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George W. Gibbens, Pro 1,223%

37. Nathaniel W. Tibbetts, Rep.*... 14 033%

James E. Noyes, Rep.* 14,121

James K. Blish, Dem.* 13,218%

John G. Quinhin, Pro 1,534

38. Thomas Rinaker, Rep.* 25,118%

Frank W. Burton, Dem.* 16,500

Edv-ard A. Rice, Dem.* 16,417

39. William D. Isermann. Rep.* 11,031

Enoch H. Pedersen, Rep.* 11. 346%

Lee O. Browne, Dem.* 12.716V-

W. F. MeXamara, Dem 10,051

Charles T. Farrell, Pro 798

40. George T. Turner, Rep.* 27,368%

Henry O. Minnis, Dem.* 15,827

William O. Wallace, Dem.* 15,066%

Walter C. Swengel. Pro 3,917

George Cunningham, Ind. Tjab... 654

41. Samuel J. Drew, Rep.* 14,792%

Guy L. Bush. Rep.* 14,260

William A. Bowles, Dem.* 14,567

John Diener, Pro 1,193

Asa F. Mather, Ind. Rep 3,114%

42. William F. Bundy, Rep.* 21.2S5%

Charles L. Farris, Dem.* 12,251%

Fred Pullen, Dem.* 12,890

43. Wilfred Arnold, Rep.* 13.669%

B. M. Chiperfleld, Rep.* 14.476"

Dist. Vote

John Hughes, Dem.* 16,777

Charles A. Heckel, Pro 904

F. W. Moore, Soc 821%

Jasper N. Onion, Ind. Rep 6,479y 2

44. Samuel J. McElvain, Rep.* 18,277

Sj-lvester W. McGuire, Rep.* 18,117

David Huggins, Dem 15.978

Charles S. Luke, Dem.* 16,1SS%

Harvey J. Reynolds, Pro 1,552

David W. Kennedy. Pro 100%

45. John A. Wheeler, Rep.* 17,491%

Abner G. Murray, 'RepT* 16,450

William S. Lurton, Dem.* 14.912

Thomas R. Biggers, Deiu 14,524

William A. Ashbrook. Pro 1,046%

Matthew Probst, S. L 191

Robert L. Caldwell, Pen 59

Dr. J. E. Henderson, Ind. Rep.. 453
J. P. Walsh, Un. Lab 10,362%

46. Lowry E. Sunderland. Rep.* 22.293%

Thomas Tippit, Dem.* 12.358%

John M. Rapp, Dem.* 12.257%

W T illiam H. Archibald, Pro 1,258%

47. Cicero J. Lindley, Rep.* 12,468

William Montgomery, Rep.* 12,585

Charles Carillon, Dem.* 9.656

Julian W. Scott, Dem 9,139%

H. L. Groeteka, Soc 326

William Veal, S. L 150

48. John W r . Leaverton, Rep.* 30.064

Mahlon H. Mundy, Dem.* 15,893%

Carl Busse, Dem.* 15,884

John G. Iliff, Pro 3,226%

49. William E. Trautmann, Rep.*. ..14,811

Martin Schnipper, Rep.* 12,016

John Schultz, Dem 11,387%

James O. Miller, Dem.* 11,692%

Osman C. Church, Pro 100%

Walter Goss, S. L 430%

50. Charles M. Gaunt. Rep.* 13,691

James E. N. Edwards, Rep.* 13,804

William L. Eskew, Dem.* 24,411%

Joseph J. Harris, Pro 1,353%

George V. Vane, Ind. Rep 5,086 "

51. A. W r . Walker, Rep.* 11,860%

John H. Miller, Rep.* 11,658

David J. Underwood, Dem.* 18,255%

J. N. Maynor, Pro 685



1. First and 2d wards, Chicago.

2. That part of the llth ward north of 16! h
street; that part of the 12th ward north
of 16th street and east of California
avenue, and the 20th ward, Chicago.

3. Third ward; that part of the 4th ward
east of Halsted street; that part of the
5th ward bounded by Union avenue, 35t-i
street, Parnell avenue and 33d street;
that part of the 6th ward north of 43d
street, Chicago.

4. Twenty-ninth and 30th wards and that
part of the 31st ward north of 57th place
and east of the Rock Island right of
way, Chicago.

5. Sixth ward, except that nart north of 43d
street, and the 7th ward, except that
part south of 63d street and east of Cot-
tage Grove avenue, Chicago.

6. Twenty-fourth ward: that part of the
25th ward north of Devon avenue; that
part of the 23d ward west of Halstod

Established May 10, 1901.


street, and the 26th ward, Chicago; also
that part of the town of Evanston out-
side Chicago and those parts of the
towns of New Trier and Niles within the
city of Evanston, Cook county.

7. Towns of Thornton, Bloom, Rich. Bre-
men, Orland, Lemovt, Palos, Worth.
Lyons, Stickney, Proviso, Leyden, Elk
Grove, Schaumberg, Hanover. Barrir.i:-
ton, Palatine, Wheeling, Northneld;
that part of Niles outside the city of
Chicago and outside the city of Evans-
ton; that part of New Trier outside the
city of Evanston, and those parts of the
towns of Norwood Park and Maine out-
side of Chicago, all in Cook county.

8. Lake, Henry and Boone counties.

9. That part of the 4th ward west of Hal-
sted street; the 5th ward, except that
part bounded by Union avenue, 35th
street, Parnell avenue and 33d street:
that part of the 12th ward south and
east of 16th street, California avenue.




the C., B. & Q. right of way. Clifton
Park avenue, 24th street, Central Park
avenue, to the Illinois and Michigan
canal, Chicago.
Ogle and Wlnnebago counties.
Thirty -first ward, except that part Forth
of 57th place and east of the Hock Is-
land right of way, and the 32d ward,

Stephenson, Jo Daviess and Carroll

That part of the 7th ward south of 63d
street and east of Cottage Grove avenue;
the 8th and 33d wards, Chicago, and that
part of the town of Calumet outside of
the city of Chicago.
Kane and Kendall counties.
Ninth ward, except that part north and
west of 14th street, Johnson street and
Maxwell street; 10th ward, except that
part north and west of 16th street.
Throop street, 14th street and Morgan
street, and that part of the llth ward
south of 16th street, Chicago.
Marshall, Putnam, Livingston and
Woodford counties.

That part^of the 9th ward north and
west of 14th street, Johnson street and
Maxwell street; that part of the 10th
ward north and west of 16th street,
Throop street, 14th and Morgan streets,
and the ward, Chicago.
Peorla county.

That part of the 12th ward north and
west of California avenue, C., B. & Q.
right of way and Clifton Park avenue:
13th and 34th wards, Chicago; that part
of -the town of Cicero south of 12th
street; and the town of Riverside, Cook

Kankakee, Grundy and Iroquols coun-

Fourteenth ward; that part of the 17th
ward south of Augusta street, Holt
street, Cornell street, Milwaukee avenue
and Green street; that part of the 35tn
ward south of Chicago avenue, Park
avenue and Lake street, Chicago.
Vermilion and Edgar counties.
Fifteenth ward; that part of the 16th
ward bounded by North avenue, Robey
street, Division street and Ashland
avenue; that part of the 35th ward north
of Chicago avenue, Park avenue and
Lake street, Chicago, and that part of
the town of Cicero north of 12th street,
in Cook county.

Champaign, Piatt and Moultrie coun-
Twenty-seventh and 28th wards, Chicago.


26. McLean and Ford counties.

27. Sixteenth ward, except that part bound-
ed by North avenue, Robey street, Di-
vision street and Ashland avenue; that
part of the 17th ward bounded by Ash-
land avenue, Augusta street, Holt stn-i'i.
Cornell street, Milwaukee avenue, Green
street, Kinzie street, river and Division
street; 18th ward, Chicago.

28. Logan, DeWitt and Macon counties.

29. Twenty-first ward, except that part
north of Goethe, State and Schiller
streets; 22d ward, except that part west
of Halsted street, and except that part
north and west of Sedgwick, Sigel,
Cleveland, Clybourn. Larrabee and Di-
vision streets, Chicago.

30. Tazewell, Mason, Menard, Cass, Brown
and Schuyler counties.

31. That part of the 21st -ward north of
Goethe. State and Schiller streets; that
part of the 22d ward west of Halsted
street, and that part of the 22d ward
east of Halsted street and north of Di-
vision, Larrabee, Clybourn, Cleveland
and Sigel streets; that part of the 23d
ward east of Halsted street, and that
part of the 25th ward south of Devon
avenue, Chicago.

32. McDonough, Hancock and Warren coun-

33. Rock Island, Mercer and Hender.-:on

34. Douglas, Coles and Clark counties.

35. Whiteside, Lee and DeKalb counties.

36. Scott, CaUioun, Pike and Adams coun-

37. Henry, Bureau and Stark counties.

38. Greene, Montgomery, Jersey and- Ma-
coupin counties.

39. LaSalle county.

40. Christian, Shelby, Fayette and Cum-
berland counties.

41. DuPage and Will counties.

42. Clinton, Marion, Clay and Efflngharn

43. Knox and Fulton counties.

44. Washington, Randolph, Perry, Monroe
and Jackson counties.

45. Morgan and Sangamon counties.

46. Jefferson, Wayne, Richland and Jasper

47. Madison and Bond counties.

48. Hardin, Gallatin, White, Edwards, Wn-
bash, Lawrence and Crawford counties.

49. St. Glair county.

50. Franklin, Williamson, Union, Alexander
and Pulaski counties.

51. Hamilton, Saline, Pope, Johnson and
Massac counties.


Records for speed were broken on many
of the American railroads in 1902. Among
the exceptionally fast runs reported were
these :

March 24, a train on the Burlington road
ran from Eckley to Wray, Col., a distance
of 14.8 miles, in 9 minutes, or at the rate
of 98.6 miles an hour.

April 15, on the Wabash railroad, the
ISO miles between Tilton and Granite City,
111., were covered in 180 minutes, including
stops. The actual running time was 158

June 21 a mail train on the Harrisburg
division of the Pennsylvania road ran 132 i
miles in 129 minutes. This was said at the

time to have been the fastest long-distance
run on the Pennsylvania system.

June 30 on the Mohawk division of the
New York Central railroad, the "Twentieth
Century Limited" made the 148 miles be-
tween Albany and Syracuse in 145 minutes,
including a stop at Utica and several slow-

Nov. 25 a limited train on the Lake
Shore road ran from Elkhart, Ind., to Chi-
cago, a distance of 101 miles, in 100 min-
utes, this time including several slow-downs.

The fastest regular trains in the United
States run between Philadelphia and At-
lantic City. The schedule calls for a speed
of from 63 to 67 miles an hour.



206 courthouse.

President H. G. Foreman, R., 205 court-

Clerk of County Board Peter B. Olsen, R.,
lirst floor, uorth end, courthouse.

Commissioners Edwin K. Walker, R. ; Her-
man Ahrens, R. ; William Busse, R. ;
Joseph Carolan, R. ; Joseph K. Flanagan.
D.; Peter M. Hoffman, R.; Jacob B.
Thielen, D. ; Alfred Van Steenberg, R.;
Henry G. Foreman, R. ; William. H.
Thompson, R. ; Timothy Cruise, D. ; John
W. Belmont, R. ; John P. Gamer, R.;
John Budinger, D.; A. C. Boeber, R.

Committee Clerk O. W. Nash, 202 court-

Meetings The regular meetings of the board
of commissioners are" hela on the first
Monday of December, January, February,
March,* June and September of each year.

Duties The commissioners are charged with
the management of the county affairs of
Cook county, as provided by law, having
the same powers as the boards of super-
visors in other counties. They make all
appropriations and contracts and author-
ize all expenditures. The president ap-
points, with the approval of the board, the
superintendent of public service and other
Officers and employes whose election or
appointment is not otherwise provided for
by law.

Courthouse, first floor, north end.

County Clerk Peter B. Olsen, B.

Deputies Frank L. Pasdeloup, chief deputy;
James L. Monaghan, deputy comptroller;
J. W. Hertz, chief clerk County court;
Morris Salmonson, marriage licenses; Dr.
I. M. Neely, vital statistics; H. R. Zim-
pel, redemptions; Niels Juul, cashier;
Frank McNally, bookkeeper; A. S. Cam-
eron, tax extension.

Duties The county clerk is clerk of tpe
county board and ex-offlcio comptroller of
county financial affairs. As such he has
charge of all deeds, mortgages, contracts,
bonds, notes and similar papers belonging
to the county, settles all accounts, keeps
books showing appropriations and expend-
itures, makes out report for fiscal year
and submits estimates for the expenses of
all the departments of the county or-

Courthouse, first floor, south end.

County Treasurer John Hanberg, B.

Assistant Treasurer Charles W. Andrews.

Duties The county treasurer receives and
disburses, pursuant to law, all the reve-
nues and other public moneys belonging
to the county. He personally countersigns
county orders and renders accounts to the
board of commissioners.


Room 210 courthouse.
Comptroller Peter B. Olsen, R.
Deputy Comptroller J. L. Monaghan, R.

Office, room 208 courthouse.
Duties Sec County Clerk.

CuuntjJ of Cooft.


(Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.)


Boom 205 courthouse.

Superintendent of Public Service William
McLaren, R.

Duties Purchases all supplies for the county
institutions, advertising for bids at speci-
fied times and entering into yearly or
quarterly contracts and making tests from
time to time of the articles furnished to
determine if they are up to contract re-

Courthouse, basement floor, south end.

Recorder of Deeds Robert M. Simon, H.

Chief Deputy Walter V. Hayt.

Duties The recorder shall, as soon as prac-
ticable after the filing of any Instrument
In writing in his office entitled to be
recorded, record the same at length In the
order of time of its reception, in well-
bound books to be provided for that pur-

Room 320 courthouse.

Registrar Robert M. Simon, R.

Examiner Theodore Sheldon.

Advisory Examiners Francis B. Peabody
and John S. Miller.

Duties The Torrens system of conveying
property, which went into effect May 1,
1897, and wlJieh Is intended to simplify
the transfer of titles, requires the re-
corder to act as registrar. He is em-
powered to employ two or more competent
attorneys to act as legal advisers and as

Room 200 courthouse.

Commissioners Isaac Herr, R., chairman;
Elton Lower, K. ; Charles Gastfleld, D.,

Duties The commissioners examine appli-
cants for positions In the county service.
Before an examination is held fourteen
days' notice is given by advertisement.
The rules are practically the same as
those governing other bodies of the kind.


Second floor, 51 Clark street.

Commissioners E. D. Redington, W. O.
Walsh and Albert E. Crowley.

Clerk Roswell H. Mason.

Duties The commissioners are required to
prepare a list of electors qualified to act
as jurors, to select names from such lisft
and place them in a jury box and a grand
jury box, and to draw therefrom the num-
ber of jurors needed at each, term of

80 5th avenue.

Members of the Board Adam Wolf, R.,
president; William H. Weber. R., secre-
tary; Charles L. Randall, R.- A. W.
Miller. R., and James J. Gray, B.

Chief Clerk William Kingsley.

Duties Fix the amount of taxes t be paid
on all real and personal property acerd-
ing to the rato required by law.



76 5th avenue, third floor.
Members of the Board Koy O. West, R.,
president; Fred \V. Upham, R., secre-
tary; F. D. Meachnm, R.
Chief Clerk Homer K. Galpln.
Duties The board of review takes the place
of the old town board in revising and cor-
recting the findings of the assessors and
in hearing and adjusting complaints of
property owners. The decisions of tne
board of review are final.


Da Doing.

Superintendent William McLaren, R.
Duties Has the general management of the
Insane asylum and the poorhouse.

Harrison and Honore streets.
Warden Charles G. Happel, R.
Duties Exercises general supervision over
the county hospital.

Courthouse, first floor.
County Surveyor J. G. Graff.
Duties The surveyor is required to make
all official surveys in the county, (f aid
in fees.)

Dexter building, 84 Adams street.
County Architect R. Bruce Watson, R.
Duties The county architect makes designs
for new buildings, alterations in old ones,
etc., as required by the county board.
(Paid in fees.)

907 The Temple.

Superintendent A. F. Nightingale, B.
Duties He is required to visit each school
in his district at least once a year, to see
that the teachers are qualified for the
performance of their duties and to do all
in his power to increase the efficiency and
elevate the standards of the schools.

Office in detention hospital.

County Physician Dr. Warren H. Hunter.

Duties The county physician resides at the
detention hospital and gives medical at-
tention to the patients in that institution.
He also has a general oversight of the
sanitary regulations in the county jail and
gives medical and surgical attention to the
prisoners confined there.

128 and 130 Clinton street.

County Agent George S. Oleson.

Assistant Agent Charles F. Pasdeloup.

Duties The county agent grants relief to
persons who are actually in want, pro-
vided they have been residents of Cook
county six months. He investigates ap-
plications for transportation and for ad-
mission to the county institutions.

Criminal court building.

Coroner John K. Trueger, D.

Chief Deputy Thomas F. Gahan.

Deputies Felix Scuff, L.. R. Buckley, John
Czekala, \V. A. Flanagan, J. Feldstein, J.
Downey, J. Hyland, M. J. Lusk.

Physicians Dr. George Leininger and Dr.
Joseph Springer.

Chief Clerk Charles T. Rucker.

Duties The coroner is required to take
charge of bodies of all persons in the
county supposed to have come to their
deaths through other than natural causes,
to summon a jury of six men and to In-
quire into the cause of death. If any per-
son is implicated by the inquest as the
slayer of the deceased, or as an accessory,
the coroner shall cause his arrest if not
already in custody.

Courthouse, basement floor, north end.

Sheriff Thomas E. Barrett, D.

Assistant Sheriff John Geary.

Chief Deputy Charles W. Peters.

JaiKr John L. Whitman.

Duties The sheriff serves and returns all
writs, warrants, processes, orders and de-
crees legally directed to him. He is the
conservator of peace in his county and
may arrest offenders on view. He is the
keeper of the jail and has the custody of
prisoners. It is also his duty to attend
the courts of record of the county and
obey their orders.

Criminal court building, second floor.

State's Attorney Charles S. Deneen, R.

Assistants Harry Olson, Albert C. Barnes,
Howard O. Sprogle, Patrick J. Carey,
Herbert A. Lewis, Frank Crowe, Frank
W. Blair, Fred L. Fake, Jr., Ferdinand
L. Barnett, John H. S. Lee, John R.
Newcomer, Harry F. Atwood and T. J.

Duties The state's attorney begins and
prosecutes all actions, civil and criminal,
in any court of record in the county, in
which the people of the state or county
may be interested, prosecutes forfeited
bonds and actions for the recovery of
debts due the state or county and acts
as adviser to county officers and justices
of the peace upon any questions of law re-
lating to criminal or other matters.
Room 310 courthouse.

County Attorney Edwin W. Sims, R.

Assistant County Attorneys F. L. Shepard,
C. J. Jones, L. B. Anderson, William F.

Duties The county attorney Is the legal
adviser ! of the county board and has
charge of all suits at law or in equity for
or against the county.


Custodian Courthouse James Kadza, R.
Office in room 218.

Custodian Criminal Court Building Frank
Simon, R. Office on fourth floor.

Courthouse Clark, between Washington and
Randolph streets; south side.

Criminal Court Building and Jail Mich-
igan street and Dearborn avenue; north

County Hospital Harrison and Honore
streets; west side.

County Morgue Wood and Polk streets;
west side.


Detention Hospital Wood and Polk streets;
west side.

County Agent 128 and 130 Clinton street;
west side.

County Institutions At Dunning, reached
by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
railway and by Milwaukee avenue cable
cars and other surface lines connecting
with the electric line on Irving Park



Sheriff, per year $6,000.00
1 chief deputy 270.00


ily except where otherwise spe
1 ass't draughtsman. $100.00
2 day watchmen, ea. 75.00
2 night watchmen, ea 65.00


2 chancery minute
writers, each $150.00
1 judgment record

1 assistant sheriff 270.00
1 jailer 200.00

10 cash clerks, each

7 other record writ-

2 inspectors, each 200.00
28 deputies, each 166.66

80 extra men, per day,
$3 to 4.00

8 law minute clerks,
each no 00

2 ass't jailers, each. 125.00
3 clerks each 125.00

County clerk per yr. $2, 000.00
1 chief deputy 225.00
1 deputy, -tax ex..T.. 225.00
1 cashier.' 208.33
1 deputy, tax exten-

5 general clerks, ea.. 100.00
11 other clerks, each. 83.33
Clerk of the Probate
court, per year $5,000.00
3 assistants to judge,
each 20833

96 bailiffs each 105.00

1 stenographer 100.00
3 clerks, 'each 100.00
42 jail guards, each.. 83.33

Other employes holding
minor positions In the sheriff's
office get from $40 to $75 each
per month. The sheriff is al-
lowed $3.000 for attorneys'
fees, to be paid out of the
receipts of his office.

1 chief clerk 20833

1 cashier 150.00

1 deputy, marriage
license 150.00

7 record writers, ea.. 150.00
2 entry and process
clerks, each 150.00
1 general clerk 133.33
1 docket clerk 12500

1 deputy, redemption
department 150.00
1 mail clerk 150.00

1 assistant, tax ex... 150.00
1 map clerk 137.50
17 assistant deputies,
clerks, etc., each.. 125.00
3 ass't map clerks,
each 100.00

1 citation clerk 11666

1 transcript clerk 150.00
1 comparer 116.68

1 chief engineer 150.00
1 plumber 104.00
1 steamntter 104.00

1 ass't docket clerk., no. 00
17 clerks, each 10000
1 stenographer 100 00

1 clerk 100.00
1 head janitress 83.33
2 carpenters, each.... 93.60
8 elevator men, each. 75.00
3 ass'tengineers, each 75.00
12 watchmen, .each... 70.00

1 vault clerk 100.00
1 vault clerk 75.00

3 clerks, each 83.33

Coroner, per year $5,000.00

1 watchman 60.00

103 extra men, each,
per dav. $3 to 4.00

1 deputy & physician 208.33
9 deputy coroners, ea. 125.00
1 ass't physician 100.00
2 clerks, each 100.00

Clerk of County
court, per year $3,000.00
1 chief clerk 208.33

1 coalpasser 60.00
1 ass't steamfltter 65.00
20 janitresses, each.. 45.00

1 clerk at morgue 75.00
1 morguekeeper 50.00
1 ass't morguekeeper. 30.00
Coroner allowed $1,000 out
of fees for incidental ex-
Recorder, per year... $6,000. 00
1 chief deputy 208 33

1 clerk, assistant to

1 cashier 166.66

1 chief engineer 150.00
1 plumber 104.00

1 process clerk 150.00
1 record writer 150.00
1 ass't chief clerk 137.50

4 elevator men, each. 75.00
3 asst. engineers, ea. 75.00
1 pumpman 75.00

3 clerks, each 125.00
2 minute clerks, each 117.50
7 extra men, each, per
day $3 to 4 00

1 b'kkeeper & cashier 200.00
1 sup't folio dep't 150.00
1 receiving clerk 137.50
1 superintendent ab-
stract department.. 137.50
1 assistant superin-
tendent folio dep't. 125.00
1 chief comparer 125.00
1 original entry clerk. 125.00
2 index clerks, each.. 125.00
2 abstract makers.... 125.00

8 watchmen, each.... 70.00
12 janitors, each 60.00
T firemen, each 60.00
14 janitresses, each.. 45.00
County treas., per yr.$4,000.00
1 ass't treasurer 300.00

Clerk of the Circuit
court, per year $5,000.00
1 chief clerk 208.33
1 b'kkeeper & cashier 200.00
2 execut'n clerks, ea. 150.00
3 law record writers,
each 150.00

4 chancery record
writers, each 150.00
1 judgment record
writer 137.50
9 record writers and
clerks, each 12500

1 sup't tax indices... 110.00
2 clerks, each 11000

1 chief clerk 225.00
1 general clerk 208.33

1 cashier 200.00
1 rec'ing teller, chief 200.00
1 ass't chief clerk... 166.66
1 clerk personal prop. 166.66
1 assistant cashier... 150.00
2 ass't b'kkcep's, ea. 150.00
2 receiving tellers, ea 150.00
3 t receiving tellers,
each (4 mos ) 150 00

2 distributing clerks,
each 9166

3 book and paging
clerks, each 91.66

9 minute clerks, each. 110.00

12 office clerks, each. 83 33
1 vault clerk 75 00

4 assistant tract in-
dex posters, each.. 91.66
2 index clerks, each.. 91.60

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