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• Unbend thy working mind. Catch [for 3 voices]. {In So-
cial harmony. P. 237.) No. i94in M.21S.21
The verdant leaves. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Vocal har-
monist's magazine. Vol. i, p. 30.) No. 4 in M.220.S

Hayes, William. (Continued.)

The very bees. Catch [for 3 voices]. {In Bland. The
Ladies' collection. Vol. i. p. 95.) No. 149 in M.235.17.1

Also to be found in Social harmony.
What's the mighty dispute? Canon [for 3 voices]. {In
Vocal harmonist's magazine. Vol. i, pp. 10, 11.)

No. 4 in M.220.5
When Chloe's kind. Round [for 3 voices]. {In Bland.
The Ladies' collection. Vol. i, p. 9.) No. 16 in M.235.17.1
Also to be found in Social harmony.
When Flora decks. Catch [for 3 voices]. {In Apollonian
harmony. Vol. I, p. 21.) No. 11 in M.141.21.1

Also to be found in Social harmony.
Who e'er has travell'd. Catch a 3 voci. {In dementi. Col-
lection of catches. Vol. 2, p. 15.)

No. 99 in M.110.1.2; No. 99 in M.iio.2.2
Also to be found in Turle and Taylor's The People's music book.
Winde, gentle evergreen. [Catch for 3 voices.] (/n Amuse-
ment for the ladies. Vol. 3, pp. 46, 47-) No. 14 in M.220.3.3
Also to be found in The Apollo; Apollonian harmony; Bland's The
Ladies' collection; dementi's Collection of catches; Collection of
glees and catches; Ditson's The Orphean lyre; Flowers of harmony;
The Harmonist ; Musical library ; Musical times [Music] ; Social har-
mony; Webbe, Jr.'s Convito armonico.
Would you sing a catch? Catch a 3 voci. {In Bland. The
Ladies' collection. Vol. i, p. 52.) No. 83 in M.235.17.1

Also to be found in dementi's Collection of catches ; Musical times
[Music] ; Social harmony ; Turle and Taylor's The People's music
book; Warren's Cocks's Hand-book of glees; Webbe, Jr.'s Convito
You beat your pate. Catch [for 3 voices]. {In Bland. The
Ladies' collection. Vol. i, p. 7.) No. 11 in M.235.17.1

Also to be found in Social harmony.
Hayes, William. Works about.

AvisoN, C. An essay on musical expression. Likewise, Mr.
Avison's Reply to the author of Remarks on the Essay
on musical expression. London. 1775. M.i2ga.i2

Hayley, William.

The triumph of music; a poem. Chichester. Seagrave.

1804. M. 122.28

Haym, Niccolo Francesco.

Teseo. Dramma tragico . . . Theseus; an opera . . . The

musick composed by Mr. Hendel. London. S. Buckley.

1 713. M.370.50

Words only, in Italian and English.

Haymaker's song, The. Part-song. Stewart, R. P.

No. 34inM.i57.4
Hay-makers. Trio. Behrend. No. 8 in M.204.36.6

Hayne, Leighton George.

Magnificat & Nunc dimittis, in F. [With organ accomp.]
London. Novello. [i860?]

No. 39 in M. 190.3; No. 3 in M.236.22
Ponder my words, O Lord. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.]
{In Ouseley. Special anthems. Vol. i, pp. 69-79.)

No. 10 in M.233.24.1
Hajmes, Battison, editor.

Mackenzie, A. C. The story of Sayid. No. 2 in M.155.32

Mee, J. H. Missa in B flat major. No. 2 in M.156.32

Hayter, Aaron Upjohn.

Church music. Boston. Ditson & Co. [1863.] M.100.7

Two copies.

Hayward, Tilly Brown, editor.

Musical Cabinet, The. M.235.26

Hazard, Marshall C, compiler.

Easter voices. A carol service. Boston. 1890.

No. 31 in M.158.15
Hazlewood, F.

Kevin's choice. An operetta. Music by T. A. Wallworth.

He and she. Song. Cowen. No. 12 in M. 192.11

He broke the idols. Chorus. Haydn, F. J. No. 18 in M.221.22.3
He comes ordained of yore. Part-song. Jackson, W., of Ma-
sham. No. 24 in M.175.1.4
He comes, the hero comes. Duet. Carey. No. 182 in M.215.21
He comes, the warrior boy. Song. Barnett, J. Lays of the
passions. M.244.20
He giveth His beloved sleep. Anthem. Havens.

No. 29 in M.190.3





He is all the world to me. Song. Bishop, H. R.

No. 44 in M.237.7
He is gone on the mountain. Coronach. Attwood.

No. 22 in M.23S.18.3
He is mine. Part-song. Moscheles. Tyrolese melodies. Vol. 2.

No. 13 in M.244.24.2
He is risen. Carol. Fay, H. No. 45 in M.158.15; etc.

He loves and rides away. Part-song. Watson, W. M.

No. 21 in M.121.3
He maketh wars to cease. Anthem. Callcott, W. H.

No. 29 in M.157.3
He promised me at parting. Song. Beethoven. Werke.
Serie 24. M.413.1.24

He's the man. Part-song. Zoellner, C. F.

No. 46 in M.392.27 ; etc.
He saith unto them. Anthem. Lassus. No. 19 in M.233.25.1

He sees and he believes. Chorus. Bishop, H. R.

No. 15 in M.221.22.1
He sent a thick darkness. Chorus. Handel. M.384.28

He shall come down like rain. Anthem. Buck, D. Motette
collection. Vol.2. No. 4 in M.ioo.4.2

He shall feed his flock. Anthem. Handel. No. 36 in M.290.22.1
He stoops to win. Opera. For the Music see Bendall. For

the Libretto see Bridgman.
He takes her hand. Trio. A Beckett, M. A. Agnes Sorel.

No. 10 in M.251.1
He that drinks is immortal. Catch.

Hilton. No. 28in M.110.2.1 ; etc.

PuRCELL, H. No. 23 in M.234.3.4

He that hath a pleasant face. Part-song. H.\tton.

No. 29 in M.195.1.12
He that is thy friend. Glee. Davy. No. 30 in M.iii.4.3

He that loves a rosy cheek. Glee. Jolly. Glees for three
and four voices . . . No. 3 in M.220.29

He that ruleth Israel. Aria. Gardiner, W. Sacred melodies.
Vol. 4. No. 8 in M.236.30.4

He was as the morning star. Anthem. Steggall.

No. 12 in M.233.24.2
He was despised. Anthem. Graun. No. 14 in m. 290.33; etc.

He was despised and rejected of men. Song. Handel.

No. 43 in M.290.22.1
He who trusts in ladies fair. Canon. Eisenhofer.

No. 20 in M.205.10.3; etc.
He will not always thus afflict. Song. Killer, F.

No. 31 in M.ig2.3
Head, Owen.

An evening song. [Part-song.] With triangle accompani-
ment. London. Jefferys. [187-? The Choral Society.]

No. 43 in M.121.3
Headless horseman. The. For pianoforte. Kelley.

No. 3 in M.380.10
Health to my dear. Glee. Spofforth. No. 18 in M.157.2; etc.
Health to our sov'reign. Glee. Shield.

No. i in M.i39a.i8.8; etc.
Health, A, to the brave. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 24.

Healy, Gabriel A.

The Nativity play, or Christmas cantata. New York. Sad-
lier & Co. 1885. Plates. M. 105.8

"[This play] is called a cantata because when first given, almost all the
parts were sung. It is ... a dramatic representation, interspersed with
tableaux, carols, and recitations, all relating to the . . . Nativity."
Heap, Charles Swinnerton.

Blessed be the Lord. Anthem for Advent. [Accomp. for

organ.] (In Novello's Collection of anthems. Vol. 0, pp.

164-183.) No. 13 in M.195.2.9

I cried unto the Lord. Anthem [s. s. a. t. b. Accomp. for

organ]. (In Novello's Collection of anthems. Vol. 10,

pp. 164-175.) No. 20 in M. 195.2. 10

If ye love Me. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] London.

Novello, Ewer & Co. 1878. No. 17 in M. 158.19

The maid of Astolat. Cantata. Written by Desmond L.

Ryan. Composed by C. S. Heap. London. London

Music Publishing Co. [1886.] 11.155.18

Heap, Charles Swinnerton. (Continued.)

The voice of Spring. Words by Mrs. Remans. Composed
for chorus & full orchestra by C. Swinnerton Heap. [Ac-
comp. for pianoforte.] London. Lucas, Weber & Co.
[1882.] No. I in M.204.ig

While the earth remaineth. Harvest thanksgiving anthem.
[Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of an-
thems. Vol. 9, pp. 69-80.) No. 5 in M.195'2-9

Hear Father, hear our prayer. Anthem. Bauer, T.

No. 18 in M.190.1

Hear, Holy power. Part-song. Auber. No. 33 in M.235.7.1 ; etc.

Hear me, O God. Aria. Ciampi. No. 23 in M.236.30.3

Hear me, O Lord. Anthem.

Mudie. Sacred songs. No. 9 in M.280.30

Novello, V. No. 12 in M.290.9.2

Hear me, on my advice relying. Duet. A Beckett, M. A.
.^gnes Sorel. No. 7 in M.251.1

Hear me when I call. Anthem.

Benson. No. 18 in M.157.29

HoRSLEY, W. No. 38 in M.157.28.2

Hear my crsring. Anthem. Astorga. No. 17 in M.290.33

BoYCE. Services and anthems. Vol. 3. M.233.3.3

Holder. A collection of catches. No. 4 in M.120.31

Weldon, J. No. 15 in M.233.23.3

Hear my prayer. Anthem.

Bexfield. Church anthems. M.234.15

Calkin. No. 16 in M.290.14

Croft. Thirty select anthems. Vol. 2. M.233.6.2

Haydn, J. M. No. 33 in M.157.28.1

Norris, C. No. 37 in M.157.3

Southard. Morning and evening. No. 31 in M.190.7; etc.

Hear my prayer, and let my cry. Chorus. Farmer.

No. 14 in

Hear my prayer, O God. Anthem.
Batten. No. i 2 in M.233.23.3 ; etc.

Greene, M. Forty select anthems. Vol. 2. M.233.7.a

Kent. No. 44 in M.290.22.1 ; etc.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. No. 4 in M.243.1; etc.

Parsons, C. Cathedral music. M.233.11

Hear my prayer, O Lord. Anthem.

Croft. Thirty select anthems. Vol. i. M.233.6.I

Dupuis, T. S. No. 7 in M.290.22.1

Hayes, W. Catches, glees and canons. Vol. 2.

No. 2 in M.220.5
Holder. A collection of catches. No. 4in M.120.31

Lambillotte. No. 12 in

Lassus. No. 25 in M.233.25.3

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. No. 14 in M.204.36.3

Pergolesi. No. 6 in M.290.29.1

Stroud. No. 15 in M.195.2.7

Winter, P. voN. No. 19 in M.290.9.1 ; etc.

Hear, O God, hear my cry. Anthem. Friedlaender, A. M.

No. 13 in M.195.2.15

Hear, O heav'ns. Anthem. Humfrey. No. 26 in M.233.23.3; etc.

Hear, O Lord. Anthem. Goss, J. No. 16 in M.195.2.4

King, C. No. i in M.157.3; etc.

Marston. No. 10 in M.158.18

Watson, W. M. No. 26 in M.158.20

Hear, O Lord, and consider. Anthem. Greene, M. Forty
select anthems. Vol. 2. M.233.7.2

Hear, O Lord, and have mercy. Anthem. Ouseley.

No. II in M. 195.2.8

Hear, O Thou shepherd of Israel. Anthem.
Bortnyanski. No. 39 in M.157.3

Clarke-Whitfeld. No. 16 in M.195.2.10 ; etc.

Jackson, W., of Masham. Church music. M.234.g

Walmisley. Cathedral music. M.233.16

Hear! oh kind and gracious Saviour. Anthem. Rossini.

No. 13 in M.290.9.1
Hear, sweet spirit. Part-song. Smart, H. No. 2 in M.156.4; etc.
Hear the voice and prayer. Anthem. Tallis.

No. 7 in M.233.25.3
Hear, Thou shepherd of Israel. Anthem. Beckwith.

No. 18 in M.ii 1.4.2





Hear us, O Lord. Canon. Smart, G. T. Collection of glees . . .

No. ID in M.235.8

Here what God the Lord. Hymn. Novello, V.

No. 19 in M.17S.1.1

Hear what God the Lord hath spoken. Anthem. Zumsteeg,

J. R. No. 21 in M.201.37

Hear when I call. Anthem. Ebdon. Sacred music. M.233.15

Hear ye, and give ear. Anthem. Steggall.

No. 6inM.i90.8;etc.
Hear, ye gods of Britain. Song. Purcell, H. Beaitties of
Purcell. Vol. i. M.221.2

Hearken to thy faithful swain. Madrigal. Morales.

No. 30 in M.237.15; etc.
Hearken unto my voice, O Lord. Anthem. Parsons, C. Ca-
thedral music. M.233.11
Hearken unto this, O man. Anthem. Kent. Anthems. Vol. 2.

Heart and voice. Criticism. Glasgow. M.104.41

Heart, The, of Mid-Lothian. Opera. For the Music see

Bishop, H. R. For the Libretto see Terry.
Heart, The, of thy Norah. Ballad. Linley, G. [Songs.]
Vol. I. No. 10 in M.235.19.1

Heart, the seat of soft delight. Song. Handel.

No. 27 in M.23S.18.2
Hearts feel that love Thee. Anthem. Mendelssohn-Bar-
THOLDY, J. L. F. No. 9 in M.204.36.2

Heartwell, Henry, editor.

Attwood. The Castle of Sorrento. No. 2 in M.395.2

Heartz, Harry Lawson.

Cap of fortune. Opera. See his The show girl.
Miladi and the musketeer. A romantic extravaganza by
R. A. Barnet. Music by Harry Lawson Heartz, with
additional numbers by George Lowell Tracy, Edward W.
Corliss, D. K. Stevens, and R. G. Morse. [Accomp. for
pianoforte.] Boston. White-Smith Music Publishing Co.
I goo. M.402.24

Miss Simplicity. A musical comedy by R. A. Barnet. Music
by H. L. Heartz, with additional numbers by E. W. Cor-
liss and Clifton Crawford. Lyrical assistance by Edw. A.
Church and D. K. Stevens. [Pianoforte accomp.] Bos-
ton. White-Smith Music Publishing Co. 1901. M.381.23
The show girl. A musical play. Book by R. A. Barnet.
Lyrical collaborator, D. K. Stevens. Music by H. L.
Heartz, E. W. Corliss. Additional numbers by M. V,'.
Daniels and L. S. Thompson. [Vocal score with piano-
forte accomp.] Boston. White-Smith Publishing Co.
1902. M.382.30

The title on the cover is: Cap of fortune. The show girl.


Hey down, down, down. Song [t., with a bass part added].
(In Smith. Musica antiqua. Pp. 33-35) M.236.10

From a copy of about the year 1550.
Heath, Charles.

Beauties of the opera and ballet. London. Bogue. [1845.]
Illus. 10 portraits. M.123.9

Heathcote, Gilbert.

Charity. Glee. Oxford. Hardy. [181-?] No. 45 in M.235.14
Heather-belles. Cantata. For the Music see Roeckel, J. L.

For the Libretto see Roberts, Mrs. M. A.
Heathorn, Thomas Bridges.

The battle of love. Operetta. Music by Luigi Golfieri.

Heavenly Branch. Aria. Tuerk. No. 18 in M.290.29.6

Heavenly children. Part-song. Weinzierl. No. 8 in M.203.22
Heavenly Father, grant Thy blessing. Anthem. Salter.

No. 41 in M.I 58.19
Heavenly hill. The. Song. Davenport, A. No. 29 in M.290.12
Heavenly peace on earth is resting. Part-song. Wilm.

No. 27 in M.203.29
Heavens, The, are telling. Anthem- Haydn, F. J.

No. 40 in M.290.22.2
Heavens, The, declare. Anthem.

Boyce. Services and anthems. Vol. 2. M.233.3.2

Croft. Thirty select anthems. Vol. 2. M.233.6.2

Heavens, The, declare. Anthem. (Continued.)

Marcello, B. No. 29 in M.iii.4.2

Webbe, S. Eight anthems. No. i in M.234.7

Heb' auf dein blondes Haupt. Song. Wolf, H. Italienisches

Liederbuch. Band I. M.380.29.1

Hebbel, Christian Friedrich.

Nachtlied. Componirt von Robert Schumann.

No. 4 in M.280.49
Schon Hedwig. Gedicht. Componirt von Ferdinand Killer.

No. I in M.380.7
Hebenstreit, M.

Doctor Faust's Hauskappchen oder Die Rauberherberge im
Walde. Posse in 3 Acten [von Friedrich Hopp. Musik
von M. Hebenstreit. Partitur. Manuscript. 1843?].

Heber, Reginald.

Palestine. A sacred oratorio. The music by W. Crotch.

Hebert, Marcel.

Evolution sentimentale de Richard Wagner. Paris. Cher-

noviz. 1896. No. 2 in M.373.29

Tetralogie, Tristan et Iseult, Parsifal. Trois moments de

la pensee de Richard Wagner. Paris. Fischbacher. 1894.

No. 2 in M.197.18
Hebraeische Lied. Song. Rubinstein. Zwolf Lieder. Op. 78.

No. 17 in M. 193.5
Hebrew music. See Jews. Music.

Hebriden, Die. Overture. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F.
Die Fingals-Hoehle. No. 2 in M.346.14

Hebrides. Music.

McDonald, P., compiler. A collection of Highland vocal
airs, never hitherto published. Added, a few of the most
lively country dances or reels, of the North Highlands &
Western Isles: and some specimens of bag-pipe music.
Edinr. [1784.] No. i in M.380.42

Hecht, Eduard.

Be strong to hope, oh heart. A trio [s. s. a. Accomp. for
pianoforte], (/n Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. 4,
pp. 104-111.) No. I3in M.204.36.4

The charge of the Light brigade. Chorus, with . . . piano-
forte. (In Novello's Part-song book. 2d series. Vol. 15,
pp. 62-74.) No. i2inM.i95.i.i5

Du soUst willkommen sein. [Mannerchor.] (In Abt.
Deutsche Sangerhalle. Vol. i, pp. 94-96.)

No. 33 in M.392.42.1
Eric the Dane. A dramatic cantata. The libretto by Robert
McLean. The music by Edward Hecht. [Accomp. for
pianoforte.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [1882.]

No. I in M.194.14

Studenten-Standchen [t. T. B. B.]. (In Abt. Leichte M.Hn-

nerchore. Heft 14, pp. 19-21.) No. 88 in M.246.32

Two lovers. A four-part song. (In Novello's Part-song

book. 2d series. Vol. 17, pp. 38-45-) No. 7 in M.195.1.17

Hecht, Gustav.

Schon Elsabeth. Marchen fiir Solostimmen und Chor mit
Begleitung des Orchesters oder Pianoforte. Dichtung
nach Wilhelm Jensen von Franz Heese. Componirt von
G. Hecht. Clavierauszug. Bremen. Praeger & Meier.
[188-?] No. 3 in M.IS5.25

Hecht, Das, im Karpfenteich. Part-song. Kuntze.

No. 31 in M.392.14

Heck, Johann Caspar.

A complete system of harmony; or, a regular and easy
method to attain a fundamental knowledge and practice
of thorough bass. [London.] The author. [178-?]

No. 2 in M. 205.3
Hecuba. Song. Rubinstein. No. 4in M.351.26

Hecube. Opera. For the Music see Fontenelle, G. de. For

the Libretto see Milcent.
Hedberg, Franz Teodor.

Den bergtagna. Bergkonig's Braut. Romantisk opera.
Musiken af Ivar Hallstrom. M.325.3

Hedda. Opera. For the Music see Le Borne. For the Li-
bretto see Ferrier.





Hedenblad, Ivar.

Necken. (Der Neck.) Dikt af J. E. Stagnelius. (Dentsch

von O. F. Hedstrom.) Komponerad for sopran solo,

kor och orkester af Ivar Hedenblad. Klaverutdrag.

Stockholm. Bagge. 1885. No. 4 in M.391.44

Hedouin, Pierre.

Mosaique: peintres, musiciens, litterateurs, artistes dra-
matiques. Paris. Heugel. 1856. Portrait. M.371.6

Hedstroem, O. F., translator.

Hedenblad. Necken. No. 4 in M.391.44

Heerbannlied. Part-song. Rheinberger, J. G. Vier deutsche
Gesange. No. 4 in 1*1.392.22

Heermann, Gottlob Ephraim.

Der Abend im Walde. Eine comische Oper. In die Musiki
gesetzt von Ernst Wilhelm Wolf. No. 2 in M.3S0.23

Die Dorfdeputirten. Eine komische Oper. In Musik ge-
setzt von Ernst Wilhelm Wolf. No. i in 11.350.21
Das Rosenfest. Eine Operette. In Musik gesetzt von
Ernst Wilhelm Wolf. M.3S0.24; No. 2 in M.350.21
Heermann, Hugo, editor.

Schumann, R. A. Traumerei. No. 3 in M.344.18

Heerschau, Die. Opera. For the Music see Eberv^ein.
Heese, Franz.

Schon Elsabeth. Marchen. Componirt von G. Hecht.

No. 3 in M.155.2S
Heftrich, Georg.

Zigeuner-Quartett, fiir vier Mannerstimmen mit Begleitung
des Pianoforte. Op. 93. Leipzig. Schuberth. [18S-?]

No. 12 in M.212.6
Hegar, Friedrich.

Concert fiir die Violine mit Begleitung des Orchesters.
Op. 3- [Partitur.] Offenbach a. M. Andre. [1864?]

No. 6 in M.336.11

Drei Gedichte . . . Fur Mannerchor. Op. 8. Offenbach a.

U. Andre. [1866?] No. 38 in M.392.10

Contents. — Nebeltag. — Reutti im Winkel. — Bundeslied.

Egyptian desert march. [Part song, t. t. b. b.] (/h The

Osgood collection of part-songs. Vol. i, pp. 22-34.)


Fest-Ouverture, fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 25. Orchester-

Partitur. Leipzig. Hug & Co. [189-?] No. i in M.358.16

In den Alpen. [Mannerchor.] Op. 11. S«hleusingcn.

Glaser. [1876? Preis-Compositionen des Badiscben

Sangerbundes.] No. 8 in M.392.36; No. 51 in M.392.8

Manasse. Dramatisches Gedicht von Joseph Victor Wid-

mann. Fiir Solostimmen, Chor und Orchester kompo-

niert von Friedrich Hegar. Klavierauszug. Leipzig.

Hug. [1893.] No. I inM.15s.i9

Hegelingenfahrt. Cantata. For the Music see Sturm, V.''.

No. 3 in M.203.23
Hehemann, Max.

Edward Elgar, Der Traum des Gerontius fiir Mezzosopran,
Tenor- und Basssolo, Chor und Orchester. Op. 38. Er-
lautert. Leipzig. Seemann. [1903. Der Musikfiihrer.]

No. 18 in M.217.12.11
Johann Sebastian Bach, Der Streit zwischen Phobus und
Fan. Dramma per musica. Erlautert. Leipzig. See-
mann. [1903. Der Musikfiihrer.] No. 19 in M.217.12.11
Theodor Miiller-Reuter, Hackelberends Begriibnis fiir Chor
und grosses Orchester komponirt und Richard .Strauss
gewidmet. Op. 24. Erlautert. Leipzig. Seemann. [1901?
Der Musikfiihrer.] No. 15 in M.217.12.11

Hehre heilige Musik. Cantata. For the Music see Schulz, A.

For the Libretto see Lueneburg.
Heiberg, Johan Ludvig.

Elverhoi. Skuespil. Sat i Musik . . . af Fr Kuhlau.

Fata Morgana. Romantisk Drama. Med Musik af P. Heise.

No. 2 in M.394.33
Heidegger, John James.
Antiochus. An opera . . . London. J. Tonson. 1712.


Words only, in English and Italian.

Ernelinda. An opera . . . London. J. Tonson. 1713.

Words only, in Italian and English. M.370.S5

Heidegger, John James, translator.

Rossi, G. Hercole. M.370.47

Heidenroslein. Part-song. Hauptmann, M. Sechs Lieder

von Goethe. No. i in M.157.22

Schubert, F. P. Drei Lieder eingerichtet von Robert Mii-

siol. No. IS in M.392.37; etc.

Schumann, R. A. Romanzen und Balladen fiir Chor.

No. 4 in M.I58.24; etc.
Heidenroeslein. Song. Schubert, F. P. Siimmtliche Com-
positionen. M.244.i2;etc.

Taubert, C. G. W. Sechs deutsche Lieder. 5. Werk.

No. I in M.23I.26
Heidingsfeld, Ludwig.

Konig Lear. Dramatische Sinfonie in 3 Satzen. Op. 8.
Partitur. Breslau. Hainauer. [188-?] No. 2 in M.343.5
Der Todtentanz. Charakteristisches Tongemalde fiir
grosses Orchester. Op. 9. Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf
& Hartel. [1878.] No. i in M.336.12

Zwei Zigeunertanze fiir kleines Orchester. Op. S- Parti-
tur. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [1878.]

No. 2 in M.336.13
Heidrich, Maximilian.

Olympia. Concert-Ouverture fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 3.
Partitur. Leipzig. Dorffel. [188-?] No. 3 in M.344.32
Symphonic in D moll fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 6. Par-
titur. Manuscript. [187-?] M.331.25
Heigel, Caesar Max.

Der Vampyr. Romantische Oper. In Musik gesetzt . . .
von P. Lindpaintner. M.232.38

Heigel, Theodor.

Kain. Componirt von Max Zenger. No. 7 in M.391.60

Heigh ho! Catch. Webbe, S. No. 6 in M.141.21.1; etc.

Heighington, Musgrave.

Six select odes of Anacreon in Greek and three of Horace
in Latin, set to music [s. or T., with orchestral accomp.].
London. Simpson. [1760.] M.340.23

Heijblom, Alexander W. A.

Banierzang. Gedicht van A. M. de Cock. (Deutsche Ueber-

setzung von Ad. Grimminger.) Voor Mannenkoor en

orkest, door Alex. W. A. Heijblom. Klavieruittreksel.

Amsterdam. Roothaan. 1874. No. 4 in M.270.45

Heije, Jan Pieter.

Albrecht Belling. (Dramatisch fragment.) Gecomponeerd

. . . door Frans Coenen. No. 4 in M. 391.35

Heije, Jan Pieter, editor.

Drie madrigalen van Cornells Schuyt (1600). Twee chan-
sons van Jan Pieters Sweelinck, (1598). Bewerkt door
Robert Eitner. Klavieruittreksel. Amsterdam. Root-
haan. 1873. [Maatschappij tot bevordering der toon-
kunst. Vereeniging voor nederlandsche muziekgeschie-
denis.] No. i in M.415.2

Bibliography, pp. 9-1 1.

Sweelinck. Acht zes-stemmige psalmen. No. 2 in M.415.2
„Heil dir, Gottin des Gesanges." Cantata. For the Music see

Krebs. For the Libretto see Boesigk.
Heil dir, mein Vaterland. Part-song. Kuhn, E. 3 Gesange.

No. 7 in M.392.15
Heil dir, O Preussenland. Part-song. Fluegel, G.

No. 28 in M.203.7
Heil dir, O Vaterland. Part-song. Abt, F. Acht patriotische

Lieder. No. 12 in M.392.2

Heil und Trost ist uns erschienen. Anthem. Lindpaintner,

P. J. 24 Psalmen. No. 6 in M.2go.30

Heil'ge Nacht. Part-song. Baldamus. Beliebte und empfeh-

lenswerthe Mannerchore. No. 2 in M.203.11

Heilig. Anthem. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Werke.

Serie 14, Abtheilung c. M.413.3.14C

Heilig, heilig, heilig ist Er. Cantata. For the Music see

Zumsteeg J. R.
Heilig ist Gott. Motet. Bach, C. P. E. No. 29 in M.202.6.3

Heilige Bonifacius, Der. Cantata. For the Music see Koenen.

For the Libretto see Schuermann.
Heilige Elisabeth, Die. Oratorio. For the Music see Mueller,

H. F.
Heilige Kleeblatt, Das. Opera. For the Music see Grosheim.

I 71





Heilige Nacht, Die. Cantata. For the Music see Gade. For

the Libretto see Platen-Hallermund.
Heiligen drei Konige, Die. Part-song. Kloberg. Vier Quar-
tette. No. II in M.392.13
Heilmar, der Narr. Opera. For the Music see Kienzl.
Heilmittel, Das. Opera. For the Music see Herold, L. J. F.

For the Libretto see Scribe.
Heim, Ignaz.
Abendruhe. [Miinnerchor.] (In Eidgenossischer Sanger-
verein. Wettgesange bei dem 11. . . . Sangerfeste. Pp.
19, 20.) No. 9 in M.130.7

Abschied vom Vaterland. Mannerchor. (In Eidgenossi-
scher Sangerverein. Wettgesange bei dem 11. . . . San-
gerfeste. P. 36.) No. 9 in M.130.7
Auf deinen Hohen. [Mannerchor.] (/n Eidgenossischer
Sangerverein. Wettgesange bei dem 12. . . . Sangerfeste.
P. 38.) No. 8 in M.130.7
Catschadur dellas Alps. [Mannerchor.] (In Eidgenossi-
scher Sangerverein. Wettgesange bei dem 12. . . . San-
gerfeste. P. 30.) No. 8 in M.130.7
Gruss der Heimat. [Mannerchor.] (In Eidgenossischer
Sangerverein. Wettgesange bei dem 12. . . . Sangerfeste.
P. 8.) No. 8 in M.130.7
Heimweh. [Mannerchor.] (In Eidgenossischer Sanger-
verein. Wettgesange bei dem 11. . . . Sangerfeste. P. 24.)

No. 9 in M.130.7
Also to be found in Same, 12. Sangerfeste; Das Rutli.
Heinrich von Ofterdingen. [Mannerchor.] (In Stuttgarter
Liederkranz. Mannerchor-AIbum. Pp. 32, 33.)

No. S in M.203.22
Krieges Tod. Mannerchor. (In Eidgenossischer Sanger-
verein. Wettgesange bei dem 12. . . . Sangerfeste. Pp.
24, 25.) No. 8 in M.130.7

Lebewohl. [Mannerchor.] (In Kantonal-Siingerfest, Wyl.
Mannerchore fiir das 6. . . . Sangerfest. Pp. 7, 8.)

No. 5 in M.130.7
Ligia grischa. [Mannerchor.] (In Eidgenossischer Sanger-
verein. Wettgesange bei dem 11. Sangerfeste. P. 23.)

No. 9 in M.130.7
Oybin. [Mannerchor.] (In Kantonal-Siingerfest, Wyl.
Mannerchore fiir das 6. . . . Sangerfest. P. 6.)

No. 5 in M.130.7
Sangerspruch. [Mannerchor.] (In Das Riitli. P. 114.)

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