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— Arne: Which is the properest day to drink. — Harington: Oh,
that I had wings. — Atterbury: Take, oh take. — Stevens: O, mis-
tress mine. — Henley: Fairest flow'r. — The good subjects. —
Webbe: Hail star of Brunswick. — Dame Durden. — Ravenscroft:
The mariners. — Travers: When Bibo thought fit. — Stevens: Bra-
gela. — Morley: Fair Phillis. — Webbe: You gave me your heart.

— Smith: While fools their time. — Alcock: Hail, ever pleasing soli-
tude. — Wilbye : Flora gave me fairest flowers. — Gregory: Here's a
bowl. — Bates : Sir, you are a comical fellow. — Byrd : Come, drink
to me. — Valton : Catch on a scolding wife. — If sadly thinking. —
Arne: Come, shepherds, we'll follow. — Harington: Benedictio ante
caenam. — Hilton: Come, jump at thy cousin. — When V and I to-
gether meet. — Row the boat, Whittington. — Brewer: Go, Damon,
go. — Harington: Hark, hark, ding, ding. — Cooke: Amen. — God
save the king. — Nelham : A fig for care. — Nelham : Yonder he
goes. 7. Callcott: Father of heroes. — Arnold: The muleteer's glee.

— Danby: Come, ye party. — Webbe: If love and all the world were
young. — Jackson: In a vale clos'd with woodland. — Wilson: From
the fair Lavinian shore. — Go, gentle gales. — Travers: Life is a jest.

— Morley: Sweet nymph, — Arne: Buz, quoth the blue fly. — Arne:
Where the bee sucks. — Gibbons: The silver swan. — Travers: I like
a bee. — Brown: Peter White. — Callcott: Harold the valiant. —
Nares: Fear no more the heat of the sun. — Amo amas I love a lass.

— Come hither, Tom. — The new-fashion'd Echo. — Would you give
me leave. — Come follow, follow me. — Harington: Alas, what boast.

— Battishill: Amidst the myrtles. — Croft: The mighty bowl. —
Weedon: Fourteen cows and a bull. — Hayes: Poor Johnny's dead.
8. Paxton: Great Father Bacchus. — • Ford: There is a lady. — Come,
pull away, boys. — Callcott: Stormy Lannow. — Webbe: To me the
wanton girls. — Nelham: When women a-gossiping. — Cooke: In
the merry month of May. — Stevens: It was a lover and his lass. —
Eccles: Wine does wonders. — Danby: The mulberry shade. — Call-
cott: Youth of the gloomy brow. — Gregory: Let us be merry. —
Rogers: The jolly vicar. — Harington: lanthe the lovely. — Atter-
bury: Joan said to John. • — Purcell: Let's live good honest lives. —

Harmonist, The. (Continued.)

Nares: Wilt thou lend me thy mare. — Arne: The wooden walls of
England. — Harington: Merry Peg. , — Let's have a peal. — Dyne:
Tell me, thou dear departed shade. — Webbe: To the old long life. —
Harington: Poor Absalom is dead. — Purcell: My dearest, my fairest.

Harmonium. See Reed organs,

Den Noah mag ich leiden. [Mannerchor.l (In Orpheus.
Band 8, pp. 46, 47-) No. 266 in M. 1293.43.8

Was wollt' ihr trinken? [Mannerchor.l (In Orpheus.
Band 8, pp. 34, 35.) No. 261 in M,i29a.43.8


See also Counterpoint; Instruction books; Scale, Musical;
Seventh, Diminished; Thorough bass.

Albrechtsberger, J. G. Methods of harmony, figured base
and composition. Translated from the German edition
as augmented and arranged by von Seyfried, with the
remarks of M. Choron. Translated from the Paris edi-
tion by Arnold Merrick. London. [1834.! M.13S.1

BiscHOFF, K. J. Harmonie-Lehre. Lieferung i. Mainz.
1890. No. 4 in M.372.56

DuRUTTE, F. C. A. Esthetique musicale. Technie, ou lois
generales du systeme harmonique, Paris. iSss. M.372.S

Fairbairn, J. Elements of music. Part i, 2. Edinburgh,
1832. M. 141.27

Fink, G. W. System der musikalischen Harmonielehre.
Leipzig. 1842. No. 2 in M.373.26

GoETSCHius, P. The material used in composition. A sys-
tem of harmony. Stuttgart. 1882. No. 2 in M.215.7

Green, J. The tritone: a method of harmony and modu-
lation founded on a system of inversion of numbers.
London. [ 1870.! M.122.26

Gresset, J. B. L. Discours sur I'harmonie. (In Marcou, P.
Manuel du jeune musicien . . . Pp. 59-118. Paris. 1804.)

No. 2 in M.377.13

Heck, J. C. A complete system of harmony; or, a regular
and easy method to attain a fundamental knowledge and
practice of thorough bass. [London. 178-?]

No. 2 in M.205.2

HiLES, H. Harmony: chordal & contrapuntal. Manches-
ter. [1894.1 M.376.17

Harmony or counterpoint? Manchester. 1889.

No. 2 in M.372.44

Macfarren, G. a. Six lectures on harmony. London.
1867. M. 105. IS

NoRRis, H. a. l^ractical harmony on a French basis. Part
I, 2. [And] Key. Boston. [1894.] M.371.31

OusELEY, F. A. G. A treatise on harmony, 2d edition.
Oxford. 1875. M.106.IS

P., M. First steps to thorough base, in twelve familiar les-
sons between a teacher and pupil. By a teacher of music.
Boston. 1833. No. 4 in M.205.34

Rameau, J. P. Traite de I'harmonie. Paris. 1722. M. 131, 15

RoussiER, P. J. Traite des accords, et de leur succession,
selon le systeme de la basse-fondamentale. Paris. 1764.

M. 103.6

Serre, J. A. Essais sur les principes de I'harmonie. Paris.
1753. No. 2 in M.147.19

Stainer, J. Harmony. With an appendix containing lOO
graduated exercises. London. [188-?! No. 2 in M. 216.13

Taylor, S. Sound and music: a non-mathematical treatise
on the physical constitution of musical sounds and har-
mony. London. 1873* M.107.23

ViRUES Y Spinola, J, J. DE. An original and condensed
grammar of harmony, counterpoint and musical composi-
tion; by J. J. de Virues y Spinola and F. T. A. Chaluz de
Vernevil. London. i8so. M.131.7

Wohlfahrt, H, Vorschule der Harmonielehre. Fine
leicht fassliche Anleitung zu schriftHcher Bearbeitung der
Tonstufen, Tonleitern, Intervalle, Accorde u. s. w. Leip-
zig. 1857. No. I in M.370-S8

Wytde, H, Harmony and the science of music. London.
ri88-?1 M.148.32





Harmony, The, of the spheres. Cantata. For the Music see

Romberg, A. J. For the Libretto see Kosegarten.
Harold. Cantata. For the Music see Read, J. F. H. For the

Libretto see Vemham.
Harold. Opera. For the Music see Cowen; also Napravnik.

For the Libretto see Malet; also Weinberg.
Harold en Italie. Symphony. Berlioz, L. H. M.341.22

Harold Glynde. Cantata. For the Music see Stainer. For

the Libretto see Foskett.
Harold the Valiant. Glee. Callcott, J. W. No. 6 in M.a20.4; etc.

Bunting, E. The ancient music of Ireland, arranged for

the piano forte. Prefixed a dissertation on the Irish harp

and harpers. Dublin. 1840. M.121.21

GuNN, J. A historical enquiry respecting the performance

on the harp in the Highlands of Scotland. Edinburgh.

1807. No. .3 in M.111.5

Harp. Music.

Hoberecht. Bohemian air fanfare, with variations.

No. 7 in M.237.7

Lieber Augustine, a German air with variations.

No. 6 in M.237.7

Jones, E. Minstrel serenade. No. 3 in M.380.9

Jones, E., editor. Lyric airs: consisting of specimens of

Greek, Albanian, Walachian, Turkish [etc.l . . . national

songs and melodies . . . Added, basses for the harp, or

piano-forte. No. 5 in M.380.9

The musical hive: or a selection of some of the

choicest and most characteristic national melodies . . .
Added, variations for the harp, or piano-forte.

No. 4 in M.380.9

Terpsichore's banquet; or select beauties of various

national melodies: . . . arranged with basses properly
adapted to harp, or piano-forte. No. I in M.380.9

Labarre, T. Fantaisies et variations concertantes . . .

Arrangees pour harpe et violon par Th. Labarre et N.

Louis. No. 17-19 in M.390.13

Meves, a. L'aimable, a rondo. No. Sin M.237.7

Harp. Music. Harp and orchestra.

JuNCMANN. Irrlicht. Capricietto. Op. 217, No. 3.

No. 4 in M.342.9

PiERNfi. Coiicertstuck pour harpe (ou piano) et orchestre.

Op. .^9. No. 2 in M.40S.44

Reinecke, C. H. C. Concert fiir die Harfe mit Begleitung

des Orchesters. Op. 182. No. i in M.405.49

Sporck, G. Fantaisie-Caprice pour harpe chromatique avec

acct. d'orchestre. No. .3 in M.410.53

WiDOR. Choral et variations pour harpe et orchestre.

Op. 74. M.404.100

Harp, The, of God. Criticism. Young, E. M.107.20

Harp, The, of the minstrel is silent to-night. [Welsh melody.l

Harmonized for 3 voices [s. t. b.]. (In The Choralist.

Vol. I, series 4-) No. 43 in M. 157.5.1

Harp of the north. Song. Porter, P. W. A collection of

melodies. No. 2 in M.236.21

Harp sounds. For violin and piano. Jungmann.

No. 21 in M.357.12
Harp, The, that once thro' Tara's halls. (Irish melody.) Har-
monized for 4 voices. (In Warren. Cocks's Hand-book
of glees. Vol. 3, no. 143, pp. 169-171.) No. 59 in M.157.6.3
Harpe d'or. La. Opera. For the Music see Godefroid, D. J.

G. F. For the Libretto see Dubreuil, E.
Harper, Edwin H.

Magnificat and Nunc dimittis, for 4 voices, with accomp.
for organ or piano forte. London. Novello. [1857?!

No. 2=; in M.190.3
Harpf, Joseph Adolf.

Steirische Hochlandsklange. Dichtung von Adolf Hagen
fPseud.l. Komponiert von Rudolf Wagner.

No. 6 in M.212.18


Bemetzrieder, a. Music made easy to every capacity in a
series of dialogues; being practical lessons for the harpsi-
chord . . . f London.! 178.S. No. i in M.205.3
Smith, J. C. Six suits of lessons for the harpsichord.

No. 2 in M.140.1
Harraden, R. Ethel.
All about a bonnet. Musical comedietta, in i act. The li-
bretto by Herbert Harraden. The music by Ethel Harra-
den. [Accomp. for piano.l London. Jefferys. [188-?!

No. 2 in M.255.41
Harrende, Die. Song. Franz, R. Sechs Gesange. Op. 35.

No. ig in M.244.5.3
Harrington, Henry, M.D. See Harington, Henry, M.D.
Harrington, J.

O tu qui dans oracula. Canon [3 in il. (In Social har-
mony. P. 177.) No. 152 in M.215.21
Harris, Sir Augustus Henry Glossop.
Amy Robsart. Opera de Sir Augustus Harris & Paul Mil-
liet. Musique de Isidore de Lara. M.302.4
The desert flower. Romantic opera. Written by Harris
and Williams. Composed by W. V. Wallace. M.294.13
The lady of Longford. Lyric drama. By Sir Augustus
Harris and F. E. Weatherly. Music by L. Emil Bach.

The little genius. Adapted from the German by Sir Augus-
tus Harris and Arthur Sturgess. Music by Eugen von
Taund. M.402.56

The rose of Castille. Opera. Written by A. Harris & E.
Falconer [pseud.]. The music by M. W. Balfe. M.261.8
Satanella, or the power of love. Romantic opera. Written
by E. Falconer [pseud. 1 & A. Harris. Composed by
M. W. Balfe. M.328.2

The telephone girl. By F. C. Burnand, Arthur Sturgess,
and Sir Augustus Harris. Music by Gaston Serpette and
J. M. Glover. No. 3 in M.389.43

Harris, Hubbard William.
Theodore Thomas Orchestra. Eighth-fifteenth season.
1898/99-1905/06. [Program notes.] Chicago. 1890-1906.
8 V. M.374-3

Harris, James.

Three treatises. The first. Concerning art; the second.
Concerning music, painting, and poetry; the third. Con-
cerning happiness. London. Nourse. 1744. M.370.S6
Harris, Joseph Macdonald.

We part, forever part, tonight. Recitative and song [s. or
T.l, from Lalla Rookh. New edition. [Accomp. for piano-
forte.] London. Power. [i8.S-?l No. 8 in M.236.2
Harris, Victor.

Music, when soft voices die. [Part song, t. t. b. b. Op. 14,
no. 4.] New York. Luckhardt & Belder. [1895.]

No. 6 in M.203.15
Sing heigh-ho! [Part song, t. t. b. b. Op. 14, no. 3-1 New
York. Luckhardt & Belder. [1895.] No. 7 in M.203.15
Harrison, A. Stewart.
The moon. Ode. Music by Seymour Smith.

No. =; in M.204.32

Harrison, Clifford.

The lute of Apollo. An essay on music. London. Innes

& Co. 1896. M.370.I*

Reciting and recitative. (In Voice, speech and gesture . . .

Pp. 171-190. London. 1895.) M.2i8.a

Harrison, Louis.

Venus. Vocal gems from [the] fantastic comic opera.

Libretto by C. A. Byrne & Louis Harrison. Music by

Gustave Kerker. No. 3 in M.323.10

Harrison, Samuel.

The deserter's meditations: "If sadly thinking and spirits

sinking." Glee. Harmonized by Harrison. (In Novello's

Glee-hive. Vol 2, pp. 145-148.) No. 49 in M.i 57.20.2

Lullaby. Glee. (In The Harmonist. Vol. 2, pp. 62. 63.)

No. 21 in M.218.8.2





Harrison, William Anthony.

A list of all the songs and passages in Shakspere which
have been set to music. Compiled by J. Greenhill, W. A.
Harrison and F. J. Furnivall. No. I in M.21S.9

Harriss, Charles Albert Edwin.

"Daniel before the king." A dramatic sacred cantata. fAc-
comp. for pianoforte.! New York. Schirmer. i8qo.

No. 2 in M.204.13
Harry Le Roy. Opera. For the Music see Bishop, H. R. For

the Libretto see Pocock.
Hart, A.
Drei Sangerspriiche. Fiir vierstimmigen Mannerchor. Op. 11.
Berlin. Schlesinger. [188.^?! ^ No. M.392.8

Contents. — Dem deutschen Reich! — Dem deutschen Lied! — Uer
deutschen Fraul
Hart, Charles.

Omnipotence. A sacred oratorio, arranged for voices, piano
forte or organ. London. Surman. [18.39.! M.242.3

Hart, George.

The violin: its fam.ous makers and their imitators. Popular

edition. London. Dulau & Co. 1880. Illus. M.128.34

Same. [Revised and enlarged edition.! 1884. M.123.27

The violin and its music. Boston. Ditson & Co. 1883.

Illus. Portraits. Facsimiles. M.373.S4

Hart & hind are in their lair. Quartet. Bishop, H. R.

No. .S4in M.235.7.1; etc.
Harte Madchen, Das. Sofig. Gruber, G. W. Gottfried Au-
gust Biirgers Gedichte. Vol. i. No. 6 in M.130.9.1
Hartley, Randolph.

The quest. [Cantata.! Music by Ethelbert Nevm.

No. I in M.384.S9

Hartmann, Bernhard. ^,

Ludwig Meinardus und sein Oratorium „Luther m Worms.

[Elberfeld. 1878.! No. 2 in M.I45-20

Hartmann, Emil.

Aus der Ritterzeit. Symphonie No. 2 (A moll), fur grosses

Orchester Op. .•^4. Partitur. Hamburg. Leichssenrmg.

[188-?! M.403.54

Concerto pour le violon avec accomp. d'orchestre. CEuv. IQ.

Partition. Berlin. Simrock. 1876. No. 2 in M.336.11

Concerto pour violoncelle avec accomp. d'orchestre. Op. 26.

Partition. Leipzig. Kistner. [1880.! No. i in M.336.11
Hakon Jarl. Sinfonische Dichtung. Op. 40. Orchester-

Partitur. Kopenhagen. Hansen. [188-?! No. .1 in M.343.50
Fine nordische Heerfahrt (Les vikings). Trauerspiel-Ou-

verture fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 25. Partitur. Berlm.

Simon. [187-?! _, ., N0.2inM.343.43

Runenzauber. Oper in i Akt (2 Abtheilungen) nach H.

Hertz' „Svend Dyrings Haus" von Emil Hartmann . . .

Text von Julius Lehmann. Klavierauszug. Leipzig.

Schuberth & Co. i8q6 M.39S.30

The text is in Danish and Oerman.

Same Ouverture fiir grosses Orchester. Partitur. Leip-
zig' Schuberth & Co. [i8q6.! No. .^ in M.403..S3

Symphonie (Es dur). Op. 2Q. Partitur. Berlm. Simon.
[187-?! ■'^° " '" M.343.43

Winter und Lenz. Dichtung von C. Hauch. Aus dem

Diinischen von Edm. Lobedanz. Concertstuck fur Chor

und Orchester von Emil Hartmann. Op. 13. Partitur.

Berlin. Simrock. [187-?! No. iin M.202.22

Hartmann, Georges.

Evangeline. Legende acadienne par Louis de Grammont,
Georges Hartmann & Andre Alexandre. Musique de
Xavier Leroux. ^ M.302 7

Madame Chrysantheme. Comedie Ivnque. Poeme de
Georges Hartmann & Andre Alexandre. Musique de
Andre Messager. M.2.';7.27

Mazeppa. Opera de Ch. Grandmougin & Georges Hart-
mann. Musique de C. de Grandval. M.266.30

Muguette. Opera-comique. Poeme de Michel Carre et
Georges Hartmann. Musique de Edmond Missa. M.381.30

Werther. Drame Ivrique. Poeme de fidouard Blau, Paul
Milliet et Georges Hartmann. Musique de J. Massenet.


Hartmann, Johan Peter Emilius.

Nordische Volkstanze. Fiir Orchester. No. i-S. [Parti-
tur.! Berlin. Simon. [186-?! ,S parts in i v.

No. 2-4 in M.342.4

Contents. — 2. Scherzo, Op. 18. 3. Alte Erinnerungen, Menuett, Op. 6a:
Die Elfenmadchen und die Jager, Scherzo, Op. 6b. 4. Hochzeitsmusik
(Hailing und Menuett), Op. 2; Springtanz, Op. 3.

Ravnen. Trylle-Opera i 3 Acter af H. C. Andersen. Mu-

siken af I. P. E. Hartmann. [Klaverutdrag.l Kjoben-

hafn. Musikforeningen. 18.39. M.232.13

Symphonie No. 3 (D-dur) fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 42.

Partitur. Kopenhagen. Hansen. [187-?! No. I in M.342.4

Hartmann, Ludwig.

Richard Wagner's Tannhauser. Festschrift zum Gedenk-

tage der ersten Auffiihrung am 19. October 1845 in Dres-
den. Dresden. Bertling. 1895. Facsimile.

No. 3 in M.377.16
Hartmann, Ludwig, translator.

BuoNGiORNO. „Das Madchenherz." M.396.18

Franchetti. Christoph Columbus. M.382.22

Giordano. Fedora. M.382.2S

Leoncavallo. Die Boheme. M.383.25

Puccini. Die Boheme. M.394.47

Manon Lescaut. M.297.17

Die Willi's. M.402.45

Samara. La Biondinetta. ' M.378.13

Smareglia. Cornelius Schut. M.322.34

Smetana. Der Kuss. M.322.37

Spinelli. a basso porto. M.394.71

Hartmann, Moritz.

[Die Katakomben. Ernste Oper. In Musik gesetzt von
F. Hiller.! M.292.33;etc.

Die Nacht. Hymne. Componirt von Ferd. Hiller. M. 270.51

Saul. Oratorium. In Musik gesetzt von Ferd. Hiller.

M.242.12; etc.

Die Weiber von Weinsberg. [Cantate.! In Musik gesetzt
von Eduard Hille. No. 2 in M.202.22

Hartog, fidouard de.

Amour et son hote. Opera-comique en i acte. Poesie de
Jules Barbier. Musique de £d. de Hartog. [Partition
chant et piano.! Paris. Heugel & cie. [1873.! M.276.16

Chant de mai. Mailied. Choeur bacchique, avec orchestre.
Op. 31. Partition. Paris. Brandus, Dufour & cie. [186-?!
The words are in French and German. No. II in M.352.21

Gnomentanz. Presto-Capricciose fur Orchester. Op. 72.
Partitur. Frankfurt a. M. Steyl & Thomas. [188-?!

No. 3 in M.336.H

Ein Marchen (Conte d'autrefois). . . . Fiir Orchester. Op. 62.
Partition. Bruxelles. Schott. [188-? Esquisses carac-
teristiques pour orchestre.! No. 4 in M.348.13

Marche scandinave. Op. .=;i, N^. I. Partition. Leipzig.
Leuckart. [187-? Esquisses caracteristiques pour or-
chestre.! No. I in M.348.13

Momento capriccioso. Humoreske fiir Orchester. Opus 67.
Orchesterpartitur. Berlin. Wernthal. [i88-?l

No. I in M.403.68

Pensee de minuit. Meditation, d'apres une poesie de La-
martine, pour orchestre. Op. 52. Partition. Leipzig.
Leuckart. [ 187-'' I No. 3 in M.348.13

Portia. Ouverture dramatique a grand orchestre (re mi-
neur). Partition, i'ans. Brandus, Dufour & cie. [187-?]

No. ■; in M.342.3

Rigaudon fiir kleines Orchester. Op. 73- Partitur. Frank-
furt a. M. Steyl & Thomas. [188-?! No. 4 in M.336.11

Scenes arabes pour orchestre. Op. 80. Partitur. Frankfurt
a. U. Steyl & Thomas. [189-?! 2 parts in i v.

No. 2 in M.407.1S
Contents. — I. Complainte. a. Aubade et danse mauresque.

Sevilliana. Air de ballet. Op. .=;i, Nr. 2. Partitur. Leipzig.
Leuckart. [187-? Esquisses caracteristiques pour or-
chestre.! No. 2 in M.348.13

Villanelle pour grand orchestre. Op. .=;9- Partition.
Bruxelles. Schott. [187-?! No. S in M.336.11





Harvard College. Operas. See Student theatricals.
Harvard Musical Association, Boston.

Catalogue of the library. Boston. Balch. l8.S7.

No. I in M.145.31
Constitution and by-laws. Boston. Mudge. 1892.

No. ?, in M.i29a.37
A list of the officers and members. [Boston. 1895.!

No. .3 in M.217.3

[Regulations, official notices, etc.] Scrap-book. [Boston.

1889-97.1 No. .3 in M.371.1

Programmes, 1865-82. [Compiled by Allen A. Brown. 1 2 v.

M.I 25.2

Arranged chronologically, with an index. Many newspaper cuttings are

Harvest anthem. Anthem. Stearns. No. 12 in M.203.29

Harvest dance. Cantata. Hamerik. Erntetanz.

No. I in M.380.27
Harvest field, The. Duet. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F.

No. 8 in M.280.22
Harvest home. Cantata. For the Music see Allen, G. B. For

the Libretto see Guernsey.

Harvest home. Opera. For the Music see Dibdin, C. 1745-

1S14. No. 7 in M. 220.16.2

Harvest home. Part-song. Ions. No. 3 in M. 175. 1.7

Verdi. No. 9 in M.157.17.2

Harvest hymn. Anthem. Lee, T. No. 6 in M. 158.17

Harvest song. Part-song. Macfarren, W. C. No. 13 in M.157.4

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Songs. No. 4 in M.244.21

Harwood, Edward.

The dying Christian to his soul. Ode [s. s. b. Accomp. for
piano]. {In Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. 2, pp. 8-10.)

No. 4 in M.290.22.2
Same. Vital spark of heavenly flame, [s. a. t. b.] London.
Novello. [184-?] _ No. 26 in M.I58.I7

\. Also to be found in Musical times [Music].

Harzlieder. Part-songs. Schneider, J. C. F. No. 42 in M.392.23
Haschisch. Opera. For the Music see Chelius, O. von. For

the Libretto see Demandowski.
Haselton, Robert.

For unto us a child is born. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ. 1
(In Cope. A Collection of anthems. Pp. 9-12.)

No. .s in M.2go.34
Hasenclever, Richard.

Das Gliick von Edenhall. Ballade componirt von Rob.
Schumann. No. 2 in M. 280.50

Hasenclever, Sophie.

Nala and Damayanti. A dramatic cantata. Composed by
Ferdinand Hiller. M.204.20

Hasenleithner, August.

O Welt, du bist so wunderschon. Fiir Chor [t. t. b. b.1 mit
Clavierbegleitung. Wien. Ascher. [i88-?l

No. II in M. 212.6
Hasler, Hans Leo von.

Dixit Maria. [Motet.] {In Lueck. Sammlung ausgezeich-
neter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band 4. PP. .•^8-ji.)

No. IS in M. 158.33-4
Feins Lieb du hast mich gfangen. [Madrigal.] {In Renner.
Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 4i-4^.)

No. II in M.204.40

Gagliarda. [Madrigal, t. t. b. b.] {In Widmann. Sechs

Madrigale. Heft 2, pp. 6, 7') No. 18 in M.392.27

Das Herz thut mir aufspringen. [Madrigal.] {In Renner.

Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 10-13.") No. 3 in M.204.40

Herzlieb zu dir allein. [Madrigal, s. s. a. t. b.] {In Renner.

Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 76-79-)

No. ig in M.204.40

Ich scheid von dir mit Leyde. [Madrigal, s. s. a. t. t. b.] {In

Renner. Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 90-96.)

» No. 23 in M.204.40

Jungfrau, dein schon Gestalt. [Madrigal.] {In Renner.

Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 6-9.) No. 2 in M.204.40

Kein grosser Freud kann sein auf Erden. [Madrigal, s. a.

T. t. b.] {In Renner. Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp.

71-76.) No. 18 in M.204.40

Hasler, Hans Leo von. (Continued.)

Lustgarten. Eine Sammlung deutsche Lieder zu vier, fiinf,
sechs und acht Stimmen, nebst elf Instrumentalsatzen,
komponirt 1601. Neue Ausgabe in kleiner Partitur aus
den Quellen hergestellt von Friedrich Zelle. Leipzig.
Breitkopf & Hartel. 1887. [Publikation jelterer prakti-
scher und theoretischer Musik-Werke, vorzugsweise des
XV. und XVL Jahrhunderts.] M.400.7

Missa octo vocum [s. s. a. a. x. x. b. b.]. (In Proske. Se-
lectus nevus missarum. Vol. 2, pp. 253-296.)

No. 8 in M.250.39.2

Nun fanget an ein guts Liedlein zu singen. [Madrigal.]

(In Renner. Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 38-40.)

No. 10 in M.204.40
O Aufenthalt meines Lebens. [Madrigal, s. s. a. b.] {In
Renner. Auswahl deutscher Madrigale. Pp. 62-65.)

No. 15 in M.204.40
Pater Noster [s. s. a. a. t. t. b. b.]. (In Rochlitz. Sammlung
vorziiglicher Gesangstiicke. Band 2, pp. 1 16-120.)

No. 29 in M.202.6.2
Haslinger, Carl.

Die Glocke, von Friedr. v. Schiller. Cantate. In Musik
gesetzt fiir Solo-Stimmen, Chor und Orchester von Carl
Haslinger. Clavier-Auszug. Wien. Haslinger [184-?]

No. 2 in M.391.44

Jesu Deus. Quartett and chorus, t. x. b. b. [Accomp. for

organ.] (In Novello. Motetts. Vol. 2, book 11, pp. 25-

27.) No. 42 in M.260.24.2

Kyrie, eleison. [t. t. b. b] (In Orpheus. Band 2, pp. 19.

20.) No. 56 in M.i2Qa.43-2

Missa a 4 voci, t. t. b. b. . . . Con cembalo giunto. Bonna.

Simrock. [184-?] No. 4 in M.222.45

O Salutaris. [t. x. b. b. Accomp. d'orgue.] (In Dietsch.

Repertoire de musique religieuse. Pp. 259-262.)

No. 52 in M.260.20
Hasse, C. F., editor.

Sacred music: partly ori.ginal and partly selected from the
works of . . . German composers. The vocal parts . . .
adapted to English words. The instrumental parts ar-
ranged for the piano forte. Leeds. Muff. [1829.] M.201.37

Contents. — Bergt : Christ is risen. — Schulz : Fix my heart. —
Roessler : Waft, waft, ye winds. — Jaeschke : Less than the least. —
Righini: Sometimes a light. — Hiller: O give thanks. — Hummel:
Life nor death. — Zumsteeg: My song shall bless. — Hasse : Blessed
are they. — Bergt: Whence this fruitless mourning? — Romberg:
The Lord shall send.— Schulz : My Saviour, I am thine.— Neukomni:
Lord, let Thy mercy. — Righini: Praise ye the Lord. — Knecht: O
send out thy light. — Gambold : The flow'rs of spring. — Roessler:
Hosanna to the living Lord.— Bergt: Days of gladness.— Naumann :
Sing to the Lord. — Gambold : Thou God of my salvation. — Zum-
steeg • Hear what God the Lord. — Gambold: Great author of my
being — Bergt : Praise the Lord. — Hasse : The mountains shall de-
part — Schulz : Christ is worthy. — Gambold : O what is Christ to

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