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For the Libretto see Ribbing.
Gibrac, Camille.

Une cantatrice. Paris. Dentu. 1883. M.138.13

Gibsone, Burford George Henry.

Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Glee for 4 voices \a. t.
T. B.]. (/n Warren. Cocks's Hand-book of glees. Vol. 3,
pp. 42-44.) No. 16 in M.157.6.3

Gibsone, Ignace.

The elfin knight, cantata Ifor female voices. Words by
Frederick Enoch]. By Ignace Gibsone. [Accomp. for
pianoforte.] London. Hutchings & Romer. [185-?]

No. 3 in M.155.8

Gideon. Oratorio. For the Music see Cusins; also Horsley,

C. E.; also Meinardus; also Schneider, J. C. F.; also

Stainer. For the Libretto see Gurney, A. T.: also Brueg-


Gieb mir ein Herz von Eisen. Song. Mihalovich. Sieben

Gedichte. No. i in M.380.21

Gieb, O heil'ger Geistermacht. Song. Rubinstein. Neun

Lieder. No. 2 in M.192.S

Giehne, H., editor.

Beethoven. Sechs geistliche Lieder. No. 10 in M. 157. 24

Giesebrecht, Heinrich Ludwig Theodor.

Die Apostel von Philippi. Vocal-Oratorium. Componirt

von C. Loewe. No. i in M.152.26

Die eherne Schlange. Vocal-Oratorium. Componirt von C.

Loewe. No. 2 in M.1S2.26

Gutenberg. Oratorium. Componirt von Carl Loewe.


Die sieben Schlaefer. Oratorium. Componirt . . . von C.

Loewe. M.242.31

Gifles & baisers. Opera. For the Music see Pessard. For the

Libretto see Barbier, P.
Gifts of feature and of mind. Fa la. Hilton.


Ayres or fa las.
No. 3 in M. 234.2 1
No. 4 in M. 157.25

Giganella. Part-song.
Gigout, Eugene.

Pieces pour orgue Suite i, 2. Paris. Richault & c'^.

[1886?] 6 parts in i v. No. 1-6 in M.414.36

Contents. ■ — le suite: i. Prelude et fugue. 2. Andante et alltto. con
moto. 3. Fantaisie. 2c suite: 4. Andantino en mi mineur. 5. Lar-
ghetto en re mineur. 6. Andante sostenuto.

Rhapsodic on Christmas themes [for organ]. Boston. O.

Ditson Co. [1898.] No. 9 in M.414.35

Six pieces d'orgue avec pedal obligee. Paris. Durand,

Schcenewerk & c'=. 1187-?] . No. 8 in M.414.36

Contents. — i. Introduction et theme fugu6. 2. Communion. 3.

Marche religieuse. 4. Marche funebre. 5. Andante symphonique.
6. Grand choeur dialogue.

Suite de trois morceaux (Marche rustique, Lied, Marche de
fete) pour grand-orgue. Paris. Schott & c><=. [188-?]

No. 7 in M.414.36
Gigout, Eugene, editor.

Sacciiini. Chimene ou le Cid. M.3g4.24

Renaud. M.394.25

Gij begeert, liefste Leven. Part-song. Schuyt. Drie madri-
galen. No. i in M.415.2

Gij parelheldre. Part-song. Schuyt. Drie madrigalen.

No. I in M.41S.2
Gilardoni, Domenico.

II borgomastro di Saardam. Opera buffa. Musica di G.

Donizetti. M.364.4

II contcstabile di Chester, ovvero I fidanzati. Melodramma

romantico. Musica del Mo G. Pacini. No. i in M.311.19

Diluvio universale. Opera. Musica di G. Donizetti. M.364.17

L'esule di Roma. Melodramma eroico. Posto in musica da

G. Donizetti. M.231.26

[Fausta. Melodramma. Musica di Donizetti.] M.3o.2;etc.

Gilardoni, Domenico. (Continued.)
II Giovedi grasso. Opera buffa. Musica di G. Donizetti.

No. I in M.364.1S
II paria. Opera seria. Musica di G. Donizetti. M.364.13

I pazzi per progetto. Opera. Musica di G. Donizetti.

No. 2 in M.364.19
La romanziera. Opera buffa. Musica di G. Donizetti.

No. 2 in M.364.21
Settimio, ossia l'esule di Roma. Tragedia lirica. [Musica
del maestro G. Donizetti.] Ragusa. Martecchini. [1838.]
Libretto only, in Italian. No. 16 n M.I47.8.I

Gilbert, Alfred.
Abdallah, the last Moorish king. A spectacular cantata for
voices and orchestra, written and composed expressly for
the Merchant Taylors' -School Choral Society. [Piano-
forte accomp.] London. Lucas, Weber & Co. [1886.]

, No. I in M.384.27

ihe Commemoration ode, written for the 300th anniversary
of the birth of Shakespeare. The poetry by Mrs. Edward
Thomas, the music by Alfred Gilbert. [Accomp. for piano-
forte.] London. Addison & Lucas. [1864.]

. No. S in M.202.14

Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, editor.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. O praise the Lord.

No. 19 in M.190.3
Gilbert, Bennett. See Gilbert, Ernest Thomas Bennett.
Gilbert, Davies, editor.

Some ancient Christmas carols, with the tunes ... 2d edi-
tion. London. Nichols. 1823. Portrait. M.105.10
Gilbert, Ernest Thomas Bennett.

All Hallow eve. Cantata, for treble voices. Written by
Edward Oxenford, composed by Bennett Gilbert. [Ac-
comp. for pianoforte.] London. Hutchings & Romer.
fi88-?] No. 4 in M. 193.4

"Lullaby." [Part-song, for ladies' voices.] London. [185-?]

No. 38 in M.IS7.I
A night in fairy land, operetta. [Accomp. for piano.] Lon-
don. Jewell. [1861.] M.272.34
"Orpheus with his lute." [Part-song, for ladies' voices.]
London. [185-?] No. 37 in M.157.1
Gilbert, Gabriel.

Les peines & les plaisirs de I'amour. Pastorale. [Mise en
musique de M. Cambert.] i" acte. No. i in M.27S.22

Gilbert, Henry F.

Two episodes for orchestra. Orchestral score. Boston.
Gilbert. [1807.] 2 parts in I v. No. 5 in M.3S8.S

Contents. — i. Legend. 2. Negro episode.

Gilbert, James L.

In the Cross of Christ I glory, [s. solo and chorus. Ac-
comp. for organ.] Boston. Tolman & Co. 1866.

No. 18 in M.190.3

Lord, most holy. Quartett with bass solo. [Accomp. for
organ.] Boston. Ross. [1886.] No. 36 in M.is8.i5

Te Deum, in C. [Accomp. for organ.] Boston. Ross.

[1886.] No. 37 in M.i.';8.i6

Veni, Creator. Come Holy Spirit. [Hymn anthem with

solos for BAR. and t. Accomp. for organ.] Latin and

English. Boston. Ross. [1886.] No. 38in M.158.16

Gilbert. Walter Bond.

God is gone up. Full anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Ouselev. Special anthems. Vol. i. pp. IK4-IK7.)

No. 18 in M.233.24.r

1 will lav me down in peace. Anthem. [Accomp. for or-
gan.] (In Fowle. Parochial anthems. Pp. 71-7.=;.)

No. I in M.233.29

Our conversation is in heaven. Full anthem. [Accomp. for

organ.] (In Ouselev. Special anthems. Vol. i, pp. 6-8.)

No. 2 in M. 233. 24. 1
St. Tohn, an oratorio. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Ne» edi-
tion. London. Cock. Addison & Co. [186-?] M.241.30
Gilbert. William Schwenck.

Ages ago. Opera in i act. The music bv Frederic Clay.






Gilbert, William Schwenck. (Continued.)

The gondoliers; or, the King of Barataria. fMusic by]
Arthur Sullivan. M.323.36

The grand duke; or, the statutory duel. A comic opera.
Composed by Arthur Sullivan. M.323.33

H. M. S. Pinafore, or the lass that loved a sailor. An en-
tirely original nautical comic opera. Composed by Arthur
Sullivan. No. i in M.323.28

Haste to the wedding. A musical version of "Le chapeau
de paille d'ltalie." Music by George Grossmith.

No. 2 in M.246.6

His Excellency. A comic opera. Composed by F. Osmond

Carr. M.SQS-"

lolanthe, or the peer and the peri. Composed by Arthur

Sullivan. M.323.25

The Mikado; or, the town of Titipu. [Music byl Arthur

Sullivan. M.323.3I

The mountebanks. Comic opera. Composed by Alfred

Cellier. ' M.27S-34

Patience, or Bunthorne's bride. An aesthetic comic opera.

Composed by Arthur Sullivan. No. i in M.323.30

The pirates of Penzance; or, the slave of duty. An entirely

original comic opera. Composed by Arthur Sullivan.

Princess Ida, or Castle Adamant, fmusicl by Arthur Sulli-
van. M.323.22
Princess Toto. Comic opera. The music by Frederic Clay.

Ruddygore; or, the witch's curse! fMusic by! Arthur Sul-
livan. M.323.3S
The sorcerer. An original modern comic opera. Composed
by Arthur Sullivan. No. 2 in M.323-28
Trial by jury. A novel and original dramatic cantata. By
Arthur Sullivan. No. 3 in M.323.24; etc.
Utopia limited; or, the flowers of progress. An original
comic opera. Composed by Arthur Sullivan. M.323.29
The yeomen of the guard; or, the merryman and his maid.
[Music by] Arthur Sullivan. M.323.23
Gilbert, William Schwenck, translator.

Offenbach. [The brigands.] No. i in M.402.74

Gil-Bias. Opera. For the Music see Semet. For the Libretto

see Barbier, P. J.
Gilchrist, William Wallace.

"God is our refuge and strength." The 46th Psalm for s.

solo, chorus and orchestra. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]

New York. Schirmer. 1882. No. 2 in M.194.12

The legend of the bended bow [by Mrs. Hemans]. Cantata

for mezzo-soprano solo and chorus of men's voices, with

accomp. of the piano, 4 hands. New York. Schirmer.

[1888.] No. 17inM.392.28

Giles Jolt. Catch. Hayes, W. Catches, glees and canons.

Vol. I. No. I in M.220.5

Gilhofer & Ranschburg, Vienna.

Katalog der bedeutenden und werthvollen Autographen-
Sammlung Angelini-Rossi (Rom), II. Theil . . . Collec-
tion Aloys Fuchs, Musik-Manuscripte und Briefe von
Musikern. Versteigerung zu Wien . . . Wien. 1901.
Facsimiles. No. 3 in M.375-6

Gill, Frances Anne.

The Lord of Burleigh, a cantata. Words by Tennyson.
Music by Frances A. Gill. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Novello, Ewer & Co. 1880. M.155.10

Gill, William Henry.

Christ being raised from the dead. Anthem for Easter.
London. Novello & Co. [186-?] No. 2 in M.157.29

Gillard, Alphonse.

Le couteau de Castille. Opera bouffe. Musique de Ferdi-
nand Berre. No. i in M.26S.14

Gille, Philippe.

Les bergers. Opera-comique de Hector Cremieux & Phi-
lippe Gille. Musique de J. Offenbach. M.368.15

Gille, Philippe. (Continued.)

Les charbonniers. Operette. Musique de J. Coste.

No. 3 in M.277.2S
La cour du roi Petaud. Opera-bouffe de Philippe Gille &
Jaime fils. Musique de Leo Delibes. M.29S.23

Les deux cadis. Opera comique de Ph. Gille et Eug. Fur-
pille. Musique de Th. Ymbert. No. 4 in M.326.10

Le Docteur Ox. Opera bouffe par A. Mortier et Ph. Gille.
Musique de J. Offenbach. M.277.7

L'Ecossais de Chatou. Operette-bouffe de M^s Ad. Jaime
et Ph. Gille. Musique de Leo Delibes. M.363.29

La farandole. Ballet de Ph. Gille, Arnold Mortier et L.
Merante. Musique de Theodore Dubois. No. 2 in M.305.17
Les horreurs de la guerre. Opera-bouffe. Musique de Jules
Coste. M.28S.37

Jean de Nivelle. Opera de MM. Edmond Gondinet et Phi-
lippe Gille. Musique de Leo Delibes. M.295.26
Kassya. Opera. Poeme de Henri Meilhac et Philippe Gille.
Musique de Leo Delibes. M.303.26
Lakme. Opera. Poeme de MM. Edmond Gondinet & Phi-
lippe Gille. Musique de Leo Delibes. M.295.27
Manon. Opera comique de Henri Meilhac & Philippe Gille.
Musique de J. Massenet. M.2S7.2
Monsieur de Bonne Etoile. Opera comique. Musique de
Leo Delibes. No. 3 in M.295.22
Les pres S' Gervais. Opera-comique de Victorien Sardou
et Ph. Gille. Musique de Charles Lecocq. M.366.23
Pierrette et Jacquot. Operette de Noriac [pseud.] et Ph.
Gille. Musique de J. Offenbach. No. I in M. 267.34
Rip. Opera comique, de Meilhac, Gille et Farnie. Musique
de R. Planquette. M.300.10
Same. Rip Van Winkle. New comic opera. Written by
Meilhac, [Gille] and Farnie. Music by Planquette.

No. I in M.322.40
Le serpent a plumes. Operette bouffe de MM. Cham
[pseud.] & Ph. Gille. Musique de Leo Delibes.

No. I in M. 295.25

Les valets de Gascogne. Opera comique. Musique de A.

Dufresne. No. 2 in M.305.8

Le vent du soir, ou I'horrible festin. Nouvelle operette

bouffe. Musique de J. Offenbach. No. 3 in M.368.25

Gille & Gilotin. Opera. For the Music see Thomas, C. L. A.

For the Libretto see Sauvage, T. M. F.
Gille ravisseur. Opera. For the Music see Grisar. For the

Libretto see Sauvage, T. M. F.
Gillebert de Beaulieu, Zelie Therese Caroline. See Trebelli,

Gilles de Bretagne. Opera. For the Music see Kowalski. For

the Libretto see Perronet.
Gillet, Ernest.

La fille de la mere Michel. Operette en 3 actes de Daniel
Riche. Musique de Ernest Gillet. Partition piano et
chant. Paris. Choudens. 1903. M.397.30

Mariage princier. Opera-bouffe en trois actes de Paul Fer-
rier. Musique de Ernest Gillet. [Partition chant et
piano.] Paris. Biardot. 1900. M.402.22

Gillet. Henri.

Dimanche et lundi. Opera comique. Musique de Adolphe

Deslandres. No. 2 in M.2g5.i2

Gillette de Narbonne. Opera. For the Music see Audran.

For the Libretto see Chivot.
Gillier. lean Claude.

Crown the glass. Catch a 3 voci. (In Clementi. Collection
of catches. Vol. 3. P. 33.)

No. 192 in M.110.1.3; No. 192 in M.iio.2.3
Gillington, M. C. See Byron, Mary C.
Gilman. Samuel, D.D.

Memoirs of a New England village choir. With occasional
reflections. By A member. [Reprinted from the 2d edi-
tion.] Boston. Crosby, Nichols & Co. [iS.s-?! M.iogb.s.s
Gilson, Franklin Howard.

The history of shaped or character notes, with specimens.
Boston. Gilson. i88q. No. 6 in M.372.S4





Gilson, Paul.

Francesca da Rimini. [Oratorio. Paroles franqais et alle-
mandes par Jules Guilliaume. Musique par Paul Gilson.
Partition. Paris. 1900.] M.400.38

Melodies populaires transcrites pour orchestre d'instru-
ments a cordes. I. Melodies ecossaises. Partition. Leip-
zig. Breitkopf & Hartel. 1895. No. 4 in M.331.16
La mer. Equisses symphoniques d'apres un poeme de Eddy
Levis, pour grand orchestre. Partition. Leipzig. Breit-
kopf & Hartel. 1892. M.331.33
Prinses Zonneschijn. [La princesse Rayon de soleil.]
Spookjesspel in 4 bedrijven. Gedicht van Pol de Mont.
Muziek van Paul Gilson. [Traduction frangaise de M.
Lefevre et de D. M. G. Klavieruittreksel.l Brussel.
Oertel. [1905.] M.378.23
Gilson, Paul, editor.

Popper. Tarantelle fiir Violoncell mit Begleitung des . . .

[Orchestersl, No. 6 in M.407.21

Ginevra degli Almieri. Opera. For the Music see Paer. For

the Libretto see Fot)pa.
Ginevra di Monreale. Opera. For the Music see Combi. For

the Libretto see Boni.
Ginevra di Scozia. Opera. For the Music see Rota, G. For

the Libretto see Marcello, M.
Ginguene, Pierre Louis.

Notice sur la vie et les oeuvres de Nicolas Piccinni. Paris.

Panckoucke. An IX. [1801.] No. 4 in M.12S.7

Gioconda, La. Opera. For the Music see Ponchielli. For the

Libretto see Boito.
Giocondie felici. Catch. Arne, T. A. No. 78 in M.220.10

Gioia m'abond' al cor. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band
28. M.8o4oa.66.28

Giordani, Giuseppe.

Sento che in seno mi batte il core. Aria is., con accomp.
d'orchestra. Partitura]. Manuscript. [179-?!

No. 2 in M.i20.ig
Giordani, Tommaso.

Adieu, my love. Canzonet [s. s.l. (In Bland. The Ladies'

collection. Vol. i. p. 11 1.) No. 175 in M.23S.17.1

Also to be found in Social harmony.

Damon's bow'r. Duet [s. s.]. (In Bland. The Ladies' col-
lection. Vol. 5, p. 490.) No. 122 in M.235.17.5

[Non dubitare bell' idol mio.] The favorite rondeau . . .
in the opera La Frascatana. [t. Accomp. for orchestra.]
London. Longman & Broderip. [178-?] No. 2 in M.400.36

O, gentle maid. Song [t. Accomp. for pianoforte]. (In
Musical library. Vol. 2, pp. 28, 29.) No. II in M.23S.18.2

The soldier's farewell. Dtlfct [s. t. Accomp. for pianoforte],
(/n Social harmony. P. 293). No. 236 in M.215.21

Take, oh, take those lips away. Glee [a. x. t. b.]. London.

Birchall. [i8t-?] No. 28 in M.23S.14

Also to be found in Turle and Taylor's The People's music book.

Tibi omnes angeli. Duett, s. t. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Novello. Motetts. Vol. i, book 5, pp. 4-6.)

No. 42 in M.260.24.1
Giordano, Umberto.

Andre Chenier. Drama historique en quatre tableaux de
Luigi lUica. Mis en musique par Umberto Giordano. Re-
duction pour chant & piano. Version franqaise de Paul
i\lilliet. Paris. Heugel & cie. 1896. 111.394.49

Fedora. Lirysche [sic] Oper in drei Acten nach Sardou's
Drama von Arturo Colautti. Musik von Umberto Gior-
dano. Deutsch von Ludwig Hartmann. Klavierauszug
mit deutschem Texte. Mailand. Sonzogno. 1898. M.382.25

Mala vita. Melodramma in tre atti. Riduzione per canto
e oianoforte. Milano. Sonzogno. [i8o2.1 M.383.18

Siberia. Dramma in tre atti di Luigi Illica. Musica di
Umberto Giordano. Riduzione per canto e pianoforte.
Milano. Sonzogno. 190,'?. M.3g6.22

Giorgi, Giovanni.

Gloria et honore. [Motet, s. a. t. B.l (In Lueck. Samm-
lung ausgezeichneter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band
4, PD. 7'?-70.) No. 23 in M.IS8.33.4

Giorno, Un, di fiera. Opera. For the Music see Varisco.
Giorno, Un, in quarantena. Opera. For the Music see Albini,

F. M. For the Libretto see Scalchi, L.
Giorza, Paolo.

Cantata written expressly for the opening ceremony of the
Sydney International Exhibition. Words by Henry Ken-
dall. Music by Paolo Giorza. Sydney. The author.
1879-80. M.236.36

Messe solennelle no. 3. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Milano.
Lucca. [1870.] No. I in M.IS6.27

Giosa, Nicola de.

Ascanio il gioielliere. Poesia del Signor Sesto Giannini.
Musica del Maestro Niccola de Giosa. [Per canto e piano-
forte.] Milano. Lucca. [1856?] M.312.42
II conte di S. Romano. Dramma lirico in 4 atti di Enrico
Golisciani. Musica del Mo Niccola de Giosa. Canto . . .
con accomp. di pianoforte. Milano. Lucca. [1878.]


Don Checco. Opera buffa in 2 atti. Parole di A. Spadetta.

Musica di Niccola de Giosa. [Riduzione per canto e

piano.] Milano. Lucca. [185-?] M.232.6

Folco d'Arles. Melodramma tragico. Poesia di S. Camma-

rano. Musica di Niccola de Giosa. [Riduzione per canto

e piano.] Roma. De' Rossi & c'. [185-?] M.232.S

Un geloso e la sua vedova. Opera comica in 3 atti di E. Del

Preite. Posta in musica ... da N. de Giosa. [Riduzione

per canto e piano.] Napoli. Clausetti & co. [184-?] M.232.7

Napoli carnovale. Opera giocosa in 3 atti di Marco d'Ari-

enzo. Musica di Niccola de Giosa. [Riduzione per canto

e pianoforte.] Milano. Ricordi & c. 1876. M.396.23

Silvia. Tragedia lirica in 3 atti di Domenico Bolognese.

Posta in musica dal Cav. Nicola de Giosa. Riduzione per

canto e pianoforte. Milano. Ricordi. [186-?] M.272.3S

Giovanelli, Ruggiero.

Jesu, sole serenior. A 3 voix [s. s. b. Accomp. de piano].

(In Prober. Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. P. 14.)

No. 2 in M.201.1

Jesu, summa Benignitas. A 3 voix [s. s. A.]. (In Prober.

Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. P. 15.) No. 2 in M.201.1

Lose not your cliance, fair ladies. [Madrigals, s. s. a. t. b.

Parts.] (/n Taylor. Madrigals. 2d set.) No. 31 in M.237.IS

Same. [Score.] (In Taylor. Vocal school of Italy. Pp.

69-73.) No. 14 in M.237.28

Tu, mentis delectatio. A 3 voi.x [s. s. A. ou T.]. (In Prober.

Jvbilvs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. P. 16.) No. 2 in M.201.1

Giovanna d'Arco. Opera. For the Music see Verdi. For the

Libretto see Solera,
Giovanna di Napoli. Opera. For the Music see Petrella. For

the Libretto see Ghislanzoni.
Giovanni, Nicola de.

Messa da requiem a 4 voci con accomp. d'orchestra. Parti-
tura. Milano. Ricordi. [186-?] M.191.10
Giovanottin tu fai come la foglia. Song. Gordigiani. fichos
de la Toscane. Vol. i. . No. 17 in M.244.13.1
Giovanottino che di qua passate. Song. Gordigiani. fichos
de la Toscane. Vol. i. No. 14 in M.244.13.1
Giovedi grasso, II. Opera. For the Music see Donizetti. For

the Libretto see Gilardoni.
Gioventii, La, di Enrico Quinto. Opera. For the Music see

Herold, L. J. F. For the Libretto see Landriani.
Giovin rosa. Song. Bellini. No. 2 in M.364.10

Giovinettino dalla bella voce. Song. Mariani, A. XXII
melodic. No. I in M.IS8.28

Giovinetto cavalier. Part-song. Meyerbeer. No. 4 in M. 157. 14.4
Gipsey dance. For violin and piano. Ernst, H. No. 22 in M.357.12
Gipsies, The. Cantata. For the Music see Aspa, E. For the

Libretto see Browne, M. E.
Gipsy chorus, The. Part-song. Balfe. No. 25 in M.235.7.2

Gipsy life. Part-song. Schumann, R. A. No. 36 in M. 157.23; etc.
Gipsy love. Part-song. Krug, A. No. 8 in M.203.13

Gipsy song. Part-song. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F.

No. 17 in M.203.7





Gipsy's life, The, is a joyous life. Glee. Flood.

No. 66, 67 in M.1S7.6.2
Girac, Max.
Alma Redemptoris. bar. solo. [Accomp. for organ.] Chi-
cago. Lyon & Healy. 1866. No. 25 in M.260.10.2
Salve Regina. B. solo. [Accomp. for organ.] Chicago.
Lyon & Healy. 1866. No. 26 in M.260.10.2
Giralda. Opera. For the Music see Adam, Adolphe C. ; also

Cagnoni. For the Libretto see Scribe; also Giachetti.
Girard, Casimir.
L'epreuve Suisse. Opera-comique en un acte de Robert
Meyer. Musique de Casimir Girard. Partition chant et
piano. Paris. Choudens. 1895. No. 2 in M.393.19

Girard, Narcisse.

Les deux voleurs. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles de
MM. de Leuven fpseud.] et Brunswick fpseud.]. Musique
de N. Girard. [Partition piano et chant.l Paris. Aubert.
[1841.] M.272.36

Les dix. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles de MM. de
Leuven [pseud.] et Brunswick [pseud.]. Musique de N.
Girard. Partition. Paris. La France musicale. [1842.]



Le chameau a trois bosses. Operette en I acte. Paroles de
Paul de Neha & F. de La Chesneraye. Musique de Girard-
Malteau. [Partition chant et piano.] Paris. Malteau &
cie. [188-?] No. S in M.247.9

Giraud, Giovanni, Conte.
Don Desiderio. Opera buffa. Musica del Principe J. Ponia-
towski. M.369.7

La locanda gratis, ossia Don Entichio della Castagna.
Farsa. Messa in musica dal M° Giulio Alary.

No. 2 in M.255.4
Giraud, J. Frederic.

Le polycorde ou nouvelle methode theorique et pratique de
musique vocale et de musique instrumentale. Partie 2.
Paris. Le Clere. i86g. Illus. M. 102.28

Giraud, Pierre Frangois Felix Joseph.

Aristippe. Opera [mis en musique] par R. Kreutzer. M.2S3.16
Giraudet, Alfred Augusta.

Mimique, physionomie et gestes. Methode pratique d'apres
le systeme de F. Del Sarte, pour servir a Texpression des
sentiments. Avec 34 planches . . . gravees en taille-douce
d'apres les dessins originaux de Gaston Le Doux. Paris.
Quantin. 1895. Portrait. M.380.62

Giraudet, Eugene.

Traite de la danse. Seul guide complet. 7e edition. [Paris.]
1891. Illus. Portrait. No. i in M.373.24

Girl, The, and the chauffeur. Opera. For the Music see Davi-
son. For the Libretto see Dignowity.
Girl, The, from Kay's. Opera. For the Music see Tilkins.

For the Libretto see Davis, J.
Girl, The, that I love. Glee. Webbe, S. Selection of glees.
Vol. 2. No. 10 in M.235.13.2

Girls and boys come out to play. Madrigal. Macf.\rren, G. A.

No. 3 in M. 157.28.2
Girls, The, of dear New England. Ballad. Keller, M.

No. 21 in M.I92.I3.1
Girofle-Girofla. Opera. For the Music see Lecocq, A. C. For

the Libretto see Vanloo.
Girondins, Les. Opera. For the Music see Le Borne. For the

Libretto see Delormel.
Girondisten, Die. Overture. Litolff. No. i in M.348.19

Girouette, La. Opera. For the Music see Coedes. For the

Libretto see Hemery.
Girschner, Christian Friedrich Johann.

Beware! [Part-song, T. T. b. B.] (/n Willard. Arion. P. 34.)

No. 16 in M.109.1
Good night! [Part-song, t. t. b. b.] (In The Choralist.

Vol. I, series 3:) No. 28 in M.IS7.5.1

Also to be found in Willard's Arion. J/'O-'


Girschner, Christian Friedrich Johann. (Continued.)

Hiite dich. [Mannerchor,] (/n Regensburger Liederkranz.
Pp. 172, 173.) No. 69 in M.i29a.44

Ich griisse dich, O Morgen. [Mannerchor.] {In Regens-
burger Liederkranz. Pp. 50-52.) No. 23 in M.i29a.44
Messe solennelle a quatre voix d'hommes. CEuvre 44. Gand.
Gevaert. [1850?] No. 3 in M.201.6
Same. [Partie d'orgue ad libitum.] No. 4 in M.201.6
Treue Liebe. [Mannerchor.] {In Regensburger Lieder-
kranz. Pp. 218-220.) No. 84 in M.i29a.44
Gisbert, P.

Irmengarda. Opera, di L. Emile Bach. M.402.4.

Gisela. Part-song. Kuecken. No. 27 in M.3g2.i4

Gisella. Ballad. Linley, G. [Songs.] Vol. i.

No. 12 in M.235.19.1
Giselle. Ballet music. Adam, Adolphe C. M.404.37

Gita, La, in gondola. Barcarole. Rossini. Soirees musicales.

No. 7 in M.280.45
Gitana, The. Cantata. For the Music see Roeckel, J. L. For

the Libretto see Roberts, Mrs. M. A.
Gitene liete rime. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band 28.

Gits, A. G.

Invocation to Faith. Chorus [s. s. a. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. {In Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. 4, pp.
96-103.) No. 12 in M.204.36.4

Giuditta. Opera. For the Music see Peri; also Silveri. For

the Libretto see Marcello; also Peruzzini.
Giuditta di Kent. Opera. For the Music see Villanis. For

the Libretto see Prati.
Giuglini, Antonio.

Inno a S. M. Vittorio Emanuele. Posto in musica . . . dal

Cave Antonio Giuglini. Parole di M. Marcello. In parti-

tura per grande orchestra e per canto con accompo di

pianoforte. Milano. Lucca. [187-?] No. 4 in M.202.14

Giugno, Carl.

Der Teufel auf Erden. Fantastisch-burleske Operette von
C. Juin [Pseud.] und J. Hopp. Musik von Franz von
Suppe. M.323.42

Giuliani, Camillo.

Saul. Tragedia lirica, posta in musica dal Maestro A. Buzzi.

Virginia. Tragedia lirica, posta in musica dal Maestro N.
Vaccaj. M. 151.20

Giuliani, Mauro.

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