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pianoforte] . No. 52 in M.235.18.4 ;etc.

The beauties of Handel, consisting of upwards of 150

of his songs, duets & trios, . . . arranged with a separate
accomp. for the piano forte . . . M. 221.24

Carol bella! Duetto, [s. x. Accomp. for organ.]

No. II in M.235.18.3

Italienische Duette. Werke. Lieferung 32. M.313.1.32

Let's imitate her notes. Duett [s. s.].

No. 63 in M.23S.17.4

Sechs Duette aus verschiedenen Opern zum Concert-

gebrauche mit Begleitung des Orchesters. M.igs.ig

Songs, duets, and trios, selected from the oratorios,

etc. . . . With an accomp. for the pianoforte. M.234.5

Unito a un puro affetto. Duetto fs. a. Accomp. di

pianoforte]. No. 11 in M.235.18.4

When Phoebus the tops. Duett fs. a.].

No. ^,7 in M.141.21.1; etc.
Haringxon. Damon and Clora. Duett [s.x.].

No. 15 in M.i39a.i8.5; etc.

How sweet in the woodlands. Duetto fx. x.J.

No. 14 in M. 1398.18.5; etc.

Sweet doth blush the rosy morning. Duetto fx. b.].

No. 21 in M.i39a.i8.i; etc.

Why must I die for thee? Duet [s. s.].

No. 6 in M.157.18.3
Hasse, J. A. P. When first I saw thee. Duet [x. x.].

No. 233 in M.21S.21
Hayden. As I saw fair Clora. Duetto fx. b.].

No. 18 in M.i39a.i8.5; etc.
Haydn, F. J. Guarda qui, che lo vedrai. Duet [s.x. Ac-
comp. for pianoforte]. No. 43 in M.235.18.4

O what various charms. Duet [s.x.] from The sea-
sons. No. I in M.23S.18.4

Hayes, W. Let the French hop and sing. Canzonett [x. b.].

No. 17 in M.141.21.1; etc.
Hennig. 20 ein- und zweistimmige Lieder mit Begleitung
des Pianoforte. No. 17 in M.203.8

Henschel, G. „Beweinet, so geweint in Babel's Land."

No. 5 in M.346.10


Duets. Vocal. (Continued.)

HiMMEL. Exchange of hearts. [Duet, s. x. Accomp. for
pianoforte.] No. ain M.212.21.1

Hook, J. Come, now, let's be joyous. [Duet, t. b.]

No. 221 in M.215.21

Horn, C. E. Kind fortune smiles. Duet [s. x. Accomp. for

pianoforte]. No. i in M.235.7.a

The tyger. Duett [x. x.]. No. 6 in M.i39a.i8.6

The watch word. Duett [x. x.]. No. 8 in M. 1393.18.6

How faint the joy. [Duet, x. b.] No. 5 in M.1S7.18.1

How imperfect is expression. Duet [s. a.].

No. 239 in M.215.21
In AIRY dreams. Duet [s. a. or x. x.]. No. 238 in M.215.21

Isouard. Ah! monsieur, je suis tremblante. Duo [s. s. Ac-
comp. de piano]. No. 8 in M. 157.4c

Tous mes plaisirs. Duo [s. x. Accomp. de piano].

No. 14 in M.1S7.40
J'aimrois mieux de n'aimer. Duetto [x. b.].

No. 69 in M. 110.1. 1 ; etc.
Jackson, W., of Exeter. Deluding joys of gaudy art. Can-
zonet. For s. s. No. 6 in M.1S7.2

n I love. Canzonet [s. a.]. No. 152 in M.235.17.5

Love in thine eyes. Canzonet [x. x.].

No. 6 in M.237.2; etc.

Sad is my day. Canzonet [s. a.].

No. 5 in M.i39a.i8.s; etc.

Time has not thin'd my flowing hair. A canzonet

[s. a.]. No. 14 in M.237.2; etc.

Jess Macpharlane. Duett [x.b.]. No. 121 in M.235.17.5

Jones, R. My love bound with a kisse. Song [x. b.].

Kelly. Ah no! from the bower, in answer to Will you

come to the bower [duet, s. x.], written by T. Moore.

No. 16 in M.237.7
Knighx, J. P. Sabbath evenings. 12 sacred songs, duetts

& trios. M.234.14

Labarre. J'ignore, helas, I'art de seduire. Duo [s. x. Ac-
comp. de piano]. No. 26 in M.390.37
Lachner, F. Deutsche Gesaenge fiir 2 Singstimmen [s. x.]

mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. No. ioinM.221.25

Lafonx. Idole de ma vie. [Duet, s. x. Accomp. de piano.]

No. 15 in M.221.20
Lecocq, a. C. Scene de Phedre de Racine. [Duet, s. a.

Accomp. de] piano. No. 3 in M. 194.18

Leveridge. Whilst health & blooming youth. [Duet, s. b.]

No. 3 in M.157.18.3
LiLLO. Al chiaror d'amica luna. Duetto [s. a. Accomp. di

piano]. No. 3 in M.221.20

Lindpainxner. Bajaderen-Gesang. [Fiir s. a. mit Klavier-

begleitung.] No. 9 in M.38o.2a

Louis, N. 4 nocturnes [s. s. ou x. x.], avec accomp. de piano.

No. 20-23 in M.390.4; etc.
Manfroce. Ah perchi serbai fin' ora. Scena e duetto [s. x.,

con accomp. d' orchestra. Partitura]. No. 6 in M.120.26
Marcello, B. Qual anelante. Duet [x. x. Accomp. for

violins, viola and bass]. No. 42 in M.235.14; etc.

Mariin y Solar. In thee each joy. [Duet, s. x.]

No. 190 in M.23S.i7.a

O thou wert born to please me. [Duet, s. x. Accomp.

for pianoforte.] No. 189 in M.235.17.2; etc.

Masini. Arri, arri. Duettino [s. a. Accomp. di piano].

No. so in M.157.39

Masolini. Io son tradito. Duo [x. x. Accomp. di piano].

No. 46 in M.157.39

Massenex. Poeme d'amour. [Duet. s. x. Accomp. de
piano.] No. 3 in M.257.9

Mayer, J. S. Parto! ti lascio. Scena e duetto [s.x. Ac-
comp. di piano]. No. 4 in M.235.18.2

Mendelssohn-Barxholdy, J. L. F. Autumn song. [Duet,
s. s. Accomp. for piano.] No. 11 in M.280.22

Evening song. [Duet, s. s. Accomp. for pianoforte.]

No. 5 in M.280.23

Greeting. [Duet. s. s. Accomp. for piano.]

No. 2 in M.280.22

The harvest field. [Duet. s. s. Accomp. for piano.]

No. 8 in M.28o.3a




Duets. Vocal. (Continued.)

I would that my love. [Duet, s. s. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] No. I in M.280.22

Lieder und Gesange fiir zwei Singstimmen mit Beglei-

tung des Pianoforte. Werke. Serie 18. M.413.3.18

The May bells and the flowers. [Duet. s. s. Accomp.

for pianoforte.] No. 12 in M.280.22

O wert thou in the cold blast. [Duet, s. t. Accomp.

for pianoforte.] No. 3 in M.280.22

Over the hills and far away. [Duet. s. s. Accomp.

for pianoforte.] No. 4 in M.280.22

The passage-bird's farewell. [Duet. s. s. Accomp.

for pianoforte.] No. 10 in M.280.22

Song from Ruy Bias. [Duet. s. s. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] No. 9 in M.280.22

The voyage. [Duet. s. s. Accomp. for pianoforte]

No. 6 in M.280.22

Zuleika and Hassan. [Duet. s. t. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] No. 13 in M.280.22

Mercadante. Soirees italiennes. [Chansons, duets, etc. avec
accomp. de piano.] M.367.10

Tu lo volesti. Duetto [s. a. Accomp. di piano].

No. II in M.221.20

Meyerbeer. Ah! I'honnete homme. [Duet, t. b. Accomp.

de piano.] No. 2 in M.390.37; etc.

O ciel! oil courez-vous. Duo [s. t. Accomp. de piano].

No. I in M. 157.40

Si j'aurai ce courage. [Duet, s. t. Accomp. de piano.]

No. I in M.390.37

Sur son bras m'appuyant. Couplets a 2 voix fs. x. Ac-
comp. de piano]. No. 7in M.157.40

Millet. Duos, trios et quatuors pour chant et piano.


MoLiNER. Cancion militar a duo, con toda orquestra . . .

En obsequio dela Reyna Na S^. No. 5 in M.120.26

Moore, T. Love and the sun dial. A duet [s. s. or t. t. With

piano accomp.]. No. 15 in M.237.7

Morlacchi. Questo mortal beato. Duetto [s. t.], nell'

opera Gianni di Parigi . . . con accomp. di pianoforte.

No. 4 in M.221.21
Morley. Flora, thou wilt torment me. Canzonett [t. b.].

No. 122 in M.235.17.1

Go ye, my canzonets. [Duet, t. t.] No. 81 in M.235.17.1

Leave now, mine eyes. Canzonett [j. b.].

No. 121 in M.235.17.1

Sweet nymph, come to thy lover. Canzonet [t. t.].

No. 41 in M. 141.21.2; etc.
Moulds, J. Fair Maria of the dale. Duett [s. a.].

No. ii9inM.235.i7.5
Mozart. Adieu, thou soft flowing stream. [Duet, s. a. Ac-
comp. for pianoforte.] No. 24 in M.218.8.4

Ah! perdona al primo affetto. Duett [s. t.] in the

opera of La clemenza di Tito. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]

No. 40 in M.235.14

Away with melancholy. An air for i or 2 voices.

No. 7 in M.237.2

La ci darem la mano. Duetto [a. b. Accomp. de

piano]. No. 52 in M.157.39

La dove prende amor ricetto. Duetto (s. et b.). [Ac-
comp. de piano.] No. 22 in M.193.21.1

The lake minstrels. Duett [s. a.].

No. 12 in M.i39a.i8.5

Ma qual mai s'offre. Duetto [s. t. Accomp. de piano].

No. II in M. 157.40

The manly heart. Duet [s. t.] with accomp. for harp

or pianoforte. No. 8 in M.237.2

Su I'aria. Duetto [s. a. Accomp. de piano].

No. 54 in M.157.39
Nares. Why should mortals sigh for gold? Duet [s. a. Ac-
comp. for pianoforte]. No. 39 in M.23S.18.2
No AMBITION without its anxiety. Duetto [t. b.].

No. 167 in M.235.17.5; etc.
[Duet. s. A,]

No. 79 in M.23S.17.4
[s. A.] No. pin M.235.17.2

Duets. Vocal. (Continued.)

Oh my love, lov'st thou me? Duett [s. a.].

No. 123 in M.235.17.5; etc.

Pacini, G. Ah! dunque non fii notturno inganno. Scena e

duetto [s. T. Accomp. di piano]. No. 9 in M.221.20

Ah si! Scena e duetto [s. s. Accomp. di piano].

No. 5 in M.221.20

Innocente al fiume. Scena e duetto [s. b. Accomp. di

piano]. No. 4 in M.221.20

Isabella! mio tesoro. Duetto [s. t. Accomp. di piano].

No. I in M.221.20; etc.

Se taccione i miei labbri. Duettino [s. a. Accomp. di

piano]. No. 12 in M.221.20

Paer. L'addio d'Ettore. Duetto [s. t.], ridotto per il piano-
forte. No. 3 in M.152.28

Dolce deir anima. Duet [s. t. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. No. 26 in M. 235.18.3

Paisiello. Ne giorni tuoi. Duo [s. t. Accomp. di piano].

No. 55 in M.IS7.39

Ne giorni tuoi felici. Duetto con recitativo [s. t., con

stromenti al arco. Partitura]. No. 7 in M.120.28

Pandolfetto graziosetto. Duetto [s. b. Accomp. di

piano] . No. 47 in M.157.39

Pasquali. When first I saw thee graceful move. Duettino
[s. s.]. No. soin M.235.18.4

Pepusch. Hark! hark! methinks I hear. Song [t. b.].

No. 192 in M.2IS.2I
Plenty, mirth. [Duet, t. b.] No. 78 in M.235.17.1

Price, R. Winter. Duet[T. t.]. No. 117 in M.235.17.1

PuRCELL, H. Come all. Duet [t. b.].

No. 16 in M.141.21.1 ; etc.

For love ev'ry creature. Duet [t. b.].

No. 143 in M. 215.21

Hark, my Daridcar. Duet


How sweet is the air! Duet

Let Cxsar and Urania live.

01 dear, what can the matter be.
O sanctissima. Sicilian hymn.

Man is for the woman made.
My dearest, my fairest.
Sing, all ye muses.
Sirens' duet [s. s.].

s. b. Accomp. for piano-
No. 9 in M. 218.8.3; etc.
T. b.]. No. 113 in M.215.21
Duet [s. s. or t. t.].

No. 93 in M.235.17.1 ; etc.
Song [t. b.].

No. 159 in M.215.21
[Duet, s. T.]

No. 4 in M. 157.18.3; etc.
Duet [a. B.].

No. 219 in M.21S.21 ; etc.
From King Arthur.

No. 8 in M.235.18.1

Take not a woman's anger ill. [Duet, t. b.]

No. 220 in M.215.21

What can we poor females do? Song[s.B.].

No. 163 in M.215.21

While bolts and bars. Song [t. b.].

No. 7 in M.141.21.2; etc.
Rameau. Where is pity's melting eye? Duet [s. a.].

No. 158 in M.215.21
Rauzzini. In vain does dew'y morn disclose. Duettino
[s. s. or T. t.], with a harp or pianoforte accomp.

No. 9 in M.237.2

Reichardt. J. F. Calm at sea. [Duet, s. a. Accomp. for

pianoforte.] No. 5 in M.212.21.2

The minstrel. [Duet, s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte.]

No. I in M.212.21.2
Eat the fruit. A duet [s. s. Accomp.
No. 13 in M.204.36.6

Reinecke, C. H. C.
for pianoforte].

Good-night. A duet [s. s. Accomp. for pianoforte].

No. 12 in M.204.36.6

— Happiness ever is fugitive. A duet [s. s. Accomp. for
pianoforte] . No. 16 in M.204.36.6

In life if love we know not. A duet [s. a. Accomp. for

pianoforte]. No. 9 in M.204.36.6

— Invitation to the dance. A duet [s. s. Accomp. for
pianoforte] . No. 20 in M.204.36.6

— Look upward. A duet [s. S. Accomp. for pianoforte].

No. 15 in H.204.36.6





Duets. Vocal. (Continued.)

O beautiful violet. A duet [s. s. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. No. i8 in M.204.36.6
Prayer on the waters. A duet [s. s. Accomp for piano

A duet [s. A.

No. 19 in M.204.36.6
Accomp. for piano-
No. 10 in M.204.36.6
A duet [s. A. Accomp. for
No. II in M.204.36.6
Accomp. for pianoforte].
No. 14 in M.204.36.6
Reissiger. Willkommen schoner Jungling. Duettino [s. s.
Accomp. for pianoforte]. No. 8 in M.244.17

Ricci, L. Partir vuoi tu, crudele. Scena e duettino per
M.-s e B. [Accomp. di piano.] No. 8 in M.221.20

RiFAUT. Aliens, allons, venez le prendre. Duo fs. t. Ac-


— The rose is queen,

— Waken not the sleeper,

— - Woe to him. A duet [s. s.

comp. de piano].
Qu' une valse legere. [Duo, a. t.

Come opprima. Duet [s. t.

No. 15 in M.390.37
Accomp. de piano.]

No. 12 in M.3go.37
Accomp. for piano-
No. 4 in M.23S.18.1



Placido zeffiretto. [Duettino, s. t. Accomp. di piano.]

No. 2 in M.221.21

Zwey Duetten fiir Gesang mit Begleitung des Forte-
piano. No. 22 in M.221.33

RiNCK. The evening song [s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte].

No. 3 in M.167.3
RoBERTi. Inspirations italiennes. [Duets, etc.]

No. I in M.364.10

RoNGER, F. Les metamorphoses de Tartempion. Duo

bouffe. [Accomp. de piano.] No. 5 in M.301.10; etc.

Rossini. Amor! possente nome! Duetto [s. t. Accomp.

de piano]. No. is in M.157.40

D'un beir uso di Turchia. Duo (2 b.). [Accomp. de

piano.] No. 23 in M.193.21.2

Je vais revoir la beaute. Duo [s. t. Accomp. de

piano]. No. 9 in M.157.40

Ma presence pour vous. [Duet, s. t. Accomp. de

piano.] No. 3 in M.157.40

Les soirees musicales. Collection of 8 Italian airs and

duets, with a piano forte accomp. No. 1-12 in M.280.45

Rousseau, A. Les cloches du soir. Nocturne [s. t. Ac-
comp. de piano]. No. 2 in M.158.34

Rousseau, J. J. Tendre fruit des pleurs d'Aurore. Duettino
[s. A. Accomp. de piano]. No. 25 in M.235.18.3

Rubinstein. Eighteen two-part songs with pianoforte ac-
comp. No. I in M.155.47

Sacchini. All my past life. Duett [s.s.].

No. los in M.235.17.4

[Perche se re tu sei. Duetto, s. s., con accomp. d'or-

chestra. Partitura.] No. 7 in M.120.29; etc.

Why so pale and wan. Duett [s.s.].

No. 16 in M.235.17.4
Sale. The butterfly. Duett [x. b. Accomp. for pianoforte].

No. 23 in M.235.14
Santi. [Notturni, a 2 voci, s. a., e basso continuo.]

No. II in M.120.29
ScHNYDER VON Wartensee. If in that breast. Romance and
duet [s. T. Accomp. for pianoforte]. No. 42 in M.235.18.3
Schumann, R. A. Chanson de mai. Duo [s. s. Accomp. de
piano]. No. 19 in M.3gi.28.2

ScoLA. Venetian ballads. M. 220.30

Should I die by the force of good wine. Duetto [t. b.].

No. 48 in M.iio.i.i; etc.
Smith, J. S. Hark, the hollow woods. Duet [s. a.].

No. 74 in M.235.17.4; etc.
Smith, T. Sweet is the breath. Duet [a. t.].

No. 232 in M.215.21
Spofforth. Hark! the goddess Diana. Hunting duet [s. s.J.

No. 120 in M.23S.17.5

Spohr, L. Drei Duetten fiir s. u. t., mit Begleitung des

Pianoforte. No. 19 in M.221.20

Still confiding. Duet [s. B.], from Faust. [Accomp.

for pianoforte.] No. 19 in M.235.18.2

Staggins. How unhappy a lover am I. Duet [s. t.].


Duet [s. B. Accomp. for
No. 138 in M.215.21
[Duet, T. t. Accomp. for
No. 20 in M.218.8.5
[s. T. Accomp. for piano-
No. 8 in M.218.8.3
[Duet, s. t. Accomp. for
No. I in M.1S7.18.3; etc.

Duets. Vocal. (Continued.)
Steffani. Prithee, leave r

Stevenson. Alas, poor Lubin.


I'll think on thee. Duett


Storage, Sweet little Barbara.

Stradella. Nel seren de' miei content!. Duo [s. b.
oratorio San Giovanni Battista con stromenti].

No. 9 in M.356.11
Swan, T. The songster's assistant. No. Sin M.127.1

Sweelinck. Chanson [Bouche de Coral], s.s.

No. 3 in M.415.3
Sweet is the breath of morn. Duett [s. s. or t. t.].

No. 4 in M.237.2; etc.

Sylvia, sweet as the morning air. Duet [s. t. Accomp. for

pianoforte]. No. 10 in M.218.8.3

Taubert, C. G. W. Dithyrambe. Fiir Tenor und Bariton.

[Mit Pianofortebegleitung.] No. 10 in M.244.17

Travers. Haste, my Nannette. Duet [t. b.].

No. 21 in M.235.14; etc.

I like a bee. Canzonet [a. t.]. No. 38 in M.235.17.1; etc.

I, my dear, was born today. Duett [t. b.].

No. 203 in M.235.17.2; etc.

Says Pontius in rage. Duet [t. b.].

No. 118 in M.235.17.1; etc.

Thus to the muses. [Canzonet, a. t.]

No. 224 in M.23S.17.2; etc.

When Bibo thought fit. Canzonet a 2 voci [x. b.].

No. 5 in M. 1393.18. 1 ;etc,
Tritto. D'un barbaro affanno. No. 4 in M.120.13

Troupenas. Les prestiges de I'amour. Nocturne [s. x.].

No. 2 in M.158.34

Truhn. Fruhlingsorakel fur . . . Sopran und Tenor, mit

Begleitung des Piano-Forte. No. 14 in M.221.30

Vaccaj. a se tu dormi. Duetto [s. x. from Giulietta e

Romeo] . No. 51 in M.157.39

Vernon, J. How imperfect is expression. Duett [s. a.].

No. 209 in M.23S.17.2

Where is pity's melting eye. Duet [s. a.].

No. 163 in M.235.17.1
Waley. The banner, vocal duet [s. s. or x. x.], with piano-
forte accompaniment. No. 21 in M.380.18

Song of wood nymphs, . . . [s. a. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] No. 22 in M.380.18

"Thou springtide art so true and good." . . . [s. a.

Accomp. for pianoforte.] No. 23 in M.380.18

Webbe, S. Hail peaceful shades. Duett [s. a.].

No. 107 in M.235.17.4

Love and folly. Duett [s. a.]. No. 109 in M.235.17.4

Since I'm born. Duet [x. b.]. No. 244 in M.392.49.4; etc.

Surely that's the tender youth. Canzonett [s. b.].

No. 13 in M.141.21.1; etc.

There behold the mighty bowl. Canzonet [x. b.].

No. 49 in M.110.8; etc.

Together we range. Duett [s. s.]. No. 112 in M.235.17.4

Were I like a monarch. Duett [s. a.].

No. no in M.23S.17.4
Webbe, S., Jr. In Celia's face. Duet [x. b.].

No. 35 in M.234.3.4
VON. Master! Say! our toil is o'er.
Accomp. for pianoforte].

No. 9 in M.234.7.2

No. 24 in M.23S.18.2

No. I in M.244.17

No. 46 in M.235.17.3

Duet [s. X.] from

No. 26 in M.23S.18.4

[Glee for 2 voices.]

No. 17 in M.IIO.I.I ; etc.
How stands the glass around. Duet fx. b.].

No. II in M.234.3.4
Ye banks and braes. Duett [s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte].

No. 14 in M.i39a.i8.3; etc.


C. M. F. E.

& duet fs. X.

May-song [s. s.]

So wie Blumen.

Wine cannot cure
Winxer, p. von.

Wise, M. Old Chiron.


Duettino. s. x.
[Duet. X. t.]
Dopo cento affanni.





Duets. Vocal. (Continued.)

Yradier. La rina del calesero. Escena de dos ciegos [s. t.].

Con acomp. de piano. No. 19inM.391.57

ZiNGARELLi. Dunque mio bene. Duettino \s. x. From

Romeo e Giulietta]. No. 49 in

Dufay, Guillaume.

Kyrie [en ut, a 4 voix]. (In Rochlitz. Sammlung vorziig-
licher Gesangstucke. Band i, Abth. i, p. i.)

No. I in M.202.6.1
Kyrie [en fa, a 4 voix]. (In Rochlitz.' Sammlung vorziig-
licher Gesangstiicke. Band i, Abth. i, p. 2.)

No. 2 in M.202.6.1
Dufayel, Sophie.

Memoire pour la Di'e Dufayel I'ainee, actrice de la Comedie
italienne. [Paris? 1779?] No. I in M.137.10

Du Fayl, Ezvar.

Academie nationale de musique, 1671-1877. Repertoire
general, description du monument. Paris. Tresse. 1878.
Plates. Plans. [Theatres lyriques de Paris.] M.i29a.ii
Dufils, Leon.

La paille et la poutre. Operette en un acte. Paroles de M.
Jouhaud. Musique de Leon Dufils. [Partition chant et
piano.] Paris. Bathlot. [186-?] No. 3 in M.395.24

Duflot, Joachim.

Les ouvrieres de qualite. Vaudeville. Airs nouveaux de J.
Nargeot. No. 2 in M.393.47; etc.

Dufort, Charles de.

Le mari de la fauvette. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles
de MM. de Villeneuve et Angel [pseud.], musique de Ch.
de Dufort. Partition piano et chant. Paris. Petit. [1840.]

No. I in M.277.29
Messe semi solemnelle pour solos et choeurs avec accomp.
d'orgue ou piano. Paris. Canaux. [184-?]

No. I in M.380.S5
Dufrenois, Jules.

La Savoisienne. Opera-comique. Musique de Charles Du
Grosriez. No. 3 in M.266.38

Dufresne, Alfred.

Ave Maria [s. Accomp. d'orgue]. Paris. Mayaud & cie.
[185-?] No. 6 in M.260.10.4

Maitre Baton. Operette en un acte. Paroles de Eusrene
Bercioux. Musique de Alfred Dufresne. Partition piano
et chant. Paris, Heu. [1858.] No. 3 in M.393.16

Les valets de Gascogne. Opera comique en i acte, paroles
de Philippe Gille. Musique de A. Dufresne. Partition
piano et chant. Paris. Brandus & Dufour. [1860.]

No. 2 in M.30S.8
Dugazon, Louise Rosalie Lefevre.

Paroisse-Pougin. Figures d'Opera-Comique. Madame
Dugazon, EUeviou, les Gavaudan. Paris. 1875. 3 por-
traits. M.137.2
Dugnani, D., editor.

Platania. Matilde Bentivoglio. M.150.1

ToRRiANi. Carlo Magno. M.i5i.i7

Du Grosriez, Charles.

La Savoisienne. Opera-comique en I acte de Jules Dufre-
nois. Musique de Charles Du Grosriez. [Partition piano
et chant.] Paris. Le Bailly. [1883.] No. 3 in M.266.38


O Salutaris. Motet . . . reduit a 2 voix egales. [Accomp.
d'orgue.] (In Chapelle, La. "Vol. i, p. 72.)

No. 10 in M.201.33
Du Guesclin^ Song. Rouget de Lisle. 48 chants frangais.

Duhot, Charles.

Ouverture artistique pour grand orchestre. Partition. Paris.
Meuriot. [189-?] No. 2 in M.404.78

Duiffoprugcar, Caspar.

Was Caspar Duiffoprugcar really the first violin-maker?
[Translated from the German by C. N. V. New York?
189-?] Portrait. No. I in M.372.51

This is a translation with some slight alterations, of an article which
appeared in the Leipzig Zeitschrift fiir Instrumentenbau of the 21st of
May, 1S91.

Dujardin, Edouard, editor.

Revue wagnerienne. Annee 1-3. 1885-88. M.372.22

Dukas, Paul Abraham.

L'apprenti sorcier. Scherzo d'apres une ballade de Goethe.

Partition d'orchestre. Paris. Durand. [1897.] M.410.20

Dukatenprinz, Der. Opera. For the Music see Triebel. For

the Libretto see Jacoby.
Du Lac, Melchior.

La liturgie romaine et les liturgies franqaises. Details his-

toriques et statistiques. Le Mans. Julien, Lanier & ce.

1849. M.207.15

Dulce domum. Part-song. Reading. No. i4in M.1S7.28.2; etc.

Dulce lignum, dulces clavos. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche

Werke. Band 11. M.8o4oa.67.ii

Dulce Te. Anthem. Carissimi. No. 2 in M.233.26.4

Dulces exuviae. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band 11.

Duici sub umbra. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. IBand 11.

Dulcibella. Duet. Purcell, H. Beauties of Purcell. Vol. i.

Dulcimer, The. Psalmody. Woodbury. M. 100.36

Dulcken, Ferdinand Quentin.

Messe solennelle, a quatre voix, soli et choeurs, avec accomp.
d'orgue. Op. 145. Leipsic. Koehler. [1883.]

No. I in M.193.18
Dulgt kjaerlighed. Song. Kjerulf. Sanger och Visor. Band i.

Dull repining sons. Glee. Callcott, J. W.

No. 2 in M.220.9.4; etc.
Dullea, Owen John, editor.

Bell, N. Elementary history of music. M.217.1

Dullo, Gustav.

Harald, der letzte Sachsenkonig. Grosse Oper in 5 Acten.

Text von Erwin Schlieben. Musik von G. Dullo. Parti-

tur. Konigsberg i. Pr. Jacubowski. [1873.] 5 parts in

I V. M.262.12

Thiirmlied von E. Geibel, fiir vierstimmigen Mannerchor

mit Begleitung des . . . Pianoforte. Konigsberg i. Pr.

Jakubowski. [187-?] No. 13 in M.212.4

Du Locle, Camille. See Du Commun du Locle, Camille.

Dum aurora finem daret. Motet. Palestrina. Werke. Band 5.

Dum complerentur. Anthem. Palestrina. Werke. Band 31.

Dum complerentur. Mass. Palestrina. Werke. Band 17.


Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes. Anthem. Vittoria.

Opera. Tomus I. M.3I3.2.I

Dum complerentur dies Pentecostes. Motet. Palestrina.

Werke. Band i. M.8o4oa.66.i

Dum ergo essent in unum. Anthem. Vittoria. Opera.

Tomus I. M.313.2.1

Dum ergo essent in unum discipuli. Motet. Palestrina.

Werke. Band i. M.8o4oa.66.i

Dum esset Summus Pontifex. Mass. Palestrina. Werke.

Band 17. M.8o4oa.66.i7

Dum nos erebi monstra. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band 11. M.8o4oa.67.ii

Dumaniant, Antoine Jean Bourlin.

Guerre ouverte, ou ruse contre ruse. Comedie. [Musique
par L. E. Jadin.] M.383.51

Dumanoir, Guillaume.

Le mariage de la musique avec la danse (1664). [Anon.]
Precede d'une introduction . . . Public par J. Gallay.
Paris. Librairie des bibliophiles. 1870. M.iig.5

Les chaises a porteurs. Opera comique. Paroles de Duma-
noir & Clairville [pseud.]. Musique de Victor Masse.

No. 2 in M.247.28
La chatte merveilleuse. Opera comique de Dumanoir &
d'Ennery [pseud.]. Musique . . . par Albert Grisar.

La mule de Pedro. Opera. Musique de Victor Masse.


La perruche. Opera comique. Paroles de Dumanoir et

[Jean Henri] Dupin. Mis en musique . . . par Louis

Clapisson. M.291.15





Dumas, Alexandre. 1802-1870.

Caligula. Musique de scene de Gabriel Faure. M.403.33; etc.
La derniere annee de Marie Dorval. Paris. Librairie nou-
velle. i8ss. No. 3 in

Piquillo. Opera comique. Mis en musique ... par Hipp.
Monpou. M.283.11

Le roman d'Elvire. Opera comique, paroles de MM. Alex-
andre Dumas et de Leuven [pseud.], musique de Am-
broise Thomas. M.327.11

Dumas, Alexandre, the Younger.

Chactas et Atala. fipisode lyrique. Musique de Alphonse
Varney. No. 3 in M.325.12

Dumas, Frangois Guillaume, illustrator.

HuRET. Le Theatre national de I'Opera comique. M.375.26
Dumb door porter, The. Sala. The two prima donnas.

Dumb peal. The. Round. Cooke, B. No. 6 in M.23S.18.4; etc.
Dumersan, Theophile Marion.

Comparaison du theatre romain avec le theatre grec. Paris,

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