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train leaving track.

Great Eastern road, near Hackney Downs
station, England, April 25 Two killed,
sixteen badly and 100 slightly injured.

Illinois Central, at Apple River, 111., Feb.
3 Four killed and six hurt in rear-end

Illinois Central, near Clinton, 111., Feb. 16
Two killed and several injured.

Iowa Central road, near Eldora, Iowa, Feb.
16 Four men killed in a collision.

Lehigh Valley road, at Rochester, N. Y.,
July 20 One killed and 'nineteen hurt in
collision of passenger trains.

Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Ixjuis road,
near Summit, Tenn., June 12 Four per-
sons killed and fifteen injured in collision.

New York Central, in tunnel. New York



city, Jan. 8 Fifteen persons killed and a
score badly injured in a collision.

New York Central, Feb. 25 Seven men
killed and two fatally injured in collision
near Aurelius, N. Y.

Nickel-l'late road, near Knox, Ind., March
14 Train wrecked by running into op,>u
switch; four seriously and many slightly

Northern Pacific road, near Staples, Minn.,
June 20 Six persons killed and thirty-
one injured in head-on collision.

Northwestern road, near Owatouua, Minn..
Aug. 30 Three persons killed and thirty-
eight injured in wreck caused by tornado.

Pamis, France, Sept. 27 Twenty-six persons
killed in train wreck at Arleux.

Pennsylvania road, Johnstown, Pa., Jan. 3
Four killed and five hurt in collision.

Pennsylvania road, near Allegrippus, Pa.,
Feb. 14 Two sections of a freight collide,
killing three men and badly injuring five
others. '

Pennsylvania road, near Xenia, O., July 24
Five persons killed and many injured In

Pittsburg & Western road, at Wittmer. 1'a..
Sept. 19 Five killed and two seriously

Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago road,
near Youngstown, O., March 24 Four
trainmen killed and three injured.

Rock Island, at Victor, Iowa, Jau. 18 Den-
ver limited wrecked by explosion of loco
motive; two killed.

Santa Fe road, at Cama, Mo., April 29
Four persons killed and twenty-two in-

Southern road, at Covesville. Va., March
23 Two killed and ten injured.

Southern road A near Juliette, Ga., June 10
One killed and nineteen injured in col

Southern road, near Berry, Ala., Sept. 1
Excursion train derailed; thirty, persons
killed and eighty-one injured.

Southern Pacific road, near Maxon station,
Tex., March 7 Twelve killed 1 and twenty-
eight injured.

Toledo, Peoria & Western road, near Pe-
oria, July 12 Two killed and four injured
in collision.


Ashio, Japan, Oct. 2 More than 300 copper

miners perish In typhoon.
Atalta, Mex., Aug. 15 Lower part of city

destroyed by tidal wave; fifty lives lost.
Baltimore, July 3 Windstorm sweeps the

city; four lives lost and much damage

Baltimore, Md., July 20 Thirteen persons

killed in hurricane; damage to property

about $400,000.
Berlin, Germany, April 14 Heavy rain and

thunder storm does great damage; nearly

300 houses set on flre by lightning.
Bloomington, June 11 Tornado in central

part of Illinois kills thirteen persons and

does $1,000,000 damage; fatalities at

Merna, Kingston Mines, Morton, Glenn,

Oak Park, Champaign and Gibson City.
Brownstown, Ind. June 25 Two brothers

killed by lightning.
Chesterville, Ont., July 18 Five persons

killed and fifteen injured by tornado.
Cincinnati, O.,. May 20 Wind and rain storm

in city and vicinity causes death of six or

more persons and damage of $1,000,000.
Crown Point, Ind., March 30 Two women

killed by lightning.
Dacca, Bengal, India, May 1 Four hundred

and sixteen persons killed by a tornado.
Decorah, Iowa, May 21 Cloudburst causes

the loss of two lives and $100,000 worth

of property.
Des Moines, Iowa, July 10 Great damage

done by floods; 5,000 persons homeless.
Floods in middle and eastern Tennessee,

March 27-31, cause a loss of twenty-five

or more lives and a property loss of $4,-

Glenrose, Somervell county, Texas, April

28 Town partly destroyed by a tornado;

six persons killed and about fifty injured.
Goliad. Tex., May 18 Ninety -eight persons

killed and 103 injured by tornado; greater

part of residence district destroyed.
Hartford City, Ind., July 9 Two brothers

killed by lightning.
Indiana, June 25 Storm in Hancock, Mfc-

rion, Hamilton and Boone counties causes

loss of $2,000,000; two lives lost.
Iowa, May 1 Tornadoes at Van Wert, Bay-
ard, Lohrville and Adaza injure sixteen

persons and destroy property worth $60,-


Italy, Feb 1 and 2 Forty lives lost in se-
vere storm of snow and rain.

Japan Three hundred fishermen drowned in
gales early in May.

Joliet, 111., June 2 Cloudburst results in
the drowning of three persons and loss to
property of $750,000.

Joplin, Mo., April 25 Four persons killed
by tornado.

Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 10 Loss of $100, OJO
caused by severe windstorm.

Kurrachee, India, -June 16 The town swepl
by a cyclone and tidal wave.

Lake Park, Minn., June 9 From ten to
fifteen persons killed by cyclone in Clay
and Becker counties; many farmhouses

Marietta, O., June 25 Many buildings
wrecked by a tornado; one life lost.

New York, Feb. 2 Severe storm of wind
along Atlantic coast; two tugs sunk elev-
en miles east of Sandy Hook.

Odawara, Japan, Sept. 29 Typhoon and
tidal wave cause the death of 600 persons.

Offerinan, Ga., July 7 Five men killed and
two injured by one bolt of lightning.

Oklahoma, April 21 Hurricane kills seven

Pierre, S. D., June 25 Two men killed by
lightning near city.

Pinerio, Spain, June 24 Twenty-five per-
sons killed by lightning in a church;
thirty-five injured.

Pittsburg, Pa., March 30 Storm of wind
and rain does much damage in the city
and vicinity; seven churches wrecked;
two persons killed and many severely in-

Raymond, Wls., July 2 Tornado kills one
man, injures many and does great damage
to property.

Sicily, Sept. 25 Cyclone causes the death
of hundreds and the destruction of much
property; 200 killed in one town; loss,

Trenton. N. J., Aug. 10 Pottery plant and
several houses destroyed by heavy wind;
loss, $200,000.

Union, S. C., May 25 Six persons killed by
tornado in Union and vicinity.

Vienna, Austria, Jan. 16 More than 100
persons injured in heavy windstorm.

EVENTS OF 11)02.



Belfast, Ireland, Jan. 20 Five persons
killed by the collapse of a factory.

Birmingham, Ala., S>>pt. 19 Une hundred
and ten negroes killed and more than 100
injured in a church panic at annual ses-
sion of baptist association.

Boston, Sept. 7 Powder mapazine In Fort
Winthrop blows up; one killed and five
badly injured.

Boulder, Col., July 5 Twenty persons in-
jured in trolley-c.-ir collision.

Chicago, Jan. 27 Twelve persons Injured In
collision between St. Paul train and two
electric cars in West CliK-ago avenue.

Chicago, Jan. 29 Two ni'.-ii burned to death
and three h'.irt by explosion of molten
metal at South Chicago rolling mills.

Chicago, Feb. 5 Eleven persons killed an-1
many injured by gas explosion on Art-he.-

Chicago, July 2 Twelve persona burned by
easoline explosion.

Chicago, Sept. 4 Twenty-two persons In-
jured in wreck of Milwaukee avenue ca-
ble train.

Chicago, Sept. 21 Elston avenue car jumps
the track; sixteen injured.

Chicago, Nov. 1 Forty persons hurt by fall
of stand at football game.

Chicago. Nov. 16 One killed and a doz n
hurt in collision between street car and
freight train on Western avenue.

Chicago, Nov. 29 Thirteen men killed by
boiler explosion at the Union stockyards.

Cumberland, Md., Feb. 4 Nine persons in-
jured In coasting accident.

Detroit, Mich., Jan. 19 Four buildings col-
lapse; loss, $200,000.

Downer's Grove, 111., May 13 Three boys
drowned in lake.

Edinburg. Pa., July 4 One killed and a
score hurt in collision between electiic

Foss, O. T.. May 5 Nine persons drowned
by waterspout.

Glasgow, Scotland, April 5 Twenty-one per-
sons killed and 250 injured by fall of a
stand at International football match.

Gloversville, N. Y., July 4 Ten persons
killed and twenty-nine injured in trolley-
car collision.

Greenville, Pa., Feb. 8 Eleven men badly
hurt in blasting accide'nt.

Japan Two hundred and ten Infantrymen
on a practice march in the vicinity of
Awomori lose their way and all but eleven
are frozen to death between Jan. 23 and
Jan. 31.

July 4 Twenty-one persons killed and 2,172
injured in celebrating independence day
throughout the country.

Kewanee, 111., May 1 Four persons killed
by train at crossing.

Killarney, Ireland, May 18 Nine persons
drowned in lake.

Maryville, Mo., Oct. 3 Two hundred per-
sons injured by fall of seats at a tent

New York city, Jan. 27 Six persons killed
and 100 injured bv dynamite explosion at
Park avenue shaft of the Rapid Transit

New York, ,May 27 One killed and scores in-
lured by collapse of sidewalk.

New York, Sept. 3 Fiv - men killed In Wil-
liamsburg under a falling steel floor.

New York, Nov. 4 Fifteen persons killed
and seventy hurt by explosion of tire-
Oakland, Cal., Sept. 12 Mrs. W. M. Stew-
nit, wife of senator from Nevada, killed
in automobile accident.

Paris, May 11 Augueto Severo and assist-
ant killed by explosion of his ail-ship.

Peoria, 111., Feb. 4 Four boys fatally hurt
in coasting accident.

Philadelphia, April 30 Eight young women
killed and foity hurt in a panic caused
by a false alarm of flre.

Pittsburg, May 12 Fourteen persons killed
and more than 300 hurt by oil explosions.

Pittsfield, Mass., Sept. 3 President Roose-
velt's carriage struck by an electric car;
president slightly injured; William Craig,
secret service officer, killed,

Puente de Vilurnara, Spain, Jan. 18 Sixty
killed and 100 injured by boiler explosion
in spinning factory.

Queenstown, April 14 Eleven men instantly
killed by the bursting of a gun on the
British warship Mars.

Sag Bridge, 111., March 28 Two killed and
eleven injured in collision of electric cars.

Santander, Spain, Aug. 7 Fourteen persons
killed by explosion in iron works.

South Chicago, Feb. 28 Falling roof kills
two and Injures three men at furnace

Telluride, Col., Feb. 28 Twenty or more
miners killed by avalanches on Smuggler
mountain. Many similar accidents In
other parts of Colorado.

Tiflls. Russia, Aug. 17 Many villages on
northern slope of Mount Kasbeck, in
Transcaucasia, destroyed by a landslide;
700 lives lost.

Werba, Russia, Sept. 23 More than 100 per-
sons burned to death at a wedding cele-

Wilmerding, Pa., Jan. 29 Three persons
killed and many hurt In street-car wreck.

Wilmington, Del., Aug. 20 Eleven men
killed by an explosion in pulp mill.


Bluff Springs, Fla.. July 27 Unknown ne-
gro; crime unknown.

Casper, Wyo., March 28 Charles F. Wood-
ward (white); murder.

Clayton, Miss., July 17 William Odey;
burned at stake for assault.

Columbia County, Missouri, July 26 Lew
Newton; assault.

Corinth, Miss., Sept. 28 Tom Clark, burned
to death; murder.

Darling, Miss.. Oct. 31 Unknown negro
burned at stake; murder..

Decatur, Tenn., May 11 Jim Underwood;
threat to kill.

Dukedom, Tenn., April 10 Thomas Black-
ard; murder.

Elizabethtown, Ky., Nov. 16 Harlan Buc-
kles: murder.

Estabutchie, Miss., Oct. 20 Unknown ne-
gro; assault.

Foreman, Ark., March 11 Horace McCoy;

Forrest City, Ark., Oct. 20 Chartes Young,
burned at stake; assault and murder.

Hempstead, Tex., Sept. 4 Jesse Walker;

Hempstead, Tex., Oct. 21 Jim Wesley and
Iteddick Barton; assault and murder.



Jacksonville, 111., Feb. 26 Woodford Hughes-
shot by mob for threats tp kill.

Lajuuta, CO!., March 25 W. H. Wallace-

Leeabnrg, Va., July 31 Charles Craven;

Lewlsburg, Tenn., Noy. iS^John Davis;

Lexington, Mo., Aug. 12 Charles Salyers-
(whitej and Harry Gates (colored); mur-

Loajrview, Tx., May 22 Dudley Morgan;
burned and tortured to death; assault.

Lynchburg, Twun., Feb. 6 John Duster;

Madrid Bend, Ky.. March 20 Elija'h Drake
and three others for chicken stealing.

Marshfield, Ore., Sept. 18 Alonzo Tucker;

Monroe, Mich., Aug. 29 Joseph LaBa:ge
(white); killed by mob for supposed as-

MoD'ticello, Miss., Aug. 31 John Brown;
assault. .

Newbern, Tenn., Oct. 8 Garfield Burley and
Curtis Brown; murder.

Newlierry, Fla., Sept. 1 Manny Price and
Bob Scruggs; murder.

New Madrid. Mo., Feb. 16 Louis Wright;
shooting white man.

NewiK>rt News, Va., June 11 Unknown, ne-
gro; near the city.

Nicholasville, Ky., Feb. 6 Thomas Brown;

Owensboro, Ky., July 17 Josh Anderson
(white); murder.

Paris, Mo., May 25 Abe Witherup (white);

Pine Bluff, Ark., Oct. 1 Walter Sullivan;
shooting white man.

Eavenal, S. ('.. June 5 -Jim Black; murder.

Kome, Ga., April 1 Walter Allen; assault.

Salisbury, N. C., June 11 Harrison ane
James Gillespie; murder.

Seven Springs, N. C., Aug. 25 Tom Jones;

Sparta, 111., Aug. 30 Attempt to lynch
Ardee Wilson fur assault; was s.Tioi.

Springfield, Ky., Jan. 11 Jim Mays; as-

Stephens, Ark., Sept. 2 "Hog" Wilson; as-

Sullivan, Ind.. Nov. 20 Jam.-s Dillard; as-

Tallapoosa, Ga., Oct. 23 Ben Brown; as

Troy, Ala., March 22 William Ziegler; as-

Vidalia, La.. March 19 Jim Woodward;

Washington. N. C., March 25 James Walk-
er; poisoning.

Wenoiia, Ga., Sept. 8 William Mobley; as-

Woni-elsdorf, W. Va., July 27 Murder.

All colored unless otherwise specified.


Central national bank, Boston, Nov. 14.

Chamberlain bank of Tecumseh, Neb.,
Sept. 13.

City savings bank, Detroit, Mich., Feb. 10.

Commercial, Fulton, Ky., Jan. 17.

Elkhart (111.) bank, March 3.

Kluora (Ind.) private bank, owned by Pleas-
ant Durham, Aug. 23. .

Euclid Avenue Trust and Savings company,
Cleveland, O., Jan. 10.

First national bank of Belmont, O., Feb. 25.

Oilman, Son & Co., bankers, New York
city, Oct. 16.

Logan County bank, Russellville, Ky.,
Aug. 20.

New York State Banking company, Syra-
cuse, N. Y., Sept. 18.

People's bank of Paincsville. O., Jan. 11.

Platte Valley State bank, Bellwood, Neb.,
Jan. 28.

William G. Wasmansdorff, broker, Chicago,
March 3.

Albany, N. Y., May 19. Mr. Carnegie's
offer of a free library rejected by the city.

Atlanta, Ga., "May 17. Four policemen
and five negroes killed in a fight in the
suburbs of the city.

Boston, Mass., Feb. 11. Small, Maynard
& Co.. book publishers, fail.

Elgin, 111., Aug. 16. Elgin Creamery com-
pany fails; assets, $800,000; liabilities,

Gross, S. E. Master in Chancery Sher-
man in Chicago decides that Mr. Gross is
the real author of "Cyrano de Bergerac";
Messrs. Mansfield and A. M. Palmer
enjoined from producing the play (May 21).

Ford Paul L. Ford, the author, killed by
his brother in New York May 8.

French commissioners decide, Feb. 14, to
locate school for engineering in Pittsburg
and school of political science in New York.

Hewitt Peter Cooper Hewitt announces,


Jan. 3. the invention of mercury-gas elec-
tric light.

New York, Jan. 4. Crude Rubber com-
pany fails with liabilities of $3,000.000.

New York, Jan. 1. New marriage law
goes into effect, making a written contract
obligatory in civil marriages.

New York, Sept. 15. Nicholas Fish, bank-
er, fatally assaulted.

Pittsbursr. Pa., Jan. 30. John and Ed-
ward Bidrlle. condemned murderers, escape
from prison by aid of warden's wife; over-
taken Jan. 31 by detectives near Butler.
Pa., wounded and captured; both die Feo. 1.

"Puts and Calls" United States Supreme
court declares them illegal March 3.

Washington, D. C., May 24. Unveiling of
Rochambeau statue.

Washington, D. C., Oct. 27. Minister Wu
Ting-fang recalled to China.

Younger Jim Younger, the outlaw, com-
mits suicide at St. Paul Oct. 19.

Austria-HungaryStrike of stokers in
Trieste leads to rioting; troops fire on
mob Feb. 14, killing several.

Belgium Socialist movement for universal
suffrage leads to rioting in Brussels and
other centers in February, March and
April; many clashes between troops and
mobs; disturbances cease April 20.


Attempt by an anarchist to assassinate
King Leopold Nov. 15.

Brazil Brazil and Bolivia clash over the
leasing of 80,000 acres of rubber lands
in the state of Acre to the Morgan-
Conway syndicate.

Bulgaria M. Kamtcheff, minister of public



instruction, assassinated Feb. 6 by a
Macedonian office-seeker.

China The emperor and empress re-enter
I'ekin with much ceremony Jan. 7.

First monthly installment of the indem-
nity to foreign nations paid Jan. 31.

Gea. Yung Lu appointed senior grand sec-
retary Feb. 3.

Rebellion spreading in Kwansi, Yunnan
and Kwangtuug March 18; Gen. Ma de-

China appeals to Secretary Hay to induce
the powers to evacuate Tientsin; the
secretary consents and July 9, at his
suggestion, I lie powers agree to turn
over the city to the Chinese; the evacu-
ation takes place Aug. 1.

New tariff treaty with powers signed
Aug. 29.

Boxer uprising in Szechuen becomes for-
midable; Minister Conger protests Sept.

Colombia Insurgent gunboats sink the
steamer Lautaro and kill Gen. Carlos
Alban, governor of Panama, in a bat-
tle In the bay of Panama Jan. 20.

Eight hundred men killed in a battle
fought at Agua Dulce Feb. 23.

Colombian government warned by the
United States not to interfere with the
traffic on the Panama railroad; United
States marines landed at Panama Sept.

Gen. Urlbe-Uribe captured by government
forces In a battle at Rio Frio Oct. 26.

Revolution ended Nov. 21 through nego-
tiations started by Rear-Admiral Casey,
U. S. N. ; peace articles signed on board
the battleship Wisconsin.
France Chamber of deputies votes to spend
$100,700,000 on canal work.

Celebration of Victor Hugo centenary be-
gun in Paris Feb. 26.

General elections held April 27; national-
ists victorious In Paris and the minis-
terialists In the country.

Cabinet resigns June 3; new cabinet
formed with M. 'Combes as premier
June 6.

Closing by the government of certain
schools conducted by religious societies
leads to rioting July 23.

Sixty thousand persons attend the funeral

of M. Zola.

Germany Triple alliance with Austria-
Hungary and Italy renewed June 28.

King Victor Emmanuel visits the empe-
ror Aug. 28.

The relchstag adopts clause in tariff bill
. allowing retaliation against countries
that impose discriminating duties on
German goods.

Greece St. Paul monastery on Mount Athos
burned, prior and nine monks killed and
twenty seriously injured, Jan. 23.
Great Britain Sir Ernest Cassel gives
$1,000,000 for consumption sanitarium
Jan. 2.

King Edward opens parliament itt person
Jan. 16.

Alliance with Japan announced Feb. 11.

King Edward holds first court of his
reign March 14.

King Edward while at Aldershot has a
chill June 15; taken seriously ill June
24 and his coronation is postponed.

Lord Salisbury resigns and is succeeded
by Arthur Balfour as premier July 13.

Coronation of King Edward takes place
Aug. 9. The king presents OsDorne
House to the nation to be used as a
convalescent home for officers of the
army and navy.

Sir Marcus Samuel elected lord mayor of
London Sept. 29.

British expedition in Somalilaud, Africa,
defeated by the Mad Mullah Oct. 6.

(See also "End of Anglo-Boer War,"
"Coronation of Edward VII." and "An-
glo-Japanese Treaty.")

Haiti Boisroud Caual placed at the head
of the government by revolutionists
May 12.

Haitian gunboat Crete-a-Pierrot sunk by

German gunboat Panther Sept. 7.
Holland Queen Wilheluiiua critically ill
from typhoid fever for several w T eeks;
pronounced out of danger in June.
Italy Twenty-fifth anniversary of the
pope's accession celebrated at the Vat-
ican March 3.

Zanardelll cabinet resigns Feb. 21.

Capt. Robert P. Wynne and three other
officers of the United States cruiser
Chicago sentenced to prison in Venice
for alleged disorderly conduct April 28;
released May 1 on receipt of a note
from the United States government.

Campanile of St. Mark's cathedral In
Venice falls July 14.

Cardinal Gotti made prefect of the propa-
ganda July 29.

Five persons killed in a strike riot at

C&ndela Sept. 8.

New Guinea Twenty-five members of a
French scientific expedition massacred
by natives at Sileraka Jan. 1.
Norway The cabinet reorganized April IS.
Russia Nihilists explode a bomb under the
palace of Grand Duke Constantin at
Kiev Jan. 1.

Student riots in St. Petersburg March 16.

Thirty rioters killed at Batumi March 22.

M. Sipiaguine, minister of the interior,
shot by a student in St. Petersburg
April li.

President Loubet of France reviews the
Russian army May 21.

King of Italy visits the czar July 13.

The czar invites the powers to a confer-
ence to deal with the question of trusts
July 17; United States not included.

Fleet ordered to run down American and

Japanese seal poachers Sept. 17.
Roumania The persecution of Jews in Rou-
mania the subject of a circular note of
protest sent out by Secretary Hay of
the United States; note dated Aug. 11,
but made public Sept. 18.
Santo Domingo President Jiminez deposed
by revolutionists; Horatio Vasquez made

Spain Serious conflicts between strikers

and troops in Barcelona from Feb. 17

to Feb. 24; fifty-six persons killed and

many more injured.
Cabinet under Sagasta reorganized March

Alfonso XIII. takes the oath as king of

Spain May 17.
Treaty of trade, commerce and amity

with the United States signed July 3.
Another reorganization of the cabinet .Nov.


Venezuela The cruiser Libertador destroys
the government gunboat Crespo Feb. 7.

Election of Castro as president for a
term of six years beginning Feb. 20

Government troops defeated near 'San An-
tonio April 22; they meet with many
reverses in September, October and No-




State or territory. Barrels.

Alabama 68,500

Arkansas 11.122

California 853,755

Colorado 330,258

Connecticut 884,434

Florida 10.305

Georgia 130,798

Hawaii 10,912

Illinois 4,132,301

Indiana 995.003

Iowa 305,033

Kansas 11,508

Fiscal year ended June 30, 1902

| State or territory. Barrels.

Kentucky 534.ri<i

Louisiana 245,202

Maryland 1.101,573

Massachusetts 1,831.829

Michigan 1.109.891

Minnesota , 869.210

Missouri 2,996.910

Montana 256.222

Nebraska 259.549

New Hampshire 335.787

New Jersey 2,463.178

New Mexico 5,599

State or territory. Barrels.

New York 10,467,784

N. and S. Dakota 29,41)9

Ohio 3.489.0iO

Oregon 4rt;.i;94

Pennsylvania 5,567.100

South Carolina 5.923

Tenn essee 172,918

Texas 431 .360

Virginia 146.895

West Virginia 212.504

Wisconsin 3,675.506

Number of gallons rectified
states and territories.

State or territory. Gallons.

Alabama 232,614.7

Arizona 25,043.7

Arkansas 64,528.3

California 3,460.263.2

Colorado 132,586.4

Connecticut 495.057.3

Delaware 305,474.3

Dist. of Columbia. 342.307.6

Florida 7,953.7

Georgia 242.378.4

Hawaii 17.147.8

Illinois 8.825.360.6

Indiana 1,113.633.8

Iowa 106,523.5

Kansas 298.5

Total 44,478.832

in the United States during the year ended June 30, 1902, by

State or territory.











New Hampshire . .

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina











State or territory.





Rhode Island

South Carolina






West Virginia




5i4 . 5




170.344. 1








Total. 89,614,964.5


(In pounds )




tax paid.


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