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Bridge, Elizabeth Stirling.

All among tlie barle3'. [Part-song.] {In Monk. Novello's
Part-song book. Pp. 61-64.; No. 16 in M.157.4

Also to be found in Musical times [Music].
Disdain returned. A four-part song [t. t. b. b.]. (/k The
Orpheus. New series. Vol. 2, pp. 158-164.)

No. 22 in M.20S.10.2

The dream. [Part-song.] (In Musical times. [Music]

Vol. 7, pp. 68, 69.) No. 18 in M.175.1.7

Red leaves. [Part-song.] (In Musical times. [Music]

Vol. 7, pp. 70, 71.) No. 19 in M.175.1.7

Sleeping, why now sleeping? (Serenade.) A four-part

song [t. T. b. B.]. (In The Orpheus. New series. Vol. 2,

pp. 152-157.) No. 21 in M.205.10.2

The smile. [Part-song.] (In The Choralist. Vol. i, series

2, pp. 9-12.) No. IS in M.IS7.5.1

A wet sheet and a flowing sea. [Part-song, x. t. b. b.J (In

The Choralist. Vol. 2, series 5, pp. 2-5.) No. 49 in M. 157.5.2

Bridge, Mrs. F. A. See Bridge, Elizabeth Stirling.

Bridge, Sir Frederick. See Bridge, ^iV John Frederick.

Bridge, Frederick Albert.

A brief history of Mr. Henry Leslie's choir. London.
Bridge. [1880.] No. 3 in M.128.36

Bridge, Sir John Frederick.

Boadicea, queen of the Iceni. A cantata, the words by Miss

G. E. Troutbeck, the music by J. F. Bridge, [s. a. t. b.
and chorus. Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novell©,
Ewer & Co. [1880?] No. i in M.154.32

Callirhoe: a legend of Calydon. A dramatic cantata, the
words by W. Barclay Squire, music by J. F. Bridge, [s.
A. t. and chorus. Accomp. for pianoforte.] Octavo edi-
tion. London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [1888.]

No. I in M.154.30

Christ became obedient unto death. Short full anthem.
[Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.
1884. No. 40 in M.IS8.13

Hymn to the Creator. (The song of St. Francis of Assisi.)
Motett for solo soprano, chorus & orchestra. Words
translated by Mrs. Oliphant. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Patey & Willis. [187-?] No. 2 in M.154.30

The Inchcape rock, ballad by Robert Southey, set to music
for chorus and orchestra by J. F. Bridge. Pianoforte
accomp. arranged by Walter .\lcock. Octavo edition.
London. Novello, Ewer & Co. 1891. No. i in M.154.29

The Lord's prayer, Dante's Purgatorio, canto XI. English
version by E. H. Plumptre. Set to music by J. F. Bridge.

Bridge, Sir John Frederick. (Continued.)

Pianoforte accomp. arranged by Walter Alcock. Octavo
edition. London. Novello, Ewer & Co. 1892.

No. 2 in M.154.29

Mount Moriah (the trial of Abraham's faith). An oratorio.
[Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Novello, Ewer &
Co. [1875?] No. 2 in M.154.32

"Oh, Most Merciful!" Short full anthem. [Accomp. for
organ.] London. Patey & Willis. [1885? The lute.]

No. 41 in M. 158.13

"The past and the future." Inaugural lecture delivered in
the theatre of Gresham College, Nov. i8th, 1890. London.
Reeves. 1890. No. 6 in M.102.19

Peace. A fable. Set as a glee for a. t. t. b. London. No-
vello, Ewer & Co. [188-?] No. 29 in M.392.S
Also to be found in The Orpheus, New series.

The repentance of Nineveh, a dramatic oratorio. The words
selected from Holy Scripture by Joseph Bennett. The
music by J. F. Bridge. Pianoforte accomp. arranged by
Walter Alcock. Octavo edition. London. Novello,
Ewer & Co. [1890.] No. 3 in M.154.29

Rock of ages (Jesus, pro me perforatus) [by A. M. Top-
lady]. The Latin version by W. E. Gladstone. Set to
music for baritone solo, chorus and orchestra by J. F.
Bridge. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Octavo edition. Lon-
don. Novello, Ewer & Co. [1885.] No. 4 in M.154.29
"Seek ye the Lord." Short full anthem. [Accomp. for
organ.] London. Patey & Willis. 1883. No. 42 in M.158.13
With thee, sweet Hope. Serious glee for a. t. t. b. b. (In
The Orpheus. New series. Vol. 2, pp. 37-54.)

No. 6 in M.205.10.2

Bridge, Sir John Frederick, editor.

The form and order of the service . . . and ceremonies . . .

in the coronation of Their Majesties King Edward VII.

and Queen Alexandra . . . With the music to be sung,

edited b}' Sir Frederick Bridge. London. Novello & Co.

igo2. No. I in M.384.55

Bridge, Joseph Cox.

Daniel, an oratorio. 2d edition. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [188-?] No. I in M.154.31
"Greek war song." Part-song for male voices. Words by
Byron. London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [188-?]

No. 12 in M.157.2S

Requiem for soli, chorus and orchestra, composed expressly

for the Chester Triennial Musical Festival, July, 1900.

London. Ricordi & Co. 1900. No. i in M.384.18

Rudel, a dramatic cantata. Words by Frederic E. Weath-

erly, music by J. C. Bridge, [s. t. b. and chorus. Accomp.

for pianoforte.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [1891.]

No. 3 in M.154.30; No. 2 in M. 154.31

Bridgeman, John V.

The armourer of Nantes. A grand romantic opera. The

music by M. W. Balfe. M.261.3

The Puritan's daughter, an opera. The music by M. W.

Balfc M.261.2

Bridges, Robert.

Eden, a dramatic oratorio. Set to music by C. V. Stanford.

No. 2 in M. 156.9
Bridgewater, Thomas.

Morning & evening service . . . consisting of a Te Deum,
Jubilate, Cantate Domino, Deus misereatur, Sanctus,
Kyrie, and 12 single and double chants, in score: added
an accomp. for the organ. London. Novello. [184-?]

No. 5 in M.2go.i8
Bridgman, Cunningham V.

He stoops to win. Operetta. Composed by Wilfred Ben-
dall. No. I in M.328.3

Briefe an eine Ungenannte. Criticism. Hiller, F. M. 144.6

Briere, Henri.

Guillaume le Conquerant. fipisode lyrique. Musique de
Emile Bernard. No. i in M.213.21

I 21





Brifaut, Charles. i r i ■

Olimpia, grosse Oper [von Brifaut und Dieulafoy], in

Musik gesetzt . . . vom Ritter Spontini. M.284.4

Brigand leader, The. Song. Keller, M. No. 6 in M.192.13.1

Brigandage, Le, de la musique italienne. Criticism. Goudar.

Brigands, Les. Ol>era. For the Music see Offenbach. For

the Libretto see Meilhac.
Briganti, I. Opera. For the Music see Mercadante. For the

Libretto see Crescini.
Briggs, William A.

My faith looks up to Thee. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.]
Boston. Russell. [1883.] No. i in M.158.14

Nearer, my God, to Thee. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.]
Boston. Russell. [1882.] No. 2 in M.158.14

There were shepherds. [Christmas anthem. Accomp. for
organ.] Boston. Russell. [1882.] No. 3 in M.158.14

Bright as sunbeams. Part-song. Pizzoni. No. 49 in M.iii.4.3
Bright-hair'd mom. The. Part-song. Reay. No. 10 in M.19S.1.14
Bright lady, sweet mistress. Chorus. Bishop, H. R. Com-
plete collection of glees. Vol. 7. M.23S.1.7
Bright little birds. Part-song. Abt, F. No. 32 in M.392.48.2
Bright orb, send forth thy rays. Chorus. Bishop, H. R. Com-
plete collection of glees. Vol. 7. M.235.1.7
Bright star of eve. Part-song. Gounod. No. 5 in 11.157.25
Bright stars. The, are beaming. Part-song. Paer.

No. 12 in M.244.10.4
Bright sword of liberty. Anthem. Weber, C. M. F. E. von.

No. 3 in M.109.1.; etc.

Bright tulips. Part-song. Macfarren, G. A. No. i in M.1S7.1

Brightest and best. Anthem. Avison. No. 18 in M.175.1.6

Buck, D. No- ^ >" M.100.4.1

Hall, E. V. No. 5 in M.195.2.16

Marston. No. 12 in M.203.28

Stearns. No. i i in M.203.29

Brightly beaming morning star. Song. Davenport, A.

No. 19 in M.290.12
Brightly glows the morning star. Part-song. Mercadante.

No. 5 in M.244.10.2
Brightly the stars are shining. Carol. Chenery.

No. 2 in M. 158.15
Brillant Achille, Le. Opera. For the Music see Varney, L.

For the Libretto see Clairville, C.
Brindisi, II. Duet. Mercadante. Soirees italiennes. M.367.10
Brindisi. Part-song. Schmid, C. M.193.23.2

Bring away, bring away this sacred tree. Song. Laneir.

Bring', bring' mir her in File. Part-song. Haan. Aus dem
Mittelalter. No. 53 in M.392.10

Bring me flowers. Part-song. Hawes, W.

No. 21 in M. 1393.18.3; etc.
Bring imto the Lord. Anthem.

Gladstone, F. E. No. 22 in M.195.2.16

Hayes, W. Cathedral music. M.236.32

Bringet dem Herrn Ehre seines Namens. Anthem. Bach, J. S.

Werke. Jahrgang 30. M.8040.21.30

Bringet dem Herrn Ruhm und Triumph. Cantata. For the

Music see Zumsteeg, J. R.
Brink, Jules ten.

Suite d'orchestre, i^e, (en sol). Grande partition. Paris.
Mackar. [187-?] No. 2 in M.333.6

Brinkmann, H.

Der Wirtin Tochterlein. [Lied, t. t. b. b.] {In Gruber.
Sangeshort. Heft 2, pp. 29-33.) No. 2 in M.370.30

Brinsmead, Edgar.

The history of the pianoforte. London. Cassell, Petter &
Galpin. [1863?] Plates. M. 108.28

Briol-valzer. Songs. Nannetti. No. 5 in M.403.26

Brion, John.

Marathon, a cantata, composed . . . by R. F. Brion.

No. I in M.154.33
Brion, R. Forsey.

Marathon, a cantata, written by John Brion, composed . . .
by R. F. Brion. [s. t. b. and chorus. Accomp. for piano-

Brion, R. Forsey. (Continued.)

forte.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [188-?]

No. I in M. 154.33
Brise, La. Song. Georges. Melodies. M.245.16

Brise des Alpes. Tyrolicnne. Weckerlin. Chants des Alpes.

No. I in M.158.44
Briseis. Opera. For the Music see Chabrier. For the Li-
bretto see Mikhael.
Brises d'ltalie. For piano and violin. Louis, N.

No. 1-20 in M.390.24
Brises du printemps, Les. Duet. Concone. No. 12 in M.244.2
Brisk wine. Duet. Arnold, S. No. 235 in M. 235.17.2

Brisset, Joseph Mathurin.

Le coureur de veuves. [Opera.] Musique de Felix Blan-

gini. No. 2 in M.2gi.24

Brisson, Adolphe.

Vendee! Drame lyrique. Poeme de Charles Foleij et

Adolphe Brisson. Musique de Gabriel Pierne. M.246.12

Brisson, Frederic.

Ronde de nuit . . . arrangee en quintette a cordes par E.
Jacque. Partition. Paris. Richault & cie. [1883?]

No. 4 in M.336.1
Bristol tune-book. A manual of tunes and chants. London.
Novello, Ewer & Co. [1867?] M.104.6

Bristow, George Frederick.

Morning service. Consisting of Te Deum, Jubilate and

Kyrie eleison, in E flat. [Accomp. for organ.] New York.

The Author. 1855. No. 38 in M.190.1; No.i in M.190.2

Praise to God. New oratorio. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]

Boston. Ditson & Co. [i860.] No. i in M.204.8

Britain's best bulwarks. Glee. Arne, T. The wooden walls.

No. 17 in M.220.3.4; etc.
Britannia. Overture. Mackenzie, A. C. No. i in M.405.34

Britannia, encircled with glory. Part-song. Sacchini.

No. 50 in M.iii.4.3
Britannia, happy isle. Song. Hodson, W. Fourteen songs.

No. 3 in M.221.32

British light dragoons. The. Song. Beethoven. Werke.

Serie 24. M.413.1.24

British minstrel. The: a collection of English, Scottish and

Irish songs . . . London. Sherwood, Jones & Co. 1824,

25. 3 v. Portraits. Plates. M. 128.30

British Museum. Manuscripts. Music.

Catalogue of the manuscript music. London. 1842. M.i3i.g
Prepared principally by Thomas Oliphant.

Britons, arm! March & ode to the Loyal Cambrian volun-
teers. By a Briton. [Song and chorus. Accomp. for
pianoforte, flutes, horns, clarinets and bassoon.] Oxford.
Hardy. [18 — ?] No. 9 in M.234.14

Britons, strike home. Part-song. Purcell, H. M.221.2.1; etc.
Brittany. Folk-songs.
La Villemarque, T. C. H. H. Ballads and songs of Brit-
tany. By Tom Taylor. Translated from the "Barsaz-
breiz." With some melodies harmonized by Mrs. Tom
Taylor. London. 1865. M.106.4

Broad, John Astor.

Red Riding Hood's rescue, or the dangers of disobedience.
A juvenile operetta. Words by Jones E. Estabrook.
Music by J. Astor Broad. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Bos-
ton. White, Smith & Co. 1877. No. 2 in M.208.33
Broadhouse, John.

Musical acoustics; or the phenomena of sound as connected
with music. London. Reeves. 1881. Illus. [The stu-
dent's Helmholtz.] M.i3ga.i3
Broceliande. Opera. For the Music see Lambert, L. For the

Libretto see Alexandre, A.
Brock, Ellen, translator.

Le Beau. Ruth. M.1S5.27

Brocklesby, Richard.

Reflections on antient and modern musick with the applica-
tion to the cure of diseases. Subjoined, an essay to solve
the question, wherein consisted the difference of antient
musick, from that of modern times. [Anon.] London.
Cooper. 1749. No. 2 in M.104.49





Brockway, Howard A.

Cavatina fiir die Violine mit Streich-Orchester, zwei Hor-

nern u. einer Clarinette. Op. I3- Berlin. SchlesiiiRer.

[189-?] No. I in M.3S8.23

Sylvan suite for orchestra. Op. 19. Orchestral score. New

York, Schirmer. 1900. M.404.72

Broderip, Frances Freeling.

Merry songs for little voices. By Frances Freeling Broderip
and Thomas Hood. Set to music by Thomas Murby.

M. 148.16

Broderip, John.

Awake up, my glory. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Gardiner. Sacred melodies. Vol. 3, pp. 393-395-)

No. 24 in M.236.30.3

Weep, gentle shepherds. Elegy [s. s. a. t. b.]. By Henry

Hamilton and John Broderip. (In Amusement for the

ladies. Vol. 3, pp. 42-44.) No. 10 in M.220.3.3

Also to be found in Warren's Collection of catches.

When the full organ joins. Canon in unison. (In Social

harmony. P. 190.) No. 164 in M.215.21

Broken hearted, The. Song. Keller, M. No. 7 in M.192.13.1

Broken vow. Part-song. Williams, T. No. 7 in M.isga.iS.S

Bronsart von Schellendorff, Hans.

Concert [in Fis moll] fiir Pianoforte mit Begleitung des
Orchesters, componirt von Hans von Bronsart. Partitur.
Leipzig. Fritzsch. [187-?] No. 3 in M.312.1

Friihlings-Fantasie fiir Orchester. Op. 11. Partitur. Leip-
zig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [1880?] No. i in M.332.7
Trio, G moll, fur Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell. [Par-
titur.] Miinchen. Aibl. [1877?] No. 9 in M.211.3.1
Same. [Stimmen, Violine und Violoncell.] 2 v.

No. 9 in M.211.4.1, 2
Bronsart von Schellendorff, Ingeborg.

Jery und Bately. Oper in i Act von Gothe. Musik von
Ingeborg von Bronsart. [Clavierauszug.] Leipzig.
Kahnt. [188-?] No. 3 in M.26S.18

Bronson, C. P.

Abstract of elocution and music in accordance with the prin-
ciples of physiology and the laws of life. Auburn. Oli-
phant. 1842. Illif*. No. 4 in M.isga.g

Bronte, Piragmo e Sterope. Glee. Spofforth. Collection of
glees. No. 25 in M.235.15

Brook, The. Part-song. Billeter. No. 27 in M.392.48.2

MacDowell. No. 15 in M.158.17

Reissiger. No. 6 in M.195.1.16

Brook's lullaby, The. Song. Reissiger. No. 13 in M.235.18.3
Brooke, Frances Moore.

Marian, an opera . . . Composed & selected by W. Shield.

No. 2 in M.340.11
Rosina, a comic opera . . . Composed and selected by Wil-
liam Shield. No. i in M.340.11
Same. New edition. No. 35 in M.237.7
Brookfield, Charles Hallam Elton.

The belle of Mayfair. A musical comedy. Book by Chas.
H. E. Brookfield and Cosmo Hamilton. Music by Leslie
Stuart [pseud.]. M.240.11

Brooks, Edward.

Philadelphia. Board of Public Education of the First
School District of Pennsylvania. Special report on the
teaching of music in the elementary schools, by Edward
Brooks. Philadelphia. Burk & McFetridge Co. 1895.

No. 5 in M.375.2
Brooks, Henry Mason.

Olden-time music. A compilation from newspapers and
books. With an introduction by Edward S. Morse. Bos-
ton. Ticknor & Co. 1888. M. 104.13
Brooks, James.

Let us drink. Glee [a. t. b.]. (In Bland. The Ladies' col-
lection. Vol. S, pp. 496-498.) No. i26in M.235.17.5
Thro' verdant plains. Glee[s. A. b]. (/n Bland. The Ladies'
collection. Vol. s, pp. 494, 495.) No. 125 in
Broskovano. Opera. For the Music see Deffes. For the Li-
bretto see Scribe.
Brossard, Noel Matthieu.
Theorie des sons musicaux. Paris. Bachelier. 1847. M. 214.4

Brossard, Sebastien de.

Dictionnaire de musique. 3e edition. Amsterdam. Roger.

[1707?] M.147.1

Brosseur, Le. Opera. For the Music see Audran. For the

Libretto see Hennequin, A. N.
Brother & sister. Opera. For the Music see Reeve. For the

Libretto see Dimond.
Brother bucks. Song. Hodson, W. Fourteen songs.

No. 3 in M. 221. 32
Brother, thou art gone before us. Anthem. Goss.

No. 20 in M. 195.2.4
Zingarelli. No. 25 in M.2go.22.2

Brouc, Martial.

Hygiene philosophique des artistes dramatiques. Paris.
Trinquart. 1836. 2 v. M.141.10

Brougham, John.

Blanche de Nevers, an opera. Composed by M. W. Balfe.

Broughton, Frederick W.

Lady Laura's land. An operetta. Music by F. Pascal
[pseud.]. M.381.67

Broughton, Thomas.

Hercules. Composed by G. F. Handel. 11.153.29

Broustet, Edouard.

Berceuse, pour instruments a cordes. Op. 53

Paris. Minier. [187-?]

No. 5 in M.338.11
Chansons polonaises. [Op. 31.] Orchestrees par J. Mas-
senet. Partition. Paris. Minier. [187-?] No. i in M.343.15
Scenes fantaisistes. Suite d'orchestre. Op. 65. Partition.
Milan. Ricordi. [187-?] 4 parts in i v. No. 2 in M.403.15
Contents. — 1. Habanera. 2. Noel. 3. Chanson bohemienne. 4. Salta-

Broutin, Clement.

La fille de Jephte. Scene lyrique de M^. ]6douard Guinand,
musique de Clement Broutin. [s. T. B. Accomp. de piano.]
Paris. Lemoine. [1878?] No. I in M.154.34

Brouwer, van.

Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Walde. Grosse lyrisch-ro-
mantisch-heroische Oper. Musik nach beriihmten Mus-
tern und Meistern von V. E. Becker. No. i in M.3g5.3

A burlesque.

Brown, Alice C, translator.

Elsenheimer, N. J. Valerian. No. 3 in M.384.11

Brown, Allen Augustus, compiler.

Apollo Club, Boston. Programmes. Vol. 1-6. Boston.

[1878-1901.] M.304.1

[Biographies of musicians. Clippings from newspapers

and periodicals, with indexes. 1835-1907.] 7 v. Portraits.

M.I 65.8
Boston Singers' Society. [Programmes. December 27,

1889-May 9, 1891. Boston. 1889-91.] M.304.2

This volume is indexed and enriched by many critical newspaper cut-

Bovlston Club, Boston. Programs and comments. [De-
cember 22, 1873-May 8, 1889. Boston. 1873-89.] 3 v.


Cecilia, The, Boston. Programmes and notices. [Novem-
ber, 1874-April, 1901.] Compiled [with full indexes] by
Allen A. Brown. [Boston. 1874-1901.] 5 v. M.304.4

[A COLLECTION of Concert programmes, principally in Bos-
ton, 1867-70. Boston, etc. 1867-70. 1 M.216.12

[Concert programmes, including many of the Chicago or-
chestra, 1S92-94, the New England Conservatory of Music,
1891-93, and others, 1891-95.] Boston [etc.] 1891-95.


Edinburgh Choral Union. [Analytical programmes of
choral and orchestral concerts, 1S77-78, 80-S5.] Edin-
burgh. 1877-85. M.37I.3

Euterpe, Boston. Programmes and comments, 1879-1889.
[Boston. 1879-1889.] M.371.4

Harvard Musical Association, Boston. Programmes, 1865-

82. 2 V. M. 125.2

Arranged chronologically, with an index. Many newspaper cuttings
are inserted.

Kneisel Quartet, Boston. Programmes and notices, com-
piled [with indexes] by Allen A. Brown. Seasons, 1885-
igo2. [Boston. 1885-1902.] 2 v. Photograph. M.304.6





Brown, Allen Augustus, compiler. (Continued.)

[Magazine articles, relating to music and musicians, theo-
retical, historical, critical, and biographical.] In 24 v.
Illus. Portraits. Plates. M.142.2

Each volume is indexed.
Same. New series. Vol. 1-7. M.373.2I

Music catalogues. 1878-1898. No title-page. [iSyS-^iS.]
17 parts in i v. M.371.38

[Musical and dramatic circulars, prospectuses, and pro-
grammes. 1880-94. Boston. 1896.] 2 V. _ M.214.12

[Musical biographies, etc., consisting of magazines, news-
papers, programmes, prospectuses, etc.] 6 v. M.142.1
Each volume is indexed.

[Musical pamphlets, programmes, prospectuses, etc. 1886-
94. Boston. 1894.] M.215.13

[Musical topics. Clippings from newspapers and periodi-
cals, with indexes. 1862-1906.] 7 v. Illus. Portraits.

M. 165.9

Philharmonic Society, Boston. Programmes and com-
ments, 1879-83. Compiled [with an index] by Allen A.
Brown. 2 portraits. M.371.11

Programmes and comments. The Parker, Chickering and
Foster Clubs. [1862-1877.] Compiled [and indexed] by
Allen A. Brown. [Boston. 1862-77.] M.371.10

[Programmes, musical and dramatic, 1887-94. Boston, etc.
1887-94.] 2 V. . M.371.13

[Programmes of concerts, prospectuses, advertisements,
etc., 1890-94. Boston. 1890-94.] Illus. Portraits. M. 208.15

[Programmes of various musical festivals, American and
foreign, 1875-87.] 3 v. M.143.1

[Prospectuses, advertisements and programmes, 1890-94.
Boston. 1890-94.] M.208.28

[Reviews of unpublished operas, cantatas, etc. Clippings
from newspapers and periodicals with indexes. 1858-
1902.] 2 V. Illus. Portraits. M.165.10

Spohr, L. String quartetts. No. 1-34. Scores made from
the parts by Allen A. Brown. M. 337.15

Brown, Allen Augustus, translator.

ScHWALM, R. Mila. No. 24 in M.392.25

Brown, Arthur Henry.

The first miracle: a drawing-room oratorio on the marriage
in Cana of Galilee. [Pianoforte accomp.] London. Rock
& Payne. 1852. No. i in M.153.9

Brown, E. A.

Elizabethan lyrics set to music. Boston. White-Smith
Music Publishing Co. 1893. No. I in M.384.19

Contents. — Are they shadows that we see? Samuel Daniel. — Come
live with me. Christopher Marlowe. — I mun be married a Sunday.
Nicholas Udall. — In youth is pleasure. R. Wever. — Love's witchery.
Thomas Lodge. — Lullaby. Thomas Dekker. — N'oserez vous, mon
bel ami? Robert Greene. — Robin Hood borne on his bier. Munday
& Chettle. — Spring, the sweet spring. Thomas Nashe. — There is
3 lady sweet and kind. Thomas Ford. — The sad shepherd's passion
of love. George Peele. — The song of Robin Hood and his huntsmen.
Anthony Munday. — Though my carriage be but careless. Thomas
Weelkes. — Thy face so fair. John Farmer. — • To his sleeping mis-
tress. John Fletcher. — Troll the bowl. Thomas Dekker. — Weep
eyes, break heart. Thomas Middleton. — Weep no more. John
Fletcher. — Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Sir John Suckling. —
Ye little birds, that sit and sing. Thomas Heywood.
Brown, Horace Manchester.

The night watch. (Sylvester.) Comic opera. Music by Th.
Rud. Reese. M.397.53

Brown, I., pseud. See Thayer, Alexander Wheelock.
Brown, James Duff.

Biographical dictionary of musicians: with a bibliography
of English writings on music. Paisley. Gardner. 1886.

Brown, James E.

Mose Skinner's great World's jubilee and humstrum con-
vulsion. Boston. Richardson. 1872. Illus.
A satire on the World's Peace Jubilee. No. 3 in M.147.3.2

Brown, John, d.d., of Rothbury.

David and Saul. An oratorio. The music composed by

David Jenkins. No. I in M.213.12

A dissertation on the rise, union, and power ... of poetry

and music. Prefixed The cure of Saul, a sacred ode.

London. Davis & Reymers. 1763. No. 2 in M.111.5

Brown, Rev. John Walker.

The Christmas bells. A sacred cantata, the music ... by
Charles E. Horn. No. 2 in M.270.57

Brown, Obadiah Bruen.

Adoration. Motet. [Accomp. for organ.] Boston. Schmidt.

[1894.] No. 14 in M.203.26

And the years glide by. [Part-song, x. t. b. b.] Boston.

Schmidt. [1890.] No. 52 in M.392.3

As I was going to St. Ives. [Part-song.] Boston. Schmidt.

[1890.] No. 8 in M.158.14

A bargain. [Part-song, t. t. b. b.] Boston. Schmidt. 1891.

No. 51 in M.3g2.3
Bugle song [t. T. B. B.]. Boston. Schmidt. 1881.

No. 30 in M. 392.5
How beautiful on the mountains. [Quartet. Accomp. for
piano.] Boston. Schmidt. 1886. No. 12 in M.158.14

Keep me. Saviour, near Thy side. [Quartet. Accomp. for
organ.] Boston. Schmidt. 1886. No. 13 in M.158.14

Like as a father. [Sacred quartet, x. x. b. b. Op. 14, no. i.}
Boston. Schmidt. [1894.] No. 5 in M.203.11

Now very early in the morning. [Anthem for Easter. Ac-
comp. for organ.] Boston. Schmidt. [1890.]

No. 9 in M.158.14
Peace, be still. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Schmidt. [1893.] No. 7 in M.1S8.14

Seek ye the Lord. [Motet, x. x. b. b. Op. 14, no. 2.] Bos-
ton. Schmidt. [1894.] No. 6 in M.203.H
Thy sun shall no more go down. [Quartet. Accomp. for
organ.] Boston. Schmidt. 1886. No. 14 in M.158.14
Thy will be done. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Schmidt. 1893. No. 5 in M.1S8.14
Unto Thee, O Lord. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] Bos-
ton. Schmidt. 1883. No. 11 in M.158.14
The way is long and dreary. [Anthem. Accomp. for or-
gan.] Boston. Schmidt. [1893.] No. 6 in M.158.14
When, as returns this sacred day. [Motet, x. x. b. b. Op. 14,
no. 3. Accomp. for organ.] Boston. Schmidt. [1894.]

No. 7 in M.203.11
Whoso dwelleth in the secret place. Anthem. [Accomp.
for organ.] Boston. Schmidt. 1883. No. 10 in M.158.14
Brown, Obadiah Bruen, editor.
Ambrose. One sweetly solemn thought. No. 2 in M.203.26
CowEN. Ladybird. No. 50 in M.392.3

Gounod. Love divine, all love excelling. No. 45 in M. 158.16

Mors et vita. M. 153.22

Mackenzie, A. C. The Rose of Sharon. M.247.7

Mendelssohn-Barxholdy, J. L. F. The Sabbath morn.

No. 4 in M.158.14
Brown, R.

Of honest malt liquor. Catch a 3 voci. (In dementi. Col-
lection of catches. Vol. 2, p. 96.)

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