyer.

Agriculture Albrecut Theodor Odelberg.

Ministers Without Portfolios Karl Sig-
frid Husberg and Johan Olof Ramstinlt.

Ministry of Norway Otto Albert Blehr,
minister of state and chief of the depart-
ment of the interior (Christianiat : Ole An-
ton Quam, minister of state at Stockholm.

Legislative authority is vested in a par-
liament of two chambers, the first of which
has a membership of 150 and the second 230.
Members of the upper house are elected for
nine years and those of the lower for three

AREA AND POPULATION The total area of
Sweden is 172,876 square miles. The popu-
lation Dec. 31, 1900, was 5,136,441. The
population of the principal cities at the
same time was: Stockholm, 300.621: Goth-


enlmrs. 13n,019: Mulmo, 60,857; Norrkoplng, I in 1902 by Sweden and Norway combined.
41,008; Geffle, 29,522. $3,804,149; imports, $10,108,163. The leading

IMPORTS AND EXPORTS The total exports
in 1901 were valued at $10-1,877,512; imports,
$143,362,580. Exports to the United States

articles of export are timber and machin-
ery; of import, textile goods and food-


GOVERNMENT President of federal coun-
cil, Josef Zerup.

Vice-Presideut Adolf Deucher.

Political Department Zernp.

Interior Marc Ruchet.

Justice Ernst Brenner.

Military Eduard Muller.

Finance and Customs Walter Hauser
(died- Oct. 28, 1902).

Commerce, Industries and Agriculture

Posts and Railroads Robert Comtesse.

The president is at the head of the po-
litical, or foreign affairs, department, and
the vice-president is at the head of the
postoffiee and railway department.

The custom is that the vice-president for
one year becomes the president in the next.
Deucher will be president in 1903.

Legislative authority is vested in a state

and a national council, tho former having
44 and the latter 147 members. Together
they form the bundes versammlung or na-
tional assembly. The chief executive au-
thority is vested in the bundesrath or
federal council.

AREA AND POPULATION Total area, 15,976
square miles. The population, at'conlinjf to
the census of Jan. 1, 1901, was 3,315,443.
Population of the largest cities:

Zurich 152,942

Bale 111,009

Geneva 105,139



Lausanne 47,039



EXPORTS AND IMPOSTS Total exports in
1901, $161,457,453; imports, $202,650,687. Ex-
ports to the United States iu 1902, $17,790,-
243; imports, $217,515. The articles chiefly
exported are cottons, silks, clocks and
watches; imported, foodstuffs, silk, min-
erals and metals, clothing and animals.


GOVERNMENT Queen, Wilhelmina; prince
consort, Henry of Meckleuburg-SchweWu.

Prime Minister and Home Secretary Dr.
A. Kuyper.

Foreign Affairs Melvill, Baron vanLynden.

Public Works, Commerce and Industry
De Marez Oyens.

War Gen. Bergansius.

Navy Vice- Admiral Kruys.

Justice D. C. Loeff.

Finance Harte van Tecklenburg.

Colonies Van Asch van Wijcs.

Legislative authority is vested in the
states-general, composed of two chambers,
the first having 50 members and the sec-
ond 100. The latter are elected directly and
the former by the provincial states.

land, or the Netherlands, is 12,648 square
miles. The total population Dec. 31, 1900,
was 5,179,100. That of the chief cities was:

Amsterdam 620,602
Rotterdam 332,185

Utrecht 104,194

Haarlem 65,189

Leyden 54,421

The Hague (cap-
ital) 212,211

imported $784,014,356 worth of merchandise
and exported $680,008,168. In 1902 ,the ex-
ports to the United States amounted to
$19,649,598 and the imports from the same
country to $75,135,656. Chief imports are
iron and steel and their manufactures, tex-
tiles, coal, cereals and flour; exports, but-
ter, sugar and cheese.


GOVERNMENT Sultan, Abdul Hamid II.;
heir-apparent, Meheimned Ueshad Effendi.

Grand Vizier Said Pasha.

Sheik-ul-Islam Jemalledin Effendi.

Minister of the Interior Memduh Pasha.

Foreign Affairs Tewnk Pasha.

War Riza Pasha.

Marine Hassan Pasha.

Finance Reshad Pasha.

Justice Abdurrahman Pasha.

President Council of State Said Pasha.

Public Works and Commerce Fihni Pasha.

Public Instruction Djehel Bey.

Indirect Contributions Nazif Pasha.

Civil List Ohanni Sakyz Effendi.

Agriculture, Mines and Forests Selim

Grand Master Artillery Teky Pasha.

Religious Foundation Shalil Pasha.

The sultan, through the grand vizier and

the head of the church, exercises legisla-
tive and executive authority.

AREA AND POPULATION The area of that
part of Turkey under the direct control of
the sultan is 1,115,046 square miles; of the
whole empire, including trinutary and sub-
ject states, 1,579,982 square miles. The total
population of all parts of the empire is
40,440,957, of whom 24,931.600 are In Turkey
proper. Constantinople has about 1,136,000

EXPORTS AND IMPORTS The total exports
in 1898 amounted in value to $61,875,000 and
the imports to $108,315,000. The exports to
the United States in 1902 amounted to
$4,935,346 in value and the imports to only
$604,775. The principal articles imported
are cloth and clothing, sugar, coffee, flour,
rice and manufactures of iron; exports,
grapes, silk, grain, cocoon, wool, cotton,
carpets, hides and skins.

Ameer, Habibullah Khan; population,
about 4,000,000; area, 215,400 square miles.
No statistics as to the imports and exports
of Afghanistan are available. The chief
productions are preserved fruits, spices,
wool, SIIK, cattle and tobacco.



Ameer, Sayid Abdul Ahad; heir, Sayid Mir
Alim Khan. The area of Bokhara is -about
92.UOO square miles and the population
1,250,000. The products are corn, tobacco,
fruit, silk and hemp. Since 1873 Bokhara
has been a dependency of Russia.




GOVERNMENT Emperor, Kwangsu; dowa-
per empress, Tsu-llsi; president of foreign
OUK-C, Prince Chiug.

AKKA AND Porri.ATioN Total area of
China, with dependencies, 4,234,910 square
miles; estiuiau-d ix.pulutiou, 339,680,000.

F.XPORTS AND IMPORTS The total exports
in 1901 amounted to $l24.52S."6t> and the im-
jnvrts to $L'i'3,4^o.56o. During the fiscal year
1902 goods to thf value of $24.7K..S61 were
imported from, the United States. The
total exports in the same period to the
United States amounted to $21,055.630. The
articles imported from America consist
mainly of flour, kerosene, sago. India-rubber
Shoes, ginseiiiT, quicksilver, white shirting,
drills and broadcloth. Among the leading
exports are tea, furs, wool, mats, fans, es-
sential oils, straw braid, silks, hair, bides,
hemp ami sesumum seed.


GOVERNMENT Emperor, Mutsublto; crown
prince, Yoshihito. Cabinet:

Premier Viscount Katsura.

Foreign Affairs Komura.

War Terauehi.

Finance Sone.

Na vy Yama moto.

Justice Kiyoura.

Kdncation Kikuchi.

Agriculture and Commerce Hirata.

Interior Utsumi.

Communication* Yoshikawa.

Legislative authority is vested in the
emperor and the imperial diet. This con-
sists of the house of peers aud the house
of representatives, the former having 336
aud the latter 376 members.

AREA AND POPFLATION The total area of
Japan is 161.210 square miles. The popula-
tion according to the census. of Dec. 31. 1898,

was 46,427. 0.64. and the cities having more
than 100.UOO inhabitants wen

Tokyo 1,440,121


Nagoya 244,145






IMPORTS AND EXPORTS The total imports
in 1901 amounted in value to $127.39(i,6S9;
exports, $124.20^,923. In 1902 the trade of
Japan with the United States amounted to
$21,4S5,i>S3 in imports aud 437.544.726 in ex-
ports. The chief exports are raw silk, cot-
ton yarn, copper, coal and tea; imports.
sugar, cotton, iron and steel, machinery,
petroleum and wool.


Emperor, Heui Yi. Estimated area, 82,000
square miles. Population, 8,000.000 to 16.-
000.000, of whom 5,608.151 were liable to tax-
ation in 1901. Seoul, the capital, has 193.-
082 inhabitants. Imports in 1900 valued at
$5,506.797; exerts, $4.719,932. The imports
are chiefly cotton goods, metals, kerosene
and silk goods: exports are rice, beans,
cowhides, ginseng and copper.


Shah, or emperor, Muzaffereddln; heir-
apparent, Mohammed All Mirza. The area
Is about 628,000 square miles and the popu-
lation 9,500,000. Teheran, the capital, has
a population of about 250.000. Chief among
the products are silk, fruits, wheat, barley
and rice.


King, Chulalonpkorn I.; crown prince,
Chowfa Maha Vajirvudh. Area. 244.000
square miles; population is estimated at
5.000,000. Bangkok, the capital, has about
250.000 inhabitants. The imports amount to
about $13,500,000 aud the exports to $15,000.-
000 annually. Chief among the exports are
rice, teak and marine products; imports,
cotton goods and opium.


Emperor, Menelik II. Total area of Abys-
sinia, about 150,000 square miles: popula-
tion, 3.500,000. The exports are coffee, gum,
wax, gold and ivory.

The Kongo Free State is nominally inde-
pendent but virtually a Belgian colony, its
affairs being wholly under the control of
King Leopold. The estimated area is 900,-
000 square miles and the negro population
about 30.000,000. Europeans numbered 2.204
in January, 1901. Among the leading arti-
cles of export are ivory, rubber. cocoa, palm,
nuts, palm oil, copal-gum and coffee. Total
imports in 1901, $4.458.698; exports. $9.744,261.


Khedive, Abbas Hilmi: heir-apparent, Mo-
hammed Abdul Mouneim. Total area of
Egypt, 400,000 square miles; area of the

Egyptian Sudan, 950,000 square miles. The
population of Egypt proper in 1897 was 9.734,-
405: of the Egyptian Sudan. 10.000,000. Pop-
ulation of Cairo, 570,062: Alexandria, 319,-
766. Great Britain controls the state
finances and is represented at Cairo by a
"financial adviser" who sits in the council
of ministers. The present adviser is Lord
Cromer. The total exports in 1901 we:e
valued at $77,753,825 and the imports at $75.-
355.729. The exports consist chiefly of ce-
reals, raw cotton and provisions: imports,
wool, coal, textiles and metal manufactures.


Bey, Sid! AH; heir-presumptive, Mo-
hammed. Tunis is under the protectorate of
France and that country is represented by
a resident-general. Total area, 51,000 square
miles; population in 1901. 1.900,000. including
23.692 French. Chief exports are wheat,
barley, olives and palms.


GOVERNMENT The republic of Mexico is
divided into twenty-seven states, three ter-
ritories and one federal district, each with
a local government, but all subject to the
federal constitution. Kepresentatives are
elected for two years each aud are appor-

tioned at the rate of one for each 10,000 in-
habitants; the senators, of whom there are
fifty-six, are elected by the people In the
same manner as representatives. The presi-
dent holds office four years and may be
elected for several consecutive terms. (Jen.



Porfirio Diaz is serving liis sixth term,
whirl) expires in November, 1904. Follow
ing are the names of his cabinet ottteers:

Senor Lie. Don ignacio Marisral, seert-.
tary of state and of the department or
foreign affairs.

Senor (jeii. Don Manuel Gouzales Cosio,
secretary of the interior.

Senor Lie. Don Justino Fernandez, secre-
tary of Jnstiei. and of public instruetion.

Scuor Ingeuerio Don Leandro Fernandez,
secretary of encouragement.

Senor Gen. Don Francisco /. Mena, secre-
tary of public works mid communication.

Senor Gen. Don Bernardo Reyes, secre-
tary of the army ami navy.

Senor Lie. Don Jose Ivcs Llmantour,
secretary of the treasury and of public

AREA AND POPULATION The total area, in-
cluding islands, Is 767,005 square miles. The
population, according to the federal census
Of Oct. 28, 1900, 18 13.545,462. 'ihat Of 1895
was 12,632,427, showing an increase of 927,-
897 in five years. The present population
comprises 6,716,007 males and 6,829, *55 fe-

males. The population of the leading cities
of the republic follows: City of Mexico
(capital). H68.777; Guadalajara, 101,413;
Puebla, 93,521; Monterey, 62,226; San Luis Po-
tosi. 61,009; Saltillo, 40,441; Pachuca, 37,487;
Aguas Calientes, 35,052; Zacatecas, 32,856;
Duraiigo, 31,092; Toluca, iu,Js93; Hermoslllo,

COMMERCE The chief exports of Mexico
are precious metals, coffee, tobacco, hemp,
sisal, sugar, dyewoods and cabinet woods,
cattle and hides and skins. In 1901
the total exports amounted to $47,374, <
557; total imports for the same year
were $64,035,609. The trade of Mexico is
chiefly with the United States, Great
llriiain, France, Germany and Spain. Dur-
ing the year ended June 30, 1902. the United
States exported to Mexico $39,872,670 worth
of manufactures of iron and steel, machin-
ery, unmanufactured cotton, lumber, manu-
factures of cotton and gunpowder. For the
same year the Imports from Mexico to the
United States amounted to $40,380,594. These
consisted mainly of coffee, hides, textile
grasses, cattle, lead, copper and tobrfcco.


COSTARICA President, Asuncion Esqulvel;
capital, San Jose. Area, 23,000 square miles.
Population, 310.000: of San jose. 25,OuO. Kx-
ports to United States in 1902, $3,134,091; im-
ports, $1,405,842. Chief exports, coffee and
oanaiias; imports, cotton, machinery, iron
and steel manufactures, woolens and worst-

GUATEMALA President, Manuel E. Cabre-
ra; capital, Guatemala de Nueva. Area.
63,400 square miles. Population, 1,574,340;
of the capital, 75.000. Exports to the
United States In 1902, $2,993,336; imports,
$1,680,939. Chief exports, coffee and bananas;
Imports, cotton and cereals.

HONDURAS President, Gen. Terenclo Slor-
ra; capital. Tegucigalpa. Area, 46,250 square
miles. Population, 587,500; Tegucigalpa,
12,000. Exports to the United States In

1902, $1,093,853; imports, $983,595. Chief ex-
ports, bananas, coffee, cattle, cocoanuts
and wood; chief import, cotton.

NICARAGUA President. Gen. Jose Santos
Zelaya; capital, Managua. Area, 49,200
square miles. Population, 420,000; Managua.
30,000; Leon, 45,000. Exports to the United
States In 1902, $1,978,025; imports, $1,351,386.
Cnidf exports, cattle ami coffee; imports,
flour, wine, beer, barbed wire, cotton goods,
sewing machines, kerosene, calico and tallow.

SALVADOR President, Gen. Thomas Regal-
ada; capital, San Salvador. Area. 7.225
square miles. Population (1901), 1,006,848;
San Salvador, 59,540. Exports to the United
States in 1902, $616,887; imports, $892,923.
Chief exports, coffee, indigo, sugar, tobacco
and balsams: imports, cottons, spirits, flour,
iron goods, silk tad yarn.

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