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W. A. Barrett. Music by M. W. Balfe. [Accomp. for
pianoforte.] London. Cramer & Co. [1882.] M.2S5.31

Der Mulatte. Romantische Oper in 3 Acten. Nach dem
Englischen des Alfred Bunn von J. C. Grunbaum. Musik
von M. W. Balfe. Vollstandiger Clavierauszug. Wien.
Mechetti. [185-?] M.261.11

My native land. [Bravura song, s. or x. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] Boston. Ditson&Co. [185-?] No. 5 in M.192.9.2

Norah, darling, don't believe them. Irish ballad [x. Ac-
comp. for pianoforte]. Boston. Ditson & Co. [186-?]

No. 6 in M.192.9.2

"O take me to thy heart again." Song [a. Accomp. for
pianoforte]. London. Davison. [185-?] No. 8 in M.192.9.2

O weep not, lady. [Song, bar. Accomp. for pianoforte.]
Boston. Ditson&Co. [185-?] No. 7 in M.192.9.2

O what full delight. Final rondo [and chorus from the Bo-
hemian girl]. London. Chappell. [184-?]

No. 12 in M.235.7.2

One smile from thee. Song [a. or bar. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. Boston. Ditson&Co. [185-?] No. 9 in M.192.9.2

Pealing chimes. Four part song. London. Hutchings &
Romer. [185-?] No. 2 in M. 157.23

The power of love. Part-song. Arranged by W. H. Birch.
(In The Choralist. Vol. i, pp. 33-36.) No. 11 in M.157.S.1

Le puits d'amour. Opera comique en 3 actes. Paroles de
Scribe et de Leuven [pseud.]. Musique de M. W. Balfe.
[Partition. Paris. 1843.] M.261.13

Same. Partition piano et chant. Paris. Bernard-Latte.
[1843?] M.362.15

The Puritan's daughter, an opera in 3 acts. The libretto by
J. V. Bridgeman, the music by M. W. Balfe. [Accomp.
for pianoforte.] London. Addison, Hollier & Lucas.
[1861?] M.261.2

The quadroon girl. Song [a. or b. Accomp. for pianoforte].
London. Boosey & Co. [186-?] No. 19 in M.i92.9.a

The reaper and the flowers. [Song, a. or b. Accomp. for
pianoforte.] Boston. Ditson & Co. [186-?]

No. 17 in M.192.9.2

The rose of Castille, opera, in 3 acts, written by A. Harris
& E. Falconer [pseud.], the music ... by M. W. Balfe.





Balfe, Michael William. (Continued.)

[Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Cramer & Co. [1857?]


The rowan tree. [Song, a. or b. Accomp. for pianoforte.]

Boston. Ditson & Co. [189-?] No. 16 in M. 192.9.2

The sands of Dee. ISong, s. or t. Accomp. for pianoforte.]

London. Boosey & Co. [186-?] No. 15 in M.192.9.2

Satanella; or, the power'of love. Romantic opera in 4 acts.

Written by E. Falconer [pseud.] & A. Harris. Composed

by M. W. Balfe. [Vocal score.] London. Boosey. [1858.]


Si tu savais, "Didst tkou but know." Romance [t. Accomp.

for pianoforte]. London. Davison & Co. [186-?]

No. 10 in M.ig2.g.2
The music is the same as in Coulds't thou but know.

The Sicilian bride. [Overture, airs, duets, songs, etc. Piano-

II parts in

forte accomp.] London. Chappell. I187-

I v.

The words are by Alfred Bunn.

The siege of Rochelle, a grand opera. The poetry by E.
Fitzball [pseud.]. Composed . . . by M. W. Balfe. [Ac-
comp. for piano.] London. Cramer, Beale & Co. [1836?]


The sleeping queen, comic opera in 2 acts. Written by
Henry Farnie. Composed by M. W. Balfe. [Accomp. for
pianoforte.] London. Cramer & Co. [1863.] M.261.10

"Smile, O heaven, upon the day!" Chorus from "Satanella."

[Accomp. for pianoforte. London. Boosey & Co. 186-?]

No. 68 in M. 157.5.2; No. 13 in M.157.1

The spirit of light. Cavatina [s. or x. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. Boston. Ditson & Co. [186-?] No. 18 in M.192.9.2

The sun upon the silent hills. [Song, s. or t. Accomp. for
pianoforte.] Boston. Ditson & Co. [185-?]

No. 20 in M.192.9.2

Sweet blossom of parental joy. Duet [s. t.] in the opera
The siege of Rochelle. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Bos-
ton. Ditson. [185-?] No. II in M.ig2.9.2

Sweetheart. A bird's song [s. or x. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. Boston. Ditson & Co. [186-?] No. 12 in M.192.9.2

II talismano (The talisman), or the Knight of the leopard.
A grand romantic opera in 3 acts. English libretto by
Arthur Matthison. Italian translation by Sigr. Zaffira.
Music by M. W. Balfe. [Accomp. for piano.] New York.
Pond & Co. 1874. M.261.5

Then lady, wake. [Song, i. Accomp. for pianoforte.] Bos-
ton. Ditson & Co. [185-?] No. 21 in M.192.9.2

Threads of gold. Ballad [s. or x. Accomp. for pianoforte].
Boston. Ditson & Co. [186-?] No. 22 in M.192.9.2

Through wood and through forest. Hunting glee [x. x. b. b.],
in the opera of The bondman. London. Chappell. [184-?]

No. 29 in M.235.7.2

Till thou sought'st my happy cot. Ballad [x.] from The
maid of honor. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston. Oakes.
[185-?] No. 23 in M.192.9.2

To me the world's an open book. [Song, a. or b. Accomp.
for pianoforte.] Boston. Ditson & Co. [185-?]

No. 24 in M.192.9.2

'Twas he, my only thought. Ballad [s.] in the opera Bianca
the bravo's bride. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London
Boosey. [186-?] No. 25 in M.192.9.2

'Twas in that garden beautiful. [Song, s.] In The siege of
Rochelle. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston. Ditson.
[i^S-?] No. 26 in M.192.9.2

Die vier Haimons Kinder; komische Oper in 3 Aufziigen
nach dem Franzosischen der Herrn Leiiven [Pseud.] u.
Brunswick [Pseud.] von F. Ritter von Seyfried. Musik
von Balfe. [Partitur.] Manuscript. [184-?] 2 v. M.230.6

Same. Komische Oper in 3 Acten, nach dem Franzosischen
. . . von J. Kupelwiser. Musik von M. W. Balfe. [Cla-
vierauszug.] Wien. Diabelli & Co. [184-?] M.261.14

We may be happy yet. Ballad [s. or x.] in The daughter of
St. Mark. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston. Ditson &
Co. [185-?] No. 27 in M.192.9.2

What's a tear? Ballad [s. or x. Accomp. for pianoforte]
Boston. Ditson & Co. [186-?] No. 28 in M.192.9.2


Balfe, Michael William. (Continued.)

Woman's heart. Romance [s. or x.] in The enchantress.
[Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston. Ditson. [186-?]

No. 29 in M.192.9.2

Write to me. [Song, x. Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston.

Ditson. [185-?] No. 30 in M.192.9.2

Yon moon o'er the mountain. Romance [s. or x. Accomp.

for pianoforte]. New York. Atwill. [184-?]

„. „. No. 31 in M.192.9.3

Die Zigeuner. See his The Bohemian girl.
Balfe, Michael William. Works about.

Barrexx, W. a. Balfe: his life and work. London. 1882.
Portraits. Plates. M.I26.2I

Kenney, C. L. a memoir of Michael William Balfe. Lon-
don. 1875. Portrait. Plate. Facsimile. M.105.6

Neumann, W. William Balfe. . . . Cassel. 1856. Portrait.

c T TT T T, . . No. 3 in M.20S.1S

bx. Leger, H. J. Reminiscences of Balfe. London. [1870.]

Ball, Edward.

The devil's eli.xir. The music by G. Herbert Rodwell.

No. 2 in M.391.56
Joan of Arc, a grand opera. Composed . . . by M. W. Balfe.

The Lord of the Isles. The music by G. Herbert Rodwell.

Lurline. Grand romantic opera. Composed by W. V. Wal-

rT^}^^^' M.294.I3

The maid of honor. [Music by Balfe.] M.391.1

Maritana, a grand opera, in three acts, by Edward Fitzball

[pseud.]. The music by W. V. Wallace . . . London

Johnson. [184-?] No. Sin M.145.25

Libretto only. ^•' •'

Same. The music by M. V. Wallace. M.294.9

[Paul Clifford.] The music ... by G. Herbert Rodwell

and John Blewitt. No. 2 in M.390.40

Raymond & Agnes, a grand opera. The music by Edward J.

Loder. M.356.30

The robber's bride. A grand opera. Composed by Ferdi-

nand Ries. M.264.11

She stoops to conquer, an opera. Composed by G A Mac-
^/arren. M.263.27

The siege of Rochelle, a grand opera. Composed bv

M W. Balfe. ^.261.4

Uncle Grayling, or Queen of the Thames, or the anglers.

Operetta. The music by J. S. Hatton. M.292.22

Ball, Edward, translator.

Scribe, A. E. [The crown jewels.] No. 11 in M-id": 2":

Ball, J. Meredith. ^^ *

A poor soul sat sighing. [Part-song.] London. Jefferys

r,iJt^m^ 1 No.36inM.i2i.3

Ball, T. Hanly.

Sketch of Handel and Beethoven. London. Skeet. 1864.

Ball, William. "'''''•'^

Hymn of the night, a sacred work. The music by Sigismund

Neukomm. No. 5 in M.221.IS

Ball, William, editor.

The musical gem; a souvenir for 1833. Edited by N Mori

and W. Ball. M.158.2

Ball, William, translator.

MoscHELES, I., editor. The Tyrolese melodies. M.244.24

Ballabile. For orchestra. Boekelman. No. 4 in M.358.22

Ballad, The, of a knight and his daughter. Chorus. For the
Music see Parker, H. W. For the Librexxo see Stolberg-
Ballad of the weaver. Part-song. Haxxon. No. 46 in M.121.3; etc.
Ballad singer, The. Song. Linley, G. [Songs.] Vol. i. '

No. 13 in M.235.19.1

Ballade. For orchestra. Glazunov. No. i in M.406.12

PiRANi. No. 3 in M.406.56

Ballade de la reine Marguerite de Valois. Song. Meyerbeer.

40 melodies. No. i in M.1S7.38

Ballade de minuit. For violoncello. S^ligmann.

No. 8 in M.2I0.6; etc»




Ballade des Harfners. Song. Schumann, R. A. Lieder . . .
aus Wilhelm Meister. No. ii in M.244.15.3; etc.

Ballade et polonaise de concert. For violin. Vieuxtemps.

No. 3 in M.410.4

Ballade serbe. Song. Vaucorbeil. Melodies. M.213.25

Ballade vom Haideknaben. Song. Schumann, R. A. Werke.

Serie 13, Band 4. M.316.1.13.4

Balladine et Casquenfer. Opera. For the Music see Barbier,

F. £. For the Libretto see Blondelet.

See also Songs. With music.

Bach. A. B. The art ballad: Loewe and Schubert. Edin-
burgh. 1890. M. 107.18
Chappell, W. a collection of national English airs, con-
sisting of ancient song, ballad & dance tunes. The airs
harmonized by W. Crotch, G. A. Macfarren, and J. Augus-
tine Wade. [London.] 1839, 40. 2 v. M. 121. 16
Chopin, F. F. Balladen fiir das Pianoforte. Werke. Band i.

Christie, W., editor. Traditional ballad airs. Arranged
for the pianoforte and harmonium, from copies in Aber-
deen, Banff and Moray, by W. Christie, M.A., and the late
Wm. Christie, Monquhitter. Edinburgh. 1876, 81. 2 v.


Jewitt, L., editor. The ballads & songs of Derbyshire. With

illustrative notes . . . London. 1867. M.103.15

La Villemarque, T. C. H. H. de. Ballads and songs of

Brittany. By Tom Taylor. Translated from the "Barsaz-

breiz." With some melodies harmonized by Mrs. Tom

Taylor. London. 1S65. M.106.4

RiMBAULT, E. F. Musical illustrations of Bishop Percy's

Reliques of ancient English poetry. A collection of old

ballad tunes, &c. London. 1850. M.123.7

Ballande, Hilarion.

La parole, ou I'art de dire et d'exprimer applique a la cause-
rie, au professorat a la lecture a haute voix . . . Paris.
Dentu. 1868. M. 198.4

Ballard, Charles.

L'album d'un jaloux. {In Foyer de I'Opera. Tome 2, pp.

35^-142.) M.i29a.5.2

Bcdlerina amante. La. Opera. For the Music see Cimarosa.


Adice, G. L. Theorie de la gymnastique de la danse thea-

trale. Paris. 1859. M.121.29

Blaze, F. H. J. La danse et les ballets, depuis Bacchus

jusqu'a Taglioni. Par Castil-Blaze. Paris. 1832. M. 129.26

Heath, C. Beauties of the opera and ballet. London.

[1845] M.123.9

Ballet-comique, Le, de la reine. Opera. For the Music see

Baltazarini. For the Libretto see La Chesnaye.
Ballet d'autrefois. Duets. For the Music see Godard, B. L. P.

For the Libretto see Boyer.
Ballet de la reine.

Celler, L. Les origines de I'opera et le Ballet de la reine

(1581). Paris. 1868. M.I29.33

Ballet girl. The. Opera. For the Music see Kiefert. For the

Libretto see Tanner.
Ballet music.

See also Pantomimes.

Adam, Adolphe C. Giselle, ou, les wills. Ballet pantomime
en 2 actes . . . [Partition reduite pour le piano.] M.404.37
Baltazarini. Ballet comique de la royne. [Choix de pieces
dans le ballet. Partition.] {In Deldevez. Fondation de
I'opera en France.) No. i in M.356.11

Banes, A. Zilda. Divertissement-ballet en i acte de Paul
Bilhaud. Musique de A. Banes. [Partition piano.]

No. 3 in M.255.33

Bayer, J. Der Kinder Weihnachtstraum. Ballet in i Acte

u. mehreren Bildern von Robert Koller. Musik von Josef

Bayer. Clavierauszug. No. i in M.255.42

Rouge et noir. Ballet in i Acte und 3 Bildern. Cla-
vierauszug. No. 2 in M.255.42

Sonne und Erde. Ballet in vier Abtheilungen, und eilf

Ballet music. (Continued.)

Bildern von J. Hassreiter und F. Gaul. Musik von Josef
Bayer. [Klavier-Auszug.] No. i in M.384.1

Ein Tanz-Marchen. Grosses Ballet in i Vorspiel, 3

Abtheilungen und 15 Bildern, von J. Hassreiter und F.
Gaul. Musik von Josef Bayer. Clavierauszug.

No. 3 in M.255.42

Bishop, H. R. [Caractacus.] The overture, quartetto, &

most favorite airs in the grand ballet of Caractacus.

[Piano score.] No. 3 in M.391.8

[Sadakand Kalasrade.] The overture, songs, marches,

and a selection of the favorite airs in the grand Asiatic
spectacle, Sadak & Kalasrade; or the waters of oblivion.
Composed by Henry R. Bishop. The action &c. arranged
by Charles Farley. M.396.12

Tamerlane et Bajazet, the new grand heroic ballet

. . . The ballet by Sigr. Rossi, the music composed, se-
lected, and the whole arranged for the pianoforte, by H.
R. Bishop. No. 2 in M.396.17

Bizet. Agyptischer Tanz aus der Oper „Djamileh." Par-
titur. No. 4 in M.405.5

Tanz der Hindus aus der Oper „Die Perlenfischer."

Partitur. No. 4 in M.405.5

Blockx. Kermesse flamande extraite de Milenka. Ballet-
pantomime en un acte et deux tableaux. [Partition.]

No. 3 in M.358.22

BouvAL. Lais, ou, le scandale du Louvre. Ballet mime
en I acte de L. Roger-Miles & Charles Akar. Musique de
Jules Bouval. [Partition pour piano.] No. 2 in M.384.1

Chabrier. Danse slave [dans] Le roi malgre lui. [Parti-
tion.] No. 2 in M.358.23

Fete polonaise [dans] Le roi malgre lui. [Partition.]

No. 3 in M.358.23

Cherubini. Balletmusik fiir grosses Orchester aus der

Oper Anacreon. Revidirte Ausgabe. Von Joh. N.

Cavallo. Partitur. No. 2 in M.336.6

Zwischenact- und Ballet-Musik aus der Oper Ali Baba

fiir grosses Orchester. Herausgegeben von Carl Reinecke.
Partitur. No. i in M.336.6

Covven. The language of flowers. Suite de ballet. Full
score. M.331.14

Deldevez. Suite de ballets pour orchestre. Op. 27. Parti-
tion. M.356.13

Delibes. Le roi s'amuse, de Victor Hugo. Scene du bal.
Airs de danse dans le style ancien. Partition.

No. I in M.343.5I

Sylvia. Ballet. Suite d'orchestre. Partition. M.343.52

Sylvia, ou la nymphe de Diane, ballet en trois actes et

cinq tableaux de Jules Barbier & Merante . . . Partition
piano. M.384.2

Dubois, F. C. T. La farandole. Ballet en 2 actes et 3 ta-
bleaux, de Ph. Gille, Arnold Mortier et L. jNIerante. Mu-
sique de Theodore Dubois. [Partition pour piano.]

No. 2 in M.305.17

Duvernoy. Bacchus, ballet en trois actes et cinq tableaux
de Georges Hartmann & J. Hansen (d'apres un poeme
de Mermet). Musique de Alphonse Duvernoy. [Partition
piano.] M.384.4

Forster, J. Der Spielmann. Phantastisches Ballet. Or-
chester-Partituren: Mazurka, Violin-Solo, Scene und Wal-
zer, Finale. No. 2 in M.331.7

Ganne. L'heureuse rencontre. Divertissement-Watteau
mele de chant par L. Roger-Miles et Charles Akar. Mu-
sique de Louis Ganne. No. 2 in M.384.1 7

Gastinel. Le reve. Ballet en 2 actes et 3 tableaux de MM.
fidouard Blau et J. Hansen. Musique de Leon Gastinel.
Partition pour piano, reduite par F. Koenig.

No. I in M.256.20

Glazunov. L'hiver. Premier tableau du ballet „Les sai-
sons." Op. 67a. Partition. No. I in M.410.31

Pas de caractere. (Genre slave-hongrois.) Pour or-
chestre. Op. 68. Partition. No. 2 in M.410.31

Raymonda. Ballet en trois actes. Sujet de Lydie

Pachkoff et de Marius Petipa. Musique par Alexandre
Glazounow. [Partition.] M.402a.3S

1. 10





Ballet music. (Continued.)

Glazunov. Ruses d'amour. Pastorale Watteau. Ballet en
un acte par Marius Petipa. Musique de A. Glazounow.
[Partition.] M.406.47

Les saisons. Ballet en un acte et quatre tableaux,

compose par Marius Petipa. Musique de Alexandre Gla-
zounow. [Partition.] M.406.48

Gluck. Airs de ballet disposes en suite d'orchestre. Suite
1,2. [Partition.] No. I, 2 in M.343.43

Ballet-Musik (Aria per gli atleti, Chaconne und Ga-
votte) aus Paris und Helena. Herausgegeben von Carl
Reinecke. Partitur. No. 3 in M.332.19

Ballet-Suite. Balletstiicke aus Opern von Chr. W.

Gluck fiir Orchester frei bearbeitet von Felix Mottl.
[Partitur.] No. 4 in M.403.39

Don Juan. Ballet. Vollstandiger Klavierauszug von

Friedrich Wollank. No. 3 in M.3S0.4

Same. [2. Serie.] No. i in M.410.32

GoDARD, B. L. P. Ballet d'autrefois. (Old viforld ballet.)

Petite scene a deux personnages. Poeme de Georges
Boyer. Translated by M. C. Gillington (Mrs. G. F. By-
ron). Musique de Benjamin Godard. No. 2 in M.384.20
The title-page and text are in French and English.

Grandval. [Mazeppa.] Ballet de Mazeppa. Opera. Par-
tition d'orchestre. No. 3 in M.406.50

Gregh. Arlette, pantomime-ballet en 2 actes (2 tableaux)
de Fernand Beissier, musique de Louis Gregh. Partition
piano, 2 mains. No. i in M.384.7

Gretry, a. E. M. Drei Tanzstiicke aus Gretry's heroischem
Ballet „Cephale et Procris" zum Konzertvortrag frei bear-
beitet von Felix Mottl. i. Tambourin. 2. Menuetto. 3.
Gigue. [Partitur.] No. 2 in M.410.32

Grossmann. Trois airs de ballet. Partition. No. 2 in M.358.26

GuiRAUD. Danse persane. Air de ballet. Partition.

No. 2 in M.3S8.15

Gretna-Green. Ballet en i acte de Ch. Nuitter [pseud.]

& Merante. Musique de E. Guiraud. Partition reduite
pour piano. No. i in M.276.10

Hartog. Sevilliana. Air de ballet. Partitur.

No. 2 in M.358.13

HoELLERER. Pas de quatre pour grand orchestre. [Parti-
tion.] M.333.1

Lalo. Namouna. Suite d'orchestre extraite du ballet en
deux actes. [lere,] 2e suite. Partition. M.404.86

Le Borne. L'idole aux yeux verts. Ballet-pantomime en
deux actes de Raoul Lefebvre. Choregraphie de J. Han-
sen. Musique de Fernand Le Borne. Partition complete.
[Accomp. de piano.] No. 2 in M.384.7

Lefebvre, C. £. Divertissement de Djelma, opera. Parti-
tion. No. 4 in M.4o6.5r

Legrand-Howland. Pippo. Ballet en deux tableaux.
[Partition pour piano.] No. 2 in M.384.5

LiNDPAiNTNER. Aglae. I'eleve de I'Amour. Ballet anacreon-
tique en i acte de Philippe Taglioni. Compose . . . par
P. Lindpaintner. [Partition pour piano.] No. i in M.232.39

Danina, oder Joko, der brasilianische Affe, Ballet in 4

Acten von Ph. Taglioni, in Musik gesetzt . . . von Lind-
paintner. Clavier-Auszug. M.232.37

LoRENZ, C. A. [Harald und Theano.] Taubenlied und Bal-
letmusik aus der Oper „Harald und Theano." Partitur.

No. 3 in M.403.95

Mackenzie, A. C. Ballet music and rustic march from the
opera "Columba." [Full score.] M.331.26

Massenet. Le Cid. Opera. Ballet. Partition. M.403.100

Messager. Une aventure de la Guimard. Ballet en un acte.
[Partition piano et chant.] No. i in M.389.14

Les deux pigeons. Ballet en 3 actes, d'apres la fable

de La Fontaine par Henry Regnier & Louis Merante.
Musique de Andre Messager. Partition piano seul.

Metra. Le repos de Mikado. Morceau detache [du ballet

Yedda] pour orchestre. Partition. No. 4 in M.343.15

Mozart. Balletmusik zur Oper Idomeneo. Partitur.

Werke. Serie 5, No. 14. No. 2 in M.31S. 1.5.7

Ballet music. (Continued.)

Naumann, J. G. [Medea.] Le sort de Medee. Grand ballet
pantomime, de I'invention du Sieur Lauchery, mis en mu-
sique par le Sieur Naumann. Arrange pour le clavecin
par J. C. F. Rellstab. No. 4 in M.225.26

NoszKOVSKi. Zigeunertanz (Taniec-Cyganski) und uk-
rainischer Tanz [Kolomyjka) . . . Balletmusik aus dem
Volksschauspiel: Die einsame Hiitte, fiir Orchester. Par-
titur. No. 2 in M.410.51

Pirani. Scenes de ballet pour orchestre. [Partition.]

No. 4 in M.33i.g

Pfohl. Eine Balletszene fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 12.
Partitur. No. 2 in M.406.56

" PuGNi. The grand ballet of Ondine, or La naiade. Com-
posed by M. Perrot. the music ... by C. Pugni. [Piano-
forte score.] M.235.21

PuGNO. Viviane. Ballet en 5 actes et 6 tableaux, de Ed-
mond Gondinet. Musique de R. Pugno & C. Lippacher.
Partition pour piano solo. M.297.23

Rameau. Castor et Pollux. Fragments disposes en suite
d'orchestre. Partition. No. 3 in M.343.48

Drei Balletstiicke fiir Orchester. Zum Konzertvor-
trag frei bearbeitet von Felix Mottl. [Partitur.]

No. I in M.404.S

Drei Balletsuiten . . . eingerichtet von Hermann

Kretzschmar. Partitur. No. 2-4 in M.404.5

RiGHiNi. Minerva belebt die Statuen des Dadalus. Ein
pantomimischer Tanz. Klavierauszug. No. i in M.350.11

Rimski-Korsakov. [Mlada.] Suite pour orchestre tiree
de I'opera-ballet Mlada. Partition. No. 3 in M.410.79

RiOTTE. Elisene, oder der Wald bey Hermannstadt. Grosses
pantomimisches Ballet . . . Vollstandiger Clavier-Aus-
zug. No. 2 in M.350.11

Royer, J. N. P. Zaide, ballet heroique [de I'Abbe Dela-
mare], mis en musique par M"'. Royer. 2e edition. [Par-
tition.] M.400.28

Rubinstein. Balletmusik fiir Orchester aus der Oper Der
Damon. Partitur. No. 2 in M.345.11

Balletmusik fur Orchester aus der Oper Nero. Par-
titur. No. 2 in M.342.28

Balletmusik und Hochzeitszug fiir Orchester, aus der

Oper Feramors. Partitur. No. i in M.34S.11

Die Rebe (La vigne). Ballet in 3 Acten (funf Bil-

dern) von Taglioni, Grandmougin und Hansen. Musik
von Anton Rubinstein. Vollstandiger Clavierauszug [zu
vier Handen]. M.200.i3

Saint-Saens. Airs de ballet de Parysatis. Partition.

No. I in M.4o6.2g

Danse des pretresses de Dagon, de Samson & Dalila.

Partition. No. i in M.404.12

fitienne Marcel. Opera. Airs de ballet. Partition.

No. 2 in M.342.31

Fantaisie pour orchestre sur Javotte. Ballet. Parti-
tion. M.406.28

Javotte. Ballet en i acte et 3 tableaux de J. L. Croze.

Musique de C. Saint-Saens. Partition pour piano seul.

No. 2 in M.193.10
Schubert, F. P. [Rosamunde.] Ballet-Musik. Partitur-

ausgabe. No. 3 in M.334.17

Smetana. Zwei Wittwen, komische Oper. Ballet-musik.

Partitur. No. 5 in M.405.S7

TcHAiKovsKi, P. I. Casse-noisette. Ballet-feerie, en 2 actes.

Danses caracteristiques. Partition. No. 3-8 in M.404.26

Der Nussknacker. (Casse-noisette.) Ballet-Feerie in

zwei Acten. Vollstandiger Clavierauszug von S. Taneeff.


Suite pour grand orchestre, tiree de la partition du

ballet Casse-noisette. Partition. No. 4 in M.342.43

Thomas, C. L. A. [Frangoise de Rimini. Opera. Ballet.
Partition.] M.404.28

Thome. [Les noces d'Arlequin. Ballet-pantomime. Par-
tition.] No. I in M.333.20

ViDAL, P. A. L'imperatrice. Ballet-feerie en deux actes et





Ballet music. (Continued.)

un prologue. Poeme de Jean Richepin. Musique de Paul
Vidal. [Pour piano.] No. 2 in M.383.42

La maladetta. Ballet en deux actes et quatre tableaux.

Partition [piano]. M.394.62

VizENTiNi. Ordre du roi. Grand ballet en 4 actes et 5

tableaux. [Partition de piano.] M.331.13

Wenzel. La cour d'Amour. Ballet en 3 actes de Balbiani.

Musique de L. de Wentzel. Partition pour piano.

No. I in M.326.25

The press. Ballet in one act and three tableaux.

Invented by C. Wilhelm . . . Produced and arranged

by Madame Katti-Lanner. Lyrics by Horace Lennard.

Music by Leopold Wenzel. M.397.75

Balletszene, Eine. For orchestra. Pfohl. No. 2 in M.406.S6

Balleyguier, Delphin.

L'Alceste de Gluck. Notice historique (1776-1861). Pans.
Tresse. [i86t.] No. 4 in M.197.3

An autograph letter of Balleyguier is inserted.
Balliere de Laissement, Charles Louis Denis.

Theorie de la musique. Paris. Didot. 1764. M.205.1

Hallo, Un, in maschera. Opera. For the Music see Verdi.
For the Libretto see Somma.

Ballot de Sovot, , editor.

Rameau, J. P. Platee (ou Junon jalouse). Comedie-ballet.
Paroles de Autreau [retouchees par] Ballot de Sovot . . .

Balmy gale. Part-song. Horsley, W. No. 13 in M.235.g.4; etc.
Balmy sweetness. Glee. Bayley, W. No. S in M.237.9

Balmy zephyrs. Part-song. Webbe, S. No. 47 in M.235.17.3; etc.
Balocchi, Vincenzo.

Moise. Opera en 3 actes. Musique de M. Rossini. [Paroles
de Balocchi et Ftienne.] Paris. Andre. 1832.
Contains the libretto only. No. 3 in M.370.37

Same. Opera ... par G. Rossini. [Paroles de Balocchi
et fitienne.] M.264.21; etc.

Le siege de Corinthe. Tragedie lyrique en 3 actes, paroles
de MM*** [Balocchi et Soumet] ; musique de M. Ros-
sini. Paris. Jonas. 1836. No. 2 in M.370.37
The libretto only.
Same. Tragedie lyrique. [Paroles de Balocchi et Soumet.
Musique de] G. Rossini. M.226.14; etc.
Same. The siege of Corinth. Opera [by Balocchi and Sou-
met]. Composed by G. Rossini. M.226.14; etc.
The words are in French and English.
I virtuosi arabulanti. Opera buffa. Posta in musica dal
Maestro Fioravanti. M. 227.2; etc.

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