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L'ame en peine. Opera en 2 actes. Paroles de Mr de St
Georges. Musique de F. de Flotow. [Partition chant et
piano.] Paris. Bonoldi. [1846.] M.364.27

L'esclave du Camoens. Opera-comique en un acte. Paroles
de Mr de St. Georges. Musique de Mr F. de Flotow. [Par-
tition piano et chant.] Paris. Latte. [1843.] M.378.47
II fiore di Harlem. Melodramma in 3 atti del Sig. di Saint
Georges. Musica di F. de Flotow. Traduzione italiana
di Mario Leoni. Riduzione per canto e pianoforte. To-
rino. Giudici & Strada. [187-?] M.272.4
Friends, good night. [Trio, s. s. A. Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Cock & Co. [185-?] No. 19 in M. 244.10.3
Good night. [Part-song. Accomp. for piano. London.
186-?] No. 78 in M.1S7.5.2

A different setting of the preceding.
Die Grossfiirstin [Sophia Catharina]. Romantisch-komische
Oper, in 4 Akten mit Ballet, von Charlotte Birch Pfeiffer.
Musik von F. von Flotow. [Vollstandiger Klavieraus-
zug]. Berlin. Bote & Bock. [1850.] M.272.9

Flotow, Friedrich Ferdinand Adolf, Graf von. (Continued.)
Same. Ouvertiire fiir grosses Orchester. Berlin. Bote &
Bock. [18s-?] No. 5 in M.312.1

Indra. Romantische Oper in 3 Akten von Gustav zu Put-
litz. Musik von F. von Flotow. Vollstandiger Klavier-
auszug. Berlin. Bote & Bock. [185-.] M.272.S

Jubel-Ouverture fiir grosses Orchester. Partitur. Ham-
burg. Cranz. [186-?] No. 2 in M.348.35
Marta. Opera in quatro atti. Musica di Federico Flothe-
ovo. [Parole di F. W. Riese. Partitura.] Manuscript.
[187-?] 5 V. M.401.17
Same. Opera semi-seria en 4 actes de F. de Flotow. Par-
tition pour piano et chant, avec paroles italiennes et alle-
mandes [de F. W. Riese]. Paris. Brandus & Dufour.
[186-?] M.364.28
Same. Piano seul. M.333.a
Die Matrosen, romantisch-komische Oper in 4 Acten, von
W. Friedrich [Pseud.]. Musik von Friedrich von Flotow.
Vollstandiger Clavierauszug. Hamburg. Bohme. [1846?]

May-morning. [Trio, s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Cock, Addison & Co. [185-?] N. 2 in M.244.10.4
Die Musikanten. Komische Oper in 3 Akten. Klavier-Aus-
zug. Leipzig. Hesse. [1890?] 11.256.9

Naida. Opera semiseria in 3 parti di Saint-Georges. Musica
di F. De-Flotow. Traduzione italiana. Canto con ac-
comp. di pianoforte. Milano. Lucca. [1873.] M.364.31
Le naufrage de la Meduse. Opera en 4 actes, paroles de
MM. Cogniard freres, musique de A. Pilati [pseud.] et de
Flotow. M.272.6

L'ombre. Opera-comique en 3 actes. Paroles de M. de
Saint-Georges. Musique de F. de Flotow. Partition piano
et chant. Paris. Brandus & Dufour. [186-?] M. 364.29
Pianella. Operette bouffe en i acte, paroles de MM. Saint-
Yves [pseud.] et Octave Fere [pseud.], musique de F. de
Flotow. Partition chant et piano. Paris. Brandus &
Dufour. [i860.] No. 2 in M.368.28

Riibezahl, romantische Oper in 3 Akten von Gustav zu Put-
litz. Musik von F. von Flotow. Klavier-Auszug. Offen-
bach a. M. Andre. [185-?] Plate. M.272.8
Same. [Ouverture.] Partitur-Ausgabe. Offenbach a. M.
Andre. [186-?] No. i in M.336.10
See the star of queenly beauty. [Trio, s. s. a. Accomp. for
pianoforte.] London. Leader & Cock. [185-.]

No. 15 in M.244.10.3
Les trois chevaliers. Ballade de Lenau [b. Accomp. de
piano. Portrait. Facsimile]. (/n Album du Galois.
Vol. I.) No. 17 in M.391.28.1

La veuve Grapin. Operette en i acte. paroles de Mr de
Forges [pseud.], musique de F. de Flotow. Partition
chant et piano. Paris. Brandus & Dufour. [1859.]

No. I in M.368.28
Zilda (conte des Mille et une nuits). Opera comique en 2
actes. Paroles de MM. de S* Georges & Chivot. Musique
de F. de Flotow. Partition piano & chant. Paris. Bran-
dus & Dufour. [1866.] M.364.30
Flotow, Friedrich Ferdinand Adolf. Graf von. JVorh about.
Flotow. R. von. Friedrich von Flotow's Leben. Von seine
Wittwe. Leipzig. 1802. Portrait. No. I in M.207.36
Neumann, W. Friedrich von Flotow. Fine Biographic.
Cassell. i8.S.=;. Portrait. No. i in M.205.18
Flotow. Rosa, Grafin von.

Friedrich von Flotow's Leben. Von seine Wittwe. Leipzig.
Breitkopf & Hartel. 1892. Portrait. No. l in M.207.36

Flotte Bursche. Opera. For the Music see Suppe.
Flottenlieder. Songs. Schneider, F. H., compiler. M.372.S9

Flourish, ye hillocks. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works. Vol. 2.

No. 2 in M.234.19.2
Flow, O my tears. Madrigal. Bennet, J.

No. 230 in M.I 10. 1.3; etc.
Flow, Rio Verde. Song. Hodges, G. L. Collection of Penin-
sular melodies. Vol. 2. No. 3 in M.244.2S.a
Flow, softly flow. Part-song. Costa, M. No. 16 in M.244.10.S
Flow, softly flow, thou murm'ring stream. Serenade. Wat-
son, H. W. No. so in M.1S7.S.2





Flower, Eliza.

Now pray we for our country. [Part-song.l London.
Novello. [184-?! _ N0.42inM.158.1S

Also to be found in Musical times [Music].
Flower, The. Part-song. Jansen, F. G. No. 28 in M.204.38

Flower-greeting, The. Part-song. Curschmann.

No. gin M. 175. 1.5
Flower, The, of Marblehead. Song. Davenport, A.

No. 27 in M.290.12
Flower song. Gounod. Ten popular songs.
Flower's last sigh, The. Song. Gounod.
Floweret blue. Part-song. Dregert.
Flowers, George French.

First mass, with organ obligato. London.

No. I in M. 157. 10
No. 23 in M. 192.10
No. IS in M.203.11

Burns, Oates

No. I in M.igi.g

No. II in M.157.17.1

No. 4 in M. 195. 1.4

No. 2 in M.IS7.17.2

& Co. [1867?]
Flowers, The. Part-song. Rinck.


Flowers and fancies. Part-song. Mozart

Flowers, The, of harmony. Being a collection of the most
celebrated catches, glees & duets. London. Walker.
[I7_?] 3 V. in I. M.I57.I8

Contents. — I. God save the king. — King: O! Absalom, my son. —
Hayes: Let's drink and let's sing. — Greene: I've lost my mistress,
horse, and wife. — How faint the joy. — Berg: Not a day more than
thirty. — Marella : Half an hour past twelve o'clock. — Lampe : Jack
I hear. — To all you ladies now at hand. — O ale ab alendo. — Down
in the country. — Purcell : Soldier, take of thy wine. — Martin said to
his man. — Battishill: But thirty years Tom liv'd. — Warren : To our
musical club. — Look, neighbours, look. — Purcell : Under this stone.

Berg: Come, friends and companions. — Battishill: See, Fhillis,

yonder bower. — Give me the sweet delights of love. — Hayes : Come,
follow me. — Thomas: The parting catch. — [Kelly] : Megan oh! —
Fill me a bowl. — It was a lover and his lass. — The shrill ton'd lark.

Smart: With my jug in one hand. — Tremain : Give me care's anli-

dote.— Hilton : Call George again, boy.— Hayes : If neither brass or
marble. — Tremain : Dear Cloe, ease me. — Hayden : Fair Clora. —
Hayes : O.xford cries. — Hayes : Come buy my fine wares. — "Twas
you, sir. — Nares: Wilt thou lend me thy mare. — Boyce: Epitaph
[A blooming youth lies buried here]. — Nares : Fear no more the heat
of the sun. — Arne : Which is the properest day. — On thy sweet lips.

— Atterbury : Hot Cross buns. — Harington : Laughing catch. —
Harington: Yawning catch. — Amo amas, I love a lass. — Old cries
of London [Four bunches a penny primroses]. — Arne: My beloved is
mine. — Webbe : If Eve in her innocence. — Webbe : A batchelor
would have a wife. — Ford : Since first I saw your face. — Sing old
Rose and burn the bellows. — Webbe : If love and all the world were

2. Callcott : Youth of the gloomy brow. — Here lies a woman. —
Hayes : Melting airs. — Morgan : Quoth Jack on a time. — Travers :
Soft Cupid, wanton, am'rous boy. — Hayes : Winde. gentle evergreen.

— Travers: I like a bee. — Go. gentle breezes. — Atterbury: Sweet
enslaver. — Baildon : Ye heav'ns, if innocence. — Travers : Thus to
the muses. — Mornington [Fane] : Says Rose to Maud. — Webbe :
Gently hear me, charming fair. — Warren: I want to dress. — Pring:
By shallow rivers. — Green: Hail, green fields. — Hayes: Phillis, my
fairest. — Morley: Sweet nymph come to thy lover. — Arne: Buz
quoth the blue fly. — Storace : Five times by the taper's light. — Har-
ington : Sweet doth blush the rosy morning. — Blow : How shall we
speak thy praise. — Garth: Care, thou canker. — Atterbury: Joan said
to John. — Baildon: Mister Speaker. — Este : How merrily we live.

— banby: The mulberry shade. — Pepusch : The turtle thus with
plaintive crying. — Smith : Since Phillis has bubbled. — Webbe : Think
when to pleasure. — Webbe : To me the wanton girls. — Still is the
night breeze. — Travers: Fair and. ugly. — Pepusch: I, like the fo.t
shall grieve. — Bates ; Sir, you are a comical fellow. — Within this
tomb. — Hilton: Come let us all a maying go. — Battishill: I lov'd
thee beautiful and kind. — Ives : Come, honest friends.

3. Storace: Sweet little Barbara. — Kemp: Life let us cherish. —
Leveridge: Whilst health and blooming youth. — Purcell: My dear-
est, my fairest. — Green: Why all this whining. — Harington: Why
must I die for thee. — O let the merry peal go on. — Hayes : This
tomb be thine, Anacreon. — Dyne: Fill the bowl. — Haydn: The first
commandment. — Valton : Mills, thunder, hammers. — Percy: Say not
so, friar. — Purcell : Were I to chuse. — Wise : Old Chiron. — Pur-
cell : Let's live. — Nelham: Have you any work for the tinker.

Arietta. Gambold.

No. 16 in M.201.37
Flower-seekers, The. For pianoforte. Kelley, No. i in M.380.10
Flowing can, The. Song. Dibdin, C. 1745-1814.

No. 2 in M.324.48; etc.
Jansen, F. G,
horsley, w.

Flowers, The, of spring may wither.

Flow'ret, The. Part-song.
Flow'rs are fresh. Glee.

No. 36 in M.392.48.2

No. 69 in M. 157.6.2

Flucht. Part-song. Schubert, F. P. Chor-Gesangwerke.

Band 2. No. 15 in M.280.48.2; etc.

Flucht, Die, der heiligen Familie. Cantata. For the Music

see Bruch. For the Libretto see Eichendorff.

Flucht, Die, der heiligen Familie. Part-song. Reinecke, C.
H. C. No. 5 in M.270.59

Flucht, Die, der Liebe. Part-song. Schoen, E. von.

No. 8 in M.392.44
Flucht, Die, nach der Schweiz. Ofera. For the Music see

Kuecken. For the Libretto see Blum, C. L.
Flucht, Die, nach Egypten. Cantata. For the Music see Ber-
lioz, L. H.; also Bruch. For the Libretto see Reinick.
Fluechtling, Der. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20,
Band 4. M.3I7-I-20.4

Fluechtlinge, Die. Incidental music. For the Music see Schu-
mann, R. A. For the Text see Shelley.
Fluechtlinge, Die. Song. Schumann, R. A. Werke. Serie 13,
Band 4. M.316.1.13.4

Fluegel, Ernst Paul.

Mahomet's Gesang (Goethe). Concertstiick fiir Chor und
Orchester, von Ernst Fliigel. Klavierauszug. Breslau.
Hainauer. [1871.] No. i in M.391.41

Fluegel, Gustav.

Conzert-Ouverture, No. I, C moll, fiir Orchester. Op. 26.
Partitur. [Berlin.] Trautwein. 1849. No. 3 in M.336.9
Dich, Herr des Himmels preiset. Hymnus [t. T. B. B.]. (In
Gartz. Thesaurus. Heft I, pp. 2-4.) No. 26 in M.203.7

F.lsass muss unser sein! [Mannerchor.] (In Gartz. The-
saurus. Heft 2, p. 12.) No. 27 in M.203.7
Frisch auf, mein freies Vaterland. [Miinnerchor.l (In Gartz.
Thesaurus. Heft 3, P- 6.) No. 28 in M.203.7
Heil dir, O Preussenland. [Mannerchor.] (In Gartz. The-
saurus. Heft 3, pp. 9. 10.) • No. 28 in M.203.7
Hurrah, Germania! [Mannerchor.] (In Gartz. Thesaurus.
Heft 3. p. 3.) No. 28 in M.203.7
Der Krieg. [Mannerchor.] (/n Gartz. Thesaurus. Heft 3,
p 5 ) No. 28 in M.203.7
Nachtgesang [t. t. b. b.]. (In Gartz. Thesaurus. Heft i.
pp. 5-7.) No. 26 in M.203.7
Recrutenlied [t. t. b. b.]. (In Gartz. Thesaurus. Heft 2,
p 11) No. 27 in M.203.7
Sabelkampf. Husarenlied [t. t. b. b.]. (/n Gartz. Thesaurus.
Heft 3, p. 7.) No. 28 in M.203.7
Sanctus, O Salutaris, a trois voix egales, avec accomp. de
" piano ou orgue. Op. 49- [Partition et parties separees.]
Mayence. Schott. [1857?] No. 3 in M.213.10
So wird es geschehen. [Mannerchor.] (In Gartz. Thesau-
rus. Heft 3, P- 4.') No. 28 in M.203.7
Spatzenlenz. [Mannerchor.] (In Gartz. Thesaurus. Heft I.
pp 7. 8.) No. 26 in M.203.7
Vaterlindisches Volkslied [t. t. B. B.]. (/« Gartz. Thesau-
rus. Heft 3. PP- 0. 10.) No. 28 in M.203.7
Vom Geldsack. [Mannerchor.] (In Gartz. Thesaurus.
Heft I, pp. 8-10.) No. 26 in M.203.7
Fluegel Die Part-song. Dorn, H. L. E. Fiinf Liedertafel-
Ges'ange. No. 50 in M.392.6
Fluegel! Fluegel! Song. Schumann, R. A. Zwolf Gedichte
aus Riickerts Liebesfriihling. No. 11 in M.244.15.1
Flug der Liebe. Part-song. Isenmann. No. 25 in M.392.12
Flug der Liebe. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. Zwolf Lieder.
Sang der Liebe. No. 4 in M.221.26
Flug, Der, der Zeit. Song. Schubert, F. P. Siimmtliche
Compositionen. M.244.i2;etc.
Fluss, Der. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20. Band 6.



Brown, W. A. Forerunners of the modern wmd orchestra.
Evolution of the flute. Illus. Plate. (In The music of
the modern world . . . Vol. I, pp. 4S-47- New York,
f 1805.1 ) M.14.1.I

James, W. N. A word or two on the flute. Edinburgh.
Smith & Co. 1826. M.146.18

ViRDUNG, S. Musica getutscht und ausgezoge durch Se-
bastianvi virdung Priesters von Amburg vnd alles gesang
ausz den note in die tabulature diser benante dryer Instru-
mete der Orgeln: der Laute: vnd S Floten transferieren
zu lerne . . . [Herausgegeben von Robert Eitner. Ber-
lin. 1882.1 M.18S.S
A reproduction of the edition printed at Basel in 1511.





Concerte fiir Flote,

Musikalische Werke.


No. 1-25. Musikali-

M.317.2.1, 2

Flute. (Continued.)

Welch, C. History of the Boehm flute. London. i88.-?.

M.I 14.9

Flute. Music.

Bach, J. S. Drei Sonaten fiir Clavier und Flote. H moll,

Es dur, A dur. Werke. Band 9. No. i in M.8040.21.9
Drei Sonaten fiir Flote und bezifferten Bass. C dur.

E moll, E dur. Werke. Band 43. No. i in M.8040.21.43
Sonate fiir Flote, Violine und bezifferten Bass. G dur.

Werke. Band 9. No. 5 in M.8040.21.9

Beethoven. Sechs variirte Themen fiir Pianoforte allein,

Oder mit Flote oder Violine. Op. 105. Werke. Serie 14.

No. 2 in M.413.1.14
Zehn variirte Themen fiir Pianoforte allein, oder mit

Flote oder Violine. Op. 107. Werke. Serie 14.

No. 3 in M.413.1.14
Frederick II., the Great, of Prussia.

Streichorchester und Generalbass.

Band 3-

Sonaten fiir Flote und Clavier.

sche Werke. Band i, 2.

Hill, H. Der Vetter Michel. Aria tedesca, with variations,
arranged for flute & piano forte. No. 2 in M.237.7

HoBERECHT, L. Air, with variations, for the piano forte,
with a German flute accomp. No. 3 in M.237.7

L.'VNGER, F. Concert fiir Flote & Orchester. No. 2 in M.407.16

I.ATOUR. Sul margine d'un rio. Chanson sicilienne. variee
pour le piano avec accomp. de flute ad libitum. FPiano
seul.] No. 13 in M.210.3

Same. [Partie de flute.] No. 29 in M.2io.g

Lemoine, H. Divertissement pour piano et violon ou fliite,

sur des motifs de La sentinelle perdue [de Rifautl
par Henri Lemoine et N. Louis. Op. 31 [et] 24.

No. 10 in M.390.12

Fantaisie pour piano, et fliite ou violon . . . sur le bal-
let de L'orgie de Carafa par Henri Lemoine et N. Louis.
Op. 24 et 9. No. 8 in M.390.12

Fantaisie pour piano et fliite sur une cavatine du

Grand pri-x d'Adolphe Adam par Henri Lemoine et N.
Louis. Op. 21 et 8. No. 7 in M.390.12

Louis, N. Duo-fantaisie pour flute et violon. Op. 128.
[Parties separees.l No. 19 in M.390.12

Fantaisie concertante sur une melodic Suisse pour

piano et fliite par N. Louis et Forestier. No. 13 in M.390.12

Grand duo concertant pour violon et flute. Op. 3.

[Parties separees.l No. 18 in M.390.12; etc.

Nocturne concertant pour piano et fliite. sur une

priere de Madl'e L. Puget. Op. 42. [Parties separees.l

No. II in M.3go.i2

6 petits morceaux de salon sur des motifs de Mile. L.

Puget pour piano et fliite. Op. 144. [Parties separees.l

No. 1-6 in M.390.12; etc.

Son nom! Nocturne concertant pour piano et fliite,

sur la romance favorite de M«"e l. Puget. Op. 64. [Par-
ties separees.l No. 12 in M.390.12

Souvenirs de Nice. Deux quadrilles de contredanses

dialoguees pour piano et violon ou fliite par N. Louis et
Lemoine. [Parties separees.l No. 16, 17 in M.390.12

Variations brillantes pour la fliite avec accomp. . . .

de piano. CEuvre 14. [Parties separees.l

No. 19 in M.390.12

Mozart. Andante fiir Flote [und Orchester]. C dur.

Werke. Serie 12, Abtheilung 2. M.312. 1.12.2

Concert fiir Flote [und Orchester]. D dur. Werke.

Serie 12, Abtheilung 2, M.312. 1.12.2

Concert fiir Flote [und Orchester]. G dur. Werke.

Serie 12, Abtheilung 2. M.312.1.12.2

Concert fiir Flote und Harfe [mit Orchester]. C dur.

Werke. Serie 12, Abtheilung 2. M.312. 1. 12.2

Muentz-Bercer. Nocturne [2e], en duo pour piano et vio-
loncelle ou flute. [Partition piano et violoncellc.]

No. 9 in M.210.1

Same. [Partie de flute.] No. 4 in M.210.9

Flute. Music. (Continued.)

Nocturne l3'^<^] en duo pour piano et violoncelle ou

violon [ou flute. Partition piano et violoncelle].

No. 10 in M.210.1

Same. [Partie de flute.] No. 6 in M.210.9

Pleyel, I. J. Three sonatas for the pianoforte or harpsi-
chord, with an accomp. for a flute or violin & violoncello.
[Op. 15.] No. 2in M.2io.s;etc.

Same. Trois sonates pour clavecin ou piano forte,

avec accomp. d'une fliite ou violon et basse. [Op. 15.
Parties separees de piano et fliite.] No. 3 in M.360.11

Saint-Saijns. Romance pour fliite (ou violon) avec accom-
pagnement d'orchestre. Op. 37. No. 3 in M.40S.S3

Tarentelle pour fliite et clarinette, avec accomp. d'oi-

chestre. Op. 6. No. 2 in M.344.14

Fliite enchantee, La. Part-song. Mozart. No. 18 in M. 157.8
Fluthenreicher Ebro. Song. Schumann, R. A. Spanische

Liebes-Lieder. No. 10 in M.244.IS.4

Fluthgeist, Der. Opera. For the Music see Hillemacher. P.

J. W. For the Libretto see Gottet.
Fly away, time. Glee. Kelly.
Fly forth, my song. Part-song. Aet, F.
Fly, love, to heav'n. Madrigal. Wilbye.

No. 199 in M.110.1.3; etc.
Fly me not. Glee. Webbe, S., Jr.
Fly not so swift. Madrigal. Wilbye.

No. 41 in M.237.7
No. 13 in M.204.36.3

No 23 in M.220.g.4
Works. Vol. 2.

No. 13 in M.234.19.2

(Irish melody.) Harmonized

Cocks's Hand-book of glees.

No. 63 in M.1S7.6.3

Ayres or fa las.

No. 3 in M.234.21

No. 3 in M. 205.10.7

No. 22 in M. 236.3

No. 26 in M.235.17.3

Fly not yet, 'tis just the hour.

for 4 voices. (In Warren.

Vol. 3, pp. 177-180.)
Fly, Philomel. Fa la. Hilton.

Fly to my mistress. Glee. Lloyd, C. H

Fly to the desert. Song. Kiallmark.

Fly, ye moments. Duet. Biggar.

Flying Dutchman, The. For the Music and Libretto see

Wagner, W. R.
Flying Dutchmen, The. Opera. For the Music see Carpenter,

J. A. For the Libretto see Stone, M. E.
Flynn, John J.

Althea. A romantic comic opera. Libretto by Wm. Caro-
line and John J. Flynn. Music by R. S. Poppen. M.381.33
Focht, C. Th.

Der Brand des Ringtheaters in Wien, am 8. Dec. 1881. 4.
Auflage. Wien. Hartleben. 1881. Illus. No. i in M.145.20
Fork, .Mfred.

Madame Nicolet. Operette en 4 actes de Eugene Hugot.
Musique de Alfred Fock. Partition chant et piano. Paris.
Choudens. 1892. M.256.10

Fodale, Paolo.

Dodici scene drammatiche tratte dalla Divina commedia.
[Accomp. di piano.] Firenze. Guidi. [184-?] 12 parts
in I V. M.270.30

Foeckerer, Eduard.

Es war zu Assmannshausen. Weisst du doch! Vagabun-
denlied . . . fiir vier Mannerstimmen. [Op. 7.] Mainz.
Schott. [188-?] No. I in M.392.9

Foerster, Adolf Martin.

The Bedouin's prayer. Male chorus. Op. 22. Pittsburgh.
Kleber. 1888. No. 2 in M.392.9

The words are in English and German.
Thusnelda. Characterstiick, nach Karl Schafer's gleich-
namigem Gedicht, fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 10. Parti-
tur. Leipzig. Rieter-Biedermann. [1881?] No. i in M.331.7
Foerster, Alban.

Lorle. Oper in 4 Aufziigen. Dichtung von Hans Heinrich
Schefsky. Musik von Alban Forster. Clavierauszug mit
Text bearbeitet von Johannes Doebber. Berlin. Ries &
Erler. [1893.] M.393.18

Die Madchen von Schilda. Komische Oper in 3 Acten von
Rudolf Bunge. Musik von Alban Forster. Clavieraus-
zug. Berlin. Ries & Erler. [1887.] M.256.11
Symphonic, Erste, E-dur, fiir grosses Orchester. Partitur.
Halle. Richter & Hopf. [188-?] M.331.6





Foerster, Bernhard.

Parsifal-Nachklange. AUerhand Gedanken iiber deutsche

Cultur, Wissenschaft, Kunst, Gesellschaft. Leipzig.

Fritsch. 1883. No. i in M.198.9

Foerster, F.

Jugend und Alter [t.t. B. B.]. Hamburg. Thiemer. [i88-?l

No. 30 in M.392.8
Foerster, Josef B.

Quartett, E-dur, fiir 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncell. Op.

15. Leipzig. Eulenburg. [1898. Payne's Kleine Parti-

tur-Ausgabe. 226.I No. 4 in M.4i2a.5

Foersterstoechter, Die. Opera. For the Music see Weinzierl.

For the Libretto see Flamtn.
Foggia, Francesco.

Exultabunt sancti. [Motet, s. a. t. b.] (/h Lueck. Samm-

lung ausgezeichneter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band

4, pp. 90-95.) No. 26 in M.158.33.4

Laetamini in Domino. [Motet, s. a. t. B.I (In Lueck. Samm-

lung ausgezeichneter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band

4, pp. 84-90.) No. 25 in M.158.33.4

Veritas mea. [Motet, s. a. t. b.] (In Lueck. Sammlung

ausgezeichneter Compositionen fur die Kirche. Band 4,

pp. 95-102.) No. 27 in M.158.33.4

Foglia, Una. Song. Mariani, A. XXII melodic.

No. I in M. 158.28
Foi, La. Chorus. Rossini. Trois choeurs. No. i in M.280.46
Foire, La, de St. Laurent. Opera. For the Music see Offen-
bach. For the Libretto see Cremieux.
Fol malin, Le. Anthem. Sweelinck. Pseaume 14, 53- Werken.
Deel 2, 5. M.412.2.2, 5

Folco d'Arles. Opera. For the Music see Giosa. For the

Libretto see Cammarano, S.
Folded in Thy circling arms. Anthem. Rudolphsen.

No. 16 in M.190.7
Foleij, Charles.

Vendee! Drame lyrique. Poeme . . . de Charles F'oleii et
Adolphe Brisson. Musique de Gabriel Pierne. M.246.12
Folic, Une. Opera. For the Music see Mehul. For the Li-
bretto see Bouilly.
Folic, Une, a Rome. Opera. For the Music see Ricci, F. For

the Libretto see Wilder.
Folies amoureuses, Les. Opera. For the Music see Pessard;
also Rossini. For the Libretto see Leneka; also Blaze,
F. H. J.
Folies d'amour. Opera. For the Music see Durand de Font-

magne. For the Libretto see Dracy.

Veckenstidt, E. La musique et la danse dans les traditions
des Lithuaniens, des Allemands et des Grecs. Paris. 1889.

No. 4 in M.208.21

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1864. M.218.1

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Ausgabe fur hohe Stimme. Berlin. 1894.

No. 9-1S in M.380.40.3

Volks-Kinderlieder, mit hinzugefiigter Clavierbeglei-

tung. Leipzig. [188-?] No. 8 in M.380.40.3

Chants et chansons populaires de la France. Nouvelle edi-
tion illustree. Paris. 1848. 3 v. M.122.10
Chappell, W. a collection of national English airs, con-
sisting of ancient song, ballad & dance tunes. The airs
harmonized by W. Crotch, G. A. Macfarren, and J. Au-
gustine Wade. [London.] 1839, 4°- 2 v. M.121.6
German Volkslieder Album. Forty songs with the orig-
inal words and an English version by John O.xenford.
London. [188-?] No. 2 in M.384.64
Hals Brodrene, publishers. The Hals Album. A collection
of Norse national music, containing the most popular
folk-songs, dances, &c., and also compositions by various
Norse composers. (With Norse and English words.)
Kristiania. [189-?] No. 2 in M.384.66
Heim, J. Sammlung von Volksgesangen fiir den M.anner-
chor. Zurich. 1868. M.118.22

Folk-songs. (Continued.)

La Villemarque, T. C. H. H. de. Ballads and songs of

Brittany. By Tom Taylor. M.106.4

M.\THEWs, C. T., compiler. [Manuscript music and songs,

principally national or folk-songs, of Italv-l 3 v. M.117.2
Middlemore, M. T H., editor. Songs of the Pyrenees with

Spanish, French & English words. London. 1887.

No. I in M. 384.63
Mittler, F. L., editor. Deutsche Volkslieder. Frankfurt

am Main. 1865. M.371.36

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dans la haute Normandie et harmonises. Paris. 1890.

No. I in M.384.66
Folks-songs. Works about.

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London. 1866. M.106.23

Martinengo-Cesaresco, E. Essays in the study of folk-
songs. London. 1886. M. 1493.7
ScHURE, £. Histoire du Lied, ou la chanson populaire en

Allemagne . . . Paris. 1868. M.i 18.20

TiERSOT, J. B. £. J. Histoire de la chanson populaire en

France. Paris. 1889. M.i4l.3l

Weckerlin, J. B. T. La chanson populaire. Paris. 1886.

The music of many of the songs is given. M.2I5.20

Folkunger, Die. Opera. For the Music see Kretschmer. For

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