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Morris, N. Y.. Jau. 6.

Mintoyne, William M. (1829), naval con-
structor, in Brooklyn, June 27.



Mitchell, Mrs. Alexander (ISIS), widow of
Alexander Mitchell of Milwaukee, at Jack-
sonville, Fla., Feb. 14.

Monstery, Col. Thomas H. (1S21), soldier, In
Chicago, Dec. 31, 1901.

Moon, George (1816), Indiana pioneer, at
\\ arsaw,~lnd., April 15.

Morton, J. Sterling (1832), former secretary
of agriculture, at Lake Forest, 111.,
April 27.

Moses, Dr. Adolph (1S40), rabbi, at Louis-
ville, Ky., Jan. 7.

Murphy, Nowtou S. (1833), lawyer, in Mil-
waukee, Oct. 6.

McDuth'e, Charles^D., mill owner, at Man-
chester, N. II., July 5.

McMillan. James II. (1838). United States
senator from Michigan, at Mntichester-by-
the-Sea, 'Mass., Aug. 10.

Nast, Thomas (1840). famous cartoonist, in
Guayaquil, Ecuador, Dec. 7.

Xeedham, George C. (1842), evangelist, at
Narbeth, Pa., Feb. 16.

Neil, John B. (1842), ex-governor of Ohio,
at Columbus, O., Oct. 6.

Newcomb. Judge Carman A. (1824), ex-con-
gressman, in St. Louis, Mo., April 6.

Xon-is. Frank (1870), novelist, in San Fran-
cisco, Cal.. Oct. 25.

Ochiltree, Thomas P. (1840), former Texas
congressman, at Hot Springs, Va., Nov. 26.

O'Neill, Hugh (1843), dry-goods merchant,
in New York, March 16.

Osborne, William M. (1842), consul-general
to London, in that city. April 29.

Otey, Peter J. (1840), member of congress,
at Lynchburg. Va., May 4.

Palmer, Benjamin M. (1818), noted clergy-
man, in New Orleans, May 28.

Patten, Azel W. (1828). paper manufacturer,
at Appleton, Wis., Jan. 15.

Pearson, Samuel F. (1841), temperance lec-
turer, In Portland, Me., Aug. 7.

Pennoyer, Sylvester (1831), former governor
of Oregon, a>t Portland, Ore., May 30.

Perkins, William I. (1837), musician, in Bos-
ton, Jan, 13.

Perry, Gen. W. F. (1825), confederate sol-

17th Pennsylvania district, in Philadel-
phia, March 4.

Potter, Edward E. (1833), commodore U. S.
N., retired, at Belvidere. 111., Jan. 8.

Powell, Maj. J. W., naturalist and ex-
plorer, at Haven, Me.. Sept. 23.

Pratt, Charles E. (1841), musician, in New
York, Aug. 12.

Proctor, Lewis A. (1833), journalist, at Oak
Park, 111., Feb. 12.

Prmlon. Octavhis L. (1842), assistant Secre-
tary to President Roosevelt, in Washing-
ton, April 19.

Pullman, the Rev. Joseph, brother of the
palace-car inventor, at Stamford, Conn.,
Jan. 4,

Queen, John, minstrel, in New York city,
Feb. 25.

Rafferty, William A. (1842). colonel U. S.
A., at San Felipe. P. I., Sept. 14.

Reod, Thomas B. (1839), former speaker of
the house of representatives, in Washing-
ton, Dec. 7.

Recce, .hisper N". (1S41). adjutant-general of
Illinois, at Springfield, April 8.

Reisinger. William W., captain U. S. N..,
at Panama, July 10.

Rice, Hilly (1S42), minstrel; at Hot Springs,
Ark.. March 1.

Roach, William N. (1840), former senator
from North Dakota, in New York, Sept. 7.

Bobbins, Royal E. (1824), founder of the
Waltham Watch company, at Beverly
Mass., July 24.

Roe, Francis Asbury (1823). rear-admiral
U. S. N., retired, in Washington, D. C.,
Dec. 28, 1901.

Rogers, John R. (1838), governor of Wash-
ington, at Tacoma, Dec. 26, 1901.

Ross, Henry S., chief engineer U. S. N., re-
tired, at Lugano, Italy, Oct. 13.

Rouss, Charles B., blind merchant and mil-
lionaire, in New York, March 3.

Russell, Charles A. (1852). member of con-
gress, at Dauielson, Conn., Oct. 23.

Russell, Sol Smith (1848), actor, In Wash-
ington, D. C., April 28.

Ryan, Francis, clergyman, in Toronto, Ont.,
March 8.

Salmon, Joshua S. (1846), congressman, at
Kooiiton, N. J., May 6.

Sample, Alfred (1847), jurist, at Blooming-
ton, 111., June 11.

Sampson, William T. (1840), rear-admiral
U. S. N., in Washington, May 6.

Satterlee, Gen. Livingston, soldier of the
civil war, in New York, April 3.

Scheffer, Prof. Emil (1822), discoverer of
pepsin, at Louisville, Ky. , Jan. 22.

Scudder, Horace E, (1839), author, at Cam-
bridge, Mass., Jan. 11.

Selfridge, Thomas O. (1804), rear-admiral
U. S. N., retired, at Waverly, Mass.,
Oct. 15.

Seward, Theodore F. (1835), song writer, at
Orange, N. J., Aug. 31.

Sewell, William J. (1835), United States
senator from New Jersey, at Oamden.
N. J., Dec. 27, 1901.

Shepherd, Alexander R. (1835), former gov-
ernor of the District of Columbia, in Ba-
topilas, Mexico, Sept. 12.

Sigel, Franz (1824), -union jeeneral in civil
war, at Mott Haven, N. Y., Aug. 21.

Sloss, Louis (1823), millionaire California
pioneer, at San Rafael, Oal., June 4.

Smith, Azaria (1833), publisher, in Boston,
Jan. 14.

Smith, Charles H. (1840), publisher, in New
York, Aug. 15.

Smith, Charles H. (1827), general U. S. A.,
retired, in Washington, T>. C., July 17.

Sower, Charles G. (1821), publisher, in Phil-
adelphia, March 23.

Spalding, Dr. John F. (1817). episcopal bish-
op of Colorado, at Erie, Pa., March 9.

Starr. Ella, writer, in New York, Feb. 15.

Stanley, David S. (1829), major-general U.
S. A., retired, in Washington, D. C.,
March 13.

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (1815), noted wom-
an suffragist, in New York city, Ocf. 26.

Steele, George McK. (1824), author and
clergyman, at Kenilworth, 111., Jan. 14.

Stephens. James P. (1840), pottery manufac-
turer, at Trenton, N. J., July 9.

Stevens, Benjamin F. (1833), American bibli-
ographer, in Surbitop, Eng., March 5.

Stockton, Frank R. (1834), author, in Wash-
ington, D. C., April 20.

Stoddard, Mrs. Richard H. (1823), wife of
poet, in New York, Aug. 1.

Stone, Jesse (1836), lieutenant-governor of
Wisconsin, at Watertown, Wis., May 11.

Stratton, Dr. A. W. (1864), American edu-
cator, at Gulmarg. India, Aug. 26.

Swinton, John (1830), writer, in Brooklyn,
Dec. 15, 1901.

Stratton, Winfleld S. (1848), wealthy mine
owner, at Colorado Springs, Col., Sept. 14.

TalmHge, Rev. T. Dewftt (1832), noted
clergyman, in Washington, D. C., April 12.

Tamaro, Joseph (1824), operatic singer, in
Brooklyn, March 4.



Tappeu, Frederick D. (1828), bank president,
at Lakewood, N. J., Feb. 28.

Taylor, William (1821), missiouary bishop of
M. K. church, at Palo Alto Cal., May is.

Thayer, James Bradley (1831), pfbfeagor of
law in Harvard university, at Cambridge,
Mass., Feb. 15.

Thompson, David P. (1834), ex-United States
minister to Turkey, at Portland, Ore.,
Dec. 14, 1901.

Thompson, Hugh M., bishop, at Jackson,
Miss., Nov. 18.

Tiffany, Charles L. (1812), jeweler, In New
York, Feb. 18.

Treat, Samuel (1815), jurist, at Rochester,
N. Y., Sept. 1.

Twaehtinan, John H. (1854), landscape
painter, in New York, Aug. 8.

Tyler. Dr. Lachlan (1852), physician, in Now
York city, Jan. 27.

Urso, Camilla (Mrs. Frederick Leure), vio-
linist, in New York, Jan. 20.

Van der Voort, Paul (1846), past commander-
in-chief of the Grand Army of the Repub-
lic, in Cuba, July 29.

Walser, Dr. Theodore (1825), noted physi-
cian, April 24.

Ward, Prof. C. Osborn, authority on ancient
socialism, at -Yuma, Cal., March 20.

Ward, Jasper D., ex-congressman, in Den-
ver, Col., Aug. 6.

Ward, John F., engineer, IB New York
city, Jan. 17.

Warden, David A. (1815), composer, in Phil-
adelphia. Feb. 4.

Warren, Georfee W. (1829), composer, in
New York, March 16.


Acton, Sir John E. E. (1834), professor of
modern history at Cambridge, England, at
Tegernsee, Bavaria, June 18.

Albert, king of Saxony (1828), in Dresden,
June 19.

Alexander, Mrs. (1825), novelist, in England,
July 18.

Arundel and Surrey, Earl of (1879), in Sus-
sex, England, July 8.

Ashmead-Bartlett, Sir Ellis (1849), member
of parliament, in London, Jan. 17.

Belgium, Queen Marie Henrietta of (1836),
at Spa, Sept. 19.

Bennigsen, Rudolph (1824), statesman, in
Hanover, Germany, Aug. 7.

Biix, Elias (1836), hymn writer, Cbristiania,
Jan. 18.

Bloch, Jean de (1835), author of "War of
the Future," in Warsaw, Poland, Jan. 7.

Bonehill, Bessie, actress, at Portsea, Eng-

Braybrooke, Lord (Charles C. Neville 1823),
at Saffron, Waldcn, England, June 7.

Brenner, Ludwig von (1833), director of mu-
sic, in Berlin, Feb. 9.

Brown, George D. (1869), author, in Lon-
don, Aug. 28.

Butler, Samuel (1835), author and composer,
in England, June 19.

Callan, Philip, former member of house of
commons, in London, June 15.

Casati, Capt. Gaetano (1828), explorer, in
Rome, Italy, March 7.

Chamberlain, Sir Neville B. (1820), British
soldier, in London, Feb. 18.

Chichester, Earl of (1838), in London.May 28.

Ciasca, Cardinal (1835), j n Rome, Feb. 6.

Clarke, Gen. Sir Andrew (1824 , agent-gen-
eral for Victoria, Australia, in London,
March 31.

Connemara, Lord (1827). in London, Sept. 3.

Constant, Benjamin (1845), note,d artist, in
Paris. May 26.

Waterhouse, Sylvester (1832), educator, in
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 12.

Watkins, Dr. William II., physician of New
Orleans, in Milwaukee, May 23.

Watson, John J. (1830), author, in Boston,
Aug. 6.

Wells, Daniel (1808), capitalist, in Milwau-
kee, March 18.

West, William H. (1854). minstrel, at Chi-
cago, Feb. 15.

Wheeler, Dr. D. H. (1829), editor and edu-
cator, at Meadville, Pa., June 18.

Whitehead. William R. (1832), physician, in
Denver, Col., Oct. 13.

Whifford, William C. (1831), educator, at
Milton. Wis., May 20.

Whittle, F. M. (1823), bishop, in Richmond,
Va., June 18.

Williams, Marshall J. (1837). chief justice
Ohio Supreme court, at Columbus, ().,
July 7.

Williams, Prof. William G. (1822), educator,
at Delaware, O., Jan. 31.

Whipple, William D. (1826), major-general
U. S. A., in New York city, April 1.

Wilson, Dr. Thomas (1832), scientist, in
Washington, D. C., .May 4.

Winner. Septimus (1826), composer, in Phil-
adelphia, Nov. 23.

Wiswell, George N. (1852), active in poli-
tics, at .Milwaukee. Jan. 7.

Wright, Henry T. (1843), navy pay director,
at Port Said, March 28.

Young, Mrs. Elizabeth (1812). oldest actress
in the United States, at West Brighton,
s. i., Aug. 10


Cooper, Thomas (1803), artist, at Harble-
down, England, Feb. 7.

Cowie, William G. (1831), bishop of Auck-
land, in Wellington, New Zealand, June 26.

Croke, Thomas W. (1824), archbishop of
Cashel, Ireland, July 22.

D'Assise, Don Francisco (1822), form-'r king
of Spain, in Madrid, April 17.

Derneburg, Prince (1820), diplomat, at Hen-
over, Germany. March 29.

Descharups, Louis, painter, at Monteleniar.
France, Aug. 8.

De Vere, Aubrey T. (1814), poet, at Cur-
ragh Chase, Ireland, Jan. VI.

DutTerin and Ava. Marquis of (182*;), former
governor-general of Canada and viceroy
of India, at Clandeboye, Ireland. Feb. 12.

Durand, Alice M. C. (Henri Ore ville 1842),
author, in Paris, May 26.

Mfe, William, Sr. (1819), yacht designer,
at Greenock, Scotland, Jan. 13.

Fouquier, Jacques F. H. (1838), uubUci.-'t,
in Paris, Dec. 25, 1901.

Gardiner, Samuel R. (1829), historian, in
London, Feb. 21

Gilbert, Sir Joseph (1817), chemist, in Lon-
don, England. Dec. 23, 1901.

Gladstone, John H. (1827), scientist, in Lon-
don, England, Oct. 7.

Hall. Dr. Newman (1816). famous clergy-
man, in London. England. Feb. 18.

Harbordt, Dr. Charles, chemist, Monterey,
Mex.. Jan. 1.

lleimiker, Lord (1842), governor, on Isle of
Man, June 27.

Hauser, Walter (1837). president of Switz-
erland in 1892, at Bern, Oct. 22.

Henty, George A. (1832), author, in London,
England, Nov. 16.

Henry XII. (1846), prince of Reuss-Greitz,
at Greitz, Germany, April 19.

Hoff. Sergt., famous sharpshooter, in Paris,
May 29.


Holub, Kuiil, African explorer, in Vicuna,
Feb. 21.

Horup, \'., minister of public works, at
Copenhagen, Feb. 15.

Hughes, iriugli Price, noted vVesIeyan
preacher, in Loudou, Nov. 17.

Isabella, Infanta Maria Christina (1833), in
Madrid, Spain, Jan. 19.

Jadassohu. Salomon (1831), composer, ia
Germany, Feb. 1.

Kensit, John, antiritualistic crusader, in
Liverpool, England, Oct. 8.

Kimberlcy, Lord (1826), statesman, iu Lon-
don, England, April 7.

Krupp, Friedrich Alfred, celebrated gun-
maker, at Essen, Germany, Nov. 22.

Kussmaul. Adolph, (1822), educator, at Hei-
delberg, Germany, May 28.

Latham, Rev. Henry (1821), educator, at
Cambridge, England, June 5.

Ledochowski, Cardinal (1822), in Rome,
July 23.

Lidderdale. William (1832), banker, In Lon-
don, England, June 26.

Lieber, Dr. Ernst (1838). centrist leader in
reichstag, in Berlin, March 31.

Liu Kin-yi, (1838), viceroy of .Nanking,
China, Oct. 6.

M'acauley, James (1817), author, in England,
June 19.

MacCormack, Sir William, eminent British
surgeon, at Bath, England, Dec. 4, 1901.

Meyer, Lucas. Boer general, in Brussels,
Aug. 8.

Montojo, Vice-Admiral, in Madrid, Spain,
Feb. 7.

Nevins, Thomas (1844), wealthy contractor,
in Limerick county, Ireland, Aug. 21.

Parker, Joseph (1830), famous clergyman,
in London, Nov. 28.

Paton, Sir Joseph Noel (1821), artist, in
Edinburgh, Dec. 26, 1901.

Pauncefote, Julian (1828). British ambassa-
dor to the United States, in Washington,
May 24.

Picolomini, composer of popular songs, in
London, England, March 11.

Prussia, Prince George of (1826), in Berlin,
May 2.

Reinecke. Theodore (1822), sculptor, In Ber-
lin, Germany, July 24.

Rhodes. Cecil (1853), capitalist and South
African empire builder, at Cape Town,
March 26.

Riboldi, Cardinal Agostino (1839), in Rome,
April 26.

Rickert, Helnrich (1S32), party leader, in
Berlin, Germany. Nov. 3.

Royer, Mdlle. Clemeuce (1830), author, in
Paris, Feb. 5.

Rule. Mm.e.Ratazzi de (1827), directress of
the Nouvelle Revue Internationale, in
Paris, Feb. 6.

San Clemente. Manuel, ex-president of Co-
lombia, at Villeta. March 19.

Saxe-Weimar, Prince Edward of (1823), in
London, England, Nov. 16.

Schaeffer, Julius (1824), composer, in Bres-
lau*. Germany, Feb. 11.

Schenk, Dr. Leopold, Vienna scientist, at
Srhwarzberg, Syria, Aug. 18.

Scholl, Aurelian (1833), journalist and au-
thor, in Paris, April 16.

Sidi AH (1S17), bey of Tunis, at Tunis,

Sigl, Johann Bahlist (1839), editor, at Mli-
nich, Germany. Jan. 10.

Siniar, Hubert T., archbishop of Cologne,
in that city, May 23.

Speyer, George, banker, at Frankfort-on-
the-Main, April 24.

Sprecher, Herman, statesman, at Thur,
Switzerland, July 28.

Spurgeon/ John (1810), clergyman, at South
Norwood, England, June 14.

Temple, Sir Richard (1826), a former gov-
ernor of Bombay, in London, March 17.

Tissot, James J. J. (1836), artist, in Paris,
Aug. 9.

Tiza, Koloman de (1840). Hungarian states-
man, in Budapest, March 23.

Unionius, Gustavus (1810), clergyman, near
Upsala, Sweden, Oct. 14.

Vaughan, William (1814), bishop of Plym-
outh, at Newton Abbott, England, Oct. 25.

Vihert, Jean Georges (1840), painter and au-
thor, in Paris. July 28.

Virchow, Rudolf (1821), distinguished pa-
thologist, in Berlin, Sept. 5.

Vivekananda, Swami, Hindoo philosopher,
in monastery near Calcutta, India, iu July.

Von Gossler, Heinrich (1841), formr Prus-
sian minister of war, at Dazig, Germany,
Sept. 29.

Wolf, Luie (1833), actress, In Christiania,
Oct. 6.

Yang Yu. Chinese minister to Russia, in
St. Petersburg, Feb. 17.

Zola, Emile (1840), author, in Paris, Sept.


Abel, Jonathan (1832), capitalist, in Chi-
cago, Feb. 1.

Altgeld, John P. (1847), former governor of
Illinois, at Joliet, 111., March 12.

Ambrose, George W. (1839), former judge,
in Chicago, May 5.

Apfel, Philip (1830), pioneer, in Chicago,
March 8.

Baggot, Edward (1834), plumber, in Chi-
cago, Jan. 23.

Bangs, Mark (1822), jurist, in Chicago,
June 23.

Barclay, James C. (1831), druggist, at Oak
Park, Jan. 23.

Barker, Joseph N. (1824), lawyer, in Chi-
cago, May 13.

Barwlck, John (1838), real-estate dealer, in
Chicago, Sept. 1.

Bailsman, Andrew B. (1853), physician, in
Chicago, Oct. 21.

Baxter, Andrew J. (1837), retired surgeon,
in Chicago, Oct. 25.

Berry, John (1850), candy manufacturer, at
Hot Springs, Ark., June 27.

Bond, Joseph (1852), president American
Radiator company, in Chicago, Aug. 8.

Bonnefoi, Henry (1850), justice of the peace,
in Chicago, Nov. 27.

Booth, Alfred (1828), head of fish-packing
house, in Chicago, March 5.

Bowles, Stephen B. (1830), broker, in Chi-
cago, May 3.

Brainard, Frederick B. (1858), lieutenant-
commander U. S. N., retired, at Los
Angeles, Cal., March 25.

Brintnall, Solva (1817), banker, in Chicago,
June 8.

Brookman, Frank E. (1853), manufacturer,
in Chicago, Feb. 16.

Brown, Henry H. (1832), underwriter, in
Chicago, Sept. 29.

Brown, Thomas (1817), lake captain, in Chi-
cago. Jan. 21.

Buschwah, Peter, real-estate dealer, in Chi-
cago, Feb. 14.



Bush, Dr. Lorenzo (1819), pioneer dentist,
in Chicago, Sept. 10.

Carpenter, John S. (1846), member board of
trade, in Chicago, March 10.

Carr, Christian (1824), hardware merchant,
in Chicago, Feb. 10.

Carter, Eugene (1854), billiard expert, In
Chicago, Jan. 2.

Castle, Mrs. Hetty M. (1843). former act-
ress, in Chicago, Sept. 16.

Chase, Charles E. (1828), former member of
board of trade, in Chicago, March 16.

Church, Mrs. Rebecca (1820), a resident of
Chicago since 1833, Jan. 4.

Clark, Jonathan (1828), pioneer builder of
Chicago, at FruTTland, Fla., Feb. 5.

Clark, Lucius (1856), promoter, in Chicago,
Aug. 7.

Clark, Mrs. S. H., caterer, at Stockton,
Cal., Feb. 9.

Cook, Orrin S. (1831), pioneer, in Chicago,
July 30.

Cornell, William P. (1859), newspaper writ-
er. In Chicago, Nov. 4.

Cory, Alphonso L. (1851), surgeon, in Chi-
cago, Sept. 25.

Cox, Jesse (1843), lawyer, in Chicago, Sept. 10.

Crane, Mary Potter (1846), charity worker,
in Chicago, Feb. 27.

Crane, Mrs. Richard T. (1833), at Lake Ge-
neva, Wis., Sept. 13.

Culbertson, Charles M. (1819), Chicago pio-
neer, at Hot Springs, Ark.. Dec. 2, 1901.

Culver, Belden F. (1829), Chicago pioneer,
at Asheville, N. C.. Nov. 12.

Curran. Hugh, democratic politician, in
Chicago, Nov. 18.

Davis, Jehiel K. (1848), educator, in Chi-
cago, Feb. 5.

Dean, Ebenezer B. (1830), pioneer real-
estate dealer, in Chicago, April 30.

Dean, Thaddeus (1829), pioneer lumberman,
in Chicago, April 17.

Dole, Ja~mes H. (1824), a charter member
of the board of trade and resident of tue
city since 1847, In Chicago, Feb. 17.

Donegan. James (1840). keeper of crib off
Chicago avenue, in Chicago. April 16.

Doty, Duane (1835), agent town of Pullman,
in Chicago, Nov. 17.

Dupee, Charles A. (1831), lawyer. In Chi-
cago, March 26.

Effinger, Dr. John R. (1835). Unitarian
clergyman, in Chicago, March 14.

Ehlen, Frederick D. (1821). pioneer wheel-
wright, in Chicago, Feb. 25.

Eichheim, Meinard (1838), pioneer musician,
at Chicago, Dec. 6, 1901.

Eisendrath, Nathan (1823), pioneer, In Chi-
cago, April 27.

Enright, John (1847), police lieutenant. In
Chicago, Jan. 24.

Errant, Sigismund W. (1821), accountant,
in Chicago, Jan. 21.

Feehan, Patrick A. (1829), archbishop, In
Chicago. July 12.

Fenger, Dr. Christian (1840), noted surgeon,
in Chicago, March 7.

Fitzpatrick, John E., former inspector of
police, in Chicago, March 26.

Free, John H. (1858), insurance, in Chicago,
Sept. 14.

French, Byron W. (1837), Insurance, In Chi-
cago, Aug. 24.

Gazzolo, Frank (1828), capitalist, in Chi-
cago, May 7.

Geddes, Alexander (1843), grain merchant of
Chicago, at Blair More, Scotland, July 1.

Gibson, J. J. (1851). photographer, in Chi-
cago, Oct. 9.

Gobel, EHas F. (1834), pioneer contractor,
in Chicago. March 20.

Goodman, James F. (1823), pioneer miner,
in Chicago. March 15. ,

Gottfried, Mathcus (1822), Chicago brewer,
at Elkhart Lake. Wis., Nov. 3.

Grier, John A., former naval officer, in Chi-
cago, Nov. 18.

Gruenhut, Joseph (1842), labor writer, in
Chicago, Feb. 28.

Qunderson, Fremont T. (1860), printer, in
Chicago. July 31.

Guthmann, Sigmund (1852), merchant, in
Chicago, July 2.

Ham, Charles H. (1831), lawyer, journalist
and former appraiser of port of Chicago,
at Montclair, N. J., Oct. 16.

Harz, Caesar O., liveryman, in Chicago,
Fi-b. 1 (murdered).

Hill, James (1815), clergyman, in Chicago,
Nov. 13.

Hirst, A. C. (1838), clergyman, at May-
wood, 111., July 10.

Hofmann, A. M. (1851), brewer, in Chicago,
Sept. 24.

Hoglund. Charles H. (1861), justice, in Chi-
cago, Jan. 9.

Holabird, William, Jr. (1884), noted golf
player, at Evanston. 111.. Aug. 19.

Holdom, Dr. Newton P. (1820), Chicago pio-
neer, in Detroit, Mich.. June 8.

Holmes, Charles J. (1861). member of the
board of education, in Chicago. May 3.

Holmes, Hector Adams (1829). inventor of
twine binder, in Chicago, Oct. 22.

Hoops, Charles H. (1859), capitalist, in
Chicago, March 2.

Hull, Perry A. (1850), lawyer and politician,
in Beaumont, Tex., April 12.

Ingalls, Charles F. (1817), pioneer, in Chi-
cago, July 2.

Isliain. Edward S. (1836). lawyer, in New
York, Feb. 16.

Jackson, William G., newspaper writer, at
Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 7.

Jackson. William (1835), pioneer, in Chica-
go, March 2.

Jackson, Willis G. (1845), real-estate deal-
er, at Tbomasville, Ga.. Feb. 1.

Jacobs, Benjamin F. (1834). leader in Sun-
day school work, in Chicago, Juno 23.

Jacobsohn, Prof. S. E. (1839), musician, in
Chicago. Oct. 3.

Jessel, Edward A. (1810), auctioneer, In
Chicago, June 3.

Jones. Mrs. J. M. W., at Palm Beach, Fla.,
March 1.

Kendig, Mrs. Abbey E., old resident of
Chicago. Feb. 25.

Kent, William E. (1858), alderman, burned
to death in St. Luke sanitarium fire, in
Chicago, June 9.

Kinzie, Arthur M. (1823), grandson of first
white settler in Chicago, at Riverside,
111.. May 10.

Knies, Thomas Y. (1826), manufacturer, at
LaGrange, 111., Jan. 6.

Kramer. Ferdinand (1839), dry-goods dealer,
in Chicago, Sept. 28.

Lammers, Joseph A. (1859), former alder-
man, in Chicago, Aug. 20.

Lewis, William (1842), violinist, in Chicago.
May 29.

Lombard, Josiah L. (1833), Chicago real-
estate dealer, at Pasadena, Cal., April 7.

Loomis, Mason B. (1838), jurist, In Evans-
ton. Oct. 3.

Luettke. Albert (1857). president Deutscher
Krieger Verein, in Chicago, Sept. 16.

Lyon. John F. (1835), real estate, at River-
side, Sept. 8.

Martin, Thomas F., veteran locomotive en-
gineer, in Chicago, April 1.



Mathcws, George W. (1827), merchant tai-
lor, iu Chicago, Feb. 17.

Mayer, Benjamin (1854), dry-goods mer-
chant, in Chicago, March 24.

McKey, Edward B. (1853), real-estate deal-
er, in Chicago, Aug. 23.

Meek, Frank, former Chicago alderman, in
Buffalo. N. Y., Sept. 15.

Miller, John Philip, builder of waterworks,
in Chicago, May 21.

Mills, Walter N. (1821), pioneer merchant,
in Chicago, Nov. 22.

Minier, George W. (1813), clergyman. In
Chicago, Feb. 18.

Mueller, Carl C. (1839), grain-commission
merchant, in Chicago, Oct. r>.

Moeller, Clarence (1857), single-tax advo-
cate, in Chicago, April 22.

Montgomery, Joseph K. (1817), confederate
naval officer, in Chicago, Aug. 4.

Moore, Alfred (1850), lawyer, in Chicago,
Jan. 8.

Moore, Silas Milton (1830), insurance, at
Pasadena, Cal., Jan. 1.

Mulvane, Dr. Phineas I. (1837), physician,
in Chicago, Jan.' 10.

McDonald, Kdwurd P. (1867), lawyer, in
Chicago, Aug. 1.

McGreer, Fred B., scenic artist, in San
Francisco, Cal.. Jan. 13.

McMahon. Patrick (1899), pioneer, in Chi-
cago, March 25.

ileNaughton, J. C. (1837), bank cashier, in
Chicago, Sept. 19.

Neemes, John Cj (1839), confectioner, in
Chicago. March 16.

Nevins, Alexander G. (1858), newspaper
writer, in Chicago, April 9.

Onahan, Mrs. Wm. J., in Chicago, March 10.

Otis, Joseph E. (1830), pioneer business
man, in Chicago, M'ar6h 7.

Ovitt, Almyron W. (1836), retired business
man, in Chicago, April 10.

Paeth, Carl A. (1854), theologian, at Naper-
ville. 111., Feb. 16.

Painter, William W. (1843), clergyman, In
Chicago, Sept. 16.

Palmer, Potter (1826), widely known busi-
ness man and capitalist. In Chicago,
May 4.

Parent, Arthur M. (1860), manager Pullman
works, in Chicago, Feb. 2.

Park, Richard H. (1834), Chicago sculptor,
at Battle Creek, Mich.. Oct. 8.

Parker, Col. Francis W. (1838), educator,
at Pass Christian, Miss., March 2.

Pearce, John Irving (1827), pioneer hotel
man, in Chicago, July 4.

Pearsons, John A. (1818), pioneer settler,
at Kvanston, 111., Jan. 25.

Peavey, Frank H. (1850), elevator owner, in
Chicago, Dec. 30, 1901.

Pickands, Henry S. (1834), ore shipper, In
Chicago, Dec. 16. 1901.

Pratt, John (1818), pioneer, in Chicago,
Feb. 13.

Potter, .William Ii. (1826), former manager

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