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Friends, good night. Part-song. Flotow, F. F. A. von.

No. 19 in M.244.10.3

Friendship, love and wine. Trio [s. s. a.1 adapted to 3 waltzes.

(In The Apollo. Vol. .=;, pp. 34,=i-347.) No. 6 in M.1393.18.S

Friendship, thou dearest. Glee. Alcock, J. No. 104 in M.220.9.2

Frimmel, Theodor von.

Beethovenbildnisse. (In Photographische Gesellschaft.
Ludwig van Beethoven. Pp. 64-68. Berlin. 1897.)

No. 7 in M.380.58

Neue Beethoveniana. Neue Ausgabe. Wien. Ceroid. 1890.

Portraits. M.148.21

Frisch auf, du edle Musikkunst. Part-song. Schein. Werke.

Band i. M.4i4.i.i

Frisch auf, mein freies Vaterland. Part-sonq. Fluegel, G.

No. 28 in M.203.7
Frisch gesungen! Part-song. Silcher. Silcher-Album.

No. 4 in M.370.30
Frisch gesungen. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. 12 Gesange.

No. 7 in M.221.26
Frisch hinaus! Part-song. Haerinc. Sechs Lieder.

No. .=; in M.392.10
Frisch, Krieger, schenk den Becher ein. Part-song. Brambach.
Acht schottische und irische Volksmelodien.

No. 42 in M.3g2.3
Frischen, Tosef.

Ein rheiuisches Scherzo fiir .grosses Orchester. Op. 14.
Partitur. Leipzig. Seemann. [1902?! No. 3 in M.4o5.ii




From the

Frischen, Josef. (Continued.)

Herbstnacht. Ein Stimmungsbild nach Hebbels gleich-
namiger Dichtung. Fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 12. Par-
titur. Leipzig. Seemann. [1902?! No. 2 in M.406.11

Frischen, Josef. Works about.

RiEMENSCHNEiDER, G. Josef Frischen, Zwei Orchester-
stucke: i. Herbstnacht. Op. 12; 2. Ein rheinisches
Scherzo. Op. 14. Erlautert. Leipzig, \1g03.]

No. 16 in M.217.12.11
Frisches Leben. Part-song. Schneider, J. C. F.

No. 4 in M.i29a.43.9

Frisches Lied, Ein, im Walde. Part-song. Abt, F. Vier vier-

stimmige Mannergesange. No. i in M.392.2

Frisette et Polydore. Opera. For the Music see Crose. For

the Libretto see Blanc, A.
Friske Sang, Den. Song. Kjerulf. Sanger och Visor. Band i.


Frith, Walter.

The verger New and original vaudeville, composed by

King Hall. „ No. 2 in M.399-75

Frithiof. Opera. For the Music see Hopffer, L. B. For the

Libretto see Hopffer, C. E. _

Frithiof. Overture. Dubois, F. C. T. No. 2 in M.406.10

Frithiof. Symphony. Hofmann, H. C. J. No. i in M.342.6

Frithjof. Cantata. For the Music see Bruch; also Mangold.

For the Libretto see Tegner. t- 1.

Frithjof auf seines Vaters Grabhuegel. Cantata.^ For the

Music see Bruch. For the Libretto see Tegner.

Fritze, Wilhelm. •, ,• . r-u

MusiOL, R. P. J. Wilhelm Fntze. Em musikalisches Cha-

racter'bild. Demmin. i88.-?. Portrait.

No. 3inM.377-iS;etc.

Fritzeri, A. di. See Frixer, Alessandro Maria Antonio.

Der Polengraf. Operette von Richard Genee und J. Fritz-
sche. Musik von Louis Roth. M.321.3

Frixer, Alessandro Maria Antonio. ^ , ^ ., , ,,.

Les souliers mor-dores. Opera buffon fde FerneresL Mis
en musique par Alexandre Frixer di Frizeri. [Partition.]
Paris. L'auteur. 1776. . M.227.8

Frizeri, A. di. See Frixer, Alessandro Maria Antonio.
Frober, E., editor. , o • ^ ts

Tvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. Stances de Saint Ber-
nard mises en musique a 3 & a 4 voix par les plus excel-
lens maitres de la fin du seizieme siecle . fAccomp. de
piano ad libitura.l Paris. Legouix. fiSS-J

No. 2 in M.201.1
Coxteufs. — Anerio: Jesv Decvs angelicvm. O Jesv mi dylcissime.
Tvnc amplexvs tvnc oscvla. Rex virtvtvm. - Palestnna : Jesv Rex
admirabilis Tva Jesv dUectio. — Giovanelh : Jesv sole serenior. Jesv
svmma Benignitas. Tv mentis delectatio. — Soto: Jesv dvlcedo cor-
divm — Palestrina: Jesv Hos matris virgmis. — Aneno: O beatvm
incen'divm — Nanini: Jesvs in pace imperat. Qvando cor nostrvm
visitas. Jesv spes poenitentibus. — Allegri : Jesv dvlcis memoria.
Froberger, Johann Jakob.

Orgel- und Clavierwerke. Wien. Artaria & Co. lb97, 99.
-> parts in I v. Facsimiles. fDenkmaler der Tonkunst in
bsterreich. Band 4, Theil I ; 6. Theil 2.] M.414.S

Contents — I. ZwoU Toccaten. — Sechs Fantasien. — Sechs Canzonen.
— Acht Capriccios. — Sechs Ricercare. 2. Suiten fiir Clavier.
Froberger, Johann Jakob. Works about.

ScHEBEK, E. Zwei Briefe iiber Johann Jacob Froberger.
Ein biographischer Beitrag. Prag. 1874. No. 11 in M.372.40
Frobisher, Joseph Edwin.

A new and practical system of the culture of voice and ac-
tion . . . with an appendix of readings and recitations.
Improved edition. New York. Ivison, Blakeman, Tay-
lor & Co. 1881. M.108.30
Frode. Opera. For the Music see Bechgaard.
Froeden. Adolf.

Elva. Komische Operette. Musik von Eduard Schweiger.

Froehlich zu sein ist mein Manir. Madrigal. Lassus.

No. 12 in M.204.40

Froehliche Armuth. Part-song. B.\ldamus. Beliebte und

empfehlenswerthe Miinnerchore. No. 2 in M.203.11

Kremser. No. 42 in M.392.13

Froehliche Gesellen. Part-song. Schmidt, Gustav. Fiinf
Lieder. No. 21 in M.392.23

Froehliche Mann, Der. Song. Taubert, C. G. W.

No. IS in M.192.8
Froehliche Trinker, Der. Song. Righini. Zwolf deutsche
Lieder. No. 27 in M.221.33

Froehlicher Sang, Ein. Part-song. Brambach.

No. 119b in M.147.4
Froehlichkeit, Die. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20,
Band 3. M.317.1.20.3

Froesch', Die, und die Unken. Part-song. Scholz.

No. 10 in 1*1.392.42.1 ; etc.
Frogs, The. Incidental music. For the Music see Parry, C. H.

H. For the Text see Aristophanes.
Froh vyair ich zum Heiligthume. Cantata. For the Music see

Romberg, A. J.
Frohberg, Paul, pseud. See Adami, Friedrich.
Frohe Saenger, Der. Part-songs. Otto, E. J. No. 44 in M.392.19
Frohe Wandersmann, Der. Part-song. Mendelssohn-Bar-
THOLDY, J. L. F. Werke. Serie 17. M.413.3.17; etc.

Frohe Wandersmann, Der. Song. Schumann, R. A. Lieder
und Gesange. Heft 3. No. i in M.244.1S.3; etc.

Froher Sinn. Part-song. Tschirch, F. W. Zwei Gesange.

No. 37 in M.392.26

Frohlocket ihr Gerechten. Motet. Rheineerger, J. G. S Mo-

tetten. No. 9 in M.1S8.27

Frohsinn. Duet. Abt, F. Zehn Duettinen. No. 32 in M.192.1

Frohsinn. Song. Himmel, F. H. No. 15 in M.221.33

Schubert, F. P. Ich bin von lockerem Schlage. Werke.

Serie 20, Band 5. M.317.1.20.S

Frohsinn und Freude. Part-song.

Becker, V. E. No. 23 in M.392.4

Hermes. Beliebte Lieder. No. i in M. 194.16

Froissart. Overture. Elgar. M.410.24

Frolick and free. Glee. Linley, W. Eight glees. M.235.3

Frolique. Opera. For the Music see Fitz-Gerald. For the

Libretto see Byron, H. J.
From all that dwell below the skies. Hymn. Bach, J. S.

No. 25a in M. 157.3
From blushing morn to ev'ning mild. Part-song. Linley, T.

No. 42 in M.110.8; etc.
From burning Afric. Chorus. Bishop, H. R. Complete col-
lection of glees. Vol. 7. M.23S.1.7
From death to life. Cantata. For the Music see Bartlett, J. C.

For the Libretto see Van Tassel.
From everlasting. Canon. Webbe, S. No. 197 in M.220.9.1

From flow'ry meads. Catch [for 3 voices]. {In Warren. Col-
lection of catches. Vol. 2, pp. 36, 57.) No. 13 in M.220.9.2
From Garyone, my happy home. Song. Beethoven. Werke.
Serie 24. M.413.1.24

From glaring show and giddy noise. Song. Webbe, S.

No. 40 in M.23S.18.4
From Handel to Halle. Biography. Engel, L. M. 105.21

From his cave in Snowdon's mountains, f Welsh melody.l
Harmonized for 4 voices, (/n The Choralist. Vol. i, se-
ries 4.) No. 42 in M.157.5.1
From lyre to muse. History. Donovan. M.103.24
From mighty kings. Anthem. Handel. No. 16 in M.290.22.2
From Mozart to Mario. Biography. Engel, L. M. 103.8
From night till morn. Canzonett [t. t.]. (In Social harmony.
p. 140.) No. 1x6 in M.215.21
From Oberon in fairy land. Glee. Stevens, R. J. S.

No. 15 in M.IS7.7; etc.
From peace and social joy. Glee. Webbe, S.

No. 1 16 in M.220.9.3
From rosy bow'rs. Song. Purcell, H. No. 5 in M.235.18.3; etc.
From shades of night. Part-song. Storage. No. 29a in M.IS7.2
From the chambers of the East. Glee. Callcott, J. W. Col-
lection of glees. Vol. i. No. 23 in M.234.1.1
From the deep I called. Anthem. Spohr, L.

No. 18 in M.19S.2.13
From the depth I called. Anthem. Tye. No. 27 in M.233.25.3
From the fair Lavinian shore. Glee. Wilson, J.

No. 25 in M.23S.14; etc.


From the



From the lake grey vapours rise. Glee. Callcott, J. W.

No. I in M.220.4
From the rising of the sun. Anthem. Ouseley.

No. 7 in M.233.24.1
Form the spell of memory. Ballad. Linley, G. [Songs.]
Vol. 2. No. 28 in M.235.ig.2

From the world stealing. Anthem. Rossini. No. 12 in M.203.25
From this roof my shepherd went. Part-song. Cm-LCott, J. W.
Collection of glees. Vol. i. No. 8 in M.234.1.1

From tyrant laws. Duet. Arne, T. A. No. 138 in M.235.17.1 ; etc.
From Venice. Part-song. Reinecke, C. H. C.

No. I in M.204.36.5
From youth's happy days. Part-song. Klein. B. O.

No. 7 in M.203.16
Fromage-Chapelle, Paul Aime.

L'amour quinze-vingt. Operette. Musique de Victor Roger.

No. 2 in M.393.61

La baronne de Haut-Castel. Operette. Musique de Frederic

Barbier. No. i in M.399.3

Brelan de begues. Operette. Musique de Charles Hubans.

No. 2 in M.393.56
Deux coqs vivaient en paix. Operette. Musique de Charles
Hubans. No. 3 in M.393.56

Un Do malade. Operette de MM. A. de Forges Tpseud.l et
Laurencin fpseud.l. Musique de A. Banes. Paris. Bath-
lot. ri88-?l No. 4 in M.39S.I

Words only.

Same. Alusique de Antoine Banes. No. s in M.sgs.i

Fleurette. Opera-comique de De Forges [pseud.] & Lau-
rencin [pseud.]. Musique de J. Offenbach.

No. 3 in M.277.12
Un gendre a poigne. Operette. Musique de Ch. Malo.

No. I in M.393.58

Monsieur & Madame Denis. Opera comique. Paroles de

MM. Laurencin [pseud.] & I\Iichel Delaporte. Musique

de J. Offenbach. No. 2 in M.368.24

Pas si bete! Operette. Musique de L. C. Desormes.

No. 3 in M. 295.34

Le portrait. Opera comique par MM. Laurencin [pseud.]

& Jules Adenis [pseud.]. Musique de Theodore de La-

jarte. No. 2 in M.287.23

Le 66. Operette. Paroles de MM. de Forges [pseud.] et

Laurencin [pseud.]. Musique de T. Offenbach.

No. 2 in M.368.23
Froment, Rustique, pseud.
Meyerbeer et son ceuvre, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Ros-
sini, les concerts populaires, Theresa. Lettres d'un cam-
pagnard a propos de L'Afn'caine. Paris. Faure. [1866.]

Fromm, Emil.

An Sie im Alter. [Mannerchor.] (In Claassen. Ludwig
Liebe-AIbum. P. 12.) No. 11 in M.203.16

Der Helden Auferstehung. Gedicht von Wilhelm Miiller.
Fiir Mannerchor mit Begleitung von Blechinstrumenten
componirt von E. Fromm. Op. 2. Partitur mit unterleg-
tem Clavier-Begleitung. Schleusingen. Glaser. [187-?]

No. 6 in M.212.5

Fest-Cantate zum 25jahrigen Jubilaum des „Arion" in

Brooklyn. Gedicht von Julius Immer"Tun [Pseud.]. Fiir

Mannerchor und Orchester componirt von E. Fromm.

Op. 10. Clavierauszug. Berlin. Luckhardt. [1890.]

No. 2 in M.203.14
Heinrich der Vogler. Gedicht von J. Nep. Vogl. Fiir Man-
nerchor und Orchester componirt von E. Fromm. Op. 6.
Klavierauszug. Leipzig. Siegl. [187-?] No. 7 in M.212.S
Itha von To.ggenburg. (Edith of Toggenburg.) [Ein Ro-
manzenkranz frei nach Chr. von Schmid, G. Schwab u. A.
von M. Louis [Pseud.]. English version by E. Buek.]
Fiir Mannerchor, Sopran- & Baritonsolo & Orchester von
E. Fromm. Op. 9. Clavierauszug. Berlin. Luckhardt.
[1890.] No. 3 in M.203.14

Fromme Magd, Die. Song. Weber, C. M. F. E. von. Siimmt-
liche Lieder. Band 2. No. 56 in M. 244.7

Frommel, Emil.

Friedrich Kiel . . . Gedachtnisrede . . . 1885. 2. Auflage.

Berlin. Ackermann. 1886. No. 3 in M.217.11

Frommer Wunsch. Part-song. Gartz. Zwei heitere Lieder.

No. 4 in M.392.36
Fronde, La. Opera. For the Music see Niedermeyer. For

the Libretto see Maquet.
Frondoni, Angelo M.

A camponeza. [Solo, b. Acomp. de piano.] Lisboa. Sas-

setti & ca. [185-?] No. 4 in M.391.S7

Luiz de CamSes. [Solo, s. o. t. Acomp. de piano.] Lisboa.

Sassetti & ca. [185-?] No. 3 in M.391.57

A saloia. [Cangao. Acomp. de piano.] Lisboa. Sassetti

& ca. [185-?] No. 6 in M.391.57

Un terno al Lotto. Scherzo comico in i atto per un solo

personaggio. Poesia di Carlo Cambiaggio. Musica del

Mo Angelo Frondoni. [Riduzione per canto e piano.]

Milano. Ricordi. [1852?] M.232.2

Frosch, Der. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. Klange aus der

Kinderwelt. Heft 6. No. 7 in M.192.7

Frost, Charles Joseph.

King John and the Abbot of Canterbury, .^n old English
ballad set to music as a short cantata for t., bar. and b.
solo with chorus. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London.
St. Cecilia Music Publishing Co. [188-?] No. I in M.204.16
Magnificat & Nunc dimittis. [Accomp. for organ.] Lon-
don. Patey & Willis. 1883. No. 9 in M.1S8.16
Frost, Henry Frederic.

Schubert. London. Low. 1881. [The great musicians.]

Froyez, Maurice.

La dame de trefle. Operette de Ch. Clairville & M. Froyez.

JNlusique de £mile Pessard. M.3g3.48

Frozen heart. The, or the snow queen. Ot>era. For the Music

see Carmichael. For the Libretto see Byron, AL C.
Fructus autem. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band i.

Fruehe. Part-song. Schumann, R. A. Fiinf Gesiinge.

No. 4 in M.157.21
Fruehe Klage. Song. Franz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 22.

No. 52 in M.244.S.2

Fruehe Liebe, Die. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20,

Band 4- M.317.1.20.4

Fruehen Graber, Die. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie

20, Band 3. M.317.1.20.3

Fruehes Wandern. Part-song. Abt, F. No. i 19 in M.246.22

Fruehling. Part-song.

Isenmann. Fiinf Mannerchore. No. 28 in M.392.ii

Rheinberger, J. G. No. 24 in M.392.22

Stojowski. Le printemps. No. 2 in M. 380.28

Zoellner, C. H. No. 193 in M.i29a.43-6

Fruehling, Der. Song.

Br.\hms. Sechs Gesange. Op. 6. No. 2 in M.380.40.1

Chopin. 17 polnische Lieder. No. 2 in M.157.37; etc.

Fr.\nz, R. Sechs Lieder von H. Heine. No. 3,7 in M.244.S.3
Grieg. Grieg-Album. No. 5 in M. 155. 16

KuECKEN. Leichte Lieder. No. 3 in M.244.6.2

— Vier Gesange. No. 15 in M. 194.16

Posa. Fiinf Lieder. No. 15 in M.380.22

T.\ubert, C. G. W. Sechs Lieder. No. 6 in M.221.26

Fruehling. Symphony. Urban, H. No. i in M.343.40

Fruehling im Sommer. Song. Cornelius. Werke. Band i.

Fruehling im Walde. Part-song. Hermes. Beliebte Lieder.

No. I in M. 194. 16
Fruehling, Der, ist da. Song. Abt F. Vier Lieder.

No. II in M.192.2
Fruehling, Der, ist wach. Part-song. Kremser.

No. 10 in M.392.14
Fruehling, Der, kommt. Part-song.

Dregert. Drei Lieder fiir Mannerchor. No. 79 in M.392.3
Koellner. Vier Friihlingslieder. Heft i. No. 17 in M.39a.i3
Fruehling ohne Ende. Part-song.

Reinecke, C. H. C. No. 107 in M.147.4

Rheinberger, J. G. Im neuen Friihling. No. 10 in M. 158.27





Fruehling und Liebe. Part-song. Horn, A. No. 6 in M.i94.i6
Fruehling und Liebe. Song. Franz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 3-

No. i6 in M.244.S.1
Fruehlingsabend, Der. Part-song.

BURKHARDT, S. No. 240 in M.i29a.43-7

Nessler. Vier Friihlingslieder. No. i8 in M.aga.ig

Fruehlings Ahnen. Part-song. Pache. Zwei Gesange.

No. 6 in M.212.13
Fruehlingsahnung. Part-song. Abt, F. No. 31 in M.392.1

Mendelssohn-Bartiioldy, J. L. F. Werke. Serie 16.


Otto, F. No. 236 in M.i29a.43.7

ScHULTZ, E. Zwei Gesange. No. 10 in M.392.2S

WUELLNER. Waldlieder. No. 24 in M.158.21

Fruehlingsandacht. Part-song. Kreutzkr, C.

No. 104 in M. 147.4

Fruehlings-Anfang. Part-song. Becker, V. E. No. 14 in M.392.4

Fruehlingsanfang. Song. Hennig. 20 ein und zweistimmige

Lieder. No. 17 in M.203.8

Fruehlings Ankunft. Part-song. Klauss. Fiinf Lieder.

No. 8 in M.392.I3
Fruehlings Ankunft. Song.

Franz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 23. No. 59 in M.244.5.2

Schumann, R. A. Lieder fiir die Jugend. Abtheilung 2.

No. 3 in M.244.15.3; etc.
Fruehlingsaugen. Part-song. Seifert, R. No. 12 in M.392.42.4
Fruehlingsaugen. Song. Hiller, F. Sechs leichte Gesange.

No. 25 in M.192.3
Fruehlingsblick. Song. Rubinstein. Sechs Lieder.

No. 16 in M. 192.5
Fruehlingsbote. Part-song. Muehling, A. No. 7 in M.i29a.43.9
Fruehlings-Botschaft. Cantata. For the Music see Gade. For

the Libretto see Geibel, E.
Fruehlingsbotschaft. Part-song. Vierling. No. 22 in M.392.42.2
Fruehlingsbotschaft. Song. Schumann, R. A. Lieder fiir
die Jugend. Abtheilung i. No. 2 in M.244.15.3; etc.

Fruehlings Brautfahrt. Part-song. Schulz, A.

No. II in M.212.IS
Fruehlingsbrausen. Part-song. Schoen, E. von.

No. 8 in M.392.28

Fruehlingsdammerung. Part-song. Umlauft. No. 2 in M.343.32

Fruehlings Einkehr. Part-song. Meister. No. 3 in M.203.19

Fruehlings Einzug. Part-song. Becker, V. E. Vier Ges.Hnge

fiir vierstimmigen Mannerchor. No. .s in M.392.4

Nessler. Drei Lieder. No. 18 in M.392.37

Pache. No. 4 in M.203.20

Fruehlings Erwachen. Cantata. For the Music see Gouvy.

Fruehlings-Erwachen. For orchestra. Bach, C. E.

No. I in M.312.1
• Fruehling's Erwachen. Overture. Saint-George.

No. I in M.407.24

Fruehlingsfahrt. Song. Schumann, R. A. Romanzen und

Balladen. Heft i. No. 3 in M.244.15.2; etc.

Fruehlings-Fantasie. For orchestra. Bronsart von Schellen-

DORFF. No. I in M.333.7

Fruehlingsfeier, Der. Cantata. For the Music see Urspruch.

For the Libretto see Klopstock.

Fruehlingsfeier. Part-song. Lachner, F. No. 5 in M.203.22

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Sechs vierstiramige

Lieder. No. 7 in M.312.8; etc.

ScHULTZ, F. No. 12 in M.392.25

Fruehlingsfeier. Song.

Curschmann. Curschmann-Album. No. i in M. 157.37

Fr.\nz, R. Sechs Lieder von H. Heine. No. 43 in M.244.S.3
Fruehlingsfreude. Part-song. Becker, V. E. No. 13 in M.392.4
Fruehlingsgedraenge. Song.

Fr.\nz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 7- No. 54 in M.244.S.1

Mihalovi»h. Acht Gedichte. No. s in M.380.21

Strauss, R. 2 Lieder. No. 23 in M.330.24.1

Fruehlingsgefuehl. Song. Rubinstein. Sechs Lieder.

No. I in M.192.S
Fruehlingsgelaevit. Part-song. Hiller, F. Acht Gesange.

No. 3 in M.202.22

Schubert, F. P.

Werke. Se-

Fruehlingsgesang. Part-song.

rie 16.
Fruehlingsglaube. Part-song.

Baumgartner, W. No. 112 in M.147.4

Franz, R. Sechs Lieder fiir gemischten Chor.

No. 18 in M. 158.22
Schubert, F. P. 12 Gesange. No. 10 in M.158.21

Schuppert. No. 35 in M.392.42.4

Fruehlingsglaube. Song.

Curschmann. Curschmann-Album. No. i in M.1S7.37

Kuecken. No. 10 in M.244.6.1

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Werke. Serie 19.


Schubert, F. P. Sammtliche Compositionen. M.244.12; etc.

Taubert, C. G. W. Zwolf Lieder. No. 3 in M.221.26

Fruehlingsglocken. Part-song. Schumann, R. A. Sechs

Lieder fiir vierstimmigen Mannergesang.

No. 9inM.392-34;etc.
Fruehlingsglocken. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. Sechs Lieder.

No. 7 in M. 192.6
Fruehlingsglueck. Part-song. Reinecke, C. H. C.

No. 19 in M.392.21
Fruehlings Gruss. Part-song.

Becker, V. E. No. 7 in M.392.4

— Drei Gesange gedichtet v. F. Oser. No. 10 in M.392.4

Kern. No. 48 in M.392.12

Klahre. Drei Lieder im Volkston. No. 61 in M.392.12

Fruehlingsgruss. Song. Schumann, R. A. Lieder fiir die

Jugend. Abtheilung I. No. 2 in M.244.15.3; etc.

Fruehlingsgruss an das Vaterland. Part-song. Lachner, V.

No. 2 in M. 130.7
Fruehlings-Hymne. (Maibetrachtung.) Cantata. For the

Music see Goldmark. For the Libretto see Geyer.
Fruehlingsjubel. Overture. Wagner, Rudolf. No. 2 in M.404.30
Fruehlingsjubel. Part-song. Zerlett. No. 32 in M.203.20

Fruehlings Jubel. Song.

Hiller, F. Zwolf Lieder. No. 18 in M.192.3; etc.

Taubert, C. G. W. Der frohliche Mann. No. 17 in M.192.8
Fruehlingsjubel. Symphonic poem. Lorenz, C. A. In der
merung. No. 7 in M.342.13

Fruehlingsklaenge. Symphony. Raff. M.347.38

Fruehlingsklingen. Part-song. Abt, F. No. 2 in M.392.35

Fruehlingslandschaft. Part-song. Otto, E. J. Fiinf Quartet-
ten. No. 59 in M.392.16
Fruehlingsleben. Duet. Hennig. 20 ein und zweistimmige
Lieder. No. 17 in M.203.8
Fruehlingslerche, Die. Part-song. Becker, R. Zwei Gesange.

No. 42 in M.392.2; etc.
Fruehlingsliebe. Song.

Franz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 3- No. 17 in M.244.5.1

Stern. J. Deutsche Gesange. No. 17 in M. 236.8

Fruehlingslied. Duet.
Abt, F. Vier Duette. No. .36 in M.192.1

Schumann, R. A. Lieder fiir die Jugend. Abtheilung 3-

No. 4 in M.244.1S.3; etc.
Fruehlingslied. Part-song.

Becker, V. E. No. 13 in M.392.42.2

BerGT. No. 176 in M.i29a.43.5

Billeter. Vier Lieder im Volkston. No. 16 in M.392.3S

Bohl. No. 3 in M.370.30

Braune. No. 6 in M.392.20

EcKER. No. 123 in M.147.4

Esser. No. 27 in M.213.9

Fink. No. 21 in M.213.9

George V., of Hanover. Sechs Gedichte. No. 2 in M. 155. 17
Gross, C. E. No. 30 in M.392.10

Haering. Sechs Lieder. No. i in M.392.10

Hauptmann, M. Sechs vierstimmige Lieder.

No. 2 in M.157.22
Jansen, F. G. No. 36 in M.392.42.4

Kuntze, C. No. 90 in M.246.22

Leder. Vier Lieder. No. 22 in M. 194. 16

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Werke. Serie 16.






Otto, E. J.
Rheinberger, J. G.

Part-song. (Continued.)

No. 3 in M.130.8
No. 8 in M.130.7
Aus dem Sangerleben.

No. II in M.3g2.22
RiETZ, J. No. 28 in M.392.22

Schneider, J. C. F. Harzlieder. No. 42 in M.392.23

Schubert, F. P. Die Luft ist blau. Werke. Serie 19.


— Schmiicket die Locken. Chor-Gesangwerke. Band 2.

No. 4 in M.280.48.2
Wendler. No. 55 in

Fruehlingslied. Song.

Brahms. Sechs Lieder. Op. 85. No. g in M.380.40.2

Curschmann. Curschmann-Album. No. i in M. 157.37

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Durch den Wald, den

dunklen geht. Werke. Serie 19. M.413.3.19

— Es brechen im schallenden Reigen. Werke. Serie 19.


— Der Friihling naht mit Brausen. Werke. Serie 19.


— In dem Walde siisse Tone. Werke. Serie 19. M.413.3.19

— Jetzt kommt der Friihling. Werke. Serie 19. M.4i3.3.ig
Ritter, F. L. Zehn Kinder-Lieder. Heft i.

No. 6 in M.192.4
Schubert, F. P. Die Luft ist blau. Werke. Serie 20, Band 4.

M.317. 1.20.4
Schumann, R. A. Die Meersee. No. 7 in M.244.1S.4; etc.

— Schneeglockchen klingen wieder. Werke. Serie 1.3, Band
.3. M.316.1.13.3

Seidel, F. L. Lieder. Heft 3. No. 17 in M.221.33

Fruehlingslied. Symphonic poem. Sibelius. Varsang.

No. 3 in M.406.33
Fruehlingslust. Part-song.
Abt, F. Fiinf Gesange. No. .3 in M.392.39

Koellner. Vier Friihlingslieder. Heft 2. No. 18 in M.3g2.i3
Rietz. No. 30 in M.392.22

ScHULZ, J. P. C. No. 81 in M.213.9

Fruehlingslust. Song.

Schumann, R. A. Die Meersee. No. 7 in M.244.15.4; etc.

Taubert, C. G. W. Liebesglocken. No. 9 in M. 192.7

Fruehlingsmahnung. Part-song. Kretzschmar.

No. II in M.ig4.z6
Fruehlingsmette. Part-song. Behr, F. No. i in M.270.13

Fruehlingsmorgen, Der. Cantata. For the Music see Schu-
bert, F. P. Chor-Gesangwerke. Band i.
Fruehlingsmorgen. Part-song. Abt, F. Heil'ge Andacht.
Vier vierstimmige Mannergesange. Op. 268.

No. 39 in M.392.1

— Noch vom Schlummer. No. 9 in M.130.7; etc.

— Die Wachtel ruft. No. 3 in M.392.2
Brambach. Zwei Concertstucke. No. 2 in M. 202.14
Klauwell. 3 Friihlingslieder. No. 62 in M.392.12

Fruehlingsmorgen. Sotig. Abt, F. Lebensfruhling. Heft 2.

No. 26 in M.ig2.i
Fruehlingsmuth. Part-song. Bruch. Sieben kleine Gesange.

No. 8 in M.204.7
Fruehlingsnacht. Cantata. For the Music see Hentschel. For

the Libretto see Jaenicke.

Fruehlingsnacht. Part-song. Abt, F. No. 125 in M.246.22

Becker, V. E. Drei Gesange fur vierstimmigen Manner-

chor. No. 20 in M.3g2.4

HiLLER, F. No. 4 in M.333.9; etc.

Marschner, H. a. Sechs vierstimmige Gesange.

No. 20 in M.3g2.i7
Schmidt, Adolf. No. 11 in M.392.34

Fruehlingsnacht. Song.
Curschmann. Curschmann-Album. No. i in M.157.37

Jensen, A. Ausgewahlte Lieder. No. 3 in M.IS7.37

Schumann, R. A. Lieder-Kreis . . . von Eichendorff.

No. 12 in M.244.1S.1; etc.
Woehler, G. Sechs Lieder. No. 15 in M.236.8

Fruehlingsnahen. Cantata. For the Music see Hirsch, C. For
the Libretto see Stieler.

Fruehlingsnahen. Part-song.
Gade. Fiinf Gesange fiir Mannerchor. No. 8 in M.1S7.21; etc.
Kreutzer, C. No. 3 in M.130.8; etc.

Fruehlingsnetz. Part-song. Goldmark. No. 3 in M.392.41

Fruehlingsorakel. Duet. Truhn. No. 14 in M.221.30

Fruehlingsorakel. Part-song. Spohr, L. No. 152 in M.i2ga.43.5
Fruehlings-Ouverture. For orchestra. Goetz. No. 3 in M.346.ig
Fruehlings-Phantasie. Cantata. For the Music see Gade.
Fruehlings-Polka. Part-song. Zedtler. No. 6 in M.3gi.6o

Fruehlingspracht. Part-song. Speidel. No. 35 in M.3g2.2S

Fruehlingsregen. Part-song. Weinwurm. No. 5 in M.203.22
Fruehlingsreigen. Part-song.

Becker, V. E. No. 38 in M.3g2.42.2

Otto, F. No. 191 in M.i29a.43.6

Stade. No. so in M.392.25

Fruehlingsreigen. Song. Kuecken. Lieder fiir Sopran.

No. 7 in M.244.6.1

Fruehlingsruf. Part-song. Abt, F. Vier Lieder fiir Sopran

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