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An Themiren. Song. Gruber, G. W. Gottfried August
Burgers Gedichte. Vol. i. No. 19 in M.130.9.1

An Thyrsis. Soyig. Haydn, F. G. Gesange. Heft 2.

No. 2 in M.312.35
An Weber's Grabe. Part-song. Wagner, W. R.

No. IS in M.392.34
An Wina. Song.

Taubert, C. G. W. Sechs deutsche Lieder. No. 2 in M.221.26
Wiedebein. Lieder. No. 10 in M. 221.33

An Zuleikha. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. Vier Lieder.

No. 8 in M.192.7
Anacker, August Ferdinand.

An Sachsens Konig [t. t. b. b.]. (/» Fink. Die deutsche
Liedertafel. Pp. 146, 147.) No, 96 in M.213.9

Astronomie [t. t. b. b.]. (/« Fink. Die deutsche Liederta-
fel. P. 152.) No. 99 in M.213.9
Bergmann's Gruss. Gedicht von Moritz Boring, melodra-
matisch in Musik gesetzt fiir Solo- und Chorstimmen mit
Orchesterbegleitung . . . von A. F. Anacker. Klavier-
auszug. Leipzig, Hofmeister. [183-?]

No. I in M.221.9; No. 4 in M. 221.5
Freude in Ehren [t. t. b. e.] . {In Fink. Die deutsche Lieder-
tafel. Pp. 126-131.) No. 8s in M.213.9
Das Licht des Glaubens. Kirchen-Cantate . . . fiir vier-
stimmigen Chor mit Begleitung des Orchesters. [Parti-
tur.] Meissen. Goedsche. [183-? Repertorium fiir
Deutschland's Kirchenmusik.] No. 3 in M. 221.34
The miner's song. Part-song for t. t. b. b. {In The Or-
pheus. New series. Vol. 3, pp. 150-154.) No. 36 in M.205.10.3
Morgengruss [t. t. b. b.], {In Fink. Die deutsche Lieder-
tafel, Pp. 156, 157,) No, 103 in M.213.9
Selber ist der Mann [x. t. b. b.]. {In Fink. Die deutsche
Liedertafel. P. i37-) No, 88 in M.213.9

The celebrated odes of Anacreon, arranged from the Greek,
as English songs; ... by Charles Dibdin the younger:
the music composed ... by John Whitaker.

No. I in M.380.19
Contents. — The bower of roses I built for my love, — Love van-
quishes all. — My fair & my friend. — Smiling maid, you bid me
smg. — Beauty says I'm growing old. — Round the cot, where
smiles my fair. — Whose eyes seem lights of Heaven. — The wreath
of the Muses. — 'Tis red, 'tis red, 'tis ruby red. — Love no longer
^ true. — For, O, I dreamt of love. — Care came knocking at my door.
Six select odes of Anacreon in Greek and three of Horace in
Latin, set to music by M. Heighington. M.340.23

Anacreon. Opera. For the Music see Cherubini. For the

Libretto see Mendouze.
Anacreon chez Polycrate. Opera. For the Music see Gretry,

A. E. M. For the Libretto see Guy, J. H.
Anatole ***. See Luquin, Anatole.

Anbetung. Song. Strauss, R. Vier Lieder. No. 20 in M.380.24.2
Ancelot, Jacques Frangois Arsene.

La grille du pare. Opera comique. Paroles de MM. * * *

[Pain, Ancelot et Audibert]. Mis en musique . . . par

Auguste Panseron. M.293.2S

Ancetre, L'. Opera. For the Music see Saint-Saens. For the

Libretto see Auge de Lassus.
Ancien eleve de I'ficole polytechnique. See Bardonnaut, J. N.

Ancien officier, pseud. See Varenne de Beost, C. M. A.
Ancient mariner, The. Cantata. For the Music see Harnett,
J. F.; also Pattison, T. M. For the Libretto see Cole-
ridge, S. T.
Ancient Phyllis. Part-song. Jenner. No. 214 in M.235.17.2; etc.
And all the people saw the thunderings. Anthem. Stainer,

No. 6 in M. 195.2. 13
And does a fond emotion. [Duet, s. t. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] {In The Harmonist. Vol, 4, pp. 69-71.)

No. 23 in M.218.8.4
And God made the firmament. Anthem. Haydn, F. J.

No. 10 in M.233.18.1
And it was the third hour. Anthem. Elvey, G. J.

No. 20 in M.I95.2.II
And lo! I beheld the dead. Anthem. Allen, G. B. Fifteen
anthems. No. 9 in M.233.1

And must I needs depart. Madrigal. Bateson. First set of
madrigals. No. 2 in M. 234.22

And must wfe part? Duet. Abrams, No, 243 in M.235.17.2; etc.
And Saul was very wroth. Anthem. Haydn, F. J.

No. 8 in M.221.22.3
And the angel came in unto her. Anthem. Lassus,

No. 14 in M.233.25.1
And the city had no need of the sun. Anthem. Whittington.

No. 45 in M.158.20
And the years glide by. Part-song. Brown, O. B,

No, 52 in M.392.3
And then no more. Part-song. Raff. No. iS in M. 195.1. 17

And there v/as a pure river. Anthem. Ouseley.

No. I in M.233.24.2

And there was war in Heaven. Anthem. Allen, G. B. Fifteen

anthems. No. i in M.233.1

And there were shepherds. Anthem. Foote. No. 3 in M.203.27

And they rest not day and night. Anthem. Tuckerman, S. P.

No. 2 in M.154.19
And they went forth. Anthem. Croce. No, i in M.233.25.1

And they're a nodding. Ballad [s. a.]. (/« Bland. The Ladies'
collection. Vol. 5, pp. 530, 531.) No. 139 in M.235.17.5

And though my love abounding. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works.
Vol. I. No. IS in M.234.19.1

And were they not happy days? Part-song. Mori, F.

No. 63 in M.157.5.2; etc.
And whither would you lead me? Part-song. Mazzinghi.

No. 12 in M. 235. 16
And why my soul. Part-song. Danby. No. 135 in M.220.9.3

And with songs. Anthem. Marcello, B. No. 19 in M.234.4.I
Andacht. Part-song. Schulz-Weida. No. 19 in M.392.2S

Andalusian, The. Opera. For the Libretto see Soane.
Andante et finale. For pianoforte. Tchaikovski, P. I. M.404.25
Andante funebre. For orchestra. Svendsen. No, 4 in M. 403.93
Andante religiose. For orchestra. Klose. No, 2 in M.403.8S

Scharweniva, F. X. No. 3 in M.342.33

Andante symphonique. For orchestra. Grossman.

No. 2 in M.410.64
Andemo in gondola. Barcarole. Bortolini. Amori veneziani.

No. I in M.390.44

Andenken. Part-song. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F.

Werke. Serie 16. M.413.3.16

Andenken. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 23. M.413.1.23

Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20, Band i. M.317.1.20.1





Anders, Gottfried Engelbert.

Details biographiques sur Beethoven, d'apres Wegeler et
Ries. Paris. Revue & gazette musical. 1839.

No. 2 in M.145.34
Nicolo Paganini. Sa vie, sa personne, et quelques mots sur
son secret. Paris. Delaunay. 1831. No. 2 in M. 126.6

Andersen, Carl Christian Thorvaldus.

Bilder des Jahres. Componirt von Niels W. Gade.

No. I in M.270.32

Kalanus. Dramatisches Gedicht, componirt von Niels W.

Gade. M.352.ii;etc.

Die Kreuzfahrer. Dramatisches Gedicht componirt von

Niels W. Gade. M.3S2.13; etc.

Same. The crusaders, a cantata. Composed by N. W. Gade.

No. I in M. 155.5
„Psyche." Concertstuck von Niels W. Gade. M.352.12

Andersen, Hans Christian.

Agnete und die Meermadchen. Componirt von Niels W.
Gade. No. i in M.333.12

Ravnen. Trylle-Opera. Musiken af I. P. E. Hartmann.

Andersen, Hans Christian. Works about.

Enna, a. H. C. Andersen. Eine Festouvertiire fiir Orches-
ter. Partitur. Leipzig. [1905] No. i in M.406.65

Andersen, J. F. Reynolds.

Victorian (The Spanish student). An opera. Music by
Julian Edwards. M.305.35

Anderson, E. N.

I will extol Thee. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Ross & Co. [1887.] No. 4inM.158.13

Anderson, G. F. R.

In music's praise. A cantata. Music by Henry K. Hadlcy.

No. 6 in M.384.11
Anderson, George Frederick.

Statement ... in reply to calumnious charges against him
as director of Her Majesty's private band. Norwich.
Mercury Office. [1855.] No. 11 in M. 149.8

Anderson, Green H.

Mass in F. [Accomp. for organ.] Op. 12. Cincinnati. J.
Church Co. [1870.] No. 2 in M.191.1

Anderton, Thomas.

The curfew. Part-song. (In Leslie. Cassell's Chorus music.

Pp. 173-176.) No. 41 in M.235.10

English requiem. Words by Julia Goddard. Music by T.

Anderton. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Beres-

ford. [1890.] No. I in M. 154.15

John Gilpin, cantata for solos and chorus, words by Cowper,

music by T. Anderton. London. Hutchings & Romcr.

[1871.] No. I in M.154.14; No. 2 in M.154.15

The Norman baron, a cantata [for solos, s. e., and chorus].

The poem by Longfellow, the music by T. Anderton.

[Accomp. for pianoforte.] Octavo edition. London.

Novello, Ewer & Co. [1884.] No. 3 in M.154.15

The sleighbells. [Trio. s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte.]

London. Hutchings & Romer. [187-?] No. 9 in M.244.10.3

The three jovial huntsmen, set to music as a short cantata

[for chorus], with the permission of R. Caldecott, by T.

Anderton. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Patey &

Willis. [1881?] No. iinM.154.16

The wise & foolish virgins, a sacred cantata, for female

voices with tenor & bass parts, (ad: Hb:) composed by T.

Anderton. London. Hutchings & Romer. [188-?]

No. S in M.154.15
The wreck of the Hesperus. A cantata, for solo voices [s. t.
B.] & chorus. Words by Longfellow, music by T. Ander-
ton. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello, Ewer
& Co. [1882?] No. 2in M.154.14; No. 4111 M.155.22

Yule-tide, a cantata [for solos and chorus, s. a. t. b.]. The
words by Julia Goddard, the music by T. Anderton. [Ac-
comp for pianoforte.] Octavo edition. London. Novello,
Ewer & Co. [1885?] No. 4 in M.IS4-I5

Anding, Johann Michael. ,, ^ -ir r

Lied deutscher Auswanderer [x. t. b. B.]. (In Otto, L. J.
Ernst und Scherz. Heft 21, p. 43-) No. 2 m M.3g2.20

Anding, Johann Michael. (Continued.)

Wanderlust [t. T. B. B.]. (/» Abt. Leichte Miinnerchore.
Heft 9, pp. 12-14.) No. 54 in M.246.23

Was wird denn wohl das Beste sein? [x. x. b. b.] {In Abt.
Leichte Mannerchore. Heft 9, pp. 15, 16.)

No. 55 in M.246.22
Andre, F., f'scud. See Raballet, £. A.
Andre, Johann.

Laura Rosetti. Ein Schauspiel mit Gesang. Clavierauszug.
Offenbach. [177-?] M.251.16

Andre, Johann Anton.

Grosse Sinfonie ... in Es. Op. 25. Partitur. Offenbach
a. M. Andre. [185-?] No. i in M.332.3

Missa [in Bb] ... in einem Klavier - Auszug gebracht.
Offenbach a. M. Andre. [185-?] No. 2 in M.222.45

Zaide, Oper in 2 Acten von W. A. Mozart. Klavierauszug.
Offenbach a. M. Andre. '[iSsS.] M.310.41

The overture and final chorus are by Andre. The text was revised
and augmented by Carl Gollmick.

Andre, Ludwig.

Aennchen lieb. Bohmisches Volkslied fiir Mannerchor (mit
Bariton-Solo ad libitum). Op. 83. Offenbach a. M.
Andre. [188-?] No. 29 in M.392.2

Diandle tief drunt' im Thai. Volkslied aus Karnten . . .
fiir Mannerchor mit Bariton-Solo (Jodler). Op. 78. Of-
fenbach a. M. Andre. [188-?] No. 28 in M.392.2

Drei deutsche Volkslieder fiir vierstimmigen Mannerchor.
Op. 40. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [188-?] No. 6 in M.392.3
Conlenls. — Ein Marchen. — Hui auf! — Die Erde braucht Regen.

lUyrisches Trinklied [x. x. B. B.]. Op. 79, No. 2. Offenbach
a. M. Andre. [188-?] No. 8 in M.392.3

Minka und Janes [t. x. b. b.]. Op. 79, No. i. Offenbach a. M.
Andre. [1S8-?] No. 7 in M.3g2.3

Der Mond ist schon verblichen. Volkslied aus Bohmen fiir
x.-Solo mit Brummchor [x. x. b. B.]. Op. 87. Offenbach
a. M. Andre. [188-?] No. 30 in M.392.2

Andre, Peter Friedrich Julius.

Angelus. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] (In Lutz. Motets
for the year. No. 23. Pp. 104-109.) No. 23 in M.156.50

Arranged from Andre's Organ book.

Gloria in excelsis. (In Buck. Motette collection. Vol. 2,
pp. I lo-i 14.) No. 26 in M.ioo.4.3

Improperium. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] (In Lutz.
Motets for the year. No. 20. Pp. 88-91.) No. 20 in M.156.50

Arranged from Andre's Organ book.

Intende voci. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] (In Lutz. Mo-
tets for the year. No. 32. Pp. 150-153.) No. 32 in M.156.50
It is a good thing. [Anthem.] (In Buck. Motette collec-
tion. Vol. 2, pp. 115-119.) No. 27 in M.ioo.4.2
Rend your hearts. [Anthem.] (7k Buck. Motette collec-
tion. Vol. 2, pp. 162-164.) No. 40 in M.ioo.4.2
Andre, Richard.

Lilliputian opera: Red-Riding Hood. The music by Isidore

de Solla. M.128.40

Andre Chenier. Opera. For the Music see Giordano. For

the LiBREXXo see Illica.
Andre del Sarto. Duet. Millex. Duos, trios . . . M.157.11
Andreas Christi famulus. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 15. M.8o4oa.67.i5

Andreas Hofer. Part-song. Reichardx, G. No. 60 in M.i2ga.44
Andreasfest, Das. Ofcra. For the Music see Grammann. For

the LiBREXxo see Rosenfeld, J.
Andree, Elfrida.

Snofrid. Ballad af Viktor Rydberg. For soli [s. m.-s. och
X.], kor och orkester af Elfrida Andree. Klaverutdrag.
[Med svensk och tysk text. Stockholm. 1884.]

No. I in M.391.31

Taba'rin. Opera comique. Poeme de MM. Alboize [Alboise
de Pujol] et Andrei. Musique de Georges Bousquet.


Andreozzi, Gaetano.

Caro Enea dove son. Terzetto a due soprani, e tenore.
Nella Didone abbandonata. [Partitura.] Manuscript.
J7p^ No. 7 in M. 120.13





No. I in M.203.26

. . Composed by-
No. 2 in M.220.19
The music selected and
No. I in M.391.30

Andreozzi, Gaetano. (Continued.)
Pietoso Dio che adoro, cavatine con quartetto. Manuscript.
[i79_?] No. S inM.120.12

Andrews, A.

Blessed be the Lord God. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.]

New York. Firth. 1867. No. 5 in M.190.1

It is a good thing. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] New

York. Firth. 1867. No. 4 in M.190.1

Andrews, Joseph Warren.

Te Deum [in C. Accomp. for organ]. Medford. Hutchins.
1884. No. 5 in M.158.13

Andrews, M. H.

How beautiful upon the mountains. Anthem. [Accomp. for
organ.] Boston. White-Smith Music Publishing Co.

Andrews, Miles Peter.

Belphegor, or the wishes, a comic opera.

F. H. Barthelemon.
The enchanted castle. Pantomime,
arranged by William Shield.
Andries, Jean.

Precis de I'histoire de la musique, depuis les temps les plus

recules. Gand. De Busscher. 1862. Portrait. M.215.1

Andromaca. Opera. For the Music see Paisiello.

Andromaque. Incidental Music. Saint- Saens. M.406.27

Andromaque. Ofera. For the Music see Gretry, A. E. M.

For the Libretto see Pitra.
Andromeda. Cantata. For the Music see Lloyd, C. H. For

the Libretto see Weatherly.
Andromeda. Opera. For the Music see Baumgarten, G. von.
Andromeda und Perseus. Opera. For the Music see Zimmer-

mann, Anton.
Andromede. Song. Richer. No. 2 in M.281.18

Andromede. Symphonic poem. Holmes, A. M. A. M.404.83


Busby, T. Concert room and orchestra anecdotes of music
and musicians. London. 1725. Portraits. Plates. M. 128.23
CoxE, W. Anecdotes of George Frederick Handel, and
John Christopher Smith. [Anon.] London. 1799.

No. I in M.TI1.5
Crowest, F. J. A book of musical anecdote, from every
available source. London. 1878. 2 v. M. 126.17

Ella, J. Musical sketches, abroad, and at home . . . Lon-
don. i860. Portrait. M.i49a.33
Kleine Erzahlungen fiir Musiker und alle Freunde einer
aufheiternden Lektiire. Weissenfels. 1802. M.370.20
Lecomte, J. Le perron de Tortoni. Indiscretions bio-
graphiques. Paris. 1863. M. 198. 19
Phillips, H. Musical and personal recollections during
half a century. London. 1864. Portrait. 11.1493.2
PoLKO, E. Musical sketches. Translated from the 6th Ger-
man edition by Fanny Fuller. Philadelphia. 1864.

Robertson, J. C. The Percy anecdotes. By Sholto [pseud.]
and Reuben Percy [pseud.]. Vol. 17. The stage; music.
London. 1826. Portraits. M. 1293.39
Weckerlin, J. B. T. Musiciana. Extraits d'ouvrages rares
ou bizarres, anecdotes, lettres, etc. Paris. 1877. M.127.9
Nouveau musiciana. E.xtraits d'ouvrages rares ou bi-
zarres, anecdotes, lettres, etc. Paris. 1890. Portraits.
Plates. M. 127.10
Anecdotes sur W. G. Mozart. [Anon.] See Rochlitz, F. J.

Anelli, Angelo.

Griselda. Opera compose par F. Paer. M.3ii.29

Same. La virtii al cimento. Melodramma. Musica del

Sigre. Ferdinando Per [Paer]. M.360.13

L'ltaliana in Algieri. Atto secondo. [Musica di Rossini.]


maestro Rossini.

No. 3 in M.147.8.1

Same. Dramma giocoso. Musica
Venezia. Molinari. [181-?]
Libretto only, in Italian.

Same. [In English and Italian.]



London. Winchester.
No. 6 in M.ioga.i.a

Anelli, Angelo. (Continued.)
Same. Opera complet. Paroles italiennes. Musique de Ros-
sini. M.369.28
Ser Mercantonio. Dramma giocoso. [Musica] del Sig"'.
Stefano Pavesi. M.51.15
Anerio, Felice.

Adoramus Te [s. s. T. B.]. (7n Rochlitz. Sammlung vorziig-
licher Gesangstiicke. Band i, Abtheilung 2, p. 21.)

No. 30 in M.202.6.1
Ah me! where is my true love? Madrigal. (In Hullah. Part
music. Secular. Vol. i, pp. 39-41.) No. 13 in M.157.28.1
Also to be found in Oliphant's Madrigals in parts.

Angelus autem Domini. [Motet.] (In Lueck. Sammlung
ausgezeichneter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band 3,
pp. 74-76.) No. 21 in M.158.33.3

Christus factus est. [Motet. Accomp. d'orgue.] Bruxelles.
Schott. [185-?] No. I in M. 260.19

Also to be found, without accomp., in Rochlitz's Sammlung vorziiglicher

Jesu, Decus angelicum ... A 3 voix [s. s. t.]. (In Prober.
Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. Pp. 2, 3.)

No. 2 in M.201.1

Missa quatuor vocum. (In Proske. Selectus novus missa-

rum. Vol. I, pp. 33-58.) No. 2 in M.250.39.1

Now morn awaketh. [Madrigal, s. s. a. t. b.] (In Taylor.

Vocal school of Italy. Pp. 64-68.) No. 13 in M.237.28

O beatum incendium. A 4 voix [s. s. M.-s. .\. ou T.]. (In

Prober. Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. Pp. 20, 21.)

No. 2 in M.201.1
O Jesu mi dulcissime. A 3 voix [s. s. a. ou x.]. (In Prober.
Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. Pp. 4-7.)

No. 2 in M.201.1
Rex virtutum. A 3 voix [s. a. t.]. (In Prober. Jvbilvs ryth-
micvs de nomine Jesv. Pp. 10, 11.) No. 2 in M.201.1
Tunc amplexus, tunc oscula. A trois voix [s. s. a. ou t.].
(In Prober. Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. Pp. 8, 9.)

No. 2 in M.201.1
Venite ad Me omnes. [Motet, s. s. a. a. t. t. b. b.] (In Lueck.
Sammlung ausgezeichneter Compositionen fiir die Kirche.
Band 3, pp. 126-133.) No. 33 in M.158.33.3

Te Deum [s. a. t. b.]. (In Lueck. Sammlung ausgezeich-
neter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band 4, pp. 149-155.)

No. 38 in M.I 58.33.4

Anfangs woUt ich fast verzagen. Song. Liszt. Gesammelte

Lieder. No. 18 in M.244.14

Schumann, R. A. Liederkreis von Heine. No. i in M.244.15.1

Anfossi, Pasquale.

Berenice che fai more il tuo. Scena ed aria [x., con accomp.
d'orchestra. Partitura]. Manuscript. [180-?]

No. 5 in M.120.17

[II curioso indiscreto. Opera. Partitura.] Manuscript.

[1778?] 2 V. M.30.15

Eccossi tratta il padre un figlio capitano. [Scena ed aria,

T., con accomp. d'orchestra. Partitura.] Manuscript.

[ iSo-?] No. 4 in M.120.17

From L'incognila perseguitala.

La forza delle donne. Opera buffa. [Partitura.] Manu-
script. [1780?] 2 V. M.30.16

L'incognita perseguitata. [Opera. Partitura.] Manuscript.
[1773] M.30.17

Minaccia avverso il fato. [Aria, s., con accomp. d'orches-
tra. Partitura.] Manuscript. [1820.] No. 2 in M.120.17

Same. [Soprano and continuous bass, with separate parts
for the different instruments.] Manuscript.

No. 3 in M.120.17

Quartetto nell' opera intitolata Le gelosie fortunate. [Parti-
tura.] Manuscript. In Venezia. [1788?] No. i in M.129.13

Silla, a serious opera. London. Reynell. 1783.

Libretto only, in Italian and English. No. 10 in M. 147,5

Lo sposo disperato. Opera giocosa. [Partitura.] Manu-
script. 1778-79- M.30.18

This copy is incomplete.

[Sposo timante. Duet, s. t. With accomp. for strings.
Score.] Manuscript. [180-?] No. i in M.120.17

This copy is incomplete.





Anfossi, Pasquale. (Continued.)

La vera costanza. [Opera. Partitura.] Manuscript. 1776.

3 V. M.30.19

I viaggiatori felici. [Opera. Partitura.] Manuscript.

[178-?] 2 V. M.30.20

Same. [Libretto only, in English and Italian.] London.

Reynell. 1782. No. 9 in M.147.5

Ange, L'. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. i. M.327.4.1

Ange adorable. Duet. Gounod. Quinze duos.

No. 12 in M.157.36.6
Ange de la famille, L'. Chorus. Weckerlin. Chceurs. M.1S7.12
Ange rebelle, L'. Song. David, F. C. Cinquante melodies.

Angedenken. Song. Cornelius. Werke. Band i. M.414.20.1
Angel, pseud. See Villeneuve, T. F. V. de.
Angel, Alfred, editor.

Bach, J. S. Blessing, glory, wisdom and thanks (Lob und
Ehre und Weisheit). No. 3 in M.270.6

Angel, Joseph.

An evening service, consisting of the Cantate Domino &
Deus misereatur in B flat. [Accomp. for organ.] Lon-
don. Novello. [184-?] No. 6in M.190.1
Angel, The. Duet. Rubinstein. Eighteen two-part songs.

No. I in M.15S.47
Angel of charity. Anthem. Handel. No. 16 in M.221.22.3

Angel of dream, The. Song. Keller, M. No. 3 in M.192.13.1
Angel of life. Song. Callcott, J. W. No. 34 in M.23S.14

Angel song. Part-song. Westmeyer. M.193.23.1

Angel's in the house, The. Song. Linley, G. [Songs.]
Vol.1. No. 6in M.235.19.1

Angelgalopp, Der. Part-song. Schaeffer, A. No. 12 in M.392.23
Angeli archangeli. Anthem. Nixon, H. G. Selections from
sacred compositions. Vol. 2. M. 270.1. 2

Angeli Dei. Anthem. Zucchini. No. 5 in M.260.22

Angelina, pseud. See Goetz, A. L.

Angelina Baker. Song. Foster, S. C. No. 2 in M.380.41.1

Angelique et Medor. Opera. For the Music see Thomas, C.

L. A. For the Libretto see Sauvage.
Angelis suis Deus mandavit. Anthem. Haydn, J. M.

No. 12 in M.202.g
Angelo. Opera. For the Music see Kui. For the Libretto

see Burenin.
Angeloni, Luigi.

Sopra la vita, le opere;. ed il sapere di Guido d'Arezzo. Si e

aggiunta una novella edizione de' versi latini sopra i pesi

e le misure de' Romani di Q. R. Fannio Palemone. Parigi.

Charles. 1811. M.141.18

Angels, The, breathe on flowers. Part-song. Naylor.

No. 32 in M.157.23
Angels ever bright and fair. Air. Handel. No. 39 in M.290.22.2
Angels' voices. Song. Waley. No. i in M.380.18

Angelus. Motet. Andre, P. F. J. No. 23 in M. 156. 50

Angelus, L'. Opera. For the Music see Bailie, C. For the Li-
bretto see Mitchell, G.
Angelus. Part-song. Osgood. No. 33 in M.392.19

Angelus ad pastores ait. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 3. 11.80403.67.3; etc.

SwEELiNCK. Werken. Deel 6. 11.413.2.6

Angelus autem Domini. Motet. Anerio, F. No. 21 in M. 158.33.3
Angelus Domini. Anthem. Niedrist. No. 5 in M.3g2.34

Angelus Domini descendit. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 13. M.8o4oa.67.i3

Palestrina. Werke. Band 3. M.8o4oa.66.3

Angelus Domini descendit. Offertory. Palestrina. Werke.
Band 9. M.8o4oa.66.9

Angelus Domini locutus est. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche
Werke. Band 5. 111.80403.67.5

Angely, Louis.

[Das Abentheuer in der polnischen Schenke.] Ouverture
und Gessenge aus dem komischen Liederspiel: Das Aben-
theuer in der polnischen Schenke. Aus dem Russischcn
frei iibertragen von Louis Angely. Vollstandiger Clavier-
auszug. Berlin. Trautwein. [182-?] No. i in M.320.2

Angely, Louis. (Continued.)

List und Phlegma. Vaudeville-Posse in einem Aufzug.
Vollstandiger Klavier-Auszug. Leipzig. Reclam. [1871.]

No. I in M.395.1
Paris in Pommern, oder die seltsame Testaments-Klausel.
Singspiel in einem Aufzug. Vollstandiger Klavier-Aus-
zug. Leipzig. Reclam. [1871?] No. 2 in M.39S.1
[Schiilerschwanke.] Overture und Favoritgesange aus der
Vaudeville Posse; Schiilerschwaenke, oder die kleinen
Wilddiebe. Nach dem Franzosischen frei bearbeitet von
L. Angely. Clavierauszug. Berlin. Trautwein. [182-?]

No. 3 in M.320.2
Sieben Madchen in Uniform. Vaudeville in i Aufzuge, von
Theaulon. Musik von L. Angely. Klavierauszug. Leip-
zig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [182-?] No. 2 in M.320.2
Angenehmes Wiederan. Cantata. For the Music see Bach,

J. S. Werke. Jahrgang 34.
Angers, Jules Bordier d'. See Bordier, J.
Angiol di Dio. Terzetto. Gordigiani. Melodies sacrees.

No. 3 in M.270.42
Angiol di pace. Part-song. Bellini. No. i in M. 157.14; etc.

Angioli, Alessandro de.

Tantum ergo, for a bass voice and chorus. . . . The organ

accomp. from the full score by A. Le Jeune. London.

Novello. [184-?] No. 6 in M.260.10.1

Angiolin dal biondo crin. Song. Liszt. Gesammelte Lieder.

No. 31, 32 in M.244.14
Angiolina. Opera. For the Music see Salieri.
Angla. Opera. For the Music see Hummel, F. For the Li-
bretto see Demandowski.
Angler's trysting-tree, The. Part-song. Corfe, C. W.

No. 29 in M.157.4
Anglers, The. Opera. For the Music see Hatton. For the

Libretto see Ball, E.
Angriff. Part-song. Gade. Reiter-Leben. No. 8 in M.392.9; etc.
Anicet Bourgeois, Auguste.

Le bon gargon. Opera comique. Paroles de MM. Anicet
Bourgeois & [Simon]. Musique d'Eugene Prevost.

La moissonneuse. Drame lyrique. Paroles de MM. Anicet
Bourgeois & Michel Masson. Musique de Ad. Vogel.

Anichini, Francesco.

Ave Maria. Coro a quattro voci sole. Milano. Ricordi.
[186-?] No. I in M.201.33

Quartetto in mi min. [2 violini, viola e violoncello. Parti-
tura.] Firenze. Guidi. [1862.] No. I in M.4i2a.2
Anile, Antonino.

Manuel Menendez. Dramma lirico di Vittorio Bianchi e
Antonino Anile. [Musica di] L. Filiasi. M.383.16

Anima Christi. Trio. Lambillotte. Musique religieuse.

No. 21 in M.260.18
Anima, dove sei. Part-song. Palestrina. Werke. Band 30.


Anima mea. Cantata. Carissimi. Six cantatas. No. 2 in M.391.3S

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