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Bonnamy. [Partition chant et piano.] Pans. Dupont.
[,894] No. I in M.393-6

Bonnassies, Jules.

La musique a la Comedie-franQaise. Paris. Baur. 1874.

No. 5 in M.122.1
Bonne aventure, La. Opera. For the Music see Jonas, £. For

the Libretto see Najac.
Bonne d'enfant, La. Opera. For the Music see Offenbach.

For the Libretto see Bercioux.
Bonne de chez Duval, La. Opera. For the Music see Serpette.

For the Libretto see Raymond, H.
Bonne fortune, Une. Opera. For the Music see Adam, Adolphe

C. For the Libretto see Monnais.
Bonnefont, Gaston.

Monsieur Abelard. Operette. Musique de Jules Brault.

No. 3 in M.SQS.o

Bonnefoy, Auguste.

Un maestro de bourgade. Opera comique en un acte. Pa-
roles de Ch. Bridault, musique de A" Bonnefoy. [Parti-
tion chant et piano.] Lille. Danel. 1864. No. 2 in M.393-6

Bonnemere, Lionel. ,■ c, t ■ 1

Le grand Ferre. Poeme lyrique de Louis Tiercelm & Lionel

Bonnemere. Musique de D. C. Planchet. M.395.46

Le legataire universel. Opera bouffe. Poeme de Jules

Adenis [pseud.] et Lionel Bonnemere. Musique de

Georges Pfeiffer. M.393.49

Monseigneur Scapin. Opera-comique. Paroles de Moreau-

Sainti & Lionel Bonnemere. Musique de J. G. Penavaire.

No. 2 in M.287.6
Les Templiers. Opera. Poeme de Jules Adenis [pseud.],

Armand Silvestre, & Lionel Bonnemere. Musique de

Henry Litolff. M.306.23

Winkelried. Grand opera heroique. Poeme de Moreau-

Sainti & Lionel Bonnemere. Musique de Louis Lacombe.


Bonnes petites amies, Les. For pianoforte. Louis, N.

No. 2 in M.3go.i7

Bonnet, Gabriel.

Le moulin des Lilas. Opera comique. Paroles de Eugene
Leclerc & Gabriel Bonnet. Musique de Jules Benard.

No. 5 in M.2SS.35

Bonnet, Jacques.

Histoire de la musique, et de ses effets. Paris. Cochart.
jyjc M.i2ga.6

Bonnie new moon. Song. Linley, G. [Songs.] Vol. i.

No. 22 in M.235.19.1

Bonnier, Elzear.

Medge. Opera, parole di Pietro Elzear [pseud.], musica di
Spiro Samara. M.399.56

Bonnieres, Guillaume Frangois Robert de Wierre de.

Attendez-moi sous I'orme. Opera comique, par J. Prevel et
R. de Bonnieres. Musique de Vincent d'Indy.

No. I in M.286.18
Bonnin, Theodose, editor.

Puy de musique, erige a fivreux, en I'honneur de Madame
Sainte Cecile, publie d'apres un manuscrit du XVI<= siecle
par Bonnin et Chassant. Evreux. Ancelle. 1837.

No. 2 in M.116.8
Bonno, Giuseppe.

Cum Sancto Spiritu. Coro a 5 voci [s. s. a. t. b. Accomp.

for organ]. (/» Novello. The Fitzwilliam music. Vol. 3,

pp. 54-59) ^°- 1° '" M.233.26.3

Bonny Eloise. Song. Thomas, John R. No. 3 in M.192.14

Bonny Jean. Song. Linley, G. [Songs.] Vol. i.

No. 4 in M.235.ig.i

Bonny laddie, highland laddie. Song. Beethoven. Werke.

Seric 24. M.413.1.24

Bonny May. Part-song. Glover, J. H. L. No. 10 in M. 121. 3

Bononcini, Giovanni Battista.

Chi mai d'iniqua Stella. Round [for 3 voices], (/n Musical

library. Vol. 4, p. 103.) No. 34 in M.235.18.4

Also to be found in Wcbbe, Jr.'s Convito armonico.

Eterna fac cum Sanctis. Trio [s. s. b.]. (In Novello. The

Fitzwilliam music. Vol. i, pp. 53-55) No. 11 in M.233.36.1

Bononcini, Giovanni Battista. (Continued.)

In Te, Domine, speravi. [Chorus for 4 voices with accomp.
for organ, horns, oboes, violins, violas and basses.] (In
Novello. The Fitzwilliam music. Vol. I, pp. 22-29.)

No. 4 in M.233.26.1
Sweet is the breath of morning. Round for 3 voices. (In
Turle and Taylor. The People's music book. Vol. 3,
p. 97.) No. 39in M.iii.4.3

• Te ergo quassumus. Quintetto [s. s. a. t. b. Accomp. for
organ, violins, viola, and bass]. (In Novello. The Fitz-
william music. Vol. 3, pp. 33-41.) No. 6 in M.233.26.3
Bonsoir. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 3. M.327.4.3
Bonsoir Mignone. Song. Choudens, A. Vingt melodies.

No. 2 in M.28S.14
Bonsoir, Mr. Pantalon! Opera. For the Music see Grisar.

For the Libretto see Simon, J. P.
Bonsoir, voisin. Opera. For the Music see Poise. For the

Libretto see Lherie.

Bonum est. Anthem. Benedict. No. 13 in M.156.50

Marston. No. 13, 14 in M.15S.18

MosENTHAL. In D. No. 15 in M.igo.6

— In Eb. No. 12 in M.190.6

Tebbs. No. 17 in M.203.2g

Bonum est confiteri Domino. Offertory. Palestrina. Werke.

Band 9. M.8o4oa.66.9

Bonvin, Ludwig.

Christnachtstraum (Christmas night's dream) fiir Streich-
orchester. Op. 10. Partitur [and] Stimmen. Leipzig.
Fritzsch. 1892. 7 parts in i v. No. 5 in M.358.20

Drei Tonbilder, fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 12. Partitur.
Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hiirtel. 1893. No. 3 in M.203.6

Contents. — I. In gehobener Stimmung. 2. Verlangen. 3. Verhaltene
Wehmuth bei frohlichem Feste.
Festzug (Cortege de fete), fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 27.
Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. 1896.

No. 4 in M.403.6

Morgen an nordischer Kiiste. Morn on the northern coast.

Gedicht von Paul Mathies. Fiir gemischten Chor, Bari-

ton-SoIo und Orchester. Op. 50. [Chor mit Klavierbe-

gleitung.] Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [1900.]

No. I in M.38a4
Symphonic in G moll. Op. 67. Partitur. Leipzig. Breit-
kopf & Hartel. [1902.] M.410.12
Zwei symphonische Siitze fiir Orchester. Op. 71. Partitur.
Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [1905] M.4io.go
Bony, Louis.

Une excursion dans I'orgue. Paris. Fischbacher. 1892.

No. 3 in M.116.8
Boodle and Co. Opera. For the Music see Densmore. For

the Libretto see Otis.
Boosey & Co.

National edition of standard English glees . . . With piano-
forte accomp. Vol. I. London. [186-?] M.157.7
Contents. — Attwood: Hark! hark! the curfew's solemn sound. — Cooke:
Hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings. — Callcott: The red cross
knight. — Webbe : Come live with me. — Callcott: The May fly. —
Stevenson : See our oars with feathered spray. — Callcott : The eri king.

Horsley: By Celia's arbour. — Spof forth : Hail! smiling morn. —

Stevens: Blow, blow, thou winter wind. — Callcott; Feace to the souls
of the heroes. — Storace: Five times by the taper's light. — Callcott:
In the lonely vale of streams. — Stevens: Ye spotted snakes. — Stevens:
From Oberon, in fairy land. — [Callcott] : Are the white hours. —
Webbe: Thy voice, O harmony. — Spofforth: My dear mistress had a
heart. — Callcott: You gentlemen of England. — Kny vett : The bells
of St. Michael's tower. — Callcott: With sighs, sweet rose. — Callcott:
Forgive, blest shade. — Callcott : Who comes so dark. — Danby : Fair
Flora decks. — Callcott: Go idle boy. — Mazzinghi : Ye shepherds,
tell me. — Esle: IIow merrily we live. — Stevens: The cloud-capt
towers. — Callcott: To all you ladies now on land. — [Savile] : Here's
a health to all good lasses. — Paxton : How sweet! how fresh! — Morn-
ington: As it fell upon a day. — Spofforth: Come bounteous May. —
Kindle: Queen of the silver bow. — Callcott: Lordly gallants. —
Cooke: As now the shades. — Stevens: Sigh no more. — Cooke: How
sleep the brave. — Webbe: When winds breathe soft. — Webbe:
Swiftly from the mountain's brow. — Spofforth : Marked you her eye.

— Callcott: Queen of the valley. — Stevens: Crabbed age and youth.

— Momington: O bird of eve! — Callcott: When time was entwining.

— Stevens: When the toil of day is o'er. — Danby: When Sappho
tuned. — [Webbe]: Discord, dire sister. — Callcott: Desolate is the
dwelling of Morna. — Callcott: The fairies. — Webbe: Glorious
Apollo. — Danby: Awake, Aeolian lyre. — Ford: Since first I saw





Boosey & Co. (Continued.)

your face. — Paxton : Breathe soft ye winds. — Shield : O happy fair.

— Callcott: It was a friar. — Mornington: Here in cool grot. — King:
When shall we three. — Scotland: Lightly tread. — Wainwright :
Life's a bumper.

Boosey's Part-song miscellany. No. 1-16. [London. 186-?]
16 nos. in I v. No. 6-21 in M.IS7.1 ; No. 61-96 in M.157.5.2
Each part is separately catalogued.

Contents. — Mori : Welcome heavenly peace. — Mori : The bud is on
the bough. — Mori : And were they not happy days. — Mori : Beauty
is dead! — Mori: Who shall be fairest? — Mori: O spare my tender
flowers! — Hatton : Ripe strawberries. — Balfe: Smile O heaven upon
the day! — Meyerbeer: Sancta Maria. — Smart: A legend of the Rhine.

— Smart : The hostess's daughter. — Smart : The rover. — Pech : The
three wishes. — [Verdi] : O'er the calm and sparkling waters. —
Meyerbeer : Lowly we bend before Thee. — Smart : A capstan chorus.

— Meyerbeer : The return from the tavern. — Flotow : Good night. —
Linley : Comrades in arms! — Glover: We have wandered. — Hatton:
The sailor's serenade. — Hatton : Fairy whispers. — Hatton : Of a'
the airts. — Hatton : In summer time. — Barnby : The silver stream-
let. — Barnby: To blossoms. — Barnby: When twilight dews. —
Barnby : The snow-drop. — Barnby : Tell me roses. — Barnby : The
summer days. — Gounod : The dance invites us. — Smart : Pale autumn
flowers. — Smart : The star that shines so fair. — Hatton : Dear
Georgette, we come to you. — Florimo : When the vesper bell. — Ros-
sini : Laughing and singing.

Boosey's Standard operas. Series.

AuBER. Les diamants de la couronne. M.255.9

Meyerbeer. Roberto il Diavolo. M.397.45

Bootgesang. Part-song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 16.

M.317.1.16; etc.
Booth, Eliza M. J.

Daphne. A [musical] novel. By "Rita" [pseud.]. Phila-
delphia. Lippincott & Co. 1880. M.109.20
Booth, Eliza M. J., translator.

HoFMANN, H. C. J. Aschenbrodel. No. i in M.15S.24

Booth, Josiah.

Hymn to the moon. Part-song. (In Novello's Part-song-
book. 2d series. Vol. 16, pp. 29-38.) No. 5 in M.195.1.16
It was a lover and his lass. (In Novello's Part-song book.
2d series. Vol. 15, pp. 29-36.) No. 7 in M.195.1.15

Booth, Otto.

Prizes and blanks. An operette in one act. (.A.dapted from

the farce of "The lottery ticket") by Coombes Davies.

The music by Otto Booth. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]

London. Jefferys. [1888?] No. i in M.402.65

Boott, Francis.

O Domine Deus. (O Lord my God.) Prayer of Mary,
Queen of Scots. [For s. or t. Accomp. for piano.] Bos-
ton. Priifer. 1874. No. 9 in M.201.33
With Latin and English words.

Boott, William.

A fagot from the Coliseum. By a Bostonian. Boston.
Little, Brown & Co. 1869. No. 6 in M.137.13

On music in America.

Bopp, Fr.

Hymne an den Gesang. Componirt von Hermann Franke.

No. 4 in M.212.5
Borch, Marie von, translator.

Enna, a. Die Hexe. M.30S.38

Griebel, T. „Sch6n Karin." No. 2 in M.399.22

Bordelaises, Les. Quadrilles. Louis, N. No. 21, 22 in M.3go.i7
Bordenave, Jean de.

La musique, poeme en quatre chants. [Anon.] Paris. Le
Normant. 1811. No. S in M.116.14

Border feuds. Opera. For the Music see Stevenson.
Bordese, Luigi.

Assaut de soubrettes. Opera comique en i acte a 2 person-
nages. Paroles de Alex. Flan. Musique de Luigi Bor-
dese. Partition chant et piano. Paris. Schonenberger.
[184-?] No. I in M.265.38

Chien et chat. Duo comique. Paroles de Leon Charly
[pseud.]. Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Partition chant et
piano.] Paris. Katto. [186-?] No. 3 in M.301.2

Un concert chez les demoiselles de Saint-Cyr. Operette en
I acte. Paroles de A. de Lauzieres de Themines. [Parti-
tion chant et piano.] Paris. 1877. [Journal des demoi-
selles.] No. 2 in M.265.38
Les deux comtesses. Opera-comique en i acte. Paroles de
M. Alexandre Flan. Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Parti-

Bordese, Luigi. (Continued.)

tion chant et piano.] Paris, i860. [Magasin des demoi-
selles.] No. 4 in M.301.2

L'esprit et le cceur. Operette en i acte, pour les pension-
nats. Paroles d"Alexandre Flan. Musique de Luigi Bor-
dese. [Partition chant et piano.] Bruxelles. Schott.
[187-?] No. 5 in M.301.2

La fete des fleurs. Scene operette. Paroles d'Adolphe Joly,
musique arrangee par Luigi Bordese. [Partition chant
et piano.] Paris. Schonenberger. [185-?]

No. I in M.265.34

Fleurs des champs. Operette en i acte. Paroles de Nac.
Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Partition chant et piano.]
Paris. [1868.] Plate. [Magasin des demoiselles.]
Pages 17-36 are missing. No. 6 in M.301.2

Fort comme un Turc. Proverbe operette en i acte pour
pensionnats de gargons. Paroles de Alex. Flan. Musique
de Luigi Bordese. Partition piano et chant. Paris.
Schonenberger. [185-?] No. 2 in M.26S.3S

Frere et soeur, petit opera comique en i acte . . . Paroles
de lid. Plouvier. Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Partition
chant et piano.] Paris. Schonenberger. [185-?]

No. 3 in M.265.34

Judith et Suzon. Operette en I acte. Paroles de Francis
Tourte. Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Partition piano et
chant.] Paris. 1870. [Magasin des demoiselles.]

No. 3 in M.265.38

La mantille. [Opera comique en i acte. Paroles de Planard
et Goubaux.] Musique de Luigi Bordese, arrangee pour
le piano, avec acct. de violon ad lib. Paris. Richault.
[1839?] 8 parts in i v. M.281.5

Le marche aux domestiques, paysannerie. Operette en i
acte pour gar<;ons. Paroles de Francis Tourte. Musique
de Luigi Bordese. [Partition chant et piano.] Paris.
Schonenberger. [185-?] No. 2 in M.265.34

Le marche aux servantes. Operette en i acte. Paroles de
M. E. Trefeu. Musique de L. Bordese. [Partition chant
et piano.] Paris. 1867. [Magasin des demoiselles.]

No. 4 in M.265.38

Les mensonges de la marquise. Operette en i acte pour
institutions de jeunes filles. Paroles de Francis Tourte.
Musique de Luigi Bordese. Partition piano et chant.
Paris. Lemoine. [185-?] M.265.36

Messe a 4 voix, 2 sopranos, tenor et basse. [Accom'.
d'orgue.] Paris. Richault. [183-?] No. 2 in M. 156.23

The miracle of the roses. An operetta for the parlor, by
Luigi Bordese. [Accomp. for piano.] New York. Beer
& Schirmer. 1864. No. 2 in M.368.32

Le moulin des oiseaux. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles
de fidouard Plouvier. Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Par-
tition chant et piano. Paris.] 1858. [Magasin des demo-
selles.] No. 5 in M.265.38

Petite messe solennelle a 2 voix ou choeur a 2 parties et
solo, avec accomp'. d'orgue ou piano. Paris. Richault.
[183-?] No. I in M.156.23

Petite messe solennelle a I'usage des pensions. [Accomp.
de piano ou orgue.] Paris. Mathieu. [186-?]

No. 2 in M.201.3

La poule noire, paysannerie, Operette en i acte pour jeunes
filles. Paroles de Francis Tourte. Musique de Luigi
Bordese. [Partition chant et piano.] Paris. Schonen-
berger. [i8s-?] No. I in M.265.35

La reine Jeanne. Opera comique en 3 actes. Paroles de
Brunswick [pseud.] et de Leuven [pseud.]. Musique de
Luigi Bordese et Hip. Monpou. Avec accomp. de piano.
Paris. Richault. [1840.] M.265.37

The rose of Savoy, drawing room operetta for ladies, writ-
ten by Henry B. Farnie, composed by Luigi Bordese.
[Vocal score.] London. Cramer & Co. [186-?] M.363.2

Royal Dindon, petit opera comique historique en i acte pour
pensionnats de gargons. Paroles de Alex. Flan. Musique
de Luigi Bordese. Partition chant et piano. Paris.
Schonenberger. [185-?] No. 3 in M.26S.3S

I 19





Bordese, Luigi. (Continued.)

Le Sultan Aboul-Azor. Operette-bouffe en i acta. Paroles
de Francis Tourte. Musique de Luigi Bordese. [Parti-
tion chant et piano.] Paris. Lemoine. [189-?]

No. 6 in 11.265.38
Les trophees de I'enfance. Choeurs, pour la distribution des
prix dans les pensionnats. Paroles de A. Flan. Musique
^ '" I. Accomp de piano.]

No. 6 in M.265.38

No. 3 in M.362.19

de Luigi Bordese. [No.
Gerard & cie. [186-?]
Bordese, Luigi, editor.

Rossini. Messe a 4 voix.
Bordese, Stephan.

Les esprits du Nil. Legende. Musique de Jacques Durand.

No 4 in M.213.5
Lola Scene dramatique. Musique de C. Saint-Saens.

No. I in M.383.35
Ruse d'amour. Saynete. Musique de Charles Lecocq.

No. 3 in M.393.35

Bordier, Frederic.

Une grave affaire. Operette. Paroles de Lucien Gothi et
F. Bordier. Musique de Victor Robillard. No. 3 in M.307.24
Bordier, Jules.

Adieu supreme! [Poeme symphonique.] Partition. Pans.
Bruneau. [1890.] No. 2 in M.334.1

Canzonetta pour violon avec ace', d'orchestre. Partition.
Paris. Richault & cie. [1882.]

No. 3 in M.336.1; No. 3 in M.338.11

The copy on shelf-number No. 3 in M.336.1 lacks the title-page.

David. Scene biblique. [Paroles de] Paul Milliet. Musique

de J. Bordier. [Accomp. de piano.] Paris. Hartmann.

[1882.] No. 4 in M.265.31

Le fiance de la mer. Petit drame lyrique en un acte.

Poeme de E. Le Mouel. Musique de J. Bordier d' Angers.

Partition chant et piano. [Op. Si-] Leipzig. Belaieff.

[189s?] NolinM.39S.7

Nadia. Opera en i acte. Paroles de Paul Milliet. Musique

de Jules Bordier. Partition chant et piano. Paris. Dur-

dilly & cie. [1887.] No. 5 in M.26S.31

Un reve d'Ossian. Scene lyrique pour soli [b.], chosur et

orchestre, imitee des poemes gaeliques. Paroles de Henry

Moreau. Musique de Jules Bordier. Partition, chant et

piano. Paris. Durand, Schoenewerk & cie. 1885.

No. I in M.384.17
Souvenir de Budapesth. Danses hongroises orchestrees.
Partition. Paris. Richault & cie. [1881?] No. 2 in M.336.1
Suite fantaisiste pour violon et orchestre. Op. 40. Parti-
tion. Paris. Richault & c'^. 1892.
Bordier, Jules, editor.

Schubert, F. P. Marche a la hongroise.
Bordier, Paul.

La fiancee d'Abydos. Drame lyrique en 2 actes. Poeme de
F. Dartol. Musique de Paul Bordier. Partition piano et
chant. Paris. Rette & cie. [1850?] M.265.39

Bordogni, E. W. See Willent-Bordogni, E.
Bordonel, T. J.

Mass of St. Agnes. Deuxieme messe solennelle. [Accomp.
for organ.] London. London Music Publishing Co.
[189-?] No. 2 in M. 156.21

Boreades, Les. Opera. For the Music see Rameau.
Borghese, Antonio D. R.

L'art musical ramene a ses vrais principes; ou lettres d'A.

D. R. Borghese, a Julie, traduites de I'italien. Paris.

Hardouin & Gattey. 1786. M.103.33

Borgomastro, II, di Saardam. Opera. For the Music see

Donizetti. For the Libretto see Gilardoni.
Boris Godunow. Overture. Arnold, Y. F. No

Boris Lensky. Novel. Kirschner.
Bormann, Edwin.

Der Gouverneur von Tours. Komische Oper.
Carl Reinccke.
Born, Stephan.

Kudrun. Oper. Musik von Hans Huber.
Borne on the night breeze. Part-song. Cherubini.

No. 29 in M.157.2

No. 4 in M.405.3
No. 2 in M.338.11

2 in M. 332.2

Musik von


Bornier, fitienne Charles Henri, Vicomte de.

Dimitri. Opera de H. de Bornier & A. Silvestre. Musique
de Victorin Joncieres. M.366.17

Borodin, Aleksandr Porfir'evitch.

Le prince Igor. Opera en quatre actes avec prologue. Pa-
roles et musique de A. Borodine. Reduction pour chant
et piano. Texte; russe, frangais et allemand. Traduction
frangaise de Jules Ruelle, allemande de Mme. Alexandroff.
Leipzig. Belaieff. [1897.] M.383.5

Quartett [A dur] fiir zwei Violinen, Bratsche und Cello
(angeregt durch ein Thema von Beethoven). Partitur.
Hamburg. Rahter. [189-?] No. 3 in M.335.3

Quartett, No. 2, D-dur, fiir 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncell.
[Partitur.] Leipzig. Eulenburg. [1891. Payne's Kleine
Partitur-Ausgaben.] No. 3 in M.3S5.3

Same. Quatuor, 2™«, pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle.
Partition. Leipzig. Belaieff. [189-?] No. 9 in M.211.1

Eine Steppenskizze aus Mittel-Asien fiir Orchester. Parti-
tur. Leipzig. Belaieff. [188-?] No. 4 in M.332.4

[Symphonic, Premiere,] en mib majeur. Partition d'or-
chestre. St. Petersburg. Bessel & c'^. [1880.] M.3S8.3

Symphonic, Deuxieme (si mineur), pour orchestre. Parti-
tion d'orchestre. fidition redigee par N. Rimsky-Korsa-
koff et A. Glazounoff. St. Petersbourg. Bessel & c'e.
[1880.] M.358.4

Borodin, Aleksandr Porfir'evitch. Works about.

Teibler, H. Alexander Borodin. Erste Symphonic (Es
dur). Erlautert. Leipzig. [1903?] No. 10 in M.217.12.8

Stasof, V. V. Alexandrine Borodine, d'apres la biographie
et la correspondance publiees par Wladimir Stassoff [par]
Alfred Habets. Paris. 1893. Portraits, Facsimiles.

No. I in M.132.2
Contents. — Borodine, sa vie & ses ceuvres. — Franz Liszt d'apres la
correspondance de Borodine.

Borri, Battista.

Christe eleison. [Chorus. Accomp. for piano.] (In Latrobe.
Selection of sacred music. Vol. 6, pp. 77-80.)

No. 13 in M.290.2g.6

Domine Deus, Rex coelestis. Terzetto [s. s. a. Accomp.

for piano]. (In Latrobe. Selection of sacred music.

Vol. 2, pp. 78, 79.) No. 18 in M.290.29.2

Laudamus Te. [Solo, s. or x. Accomp. for piano.] (In

Latrobe. Selection of sacred music. Vol. 2, p. 32.)

No. 6 in M.290.29.2

Quoniam Tu solus. Terzetto, s. a. b. [Accomp. for piano.]

(In Latrobe. Selection of sacred music. Vol. 6, pp. 29-

32.) No. 5 in M.29o.2g.6

Borthwick, Robert Brown, translator.

Barbedette. Stephen Heller; his life and works.

No. 3 in M. 128.32
Bortnyanski, Dmitri Stepanovitch.
Hear, O Thou shepherd of Israel
(In Hullah. The Singer's library.

Motet. For s. a. t. b.
Sacred. Pp. 69-72.)

No. 39 in M.157.3
Russian hymn for 2 trebles,
for pianoforte.] London.
[ 1850?] No. 37 in M.190.1

Holy Father, we adore Thee,
tenor & bass. [Accomp.
Cramer, Beale & Chappell.
Bortolini, G.

Amori veneziani. Canzonette popolari in dialetto. Parole
di F. M. Piave. Note di G. Bortolini. [Accomp. di piano.]
Milano. Ricordi. [187-?] No. i in M.390.44

Contents. — Andemo in gondola, barcarola. — La serenata [duetto,
s. s. o. T. T.]. — La spiegazion [duetto, s. T.]. — La pase, arietta. —
El gondolier, aria [bar.] con coro. — La lontananza, arietta [t.]. —
— La Canaregiota [arietta, t.]. — ■ La Castelana, arietta [t.].

Borussia. March. Spontini. No. 6 in M.342.38

Bos, Pierre.

Cours de musique theorique et pratique. Principes elemen-
taires. Paris. [1870. Bibliotheque de I'ficho de la Sor-
bonne.] M.208.S

Devoted principally to the Cheve method.

Bosanquet, Robert Halford Macdowall.

An elementary treatise on musical intervals and tempera-
ment. London. Macmillan & Co. 1876. lUus. M.148.8





Boscabello. Opera. For the Music see Rand. For the Li-
bretto see Woodruff.
Boscoop, Cornells.

SO psalmen Davids miet vier partijen. Naar de uitgave van
1568 in partitur gebracht en op nieuw uitgegeven door
Max Seiffert. Amsterdam. Algemeene musiekhandel.
1899. Facsimile. [Maatschappij tot bevordering der
toonkunst. 22.] M.415.1

Boselli, Edme Jules Benedetto, Comte.

La mort d'Armide. Drame lyrique en trois actes. Paroles
et musique du Cte. Jules Boselli. Partition chant et piano.
Paris. Quinzard. [187-?] M.383.6

Bossaerts, L.

[Tantum ergo.] Benedictio. [Motet, s. x. b. Accomp.
d'orgue.] Bruxelles. Schott. [185-?] No. 6 in M.260.19
Bosse, M.

Ich lausche still! Solo-Quartett fiir Mannerstimmen. Coin.
Schloss. [1868?] No. 7 in M.392.33

Bossi, Enrico Marco.
Trio sinfonico in re maggiore per pianoforte, violino e vio-
loncello. Op. 123. [Partitura e parti.] Leipzig. Rieter-
Biedermann. igoi. M.410.104

Trio (en re mineur) pour piano, violon et violoncelle. Op.
107. [Partition et parties.] Leipzig. Rieter-Biedermann.
1896. M.411.1

II viandante. (Der Prophet.) Lyrisches Drama in einem
Aufzuge von Gustavo Macchi (Deutsch von Wilhelm
Weber). Musik von M. Enrico Bossi. Klavierauszug mit
Text. Leipzig. Rieter-Biedermann. igo6. M. 378.14

Bossi, Enrico Marco. Works about.
VoLBACH, F. Enrico Bossi. Das Hohe Lied. Erlautert.
Leipzig. [1900?] No. 18 in M.217.12.8

Bossi, TommawD.

Richelieu. Grand opera. Musique par Antonio L. Mora.

Bossu, Le. Opera. For the Music see Grisart. For the Li-
bretto see Bocage.
Boston, Mass. Churches.
Central Congregational Church. Sabbath services. May,
i8g8-June 1902. [Programmes. Boston. 1898-1902.] 2 v.

King's Chapel. Music of King's Chapel. Edited by T.
Comer. Boston. 1835. M.236.ii;etc.

Most of the music is of Comer's composition.

Old South Church. [Programmes of Sunday services from
February, 1899 to June, 1902. Boston. 1899-1902.] M.375.12

Trinity Church. Order of music, October, iSgs-June, 1898.
[Boston. Spooner Press. 1895-98.] M.373.34

Boston, Mass. Music.

See also Apollo Club; Boston Academy of Music; Boston
Conservatory of Music; Boston Music School; Boston
Musical Fund Society; Boston Philharmonic Society;
Boston Singers' Society; Boston Symphony Orchestra;
Boston Training School of Music; Boylston Club; Ce-
cilia, The; Chickering Club; Choral Art Society; Euterpe;
Foster Club; Handel and Haydn Society; Harmonick
Club; Harvard Musical Association; Kneisel Quartet;
Musical festivals; National Peace Jubilee, 1869; New Eng-
land Conservatory of Music; Orchestral Union; Orpheus

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