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North Chicago rolling mills, in Chicago,
April 20.

Price, Mrs. MellBda S. (1823), pioneer resi-
dent, in Chicago, Feb. 23.

Pulsifer, Edward F. (1813), capitalist, in
Chicago, Aug. 6.

Read, Francis A. (1822), methodist clergy-
man, in Rogers Park, Oct. 8.

Reno, Charles A. (1818), pioneer coal dealer,

in Chicago, Jan. 19.

Rhodes, R. S. (1842), publisher, killed by
train near River Grove, 111., May 13.

Rice, Mrs. Mary B. (1843), educator, in Chi-
cago, Aug. 26.

Rosenbaurn, Morris (1837), member of thrs
board of trade, in Chicago, Jan. 16.

liothschild, A. M, (1853), merchant, in Chi-
cago, July 28.

Rutter, David (1846), coal merchant, in
Highland Park, 111., May 16.

Salisbury, William H. (1817), merchant. In
Chicago, Feb. 19.

Salomon, Julius (1862), former north town
collector, in Chicago, May 13.

Sam Moy, leader of Chinese in Chicago, in
Milwaukee, April 19.

Schaaf, Adam (1849), piano manufacturer,
in Chicago. July 21.

Schweinfurt'h, Frank (1837), pioneer, in Chi-
cago, June 11.

Scribner, William M. (1824), educator. In
Chicago, Jan. 15.

Scripps, George B. (1849), president adver-
tising agency, in Chicago, Nov. 18.

Sherman, John B. (1825), founder of the
Union Stock Yard and Transit company,
in Chicago, Feb. 25.

Sherwood, Henry M. (1831), pioneer, in Chi-
cago, July 5.

Sindelar. Joseph, alderman, in Chicago,
Feb. 22.

Singer, Isaac .A., manufacturer, at Atlan-
tic City, N. J., Sept. 26.

Slayton, Reuben, detective, in Chicago,
Feb. 26.

Smart, Elisha (1815), pioneer, in Chicago,
March 21.

Smith, Dunlap (1863), real-estate dealer, in
Chicago, Dec. 25. 1901.

Sorg, Paul J. (184J5). former congressman, at
Middletown, O., May 28.

Stanley, Francis W. (1856), wholesale fruit
dealer, in Chicago, Nov. 16.

Stearns. John, retired merchant. In Chica-
go, March 3.

Stewart, Samuel J. (1831), merchant, in
Chicago, May 14.

Sturges. James C. (1829), banker, in Chica-
go, May 2.

Tatham, Robert L. (1849), lawyer, in Chi-
cago, April 23.
Therien, E. J. (1853), clergyman, in Chiea-

go, Aug. 11.

Stephen (1822), pioneer, in Chicago,

March 9.
Tooker, Robert Newton (1841), physician. In

Chicago, Nov. 9.
Upham, Mrs. Frederick W. (1866), in Chi-

cago, June 19.

Vallis, Frank (1823), pioneer, In Chicago,

July 17.
Van Pelt, John (1836). former county com-

missioner, in New York, Hay 10.
Walker, Dr. John B. (1828), oculist, in Chi-

cago, April 15.
Wallace, Andrew (1825), manufacturer. In

Chicago, May 20.
Wallace, M. R. M. (1827), justice, in Chi-

cago, March 6.
Waller, Mrs. Lucy (1823), widow of James

B. Waller, in Chicago, Jan. 6.
Walsh. James (1830), former alderman, In

Chicago, Sept. 26.
Warfleld, Edwin A. (1842), real-estate agent,

in Chicago, March 21.
Warner, Francis (1819), Illinois pioneer, In

WiJrnette./Ill., March 3.
Warner, Philo I. (1827), pioneer, at Wauke-

gan, Jan. 15.
Webb, James Arthur (1862), ticket broker,

in Chicago, March 1.
Werkrnels'ter, Mrs. Maria (1844). charity

worker, in Chicago, March 6.
Weston, Milton (1843), pioneer. In Chicago,

Feb. 24:



U'hevler, Charles W. (H39). grain mer-
chant of Chicago, at Cannes, France,
.March 14.

Williams, Robert A. (1836), former chief of
tire department, in Chicago. M'ay 18.

Williams, Simeon B. (1815), of Chicago, in
Berlin, Germany, Sept. 4.

Wise, Dr. Julius (1S51), writer, in Chicago,
April 19.

Withrow, Mrs. Thomas F. (1838), old resi
dent of Chicago, in San Diego, Cal.
March 13.

Woodward, Alfred W. (1839), physician, ii
Chicago, Nov. 10.

Wrenn, Julia A. (1842), wife of John H.
Wreun, in Chicago. June 26.

Young, Frank W. (1834), lawyer, in Chica-
go, April 7.


Albany, N. Y. C. M. Argensinger.
Allegheny, Pa. James A. Grier.
Baltimore, Md. S. Davis Warfleld.
Boston, Mass. George A. Hibbard.
Buffalo, N. Y. Fred Greiner.
Cainden, N. J. Louis T. Devousse.
Charleston, S. C. W. H. Harris.
Chicago, 111. F. E. Coyne. t

Cincinnati, O. E. B. Monfort.
Cleveland, O. C. C. Dewstoe.
Columbus, O. R. M. Rowen.
Dayton, O. F. B. G. Withoft.
Denver, Col. John C. Twombley.
Des Moines, Iowa Lewis Schooler.
Detroit, Mich. F. B. Dickerson.
Dulutn, Minn. E. L. Fisher.
Fall River, Mass. George A. Ballard.
Fort Wayne, Ind. William D. Page.
Galveston, Tex. Harry A. Griffin.
Grand Rapids, Mich. Loomis K. Bishop.
Hartford, Conn. Edward B. Bennett.
Indianapolis, Ind. George F. McGinnis.
Jersey City, N. J. Peter F. Wanser.
Kansas City, Mo. James H. Harris.
Lincoln, Neb. E. R. Sizer.
Los Angeles, Cal. Lewis A. Groff.
Louisville, Ky. Thomas H. Baker.
Lowell, Mass. A. G. Thompson.
Memphis, Tenn. T. W. Dutro.
Milwaukee, Wis. E. R. Stillman.

Minneapolis, Minn. S. B. Lovejoy.
Nashville, Tenn. A. W. Wills.
Newark, N. J. James L. Hays.
New Haven, Conn. J. A. Howarth.
New Orleans, La. J. W. Kearney.
New York, N. Y. Cornelius Van Coft.
Omaha, Neb. Joseph Crow.
Paterson, N. J. George W. Pollitt.
Peoria, 111. William E. Hull.
Philadelphia, Pa. Clayton McMiehael.
Pittsburg, Pa. G. L. Holliday.
Portland, Me. C. Barker.
Portland, Ore. A. B. Croasman.
Providence, R. I. Clinton D. Sellew.
Reading, Pa. A. M. High.
Richmond, Va. W. T. Knight.
Rochester, N. Y. James S. Graham.
St. Joseph, Mo. A. W. Brewster.
St. Louis, Mo. F. W. Baumhott.
St. Paul, Minn. Andrew R. McGill.
Salt Lake City, Utah A. L. Thomas.
San Antonio, Tex. G. G. Clifford.
San Francisco, Cal. W. \t. Montague
Seattle, Wash. G. M. Stewart.
Springfield, 111. L. E. Wheeler.
Springfield, Mass. Louis C. Hyde.
Toledo, O. W. H. Tucker.
Trenton, N. J. A. E. Yard.
Troy, N. Y. J. A. Leggett.
Wilmington, Del. William H. Heald.


Albany, N. Y. Charles H. Gaus, Rep.
Allegheny, Pa. John R. Murphy. Rep.
Baltimore, Md. Thomas G. Hayes, Dem.
Boston, Mass. Patrick A. Collins, Dem.
Buffalo. N. Y. E. C. Knight, Rep.
Camden, N. J. J. E. Nowrey. Dem.
Charleston, S. C. J. Adger Smyth. Dem.
Chicago. 111. Carter H. Harrison, Dem.
Cincinnati, O. Julius Fleischmann, Rep.
Cleveland, O. Tom L. Johnson, Dem.
Columbus, O. John N. Hinkle, Dem.
Dayton, O. Charles A. 'Sugden, Dem.
Denver, Col. Robert R. Weight, Jr., Rep.
Des Moines, Iowa J. M. Brentou, Rep.
Detroit, Mich. William C. Maybury, Dem.
Duluth. Minn. F. W. Hugo, Rep.
Fall River, Mass. George Grime, Rep.
Fort Wayne, Ind. H. C. Berghoff, Dem.
Galveston, Tex. William T. Austin,* Dem.
Grand Rapids, Mich. W. M. Palmer, Rep.
Hartford, Conn. I. A. Sullivan, Dem.
Indianapolis, Ind. C. A. Bookwalter, Rep.
Jersey City, N. J. .Mark M. Fagan, Rep.
Kansas City, Mo. James A. Reed, Dem.
Lincoln, Neb. H. J. Winnett, Rep.
Los Angeles, Cal. M. R. Snyder, Rep.
Louisville, Ky. C. F. Grainger, Dem.
Lowell. Mass. Charles A. R. Dimon. Dem.
Memphis, Tenn. J. J. Williams, Dem.

Milwaukee, Wis. David S. Rose, Dem.
Minneapolis, Minn. James C. Haynes, Dem.
Nashville, Tenn. James M. Head, Dem.
Newark, N. J. H. M. Doremus, Rep.
New Haven, Conn. John P. Studley, Rep.
New Orleans, La. Paul Capdevielle, Dem.
New York, N. Y. Seth Low, Fus.
Omaha. Neb. Frank E. Moores, Rep.
Paterson, N. J. John Hinchcliffe, Dem.
Peoria, 111. William F. Bryan, Dem.
Philadelphia. Pa. S. H. Ashbridge, Rep.
Pittsburg, Pa. J. O. Brown.t Rep.
Portland, Ore. George H. Williams, Rep.
Providence, R. I. D. I. D. Granger, Dem.
Reading, Pa. Edward Yeager, Dem.
Richmond, Va. R. M. Taylor, Dem.
Rochester, N. Y. A. J. Rodenbeck, Rep.
St. Louis, Mo. Rolla Wells, Dem.
St. Paul, Minn. Robert A. Smith, Dem.
Salt Lake City, Utah E. Thompson, Rep.
San Antonio, Tex. Marshall Hicks, Dem.
San Francisco, Cal. E. E. Schmltz, Lab.
Seattle, Wash. T. J. Plumes, Rep.
Springfield, 111. J. L. Phillips, Rep.
Springfield, Mass. Ralph W. Ellis. Rep.
Toledo, O. Samuel M. Jones. Nonpartisan.
Trenton, N. J. F. S. Katzenbach, Jr., Dem.
Troy, N. Y. D. E. Conwav, Dem.
Wilmington. Del. G. M. Fisher, Rep.

President board of commissioners. tCity recorder.

The lighthouse on the Vierge Isle, off
Brest, France, installed March 4, 1902, Is
said to be highest in the world. The lan-

tern is 330 feet above the sea and is visi-
ble thirty-nine miles.



Ebmts of 1902.



Alexander City, Ala. Partly destroyed by
flre June 13; loss, $750,000.

Atlantic City, N. J., April 3 Twelve ho-
tels and other property destroyed; lo.>s,
about $1,000,000.

Battle Creek, Mich., Feb. 18 Adventist
sanitarium burned; one life lost and s.x
persons seriously injured; property loss,

Beaumont, Tex., Sept. 11-12 Fire in oil field
causes loss of $200,000.

Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 23 Louis Saks'
clothing store burned; loss. $24u,000.

Bloomington, 111., Sept. 3 'Drug aod dry-
goods stores burned; loss, $200,000.

Boston, Mass., Jan. 28 Nine persons burned
to death in a tenement house tire.

Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 12 Family of seven
burned to death.

Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 9 Shadbolt factory
burned; fourteen persons injured; lose,

Brooklyn, N. Y., May 21 Block of tene-
ment houses burned; loss, $250,000.

Buffalo, N. Y., May 5 Wells elevator
burned; loss, $225,000.

Chicago, Jan. 4 Building occupied by
James Curtis & Co., Jefferson and Monroe
streets, burned; loss, $200.000.

Chicago, Jan. 12 American Malting com-
pany's elevator burned; loss, $250,000.

Chicago, Jan. 29 Nine persons hurt in flre
at 160-162 Superior street; loss, $80,000.

Chicago, Jan. 30 Griswold storage ware-
house burned; loss, $100,000.

Chicago, Feb. 6 Varsity flats burned; five
firemen injured.

Chicago, Feb. 7 Fires at 148 Michigan ave-
nue and 38 Randolph street cause loss
of $222,000.

Chicago, Feb. 10 Orpheon Theater building
damaged by fire; loss, $75,000; one life

Chicago, April 1 Voss Manufacturing com-
pany's plant burned; loss, $180,000.

Chicago, April 11 Renfost apartment build-
ing burned; one fireman killed; loss, $250,-

Chicago, April 20 Monterey apartment
building; one killed and two injured; loss",

Chicago. April 21 Vincennes hotel burned;
loss, $150,000.

Chicago, May 16 Armour lard refinery dam-
aged to the extent of $1,000,000; forty
spectators at the fire injured by collapse
of runway.

Chicago. May 30 Hawthorne racetrack
buildings burned; loss. $100.000.

Chicago, June 9 St. Luke sanitarium, for-
merly the Hut el Woodruff, burned; ten
lives lost and forty-three patients injured.

Chicago, July 5 Swift & Co.'s office at the
Union stockyards burned; less, $200.000.

Chicago, July 6 Three buildings at 305-313
Wabaah avenue burned: loss, $325,000.

Chicago. July 30 Eire in the Lipton pack-
ing plant causes loss of $250.000.

Chicago, Oct. 3 Fire in buildings at 15 to
21 Randolph street causes loss of $150,000.

Chicago, Oct. 8 Plttsburg Plate Glass com-
pany's building at Wabash avenue and
Peck place; loss. $100.000.

Chicago. Oct. 21-2'J-Fire in plant of Corn
Products company's building causes loss
of eight lives and $400.000.

Chicago, Oct. 31 Malt warehouse on Illi-
nois street burned; loss $300.000.

Chicago, Dvc. 4 Fourteen lives lost by
burning of Lincoln hotel at 176 Madison
street; many others injured by jumping
from windows.

Cincinnati, O., Sept. 4 Odeon theater
burned; loss, $100,000.

Clinton, N. C., July 6 Forty-two buildings
burned; loss. $100,000.

Columbus, O., Jan. 21 Four wholesale firms
burned out; loss, $250,000.

Cooperville, Ont., April 24 Loss, $100,000.

Creede, Col., June 18 Block of buildings on
Main street burned: loss, $200,000.

Croghan, N. Y., April 24 Fire causes loss
of $300,000.

Dallas, Tex., April 20 Two persons fatally
hurt and property valued at $370,000 de-

Dallas, Tex., July 8 Wholesale drug and
paper houses burned; loss, $225,000.

Dinkelsbuhl, Bavaria, Germany, Feb. 26
Fifteen firemen killed by a falling wall.

Dwight, 111., Feb. 4 Keeley institute labor-
atory, hotel and other buildings burned;
loss, $300,000.

Elberton, Ga., Feb. 9 Business section of
the city burned: loss, $100,000.

Fairmont, W. Va., Jan. 21 Seven men
burned to death in a lumber camp.

Gamti, Egypt, May 3 Fifty persons' killed
and hundreds of stores and residences de-
stroyed by -fire.

Glens Falls, N. Y., April 27 Factories and
other buildings destroyed; loss, $500,000.

Guayaquil, Ecuador. July 16-17 Fire de-
stroys ninety blocks of houses; loss, $5,-

Horton, Kas., Feb. 7 Car works of the
Rock Island railroad burned; two lives
lost; property loss, $250,000.

Jersey City. N. J., Feb. 9 Lehlgh Valley
railroad pier burned; loss, $250.000.

Lafayette, Ind., Feb. 20-21 Business block
burned; loss, $200,000.

Laurvig, Norway, July 1 Fire destroys 150
buildings; loss, $275,000.

IxHidon, England, June 9 Nine girls killed
and fifteen injured in a flre.

Lourenco Marquez, July 3 British military
stores burned; loss, $2,500,000.

Manchester. N. H., Jan. 14 The Kenuard
office building burned; loss, $500,000.

Marionville, Pa., April 24 One hundred and
fifty buildings burned; loss, $300,000.

Marshalltown, Iowa, March 4 Tremont ho-
tel burned; seven persons injured; loss,

Matane, Que., .March 9 Mother and nine
children burned to death.

Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 20 Two firemen
killed and two injured by falling walls.

Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 30 Minneapolis
Paper company's building burned; loss,
$250,000; six firemen hurt.

Mobile, Ala., Jan. 25 Two lives lost and
$300,000 worth of property destroyed in
wholesale district.

New Milford, Conn., May 5 Business sec-
tion of city destroyed by fire; loss, $500,000.

New York. Feb. 22 Park Avenue hotel and
71st regiment armory burned; seventeen
lives lost: loss on property, $750,000.

New York. March 19 Fire in Hoboken slips
destroys steamship Queen, seven lighters
and a pier; loss, about $1,000,000.



New York, Aug. 19 Five persona burned to

death in tenement house.
Norfolk, Va., Jan. 31 Atlantic hotel and

other buildings burned; loss, $900,000.
Norfolk, Va., May 1 Block of business

structures burned; loss, $250,000.
Opelika, Ala., June 13 Business part of the

city destroyed; loss. $750,000.
Paterson, N. J., Feb. 9 Fire in the business

district destroys twenty-six blocks of the

finest buildings in the city, causing a loss

of $8,000,000.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 29 Two business blocks

burned; loss, $200,000; six firemen hurt.
Portland, Me., Aug. 24 Five persons burned

to death in a residence.

Portland, Ore., June 22 Six blocks of build-
Ings burned; loss, $600,000.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 15 Thirty-eight lives

known to have been lost in forest fires;

property loss, $1,500.000.
Bed Oak, Iowa, April 24 Many buildings

burned; loss, $275,000.
Rock-away Beach, N. Y., June 1 A dozen

hotels and other structures burned; four

lives lost; damage to property, $120,000.
Rossland, B. C.. Aug. 25 Business part of

city burned; loss, $100,000.
St. Louis. Mo., Jan. 15 Building at 1008

St. Charles street burned; lose, $250,000.

St. Louis. Mo., Jan. 28 Wholesale building

at 7th street and Washington avenue

burned; loss, $500,000,
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 4 Twelve firemen

killed and several injured by collapse of

walls of a burning building.
St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 9 Empire hotel burned;

eleven lives lost.
St. Pierre, Miquelon, Nov. 1 Main portion

of town burned; loss, $500,000.
San Angelo, Tex., Aug. 10 Ten persons

burned to death in hotel fire.
Saratoga, N. Y., June 9 The Arcade and

other buildings burned; five persons killed;

property loss, $300,000.
Sioux City, Iowa, Nov. 16 Armour & Co.'s

packing plant burns: loss. $870,000.
South Mills, S. C.. Feb. 14 The town al-
most destroyed by fire; loss. $500,000; 400

families made homeless.
Springfield, O., Feb. 10 East stj-eet shop

burned; loss, $500,000.
Stockton, Cal., Sept. 28 The agricultural

pavilion and two blocks of residences

burned; loss, $500,000.
Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 2-3 Thirty-three

buildings in business center burned; loss,

Worcester, Mass., Feb. 21 Rose Petit

orphanage burned; two lives lost.


Alfonso, British steamer, sunk in collision

with Spanish steamer Vilvela off Aveiro,

Portugal, Jan. 4 Nineteen seamen

drowned; Vilvela also sunk.
Algoa Bay, South Africa, .Aug. 31-Sept. 1

Thirty-eight vessels driven ashore in a

gale; seventy lives lost.
Anlaby, English steam trawler, lost in

storm oft Iceland about Feb. 1 Twelve

men drowned.

Anna Maria, schooner, wrecked off Kin-
cardine, Ont., Oct. 8 Five men drowned.
Antelope and Belle of Oregon, barges, lost

in storm on Atlantic coast Feb. 2 Nine

lives lost.
Arab Steed, Norwegian bark, sunk in North

sea early in January Twenty-two

Barklow. schooner, founders in Lake Erie

April 26 Three lives lost.
Bosnia, steamer, sunk in Black sea Nov.

18 One hundred and fifty persons drowned.
Bristol, steam collier, wrecked in Pacific

ocean off Green island, British Columbia,

Jan. 2 Seven drowned.

Cambrian Prince. British ship, sunk in col-
lision off British coast April 1 Eleven

lives lost.
Oamorta, British steamer, lost in Bay of

Bengal, probably May 6 Seven hundred

and thirty-nine lives lost.
Celtic, sohooner, lost in Lake Huron Nov.

29; eight lives lost.
Chanaral, French ship, founders off Ushant

Feb. 3 Twenty-one men drowned.
Cheribon. Chilean steamer, wrecked on reef

off Salvador April 12 All saved.
City of Pittsburg, passenger steamer, burned

at Ogden's landing on the Ohio river

April 20 Seventy lives lost.
Condor. British warship, lost in heavy gale

on the Pacific about Dec. 3, 1902. with

140 men on board Wreckage found Feb.

5 near Victoria, B. C.
Condor, Spanish gunboat, badly damaged

by boiler explosion Jan. 25 Two killed and

nine injured.

City of Venice, lake steamer, sunk in col-
lision oft Rondeau. Ont., Aug. 5 Three

lives lost.

Elingamite, British steamer, wrecked near
New Zealand Nov. 9- Forty lives lost.

Enero, Spanish steamer, sunk in collision
off Dungeness Twenty-two drowned.

Frolic, naphtha launch, run down by a tug
on the Maumee, near Toledo, O., May 7
Seven persons drowned.

George Dunbar, steamer, founders in Lake
Erie in gale June 29 Six lives lost.

Grecian, Allan-Furness liner, wrecked on
the rocks in Halifax harbor Feb. 9 No
lives lost.

Hekla, Norwegian steamer, stink in colli-
sion off Newcastle, England, April 23
Seven men droxvned.

Holyrood. British steamer, sunk in collision
March 27, 175 miles west of Fastnet No
lives lost.

Huronian, Allan line steamship. Glasgow
for St. John, N. B., Feb. 11, missing One
hundred and five lives lost.

Jacob Kuper, tug, destroyed by explosion
of boiler Aug. 13 Four men killed.

^Tohn W. Ailes, Pittsburg towboat, de-
stroyed by boiler explosion Feb. 4 One
man killed and seven injured.

Jules Jean Baptiste, French sailing vessel,
lost on French coast some time in Feb-
ruary Eighty lives lost.

Kai Chih. Chinese cruiser, blown up on the
Yangtse Kiang by explosion June 22 One
hundred and forty-eight lives lost.

Knud II., Danish steamer, sunk in collv
sion at mouth of Tyne Nov. 20 Eight
persons drowned.

Lockwood, C. B., steamer, founders off Ash-
tabula, O., Oct. 13 Ten of crew lost.

Macy, Sylvanus J., steamer, founders in
gale on Lake Erie Nov. 23; twenty lives

Nithsdale. British steamer, wrecked on reef
near Cardiva island, Indian ocean Four-
teen lives lost.

Pere Marquette No. 3, steamer, wrecked on
bar at Ludington, Mich., Jan. 17 All on
board saved.

Primus, steamer, sunk in collision on the
Elbe July 21 One hundred and twelve
persons drowned.


Prinz Alexander, Dutch mail steamer, sunk
in collision in the straits of Malacca July
29 Twenty-one lives lost.

Providence, river packet, capsized lu a
squall at loue landing on the Mississippi
March 12 Twenty-one lives lost.

Uaveuna, Mississippi river steamer, upset
in gale df wind at Maquoketa Chute, Iowa,
June 12 Four drowned.

Sakkarab. German steamer carrying $1,500,-
000 in gold, wrecked off the coast of Chile
between April 24 and May 13 No lives

iShearwater, U. S. customs steamer, wrecked
in typhoon off island of Marinduque,
P. I., July 15 Nineteen drowned.

Sybil, schooner, left the Solomon islands
in April with 110 persons on board; not

heard of since.

Thomas Percival, tug. explodes at Green-
point, L. I., April 24 Four men killed.

Tiber, Dominion line steamer, off the Nova
Scotian coast; wreck found March 16
Twenty lives lost.

Waeslaud, International Navigation com-
pany steamship, sunk in collision off the
coast of Wales March 6 Two lives lost.

Wadena, barge, stranded off Chatham,
Mass., March 17 Crew of five men and
lifesaving crew of seven drowned.

Walla Walla, steamship, sunk in collision
off Meudociuo, Gal., Jan. 2 Forty-one lives

Wilson, whaleback, sunk in collision near
Duluth, Minn., June 7 Nine lives lost.'


Black Diamond, Wash., Oct. 1 Twelve men
killed by fire-damp explosion in Lawson

Bluelield, W. Va., Sept. 15 Seventeen men
killed by an explosion in Big Four mine.

Bon Air, Term., Feb. 11 Fifteen men in-
jured by dust explosion in mine.

Bowen, Col., Aug. 7 Thirteen nlen killed
by explosion in coal mine.

Coahuila, Mex., Feb. 1 One hundred and
two men killed by explosion in Hondo

Coal Creek, Tenn., May 19 Two hundred
and twenty-seven men and boys killed in
Fraterville coal mine by gas explosion.

Dayton, Tenn.. March 31 Nineteen men
killed by coal-dust explosion in Nelson

Dover, N. J., June 26 Five men killed in
the Richard mine.

Dow, I. T., Jan. 13 Ten men killed by ex-
plosion in mine.

Fernie, B. C., May 23 One hundred and
fifty-one miners killed by gas explosion.


Alton road, Jan. 31 Train derailed near

Pontiac, 111.; five injured.
Baltimore & Ohio, near Pittstmrg. Pa.,

Jan. 1 Two killed and seventeen injured.
Baltimore & Ohio road, near Rockford, Pa..

May 4 Two killed and forty-five injured

in head-on collision.
Baltimore & Ohio road, at L/eesburg, O..

Sept. 18 Passenger train runs into open

switch; two killed and forty-four injured.
Burlington road, near Hyanuis, Neb., ,May

17 Five persons killed and six injured.
Burlington road, at Alma, Wis., May 29

One killed and four injured; all officials

of the road.
Burlington road, at Maiden, 111., Sept. 25

Five men killed in rear-end collision of

stock and passenger trains.
Central Vermont road, at Middlesex, Vt.,

June 15 Five men killed by train running

into washout.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Pan! road, at

Ktter, Minn., July 25 Two killed.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul road, near

Rhodes, Iowa, Aug. 6 Sixteen men killed

and thirty injured in collision.
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha

road, at Ashton, Iowa, June 22 Train de-
railed by defective switch; two killed,

five hurt.
Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf road, Feb. 14

Seven men in a caboose killed by fall of

a great bowlder.
Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf road, near Ard-

more, I. T.. May 20 Four men killed and

Ironwood, Mich., June 10 Three men killed
in Aurora mine by explosion of dynamite.

Johnstown, Pa., July 10 One hundred and
fourteen men killed by explosion in Roll-
ing Mill coal mine.

Monongahela, Pa.. March 6 Five men killed
by explosion in Cattsburg mine.

Negaunee, Mich., Jan. 7 Nine men buried
in Negaunee ore mine.

Oskaloosa, Iowa, Jan. 24 Twenty-one men
killed in Lost Creek coal mines- by gas

Park City Utah, July 16 Explosion In
Daly-West mine kills thirty-five men.

Pruex, Austria, Jn. 14 Forty-three men
drowned by Hooding of mine.

Stafford, W. Va., Sept. 22 Four men killed
and five hurt in coal mine by gas explo-

Walsenburg, Ool., Jan. 20 Six persons
killed In mine explosion.

Wolongong, Australia, July 31 One hundred
and twenty men killed by an explosion in
Mount Kimbla colliery.


twenty-one hurt in construction-train

Colorado Midland, in Ute Pass, Col., June
29 One killed and thirty injured toy train
striking broken rail.

Detroit & Mackinaw road, at Black River,
Mich., June 8 One killed and forty In-
jured in wreck of excursion train.

Erie railroad, near Mahoning, O., Feb. 12
Twenty-itwo persons hurt by derailing of

Grand Rapids & Indiana road, at Wallen,
Ind.. April 27 Thirty persons hurt in col-

Grand Trunk Western road, at Mishawaka,
Ind., May 21 Ten persons badly hurt by

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