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The belle of Mayfair. A musical comedy. Book by Chas.
H. E. Brookfield and Cosmo Hamilton. Music by Leslie
Stuart [pseud.]. London. Francis, Day & Hunter. 1906.


Florodora. A musical comedy. Book by Owen Hall [pseud.].
Lyrics by E. Boyd Jones and Paul Rubens. Music by
Leslie Stuart [pseud.]. Vocal score. [Accomp. for piano-
forte.] London. Francis, Day & Hunter. 1899. M.393.74

The school girl, a musical play, book by Henry Hamilton
and Paul Potter, lyrics by Chas. H. Taylor. Music by
Leslie Stuart [pseud.]. Vocal score [with pianoforte
accomp.]. London. Francis, Day & Hunter. 1903.


The silver slipper: a modern extravaganza. Book by Owen
Hall [pseud.]. Lyrics by W. H. Risque, music by Leslie
Stuart [pseud.]. Vocal score [with accomp. for piano-
forte]. London. Francis, Day & Hunter. 1901. M.381.4S
Barrett, William Alexander.

Balfe: his life and work. London. Remington & Co. 1882.
Portraits. Plates. M.136.21

Dedication ode. Composer Alfred J. Caldicott.

No. I in M. 194.8

A dictionary of musical terms by Sir John Stainer and W. A.
Barrett. Compressed from the imperial 8vo edition by
K. M. Ross. London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [188-? Music
primers.] M.373.18

English church composers. London. Low. 1882. [The
great musicians.] M.104.31

English glee and madrigal writers. London. Reeves. [1877.]

No. 6 in M.125.8

English glees and part-songs: an inquiry into their histori-
cal development. London. Longmans, Green & Co. 1886.


Barrett, William Alexander, editor and translator.
B.\lfe. Moro; or, the painter of Antwerp. M.255.31

RiiEiNBERGER, J. G. Poor Henry. No. 2 in M.307.13

Barri, Odoardo. See Barry, Edward.
Barrie, James Matthew.
Jane Annie; or, the good conduct prize. A new and original
English comic opera. Written by J. M. Barrie & A. Conan
Doyle. Music by Ernest Ford. No. i in M.246.6

Barriere, Jose.

Messe a 4 voix d'hommes [t. t. b. b.], avec accomp. d'orgue
ad lib. Paris. Repos. [1865.] No. i in M.158.3S

Barriere, Theodore.

La boite de Pandore. Opera bouffe. Musique de Henry

Litolff. M.306.26

Le jardinier et son seigneur. Opera comique. Musique de

Leo Delibes. No. 5 in M.302.16

Barrillot, Frangois.

Sapho. filegie antique. Musique de Louis Lacombe.

No. I in M.225.10
Barrington, Daines.

Account of a very remarkable young musician [Mozart] ;
Account of Charles Wesley; Some account of little
Crotch. Portrait. (In his Miscellanies. Pp. 279-325.
London. 1781.) No. S in M.132.3

Added are portraits and newspaper cuttings about variniis musical
Barrow, Thomas.
The Te Deum, Jubilate, Magnificat, and Nunc dimittis, in
F major. (In Goss and Turle. Cathedral services. Vol. 2,
pp. 26-46.) No. 2 in M.233.10

Barry, Augustus.

Gentle river. [Glee, s. s. B.] (In Parker. The Orphean
lyre. Series 3, pp. 87, 88.) No. 21 in M.237.9

Barry, Edward.

The dream queen. Cantata for female voices. Written by
Nella Parker. Composed by Odoardo Barri [pseud. Ac-
comp. for pianoforte]. London. Cramer. [187-?]

No. 3 in M.194.3





Barry, Edward. (Continued.)
M.D. Operetta, written by J. B. Lawreen & Edward Oxen-
ford. Composed by Odoardo Barri [pseud. Accomp. for
pianoforte]. London. Cramer & Co. [1879.]

No. 2 in M.277.22
The summer cloud. Part-song. London. Jefferys. [187-?]

No. 17 in M. 121.3
Bartels, Adolf.

Diirer in Venedig. Oper. Musik von Waldemar von Bauss-
nern. M.402.5

Barth, Richard.

Quartett fiir 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncell. Op. 15. Par-
titur. Berlin. Simrock. 1901. No. i in M.405.70

Romanze fiir Violine mit Begleitung des Orchesters. Op. 3.
Partitur. Leipzig. Rieter-Biedermann. 1874.

No. 2 in M.353.17
Barthe, Adrien. See Barthe, Grat Norbert.
Barthe, Grat Norbert.

La fiancee d'Abydos. Opera en 4 actes de Jules Adenis
[pseud.]. Musique de A. Barthe. Partition chant et piano.
Paris. Choudens. [1865.] M.2S5.40

Barthelemon, Frangois Hippolyte.

Belphegor; or, the wishes, a comic opera [by Miles Peter
Andrews] . . . Composed by F. H. Barthelemon, for the
voice, harpsichord, or violin. London. Thompson. [1778.]

No. 2 in M.220.19
In life, my friend. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Warren. Col-
lection of catches. Vol. 2, pp. 92, 93.) No. 39 in M.220.9.2
Love and folly. Glee [t. t. b.]. (In Warren. Collection of
catches. Vol. 2, pp. 230, 231.) No. 99 in M.220.g.2

Orpheus. An English burletta. Introduced in the farce
called A new rehearsal, or a peep behind the curtain . . .
[Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Welcker. [1768?]

No. 3 in M.220.19
Selections from the oratorio of Jefte in Masfa. [Accomp.
for pianoforte. Prefixed is a biography of Barthelemon.]
London. Clementi, Collard & CoUard. [182-?] M.241.10
Warm southern gales. Glee [a. t. t. b.]. (/h Warren. Col-
lection of catches. Vol. 2, pp. 241-244.) No. 103 in M.220.9.2
When, Chloe, I confess. Catch [for 3 voices]. (/;i Warren.
Collection of catches. Vol. 2, pp. 176, 177.)

No. 7S in M.220.g.2
Wine in the morning. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Warren.
Collection of catches. Vol. 2, pp. 248, 249.)

No. 105 in M.220.g.2
Barthelemon, Maria.

Six English and Italian songs, [s. or t. Accomp. for vio-
lins and pianoforte.] London. Harrison & Co. [178-?]

No. 4 in M.221.32
Contetits. — Se pieta da voi non trovo. — O Charlotte, dry up the
sad tear. — Digli che* un infedele. — Stern winter's loud blasts. —
Fr.\ tin dolce deliro. — When love first takes possession.

Barthelemy, Jean Jacques.

Entretiens sur I'etat de la musique grecque vers le milieu du
quatrieme siecle avant r£re vulgaire. [Anon.] Amster-
dam. 1777. M.103.5; No. 2 in M.207.32
Barthelemy, Louis.

La cantatrice grammairienne, ou I'art d'apprendre I'ortho-
graphe frangaise seul, par le moyen de chansons erotiques,
pastorales . . . Geneve. 1788. M. 126.33

Bartholdy, Albrecht M.

Mopsvs. Eine Favnskomodia mit Mvsik vnd Zeichnvngen

von Wilh. Volz. M. 237. 29

Der Simplicius. Oper. Musik von Hans Huber. M.382.33

Bartholomew, Ann Sheppard Mounsey.

The lark now leaves his wat'ry nest. Part-song. (In HuUah.

The singer's library. Secular. No. 14. Pp. 61-64.)

No. 14 in M.1S7.2; No. 46 in M.157.1
The nativity, a pastoral oratorio, the words by W. Bartholo-
mew, the music by Mrs. Mounsey Bartholomew. [Ac-
comp. for pianoforte.] London. Cramer, Beale & Co.
[1855.] M.241.9

Supplication & thanksgiving, a sacred cantata, the words
from the Psalms, the music by Mrs. Mounsey Bartholo-

Bartholomew, Ann Sheppard Mounsey. (Continued.)

mew. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Metzler & Co.
[1864.] No. 2 in M.280.39

Bartholomew, Ann Sheppard Mounsey, editor.

Beethoven. [King Stephen.] No. i in M.270.10

Bartholomew, Robert.

Oh that men would praise the Lord. Anthem. [Accomp.
for organ.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [1869?]

No. 15 in M.igo.i
Bartholomew, William.
The dream, a serenata. The music ... by Michael Costa.

No. 5 in M.3gi.35
EH, an oratorio. The music ... by Michael Costa.

M.24i.ig; etc.
Naaman, an oratorio. The music ... by Michael Costa.

M.241.17; etc.
The nativity, a pastoral oratorio, the music by Mrs. Moun-
sey Bartholomew. M.24i.g
Praise Jehovah, a sacred cantata composed by F. Mendels-
sohn-Bartholdy. No. i in 11.243.1
Bartholomew, William, editor.

Elij.^h: an oratorio. The words selected from the Old Tes-
tament . . . The music composed by Felix Mendelssohn
Bartholdy . . . Philadelphia. Kildare. 1866.

This contains the words only.

Mendelssoiin-Bartholdy, J. L.

QEdipus at Colonos.

Bartholomew, William, translator.
Beethoven. [King Stephen.]
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L.

No. 3 in M.375.1

Antigone. M.28o.ig


No. I in M.270.10

No. 2 in M.326.39; etc.

Recitatives, trio & choruses, composed for an oratorio

entitled Christus. No. 2 in M.243.1

RiNCK. Resurrection. No. i in M.28o.3g

Sophocles. Antigone. No. I in M.116.7

Spohr, L. Jessonda. M.274.31

Bartlett, Agnes.

Florette (or the goose girl). [Operetta for treble voices.]

Written by Aubrey Mayhew Allen. Composed by Agnes

Bartlett. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Williams.

[1893.] No. I in M.255.41

Bartlett, Homer Newton.

The last chieftain. Cantata for male voices. [Accomp. for
pianoforte. Words by John B. Bartlett. Op. 91.] New
York. Schirmer. [1888.] No. 5 in M.203.10

Bartlett, James Carroll.

From death to life. A cantata for Easter [s. a. t. ear. and
chorus]. Music by J. C. Bartlett. Text written and com-
piled by Kate Van Tassel. Boston. Oliver Ditson Co.

[1 902. J
Bartlett, John B.
The last chieftain.

No. I in M.384.15


[Music by] H. N. Bartlett.

No. 5 in M. 203. 10
Bartmuss, Richard.

Mein Taubchen. [Mannerchor.] (In Claasen. Ludwig
Liebe-Album. P. 6.) No. 11 in M.203.16

Der Tag der Pfingsten, Oratorium zur Feier der Griindung
der christlichen Kirche . . . Dichtung von W. Hosaus, in
Musik gesetzt von Richard Bartmuss. Op. 14. [Mit Be-
gleitung von Orgel, Trompeten, Posaunen, und Pauken.]
Dessau-Leipzig. Kahle. 1892. No. 2 in M.384.15

Bartocci-Fontana, D. G.

Claudia, dramma lirico, musica di Gellio Benvenuto Coro-

naro. M.399.10

Mala Pasqua (da la Cavalleria rusticana). Dramma lirico,

musica di Stanislao Gastaldon . . . M.3g6.4g

Bartoli, Daniello.

Del svono de' tremori armonici e dell' vdito. Bologna. Bot-
telli. 1680. Illus. M.2074

Bartsch, Joseph.

Zum Wald [t. T. B. B.]. Op. 19, No. 2. Leipzig. Kistner.
[1890?] No. II in M.392.3





Bary, fimile Louis FranQois.

Acoustique. Note sur un precede tres-simple pour accorder
un guitare sans le secours de roreille. [Paris. Casimir.
jg^c 1 No. 2 in M.207.18

Basevi, Abramo, editor.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Ottetto. M.246.30

Basili, Francesco.

Ave Rex noster. [Motette. s. s. t. b. Accomp. d orgue.J
Bruxelles. Schott. [185-?] No. 4 in M.260.19

Christus factus est. [Motette. t. t. b. Accomp. d'orgue.]
Bruxelles. Schott. [185-?] No. S in M.260.19

Miserere for s. c. T. B. transcribed ... by A. Rotoli. [Ac-
comp. for organ ad lib.] London. Ricordi. [1878.]

No. I in M.221.34
Basoche, La. Opera. For the Music see Messager. For the

Libretto see Carre, Albert.
Bass, Michael Thomas.

Street music in the metropolis ... On the existing law, and
proposed amendments. London. Murray. 1864. M.101.18
Bassani, Giovanni Battista.

Ascribe unto the Lord. Solo [s. or t. Accomp. for piano].
(In Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. i, pp. 81-83.)

No. 29 in M.290.22.1
Holy Lord God of hosts. Sanctus. [Accomp. for organ.]
(In Hullah. Part music. Sacred. Vol. 2, pp. 58, 59.)

No. 22 in M. 157.28.2
O nomen Jesu. A duett [s. s. Accomp. for organ]. (In
Novello. Convent music. Vol. 2, pp. 146-148.)

No. 55 in M.260.17.2
Recordare. [Solos, s. b., and chorus. Accomp. for piano.]
(In Latrobe. Selection of sacred music. Vol. 3, pp. 177-
181) No. 32 in M.290.29.3

Regina coeli. For 3 voices [s. s. b.] and chorus. [Accomp.
for organ.] (/n Novello. Convent music. Vol. 2, pp. 114-
117) No. 38 in M.260.17.2

Sanctus. Coro. [Accomp. for piano.] (In Latrobe. Selec-
tion of sacred music. Vol. 2, p. 80.) No. 19 in M.290.29.2
Bassermann, Ernest.

Ouverture fur Orchester. Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf &
Hartel. [1884?] No. 4 in M.332.2

Basset, Charles Alexandre.

Le veuf du Malabar. Opera comique de P. Siraudin [pseud.]
et Adrien Robert [pseud.]. Musique de A. Doche. M.252.37
Bassford, William Kipp.

God be merciful. Quartet. [Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Schmidt. [1894.] No. 6 in M.203.26

The Lord's prayer. [Chorus. Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Schmidt. [1894.] No. 7 in M.203.26

Mass in E flat. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] New York. Schu-
berth. [1875.] No. i in M.156.20

O taste and see. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Schmidt. 1894. No. 8 in M.203.26

Rejoice in the Lord. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Bos-
ton. Schmidt. [1894-] No. 9 in M.203.26
Response to the Beatitudes [and Commandments. Accomp.
for organ]. Boston. Schmidt. [1894.] No. 10 in M.203.26
Turn Thy face fi-om my sins. [Anthem. Accomp. for or-
gan.] Boston. Schmidt. [1894.] No. 11 in M.203.26
Bassford, William Kipp, editor.
Donizetti. Come, weary souls. No. 16 in M.i90.i
Raff. Come, weary souls. No. 5 in M.203.26
Wagner, W. R. O Thou, to whose all searching sight.

No. 17 in M.190.1
Bassi, Calisto.

II buontempone. Melodramma buffo, posto in musica . . .

dal Mo. Placido Mandanici. M.310.5

Emma di Fondi. Melodramma, posto in musica da Sig.

Pietro De Moyana. M.310.40

Bassi, Calisto, translator.

Donizetti. La figlia del reggimento. M.364.18

Bassini, Carlo.
Ave Maria (m.-s.). [Accomp. for pianoforte.] New York.
Dressier. 1859. No. 9 in M.260.10.4

Basso-Hibernicon. See Hibernian bass-horn.

Bassoon. Music.

Goepfart. 2 Charakterstiicke fiir Fagott und Klavier.

No. 3 in M.410.33
Louis, N. Serenade pour piano, hautbois et basson. [Par-
ties separees.] No. 4 in M.390.14
Mozart. Concerte fiir ein Blasinstrument und Orchester.
Werke. Serie 12, Abtheilung 2. M.31S.1.12.2
Bastiaans, Johan G.

Chromatische Fuga. [A 5 voci.] Boston. Pruser. 1869.

No. 2 in M.414.30
6 Orgelstukken. Amsterdam. Theune & C°. 1841.

No. I in M.414.30
Contents. ■ — i. Groot praeludium en fuga. 2. Andante. 3. Fughetta a

5 voci. 4. Praeludium a 4 voci. 5. Gefigureerd koraal a 4 voci. 6.
Dubbel fuga.

Bastien und Bastienne. Opera. For the Music see Mozart.

For the Libretto see Weiskern.
Bastile, The. Opera. For the Music see Chapman, R.
Ba-ta-clan. Opera. For the Music see Offenbach. For the

Libretto see Halevy, L.
Bataille d'amour. Opera. For the Music see Vaucorbeil. For

the Libretto see Sardou.
Batchelder, Samuel Francis.

Hamlet; or, the sport, the spook, and the spinster. Music by
Percy Lee Atherton and Ernest Hamlin Abbott.

No. 2 in M.245.14
Batchelor, A, would have a wife. Part-song. Webbe, S.

No. 25 in M.141.21.1; etc.

Bate, Henry. See Bate-Dudley, Sir Henry, Baronet.

Bate-Dudley, Sir Henry, Baronet.

The flitch of bacon. A comic opera. Composed & selected

by W. Shield. No. 5 in M.220.19

The travellers in Switzerland; a comic opera . . . Selected

6 composed by William Shield. No. 3 in M.340.15
The woodman, a comic opera, . . . composed chiefly by

Will"". Shield. No. 2 in M.340.16

Batelieres, Les. Chorus. Weckerlin. Choeurs. M.157.12

Bates, Arlo.

The kobolds. Set to music by H. W. Parker.

No. S in M.155.35
The lily nymph. Composed by G. W. Chadwick.

No. I in M.203.45
Bates, Joah.

Too plain, dear youth. Glee. (In Warren. Collection of
catches. Vol. 2, pp. 49-51.) No. 22 in M.220.9.2

Bates, William.

Alleluja. Canon, 4 in 2. (In Warren. Collection of catches.
Vol. 2, p. 170.) No. 68 in M.220.9.3

Be Thou exalted. Canon, 3 in i. (In Warren. Vocal har-
mony. P. 228,) No. 129 in M.220.10
Come, follow me with merry glee. Canon [4 in l]. (In
Social harmony. Pp. 142, 143.) No. 120 in M.215.21
Also to be found in Warren's Vocal harmony.

Come, my lads, that love. Catch [for 4 voices]. (In Warren.
Vocal harmony. P. 159.) No. 93 in M.220.10

Hail, sacred horrors. Glee [a. T. b.]. (In Warren. Vocal
harmony. Pp. 80-83.) No. 54 in M.220.10

Here lieth John Croker. Epitaph [t. t. b.]. (In Warren.
Vocal harmony. Pp. 231, 232.) No. 132 in M.220.10

How silent lies the chief. Glee [a. x. t. b.]. (In Warren.
Vocal harmony. Pp. 204-207.) No. 117 in M.220.10

I must perish. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Warren. Collec-
tion of catches. Vol, 3, p, 280.) No. 106 in M.220.9.3

I will praise Thee, O Lord. Canon, 4 in i. (In Warren.
Vocal harmony. Pp. 150, 151,) No, 85 in M.220.10

Jack at the mast-head. Catch [for 4 voices]. (In Warren.
Vocal harmony. Pp. 64, 65.) No. 42 in

Lye on. Canon, 3 in I. (In Warren. Vocal harmony. P. 37.)

No. 25 in M.220.10

Pharnaces, An English opera [by Thomas Hull], Com-
posed by William Bates. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Lon-
don. Welcker. [1765,] No. i in M.220.2S

Push the rosy goblet. Glee [a. x. b.]. (In Warren. Vocal
harmony. Pp. 215-217.) No. 124 in M.220.25





Bates, William. (Continued.)
Sir, you are a comical fellow. Catch [for 3 voices]. [Lon-
don? 17s-?] No. 31 in M.23S.14

Also to be found in The Apollo ; Apollonian harmony ; Bland's The
Ladies' collection ; dementi's Collection of catches ; Flowers of har-
mony ; The Harmonist ; Social harmony ; Warren's Cock's Hand-book
of glees; Warren's Collection of catches; Webbe, Jr.'s Convito ar-

Who was the man? Catch [for 4 voices], (/n Warren. Vocal
harmony. Pp. 260, 261.) No. 145 in M.220.10

You blockhead. Catch [for 3 voices], (/n Warren. Vocal
harmony. P. 90.) No. 58 in M.220.10

Zounds, woman, don't chatter. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In
Warren. Vocal harmony. P. 12.) No. 7 in M.220.10

Bateson, Thomas.

Deliver us, O Lord. Anthem. (/« Ayrton. Sacred inin-
strelsy. Vol. 2, pp. 84, 85.) No. 34 in M.290.22.2

Also to be found in Boyce's Cathedral music, Ed. "VVarren ; Cope's
A collection of anthems.

The first set of madrigals, for 3, 4, 5 and 6 voices . . . Scored
and edited by Edward F. Rimbault. London. Chappell.
[1846. Musical Antiquarian Society. Publications. Vol. 4.]

No. 2 in M.234.22
Contents. — Beauty is a lovely sweet. — Love would discharge the
duty. — The nightingale so soon. — Ah rael my mistress scorns my
love. — Come follow me, fair nymphs. — Your shining eyes. —
Whither so fast? — Dame Venus hence to Paphos. — Down from
above falls Jove. — Adieu, sweet love. — If love be blind. — Phillis,
farewell [4 voices]. — Those sweet delightful lilies. — And must I
needs depart. — Sweet Gemma. — Yet stay alway. — • Strange were
the life. — Alas, where is my love? — O fly not. Love. — ■ Who pros-
trate lies at woman's feet. — Sister, awake. — Hark, hear you not?

— Dear if you wish my dying. — Fair Hebe, when dame Flora meets.

— Phillis, farewell [6 voices]. — Thirsis, on his fair Phillis' breast.

— Merrily my love and I. — Music, some think. — When Oriana

Same. Pianoforte part. Compressed from the score by G.
Alex. Macfarren. London. Chappell. [184-? Musical
Antiquarian Society. Publications.] No. i in M.234.28

Have I found her? Madrigal [s. s. a. t. b.]. (In Taylor.
Madrigals. 2d set.) No. 40 in M.237.15

Also to be found in Turle and Taylor's The People's music book.

Holy Lord God almighty. [Anthem, s. s. a. a. t. t. b., or-
gan.], (/n Rimbault. Collection of anthems. Pp. 142-148.)
No. 3 in M.234.26; No. I in M.234.27

The nightingale. Madrigal [s. s. a.]. (In Musical times,
[Music] Vol. S, pp. 7-9.) No. 2inM.i75.i.s

Also to be found [for s. a. t.] in Webb's Collection of Madrigals.

Oriana's farewell. Madrigal for s. s. a. t. b. (In Novello's
Glee-hive. Vol. 2. pp. 25-32.) No. 30 in M.1S7.20.2

Sister, awake. Madrigal [s. s. a. x. e.]. (/n Taylor. Madri-
gals. 2d set.) No. 38 in M.237.1S
Also to be found in Turle and Taylor's The People's music book.

Who prostrate lies. Madrigal [s. s. a. t. b.]. (In Turle and
Taylor. The People's music book. Vol. 3, pp. 31S-319)

No. 103 in M.1114.3
Bath Harmonic Society.

[A collection of madrigals, glees, etc., used by the society.]

London. [i8l?-i84-?] 7° parts in 2 v. M.235.7

A selection of favourite catches, glees, &c., as sung by the

society. 2d edition, with additions. Bath. Cruttwell. 1799.

Plate. M. 137.20

Bath York-house Catch-club.

A selection of catches, glees, &c. for the use of the members.
Bath. Cruttwell. 1804. No. 3 in M.i29a.20

This contains the words only.
Bathyle. Opera. For the Music see Chaumet. For the Li-
bretto see Blau, fi.
Batifort, Octave.

Finette et Philidor. Saynette a 2 personnages. Paroles
d'fidouard Doyen. Musique d'Octave Batifort. Avec
accomp. de piano. Paris. Hure. [186-?] No. 2 in M.2S5.35
Telemaque et Calypso. Operette en un acte. Paroles de
Leon Quentin et Octave Batifort. Musique de O. Batifort.
Texte et partition avec accomp. de piano. Paris. Grou.
[186-?] No. I in M.402.63

Batistin. See Struck, Batistin.
Batka, Richard.
Alpenkonig und Menschenfeind. Musik von Leo Blech.


Batka, Richard. (Continued.)

Aschenbrodel. Ein Marchen in drei Aufzugen. Musik von

Leo Blech. M.389.33

Aus der Musik- und Theater-Welt. Beschreibendes Ver-

zeichnis der Autographen-Sammlung Fritz Donebauer.

[Anon.] Prag. Lowitt & Lamberg. 1894. M.371.33

Das war ich. Dorfidylle. Musik von Leo Blech.

No. I in M.397.7
Der polnische Jude. Volksoper von Karl Weis. Text von
Victor Leon [Pseud.] und Richard Batka. M.397.74

Batta, Alexandre.

Fantaisie et adagio de la cavatine chantee par Rubini dans
I'opera La somnambule, composee pour le violoncelle avec
accomp. de piano par N. Louis. [Parties de piano et de
violon.] Paris. Meissonnier. [184-?] 2 v.

No. 12 in M.390.10
La romanesca, fameux air de danse de la fin du XVI« siecle,
arrange pour violoncelle, avec ace', de piano. [Partition
et partie de violoncelle.] Paris. Cotelle. [184-?]

No. 3 in M.210.1
Batta, Clementine.

Priere a la vierge. [a. ou bar. Accomp. de piano.] Ma-

yence. Schott. [186-?] No. 10 in M.260.10.4

Battaglia di Legnano, La. Opera. For the Music see Verdi.

For the Libretto see Cammarano, S.
Battaille, Louis.

Le verrou. Operette. Musique de Frederic Barbier.

No. 5 in M.25S.39
Batten, Adrian.

Hear my prayer, O God. Anthem [s. a. a. t. b.]. (In Boyce.
Cathedral music. Ed. Warren. Vol. 3, pp. 105-112.)

No. 12 in M.233.23.3
Also to be found in Cope's A collection of anthems.
My soul truly waiteth still upon God. Anthem. [
for organ.] (In Cope. A collection of anthems. Pp.
63-66.) No. 14 in M.290.34

O praise the Lord. Anthem. (/)i Boyce. Cathedral music.
Ed. Warren. Vol. 2, pp. 224, 225.) No. 12 in M.233.23.2
Also to be found in Cope's A collection of anthems.

The Te Deum, Benedictus, Jubilate, Kyrie, Nicene creed,

Sanctus, Gloria in excelsis. Magnificat, and Nunc dimittis,

in D minor. (In Goss and Turle. Cathedral services.

Vol. 2, pp. 78-122.) No. 4 in M.233.10

Batteux, Charles.

Les beaux-arts reduits a un meme principe. Paris. Durand.

1747- Plate. M.102.10

Battez Philidor! Opera. For the Music see Dutacq. For the

Libretto see Dreyfus.
Battishill, Jonathan.
Again my mournful sighs. Hymn. (In Musical times.
[Music] Vol. 4, pp. 178-181.) No. 2oinM.i75.i.4

From a solo by Battishill harmonized by Vincent Novello.

Amidst the myrtles. Glee [s. A. T. T. B.]. (In Amusement
for the ladies. Vol. 3, p. 77.) No. 27 in M.220.3.3

Also to be found in dementi's Collection of catches; The Harmonist;
Warren's Collection of catches.

Same. [t. b.] London. Birchell. [182-?] No. 3 in M.235.7.1

Also to be found in Bland's The Ladies' collection; dementi's Vocal
harmony. 2d edition; Leslie's Cassell's Choral music; Musical times
[Music] ; Social harmony ; Turle and Taylor's The People's music
book ; Webbe, Jr.'s Convito armonico.

But thirty years. Catch a 3 voci. (In Flowers of harmony.
Vol. I, pp. 16, 17.) No. I4in M.1S7.18.1

Also to be found in Warren's Collection of catches.

Call to remembrance. Anthem [s. s. A. a. t. b. b.]. The organ
part by Vincent Novello. (In Novello's Collection of an-
thems. Vol. 6, pp. 25-40.) No. 3 in M.195.2.6

Come, bind my hair. Glee [a. t. b.]. (In Warren. Collec-
tion of catches. Vol. 2, pp. 62-68.) No. 26 in M.220.9.a

Consign'd to dust. Glee [a. t. b.]. (In Clementi. Collec-
tion of catches. Vol. 3, pp. 34-36.)

No. 193 in M.110.1.3; No. 193 in M.iio.2.3
Also to be found in dementi's Vocal harmony ; Same, 2d edition ;
Novello's Glee-hive; Turle and Taylor's The People's music book;
Warren's Collection of catches.

Double chant [in B minor]. (In Turle and Taylor. The
People's nmsic book. Vol. 2, p. 306.) No. 76 in M.iii.4.2





Battishill, Jonathan. (Continued.)

Double chant [in D]. {In Turk and Taylor. The People's
music book. Vol. 2, p. 208.) No. 46 in M.iii.4.2

Here on his back. [Catch for 4 voices.] (/n Warren. Col-
lection of catches. Vol. i, p. 60.) No. 76 in M.220.9.1

Here rests his head. Elegy [s. a. b.]. (In Turk and Taylor.
The People's music book. Vol. 3, pp. 11-13)

No. S in M.iii.4.3

Here sleeps what once had beauty. Elegy [a. t. b.]. (In
Page. Festive harmony. Pp. 74-78.) No. 13 in M.23S.11

A hogshead was offered. [Catch for 3 voices.] (In War-
ren. Collection of catches. Vol. i, p. 34.) No. 31 in M.220.9.1

I lov'd thee beautiful. [Catch for 3 voices.] (In Amusement
for the ladies. Vol. 3, p. 45) No. 11 in M.220.3.3

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