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No. 2 in M.30S.9; No. 2 in M.30S.12

Les souliers de noce. Operette en i acte. Paroles de Fran-
cis Tourte. Musique de Georges Douay. [Partition chant
et piano.] Paris. Chatot. [187-?] No. 3 in M.305.11

Le tonneau de Mignonne. Operette en i acte. Paroles de
Jules de la Guette et Charles Supernant. Musique de
Georges Douay. [Partition chant'et piano.] Paris. Cha-
tot. [1872.] No. 4 in M.305.11

Le tresor de la Tante Bechut. Operette en i acte. Paroles
de A. Philibert [pseud.]. Musique de Georges Douay.
[Partition chant et piano.] Paris. Philibert. [1872.]

No. 5 in M.305.11

Les valets modeles. Operette en i acte. Paroles de Francis

Tourte. Musique de Georges Douay. Partition chant &

piano. Paris. Colombier. [1875.] No. 3 in M.305.12

Double disguise. The. Opera. For the Music see Hook, J.

For the Libretto see Hook, Mrs. J.
Double echelle. La. Opera. For the Music see Thomas, C. L.

A. For the Libretto see Planard.

Double epreuve, La. Opera. For the Music see Labit; also

Vercken de Vreuschmen. For the Libretto see Toulon;

also Dubreuil, E.

Double-croches malades, Les. Criticism. Azevedo. M.246.23

Doublons, Les, de ma ceinture. Opera. For the Darcier. For

the Libretto see Thiry.
Doubt thou the stars. Glee. Maddison. No. 9 in M.i39a.i8.8





'Doubt thou the stars are fire. Glee. Stevens, R. J. S.

No. S2a in M.157.6.2
Doubtless the pleasure. Catch. Travers.

No. 45 in M.141.21.2; etc.
Douce mer. Song. Bizet. Vingt melodies. No. 2 in M.265.24
Douces flammes. Part-song. C.'^.mpra. No. 2 in M.296.6

Douen, Emmanuel Orentin.

Clement Marot et le Psautier huguenot, etude historique,
litteraire, musicale et bibliographique. Paris. Imprimerie
nationale. 1878, 79. 2 v. M.122.40

Douen, O. See Douen, Emmanuel Orentin.
Douland, Robert. See Dowland, Robert.
Douglas, Hugh A.

[Romeo and Juliet up to larks.] The original songs, dances
&c. in Romeo and Juliet up to larks. Burlesque in two
acts by Claude Cane. The lyrics chiefly by M. B. Lucas.
The music by Hugh A. Douglas. Vocal score complete
[with pianoforte accomp.]. London. Marriott & Wil-
liams. [189-?] No. I in M.39g.75
Doulx nenny, Ung. Part-song. Lassus. Sammtliche Wcrke.
Band 12. M.8o4oa.67.i2
Doumka. For orchestra. Rubinstein. No. 2 in M.40S.51
Dourlen, Victor Charles.

Le frere Philippe. Opera comique en i acte et en prose,

paroles de Auguste Duport, musique de Mr Dourlen.

[Partition.] Paris. Petit. [182-?] M.262.11

Doute, Le. Song. Glinka. Romances. No. 11 in M.244.8

Doux echos des bois. Duet. Gretry, A. E. M.

No. 28 in M.3go.37
Doux est ton regard. Song. Vaucorbeil. Melodies. M.213.25
Doux mal, Le. Song. Mehul. No. 16 in M.235.18.3

Doux nom de ma Mere. Duet. Panseron. Collection de 40
morceaux. No. 10 in M.260.13

Doux plaisirs, Les. Duet. Destouches. No. 2 in M.296.6

Douze femmes, Les, de Japhet. Ot>era. For the Music see

Roger, V. For the Libretto see Mars.
Douze innocentes, Les. Opera. For the Music see Grisar.

For the Libretto see Najac.
Dovalle, Charles.

Velleda. Scene lyrique, musique de E. M. E. Deldevez.

No. I in M.356.14
Dove Battista. Anthem. Stradella. No. S in M.233.26.4

Dove mi guidi. Song. Traetta. No. 2 in M. 120.30

Dove sei. Song. Handel. No. 56 in M. 157.39; etc.

Dove sei amato bene. Song. Handel. No. 3 in M.400.36

Dove son, dove vado. Madrigal. Cirillo. No. 247 in M.235.17.2
Dove vado sventurato. Song. Piccinni. No. i in M.360.8

Dow, Howard Malcolm.

Consolation. [Quartet, t. T. B. B.] Boston. Ditson & Co.
1876. [Sacred and secular quartets. 3.] No. 37 in M.190.2
"Fill, fill your glasses." Drinking song [t. t. b. b.]. Boston.
Ditson & Co. 1876. [Sacred and secular quartets. 6.]

No. 39 in M.190.2
Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah, b. solo and quartett.
[Accomp. for organ.] Boston. Ditson & Co. 1867.

No. 32 in M.190.2
I cannot always trace the way. [Quartet, t. t. b. b.] Bos-
ton. Ditson & Co. 1876. [Sacred and secular quartets.
2.] No. 35, 36 in M.190.2

Two copies.
Lo! the day of rest declineth. [s. solo and chorus. Accomp.
for organ.] Boston. Tolman & Co. [1867. Sabbath
praise.] No. 31 in M.190.2

Te Deum laudamus [t. t. b. b. Accomp. for organ]. Bos-
ton. Ditson & Co. 1876. [Sacred and secular quartets.
I.] No. 34 in M.190.2

"The trumpet calls away." Vocal march, [t. t. b. b.] Bos-
ton. Ditson & Co. 1876. [Sacred and secular quartets.
5.] No. 38 in M.190.2

Dow, Howard Malcolm, editor.

Balfe. Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah. Anthem.

No. 33 in M.190.2

The Masonic Orpheus. A collection of songs, hymns,

chants . . . Arranged for male voices. [Accomp. for

organ or piano.] Boston. Ditson & Co. [1870.] M.221.3


Dow, Sabrina H.

Artistic singing. Boston. Lee & Shepard. 1883. M.iog.24
Dowie dens. The, o' Yarrow. Overture. MacCunn.

No. 2 in M.357.17
Dowland, John.

Awake, sweet love. Madrigal. (In Hullah. Part music.
Secular. Vol 2, pp. 1 16-120.) No. 27 in M.IS7.28.2

Also to be found in Musical library ; Musical Times [Music] ; Turle
and Taylor's The People's music book ; Webb's Collection of madrigals.
Come again, sweet love. Madrigal. London. Addison &
Hollier. [182-?] No. 5 in M. 235. 7.1

Also to be found in Hullah's Part music, Secular ; Leslie's Cassell's
Choral music : Musical times [Music] ; Warren's Cocks's Hand-book
• of glees ; Webbe, Jr.'s Convito armonico.

Come, heavy sleep. Part-song, (/n Monk. Novello's Part-
song book. Pp. 52-55.) No. 13a in M. 157.4

Come, Holy Ghost; Creator, come. Hymn for Whitsuntide
(In Musical times. [Music] Vol. 6, pp. 154, 155.)

No. 17 in M.175.1.G

Fine knacks for ladies. Madrigal for 4 voices. (In Warren.
Cocks's Hand-book of glees. Vol. 2, no. 72, pp. 85-87.)

No. 72 in M.157.6.2

The first set of songs, in 4 parts . . . Scored ... by W.
Chappell. London. Chappell. [1843. Musical Antiqua-
rian Society. Publications. Vol. 3.] No. 2 in M.234.21
The pianoforte score is on shelf-number No. 5 in m. 234.28.
Contents. — Unquiet thoughts. — Whoever thinks, or hopes, of love.
. — My thoughts are wing'd. — If my complaints. — Can she excuse?

— Now, O now, I needs must part. — Dear, if you change. — Burst
forth, my tears. — Go, crystal tears. — Think'st thou then? — Come
away, come sweet love. — Rest awhile, you cruel cares. — Sleep, way-
ward thoughts. — All ye whom love. — Wilt thou, unkind? — Would
my conceit. — Come again, sweet love. — His golden locks. — ■ Awake,
sweet love. — Come, heavy sleep. — Away with these self-loving lads.

— My Lord chamberlain his galliard

The first set of songs . . . Arranged with a pianoforte ac-
comp. by G. Alex. Macfarren. London. Chappell. [184-?
Musical Antiquarian Society. Publications.]
The score is on shelf-number No. 2 in u. 234.21. No. 5 in M. 234*^8

In all thy need. Part-song. (In Monk. Novello's Part-
song book. Pp. 59, 60.) No. 15 in M.157.4

Now, O now I needs must part. [Part-song.] (In Hawes.
A Collection of madrigals. Pp. 1-4) No. I in M.235.12

.\lso to be found in Hullah's Part music. Secular; Musical library;
Warren's Cocks's Hand-book of glees.

O God, of power omnipotent. Prayer. [Accomp. for organ.]
(In Turle and Taylor. The People's music book. Vol. 2,
p. 99.) No. 26 in M.iii.4.2

The pedlar's song. [Part-song.] (In Monk. Novello's
Part-song book. Pp. 82-84.) No. 21 in M.157.4

Rest awhile you cruell cares. (In Smith. Musica antiqua.
P. 54.) M.236.10

Song from manuscript in James the First's time [with figured bass].

Sleep, wayward thought. [Part-song.] (In Hawes. Col-
lection of madrigals. Pp. 162-165.) No. 29 in M.235.12

..Siisses Lieb! O komm zuriick." Madrigal [t. T. B. B.]. (In
Weinwurm. Drei englische Madrigale. Pp. 2, 3.)
An adaptation of his Come again, sweet love. No. 6 in M. 392. 27

Whoever thinks, or hopes, of love for love. Part-song. (In
Warren. Cocks's Hand-book of glees. Vol. 2, no. 79, pp.
113-120.) No. 79 in M.1S7.6.2

Dowland, Robert.

Douland's Musical banquet. [Selections. London.] Chis-

wick Press. 1817. M.146.16

One of an edition of twenty-five copies.

Down among the cane brakes. Song. Foster, S. C.

No. 17 in M.380.41.1
Dovyn among the dead men. For piano and orchestra. Stanford.

Down by the gate. Song. Thomas, J. R. No. 5 in M.192.14

Down by the mill. Buck, D. Three songs for mezzo-soprano.

No. 19-21 in M.200.2
Down by the river. Song. Storage. No. 20 in M.235.18.2

Down by the river side. Ballad. Thomas, J. R.

No. 6 in M.ig2.i4
Down by the silv'ry stream. Part-song. Ferrari, G. B.

No. 10 in M. 244.10.4
Down, down a thousand fathom deep. Song. Keller, C.

No. 33 in M.235.18.3





Down from above falls Jove. Madrigal. Bateson. First set
of madrigals. No. 2 in M.234.22

Down in a dungeon deep. Catch. Hilton.

No. 172 in M.110.1.2; etc.
Down in a flow'ry vale. Madrigal. Festa, C.

No. 8inM.235.7.i;etc.
Down in a pretty valley. Part-song. Leslie H. D.

No. 18 in M.195.1.4

Down in a valley. Madrigal. Wilbye. No. i in M.235.17.1; etc.

Down in the country. French duet. (/» Flowers of harmony.

Vol. I, pp. 10, II.) No. II inM.iS7.i8.i

Down in my garden fair. Madrigal. Pearsall.

No. 2 in M.195.1.11
Down in the valley. Song. Hook, J. No. 27 in M.igs.i.ii

Doyen, fidouard.

L'arracheuse de dents. Operette. Paroles de Ad. ChauHeu
[pseud.] et fid. Doyen. Musique de J. Marc Chautagne.

No. I in M.395.16
Les deux grisettes. Saynete. Musique de Felix Jouffroy.

No. 6 in M.30I.II

Deux muses. Operette. Paroles de Armand Chaulieu

[pseud.] & fidouard Doyen. Musique de J. Marc Chau-

tagne. No. 2 in M.3g5.i6

Une femme modele, saynette. Musique de A. de Villebichot.

No. 3 in M.326.3
Finette et Philidor. Saynette. Musique d'Octave Batifort.

No. 2 in M.255.3S
Les marionnettes amoureuses. Saynette. Musique de Jules
Javelot. No. 2 in M.393.30

Myope et presbyte. Operette. Paroles de Armand Chau-
lieu [pseud.] et fidouard Doyen. Musique de Marc Joly.

No. 6 in M.393.56
El Senor Piffardino. Operette. Paroles de Chaulieu [pseud.]
et £. Doyen. Musique de Pierre Delaruelle.

No. 2 in M.29S.8
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan.
Jane Annie; or, the good conduct prize. Written by J. M.
Barrie & A. Conan Doyle. Music by Ernest Ford.

No. I in M.246.6


II etait une fois. Operette. Paroles de Adolphe Jaime et

Doze-Semiane. [Musique de] O. de Lagoanere. M.296.13

Drac, Le. Opera. For the Music see Hillemacher, P. J. W.

For the Libretto see Gallet.
Drack, Maurice, pseud. See Poitevin, Auguste.
Dracy, H.

Folies d'amour. Opera-comique. Musique de la Bne Du-
rand de Fontmagne. No. i in M.402.20

Draeseke, Felix August Bernhard.

Adventlied. Dichtung von Fr. Riickert, fur Solostimmen
[t. B.], Chor und Orchester componirt von Felix Drae-
seke. Clavierauszug. Leipzig. Kistner. [187-?]

No. I in M. 391.39
Columbus. (English version by E. Buek.) Cantate fiir Soli,
Mannerchor und Orchester von Felix Draeseke. Op. 52.
Clavierauszug. Leipzig. Kistner. [1890.]

No. 4 in M.203.12

Concert (Es dur) fiir Pianoforte mit Begleitung des Orches-

ters. Op. 36. Orchesterpartitur. Leipzig. Kistner. [189-?]


Gudrun. Grosse Oper in 3 Acten. Text und Musik von

Felix Draeseke. Clavierauszug. Leipzig. Kistner. [1884.]


Herrat. Grosse Oper in drei Acten. Text und Musik von

Felix Draeseke. Clavierauszug. Leipzig. Forberg. [1892.]

Jubel-Ouverture, fiir grosses Orchester im Auftrage der
konigl. Haupt- und Residenzstadt Dresden, zur Feier des
siebzigsten Geburtstages und des fiinfundzwanzigjahrigen
Regierungsjubilaums Seiner Majestat des Konigs Albert
von Sachsen. Op. 65. Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf &
Hartel. 1898. No. 2 in M.403.27

Quartett (C moll) fiir zwei Violinen, Viola und Violoncell.
Op. 27. Partitur. Leipzig. Kistner. [1884?]

No. 3 in M.33S.4

Draeseke, Felix August Bernhard. (Continued.)

Quartett, No. 2, E moll, fiir zwei Violinen, Viola und Vio-
loncell. Op. 35. Partitur. Leipzig. Kistner. [189-?]

No. 4 in M.335.4
Quintett fiir Pianoforte, Violine, Viola, Violoncell und
Horn. Op. 48. [Partitur und Stimmen.] Leipzig. Kist-
ner. [188-?] 5 parts in i v. M.403.28
Requiem (H moll) fiir vier Solostimmen, Chor und grosses
Orchester auf den lateinischen Text componirt. Op. 22.
Chorstimmen [mit Clavierbegleitung]. Leipzig. Kistner.
[188-?] No. I in M.384.24
Scherzo (IL Satz einer Symphonie in G dur) fiir Orchester.
Op. 12. Partitur. Leipzig. Kahnt. [187-?]

No. I in M.335.20
The Symphony from which this Scherzo is taken is on shelf-number
Serenade (D dur) fiir Orchester. Op. 49. Partitur. Leip-
zig. Kistner. [1889?] No. 3 in M.332.14
Symphonie in G dur fiir Orchester. Op. 12. Partitur. Leip-
zig. Kahnt. [187-?] M.335.19
Symphonia tragica fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 40. Parti-
tur. Leipzig. Kistner. [1885?] M.331.3
Symphonie (N". 2, F dur) fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 25.
Partitur. Leipzig. Kistner. [187-?] No. i in M.332.14
Symphonisches Vorspiel zu Calderon's „Das Leben ein
Traum," fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 45. Partitur. Leip-
zig. Kistner. [188-?] No. 2 in M.332.14
Symphonisches Vorspiel zu Heinrich von Kleist's „Penthe-
silea" fiir grosses Orchester. Op. SO. Partitur. Leipzig.
Kistner. [1890?] No. 4 in M.332.14
Draeseke, Felix August Bernhard. Works about.
Beyer, C. Felix Draeseke, Symphonia tragica (Op. 40).
Erlautert. Frankfurt a. M. [1895.] No. 32 in M.217.12.2

Felix Driiseke, Requiem (H-moll. Op. 22). Erlautert.

Frankfurt a. M. [1898.] No. 3 in M.217.12.4

Draexler, Manfred Carl Ferdinand, translator.

Reyer. firostrate. M.307.9

Dragedukken. Opera. For the Music see Kunzen. For the

Libretto see Falsen.
Dragees, Les, de Suzette. Opera. For the Music see Salomon,

H. For the Libretto see Barbier, P. J.
Dragon, Le, de la reine. Opera. For the Music see Wentzel.

For the Libretto see Decourcelle.
Dragon, The, of Wantley. Opera. For the Music see Lampe,

J. F. For the Libretto see Carey.
Dragonette. Opera. For the Music see Offenbach. For the

Libretto see Mestepes.
Dragons, Les, de I'imperatrice. Opera. For the Music see

Messager. For the Libretto see Duval, G.
Dragons, Les, de Villars. Opera. For the Music see Maillart.

For the Libretto see Simon, J. P.
Drain the flask. Trio. Bishop H. R. Complete collection o£
glees. Vol. 3- M.23S.1.3


See also Munich. Theatres; Opera; Passion plays.
Drama. Anecdotes.

Robertson, J. C. The Percy anecdotes. By Sholto and
Reuben Percy [pseud.]. Vol. 17: The stage; music. Lon-
don. 1826. 2 V. 2 portraits. M.i29a.39
Drama. Bibliography.
Arnold, J. H. V. [Catalogue of his] Library. New York.
1870. M.113.3
Particularly rich in dramatic literature.
Macready, W. C. Catalogue of [his] library. Sold, July,
1873. [London. 1873.] No. 3 in M.141.29
Drama. Criticism.

Beauquier. C. La musique et le drame. fitude d'esthetique.

Paris. 1877. M.127.19

Cornet, J. Die Oper in Deutschland und das Theater der

Neuzeit. Hamburg. 1849. M. 148.17

Dumersan, T. M. Comparaison du theatre romain avec le

theatre grec. Paris. 1808. No. 4 in M.12S.6

Ernst, A. Richard Wagner et le drame contemporain.

Paris. 1887. M.127.46





Drama. Criticism. (Continued.)

Goodwin, T. Sketches and impressions, musical, theatrical,
and social (1799-1885). Including a sketch of the Phil-
harmonic Society of New York. From the after-dmner
talk of Thomas Goodwin, by R. Osgood Mason. New
York. 1887. M.i09b.42

Greville, R. K. The drama brought to the test of Scrip-
ture and found wanting. [Anon.] Edinburgh. 1830.

No. I in M. 1293.20

Lewinsky, J., editor. Vor den Coulissen. Original-Blatter

von Celebritaten des Theaters und der Musik. 2. Band.

Berlin. 1882. Portraits. Facsimiles. M.370.24

Lyden, £. F. M. DE. Le theatre d'autrefois et d'aujourd'hui,

Cantatrices et comediens. 1532-1882. Paris. 1882.


[Music and drama. Cuttings from Every Saturday, 1869-

y-^-^ M.123.6

WoLZOGEN, C. A. A. Ueber Theater und Musik. Breslau.

i860. M.108.1

Drama. History.

Baudrais, J. Essais historiques sur I'origine et les progres
de I'art dramatique en France. [Anon.] Paris. 1791.

BouLENGER DE RiVERY, C. F. F. Recherches historiques et
critiques sur quelques anciens spectacles, et particuliere-
ment sur les mimes et sur les pantomimes. [Anon.] Paris.
j_ci M.iogb.i6

FuERSTENAU, M. Zur Geschichte der Musik und des Thea-
ters am Hofe zu Dresden. Dresden. 1861,62. 2 v. Folded
plate. M.136.10

GouRNAY, F. A. DE. Jeux sceniques, a Rome. Chceurs de
danse avec gestes, dialogues, vers fescennins . . . Caen.
1857. No. S in M.125.6

Hermann, J. Le drame lyrique en France depuis Gluck
jusqu'a nos jours. Paris. 1878. No. i in M.143.3; etc.

JuLLiEN, J. L. A. Histoire du theatre de Madame Pompa-
dour dit Theatre des petits cabinets. Paris. 1824.

No. 3 in M.122.1

Le theatre des Di'^s Verrieres. La comedie de societe

dans le monde galant du siecle dernier. Paris. 1875.

No. 4 in M.122.1
Drama. Periodicals.

CoNSTiTUTiONNEL, Le, newspaper. Annuaire des lettres, des
arts et des theatres, du journal Le Constitutionnel. 1845-
46. Paris. 1846, 47- M.373.32

Dramatic and Musical Review. Vol. 1-4. 1842-45. [Week-
ly.] London. 1842-45. Portrait of Jullien. M.167.7
Freund's Daily. Vol. i. Nov. 25, 1882-May 17, 1883.
[John C. Freund, editor.] New York. 1882, 83. M.15.2
Independance musicals et dramatique. Directeur: Ernest
Thomas. Annee i ; 2, no. I. Paris. 1887,88. M.135.14
No more was published.
Lyre, The; a musical and theatrical register. [Edited by
J. W. Hudson.] Vol. I, 2. [London.] 1841. Portraits.

M^nestrel, Le. Journal du monde musical. Musique et
theatres. Annee 29-73. Paris. 1861-1907. M.172.1

Opinion. L', du parterre, ou revue de tous les the.itres de
Paris. Annee 10. Paris. 1813. M.iogb.e

Drama, The, brought to the test of Scripture and found want-
ing. (Anon.) Greville, R. K. No. i in M.i2ga.2o
[Drama, fine arts and music in Boston. Cuttings from the
Memorial history of Boston and various newspapers.]


Dramatic and musical prospectuses and programmes, etc.

[1876-86.] M.i3g.i7

Dramatic and Musical Review. Vol. 1-4- [Weekly.] London.

Onwhyn. 1842-45. Portrait of Jullien. M.187.7

Dramatic expression.

Frobisher, J. E. A new and practical system of the culture
of the voice and action . . . Improved edition. New York.
1881. M.IO8.30

KiRBY, E. N. Vocal and action-language. Culture and ex-
pression. Boston. 1885. M.iog.3
Dramatic singing. See Singing. Operatic.

Dramatic sjrmphonies. See Symphonies, Dramatic.
Dramatische Fantasie. Symphonic poem. Hiller, F.

No. 3 in M.348.13
Dramatische Guverture. Overture.

Kauffmann, F. No. I in M.403.79

Mielck. M.410.77

Dramatische Phantasie. For orchestra. Scharwenka, L. P.

Dramatisches Tongedicht. Symphonic poem. Kretschmer.

No. 4 in M.336.23
Drame, Un, en 1779! Opera. For the Music and Libretto

see Ronger, F.

Drames sacres, Les. Poem. Silvestre. M.373.15

Drang in die Feme. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20.

Band 7. M.317.1.20.7

Drapier, Un, dans de mauvais draps. Opera. For the Music

see Vandenesse. For the Libretto see Sonnois.
Drath, Theodor.
Jauchz' auf, mein Volk! Sieges-Hymne. Partitur fiir vier
Mannerstimmen. Op. 43- Bunzlau. Appun. [187-?]

No. 27 in 14.392.35

Die Jiinger von Emmaus. Oratorium in 2 Abteilungen. nach

dem 24. Kap. des Evang. Lukas bearbeitet von K. A.

Menzel . . . componiert fiir Chor- u. Solo-Gesang mit

Begleitung des Pianoforte von Theodor Drath. Leipzig.

Merseburger. [188-?] No. 5 in M.221.34

Drau-Walzer. Part-song. Koschat. No. ii in M.212.8

Draw on, sweet night. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works. Vol. 2.

No. 31 in M.234.ig.3
Dream, The. Cantata. For the Music see Costa, M. For the

Libretto see Bartholomew, W.
Dream, The. Part-song. Bridge, E. S. No. 18 in M.17S.1.7

Schumann, R. A. No. 19 in M.195.1.13

Stewart, R. P. No. 30 in M.157.4

White, A. M. No. 24 in M.1S7.1

Dream, The. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 24. M.413.1.24
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Songs.

No. 59 in M.244.21
Dream, A, of my mother. Song. Foster, S. C.

No. 18 in M.380.41.1
Dream, A, within a dream. Song. Loeffler. Four poems.

Dream, baby, dream. Part-song. Smart, H. No. 9 in M.igs.i.S
Dream king and his love. Cantata. For the Music see Parker,

H. W. For the Libretto see Geibel, E.
Dream, The, of Gerontius. Oratorio. For the Music see Elgar.

For the Libretto see Newman.
Dream, ThtJ, of home. Ballad. Waley. No. 8 in M.380.18

Dream, The, of Jubal. Oratorio. For the Music see Mackenzie,

A. C. For the Libretto see Bennett, J.
Dream, A, of Merrie England. Part-song. Evans, E.

No. 24 in M.IS7.23
Dream, The. of the exile. Part-song. Cutter, E., Jr.

No. II in M.203.11
Dream ship. The. Cantata. For the Music see Williams, J.

For the Libretto see Enoch.
Dreaming lake. The. Part-song. Reinecke, C. H. C.

No. 27 in M.204.36.6
Dreaming rose, The. Part-song. Reinhold. No. 25 in M.392.22
Dreamland. Cantata. For the Music see Gabriel, M. A. V. J
For the Libretto see Matthison. 1

Dreamland. Part-song. Bremer J. H. No. 39 in M.158.13

Dreamy lake. The. Part-song. Schumann, R. A.

No. 7 in M.3g2.48.2
Drear, and e'en when blooming. Trio. Bishop, H. R. Com-
plete collection of glees. Vol. 3. M.23S.1.3 J
Drechsler, Josef. •
[Das Madchen aus der Feenwelt.] Favorit Gesange mit
Begleitung des Piano-forte aus dem Original-Zauberspiel:
Das Madchen aus der Feenwelt, oder der Bauer als Mil- |
lionar von Ferdinand Raimund. Musik von Jos. Drechs- "
ler. Wien. Diabelli & Co. [1825?] No. 2 in M.330.9
Sylphide, das See-Fraulein. Romantisch-komische Zauber-
posse in 2 Aufziigen von Therese Krones. In Musik ge-
setzt von" Joseph Drechsler. Vollstandiger . . . Klavier-
Auszug. Wien. Haslinger. [1815.] No. 2 in M.220.20





Dregert, Alfred.

Abendlied. Sopran-Solo und Mannerchor. Op. 74, No. I.

Leipzig. Leuckart. [1886?] No. 4 in M.392.7

Same. Evening song. [s. solo, T. T. B. B. English version

by Chas. J. Sprague.] Boston. Schmidt & Co. [1S87.]

No. 5 in M.392.7
Am voUen Fasse. Mannerchor. Op. 60, No. i. Bremen.

Praeger & Meier. [188-?] No. 74 in M.392.3

Bestrafte Neugier [x. t. b. b.]. Op. 92. Leipzig. Siegel.

[1889?] No. 80 in M.392.3

Drei Lieder fiir Mannerchor. Op. 91. Leipzig. Forberg.

[187-?] 3 parts in i v. No. 77-79 in M.392.3

Contents. — I. O guter Engel, bleib bei mir. 2. Kirmess im Dorf.

3. Der Friihling kommt.

Floweret blue. [Part-song, t. t. b. b.] New York. Luck-

hardt & Belder. 1894. No. 15 in M.203.11

Geburtstagschoral [t. t. b. b.]. {In Gruber. Sangeshort.

Heft 2, p. IS.) No. 2 in M.370.30

How lovely! How fair! [Part-song, s. t. t. b. b.] (/n The

Osgood collection of part-songs. Vol. i, pp. 89-94.)


Madchenaug'. Mannerchor. Op. 64. Wien. Rebay &

Robitschek. [188-?] No. i in M.392.7

Minnegliick. Love's bliss ... fiir Mannerchor. Op. 106.

Berlin. Luckhardt. [1890.] No. 71 in M.392.3

Parted. (Zieh' hinaus.) [Part-song, r. t. b. b. Op. 98, no. 2.]

New York. Luckhardt & Belder. [1895.]

With English and German words. No. I4 in M.203.II

Sanctus fiir Mannerchor. Op. 57- Leipzig. Forberg. [1883?]

No. 70 in M.392.3
Die schone Nachbarin. Mannerchor. Op. 80, No. 2. Bre-
men. Praeger & Meier. [188-?] No. 75 in M.392.3
Serenade. [Part-song. x. x. b. b.] (/» The Osgood collec-
tion of part-songs. Vol. 2, pp. 65-67.) M.193.23.2
Sokrates. [Mannerchor.] Op. 107. (In Claasen. Ludwig
Liebe-Album. P. 10.) No. 11 in M.203.16
Spanish serenade [x. x. b. b. English version by Mrs. L. T.
Craigin]. Boston. Prufer. [1884.] No. 8 in M.392.7
Same. [English words by Charlotte H. Coursen.] New
York. Schirmer. No. 9 in M.392.7
Waldestraum. Gedicht ... fiir Mannerchor. Op. 5°- Dres-
den. Naumann. [188-?] No. 11 in M.212.4
„Wenn sich zwei Herzen scheiden" . . . Tenor- oder So-
pran-SoIo und Mannerchor. Op. 67. Leipzig. Leuckart.
[188-?] No. 2 in M.392.7
Same. Parting, [s. or x. solo, x. x. b. b.] English version
by Chas. J. Sprague. Op. 67. [Boston.] Schmidt & Co.
1887. No. 3 in M.392.7
When springtime comes [x. x. B. B.]. Op. 80, no. 3- New
York. Schirmer. [1886.] No. 10 in M.392.7
„Wie ist doch die Erde so schon." Sopran-solo und Man-
nerchor. Op. 74, No. 2. Leipzig. Leuckart. [1886?]

No. 6 in M.392.7
Same. Oh earth, thou art wondrously fair. [s. solo, x. x.
B. B.] English version by Chas. J. Sprague. Boston.
Schmidt. [1887.] No. 7 in M.392.7

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