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Second ass't marshal 4,000
Third ass't marshal 3,200
17 chiefs of battalions,

Calkers, per day 2.60

Water boys, per day... 1.00

Fire inspector 2,750

Ass't marshal and sec'y 2,400
Sup't of horses 2,400

8 watchmen, per mo... 60.00
Carpenter foreman, per -
day 5.00

One chief clerk 2,000

Storekeeper 1,800
114 captains, each 1,650

Foremen, per day 3.50
Carpenters, per day 3.40

98 engineers, each 1,380
Ten pilots, each 1,300

'(Water.) Per month.
Eight chief engineers. $187. 50
Mechanical engineers,
$75.00 to 120.00

124 lieutenants, each... 1,290
91 ass't engineers, each. 1,150
561 plpemen, truckmen

Twelve stokers, each... 1J080
40 plpemen, truckmen

Machinists 90.00

General superintendent. $6,000
Five Inspectors, each... 2,800

Hoisting engineer 90.09
Two timekeepers 83.33

Two hostlers, each 800
Stenographer 900

Six clerks 75.00

Boiler tender 75.00

II Sup't of horses 2,400

40 pipemen, truckmen
and drivers, each 840
Six watchmen, each... 800
Chief operator, main

Gardeners, $70.00 to... 75.00
Boiler washers, $65.00
to 75.00

Ten captains, each 2,250
Sup't ind'tiflca'n bureau 2,250
Secretary to gen. sup't. 1,806
Two detective lieuten-
ants, each 1,700

Firemen, $65.00 to 68.00
Oilers . 65.00

Laborers and janitors,
$60.00 to 65.00

Chief clerk det. bureau. 1,500

Supt. of construction,

Well tenders 65.00
Coal passers 60.00

Drillmaster 1,500

Asst. operator, branch
office 1,800

1 diver, per month $150.00
3 cribkeepers, per mo.. 90.00
2 cribkeepers, per mo.. 83.33
5 asst. keepers, per mo. 75.00
3 divers' helpers, per

Custodian 1,400

Chief operator 1,400

2 operators, main office,
each 1,600

Assistant chief operator 1,200
Sup't of construction... 1,200
60 detective serg'ts, ea. 1,200
One printer 1,200
6 vehicle inspectors, ea. 1.200
95 desk sergeants, each. 1.200
Foreman repair shop 1.200
Clerk In secy's office 1.200
One photographer 1,100

2 operators, branch of-
fice, each 1,600

2 assistant operators,
branch office, each... 1,260
One assistant operator,

Mech. engin'rs, per day 2.50
Laborers, per day 2.00

Foreman $1,620

3 assistant operators,
main office, each 1,200
2 assistant operators,
branch office, each 1,200

Supt. repair shop $1,500
Foreman, repair shop.. 1,368
Carpenter 1,134

Clerk 1,000

Chief steamfltter, per
month 135.00

2,178 patrolmen, each.. 1,000
One chief matron 1,000

Engineer, per month... 75.00
Steaufitters, per day.. 4.00
Patternmaker, per day 3.25
Hydrant builder, per
dav 3.00

Two blacksmiths, each. 1,000
Assistant printer 1,000
Eight engineers, each... 1.000

3 stenographers, each.. 900
2 carriage painters, oa. 900
Two hnrnessmakers. ea. 900
Two carpenters, each... 900

Plumber 1,020
Machinist 1,014
Repairer, main office... 1,000
Driver 1.000

Machinists, per dav 3.00
Blacksmiths, per day.. 3.00
Valve testers, per day,
$2.50 to S.OO



Helpers, per day, $2.25

to $2.30

Laborers, per day 2.25

(Collection Division.)

Superintendent $3,600

Cashier 2,400

Chief clerk 2,000

Chief accountant 1,500

Registrar 1,350

Assistant cashier 1,320

6 division clerks, each. 1,170

Voucher clerk 996

Stamper 900

2 asst. registrars, each 900

4 chock clerks, each 900

39 window clerks, each 900

Mail clerk 900

Night watchman 780

Messenger 600

Window clerk 200


Assessor $2,750

Chief draughtsman 1,350

Assistant assessor 1,260

Clerk 1,200

3 asst. assessors, each. 1,000
2 notary publics, each.. 1,000

1 clerk 900

7 draughtsmen, each... 900
1 draughtsman 800


Chief permit clerk $1,200

Chief plumbing insp... 1,200
9 plumbing iusps., ea.. 1,000

15 tappers, each 1,000

12 expressmen, per day 3.00

16 laborers, per day...^ 2.25

Chief inspector $1,500

Clerk 900

Inspectors, each 900


Foreman $1,500

1 clerk 1,080

1 clerk ;,. 1,000

6 meter setters, per day 3.00
3 expressmen, per day. 3.00
3 laborers, per day 2.25


Chief clerk $2,000

Assistant chief clerk.. 1,080

Meter expert 1,000

8 clerks, each 900

Collector 900

10 rate takers, per day 3.00
10 expressmen, per day. 3.00

2 shut-off men, per day. 2.50

Superintendent $1.500

29 shut-off men, per day 3.00

7 expressmen, per day. 3.00



Board of local improvements $564,644.95

Building department 45,000.00

Board of examining engineers 10,855.00

Civil-service commission 30,000.00

Department of electricity 1,347,202.45

Department of finance miscel-
laneous 806,971,14

Department of public works 3,946,956.38

Department of supplies 16,170.00

Election commissioners 345.231.09

Finance committee 7,300.00

Health department 296,000.00

Special parks commission , .. 15,000.00

House of correction 170,620.00

Police court expense 121,200.00

Police department 3,150,193.38

Fire department 1,893,282.65

Track elevation 6,000.00

Committee on local transportation 15,000.00

Art commission 100.00

Mayor's office 16,300.00

Corporation counsel's office 79,140.00

City collector's office 48,419.00

City clerk's office 57,020.00

Prosecuting attorney's office 20,680.00

City attorney's office 67,600.00

City physician 4,230.00

City sealer's office 16,246.80

Department steam boiler inspec-
tion 23.303.50

Total $13,120,766.34


(Outside of 2 per cent limitations.)

General sinking fund $334.572.50

For loss in collection 13,382.90

River improvement sinking fund.. $130,275. 00

For loss in collection 5,211.00

School sinking fund 44,750.00

For loss in collection 1,790.00

Sewerage sinking fund 106,225.00

For loss in collection 4,249.00

Total $640,455.40

Interest on bonded indebtedness.. 628,140.76


Commissioner of public works office $21,024.00

Department of finance 5,197.50

Bureau of engineering 1,938,917.74

Bureau of water 345,037.58

Bureau of sewers 2,737,238.27

Miscellaneous in dep't of finance 1,366,741.50

Fire department 130,000.00

Bureau of maps 13.813.50

Board of local improvements 17,637.82

Total water fund $6,575,607.91


Appropriations for corporate pur-
poses $13,120,766.34

Appropriations outside of 2% Urn. 1,268,596.16
Appropriations from water fund 6,575,607.91

Total $20,964,970.41

Appropriations for school pur-
poses 10,317,195.81

Appropriations for public library 433,219.63

Grand total $31,715,385.85



From taxes $8,017.466.34

From taxes outside of 2% lim. 1.268.596.16

From miscellaneous sources 5,053,300.00

From railroads on acc't bridges 50,000.00

Total $14,389,362.50


Water office collections $3,500,000.00

Rent of Rookery bldg. ground... 35,000.00
Miscellaneous and balance from
1901 1,260,324.16

Total $4,795,324.16


Municipal bonds $1,730,000.00 I Rogers Park $7,060.00

Sewerage 2,124,500.00 I World's Fair 4.517,000.00

River improvement 2,605,500.00 Water 3,643.000.00

Tunnel 496,000.00 | Total ^,53 $15,123,000.00




(Offices on sixth, seventh and (

President Clayton Mark.

Vice-President George W. Claussenlus.

Secretary Lewis E. Larson.

.Members Thomas Brenan, D. R. Cameron,
Clayton Mark, Mrs. Caroline K. Sherman,
Graham H. Hun-is, John T. Keating,
Thomas Gallagher, Mrs. Isabella O'Keeffc,
Joseph Downey. Chas. A. Plamondon, John
.1. Wolff, Joseph Stolz, George W. Claus-
senius, Kdwin F. Rowland, Edward Til-
den, E. C. Dudley, Henry Hartung, James
F. Chvatal, Ole A. Thorp, George J.
Thompson, Wladyslaw A. Kuflewski.

School Management Committee Mr. Har-
ris, chairman; Messrs. Claussenius, Brenan,
Cameron, Rowland, Mrs. Sherman, Mrs.
O'Keeffe, Messrs. Keating, Dudley, Stolz,
Tilden, Kuflewski. (Meetings Thursday

Finance Committee Mr. Wolff, chairman;
Messrs. Tilden, Rowland, Hartung, Keat-

Buildmgs and Grounds Committee Mr.
DowKey, chairman: Messrs. Gallagher,
Gameron, Planu>ndon, Wolff, Thorp, Chva-
tal, Hartung, Thompson.

Meetings of Board On alternate Wednes-
day evenings.

ighth floors Tribune building.)


General Superintendent Kdwin G. Oooley.
Assistant Superintendents Fred M. Sargent,

Win. M. Roberts and Charles P. Megan.
Superintendent of Coinpuisory Education

W. L. Bodine.
Superintendent Parental School Thomas H.



1. Charles D. Lowry.

2. Ella C. .Sullivan.

3. Edward C. Delano.

4. Albert G. Lane.

5. William C. Dodge.

6. Alfred Kirk.


Drawing in High Schools H. Hanstein.

Physical Culture Henry Suder.

Manual Training and Household Arts Robert

M. Smith.

Schools for Deaf Mary McCowen.
Schools for Blind John B. Curtis.


General offices open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. ;

Saturday to 1 p. m.
President of board, 4 p. m. to 6 p. m.
Business manager, 4 p. m. to 5 p. m.
Superintendent, Mondays, Wednesdays and

Fridays, 3 p. m. to 5 p. m.
District superintendents, Saturdays, 9 a. m.

to 12 m., and 4 p. m. to 5 p. m. on stated


(With the location and the principal of each.)

Chicago Normal School 68th street and
Stewart avenue; Arnold Tompkins.

Normal Practice School 68th street and
Stewart avenue; Harry T. Baker.

Yale Practice School 70th street and Yale
avenue; John S. Welch.


Austin Frink and Walnut streets; George
H. Rockwood.

Calumet Normal avenue, near 80th street;
Avon S. Hall.

Englewood Stewart avenue and 62d street;
James E. Armstrong.

English High and Manual Training 126 and
128 Jefferson street; A. R. Robinson.

Hyde Park 56th street and Kimbark ave-
nue; Charles W. French.

Jefferson West Wilson street and North
47th avenue; Charles A. Cook.

Lake Union avenue and West 47th place;
Edward F. Stearna.

Lake View Ashland and Irving Park ave-
nues; Benjamin F. Buck.

Marshall Adams street, near Kedzie ave-
nue; Louis J. Block.

MoKinley, William Western avenue and
Flournoy; George M. Clayburg.

Medill 14th place, near Throop street; Ed-

ward C. Rosseter.
Northwest Division-

-Potomac and North

Claremont avenues; Franklin P. Fisk.

South Chicago 93d street and Houston ave-
nue; Charles I. Parker.

South Division 26th street and Wabash
avenue; Spencer R. Smith.

Waller, Robert A. Orchard and Center
streets; Oliver S. Wescott.


Adams, J Q. Townsend. between Chicago

avenue and Locust street; Inger M. Schol-


Agassiz Diversey street and Seminary ave-
nue; Liua K. Troendle.
Alcott Wrightwood avenue and Orchard

street; Agues M. Hardiuge.
Andersen Lincoln and Division streets;

Francis McKay.
Armour, P. D. 33d place and Morgan

street; Minnie R. Cowan.
Arnold Burling and Center streets; John E.

Auburn Park Normal avenue, near 80th

street; Avon S. Hall.

Audubon Cornelia and Hoyne avenues; Al-
bert R. Sabiu.
Austin Grammar Frink and Walnut streets;

George H. Rockwood.

Avondale North Sawyer avenue and Wel-
lington street; John H. Stehman.
Bancroft Maplewood avenue, near North

avenue; Samuel R. Meek.
Barnard, Alice L. Charles and 104th streets;

Elizabeth II. Sutherland.
Bass, Perkins 66th and May streets; Fulton

B. Ormsby.
Beale Sangamon and 61st streets; John W.

Beidler, Jacob Walnut street and Kedzie

avenue; James C. Ailing.
Belding, Hiram H. North 42d court and

West Cullorn avenue; Delos Buzzell.
Bismarck Armitage and North Central Park

avenues: William M. Roberts.
Blaine Grace street and Janssen avenue;

Mary J. Zollman.
Bowmanville Winona street, near Lincoln

avenue; Esther Morgan.
Bradwell, Myra Sherman avenue, near 67th

street; Irene Fort.



Brainard 12th place, near Hoyno avenue;
Etta Q. Gee.

Brenan, Thomas Lime street, near Archer
avenue; Helen J. Walsh.

Brentano North Fairfield avenue, near West
Diversey street; Washington D. Smyser.

Brighton 35th street, near Lincoln; Mary
E. Gilbert.

Brown Warren avenue and Wood street;
Matilda M. Niehaus.

Brownell Perry avenue, near 65th street;
Alma Willard.

Bryant 41st court, near 14th street; Ida

Buckley 43d street and Evarts avenue;
Mary A. Forkin.

Burley, Augustus H. Barry avenue, near
Ashland avenue; Cephas H. Leach.

Burns, Robert Central Park avenue and
25th street; Robert Nightingale.

Burnside, Ambrose E. 91st place and Lang-
ley avenue; Frank W. Holder.

Burr Ashland and Wabansia avenues;
Frank L. Morse.

Burroughs 36th street and Washtenaw ave-
nue; Samuel A. Harrison.

Calhoun Jackson boulevard and Francisco
avenue; Rufus M. Hitch.

Cameron, D. H. Monticello and Potomac
avenues; Herbert L. Merrill.

Carpenter Center avenue and Huron street;
Volney Underbill.

Carter Wabash avenue and 61st street; Ab-
bey E. Lane.

Chalmers, Thomas 12th street and Fairfield
avenue; Bertha Benson.

Chase Cornelia court and Point street; A".
Esther Butts.

Chicago Lawn 62d street and Hamlin ave-

Clarke Ashland avenue and West 13th;
Henry G. Clarke.

Clay, Henry 103d street and Superior ave-
nue; Charles W. Thompson.

Colman Dearborn street, near 47th; Daniel

Columbus Augusta street, between Hoyne
avenue and Leavitt street; Kate A. Reedy.

Coonlev, John C. Loavitt street and Belle
Plalne avenue; Cora E. Lewis.

Cooper West 19th street, near Ashland ave-
nue; Ida A. Shaver.

Corkery, Daniel J. 42d avenue and 25th
street; William J. K. Bowen.

Cornell Drexel avenue, near 75th street;
Flora J. Joslyn.

Crerar, John Campbell avenue, between
Taylor and Fillrnore streets; John T. Ray.

Cummings Calhoun avenue, near 107th
street; Elliot A. Hamilton.

Curtis, George W. Stanwood avenue, near
State street; Thomas C. Hill.

Darwin, Charles R. Armitage avenue and
Humboldt boulevard; Ernest C. Cole.

Dewey, George 54th street and Union ave-
nue; Edward McLaughlin.

Doolittle, James R.. Jr. 35th street, near
Cottage Grove avenue; Louise S. Curtis.

Dore Harrison street, near Halsted; Joseph
A. Bache.

Douglas 32d street and Forest avenue:
Lucia Johnston.

Drake, John B. Calumet avenue, between
26th and 28th streets; Grace Reed.

Drummond Clybourn place and Girard
street; Helen R. Ryan.

Earle, Charles W. 61st street and Hermi-
tage avenue; Ira C. Baker.

Eighteenth Street 18th and Morgan streets;
Sarah A. Fleming.

Ellis Avenue Ellis avenue and 72d street;
Mack M. Lane.

Emerald Avenue Emerald avenue and 79th
street; Daniel J. Beeby.

Emerson Walnut and Paulina streets; Cath-
arine A. Tibbetts.

Emmet, Robert, Austin Corner Madison
street and Pine avenue; G. Charles

Ericsson, John West Harrison street, near
Sacramento avenue; Andrew J. Wood.

Everett Irving avenue and 34th street;
Daniel A. White.

Fallon Wallace and 42d streets; James E.

Farragut Spaulding avenue and 23d street;
Mary E. Baker.

Farren Wabash avenue, near 51st; Gertrude
E. English.

Felsenthal, Herman Calumet avenue and
41st street; Walter J. narrower.

Fernwood Union avenue and 101st street;
Georgiana W. Muir.

Field, Eugene Greenleaf and North Ashland
avenues; J. Haskins Smith.

Forrestville 45th street and St. Lawrence
avenue; Florence Holbrook.

Foster Union and O'Brien streets; Bertha
S. Armbruster. ^

Franklin Goethe street, near Wells; Mary
J. W. Boughan.

Froebel 21st and Robey Streets; Ellen K.

Fuller, Melville W. 42d street and St.
Lawrence avenue; Benjamin F. Hill.

Fulton Hermitage avenue and 53d street;
Clara H. McFarlin.

Gallistel Ewing avenue, near 104th street;
James H. Henry.

Garfield Johnson street and 14th place;
Henry C. Cox.

Gladstone Robey street and Washburne ave-
nue; William I. Marshall.

Goethe Rockwell street, near Fullerton ave-
nue; Charles S. Bartholf.

Goldsmitn, Oliver 210 Maxwell street; Wil-
liam R. Hornbaker.

Goodrich Taylor and Sangamon streets;
Carolyn G. Adams.

Goudy, W. C. North 59th and Winthrop
avenues; Arch. O. Coddington.

Graham 46th street and Union avenue; Wil-
liam E. Watt.

Grant Wilcox avenue, near Western ave-
nue; Sarah A. Kirkley.

lireeley, Horace Grace street and Sheffield
avenue; Elizabeth A. McGillen.

Greene, Nathanael Paulina and 36th streets;
Ida M. Cook.

Greenwood Avenue Greenwood avenue and
46th street; Eugene C. Webster.

Gresham 85th and Green streets; Robert
H. Rennie.

Hamilton Cornelia and North Paulina
streets; Minnie A. Barthel.

Hammond 21st place, near California ave-
nue; Mary E. Tobin.

Hancock Princeton avenue and Swan street;
Patrick Chamberlain.

Harrison 23d place, near Wentworth ave-
nue; Orris J. Milliken.

Hartigan Armour avenue, near Root street;
Mary A. McNarney.

Harvard Harvard street, between 74th and
75th; Mary L. S. Hartigan.

Haven Wabash avenue and 15th street;
George C. Bannan.

Hawthorne School street and 'Seminary ave-
nue; George W. Davis.

Hayes Leavitt and Fulton streets; Edward
J. Tobin.



Headley Lewis street and Garfield avenue;

l.uinan Hewes.
Healy Wallace street, near 31st; Caroline

W. Straughan.
Hedges 48th street and Winchester avenue;

Marcella K. Hanlon.
Hendricks 43d street and Tracy avenue;

John McCarthy.
Holden Loomis and 31st streets; Charles P.

Holmes 55th and Morgan streets; James W.

Howland, George Spaulding avenue and 16th

street; Amelia M. Hookway.
Huron Street Huron and Franklin streets;

Martha M. Rugglt-s.

Iowa Street, Austin Iowa street and Cen-
tral avenue; Novella M. Close.
Irving Lexington and Leavitt streets; John

W. Troeger.
Jackson, Andrew Sholto and Better streets;

William Hedges.
Jefferson Elburn avenue and Laflin street;

Catharine McGarty.
Jefferson Park North 52d and Winnemac

avenues; Sarah J. O'Keefe.
Jenner, Edward Oak street and Milton ave-
nue; Mary E. C. Lyons.
Jirka, Frank J. 17th and Laflin streets;

Mary E. Rogers.
Jones Plymouth court and Harrison street;

Cora Caverno.
Keith Dearborn and 34th streets; Daniel

A. Tear.
Kenwood Lake avenue and 50th street;

Alice E. Sollitt.
Kershaw Union avenue, near 64th street;

Dudley G. Hays.

King Harrison street, near Western ave-
nue; Ellen J. Hardick.
Kinzie Ohio street and LaSallc avenue;

Abigail A. Cannon.
Knickerbocker Clifton and Belden avenues;

Edith Huguenln.
Komensky Throop and 20th streets; Clara

H. Mahony.
Kosciusko Division and Cleaver streets;

Harriet P. Johnston.

Kozrninski, Charles 54th street and Ingle-
side avenue; Leslie Lewis.
Lafayette Washtenaw avenue and Augusta

street; Mary I. Purer.
Langlarid Cortland street, near Leavitt;

Erne M. Christensen.
LaSalle Hammond and Eugenie streets;

Homer Bevans.
Laurel Avenue, Austin Laurel avenue and

Superior street; Mary E. Vance.
Lawson, Victor F. Homan avenue and 13th

street; Douglas C. Ridgeley.
Le\vis-Champlin 62d street and Princeton

avenue; Kate S. Kellogg.
Lincoln Larrabee street and Kemper place;

Albert L. Stevenson.
Linne Sacramento avenue and School street;

Lewis W. Col well.
Logan Oakley avenue and Bremen street;

James B. Farnsworth.

Longfellow Throop street, near 19th; Mar-
garet C. Adams.
Lowell North Spaulding avenue and Hirsch

street; John H. Stube.
Madison Avenue Madison avenue, near 75th

street; Sarah A. Milner.
Manierre Hudson avenue, near Blackhawk

street; Augustus R. Dillon.
Mann, Horace 37th street and Princeton

avenue: Susan E. Colver.
Marquette Harrison and Wood streets;

Charles W. Minard.

Marsh, J. L. 101st street and Escanaba ave-
nue: John L. Lewis.

Marshall Adams street, near Kedzie ave-
nue; Louis J. Block.
Medill 14th place, near Throop street; Ed-
ward C. Rosseter.
Mitchell, Ellen F. North Oakley avenue

and Ohio street; Chester C. Dodge.
Monteflore Sangamon street and Grand

avenue; Fannie, E. Oliver.
Moos, Bernard California avenue and School

street; Carrie F. Patterson.
Morris Noble avenue and Bissell street;

Clarence O. Scudder.
Moseley Michigan avenue and 24th street;

Electa E. Dewey.

Motley North Ada street, near West Chi-
cago avenue; iuarla H. Sayward.
Mulligan Sheffield avenue, near Willow

street; Hanna Sbiff.
McAllister 36th and Gage streets; J. D.


McCIellan Wallace and 35th streets; Alfon-
so E. MacDonald.
McCosh Champlain avenue, near 66th

street; Mary D. Olson.
McLaren, John York and Laflin streets;

Laura D. Ayers.
McPherson Wolcott street, near Lawrence

avenue; Adelaide E. Jordan.
Nash, Henry H. North 49th avenue and

West Erie street; Maggie S. Gill.
Nettelhorst, Louis Evanston and Aldine

avenues; Maria Clark.
Newberry Willow and Orchard streets:

Corydon G. Stowell.
Nixon. Wm. Penn Dickens and North 42d

avenues; Charles H. Ostrander.
Norwood Park Chestnut and Elm streets;

Solon H. Dodge.

Oakland 40th street and Cottage Grove ave-
nue; Louise M. Ripple.
Oak Ridge Prairie avenue and 52d street;

William E. Vandewater.
Ogden Chestnut and North State streets;

Austin C. Rishel.
Ohio Street, Austin Ohio street and Park

avenue; Edward E. Worst.
Otis, James Armour street, near Ohio; G.

A. Osigna.
O'Toole 48th and Bishop streets; Susie L.

Parental St. Louis and Berwyn avenues;

T. C. MacQueary.
Parkman 5Ist street and Princeton avenue;

John B. McGinty.
Park Manor 71st street and Rhodes avenue;

Waldo Dennis.
Parkside 70th street and Seipp avenue;

Julia P. McEachron.
Peabody Augusta and Noble streets; Mary

H. Smyth.
Pickard 21st place and Oakley avenue;

Mary J. O'Byrne.
Polk Street Polk street, near Desplaines;

Harriet F. Hayward.
Prescott Wrightwood and Ashland avenues;

Margaret S. Fitch.
Pulaski Leavitt street, between Lubeck

and Coblentz streets; Anna C. Goggin.
Pullman Pullman avenue and 113th street;

Daniel R. Martin.
Raster, Herman Wood and 70th streets;

David L. Murray.
Rawnswood Paulina street and Montrose

avenue; Josiah F. Kletzinpr.
Ray 57th street and Monroe avenue; Wil-
liam M. Lawrence.
Raymond Wabash avenue and 36th place;

James H. Brayton.
Rogers West 13th street, near Throop; Alice

A. Hogan.
Rosehill 4147 North Clark street; E. L.




Ry erson Lawndale avenue and Huron street ;
Fred M. Sisson.

Scammon Morgan and Monroe -streets;
Mary B. Bryant.

Scanlan Perry avenue, near 117th street;
Alfred Harvey.

Schiller Vedder and Penn streets; Luclla

Schley, Winfleld Scott North Oakley ave-
nue, near Potomac avenue; Minna S.

Schneider, George Hoyne avenue, near
Wellington street; Elizabeth A. Fisk.

School for Crippled Children Ogden avenue
and Madison street; Emma S. Haskell.

Scott, Walter 64th street and Washington
avenue; John W. Akers.

Seward 46th street and Hermitage avenue;
George D. Plant.

Sexton, James A. Wells and Wendell
streets; Elizabeth T. Spieker.

Sheldon State and Elm streets; Elizabeth
W. Murphy.

Sheridan, Mark 27th and Wallace streets;
John A. Johnson.

Sheridan, Phil 90th street and Escauaba
avenue; Edward L. C. Morse.

Sherman Morgan street and - 51st place;
Levi T. Regan.

Sherwood 57th street and Princeton ave-
nue; William J. Black.

Shields 43d and Rockwell streets; James
W. Brooks.

Skinner Jackson boulevard and Aberdeen
street; Ella R. Coles.

Smyth, John M. 13th street, near Blue Is-
land avenue; Luella V. Little.

Spry, John Southwest boulevard and West
24th street; Henry S. Tibbits.

Stony Island Avenue 93d street and Stony
Island avenue; Patrick F. Haley.

Sullivan, William K. 83d street and Hous-
ton avenue; Ada L. Bannerman.

Sumner 43d avenue and Harrison street;
Elisabeth V. Port.

Swing, David String street, between 16th
and 17th: William J. Fraser.

Talcott Ohio and Lincoln streets; Margaret
E. Burke.

Taylor Avenue J, near 100th street; Belle

A. Butterfield.
Tennyson California avenue and Fulton

street; Mary F. Willard.
Thomas, George H. Belden avenue and

High street.
Thorp, J. N. 89th street and Superior ave-
nue; Ida M. Pahlmau.
Throop Throop street, near 18th; Mary W.

Tilden Lake and Elizabeth streets; Harriet

N. Winchell.
Tilton West Lake street and 44th avenue;

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