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Op. 30. Ausg. fiir Orchester. Offenbach a. M. Andre.
[1883.] No. 2 in M.338.20

Prelude du 4^^ acte de I'opera Fovelille. Soir d'ete dans les
forets. Scene d'amour. Op. 12. Partition. Offenbach
a. M. Andre. [187-?] No. 2 in M.34S.15

Den rejsende. Fantastisk musikkomedie. fKlaveeruddrag.]
Wien. Levvfy. [187-?] No. 2 in M.391.41

Symphonic lyrique, no. 3, E dur, pour orchestre. Op. 33.
Partition. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [i88-?l

No. I in M.345.1S

Symphonie majestueuse, ut majeur, no. 4. Op. 35. Parti-
tion. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [188-?] M.345.16

Symphonie poetique, no. I, F dur, pour orchestre. Op. 2g.
Partition. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [187-?]

No. 2 in M.34S.I3

Symphonie serieuse, Nr. s, in G moll, fiir Orchester. Op.
.36. Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. 1893.

No. I in M.404.SO

Ss^mphonie spirituelle, G dur. No. 6, fiir Streichorchester.
Op, 38. Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. 1897.

No. 2 in M.404.SO

Symphonie tragique, no. 2, C moll, pour orchestre. Op. 32.
Partition. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [188-?] M.345.14

La Vendetta. Die Blutrache. Lyrisches Drama in 5;
Scenen. Text und Musik von Asger Hamerik. Clav.
Auszug. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [187-?] No. 2 in M.3gi.46
Hamerling, Robert.

The bride. A cantata. Composed by A. C. Mackenzie.

No. 2 in M.247.8

Die sieben Todstinden. [Musik] von Adalbert v. Gold-
schmidt. M.18.1; etc.

Same. The seven death-sins. A musical allegory, by Adal-
bert von Goldschmidt. Poem by Robert Hamerling. The
English version by John P. Jackson. London. Elzevir

Press. 1878. M.I03.I3

Words only.

Hamilton, Baillie. See Hamilton, James Baillie.
Hamilton, Cosmo.

The belle of Mayfair. A musical comedy. Book by Chas.
H. E. Brookfield and Cosmo Hamilton. Music by Leslie
Stuart fpseud.]. M.240.1

The catch of the season. A musical comedy. Book by Sey-
mour Hicks and Cosmo Hamilton. Music by Herbert E.
Haines and Evelyn Baker. M.399.92

Hamilton, Edward.

The Lord is my Shepherd. Quartette, with accomp. for
organ or pianoforte. Boston. Reed. 1847.

No. 9 in M.29o.g.i
The sanctus: a collection of church music. Boston. Phil-
lips. Sampson & Co. ri8.=;7.] M.100.29
Hamilton, Henry.
The Duchess of Dantzic (Sans-Gene). A romantic light
opera. Composed by Ivan Caryll fpseud.]. M.397.13
The school girl. A musical play. Book by Henry Hamil-
ton and Paul Potter. Music by Leslie Stuart fpseud.].



Hamilton, Henry, translator.

Messager. The little Michus. M.396.70

Hamilton, James Alexander.

Second edition of Hamilton's Catechism of the organ . . .
With an introduction, and list of the principal organs, by
Joseph Warren. London. Cocks & Co. 1842. M.iogb.ii
Hamilton, James Alexander, translator.

Cherubini. a course of counterpoint and fugue. M.116.12
Hamilton, James Baillie.

The vocalion. [Various circulars. New York? i884-l

No. I in M.I32.5
Hamilton Tighe. Cantata. For the Music see Fox. For the

Libretto see Barham, R. H.

Hamlet. Incidental music. Henschel, G. M.403.69

TcHAiKovsKi, P. L M.3S6.32

Hamlet. Opera. For the Music see Hignard; also Thomas,

C. L. A. For the Text see Shakespeare; also Carre, M.;

also Grimaldi.

Hamlet. Overture. Gade. No. 3 in M.345.45

Joachim. No. 2 in M.352.1

Tanieev. M.411.15

TcHAiKOVSKi, P. I. No. 2 in M.343.1

Hamlet. Symphonic poem. Liszt. No. 3 in M.344.7

MacDowell. No. i in M.334.10

NiCHOLL. No. 5 in M.342.21

Hamlet, or the sport, the spook, and the spinster. Opera. For

the Music see Atherton. For the Libretto see Batchelder.

Hamlin, Charles Eugene.

Nicolette. A romantic comic opera. Based upon the old
French romance of Aucassin and Nicolette. Book by
R. A. Barnet. Music and lyrics by Charles Eugene Ham-
lin. [Score for voice and pianoforte.] Boston. White-
Smith Music Publishing Co. 1902. No. 3 in M.382.12
Hamm, Ernest.

i^'' Hussards! Operetta monologue. Paroles de Ordonneau
& Hamm. Musique de Leon Vasseur. No. 2 in M.325.21
Hamm, Johann Valentin.
Das arme Herz. Lied fiir eine Baryton oder hohe Bass-
stimme, mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. Erfurt. Bar-
tholomaus. [185-?] No. 6 in M.236.6

Hamma, Benjamin.
Abendruhe. [Mannerchor. Leipzig. Leuckart. 186-?
Abt. Deutsche Sangerhalle.]

No. 41 in H.392.24; No. 7 in M.392.42.1
Alma Redemptoris. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] New
York. Gordon. 1892. No. 8 in 11.158.32

Ave Regina. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] New York.
Gordon. 1892. No 9 in 11.158.32

Evening rest. [Part song, T. T. B. B.] (In Chickering col-
lection. Vol. 2, pp. S 7-60.) No. 29 in M.293.48.2
Gebet deutscher Krieger. (Klopstock. Geibel.) Fiir Man-
nerchor und Instrumentalbegleitung, componirt . . . von
B. Hamma. Klavierauszug. Schleusingen. Glaser. [186-?]

No. I in M.270.45
Gute Nacht. [Mannerchor.] (In Abt. Deutsche Sanger-
halle. Vol. I, pp. SO. 60.) No. 20 in M.392.42.1
Regina coeli. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] New York.
Gordon. 1892. No. 10 in M.IS8.32
Salve Regina. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] New York.
Gordon. 1892. No. 11 in M.i.58.32
Schwiibisches Volkslied [t. t. b. b.]. (In Abt. Leichte
Miinnerchore. Heft 12, pp. 7-9-) No. 71 in M.246.22
Tantum ergo, in A. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] New
York. Gordon. 1892. No. 12 in M.IS8.32
Tantum ergo, in Bb. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] New
York. Gordon. 1892. No. 13 in M.IS8.32
Hamma, Benjamin, editor.

Was hab' ich denn meinem Feinsliebchen gethan? Infi-
delity. [Mannerchor.] Volksweise bearbeitet. Berlin.
Luckhardt. [1889. Sammlung leichter und beliebter
Mannerchore.] No. .39 in M.392.24

Hamma, Franz Xaver.

Deutsche Nationalhymne. [t. t. b. b.] (In Abt. Deutsche
.Sangerhalle. Vol. i, pp. 104-106.) No. .36 in M.3g2.42.i





Hammer, The, was up. Catch. Hayes, W.

No. 78 in M.220.g.i ; etc.

Hampden County Musical Association, Springfield, Mass.
Musical festival, 4th. Springfield. i8g2. Portraits.

No. 2 in M.373.51.3
Same. sth. i8g.3. No. 9 in M.37S.2

Hampton, Charles Edward, translator.

Beethoven. The calm of the sea & rising breeze.

No. 2 in M.270.10

Hampstead Conservatoire of Music, London.

New prospectus. fLondon. 1885.] No. 7 in M.373.30

Hanchett, Henry Granger.

Teaching as a science. An address before the Music Teach-
ers' National Association, Buffalo, July, 1880, and other
[musical] essays. New York. Schirmer. 1882.

No. 2 in M.13S.2

Hand, Ferdinand Gotthelf.

.5:sthetics of musical art. Translated by Walter E. Law-
son. Book I. 2d edition. London. Reeves. 1880.


Hand, Moreton.

The use of non-teaching musical institutions. London.
Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. TiSgo.l

No. II in M.216.18

Hand in hand. Glee. Cooke, B. No. 12 in M.220.3.4;etc.

Handel, Georg Friedrich.

Werke. Ausgabe der Deutschen Handelgesellschaft. fPar-
titur. Herausgegeben von F. Chrysander.] Lieferung
1-48, .'50-94. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. ri85;8-i903.]
Qt, V. in 71. M.313.1

Contents. — I. Susanna. 2. Pieces pour le clavecin : Suites de pieces
pour le clavecin, ist, 2d, 3d collection; Si.x fugues, or voluntaries. 3.
Acis and Galatea. 4. Hercules. 5. Athalia. 6. L'allegro, II pensieroso
ed II moderate. 7. Semele. 8. Theodora. 9. Passion nach dem Evang-
Johannes. 10. Samson. 11. Trauerhymne auf den Tod der Konigin
Karoline. 12. Alexander's Fest, oder die Macht der Tonkunst. 13. Saul.
14 [bound with Lief. 11]. Kronungshymnen fur Konig Georg II. 15
[bound with Lief. 9]. Passion nach B. H. Brockes. 16. Israel in Aegyp-
ten. 17. Joshua. [Two copies, one of which has a German title-page and
preface.] 18 [bound with Lief. 3]. Die Wahl des Herakles. 19. Bel-
sazar. 20. Sieg der Zeit und Wahrheit. 21. Instrumental-Concerte.
Sammlung i : No. i. B dur, G moll, fur 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen, 2 Floten,
2 Violen, 2 Fagotte, Basso continuo; No. 2. B dur, fiir 4 Violinen, 2
Oboen, Viola, 2 Violoncelle, Basso continuo; No. 3. G dur, fiir 3 Vio-
linen, Flote Oder Oboe, Alto Viola und Basso continuo; No. 4. F dur,
fiir 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen, Viola, Fagott, Basso continuo ; No. 5. A moll,
fiir 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen, Viola, Violoncell, Basso continuo; No. 6. A
dur, A moll, fur 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen, Viola, Fagott, Violoncell, Organo.
— Concerto grosso, C dur, fiir 4 Violinen, 2 Oboen, Viola, Violoncell,
Basso continuo. — 4 Concerti : No. i. A dur, fiir 2 Violinen, Oboe solo,
Viola, Basso continuo ; No. 2. B dur, a. fiir 2 Violinen, Oboe solo.
Basso continuo; b. fiir 2 Horner, 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen, Viola ad libitum.
Basso continuo ; No. 3. G moll, fur Oboe solo, 2 Violinen, Viola, Bass
und Cembalo ; No. 4. B dur, fiir Violine solo, 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen,
Viola, Basso continuo. 22. Judas Maccabaus. 23. Cacilien-Ode. 24. II
trionfo del Tempo e della Verita. 25. Dettinger Te Deum. 26. Solomon.
27. Sonate da camera: 1. Fifteen solo sonatas; 2. Six sonatas for two
oboes and bass; 3. Nine sonatas for two violins, &c., and bass; 4. Six
sonatas for 2 violins, &c., and bass. 28. 12 Orgel-Concerte [mit Or-
chester-Begleitung]. 29. Debora. 30. 12 grosse Concerte [fiir Streich-
orchester]. 31 [bound with Lief. 25]. Utrechter Te Deum und Jubilate.
32. Italienische Duette und Trios [mit Begleitung von Pianoforte und
Bass] : i. Sono liete fortunate [s. A.] ; 2. Troppo cruda [s. A,] ; 3. Che
vai pensando foUe pensier [s. A.] ; 4. Amor gioie mi porge [s. A.] ; 5.
Va, va, speme infida pur [s. s.] ; 6. A mirarvi io son intento [s. A.] ;
7. Quando in calma ride il mare [s. B.] ; 8. Tacete, ohime [s. B.] ; 9.
Conservate raddoppiate [s. a.] ; 10. Tanti strali al sen mi scocchi
[s. A.] ; II. Langue, geme, sospira [s. a.] ; 12. Caro antor di mi dolce
pena [s. s.] ; 13. Se tu non lasci amore [s. a.] ; Se tu non lasci amore
ts. A. B.] ; Quel fior che all' alba ride [s. a. b.]. 33. Alexander Balus.
34-36. Anthems [mit Orchester Begleitung] ; Vol. i: i. O be joyful in
the Loid; 2. In the Lord put I my trust; 3. Have mercy upon me; 4.
O sing unto the Lord a new song; 5 a, b. I will magnify Thee ; 6 a, b, c.
As pants the hart for cooling streams. Vol. 2. Psalmen : 7. My song
shall be alway; 8. I [O] come let us sing unto the Lord; 9. O praise
the Lord with one consent. 10. The Lord is my light; 11 a, b. Let God
arise. Vol. 3. 12. O praise the Lord ye angels of his; 13. Wedding
anthem. This is the day which the Lord has made; 14. Wedding an-
them. Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth. 15. Dettingen anthem.
The King shall rejoice in Thy strength, O Lord. 16. Anthem for the
Foundling Hospital. Blessed are they that consider the poor. Appen-
dix. Anthem. 4 a ; 6 d. 37. Three Te Deums [in D, Bb, A]. 38. Latei-
nische Kirchenmusik ; Laudate pueri [s., 2 Violinen und Bass] ; Laudate
pueri [s. s. a. t. b., 2 Violinen, 2 Oboen, 2 Viole und Basso con- |

Handel, Georg Friedrich. (Continued.)

tinuo] ; Dixit Dominus [s. s. A. T. B., 2 Violinen, 2 Viole und Basso
continuo] ; Nisi Dominus [s. s. a. t. b., 2 Violinen, 2 Viole und Basso
continuo] ; Salve Regina [s., Violinen und Bass] ; Silete, venti [s..
Oboe, 2 Violinen, Viola, Fagotte. Violoncell und Bass] ; AUeluja amen
[s. und Basso continue]. 39. La Resurrezione. 40. Esther, erste Bear-
beitung. 41. Esther, zweite Bearbeitung. 42. Joseph. 43. Gelegenheits-
Oratorium [Occasional oratorio]. 44. Jephtha. 45. Messias. 46a. Ode
fiir den Geburtstag der Konigin Anna [Birthday-ode for Queen Anne],
46b. Musikalische Scenen zu dem englischen Drama Alceste. 47. In-
strumental-Musik fur grosses Orchester. Wassermusik, Feuerwerks-
musik, Concerte und Doppelconcerte. 48. Verschiedener Instrumental-
Werke. i. Orgel-Concerte: I. (F dur) ; II. (A dur) ; III., IV., V., VI.
(Fremdes Arrangement) ; D moll (fur Organo i & 2) ; D moll; F dur.
2. Orchester- und Kammermusik : Ouverture dell' opera Oreste ; Ouver-
ture deir opera Alessandro Severe; Ouverture in B ; Sonata di viola da
gamba e cembalo concertato : Sonata VI. (mit Orgel) ; Drei Sonaten,
XVI., XVII., XVIII.; Sinfonie diverse; Hornpipe. 3. Klaviermusik
und Cembalo-Bearbeitungen: Klavierbuch aus der Jugendzeit; Partita,
A dur; Sechs klelne Fugen ; Lesson, D moll; Overture in Pastor Fido,
for harpsichord ; Aria, "Dolce bene," in Radamisto for harpsichord ;
Aria, "Vo* far guerrS," in Rinaldo, with Handel's harpsichord
accompaniments ; Wm. Babell's Rinaldo arrangements. 49. [Not
published.] 50. Cantate a voce sola e basso, libro I: Ah! che pur
troppo e vero [s.] ; Allor ch'io dissi addio [s.] ; Aure soave e liete
[s.] ; care selve, aure grate [s.] ; Chi rapi la pace al core? [s.] ; Clori,
degli occhi miei [a.] ; Clori, ove sei? [s.] ; Dalla guerra amorosa [b.] ;
Da sete ardente afflitto [s.] ; Deh! lasciate e vita e volo [a.] ; Del bell'
idolo mio [s.] ; Dimmi, o mio cor [s.] ; Dite, mie piante [s.] ; Dolce
mio ben, s'io taccio [s.] ; Dolce pur d'amor I'affanno [a., in Eb] ; Same
[s., in G] ; E partirai, mia vita? [s., 2 settings] ; Figli del mesto cor
[a.] ; Filli adorata e cara [s.] ; Fra pensieri quel pensiero [a.] ; Fra
tante pene [s.] ; Irene, idolo mio [a.] ; La solitudine [a.] ; Lungi dal
mio bel Nume [s., 2 settings] ; Lungi da me, pensier tiranno [a.] ;
Lungi da voi che siete poll [a.] ; Lungi n'ando Fileno [s.] ; Manca pur
quanto sai [s.] ; Mentre il tutto e in furore [s.] ; Menzognere speranze
[s.] ; Mi palpita il cor [a.] ; Same title [s., a different setting] ; Net
dolce tempo [a.] ; Nell' africane selve [b.] ; Nella stagion che, di viole
e rose [s.] ; Ne' tuoi lumi, o bella Clori [s.]. 51. Same, libro 2: Nice
che fa? che pensa? [s.] ; Ninfe e pastori [s., in G minor] ; Same [a., in
D minor] ; Non sospirar, non piangere [s.] ; Occhi miei, che faceste?
[s.] ; O lucenti, o sereni occhi [$.] ; O Numi eterni [s.] ; Parti, I'idolo
mio [s.] ; Poiche giuraro amore [s.] ; Qualor, crudele si ma vaga Dori
[a.] ; Qualor I'egre pupille [s.] ; Quando sperasti, o core [s.] ; Sarai
contenta un di [s.] ; Sarei troppo felice [s.] ; Sei pur bella pur vezzosa
[s., 2 settings] ; Sento la che ristretto [a., in G minor] ; Same [s., in
C minor] ; Se pari e la tua fe [s., two slightly different editions] ; Se,
per fatal destino [s.] ; Siete rose rugiadose [a.] ; Solitudini care, amata
liberta [s.] ; II gelsomino [s] ; Stance di piti soffrire [a.] ; Stelle, per-
fide stelle! [s.] ; Torna il core a! sue diletto [s.] ; Udite il mie con-
siglie [s.] ; Un sespir a chi si muore [s.] ; Vedende amor [a,] ; Venne
veglia ad Amore [a.] ; Zeffiretto, arresta il vole [s.] ; He fuggito
Amore anch'io [a.]. 52a. Cantate cen stromenti, Ne. 1-15: i. Ah I
crudel, nel piante mio [s.] ; 2. Alpestre mente [s.] ; 3. Aminta e Fillide
[s.] ; 4. Frammento d'una cantata probabilmente scritta in onore di
Carle VI., Imperadore di Germania [s. a. b.] ; 5 cantate in lode di
Santa Cecilia, frammento [a.] ; 6. Cantata in lode di Santa Cecilia
[s. T.] ; 7. Cantata in lode di Santa Cecilia, frammento [a.] ; 8. Can-
tata inglese in lode di Santa Cecilia [t.] ; 9. Clori, mia bella Clori [s.] ;
10. Crudel tiranno Amor [s.] ; 11. Cuopre tal volta il cielo [b.] ; 12.
Delirie amoroso [s.] ; 13. Armida abbandonata [s.] ; 14. Agrippina con-
dotta a morire [s.] ; 15. Figlio d'alte speranze [s.]. S2b. Cantate con
stromenti, No. 16-28: 16. Apollo e Dafne [s. B.] ; 17. Pensieri notturni
di Filli [s.] ; 18. Cantata spagnuola a voce sola [s.] e chitarra ; 19. O
come chiare e belle [s. s. A.] ; 20. Spande ancer a mio dispetto [b.] ;
21. Tra le fiamme tu scherzi per gieco [s.] ; 22. Tu fedel? tu costante?
[s.] ; 23. Un' alma innamorata [s.] ; 24. Clori, Tirsi, Fileno, cantata a
tre [s. s. A.] ; 25. Chi ben ama non paventa, frammento [s.] ; 26. Ah!
che troppo ineguali, frammento [s.] ; 27. Mi palpitar il cor, frammento
[s.] : 28. Languia di bocca lusinghiera, frammento [s.]. 53. Aci, Gala-
tea e Polifemo. 54. II Parnasse in festa, serenata. 55. Almira, opera.
56. Redrige, opera. 57. Agrippina, opera. 58. Rinaldo, opera. 59. II
pastor fide, opera. 60. Teseo, opera. 61. Silla, opera. 62. Amadigi,
opera. 63. Radamisto, opera. 64. Muzio Scevela, opera, atto terzo. 65.
Floridante, opera. 66. Ottone, opera. 67. Flavio, opera. 68. Giulio
Cesare, opera. 69. Tamerlano, opera. 70. Rodelinda, opera. 71. Scipi-
one, opera. 72. Alessandro, opera. 73. Admeto, opera. 74. Riccardo,
opera. 75. Siroe, opera. 76. Tolomeo, opera. 77. Letario, opera. 78.
Partenope, opera. 79. Pore, opera. 80. Ezio, opera. 81. Sosarme, opera.
82. Orlando, opera. 83. Arianna, opera. 84. Terpsichore, prologo, e la
secunda versione del opera II pastor fido. 85. Ariodante, opera. 86.
Alcina, opera. 87. Atalanta, opera. 88. Giustine, opera. 8g. Arminio,
opera. 90. Berenice, opera. 91. Faramonde, opera. 92. Serse, opera.
93, Imeneo, opera. 94. Deidamia, opera.

Acis and Galatea. A serenata composed by G. F. Handel,
with additional accompaniments by W. A. Mozart.
Edited by Berthold Tours. Full score. London. No-
vello. Ewer & Co. 1x881. 1 M.402a.i4

Same. Arranged for the piano-forte or organ by John
Clarke. London. Jones & Co. 1835. No. 2 in M.241.36





Handel, Georp: Friedrich. (Continued.)

Air varie du Xlle concerto. Transcription pour orchestre
fviolon I, 2; alto; violoncelle. Paris. 187-? Gevaert.
Transcriptions pour orchestre]. No. 13 in M.343.48

Alexander. An opera. Compos'd by Mr. Handel. [Words
in Italian by Paolo Rolli. Full score.] London. Bluer.
[1726?] Engraved title-page. M.366.4

Alexanders Fest oder die Gewalt der Musik. Eine grosse
Cantate aus dem Englischen des Dryden iibersetzt von
C. W. Ramler. In Musik gesetzt von G. F. Handel, mit
neuer Bearbeitung von W. A. Mozart. Partitur und Kla-
vierauszug. Theil i, 2. Leipzig. Kiihnel. [182-?] 2 v.
in I. M.400.30

Same. Alexander's feast. Ode, in vocal score. Edited, and
the organ or pianoforte accomp. arranged by Vincent
Novello. Octavo edition. London. Novello, Ewer & Co.



Allegro, air & final fsic] de Haendel. [Extrait du Xlle
concerto pour instruments a cordes. Transcrit pour har-
monium par Alex. Guilmant.] Paris. Schott. [187-?]

No. 3 in M.414..35

L'allegro, II pensieroso ed II moderato. Oratorische Com-
position von Georg Friedrich Handel. TGedicht nach
Milton und Charles Jennens.] Mit ausgefiihrtem Accom-
pagnement bearbeitet von Robert Franz. Partitur. Leip-
zig. Leuckart. [1872.] Portrait. M.401.20

Same. With the additional songs. fFull score. Edited with
accomp. for piano, by Ignatz Moscheles.] London.
Cramer, Beale & Co. 184,^, 44- [Handel Society. The
works of Handel.] M.242.1

Alma del gran Pompeo, recit., and Piangero, aria fs. or t.]
from Giulio Cesare. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] (In Musi-
cal library. Vol. 3, PP. 61-63.) No. iq in M.235.18.3

Almira. Singspiel in 3 Handlungen von G. F. Handel. Fiir
die historischen Opernabende des Hamburger Stadtthea-
ters bearbeitet von J. N. Fuchs. Clavier-Auszug. Leip-
zig. Kistner. [1878.] No. I in M.393.2S
The libretto is by Friedrich Christian Feustking.

Amor gioie mi porge. Duet [s. s. Accomp. for pianoforte].
(In Musical library. Vol. 4. PP- iSO-i.'i.'^.)

No. 52 in M.235.18.4
Andante et menuet du IVe concerto. Transcription pour
orchestre. [Partition. Paris. 187-? Gevaert. Tran-
scriptions pour orchestre.] No. 9 in M.343.48
Angel of charity. [Air, s., and chorus. Accomp. for organ.]
(In Handel and Haydn Society Collection of sacred
music. Vol. 3, pp. 97-100.) No. 16 in M.221.22.3
Angels ever bright and fair. Recitative and air [s.] from
Theodora. [Accomp. for organ.] (In Ayrton. Sacred
minstrelsy. Vol. 2, pp. 96, 97-) No. 30 in M.290.22.2
Arm, arm, ye brave. Air [b.] and chorus. [Accomp. for
organ.] (In Handel and Haydn Society Collection of
sacred music. Vol. i, pp. 90-97.) No. 22 in M.221.22.1
Atalanta. An opera. [Words in Italian only by Apostolo
Zeno.] Compos'd by Handel. [Full score.] London.
Walsh. [17.36?] M.292.19
Athalia. [Oratorio. Vocal score.] Arranged for the
organ or pianoforte, by John Clarke. London. Surman.
[1845.] M.241.40
Awake the trumpet's lofty sound. Chorus. [Accomp. for
organ.] (In Handel and Haydn Society Collection of
sacred music. Vol. 4, PP. 147-1.S2.) No. 14 in M.221.22.4
Awful, pleasing being. Air [.\. or b.\r.] from Joshua. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] (In Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol.
2, pp. 114-116.) No. 4,T in M. 290.22. 2
The beauties of Handel, consisting of upwards of 150 of his
songs, duets & trios, . . . arranged with a separate ac-
comp. for the piano forte ... by Jos. Corfe. London.
Preston. [179-?] 3 v. Portrait. M.221.24
These selections are for solo voices unless otherwise stated.
Coiilenls. — I. Awful, pleasing being, say. — Ye sacred priests. — An-
gels ev<r bright and fair. — Joys in gentle, duet. — Where e'er you
walk. — O fairest, duet. — Come, ever smiling liberty. — -O Lord, whose
mercies. — Happy pair. — Disdainful of danger, trio. — Come thou

Handel, Georg Friedrich. (Continued.)

goddess. — Breathe soft, ye gales. — Watchful angels. — Ah! wretched
Israel. — Shall I in Mamre's fertile plain. — ■ Tears such as tender
fathers shed. — Come, divine Inspirer. — Fell rage. — My breast with
tender pity swells. — From this dread scene, duet. . — Pious orgies. —
Ev'ry day will I give thanks. — Convey me to some peaceful shore. —
Guardian angels. — In sweetest harmony. — Beneath the vine. — What
tho' I trace. — Thus saith the Lord. — The prince unable to conceal
his pain. — He was eyes unto the blind. — He chose a mournful muse.

— Softly sweet. — Thou shalt bring them in. — Hide me from day's
garish eye. — Gentle airs. — Oft on a plaf of rising ground. — Lord,
remember David. — O come, let us worship. — For ever blessed. —
Comfort ye my people. — Lord, to Thee. — • Nations who in future
story. — When the ear heard him, quartet. — But oh, what art can
teach. — Hark 'tis the linnet. — Our limpid streams, duet. — Happy
they. — Deeper and deeper still. — Oh, had I Jubal's lyre. — O liberty.

— Wise men, flatt'ring. — How willing my paternal love. — To my
chaste Susanna's praise, duet. — Kind heaven. 2. Chastity, thou cherub
bright. — Thou didst blow. — Pleasure, my former ways. — O sacred
oracles. — Father of heaven. — Heart, the seat of soft delight. — Love
in her eyes. — As steals the morn, duet. — Yet can I hear that dulcet
lay. — He shall feed His flock. — Praise the Lord with cheerful noise.

— He was despised. — Thy rebuke. — Behold and see. — But Thou
didst not leave his soul. — How beautiful are the feet. — I know that
my Redeemer liveth. — See, the conquering hero comes, chorus. ^
Jehovah is my shield. — Here amid the shady woods. — Let me wander,
not unseen. — Oh let the merry bells ring round. — ■ Holy, holy. —
What passion. — What's sweeter than the new blown rose, duet. —
He was brought as a lamb. — Celestial virgin, duet. — If guiltless blood.
— ■ Sing songs of praise. — ■ The smiling dawn. — • Tune your harps. —
Total eclipse. — The flocks shall leave the mountains, trio. — Sin not,
O king. — Blooming virgins. — I'll proclaim. — Let the bright sera-
phim. — There the brisk sparkling nectar. — O lovely peace, duet. —
Return, O God of hosts. — O sleep, why dost thou leave me. — Who
calls my parting soul, duet. — O beauteous queen. — Oh, never bow
we down, duet. — Turn Thee, O Lord, duet. — O magnify the Lord.

— Beneath the cypress. 3. Rejoice, O daughter of Sion. — He layeth
the beams. — Their sound has gone out, quartet. — For behold, dark-
ness shall cover the earth. — Thus saith the Lord. — But who may
abide. — Thus when the sun. — Thou sittest at the right hand of God,
trio. — Thou art the King of glory. — When Thou tookest upon Thee.

— Vouchsafe, O Lord. — O Lord in Thee have I trusted. — O what
pleasures past expressing, duet. — Powerful guardians. — O Mithra,
with thy brightest beams. — Hail, wedded love, duet. — Through the
land. — O godlike youth. — O sing unto the Lord, solo and chorus. —
Wash me throughly, duet. — O worship the Lord, duet. — Behold, I
tell you a mystery. — Sweet rose and lily. — Jehovah, to my words
give ear. — Then will I Jehovah's praise. — Ev'ry joy that wisdom
knows, duet. — I rage. — Love sounds the alarm. — Hush, ye pretty,
warbling quire. — Consider, fond shepherd. — Arm, arm ye brave. —
Sound an alarm. — ■ The Lord is a man of war, duet. — Constant lovers.

— Daughter of gods. — Bacchus ever fair and young. — Revenge,
Timotheus cries. — Thais led the way. — But Oh! sad virgin. — Sweet

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