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Zwei deutsche Romanzen [t.], mit Begleitung des Piano-
forte, fiir die Guitarre arrangirt. Leipzig. Kunst- &
Industrie-Comptoir. [182-?] No. 18 in M.221.33

Contents. — Minna's Augen. — Das Madchen und der Vogel.
Giulietta e Romeo. Opera. For the Music see Vaccaj; also
Zingarelli. For the Libretto see Romani, F. ; also Foppa.
Giulio Cesare. Opera. For the Music see Handel. Werke.

Lieferung 68.
Giulio d'Este. Opera. For the Music see Campana. For the

Libretto see Monteverde.
Giulio Romano, pseud. See Caccini, Giulio.
Giulio Sabino. Opera. For the Music see Sarti. For the Li-
bretto see Metastasio.
Giuochi, I, d'Agrigento. Opera. For the Music see Paisiello.
Giura, amor mio. Duct. Campana. No. 18 in M.244.9

Giuramento, II. Opera. For the Music see Mercadante. For

the Libretto see Rossi, G.
Giuseppe Balsamo. Opera. For the Music see Sangiorgi.

For the Libretto see Ormeville.
Giusquino. See Josquin Depres.

Giusta Dea. Aria. Scolari. No. 5 in M.360.8

Giustino. Opera. For the Music see Handel. Werke. Liefe-
rung 88.
Giusto ciel in tal periglio. Song. Rossini. No. 40 in M.235.i8.r
Give ear. Lord, unto my prayer. Anthem. Croce.

' No. 37 in M.233.2S.3




No. 24 in M.234.6
No. 26 in M. 157.28.1
No. 18 in M.195.2.11

Give ear, O Lord. Anthem. Aspinwall.


Pattison, T. M.
Give ear, O ye heavens. Anthem. Armes

No. ID in M.ig5.2.4; etc.
Give ear unto me, O Lord. Anthem. Marcello, B.

No. 20 in M.2go.22.2
Give me a cup. Glee. Bishop, H. R. Complete collection of

glees. Vol. 2, 3. M.23S.I.2, 3

Two settings.

Give me but my bottle. Canon. Hayes, W.

No. 22 in M.141.21.1 ; etc.
Give me care's antidote. Catch. Tremain. No. 28 in M.157.18.1
Give me the comfort of Thy help. Anthem. Donizetti.

No. 17 in M.157.3
Give me the sweet delights. Catch. Harington.

No. 7 in M. 220.3.4; etc.
Give round the word. Duet. Dibdin, C. No. 191 in M.215.21
Give the king Thy judgements. Anthem.

BoYCE. Services and anthems. Vol. i. M.233.3.1

Croft. No. 48 in M.233.23.3

Give the Lord the honor. Anthem.

Kent. No. 11 in M.221.22.1; etc.

Lloyd, C. H. No. 12 in M.195.2.15

Give the stranger happy cheer. Ballad. Foster, S. C.

No. 28 in M.380.41.1
Give the toast. Catch. Blewitt. No. 257 in M.110.1.4; etc.

Hook, J. No. 20s in M.220.9.1

Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty. Anthem.

Boyce. Services and anthems. Vol. 4. M. 233.3.4

Buck, D. No. 3 in M.ioo.4.2

Gjertz, Marie Gabrielle.

La musique au point de vue moral et religieux. Paris.

Lecoffre & cie. 1859. No. 9 in M.373.23

Gladiateur, Le. Cantata. For the Music see Vidal, P. A. For

the Libretto see Moreau, fi.
Gladstanes, Frederick.

Averte faciem Tuam, an offertorium for m.-s or b.\r., with
accomp, for the organ or piano forte. London. Novello.
[185-?] No. 3 in M.260.10.S

Gladstone, Francis Edward.

Blessed is he that considereth. Anthem for solo [a.] and
chorus. [Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection
of anthems. Vol. 14, pp. 90-93.) No. 9 in M. 195.2. 14

Bring unto the Lord. Anthem for T. solo and chorus. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of anthems.
Vol. 16, pp. 193-200.) No. 22 in M.19S.2.16

Nicodemus. A sacred cantata. The words selected by
George Willoughby Barrett. The music by Francis Ed-
ward Gladstone. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London.
Weeks & Co. [i88x.] No. 2 in M.204.15

Out of the deep. Anthem for solo [b.] and chorus. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of anthems.
Vol. 12, pp. 71-77.) No. gin M. 195.2. 12

Philippi (or the Acts of Paul and Silas in Macedonia). A
sacred cantata for church oratorio. The words from the
Scriptures. The music by Francis Edward Gladstone.
[.\ccomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.
[ 1883 ?] No. 3 in M.194.12

The sweet spring. A four-part song. (In Novello's Part-
song book. 2d series. Vol. 17, pp. 75-80.)

No. 12 in M.19S.1.17
Gladstone, Robertson, Jr.

Night, lovely night. Quartett. London. Novello, Ewer
& Co. [187-?] No. 17 in M.157.25

Gladstone, William Ewart, translator.

Bridge, J. F. Rock of ages (Jesus, pro me perforatus).

No. 4 in M. 154.29
Thibault, a. F. J. On purity in musical art. M.128.11

Glaeser, Franz.

Des Adlers Horst. Romantisch-komische Oper in 3 Acten

Glaeser, Franz. (Continued.)

von Karl von Holtei. In Musik gesetzt . . . von Franz
Glaser. Clavierauszug. Berlin. Trautwein. [183-?]


Der Rattenfanger von Hameln. Romantisch-komische

Oper in 3 Acten. Gedicht von C. P. Berger. In Musik

gesetzt . . . von Franz Glaser. Vollstjindiger Klavier-

auszug. Berlin. Trautwein. [1837.] M.272.37

Glaeser, Franz. Works about.

Neumann, W. Konradin Kreutzer. Franz Glaser. Bio-

graphien. Cassel. 1856. No. 3 in M.205.19

Glamour. Ol>era. For the Music see Hutchison, W. M. For

the Libretto see Farnie.
Glan meddwdod mwyn. The joy of the mead-cup. [Welsh
air.] Arranged [for i voice, also harmonized for 4 voices].
(In Thomas. Welsh melodies. Vol. i, pp. 102-113.)

No. 12 in M.235.6.1
Glareanus, Henricus Loritus.

Glareani Dodecachordon Basilias 1647. tjbersetzt und iiber-
tragen von Peter Bohn. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel.

1888. 3 parts in i v. Illus. [Publikation aelterer prakti-
scher und theoretischer Musik-Werke, vorzugsweise des
XV. und XVI. Jahrhunderts. Band 16. Jahrgang 16-18.]
A treatise on the ancient modes o( church music. M.400.8

Glas, Das, gefiillt. Part-song. Haydn, J. M.

No. 10 in M.i29a.43.i
Glasgow, James, D.D.

Heart and voice: instrumental music in Christian worship
not divinely authorized. Edinburgh. Gemmell. 1883.

Glasgow Choral Union.

[Programmes of the concerts of the season 1874/75, 76/77-
79/80.] Glasgow. 1874-80. 5 V. in 3. M.218.7

Glasgow International Exhibition, 1888.

Marr, R. a. Music for the people. A retrospect of the
Glasgow International Exhibition, 1888. With an account
of the rise of choral societies in Scotland. Edinburgh.

1889. M.3 70.26
Glatigny, Joseph Albert Alexandre.

Lc bois. Poeme. Musique de Albert Cahen.

No. I in M. 194.7; etc.
Glaube, Der. Cantata. For the Music see Bergt.
Glaube. Lied. Grieg. Grieg-Album. No. 5 in M.15S.16

Glaube an die Freundschaft. Part-song. Mohr, H.

No. II in M.203.1
Glaube, Hoffnung und Liebe. Part-song. Schubert, F. P.
Werke. Serie 17. M.317.1.17

Glaube, Hoffnung und Liebe. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke.
Serie 20, Band 8. M.317.1.20.8

Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung. Part-song. Zwyssig. No. 8 in M.130.7
Glaube und hoffe! Canon. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 25.

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch.

A la memoire d'un heros. Elegie pour grand orchestre.
Op. 8. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1886. No. i in M.412.4
Ballade, pour grand orchestre. Op. 78. Partition. Leip-
zig. Belaieff. 1903. No. i in M.406.12
Carnaval ouverture pour grand orchestre (avec orgue ad
libitum). Op. 45. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1894.

No. 2 in M.406.13
Chant du menestrel. Morceau pour violoncelle avec accom-
pagnement d'orchestre ou de piano. Op. 71. Partition
d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1901. No. 2 in M.405.16
Cinq novellettes pour quatuor d'archets. Op. 15. [Parti-
tion.] Leipzig. Belaieff. fi888?] No. 11 in M.2ir.i
Contents. — Alia Spapiola. — Orientale. — Interludium in raodo
^, antico. — Valse. — AI' Ungherese.

[Cortege solennel pour grand orchestre. Op. 50. Parti-
tion.] Leipzig. Belaieff. 1895. No. i in M.406.58

Deux morccaux pour orchestre. Op. 14. Partition. Leip-
zig. Belaieff. [1886.] No. 2 in M.412.4
Contents. — i. Idylle. 2. Reverie orientale.





Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch. (Continued.)

Une fete slave, tiree du Quatuor slave. Op. 26. Esquisse
symphonique pour grand orchestre. Partition. Leipzig.
Belaieff. 1890. No. 3 in M.412.3

La foret. Fantaisie pour grand orchestre. Op. 19. Parti-
tion. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1889. No. I in M.412.3
L'hiver. Premier tableau du ballet „Les saisons." Op. 67a.
Partition d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1901.

No. I in M.410.31

HMaHHHH. Tpa KBapieTHnxT. nadpocKa (aji^ AByxt


A. FjiasyHOBa. E. BejiHianie, A. Jla^OBa. B. Xopo-
BOflT., H. PHMCKaro-KopcaKOBa. [IZapxHTypa. Jour
de fete pour quatuor a cordes, par Glazunov, Liadov et
autres.] JIefI^^Hn,. BijiHeBt. [1889?] No.Sin M.211.1

Intermezzo romantico pour grand orchestre. Op. 69. Par-
tition d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1901.

No. 3 in M.410.31

KpCMJib. Le Kremlin. Tableau symphonique en 3 parties
pour grand orchestre. Op. 30. Partition. Leipzig. Be-
laieff. 1892. No. 2 in M.406.58

Marche de noces pour grand orchestre. Op. 21. Partition.
Leipzig. Belaieff. 1890. No. 2 in M.412.3

Mazurka pour orchestre. Op. 18. Partition. Leipzig.
Belaieff. [1888.] No. 3 in M.412.4

La mer. Fantaisie pour grand orchestre. Op. 28. Partition
d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1890. M.403.41

Moyen-age. Suite pour grand orchestre. Op. 79. Parti-
tion. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1903. No. 2 in M.406.12

Ouverture, ire, sur trois themes grecs, pour grand orchestre.
Op. 3. Partition. St. Petersbourg. Belaieff. [1884.]

No. I in M.348.23

Ouverture, 2"i«, sur des themes grecs, pour grand orchestre.
Op. 6. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. [1885.]

No. 2 in M.348.23

Ouverture solennelle pour grand orchestre. Op. 73. Leip-
zig. Belaieff. 1901. No. 3 in M.405.16

Pas de caractere (genre slave-hongrois) pour orchestre.
Op. 68. Partition d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1900.

No. 2 in M.410.31

Poeme lyrique. Andantino pour grand orchestre. Op. 12.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. [189-?] No. 4 in M.343.45

Le printemps. Tableau musical pour orchestre. Op. 34.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1892. No. 2 in M.406.70

Quatuor pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle. Op. i.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. fi882.1 No. 4 in M.33S.6

Quatuor, 2me (en fa majeur), pour deux violons, alto et vio-
loncelle. Op. 10. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. [1884.]

No. ID in M.211.1

Quatuor, Quatrieme, en la, pour deux violons, alto et violon-
celle. Op. 64. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1899.

No. 3 in M.4i2a.i

Quatuor, Cinquieme, en re, pour deux violons, alto et vio-
loncelle. Op. 70. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1900.

No. 4 in M.4i2a.i

Quatuor slave pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle. Op.
26. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1890. No. 12 in M.211.1

Quintuor pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles. Op.
39. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1895. No. 2 in M.355.16

Raymonda. Ballet en trois actes. Sujet de Lydie Pachkoff
et de Marius Petipa. Musique par Alexandre Glazounow.
[Partition d'orchestre. Op. 57.] Leipzig. Belaieff. 1898.


Rhapsodie orientale pour grand orchestre. Op. 29. Parti-
tion d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1891. No. 2 in M.4o6.4g

Ruses d'amour. Pastorale Watteau. Ballet en un acte par
Marius Petipa. Musique de A. Glazounow. Op. 61. [Par-
tition d'orchestre.] Leipzig. Belaieff. 1899. M.406.47

Les saisons. Ballet en un acte et quatre tableaux, compose

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch. (Continued.)

par Marius Petipa. Musique de Alexandre Glazounow.
Op. 67. [Partition d'orchestre.] Leipzig. Belaieff. 1901.


Serenade pour I'orchestre. . . . Op. 7. Partition d'orchestre.
Leipzig. Belaieff. [1883.] No. i in M.407.13

Serenade, 2me, pour petit orchestre. Op. 11. Partition.
Leipzig. Belaieff. [189-?] No. 3 in M.343.45

Stenka Razine. Poeme symphonique pour grand orchestre.
Op. 13. Partition d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. [189-?]

No. I in M.405.16

Suite caracteristique pour grand orchestre. Op. 9. Parti-
tion. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1887. M.405.IS

Suite pour orchestre tiree du ballet „Raymonda." Op. 57A.
Partition d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1899. M.404.47

Suite pour quatuor d'archets. Op. 35. Nouvelle edition.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1894. No. i in M.355.16

Symphonic, ire (mi majeur), pour grand orchestre. Op. 5.
Nouvelle edition. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. [1885.]


Symphonic, 2me, en fat mineur, pour grand orchestre. Op.
16. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1889. M.412.5

Symphonic, 3e, re majeur, pour orchestre. Op. 33. Parti-
tion. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1892. No. i in M.406.13

Symphonic, 4e, en mi bemol, pour grand orchestre. Op. 48.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1894. M.410.30

Symphonic, 5e, pour grand orchestre. Op. SS. Partition.
Leipzig. Belaieff. 1896. M.356.18

Symphonic, 6e, en do mineur, pour grand orchestre. Op. 58.
Partition d'orchestre. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1898. M.403.42

Symphonic, ye, en fa, pour grand orchestre. Op. 77. Parti-
tion. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1902. M.406.14

Triumphal march on the occasion of the World's Columbian
Exposition in Chicago. For a grand orchestra with cho-
rus (ad libitum). Full score. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1893.

Contains a Russian title-page. j^j^ j ;^ M.406.49

Valse de concert pour grand orchestre. Op. 47. Partition.

Leipzig. Belaieff. 1894. No. i in M.406.70

Les vendredis. Polka pour orchestre d'archets par N. Soko-

low, A. Glazounow et A. Liadow. No. 4 in M.412.11

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch, editor.

Glinka. Le Prince Kholmsky. No. 3 in M.4i2a.7

TcHAiKOVSKi, P. L Souvenir d'un lieu cher.

No. 1-3 in M.334.24

Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovitch.

Medak, H. Alexander Glazounow,

grosses Orchester, C moll. Op. 58,


Gleaners' harvest, The. Cantata. For the Music see Lloyd,

C. H. For the Libretto see Vogel, J.
Gleason, Walter.

Thy will, O God, be done. Solo [s.] & quartette. [Acconip.
for organ.] Boston. White, Smith & Co. [1884.]

No. 39 in M.158.16
Glees. See Part-songs.
Glehn, M. E. von, translator.
HiLLER, F. Mendelssohn.
Gleich, Ferdinand.

Symphonic in D dur fiir Orchester. Op. 16. Partitur. Leip-
zig. Kahnt. [185-?] Lithograph script. No. i in M.407.14
Gleich und gleich. Franz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 22.

No. 49 in M.244.5.2
Gleich wie der Mond. Song.

Op. 43.
Gleich wie der Regen und Schnee

Jahrgang 2.
Gleich wie ein armes Hirschlein.
Band 2.

Works about.

VL Symphonic fiir

Erlautert. Leipzig.

No. 17 in tl.217.12.11

C. Goethe and



Franz, R. Sechs Gesange.

No. 68 in M.244.5.3

, Anttiem. Bach, J. S. Werke.


Part-song. Schein. Werke.





Gleich wie kleines Vogelein. Part-song. Schein. Werke.

Band i. M.414.1.1

Gleichmuethige, Der. Song. Weber, C. M. F. E. von. Sammt-

liche Lieder. Band 2. No. 49 in M.244.7

Gleichsinn, Der. Song. Haydn, F. J. Gesange. Heft 2.

No. 2 in M.312.35
Gleitz, Carl.

Irrlichter. Fantasie fiir Pianoforte und Orchester. Op. 9.
Partitur. Berlin. Groscurth. [1894?] M.403.43

Joss Fritz. Sinfonische Dichtung fiir grosses Orchester.
Op. 13. Partitur. Berlin. Groscurth. [189-?]

No. I in M.403.44
Venus und Bellona. Sinfonische Dichtung fiir grosses Or-
chester. (Nach dem Gemiilde von P. Schobelt, Berliner
National-Galerie.) Op. 10. Partitur. Berlin. Groscurth.
[ 189-?] No. 2 in M.403.44

Glencoe. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 24. M.413.1.24
Glencove. Duo. Millet. Duos, trios . . . M.157.11

Glendy Burk, The. 5o?i£r. Foster, S. C. No. 29 in M.380.41.1
Glide slow. Glee. Horsley, W. No. 6 in M.235.9.5; etc.

Gliere, Reinhold Moritzovitch.

Quatuor (la) pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle. Op. 2.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1902. No. i in M.4i2a.7

Sextuor, 2e (si), pour deux violons, deux altos et deux vio-
loncellos. Op. 7. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1904.

No. 2 in M.4i2a.7
Symphonie (en niib) pour orchestre. Op. 8. Partition.
Leipzig. Belaieff. 1905. M.406.78

Glimes, Jean Baptiste Jules de.

Yon bark like a bird. Trio [s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte].
London. Cock & Co. [184-?] No. 3 in

Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovitch.

Capriccio brillante [sic] en forme d'ouverture pour grand

orchestre sur le theme de la Jota aragonesa . . . Partitur.

Mayence. Schott. [1858?] No. 3 in M.348.7

Komarinskaja. Fantasie fiir Orchester iiber 2 russische

Volkslieder, Hochzeitslied und Tanzlied. [Partitur.]

Berlin. Schlesinger. [188-?] No. 2 in M.348.7

Le Prince Kholmsky. Tragedie de N. V. Koukolnik. Mu-

sique de M. Glinka. Version francaise de J. Sergennois.

Version allemande de Hans Schmidt. Nouvelle edition

revue et corrigee par N. Rimsky-Korsakow et A. Glazou-

now. Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. 1902. No. 3 in M.4i2a.7

Romances. Traduites du russe par E. L . . . fiditees par B.

Engelhardt. Mayence. Schott. [185-?] 17 parts in i v.


Contents. — L'alouette. — Berceuse. — A peine un instant ta jeunesse.

— O fille aimee de mon coeur. — Ne presse pas le troubadour. — Tes
levres s'entr'ouvrent. — Tu dis I'amour doit tot passer. — Le vain-
queur. — Pour toi mon ame est embrasee. — Plus sur ta couche soli-
taire. — Le doute. — Des flots le bruit sonore. — Chant de Marguerite.

— Virtus antiqua. — Je suis si heureux pr^s de toi. — Quel son vient
frapper mon oreille. — Chant de I'orphelin.

PycjiaH-B H ^liOflMHJia. BojELmaa BOjnnednaa onepa
Bi 5 ,a;ificTBiHXT,. Croacexx saHMCTBOBani. hst. hosmh
A. C. UyniKHHa, ct coxpani;eHieMT> MnornxT. ero
CTHxoBT> MysuKa M. H. Fjihhkh. IlapTHTypa. [Rus-

lan and Ludmila. Grand fairy opera in 5 acts by Pushkin.

Music by Glinka. Full score.] neTep6ypn>. [Illedra-

KOBT.. 1878.] 2 v. M.224.27

Same. Clavier-Auszug mit deutsch-russichem Text. Berlin.

Furstner. [1S7-?] M.256.39

Same. Ouverture de I'opera feerique Rouslane et Ludmilla.

Partition. Leipzig. Siegel. [187-?! No. 4 in M.348.7

Souvenir d'une nuit d'ete a Madrid. Fantaisie sur des

themes espagnols. Partition. Mayence. Schott. [1858?]

No. I in M.348.7
^iiSHB 3a I^apa. EojiBinaa onepa bt> 4 /i,incTBiHx-L ct

anHJioroM-t. MysHKa M. H. Fjihhkh. Das Leben fiir

den Czar. Grosse Oper in 4 Akten. Musik von M. J.

Glinka. Vollstandiger Clavier-Auszug mit deutsch. u.

Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovitch. (Continued.)

russischem Text. Berlin. Fiirstner. [188-?] M.272.38
The libretto was written by Baron Rosen.
Same. [Arranged for the piano by C. Mayer and C. Ville-
bois.] Cnd. CxejiJiOBCKitt. [187-?] M.272.39

Same. Ouverture de I'opera Ivane Soussanine ou La vie
pour le Zaar . . . Partition. Mayence. Schott. [1858?]

No. .■; in M.348.7
Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovitch. Works about.

FouQUE, P. O. Michel Ivanovitch Glinka. D'apres ses me-
moires et sa correspondance. Paris. 1880. Portrait.

No. 2 in M.I22.IS
KoENiGLiCHES HoFTHEATER, Hanover. Zwei Opern-Auffiih-
rungen. i. Glinka's „Das Leben fiir den Czar." 2. Hector
Berlioz' „Benvenuto Cellini." Berlin. 1879.

No. 4 in M. 115.1a
Glocke, Die. Cantata. For the Music see Haslinger. For the

Libretto see Schiller.
Glocken, Die, des Strassburger Miinsters. Cantata. For the

Music see Liszt. For the Libretto see Longfellow.
Glcckenthiirmers Tochterlein. Part-song. Reinthaler.

No. 30 in M.392.20
Glockerlauten. Part-song. Nolopp. Zwei vierstimmige Miin-
nergesange. No. 46 in M.392.16

Gloecklein. Part-song. Schmidt, Gustav. Acht Lieder.

No. 24 in M.392.23
Gloecklein, Das, im Thai. Part-song. Orth. No. 53 in M.392.16
Gloesch, Carl Wilhelm.

L'oracle, ou la fete des Vertus et des Graces. Comedie

lyrique en I acte. [Partition chant et piano.] Berlin.

Winter. 1773. M.350.1S

Gloire a Dieu. Anthem. Vaucorbeil. No. 20 in M.201.34

Gloire a la France. Part-song. Bazin. No. 12 in M. 157.8

Gloire, La, et la vie. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 7.

Gloire immortelle de nos aieux. Part-song. Gounod.

No. 6 in M.130.7
Gloires, Lcs, de la musique. Biography. Laurent. M.207.22
Gloria. Anthem. Galuppi. M.201.7

Haydn, F. J. No. 28, 29 in M.201.33

Leo. No. 55 in M.260.24.2

Morales. No. 13 in M.202.6.1

Mosenthal, J. No. II in M. 190.6

Mozart. No. 23 in M.260.20

Palesteina. No. 19 in M.202.6.1

Seyfried, I. X. voN. No. 35 in M.260.20

Gloria! Symphony. Nicode. M.16.1

Gloria et honore. Anthem. Giorgi. No. 23 in M. 158.33.4

Lutz. No. 62 in M. 156.50

Orsini. No. I in M.260.10.1

Sen mid, F. X. No. 17 in M.260.3

Wesley, S. No. 17 in M.260.24.1

Gloria in excelsis. Canon, 3 in l. (In Warren. Vocal har-
mony. P. 134.) No. 77 in M.220.10
Gloria in excelsis. Anthem.
Aldrich, H. Sanctus. No. 29 in M.233.9
Andr^, p. F. J. No. 26 in M. 100.4.2
Bach, J. S. Werke. Jahrgang 41. M.8040.21.41
Blow. Sanctus. No. 7 in M.233.25.2
Carr, B. No. 13 in M.221.22.2
Ellis, S. A. No. 5 in M.155.22
Foster, J., Organist. No. 30 in M.233.9
Grimm, H. No. 35 in M.202.6.2
Haeser, a. F. No. i i in M.260.20
Haydn, F. J. No. 16 in M.290.9.5; etc.
Lotti. No. 16 in M.290.29.3
Mozart. No. 22 in M.290.29.3
OusELEY. No. 31 in M.233.9
Pergolesi. No. ii in M.290.29.1 ; etc.
Stoelzel. No. 13 in M.202.6.3
Zimmers. No. 41 in M.260.20

I 61





Gloria, laus et honor. Anthem. Palestrina. Werke. Band 31.


Gloria Patri. Anthem. Casali. No. 16 in M.iii.4.2

Clari. No. 12 in M.233.26.1 ; etc.

CoLONNA. Domine ad adjuvandum . . . No. 2 in M.233.26.5

Davenport, A. No. 11 in M.290.12

Davis, H. W. No. 14 in M.158.26

Faerant. No. 22 in M.2go.22.2

Palestrina. Werke. Band 31. 11.80403.66.31

Pergolesi. No. 2 in M.233.26.2

Purcell, H. M.156.52; etc.

Scarlatti. No. it in M.202.6.2

Gloriamur in tribulationibus scientes. Motet. Lassus. Sammt-

liche Werke. Band i.S. 11.80403.67.15

Glories, The, of our birth. Glee. Coleman, E.

No. 178 in M.235.17.1 ; etc.
Glories, The, of our birth and state. Dirge. Wesley, S.

No. 28 in M. 157.4
Glorify the great Jehovah. Anthem. Haydn, F. J.

No. 30 in M.22I.22.3
Gloriosam mortem. Motet. Palestrina. Werke. Band 2.


Gloriosi principes. Motet. Neukomm, S. von. Recueil de 40

motets. No. I in M.158.37

Glorious Apollo. Glee. Webbe, S. No. 32 in M.235.14; etc.

Glorious May. Part-song. Hofmann, H. C. J.

No. II in M.205.10.6
Glorious stand the mountains. Part-song. Reinthaler, C. M.

No. 4 in M.204.36.3
Selection of glees.
No. 19 in M.235.13.3

No. 27 in M.1S8.18

No. II in M.iii.4.2

For the Music see

Glorious sun. The. Glee. Webbe, S

Vol. 3.
Glorious things of thee are spoken.
Millard, H.
Glorreiche Augenblick, Der. Cantata.

Beethoven. Werke. Serie 21.
Glory be to God. Anthem. Novello,

Glory be to God on high. Anthem.
Beafield. Church anthems.


Haydn, F. J.




Wesley, S. S.
Glory be to God the great Jehovah.

V. Therefore with
No. 25 in M.190.6; etc.

Glory be to the Father. Canon. Blow.


Jackson, W., of Exeter.


Purcell, H.

Walmisley, T. F. Collection of glees.

Webbe, S.
Glory, honor, praise and power. Motet


Glory, The, of the Lord

Glory to God. Anthem. Beethoven.

Glory to God in the highest. Anthem.

Davenport, A.


Glory to God Most High. Anthem.


No. 58 in M.220.9.1

No. 10 in M.290.33; etc.

No. 21 in M.221.22.4

No. 24 in M.221.22.2; etc.

No. 72 in M.290.22.2

No. II in M.igo.g; etc.

Motet. Mozart.

No. 22 in M. 236.30.4

No. 287 in M. 215.21

No. 207 in M.220.9.1

No. 31 in M.221.22.3

No. 123 in M.220.9.1

No. 296 in M. 215. 21


No. 294 in M.215.21; etc.


No. 3 in M.260.11; etc.

Goss. No. 7 in M.195.2.9

No. 3 in M.221.22.4

No. 9 in M.158.26; etc.

No. 14 in M.290.12; etc.
No. 19 in M.157.29
No. 24 in M.290.33; etc.
Loud, A. F.

No. 8in M.is8.i7;etc.
Glory to the Lord Almighty. Anthem. Schubert, F. P.

No. 17 in M.204.36.1 ; etc.

Glory to Thee. Canon. Tallis. No. 19a in M.1S7.3

[Glory to Thee, mv God, this night.l Evening hymn. [4

voices, with accomp. for organ.] (In Gounod. The Royal

Albert Hall choral music. Vol. 3, PP. 21-25.) M.384.28


Glossner, Gustav Adolf, editor.

Fux. Messen. M.414.6

Gloucestershire, England.

King, R. J. The three choirs. A handbook of Gloucester,
Hereford and Worcester. London. 1866. M. 126.23

Glover, Albert G.

County Guy. [Serenade, t. t. b. b. Boston. 1887.]

No. 21 in M.392.10
Glover, Howard. See Glover, William Howard.
Glover, James M.

The little genius, f Opera.] Music by Eugen von Taund.
With additional numbers by Landon Ronald and James
M. Glover. M.402.56

Regina, B.A., or the king's sweetheart. An original comic
opera. Written by Arthur Sturgess. Music by James M.
Glover. rVocal score. Accomp. for pianoforte.] Lon-
don. Ascherberg & Co. 1897. M.381.20
The telephone girl. By F. C. Burnand, Arthur Sturgess,

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