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restraint of trade illegal.

In the bill the defendants were charged
with an unlawful combination and conspir-
acy in directing their purchasing agents
not to bid against each other in buying
live stock and In bidding up the prices of
live stock for a few days at a time so as
to induce heavy shipments to the yards by
owners and then, by refraining from making
competitive bids, obtaining such live stuck
at lower prices than it would bring in the
regular way of trade. The bill further al-

"The defendants, arbitrarily, from time
to time raise, lower and fix prices and
maintain uniform prices at which they will
sell fresh meats. The arbitrary raising,
I lowering, fixing and maintaining of prices
is being effected through the action of
divers of their agents and attorneys to your
petitioner unknown, in secretly holding
periodical meetings and agreeing upon the
prices to be adopted by the defendants, to

be enforced by them until at a subsequent
meeting the same may be changed, which
said prices are notified by letters and tele-
grams in plain language and divers codes
and ciphers, and they have been and are
maintained by defendants.

"The defendants have engaged In ar-
rangements and agreements with officers
and agents of such common carriers where-
by said defendants were to receive and
have received by means of rebates and
other devices unlawful rates for transpor-
tation, much less than the said lawful
rates, and were to exclusively enjoy and
share said unlawful advantage to the exclu-
sion of competitors and would-be competi-
tors and the general public."

On the strength of these and other alle-
gations, which are characterized as "in re-
straint of trade and commerce," the gov-
ernment asked that the packers be enjoined
from continuing their unlawful proceedings.

May 20 Judge Peter S. Urosscup of the
United States Circuit court in Chicago Is-
sued the temporary injunction asked for
and the defendants were ordered not to do
the things complained of in the bill. They
were given until Aug. 4 to make their re-
ply. On the date named the Chicago pack-
ers filed a demurrer in which they asked
that the petition be dismissed on the ground
that it contained several matters ami
causes bearing no relation to each other
and could not therefore be embraced in one
suit. The charges of the government were
not denied, but were met with the objec-
tion that they wer.e multifarious and did
not concern all the defendants.


War began Oct. 10, 1899.

War ended May 31, 1902.

Lives lost British, 22,143; Boer (esti-
mate-1), 3,700.

Cost of war to British, about $755.000,000.

The war between Great Britain and the
Dutch republics In South Africa, after last-
ing two years and eight months, came to
an end Saturday. May 31, 1902, when a
treaty of peace was signed at Pretoria by
representatives of the Boers -and by I.ojd
Milner and Gen. Kitchener for the British.
Holland made an offer of mediation on the
25th of January, but it was rejected bv
Lord Lansdowne and the war continued.
There were many casualties on both sides,
though no great battles were fought. The
Boers lost several of their commanders by
death and many of their men by capture.
The most notable reverse for the British
was the defeat March 7. 1902, of a force of
1,200 men under Lord Methuen. who was
wounded and compelled to surrender with
200 of his men to Gen. Delarey. Gen.
Kitchener made the most determined ef-
forts to capture Dewet, Botha and Delarey,
but failed.

Negotiations for peace began in the latter
part of March and several conferences were
held at PrJtoria and 'elsewhere in April
and May. Tne British terms were sub-
mitted to the burghers in the field, and on
the 2'8th of May the Boer representatives
were given until midnight of the last dav
of the month to come to a decision, with
the result already noted. In effect the terms
agreed upon were:

The burgher forces in the field will lay
down their arms and desist from further

resistance and acknowledge King Edward
VII. as their lawful sovereign.

All prisoners are to be brought back an
soon as possible to South Africa, without
loss of liberty or property.

No proceeding, civil or criminal, will be
taken against any burghers for any acts in
connection with the prosecution of the war.
The benefits of this clause do not extend to
certain acts contrary to the usages of war.

The Dutch language will be taught in the
public schools of the Transvaal and Orange
River Colony where the parents desire it
and will be allowed in the courts of law
for the better and more effectual- adminis-
tration of justice.

Possession of rifles will be allowed to
persons requiring them for their protection
on taking out a license.

The military administration of the Trans-
vaal and Orange River Colony will, at the
earliest possible date, be succeeded by a
civil government, and, so soon as circum-
stances permit, representative institutions,
leading up to self-government, will be in-

No special tax will be imposed on landed
property in the Transvaal or Orange River
Colony to defray the expenses of the war.

The sum of three million sterling is to
be provided for restocking the Boers' farms.

The surrender was completed June 17.

According to a statement made in parlia-
ment the total British force in the field
from first to last was 17.559 officers and
430.876 men. Of these 718 officers and 5.256
men were killed in battjo and 5M officers
and 15.615 men died from wounds; total
(lead. -JLM-13.


Nabg of tfjc mnitcto States.

(Corrected to Nov. 10, 1MB.)



George Dewey, senior member general board.


Gi'orge C. Remey, ohm. lighthouse board.

Johu C. Watson, president naval examining
and retiring boards.

Silas Casey, commanding Pacific station.

Francis J. Higgiuson, commanding North At-
lantic station.

Frederick Kodgers, returning from Asiatic

Louis Kempff, commanding Pacific coast
naval defense district.

George W. Sumuer, commanding South At-
lantic station.

Albert S. Barker, commandant navy yard,
New York.

Charles S. Cotton, commandant navy yard,
Norfolk, Va.

Robley D. Evans, comdg. Asiatic station.

Silas W. Terry, commandant navy yard,

Merrill Miller, commandant navy yard, Mare

John J. Read, eomdt. navy yard, Portsmouth.

Henry C. Taylor, chief bureau of navigation.

Mortimer L. Johnson, commandant- navy
yard, Boston.

Frank Wildes, jr. sq. comdr. Asiatic station.

Henry Glass, commanding training station,
San Francisco.

Charles E. Clark, governor Naval home.

Philip H. Cooper, commanding naval de-
fense 2d district.

A. S. Crowninsliield, comdg. European sta'n.

Joseph B. Coghlan, North Atlantic station,
second in command.

James H. Sands, commandant navy yard,
League Island, Pa.

Yates Stirling, commandant navy yard,
Puget sound.

William C. Wise, commanding naval de-
fense gulf district.


Francis A. Cook, member retiring board.

Purnell F. Harrington, navy yd.. New York.

George W. Melville, chief buseau steam

Charles D. Sigsbee, chief Intelligence officer.

Colby M. Chester, supt. naval observatory.

Charles J. Barclay, c.apt. navy yard, Boston.

Benjamin P. Lamberton, member light-
house board.

French E. Chadwick, pres. naval war college.

Bowman H. McCalla, president board of In-
spection. Mare Island, Cal.

William H. Whiting, commandant naval
station, Hawaii.

Charles O'Neil. chief bureau of ordnance.

Caspar F. Goodrich, commanding receiving
ship Minneapolis.

Theodore F. Jewell, member retiring board.

William M. Folger, lighthouse inspector
3d district.

Francis W. Dickins, commanding receiving
ship Independence.

George F. F. Wilde, captain navy yard,
Portsmouth, N. II.

Charles II. Davis, commanding Alabama.

Charles J. Train, member board of inspec-
tion and survey.

George W. Pigman, commanding receiving
ship Wabaah.

George A. Converse, commanding Illinois.

*Koyal B. Bradford, chief of bureau of

Joseph E. Craig, waiting orders.

Charles M. Thomas, commanding receiving
ship Franklin.

Albert S. Snow, commanding receiving ship

George C. Reiter, commanding Wisconsin.

Willard H. Brownson. supt. naval academy.

William W. Mead, commandant naval train-
ing station, Newport, R. I.

Edwin Louguecker, naval station, Port Royal.

Thomas Perry, commanding Iowa.

Charles II. Stockton, commanding Kentucky.

Asa Walker, commanding San Francisco.

Henry W. Lyon, commanding Olympia.

James H. Dayton, commanding Chicago.

Morris R. S. Mackenzie, comdg. New York.

Charles S. Sperry, commanding New Orleans.

John J. Hunker, waiting orders.

William T. Burwell, commanding. Oregon.

Franklin Hanford, waiting orders.

Robert >M. Berry, capt. navy yard, Norfolk.

Samuel W. Very, navy yard, Boston.

Henry N. Manney, comdg. Massachusetts.

William T. Swinburne, commanding Texas.

Joseph N. Hemphill, cominand'g Kearsarge.

Abraham B. H. Lillie, waiting orders.

William H. Emory, commanding Indiana.

George A. Bicknell, commandant naval sta-
tion, Key West.

Charles T. Hutchins, sec. lighthouse board.

Benjamin F. Tilley, sick leave.

Harry Knox, sick leave.

John P. Merrell, charge naval station, New

Joseph G. Eaton, waiting orders.

Eugene H. C. Leutze, duty with Maine.

Uriel Sebree, naval governor Samoa.

Albert R. Couden, commandant naval ela-
tion, Cavite.

Edwin C. Pendleton, supt. gun factory.

William Swift, bureau of navigation.

Henry B. Mansfield, recruiting duty, New

Charles R. Roelker, member board of In-
spection and survey.

Frederick M. Symonds, naval war college.

Albert Ross, commanding Buffalo.

Richardson Clover, naval attache, London.

James M. Miller, navy yard, New York.

John V. B. Bleecker. naval war college.

Andrew Dunlap, commanding naval station,
San Juan.

John A. B. Smith, navy yard, New York.

Edward H. Gheen* recruiting duty, Chicago.

Wells L. Field, waiting orders.

Harrison G. O. Colby, recruiting duty,

Leavitt C. Logan, bureau of equipment.

Alexander B. Bates, navy yard, League

Conway H. Arnold, member wireless teleg-
raphy board.

William S. Cowles, assistant to bureau of

Robert W. Milllgan, navy yard, Norfolk.

Edward D. Taussig, navy yard, Washington.


Richard Inch, insp. duty, Newport News.
John E. IMllsbury, member general board.
William H. Reeder, to command Hartford.
George W. Baird, superintendent state, war

and navy building.
Charles W. Rae, member examining board.



Harrie Webster, Inspection duty.

('harles C. Cornwcll, Naval Lome.

Holland N. Stevenson, inspection duty, San

George 11. Kearay, navy yard, Boston.

Adolph Miirix, captain of port, Manila.

Raymond P. Rodif.-rs. navy yard. New York.

William S. Moor.-, inspection duly.

Koyal K. Ingeraull, commanding Helena.

Scale. n Schroeder, waiting orders.

Duncan Kennedy, commanding 1'rairie.

Kichard Waiuwright, commanding Newark.

.Irlleisi.n !'. MOSIT, commanding 1'eusacola.

I'l-anklin J. Drake, recruiting duty.

Thomas C. McLean, recruiting duty, Balti-

William J. Barnetto, mem. 'general board.

Francis H. Delano, navy yd., League Island.

Charles T. Forse, retng. from Asiatic sta'n.

Kdwin K. MOOT.', navy yard, Boston.

John A. Rogers, commanding Albany.

Albion V. Wadhams, commanding school
ship St. Mary's.

John D. Adams, waiting orders.

James K. Cogswell, navy yard, Portsmouth.

Frederick Singer, commanding Solace.

lames R. Selfrldge, commanding Princeton.

William H. Everett, navy yard, Norfolk.

John M. Hawley, commanding Hartford.

Gottfried Blocklinger, Asiatic station.

Perry Garst, asst. inspr. 10th L. H. district.

Arthur B. Speyers, commanding Glacier.

Ebenezer S. Prime, comdg. Wilmington.

William P. Potter, commanding Ranger.

Nathan E. Niles, commanding i>ashville.

Giles B. Harber, naval attache, Paris and
St. Petersburg.

John B. Briggs, navy yard. New York.

Newton E. Mason, commanding Cincinnati.

Thomas H. Stevens, navy yd.. Puget Sound.

Julien S. Ogden, inspection duty.

Charles P. Perkins, commanding Boston, i

Charles G. Bowmuu, asst. inspr. 6th L. H.

William H. Beehler, office nav. intelligence.

Arthur P. Nazro, commanding Raleigh.

William W. Kimball, commanding Alert.

William P. Day. commanding Mohican.

John C. Wilson, commanding Panther.

George P. Colyoeoresses. comdg. Lancaster.

Uriah R. Harris, naval governor Olongapo.

Richard G. Davenport, navy yard, Wash-

John A. Norris, longitude expedition.

Edward B. Barry, commanding 'Vicksburg.

Herbert Winslow, assistant to inspector
llth L. H. district.

William H. Turner, commanding Atlanta.

Charles E. Colahan. Naval academy.

Albert G. Berry, commanding Puritan.

Nathaniel J. K. Patch, comdg. Montgomery.

Thomas S. Phelps, Jr.. comdg. Marblehead.

Karl Rohrer, commanding Annapolis.

John A. H. Nickels, commanding Topeka.

Clinton K. Curtis, navy yard. Norfolk.

Theodoric Porter, naval station. Cavite.

Daniel D. V. Stuart, commanding Don Juan
de Austria.

Charles A. Adams, navy yard. New York.

Kossuth Niles, lighthouse insp.. Sth district.

Warner B. Bayley, Inspection duty.

Dennis H. Mahan. comdg. Monadnock.

James H. Perry, bureau strain engineering.

Albert F. Dixon. navy yard. Mare Island.

Edward M. Hughes, Asiatic station.

Samuel P. Comly. commanding Alliance.

John Hubbard. lighthouse insp., 4th district.

Alexander McCrackin, navy yard. Mare Is-

George L. Dyer. Naval academy.

Corwin P. Rees, commanding Morongahela.

Lewis C. Heilner, commanding Essex.

Joseph B. Murdock, Naval War college.

lingo Osterhaus, Naval academy.

Albert C. Dillingham, commanding Detroit.

John B. Collins, navy yard, IVnsacola.

Charles E. Vreeland, comog. Arkansas.

Nathan Sargent, aidjto the admiral.

James H. Bull, insp. 7th L. H. district.

Greeulief A. Merriani, lighthouse inspector,
1st district.

John B. Milton, lighthouse insp., 12th dist.

William H. Nauman, insp. duty, Bath, Me.

Aaron Ward, navy yard. New York.

George W. Meiitz, lighthouse est. Porto Rico.

Sidney A. Staunton, commanding Kainbow.

Charles W. Bartlett, waiting oruers.

Chauncey Thomas, commanding Albatross.

William A. Marshall, inspector 15th light-
house district.

John E. Roller, waiting orders.

Carlos G. Calkins, inspr. 13th L. H. district.

William 'E. Sewell, naval governor island
of Guam.

Henry McCrea, commanding Machias.

Edward F. Qualtrough, supervisor harbor
of New York.

Lucien Young, inspr. 9th lighthouse district.

Asher C. Baker, St. Louis exposition.

William H. H. Southerland. hydrographer.

Charles E. Fox, commanding Adams.

John C. Fremont, bd. of engineers, war dept.

Albert Mertz, navy yard, Boston.

Rogers II. Gait, sick leave.

Vincenden L. Cottman, bureau of navigation.

Frank E. Sawyer, receiving ship Richmond.

Thomas B. Howard, Naval academy.

Walter C. Cowles, bd. inspection and survey.

Austin M. Knight, commanding Yankton.

Charles J. Badger, bureau of equipment.

Samuel W. B. Diehl, commanding Marietta.

Reginald F. Nicholson, bureau of navigation.

Edmund B. Underwood, secy, general board.

William F. Halsey, Naval academy.

Frank A. Wilner. special duty.

Henry Morrell, navy yard, New York.


William Winder, commanding Michigan.

Charles B. T. Moore, navy yard, Mare Is-

Ten Eyck DeW. Veeder, bureau of equip-

Alfred Reynolds, waiting orders.

John M. Robinson, waiting orders.

John K. Barton, Naval academy.

Robert G. Denig, inspection duty.

George H. Peters, Iowa.

Bradley A. Fiske, Massachusetts.

Frank H. Holmes, receiving ship Independ-

John F. Parker, commanding Isla de Cuba.

Hamilton Hutchius, navy yard, League Is-

John M. Bowyer, navy yard, Washington.

John C. Colwell, cmdg. Isla de Luzon.

George B. Ransom, navy yard, Portsmouth.

William R. A. Rooney. Frolic.

Edward J. Dorn, Havana, Cuba.

Bernard O. Scott, inspection duty.

William C. Eaton, inspection duty.

Alfred B. Canaga, navy yard, New York.

Abraham V. Zaue, Kearsarge.

John R. Edwards, bureau steam engineering.

Stacy Potts. Alabama.

Henry T. Cleaver, inspection duty.

James M. Helm, lighthouse service, Philip-

Albert B. Willits. Iowa.

Cameron McR. Winslow, bureau of nav'g'n.

James P. S. Lawrance. inspection duty.

Isaac S. K. Reeves. New York.

York Noel, Constellation.

Albon C. Hodgson, Indiana.



William G. Cutler, Naval academy.

Alexander Sharp, Jr., \vaitiug orders.

Charles Laird, Boston.

Nathaniel K. Usher, Illinois.

Walter S. Hughes, I'ensacola.

Fidelio S. Carter, Mouadnock.

Frank F. Fletcher, torpedo station, New-
port, U. I.

Harry H. Hosley, Buffalo.

Frank E. Beatty, commanding Gloucester.

.Muses L. Wood. commanding Eagle.

Kobert M. Doyle, commanding Culgoa.

George M. Stouey, commanding Dolphin.

Frederick W. Coffin, commanding Hawk.

Wytlie M. Parks, bureau steam engineering.

Frank H. Bailey, bureau steam engineering.

Marry M. 1 lodges, Chicago. I

William B. Caperton. Prairie.

James T. Smith, navy yard, New York.

George S. Wlllits, inspection duty.

Walter F. Worthington, Illinois.

William N. Little, navy yard, New York.

Theodore F. Burgdorff, navy yard. New YorK.

Frank H. Eldridge, inspection duty.

Edgar T. Wnrburton, Indiana.

Henry C. Gearing, Naval academy.

Templin M. Potts, naval attache, Berlin
and Rome.

William H. Allen, Olympia.

New York.

Abraham E. Culver, commanding Bancroft.
Henry T. Mayo, Wisconsin.
Charles C. Kogers, bureau of equipment.
John T. Newton, Atlanta.
Benjamin Tappan, Wisconsin.
Charles F. Pond, training station, San

Francisco, Cal.

Walter McLean, commanding Vixen.
Washington I. Chambers, torpedo station,

Newport, R. I.

James C. Gillmore, Cincinnati.
Charles A. Gove, Kentucky.
De Witt Coffman, Essex.
Richardson Henderson, Alabama.
Thomas D. Griffin. Wyoming.
Henry Minett, Wheeling.
Richard T. Mulligan. San Francisco.
William Braunersreuther, naval gun factory.
Francis H. Sherman, waiting orders.
William S. Hogg, navy yard, Washington.
Reynold T. Hall, Olympia.
William F. Fullam, Naval academy.
Horace M. Witzel, Nashville.
Albert G. Winterhalter, Helena.
John M. Orchard, Lancaster.
John N. Jordan, Inspection duty.
Augustus F. Feehteler, Iowa.
Edward E. Wright, navy yard, Boston.
Albert G'.eaves, commanding Mayflower.
James P. Parker, Panther.
Hen W. Hodges, Chicago.
Herbert O. Dunn, Glacier.
Arthur W. Dodd, Wisconsin.
George W. Denfeld, commanding Monocacy.
Albert W. Grant, Oregon.
Horace W. Harrison, Ranger.
Valentine S. Nelson, Buffalo.
William S. Benson, Naval academy.
Frank M. Bostwick, oomma'ndinK Nipsic.
James H. Oliver, Naval War college.
Harry M. Dombaugh, Hartford.
Simon Cook, Inspection duty.
Thomas S. Rodgers, Maine.
Franklin J. Schell. Naval academy.
John G. Qninby, Texas.

James H. Glennon, Nautical school, Manila.
Percival J. Werlieh, Newport Nuws, Va.
William R. Rush, Albany.
Harry S. Knapp, waiting orders.

William L. Rodgers, Topeka.

Harry McL. P. Huse, Naval academy.

Roy C. Smith, Massachusetts.
George W. McElroy. Wisconsin.
Robert S. Griffin, Chicago.

Albert N. Wood, San Francisco.
Edward Lloyd. Jr., Naval academy.

Richard M. Hughes, Boston.

Charles N. Atwater, Monougahela.

John H. L. Holcombe, coal station, Pt. Isa-
bella, P. I.

William L. Burdick, Atlanta.

Frank W. Bartlett, Maine.

Frederick C. Bieg, Naval academy.

Harry Kimmell, Indiana.

Howard Gage, inspection duty.

John L. Gow, Massachusetts.

George R. Clark, Monongahela.

George H. Stafford, navy yard, Mare Island.

Allen G. Rogers, Solace.

William P. White, inspection duty.

George E. Burd, Boston.

John H. Shipley, navy yard, Washington.

John E. Craven, Oregon.

James H. Hetherington, Newark.

John J. Kuapp, waiting orders.

Augustus C. Alruy, Marblehead.

John Hood, New Orleans.

Carl W. Jungen, Puritan.

Edward K. Hayden, Naval observatory.

Benjamin C. Bryan, naval station, Cavite.

I-eRoy M. Garrett, Maine.

Charles C. Marsh, naval attache, Tokyo.

Charles II. Harlow. Raleigh.

Clarence A. Carr, inspection duty.

John B. Blish, Alert.

William A. Gill, Celtic.

Thomas W. Ryan, New York.

Harold P. Norton, Albany.

Walter J. Sears, inspection duty.

Edward H. Scribner, inspection duty.

Frank M. Bennett, receiving ship Franklin.

John A. Bell, inspection duty.

John A. Dougherty, receiving ship Columbia,

John B. Bernadou, office naval intelligence.

John H. Gibbons, office naval intelligence.

Thomas Snowden, Illinois.

Martin Bevington, Kentucky.

Edwin H. Tillman, commanding Newport.

Thomas F. Carter, San Francisco.

Frederic C. Bowers, returning from Asiatic

George R. Salisbury, Montgomery.

John L. Purcell, Wabash.

Robert F. Lopez, Pensacola.

Frank W. Kellogg, Lancaster.

Reuben O. Bitler, Alliance.

Samuel H. Leonard, Jr., Monterey. '

Harry Phelps, Cincinnati.

Homer C. Poundstone, sick leave.

Albert A. Ackerman. Kearsarge.

Leo D. Miner, ins. mach. Newport News.

Albert P. Niblack, bureau of navigation.

William Truxton, treat., hosp., Mare Island.

Harry Hall, Atlanta.

Edward Simpson, Arkansas.

William C. P. Muir, Alabama.

Edwards F. Leiper. Detroit.

Thomas W. Kinkaid, Oregon.

William H. Allderdice, Yorktown.

Joseph H. Rohrbacher, inspection duty


(Rank of Captain.)

George F. Winslow, waiting orders.

Hosea J. Babin, charge naval hospital, N. Y.

Joseph B. Parker, charge naval hospital,

Abel F. Price, naval hospital, Washington.

James A. Hawke, naval hospital, Mare Is-



Robert A. Marmion, president medical ex-
amining board.

Dwight Dickinson, naval hospital, Boston.

\Vm. G. Far/well, special duty, 1'hiladelpbia.

John C. Wise, member retiring board.

George P. Bradley, uiem. ined. exam, board.

Charles U. Gravutt, naval museum of hy-

Paul Fitzsimmons, naval hospital, Newport.

William S. Dixon, naval dispensary.

Remus C. Persons, naval hospital. Norfolk.

Nelson M. Ferebee, navy yard, Washington.


(Rank of Commander.) >

James R. Waggener, navy yd., Mare Island.

Thomas H. Streets, naval laboratory, New

Manly H. Simons, Iowa (fleet).

John C. Boyd, member board medical ex-

George E. H. Harmon, waiting orders.

Howard Wells, navy yard, Boston.

Daniel N. Bertolette, New York.

Ezra Z. Derr, delegate to medical confer-
ence, Brussels.

Frank B. Stephenson, navy yard, Ports-

Presley M. Rixey, chief bureau of medi-
cine and surgery.

Walter A. McClurg, Kearsarge (fleet).

Cumberland G. Herndon, naval hospital,

Lucien G. Heneberger, Olympia.

Edward H. Green. Wisconsin.

Samuel H. Dickson, hdqrs. marine corps.

(Rank of Lieutenant-Commander.)

David O. Lewis, Pensacola.

Howard E. Ames, Texas.

Frank Anderson, Alabama.

Phillips A. Lovering, naval hospital, Cavite.

William R. Du Bose, waiting orders.

Charles T. Hibbett, receiving ship Franklin.

Nelson H. Drake, Solace.

Henry G. Beyer, Prairie.

John M. Steele. Massachusetts.

James E. Gardiner, Kentucky.

Millard H. Crawford, waiting orders.

George P. Lumsden, waiting orders.

James C. Byrnes, navy yard, New York.

Samuel H. Griffith, member medical ex-
amining board.

Avrrley C. H. Russell, naval museum of

Clement Biddle, naval res. rendezvous.

Henry T. fercey, Indiana.

Ernlyn H. Marsteller, recruiting duty.

James D. Gatewood, Lancaster.

Oliver Diehl, navy yard, League Island.

John M. Edgar, receiving ship Wabash.

Philip Leach, receiving ship Columbia.
(Rank of Lieutenant.)

Lloyd W. Curtis, Buffalo.

Henry B. Fitts, marine barracks, Sitka.

Victor C. B. Means, Monterey.

Frederick J. B. Cordeiro, navy yard, Pen-

Francis W. F. Wieber, Naval academy.

Oliver D. Norton, waiting orders.

Frederick A. Hesler, naval station, Cavite.

Isaac W. Kite, navy yard, Norfolk.

Andrew R. Wentworth, Albany.

Corbin J. Decker, marine rec. officer, San

Thomas A. Berryhill, navy yard, Pensacola.

Eugene P. Stone, Mayflower.

George Pickrell, Naval academy.

Rand P. Crandall, naval station, Guam.

Hatton N. T. Harris, Monocacy.

John F. Urie, asst. to bureau of medicine

and surgery.

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