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Beethoven, Ludwig van. (Continued.)

gemeine conservative Monatsschrift fiir das christliche

Deutschland, Januar, 1880, Leipzig.) No. 5 in M.372.44

Briefe Drei, von Beethoven an Bettina. (In Athenffium fiir

Wissenschaft . . . Januar 1839. Pp. 1-7. Nurnberg. 1839-)


The calm of the sea. [Chorus. Words translated from
Goethe. Accomp. for pianoforte and organ.] {In Gardi-
ner. Sacred melodies. Vol. 4, PP- 428-439-)

No. 3 in M.236.30.4
The translation is di££erent from that on shelf-no. No. 2 in M. 270.10.
The calm of the sea & rising breeze, Meeresstille und gliick-
liche Fahrt, descriptive chorus. With the German words
by Gothe and an English version by Chas. Edwd. Hamp-
ton. The music by Beethoven. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Lonsdale. [185-?] No. 2 in M.270.10

The choral fantasia. (Op. 80.) [The verses by Christoph
Kuffner.] The English version by Natalia Macfarren.
[Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.
[188-?] No. 5 in M.194.4

Collection complete des symphonies de Beethoven, a grand
orchestre, en partition. Paris. Girod. [184-?] 9 v. in 5.

Cmtents. — Vol. i. Symphonic No. I, en ut. Op. 21. — No. 2, en re.
Op. 36. Vol. 2. Symphonic heroique, No 3. Op. 55- — No. 4, en sib.
Op. 60. Vol. 3. No. 5, en ut mineur. Op. 66 [sic. 67]. — No. 6. Pas-
torale, en fa. Op. 68. Vol. 4. No. 7. en la. Op. 92.— No. 8, en fa. Op. 93-
Vol. 5. No. 9, en re mineur. Op. 125.
Concerts de piano [avec accomp. d'orchestre]. Grande par-
tition. No. i-S. Leipzig. Peters [etc. 185-?] 5 v. in 3.

Contents. — Vol. I. No. i in C. Op. 15. — No. 2 in B flat. Op. 19.
Vol. 2. No. 3 in C minor. Op. 37- — No. 4 in G. Op. 58. Vol. 3- No. 5
in E flat. Op. 73-
[Coriolan.] Ouverture de Coriolan, tragedie de Mr. de Col-
lin. Partitur. Op. 62. Bonn. Simrock. [185-?]

No. 2 in M.345.3S
Credo. [From his ist mass.] (In Handel and Haydn So-
ciety Collection of sacred music. Vol. 4, PP- S7-68.)

No. 4 in M.221.22.4

[Egmont.] Ouverture et entr'actes d'Egmont. Partition.

Leipsic. Breitkopf & Hartel. [185-?] M.345.34

Same. Ouverture (F moll) zu Goethe's Trauerspiel Egmont.

Op. 84. Partitur. Mainz. Schott. [187-?]

No. 3 in M.345.35

Same. Ouverture, Gesange und Zwischenacte zu Gothe's
Egmont ... fiir das Pianoforte zu 4 Handen eingerichtet
von V. Worner. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [185-?]

No. 3 in M.221.7
Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur. [Mannerchor.] (/n Or-
pheus. Band 9, pp. 6, 7.) No. 2 in 1,1.1293.43.9
Also to be found in Das Riitli.
Engedi; or, David in the wilderness, a sacred drama. The
music by Beethoven, the words, principally from the
Scripture, by Henry Hudson. [Accomp. for piano.] Lon-
don. Novello. [184-?] M.241.11
An adaptation of the music of Christus am Oelberge.
Fahr' wohl, du gold'ne Sonne. [Mannerchor.] (In Das
Riitli. Pp. 399, 400.) No. 167 in M.147.4
Fantasie, Op. 80, C. M. Choral part. Words, Psalm of life,
by Longfellow. [Part-song without accomp.] Cincinnati.
Church & Co. 1876. No. i in M.384.16
Fest-Ouverture (C dur). Op. 124. Partitur. Mainz. Schott.
[187-?] No. 4 in M.345.3S
Feyerlicher Marsch mit Chor aus Kotzebue's: Ruinen von
Athen. Componirt von Ludw. van Beethoven. Partitur.
Wien. Haslinger. [183-?] No. I in M.270.g
Fidelio. Drame lyrique en 2 actes. Paroles francjaises et
italiennes [de P. F. Camus]. Musique de L. van Bee-
thoven. Partition de piano. Paris. Schlesinger. [183-?]

Same. An opera in 2 acts [by P. F. Camus]. Translated
into English, and corrected according to the original score
by Natalia Macfarren. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Lon-
don. Novello, Ewer & Co. [187-?] M.265.3

Beethoven, Ludwig van. (Continued.)

The fortunate land. Canzonet [s. or t. Accomp. for piano-
forte], (/n Musical library. Vol. 3, pp. 90-93.)

No. 31 in M. 235.18.3
[Die Geschopfe des Prometheus.] Ouverture (C dur) zum
Ballet Prometheus. Op. 43- Partitur. Mainz. Schott.
[187-?] No. I in M.345.35

Glory to God. [Chorus from his ist mass. Accomp. for
organ.] (In Handel and Haydn Society Collection of sa-
cred music. Vol. 4, pp. 47-57.) No. 3 in M.221.22.4
God's glory in nature. [Part-song, T. T. B. B.] Arranged by
F. Lux. English version by Chas. J. Sprague. Boston.
Schmidt. ^894. No. 3 in M.203.11
A grace, for A. T. B., or s. s. b. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. 2, p. 51.)

No. 19 in M.2go.22.2
Grand septuor [clarinetto, fagotto, corno, violino, viola, vio-
loncello, basso]. Qiuvre 20. Partition. Leipzig. Peters.
[184-?] No. 2 in M.334.2

Grand trio pour piano, clarinette ou violon et violoncelle.
Op. 38. [Partie de violoncelle.] Paris. Societe pour la
publication de la musique. [184-?] No. 9 in M.210.11

Great God of all, Holy Creator. Anthem. Selected and
arranged from the pianoforte sonata, op. 97 ... by Charles
Ashton. [Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello. [184-?]

No. I in M.290.14

Same. 2d edition. No. 7 in M.190.1

Great God, to Thee. Beethoven's hymn introduced into

Liszt's Ode to genius . . . Arranged & adapted by W.

Gardiner. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello.

[185-?] No. 22 in M.290.9.1

Hallelujah to the Father. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.]

(/re Pratt. Collection of anthems. Vol. 2, pp. 136-147.)

From his Mount of Olives. No. I3 in M.233.18.2

Happy is the man. Air [a. or b. Accomp. for organ]. (In
Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. 2, pp. 12, 13.)

No. 6 in M.290.22.2

Hat man nicht auch Gold beineben. Arie [aus Fidelio, b.,

mit Pianofortebegleitung]. (In Arien-Album. Band i,

pp. 130-133) No. 4 in M.204.37

How can I on Thee repose? [Solo, s. Accomp. for organ.]

(In Handel and Haydn Society Collection of sacred music.

Vol. 3, p. 76.) No. 12 in M.221.22.3

How strange does all appear! Quartet [from Fidelio,

s. s. T. B.]. (In Musical library. Vol. 2, pp. 108-112.)

No. 43 in M. 235.18.2
Hymne an die Nacht. Andante aus der Sonate, Op. 57, fur
Mannerchor arrangirt von L Heim. (In Abt. Leichte
Mannerchore. Heft 9, pp. 6, 7.) No. 51 in M.246.22

Also to be found in Eidgenossischer Sangerverein, Wettgesange bei
dem II. . . . Sangerfeste; Same, 12. . . . Sangerfeste; Das Rutli.
I will give thanks unto the Lord. [Anthem. Accomp. for
organ.] (In Buck. Motette collection. Vol. i, pp. 57-62.)

No. 15 in M.100.4.1
In holy contemplation. Air, t. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]
(In Hasse, C. F. Sacred music. Pp. 155, 156.)

No. 30 in M.201.37
In questa tomba oscura. Canzonetta [Bar. Accomp. for
pianoforte]. (In Musical library. Vol. 4, pp. 56, 57.)

No. 19 in M.235.18.4.

Jesu dulcis. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.] (In Lutz. Motets

for the year. No. 11. Pp. 43-47.) No. 11 in

Jesu, refugium nostrum. Quartetto. [Accomp. for organ.]

(7)1 Novello. Motetts. Vol. 2, book 10, pp. 5-7.)

No. 28 in M.260.24.2
Joy has fled. Cavatina [t. Accomp. for pianoforte] from
Fidelio. (In Musical library. Vol. 2, pp. 112, 113.)

No. 44 in M.235.18.2
[King Stephen.] Beethoven's music to the drama . . . The
pianoforte parts arranged from the score by Ann S. Moun-
sey. The English version written and adapted by W. Bar-
tholomew. London. Novello. [183-?] No. i in M.270.10
Kriegsgesang. [Nach Beethoven fiir vierstimmigen Man-





Beethoven, Ludwig van. (Continued.)

nerchor.] {In Steinhausen. Conferenz-Gesange. Band 2,

Heft I, p. 12.) No. ioinM.392.38

Letters (1790-1826). Translated by Lady Wallace. London.

Longmans, Green & Co. 1866. 2 v. Portrait. Facsimile.

M. 107. 16
Lobkowitz-Cantata. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] London.
Monthly Musical Record. 1882. No. 24 in M.158.13

Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear. [Anthem. Accomp.
for organ.] {In Buck. Motette collection. Vol. i, pp. 88,
go ) No. 23 in M.100.4.1

The Lord, the Almighty Monarch spake. Sacred song [s.
or T. Accomp. for pianoforte]. {In Ayrton. Sacred min-
strelsy. Vol. I, pp. 16, 17.) No. S in M.290.22.1
March and chorus of Roman soldiers. From The Mount of
Olives. [Vocal score.] {In Handel and Haydn Society
Collection of sacred music. Vol. 4, pp. 174-192.)

No. 18 in M.221.22.4
La marmotte. Song [s. Accomp. for pianoforte]. {In Musi-
cal library. Vol. 2, p. 20.) No. 8 in M.235.18.2
Mass in C. Op. 86. With a separate accomp. for the organ
or pianoforte, arranged from the full score by Vincent
Novello. London. Novello. [184-?] No. i in M.191.2
Same. [Sanctus and Benedictus only.] No. 23 in M.201.38
May song [s. or t. Accomp. for pianoforte]. {In Musical
library. Vol. i, pp. 136, 137) No. 61 in M.235.18.1
Missa . . . Op. 123. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Moguntiae.
Schott. [18s-?] M.362.20
The Mount of Olives, a sacred oratorio, composed by L. v.
Beethoven, . . . the vocal parts in score, adapted to Eng-
lish words, and the instrumental parts arranged for the
pianoforte by Sir George Smart. London. Smart. [182-?]

No. 3 in M.391.61
Musique de chambre pour piano seul. Paris. Schonenber-
ger. [i8s-?] 3 V. M.348.36

Contents. — Vol. i. Septuor en mib majeur. Op. 20. — Sextuor en mib
majeur. Op. 81. — Quintette en mib majeur. Op. 4. — Quintette en
ut majeur. Op. 29. — Quatuor, no. 1-3, en fa majeur, sol majeur et re
majeur. Op. 18. Vol. 2. Quatuor, no. 4-6, en ut mineur, la majeur,
et sib majeur. Op. 18. — Quatuor, no. 1-3. en fa majeur, mi mineur
et ut majeur. Op. 59. — Quatuor en mib majeur. Op. 74. Vol. 3. iic
Quatuor, en fa mineur. Op. 95. — Trio, en mib majeur. Op. 3. —
Serenade en trio, en re majeur. Op. 8. — Trio, no. 1-3, en sol majeur,
ri majeur, et ut majeur. Op. 9. — Serenade en ri majeur. Op. 25.
My wife's a winsome wee thing. Canzonet [t. Accomp. for
pianoforte]. {In Musical library. Vol. i, pp. 62, 63.)

No. 2 in M.235.18.1

O most delightful hour. Sacred song [s. or bar. Accomp.

for organ]. {In Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. I, pp.

64, 65.) No. 22 in M.2go.22.i

O rejoice in God our King. Solo [s.] and chorus. [Accomp.

for organ.] {In Handel and Haydn Society collection of

sacred music. Vol. 3, pp. 72-7S) No. 11 in M.221.22.3

O Sacrum Convivium. Solo & quartette. Arranged by J.

Robinson. [Accomp. for organ. London. Novello. 182-?]

No. 20 in M. 260.10.6

Also to be found in £chos du monde religieux ; Novello's Motetts.

O Salutaris. [Motet. Accomp. for organ. London. Butler.

184-?] No. 22 in M. 260.3

O Salutaris, pensee religieuse de Beethoven, transcrite pour

3 ou 4 voix en chceur, par Paul Lutgen. [Accomp. d'orgue.]

Paris. Richault. [185-?] No. 10 in M.260.10.3

Octett fiir 2 Oboen, 2 Klarinetten, 2 Fagotte und 2 Horner.

Op. 103. [Partitur.] Leipzig. [188-? Payne's Kleine

Partitur-Ausgabe.] No. 8 in M.355.2

Oh more, far more than mortal pleasure. Duet [s. t.] from

Fidelio. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] {In Musical library.

Vol. 2, pp. 114-119) No. 45 in M.235.18.2

Opere scelte. Op. 18. Quartetto no. 1-6. Nuova edizione.

[Partitura.] Firenze. Guidi. [1861?] 6 v. in 3. [Societa

del quartetto di Firenze.] M. 246.24

Contents. — Vol. l. No. i in fa. — ■ No. 2 in sol. — Vol. 2. No. 3 in re.
— No. 4 in do min. Vol. 3. No. 5 in la. — No. 6 in sife.
Ouvertures choisies de L. van Beethoven. Arrangees pour
piano et violon par W. Meves. [Partition et partie de vio-
lon.] Braunschweig. Litolff. [188-?] No. i in M.3S7.8
Contents. — Egmont. — Fidelio. — Die Ruinen von Athen. — Pro-
metheus. — Coriolan. — Leonore (Fidelio). 1803.

Beethoven, Ludwig van. (Continued.)
Per pieta non dirmi addio. Aria [s. or t. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. {In Musical library. Vol. i, pp. 146-148. London.
1854.) No. 65 in M.23S.18.1

Prometheus. See his Die Geschopfe des Prometheus.
Quartets, arranged from Beethoven with accomp. for organ,
by Ambrose Davenport. Boston. Ditson & Co. [1865.]

No. 1-4 in M.290.12
Contents. — Trust in God. — O Lord, veil not Thy face. — Praise
ye the Lord. — Celestial hope.
Quartett fiir Klavier, Violine, Viola und Violoncell. Op. 16.
[Partitur.] Leipzig. [186-? Payne's Kleine Partitur-
Ausgabe.] No. I in M.355.3
Quartetto in mib [Violino i, 2, viola e violoncello]. Op. 74.
[Partitura.] Firenze. Guidi. [1865. Societa del quar-
tetto di Firenze.] No. 2 in M.246.29
Quartetto 1-3. Op. 59. [Partitura.] Firenze. Guidi. [1862.
Societa del quartetto di Firenze.] M.246.25
Contents. — No. I in fa. — No. 2 in mi min. — No. 3 in do.
Quintett, C-moIl, fiir 2 Violinen, 2 Violen und Violoncello.
Op. 104. Leipzig. Eulenburg. [1891? Payne's Kleine
Partitur-Ausgabe.] No. 2 in M.4i2a.3
Quintett, Es-dur, fiir Pianoforte, Oboe, Clarinette, Horn und
Fagott. Op. 16. [Partitur.] Leipzig. Eulenberg. [1S91.
Payne's Kleine Partitur-Ausgabe.] No. 2 in M.35S.3
Quintett, Es-dur, fiir 2 Violinen, 2 Violen und Violoncello.
Op. 4. Leipzig. Eulenburg. [1891? Payne's Kleine
Partitur-Ausgabe.] No. i in M.4i2a.3
Quintetten fiir 2 Violinen, 2 Bratschen u. Violoncell, Op. 4
u. 29; Septett fiir Violine, Bratsche, Horn, Clarinette,
Fagott, Violoncell u. Contra-Bass, Op. 20; Se.xtett fiir 2
Violinen, Bratsche, Violoncell u. 2 Horns obligat. Op. 81.
Partitur-Ausgabe. London. Ewer & Co. [185-?]

No. I in M.246.32
Les regrets. [Chanson, a. ou bar. Accomp. de piano.] {In
Almanach des musiciens de I'avenir. Pp. 36-38.) M. 205.29
Rondo (in G). Violin and piano. [Full score and separate
part for violin.] Boston. Davenport. 1877. No. 7 in M.357.12
Les mines d'Athenes. Drame lyrique [de Kotzebue. Mu-
sique] de L. van Beethoven. [Partition chant et piano.]
Paris. Bureau central de musique. [1814?]

No. I in M.362.ig

Sanctus et Benedictus. Solo. [Accomp. de piano ou d'orgue.]

{In fichos du monde religieux. Pp. 32-34.) M.156.52

Sechs geistliche Lieder fiir eine Singstimme mit Begleitung

des Pianoforte . . . Fiir gemischten Chor a capella ge-

setzt von H. Giehne. Leipzig. Rieter-Biedermann. [187-?]

No. 10 in M. 157.24
Contents. — Bitten. — Die Liebe des Nachsten. — Vom Tode. —
Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur. — Gottes Macht und Vorsehung. —
Septett [fiir Clarinette, Fagott, Horn, Violine, Viola, Violon-
cell und Contrabass]. Op. 20. Partitur. Leipzig. Peters.
[187-?] No. I in M.333.5

Serenade fiir Flote, Violine und Viola. [Op. 25. Partitur.]
Leipzig. [187-? Payne's Kleine Partitur-Ausgabe.]

No. 6 in M.3ss.a
Serenata. Trio [violino, viola e violoncello] in re. [Parti-
tura.] Firenze. Guidi. [1862. Societa del quartetto di
Firenze.] No. 4 in M.246.26

Sextuor pour 2 violons, viola, violoncelle et 2 cors obliges.
Op. 81. Partitur. Berlin. Simrock. [1845?]

No. I in M.334.2
Sonaten fiir Piano und Violoncell . . . herausgegeben von
Friedr. Griitzmacher. [Partitur und Violoncell-Stimme.]
Neue Ausgabe. Leipzig. Peters. [189-?] 2 v. in i.

Contents. — No. i, 2. Op. S- F dur, G moll. — No. 3. Op. 69. A dur. —
No. 4, s. Op. 102. C dur, D dur.
Spirit of meekness. Elegy, for 4 voices, with accomp. for
piano-forte or quartett of stringed instruments. The Eng-
lish version by Thomas Oliphant. [Full score.] London.
Cramer, Beale & Co. [185-?] No. 8 in M.290.14

[Streich-Quartette, fiir 2 Violinen, Alto und Violoncell. No.
1-17.] Offenbach a. M. [etc.]. Andre [etc. i82-?-i8s-?].

4 V.

Vol. 1. No. 1-6. Op. 18.


Vol. 2. No. 7-9- Op. 59. — No.

I. 13





Beethoven, Ludwig van. (Contmued.)

10. Op. 74- — No. II. Op. 95- Vol. 3- No. 12. Op. 127- — No. 13.
Op. ,30. — No. 14- Op. 131. Vol. 4. No. 15. Op. 132. — No. 16. Op. I33-
No. 17. Op. 135-
Studies in thorough-bass, counterpoint and the art of scien-
tific composition. Collected ... by Ignatius von Sey-
fried; translated by Henry Hugh Pierson. Leipzig.
Schuberth & Co. 1853. Portraits. Plates. ^■''°^-'!^

Sweet was thy presence. Elegy. For s. a. x. b. The P. K
arrangement by the editor. (In Hullah. The Singers
library. Secular. Pp. 29-32.) No. 7 in M.157.2

Symphonie nach dem Cis-moll-Quartett, Op. 131. fir grosses
Orchester eingerichtet von Karl Miiller-Berghaus. Par-
titur. Hamburg. Pohle. [1884?] No. i in M.332.4

[Symphonies, no. 1-9, pour piano seul.] Paris. Schonen-
berger. [184-?] 9 v. in 2. M.348.38

Contents. — i. No. 1-5. 2. No. 6-9.
Thou art gone to the grave. [Part-song.] (In Musical times.
[Music] Vol. I, p. 60.) No. 20 in M.I7S.I.I

Tremate, empi, tremate. Terzetto per s. t. b. con accomp.
di grand' orchestra . . . Estratto per il cembalo. Vienna.
Haslinger. [184-?] No. i in M.221.21

Trio fiir Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell [in Es dur. Par-
titur]. Braunschweig. Litolff. [186-?] No. 2 in M.357.3
Trio fur 2 Oboen und engl. Horn. [Op. 29. Partitur.]
Leipzig. [187-? Payne's Kleine Partitur-Ausgabe.]

No. 7 in M.355.2

Trio in sib [violino, viola e piano]. Op. 97. [Partitura.]

Firenze. Guidi. [1865. Societa del quartetto di Firenze.)

Trio [per violino, viola e violoncello] 1-3. Op. 4- [Parti-
tura.] Firenze. Guidi. [1863. Societa del quartetto di
Firenze.] No. 1-3 in M.246.26

Contents. — No. i in sol. — No. 2 in re. — No. 3 m do min.
Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle. CEuvre posthume.
[Partie de violoncelle.] Paris. Societe pour la publica-
tion de la musique. [184-?] No. SinM.210.11
[Trios fiir Violine, Viola und Violoncell. Partitur.] Leip-
zig. [187-?] S v. in I. [Payne's Kleine Partitur-Aus-
gabe.] No. i-S in M.355.2
Contents. — I. In Es-dur. Op. 3. 2. In D-dur. Op. 8. 3. In Gdur.
Op. 9, No. I. 4. In D-dur. Op. 9, No. 2. 5. In C-moU. Op. 9, No. 3.
Trios pour piano, violon et violoncelle. [Partition.]
Braunschweig. Litolff. [187-?] M.3S3.1
Contents. — i. In Es dur. Op. 1, No. i. 2. In G dur. Op. i, Nu. 2.
3. In C moll. Op. I, No. 3. 4. In D dur. Op. 70, No. i. 5. In Es
dur. Op. 70, No. 2. 6. In B dur. Op. 97- 7- I" B dur 'n i Satze.
8. In Es dur. 9. In G dur. Op. 121. 10. Variationen in Es dur.
Op. 44. II. In B dur. Op. 11.

Same. No. 1,3-6, 11. [Partie de violoncelle.] Paris. [184-?]

No. 2-4, 6-8 in M. 210.11
Variations pour piano et violoncelle ou violon, sur La vie est
un voyage de La flijte enchantee de Mozart. Op. 66.
[Partition.] Paris. Schlesinger. [183-?] No. 5 in M.210.1
Same. [Partie de violoncelle.] No. 10 in M.210.11

Variations pour piano et violoncelle sur Je vais revoir
I'amant que j'aime de La flite enchantee de Mozart. [Par-
tition.] Paris. Schlesinger. [183-?] No. 6 in M.210.1
Vengeance is ours. [b. solo and trio, s. x. e. From Engede.
Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello. [185-?]

No. 17 in M.290.14
The vesper hymn. [s. solo and chorus.] {In Orpheus glee
book. Pp. 61, 62.) No. 32 in M.246.36

Same. [t. x. b. b.] (In Mosenthal. Songs of the Mendels-
sohn Glee Club. Pp. 156-160.) No. 41 in M.204.36
Also to be found [for s. a. t. d.] in Novello's Part-song book, 2d scries.
Violin-Concert. [Mit Orchester - Begleitung. Partitur.]
Op. 61. Leipzig. Peters. [186-?] No. 2 in M. 333.5
Vita felice. Canzonetta [s. or x. Accomp. for pianoforte].
(In Musical library. Vol. 4. PP- 21-23.) No. 9 in M.235.18.4
Young spring-gods are round us. Song [s. or x. Accomp.
for pianoforte]. (In Musical library. Vol. 2, pp. 53-5S)

No. 22 in M.23S.18.2

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Works about.

Alberxi, C. E. R. Ludwig van Beethoven als dramatischer

Tondichter. Stettin. 1859. No. 2 in M.370.62

Anders, G. E. Details biographiques sur Beethoven, d'apres

Wegeler et Ries. Paris. 1839. No. 2 in M.145.34

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Works about. (Continued.)
AuDLEY, A. Louis van Beethoven; sa vie et ses ceuvres.
Paris. 1867. M.128.16

Catalogue des osuvres de Beethoven, pp. 283-300.
Ball, T. H. Sketch of Handel and Beethoven. London.
1864. M.101.13

Barbedexxe, H. Beethoven. Esquisse musicale. La Ro-
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tung zur Erinnerung an die Sacular-Vorfeier des Ton-

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