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Gang, Der, nach dem Eisenhammer. Symphonic poem. Weber,

B. A. M.221.18; etc.

Gang, Der, nach Emmahus. Symphonic poem. Jensen, A.

No. I in M.337.5
Gang, Der, zum Liebchen. Song. Brahms. Sieben Lieder.
Op. 48. No. II in M.380.40.1

Gang zur Liebsten. Song. Brahms. Lieder und Roraanzen.

No. 4 in M.380.40.1
Ganne, Gustave Louis.

L'heureuse rencontre. Divertissement-Watteau mele de
chant par L. Roger-Miles et Charles Akar. Musique de
Louis Ganne. Paris. Enoch & Costallat. fiSo-?!

No. 2inM.384.17
Merveilleuses & gigolettes. Ballet-pantomime en 2 actes et
3 tableaux, de Jules Jouy & Jacques Lemaire. Musique
de Louis Ganne. Paris. Enoch & c'e. 1893.

No. I in M. 384.5
Le paradis de Mahomet. Operette de Henri Blondeau.
Musique de Robert Planquette. Completee par Louis
Ganne. M.389.1S

Phryne. Ballet en 2 actes et 3 tableaux de Auguste Ger-
main. Musique de Louis Ganne. Partition pour piano
seul. Paris. Enoch & c'e. 1897. No. i in M.384.6

Rabelais. Piece operette en 4 actes et 5 tableaux de Oscar
Metenier & Dubut de Laforest. Musique de Louis Ganne.
Partition chant et piano. Paris. Choudens. 1892.

No. 2 in M.256.33
"Un raseur," ou, I'importun. Pantomime dansee en I acte.
Scenario de Georges Boyer et J. Hansen. Musique de
Louis Ganne. [Partition pour piano. 1 Paris. Enoch &
cie. 189s. No. 2 in M.384.6

Les saltimbanques. Opera comique en 3 actes et 4 tableaux
de Maurice Ordonneau. Musique de Louis Ganne. Par-
tition chant et piano. Paris. Choudens. 1900. M.402.21
Gantez, Annibal.

L'entretien des musiciens . . . Public d'apres I'edition d'Au-
xerre, 1643, avec preface, notes et eclaircissements par
Ern. Thoinan fpseud.]. Paris. Claudin. 1878. M.141.9
Principally on church music in France.
Ganymed. Song. Schubert, F. P. Sammtliche Composi-
tionen. M.244.i2;etc.

Ganz Herz, Das, dem Vaterland! Part-song. Sauer, F.

No. 70 in M. 147.4
Ganz Rom. Song. Hiller, F. Acht Ritornelle.

No. 21 in M.ig2.3
Gar lieblich hat sich gesellet. Song. Brahms. Deutsche
Volkslieder. Heft i. No. 9 in M.380.40.3

Garal, Pierre de, translator.

HiGNARD. Hamlet. M.366.13

Garat, L. de.

Jacques Clement. Opera. Musique de A. Grisy. Paroles
de L. de Garat, H. Sauvage et A. Larsonneur. M.303.6

Garat, Pierre Jean.

MiEL, E. F. A. M. Notice sur Pierre Jean Garat, celebre
chanteur. Cambrai. 1840. No. 2 in M. 197.3

Garcia, E.

Messa i^a a quatro voci, del Sigr Garcia. 1818. C. M.
Baetens scripsit, 1859. [Per canto ed organo. Manu-
script.! i8S9. M.384.49
Messa 2* a quatro voci, del Sigr Garcia. C. M. Baetens scrip-
sit, 1859. [Per canto ed organo. Manuscript.] 1859.


Messa 3^ a quatro voci, del Sig'' E. Garcia. C. M. Baetens

scripsit, i860. [Per canto ed organo. Manuscript.! i860.

Messa 4^ a quatro voci, del E. Garcia. C. M. Baetens scrip-
sit, i860. [Per canto ed organo. Manuscript.] i860.

Garcia, Manuel del Popolo Vicente.

El bagelito nuevo. Cancion andaluza, con acomp. de piano

y guitarra. [Madrid. 185-?] No. 17 in M.391.57

Ouverture [et airs] du Prince d'occasion. Arrange pour

piano. [Paroles de Lamartelliere.] Paris. De Momigny.

[1817.! 7 parts in i v. No. 2 in M.261.30

Se me prestasse i vanni. Canone a 3 voci. {In fichos d'lta-

lie. Vol. 4, pp. 148-1.S3.) No. 21 in M.1S7.14

Garcin, Jules Auguste Salomon.

Suite symphonique. Op. 25. Partition d'orchestre. Paris.

Durand & Schoenewerk. [1890.] No. i in M.358.1S

Gargon de cabinet. Opera. For the Music see Talexy. For

the Libretto see Najac.
Garde moi souvenir. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 2.

Garde-chasse, Le. Opera. For the Music see Collin, L. For
the Libretto see Guy, M.

Gardel-Herve, pseud. See Ronger, , fils.

Garden, The, of Olivet. Oratorio. For the Music see Bottesini.

For the Libretto see Bennett, J.
Gardener, The. Trio. Brahms. Four trios. No. 2 in M.204.7
Gardeton, Cesar.

Bibliographic musicale de la France et de I'etranger.

[Anon.] Paris. Niogret. 1822. M. 197.9

Gardeuse, La, d'oies. Opera. For the Music see Lacome d'Es-

talenx. For the Libretto see Leterrier.
Gardinenpredigt, Eine. Part-song. Kuntze. No. 12 in M.392.15
Gardiner, William.

Judah. A sacred oratorio, in score; written, composed, and
adapted to the works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.
London. Clementi. [182-?] M.241.29

Music and friends. London. Longman, Orme, Brown &
Longman. 1838-51. 3 v. M.101.40

The music of nature; or, an attempt to prove that what is
passionate and pleasing in the art of singing, speaking and
performing upon musical instruments is derived from the
sounds of the animated world. 3d edition. Boston. San-
born, Carter & Bazin. 1856. Plate. M.112.7
Sights in Italy, with some account of the present state of
music and the sister arts in that country. London. Long-
mans. [1847.1 M.101.39
Gardiner, William, editor.

Beethoven. Great God, to Thee. No. 22 in M.290.g.i

Beyle. The life of Haydn [by G. Carpani], . . . M.116.1

Sacred melodies, from Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

Adapted to the best English poets, and appropriated to

the use of the British Church. [Accomp. for organ.]

London. Clementi & Co. [1812-1828?] 6 v. M.236.30

Contents. — I, 2. Hymn and psalm tunes. 3. Anthems : Purcell : O
give thanks. ■ — Graun : Come soft, relenting charity. — Greene : The
Lord will deliver the righteous ; God is our hope and strength. —
Croft: O Lord, Thou hast searched me out. — Blake: I have set
God always before me. — Gardiner: But Thou wilt not leave my soul
in hell. — Boyce : By the waters of Babylon. — Greene: Sing unto
the Lord a new song. — Mozart: O what mercy 1 — - Croft: This is
the day which the Lord hath made. — Marcello : As the hart panteth.
— Croft: We will rejoice in Thy salvation; Sing unto God, O ye
kingdoms. — Kent: Hear my prayer, O God. — Boyce: Be Thou
my judge. — Haydn: O God, who in Thy heavenly hand. — Croft:






Gardiner, William, editor. (Continued.)

Hearken, O Israel. — Greene : O God of my righteousness. — Gold-
win • I will sing unto the Lord. — Gardiner: As for sinners, they
shall be consumed. — Sarti : O taste and see. — Ciampi : Hear me,
O God — Broderip : Awake up, my glory. — Weldon : In Thee, O
Lord, have I put m.y trust. — Purcell : Te Deum. 4- Anthems : Mo-
zart : At morning, noon and evening. — Haydn : Great and glorious
is the God of Israel. — Beethoven: Deep stillness reigns on the
waters. — Mozart : O what beauty. Lord, appears. — Hummel : Great
eternal sovereign Ruler. — Mozart: Why do the heathen rage; Set
up Thyself, O God. — Gardiner: He that ruleth Israel. — Mozart:
O how good it is. — Haydn : Blessed is the man. — Mozart : O how
happy are all they that pity the poor ; As pants the hart ; Judah re-
joices. — Galliard: Join voices all ye living souls. — Gardiner: The
King shall rejoice. — Zingarelli: O what tongue can tell. — Mozart:
How excellent is Thy Majesty. — Pergolesi : Eow down Thine ear;
O Lord Thine anger is turned. — Mozart: Hail, bright star of Jacob.
— Eybler: Lord, how boundless is Thy love. — Mozart: Unto Thee
will I pray; Glory be to God the great Jehovah; Lord, how pleasant
'tis to see. — Gardiner: The eyes of all wait upon Thee. — Ritter :
Come, let us worship Him. — Croft: O be joyful, — Haydn: Behold
how good and lovely. — Greene: Thou, O God, art praised. — Saba-
tini: Zion arise in gladness. — Mozart: Tho' fearfully raging the
tempest arises; Now rejoicing. — Gardiner: O God, how wonderful.

Haydn: O stand fast, s, 6. Selections from Rossini's Moses,

Haydn's La Tempesta, etc.

Gardner, George.

The hills stand about Jerusalem. Anthem for t. solo and
chorus. fAccomp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection
of anthems. Vol. IS, PP. 9-17-) No. 2 in M.195.2.15

Gare aux choux. Ofcra. For the Mu.sic see Roques. For the
Libretto see Dubourg.

Garguille, Gaultier, pseud. See Gueru, Hugues.

Garibaldi. Opera. For the Music see Cowen. For the Li-
bretto see Rosalind.

Gariboldi, Giuseppe.

Au clair de la lune. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles de
G. Longuet. Musique de G. Gariboldi. Partition chant
et piano. Paris. Schonenberger. [1872.] No. i in M.256.19

Garin, J. M.

Messe a 2 voix egales, avec accompt d'orgue ou d'harmo-

nium. Paris. Haton. [189-?] No. 3 in M.156.16

Oratorio-pastorale a trois voix, solos, duos et chaurs, avec

texte latin tire de la liturgie, et paroles francaises. Avec

accompt d'orgue et de piano, ad libitum. Paris. Haton.

[189-?] No. 4 in M.156.16

Garland, The. Song. Mendelssoiin-Bartholdy, J. L. F.

Songs. No. 73 in M.244.21 ; etc.

Garlands, The, fade. Glee. Spofforth, R. Collection of glees.

No. 9 in M.235.1S
Garnier, Jean Louis Charles.

Le Nouvel opera de Paris. Paris. Ducher & cie. 1878-81.
Text, 2 v.; Atlas, 2 v. in i. Portrait. 100 plates. M.17.1
Garnier, Leon.

Hardi! les bleus! Episode des guerres vendeennes. Opera-
comique. Paroles de L. Garnier et A. Lhoste. Musique
de Justin Clerice. M.394.64

Pavie. Opera-comique. Musique de Justin Clerice.

No. I in M.394.12
Garnir, George.

Jean-Michel. Nouvelle musicale. Poeme de George Garnir

& Henry Vallier. Musique de Albert Dupuis. M.399.76

Gamisaire, Le. Ofera. For the Music see Douay. For the

Libretto see Tourte.
Garrett, George Mursell.

Cathedral services, in score, with organ accomp. London.

Novello & Co. ri86 - ,?l rr ■ r- ., r^, ■ M.234.II

Contents. — Te Deum, Jubilate, Sanctus, Kyrie, Credo, Gloria, Magnifi-
cat, and Nunc dimittis in D. — Te Deum, Jubilate, Magnificat and
Nunc dimittis in F. — Te Deum, Benedictus, Sanctus and Kyrie in E.
Hope. Choruses in waltz form, for male voices, with piano-
forte accomp., the words from "London society," the
music by George Garrett. London. Novello, Ewer & Co.

[i877?l No. 4 in M.ISS.41

In humble faith and holy love. Anthem for Trinity Sunday.
[Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.
ri868?l No. 15 in M. 190.3

It shall come to pass. Anthem for Advent or Whitsuntide.
[Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of an-
thems. Vol. II, pp. 61-74.) No. 6 in M.195.2.11

Garrett, George Mursell. (Continued.)

The Lord is loving. Thanksgivng anthem. fAccomp. for
organ.] (In Novello's Collection of anthems. Vol. 2, pp.
114-120.) No .13 in M.I9S.2.2

May carol. [Part-song.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.
1870. No. 33 in M.157.23

O, my luve's like a red, red rose. A four-part song. Lon-
don. Novello, Ewer & Co. 1869. No. 13 in M.158.16

Praise the Lord, O my soul. Anthem. [Accomp. for or-
gan.] (In Novello's Collection of anthems. Vol. 3. PP.
79-93.) No. II inM.195.2.3

Praise ye the Lord for His goodness. Anthem for harvest.
[Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.
1880. No. I4in M.IS8.16

Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Full anthem for Advent.
[Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of an-
thems. Vol. 2, pp. 161-168.) No. 19 in M.I9S.2.2

The Shunammite. A sacred cantata for soli voices, chorus,
and orchestra. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. No-
vello, Ewer & Co. [1882.] No. 2 in M.194.13

Te Deum laudamus. In F. Accomp. for organ. (In No-
vello's Parish choir book. Pp. 32-37-) No. 6 in M.157.30

They that put their trust in the Lord. [Anthem. Accomp.
for organ.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [187-?]

No. 14 in M.190.3

Thus saith the Lord. Anthem for Lent. [t. solo and cho-
rus, s. s. A. A. T. T. B. B. Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello's
Collection of anthems. Vol. 11, pp. 75-91-)

No. 7 in M.195.2.TI

Garrick, David.

Cymon. A dramatic romance. Composed by Michael Arne.

M.350.1 ; etc.

Same. The original music composed by Michael Arne. New

music Gomposed by Henry R. Bishop. M.396.1

LilHput. A dramatic romance, with additional songs and

a masque, written by F. G. Fisher. The music composed

by D. Corri. No. 3 in M.391.63

Garrula rondinella. Duet. Sweelinck. Werken. Deel 8.


Garth, John.

Care, thou canker. Catch a 3 voci. (In Apollonian harmony.
Vol. I. p. 50.) No. 23 in M.I4I.2I.1

Also to be found in Bland's The Ladies' collection; dementi's Col-
lection of catches ; Flowers of harmony ; Social harmony ; Webbe,
Jr.'s Convito armonico.

When the rosy morn. Trio [s. s. t.] sung in the opera of
Rosina. (In Musical library. Vol. 4, pp. 8-10.)
An adaptation of the catch Care thou canker. No. 4 in M. 235.18.4
Garth, Richard Machill.

Ezekiel. A dramatic oratorio. The words selected and
arranged by C. R. Linton. The music by R. Machill
Garth. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello,
Ewer & Co. [188-?] No. I in M.194.13

Gartheil und Krauseminz. Part-sonq. Baldamus. Beliebte
und empfehlenswerthe Mannerchore. No. 2 in M.203.11
Gartz, Friedrich.

Ich bin ein lust'ger Vogel [t. t. b. b.]. Op. 6g. Schleusin-
gen. Glaser. [188-?] No. IS in M.392.9

Mein Liedel. [Mannerchor.] (In Gruber. San^eshort.
Heft 2, p. 20.) No. 2 in M.370.30

Zwei Gesange fiir Mannerstimmen. Op. 9. Berlin. Traut-
wein. [186-?] 2 parts in I V. No. 13, 14 in M.392.9

Contents. — i. Wanderlied. 2. Trinklied vom Main.

Zwei heitere Lieder [t. t. b. b.]. Op. 70. Schleusingen.
Glaser. [188-?] No. 4 in M.392.36

Contents. — Frommer Wunsch. — Der Jagersmann.
Gartz, Friedrich, editor.

Thesaurus. Fine Sammlung neuer Lieder und Gesange fiir
Mannerchore. Lieferung 1-3. Berlin. Stubenrauch.
[187-?] 3 parts in i v. No. 26-28 in M.203.7

Contents. — i. Fliigel: Hymnus; Nachtgesang; Spatzenlenz; Vom

Geldsack. Schaab : Liebestraum ; Nun nehme ich den Wanderstab.

Gartz : Des alten Wandrers Rath ; Wie's kommt, so ist es gut. 2.

Tauwitz: Vaterland und Heimath. — Gartz: An die Walschen;
Kriegers Abschied ; Reiterlied. — FlSgel : Recrutenlied ; Elsass muss






Gartz, Friedricli. cdilor. (Continued.)

unser seini — Stein: Im Freien. — Pickert: An die Sterne. — Tau-
witz: Abendgruss. 3. Flugel : Hurrah, Germania! So wird es ge-
schehen : Der Krieg; Frisch auf, mein freics Vaterland! Sabelkampf;
Heil dir, O Preussenland ; Vaterlandisches Volkslied. — Tauwitz :
Deutsche Art. — Stein : Arcona ; Meinem Vaterlande. — Gartz : Das

Garvan. Glee. Callcott, J. W. No. 2 in M.220.4; etc.

Gascogne, Jean.

Le Marechal Chaudron. Opera-comique de H. Chivot, J.

Gascogne & G. Rolle. Musique de P. Lacome. M.402.32

Gascogner, Der. Opera. For the Music see Suppe. For the

Libretto see Genee.
Gaskin, James J.
The early history, theory, and practice of vocal music, sight
and part singing "made interesting;" according to Wil-
helm's system. London. Emery, i860. M.112.14

Gaspari, Gaetano.

L'equivoco stravagante. Dramma giocoso, posto in musica
da G. Rossini. M.150.32; etc.

Messa, in sit", per tenori e bassi con accompagnamento d'or-
chestra fol d'organo. fPartitura.l Milano. Ricordi.
ri86-?l M.380.S3

II Salmo Davidico Miserere raei Deus. Messo in musica a
cinque voci, con accomp. di organo o pianoforte ad libi-
tum. Milano. Ricordi. fiSS-?] No. 5 in M.192.19
Gaspari, Gaetano. Works about.

Parisini, F. Elogio funebre del Cav. Prof. Gaetano Gaspari.
Bologna. 1882. No. 5 in M.372.43

Gaspari, Paul.

Le cousin Benoit. Opera-comique. Musique de A. Mansour.

No. 3 in M.393.S8
Gasparini, Francesco.

Quando corpus morietur. Duet fs. a. Accomp. for or^anl.
(/» Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. i, pp. 174-176.)

No. 60 in M.290.22.1
Gasparone. Opera. For the Music see Milloecker. For the

Libretto see Walzel.
Gasparri, Gaetano. See Gaspari, Gaetano.
Gasperini, Auguste de.

La nouvelle Allemagne musicale. Richard Wagner. Paris.
Heugel & cie. 1866. Portrait. Facsimiles.

No. 2 in M.123.13
Gassmann, Florian Leopold.

Agnus Dei und Dona nobis pacem fs. a. t. b., mit Piano-

forte-Begleitungl. (In Rochlitz. Sammlung vorziiglicher

Gesangstiicke. Band 7,, pp. 89-94.) No. 16 in M.202.6.3

L'amore artigiano; a comic opera. London. Cadell. 1778.

Libretto only, in English and Italian. No. 5 in M.147.5

Gast, Peter, pseud. See Koeselitz, Heinrich.

Gastaldon, Stanislao.

Mala Pasqua (da la Cavalleria rusticana di G. Verga).
Dramma lirico in due atti di G. D. Bartocci Fontana.
Musica di Stanislao Gastaldon . . , Opera completa per
canto e pianoforte. Milano. Ricordi & c. [189-?] M.396.49
Gastibelza. Opera. For the Music see Maillart. For the Li-
bretto see Philippe, A.
Gasttaeau, Benjamin.

Croquignole XXXVL Operette bouffe. Paroles de MM.
de Forges Tpseud.] et Gastineau. Musique de Ernest
L'fipine. No. 3 in M.363.23

Gastineau, Octave.

Babiole. Operette villageoise. Paroles de Clairville fpseud.]
& Gastineau. Musique de Laurent de Rille. M.307.21

Le grand due de Matapa. Opera bouffe. Paroles de M"
Clairville fpseud.l et O. Gastineau. Musique de J. J. De-
billemont. M.29S.11

Panurge. Opera comique de Clairville fpseud.l & Gasti-
neau. Musique d'Herve fpseud.l. M.276.27
Gastinel, Leon Gustave Cyprien.

Messe solennelle fpour trois voix de femmes. Accomp.
d'org""!- CEuvre 42. Paris. Mayens-Couvreur. [185-?]

No. 2 in M.201.6

Gastinel, Leon Gustave Cyprien. (Continued.)

Le miroir. Opera comique en i acte . . . Paroles de Bayard

et d'Avrigny. Musique de Leon Gastinel. Partition re-

duite avec ace' de piano. Paris. Richault. [1853.]

No. 2 in M.256.20

L'opera aux fenetres. Operette en i acte. Paroles de Lu-

dovic Halevy. Musique de L. Gastinel. Partition piano

et chant. Paris. Brandus, Dufour & cie. [1857.]

No. 3 in M.368.29

Le reve. Ballet en 2 actes et 3 tableaux de MM. fidouard

Blau et J. Hansen. Musique de Leon Gastinel. Partition

pour piano, reduite par F. Kcenig. Paris. Hartmann &

cie. r 1890.1 No. I in M.256.20

Titus et Berenice. Operette bouffe en i acte. Poeme de

Mr Ed. Fournier. Musique de L. Gastinel. [Partition

chant et piano.l Paris. Escudier. fi86o.l

No. 2 in M.30S.42

Gastinel, Leon Gustave Cyprien. Works about.

BoissoN, F. Leon Gastinel. Paris. 1893. No. 3 in M.102.24

Gastoldi, Giovanni Giacomo.

Amor im Nachen. [Madrigal, x. x. b. b.1 (In Widmann.

Sechs Madrigale. Heft 2, pp. 2-5.) No. 18 in M.392.27

„An hellen Tagen." [Madrigal, x. x. b. b.1 (In Widmann.

Sechs Madrigale. Heft i, pp. 6-9.) No. 17 in M.392.27

Hence, dull care and sadness. See his Viver lieto voglio.

Maidens fair of Mantua's city. Balletto [s. s. a. x. b. Scorel.

(In Taylor. Vocal school of Italy. Pp. 100, loi.)

No. 21 in M.237.28

Same. Maidens fair of Padua's city. Madrigal [s. s. .\. x. b.1.

London. Novello. fi84-?l No. 15 in M.158.16

Also to be found in Musical times [Music].

O happy he who liveth! Ballet [s. s. a. x. b.1. (In Monk.

Novello's Part-song book. Pp. 106-108.) No. 26 in M.1.S7.4

Out upon it! Madrigal [s. s. a. x. b.1. (In Musical library.

Vol. I, pp. 162. 163.) No. 71 in M.23S.18.1

Soldiers, brave and gallant be. Madrigal [s. s. a. x. b.1. (In

Musical times. [ Music. 1 Vol. i, pp. 30-32.)

No. 14 in M.I7S.I.I
Soon as the silver moonbeams. [Madrigal, s. s. a. t. b.1 (In
Taylor. Vocal school of Italy. Pp. 102-107.)

No. 22 in M.237.28
Viver lieto voglio. Ballet [s. s. a. t. b.1. (/« Taylor. Madri-
gals, [ist set.l) No. 13 in M.237.1S
Same. Hence, dull care and sadness. [Ballet, s. s. a. t. b.1
(In Oliphant. Madrigals in parts. 2d series.)

No. 71 in M.237.IS
Gaston de Foix. Romance. Linley, G. Songs. Vol. i.

No. 34 in M.235.19.1
Gate. The, of gold. Song. Blumenthal. No. 18 in M.244.1

Gateau, Le, des rois. Song. Vaucoreeil. Melodies. M. 213.25
Gather each flovyer. Chorus. Bishop, H. R.

No. 3 in M.23S.16; etc.
Gather ve rosebuds. Part-song.

Blumenthal. 6 part-songs. No. 2 in M.158.23

Haxxon. No. 12 in M.1.S7.10

Macfarren, G. A. No. 3 in M.1S7.1

Gather your rosebuds while you may. Glee. Lawes. W.

No. 30 in M.141.21.2; etc.
Gatty. Alfred.

The bell; its origin, history, and uses. London. Bell. 1848.
Illus. M.I08.I7

Gatty. Sir Alfred Scott-.

£. s. d. A musical charade for three persons. Words by
S. H. Gatty, music by A. S. Gatty. [Accomp. for piano-
forte. 1 London. Boosey & Co. [i88-?l No. 5 in M.IS4.16
Rumpelstiltskin. A musical play for the young. (Adapted
from one of Grimm's Household stories.) The dialogue,
lyrics, and music written and composed by Alfred Scott
Gatty. lAccomp. for pianoforte.] London. Boosey & Co.
1894. No. 31 in M.402.65

"The three bears." A musical play in two acts; the dia-
logue. Ivrics and vocal music written and composed by
Alfred Scott-Gattv: the dances composed by Nicholas C.
Gatty. [Vocal score.] London. Boosey & Co. 1896.

No. 2 in M.396.71





Gatty, Nicholas Comyn.

"The three bears." A musical play; the dialogue, lyrics and
vocal music written and composed by Alfred Scott-Gatty;
the dances composed by Nicholas C. Gatty.

No. 2 in M.396.71
Gatty, S. H.

£. s. d. A musical charade for three persons. Music by
A. S. Gatty. No. .■; in M.i54-i6

Gauby, Josef.
„Geh, Diandl, mach's Fensterl auf !" fx. t. b. b.] Op. 38,
No. I. Partitur. Leipzig. Kistner. [1887?!

No. 24 in M.392.8
„I siach schon, i wass schon" fx. x. b. B.l. Op. .'^8, No. 2.
Partitur. LeipziR. Kistner. [1887?! No. 2S in M.392.8

Im Grase thaut's, die Blumen traumen . . . fiir Tenor Solo
und vierstimmigen Mannerchor. Op. 18. Partitur. Bres-
lau. Mainauer. [188-?! No. 16 in M.392.9

Ein Lied zu deinem Ruhme . . . Fiir vierstimmigen Man-
nerchor. Op. 21. Partitur. Breslau. Hainauer. [188-?!

No. 17 in M.392.g
Meeresabend. Fiir Mannerchor mit Tenor-Solo und Be-
gleitung des Pianoforte. Op. 9- Breslau. Hainauer.
fi88-?l No. loin M.212.S

Same. Night at sea [x. x. b. b. English version by Allen A.
Brown]. Boston. Schmidt. [1886.] No. 19 in M.392.9
Neue Lieder (Mannerchore) aus Steiermark. Op. 32. Bres-
lau. Hainauer. fi88-?] 3 parts in i v.

No. 20-22 in M.392.8
Contents. — i. Mei Schatz is fort. 2. Die Murzthaler Buam. 3. Die
Augerl voll Wasser.
Zwei Karntnerlieder fiir Mannerchor. Op. 33- Breslau.
Hainauer. [i88-?1 No. 23 in M.392.8

Contents. — Ja, wenn i's Stiindle nur wusst. — Kegelscheib n, das mag
i nett.

Zwei Steierlieder fx. x. b. b.]. Op. 25. Breslau. Hainauer.
f i88-?l No. 18 in M.392.9

Contents. — „Der Mond scheint in's Wasser." — „Steig auf'n Baam."

Gaude Barbara beata. Motet. Palesxrina. Werke. Band 2, 7.

M.8o4oa.66.2, 7
Gaude et laetare. Motet.

Lassus. Siimmtliche Werke. Band 3- M.8o4oa.67.3

SwEELiNCK. Werken. Deel 6. M.4I3-2.6

Gaude, Maria. Anthem. Loxxi. No. 16 in M, 158.33.4

VixxoRiA. Opera. Tomus i. M.313.2.1

Gaude, Les, pour Noel, ou les allegresses de la S" Vierge. [A

une voix, A. ou B. Accomp. d'orgue.1 Paris. fHeugel.

186-? Petite maitrise. Annee i.l No. 28 in M.201.34

Gaude praesul optime. Motet. Palesxrina. Werke. Band 3-

Gaude quia meruisti. Motet. Palesxrina. Werke. Band 2.

Gaudeamus. [Part-song, x. x. b. b.] (/« Willard. Arion. P. 53-)

No. 30 in M.109.1
Gaudeamus igitur. Part-song. Schmoelzer. Vier Lieder.

No. 70 in M.3g2.2i

Gaudeamus omnes. Motet. Labax. 26 grands motets. M.213.23

Gaudeat exultetque. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band 11. M.8o4oa.67.ii

Gaudefroy, A.

Academic de musique de Lille, succursale du Conservatoire
de Paris. Lille. Quarre. 1891. M.21S.8

Gaudemus. Anthem. Carissimi. No. 7 in M.233.26.1

Gaudent in coelis. Motet.

Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band i. M.8o4oa.67.i

Palesxrina. Werke. Band 5- M.8o4oa.66.s

VixxoRiA. Opera. Tomus i. M.313.2.1

Walliser. No. 43 in M.202.6.1

Gaudet chorus coelestium. Anthem. Haydn, F. J. M.260.23.2

Gaudete omnes et laetamini. Anthem. Sweelinck. Werken.

Deel 6. M.413.2.6

Gaudichot-Masson, Auguste Michel Benoit.

Le grand prix ou le voyage a frais communs. Opera co-
mique . . . Paroles de MM. Gabriel [pseud.] et Masson.
Mis en musique . . . par Adolphe Adam. M.380.48

Gaudichot-Masson, Auguste Michel Benoit. (Continued.)
Gredin de Pigoche. Operette. Paroles de Michel Masson et
Georges Path. Musique de Vogel. No. 2 in M.389.7

Micheline ou I'heure de I'esprit. Opera comique de MM. St.
Hilaire & Masson. Mis en musique par Ad. Adam.

La moissonneuse. Drame lyrique. Paroles de MM. Anicet
Bourgeois & Michel Masson. Musique de Ad. Vogel.

La St. Sylvestre. Opera comique. Paroles de MM. Meles-
ville [pseud. 1 et Michel Masson. Musique de F. Bazin.

No. 2 in M.2SS.43
Gaudichot-Masson. Michel.

Roman d'un jour. Opera comique. Poeme de Michel Mas-
son fils & Armand Lafrique. Musique de Eugene An-
thiome. M.2SS.7

Gaudimel, Claude.

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