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No. 2 in M.158.44
Brunhilde. Novel. Alarcon. M.102.3

Bruni, Antonio Bartolommeo.

Celestine. Comedie lyrique, en 3 actes meles d'ariettes, par
M. Magnito, mise en musique par Mi". Bruni. [Partition.]
Paris. Des Lauriers. [1787.] M.281.15

Claudine, ou le petit commissionnaire. Opera en i acte. Mis
en musique par M^. Bruni. Les paroles sont de Jacques
Marie Deschamps. [Partition.] Paris. Bonjour. [1794.]

M. 281. 16
Hymne a la Divinite, chante a la fete de I'Etre supreme [a.
ou B. Accomp. de piano]. (In Pierre, C. V. D. Musique
des fetes et ceremonies de la Revolution frangaise . . .
P. 240.) M.380.14

Un inventaire sous la Terreur. fitat des instruments de mu-
sique releve chez les emigres et condamnes. Introduc-
tion, notices . . . par J. Gallay. Paris, Chamerot. 1890.

L'isola incantata, ou I'isle enchantee. Opera bouffon en 3
actes . . . Mis en musique par M. Bruni. Paroles de M.
Sedaine. [Partition.] Paris. Le Due. [1789.] M.224.4
Le major Palmer. Opera en 3 actes. Paroles de Pigault
Le Brun. Musique de Bruni. [Partition.] Paris. Im-
bault. [1797.1 M.281.13

La rencontre en voyage, comedie en i acte, en prose, par
J. B. Pujoulx . . . Mise en musique par Bruni. [Parti-
tion.] Paris. Imbault. [1798.] M.281.14

Bruni, Antonio Bartolommeo. (Continued.)
Toberne, ou le pecheur suedois. Opera en 2 actes. Paroles
de Patrat. Musique de Bruni. [Partition.] Paris. Ga-

veaux. [1795.]
Bruni, Oreste.

Niccolo Paganini. Firenze.

Brunner, Christian Traugott.
Trauungsgesang [t. t. b. b.].


Galletti & Cocci. 1873.

No. 4 in M.126.6

(In Das Riitli. Pp. 68, 69.)

No. 25 in M.147.4
Bruns, H.

Hagbart und Signe. Musikdrama von Richard Metzdorff.
Dichtung von H. Bruns und dem Componisten.

No. I in M.240.7
Brunswick, pseud. See Lherie, Leon Levy.
Bruschino. Opera. For the AIusic see Rossini. For the Li-
bretto see Pittaud.
Brush, The. Songs. Reeve. No. 7 in M.391.54

Bru-Thiellay, Paul.

Cantate a Jeanne D'Arc. Musique de Th. Sourilas.

No. 2 in M.384.35
Bryan, Albertus.

Te Deum, Jubilate, Sanctus, Kyrie, Nicene creed, Magnfi-
cat, and Nunc dimittis, in G. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Novello. Cathedral choir book. Vol. 2.) M.233.14.2

Bryan, Vincent.

The man from novr. A fantastical musical comedy by John
Kendrick Bangs and Vincent Bryan. Music by Manuel
Klein. M.389.25

Bryant, George Henry.
The chemical maid. A musical comedy. Music by Ralph
Barton Sanders [and others]. No. 2 in M.38g.i7

The F'reshman. A musical comedy. Music by Emerson
Hurd Packard [and others]. No. 7 in M.389.17

Brydaine, Jacques. See Bridaine, Jacques,
Bua, Da, in da Angst. Part-song. Storch, No. 9 in M.392.2&
Bucalossi, Procida.

Manteaux noirs, comic opera in 3 acts, written by VV. Parke
and Harry Paulton, composed by P. Bucalossi. [Accomp.
for piano.] London. Cramer & Co. [1S82.] M.275.14
The libretto is adapted from Scribe's Giralda.

My queen. [Part-song, t. t. b. b.] Boston. White, Smith

& Co. [188-?] No. 17 in M.IS8.14

Buccaneers, The. Cantata. For the Music see Cheshire. For

the Libretto see Guernsey.
Buchanan, Robert Williams,

Meg Blane. A rhapsody of the sea. The music composed

by S. Coleridge-Taylor-Taylor. No. 2 in M.384.61

The new covenant, an ode, set to music by A. C. Mackenzie.

No. 3 in M.155.31
Buchbinder, Bernhard.

Colombine. Operette. Musik von Hans von Zois.

No. 3 in M.322.20

Die Diva. Operette von B. Buchbinder und J. Wattke.

Musik von Carl Weinberger. No. 2 in M.397.6g

Bucheron, Le. Opera. For the Music see Danican. For the

Libretto see Guichard.
Buck, Dudley.

Bread of the world. [Accomp. for organ.] New York.
Schirmer. 1869. No. 11 in M.290.11

The centennial meditation of Columbia. A cantata for the
inaugural ceremonies at Philadelphia, May 10, 1876.
Poem by Sidney Lanier, Music by Dudley Buck, [b. solo
and chorus.] New York. Schirmer. [1876.] M.154.41
"Chorus of spirits and hours." From Shelley's "Prome-
theus unbound." Composed for male chorus and tenor
solo, with accomp. of piano, flute, string quintet and reed
organ by Dudley Buck. New York. Schirmer. 1882.

No. 3 in M.270.12; No. 4 in M.203.1
[Christ our Passover,] Easter anthem in B flat. Op. 46.
[.Accomp. for organ.] New York. Schirmer. 1870.

No. 13 in M.2go.i:
Christ our Passover. Easter anthem [in C. Op. 29. Ac
comp, for organ]. New York, Schirmer, 1868,

No. 2 in M.ago.ii





Buck, Dudley. (Continued.)

Christ the Lord is risen. [Accomp. for organ.] New York.

Schirmer. 1869. No. 9 in M.290.11

Come, my soul, thou must be waking. [Anthem. Accomp.

for organ.] Boston. Russell & Co. 1873. No. 19 in M.290.11
Come, ye disconsolate. [Accomp. for organ.] New York.

Schirmer. 1869. No. 12 in M.290.11

Concert variations on the "Star-spangled banner." Op. 23.

New York. Schirmer. 1868. No. 9 in M.200.2

Darkly rose the guilty morning. Lenten anthem. [Accomp.

for organ.] New York. Schirmer. 1868. No. 4 in M.2go.ii
Day of wrath! [Accomp. for organ.] New York. Schirmer.

i86g. No. 8 in M.290.11

Easter morning. [From the German of Emanuel Geibel.j

Cantata for solo voices [s. s. t. b.] and chorus. Composed

by Dudley Buck. [Accomp. for piano.] Boston. Tolman

& Co. 1865. No. 5 in M.270.12

18 studies in pedal phrasing. Op. 28. Book i, 2. New

York. Schirmer. 1866, 68. 2 v. in 1. No. 12, 13 in M.200.2
Episcopal church music. Series 1-3. New York. Schirmer.

1868-73. 2 v. M.290.10

Contents. — Vol. i. Ser. i. Venite in E flat. — Te Deum in B flat.
— Benedictus in E flat. — Jubilate in E flat. — Gloria in excelsis in
B flat. — Bonum est in B flat. — Deus misereatur in E flat. ^ Cantate
Domino in C. — Benedic anima in B flat. Ser. 2. Venite in A. — Te
Deum (festival) in D. — Te Deum (short without repetition). — Jubi-
late and Benedictus in A. — Sanctus (2) and Kyrie (2). Vol. 2.
Ser. 2. (Evening service). Gloria in excelsis in D and in G. — Bonum
est in G. — Deus misereatur in D. — Cantate Domino in G. — Benedic
anima in D. Ser. 3. Te Deum (no. 4) in C. — Jubilate in C. — Te
Deum (no. 5) in B minor. — Benedictus in E. — Te Deum (no. 6) in
E flat. — Jubilate in E flat. — Gloria in excelsis in A flat. — Bonum
est in E flat. — Deus misereatur in A flat.

S four part songs for male voices. Op. 69. Boston. Rus-
sell & Co. 1875. 5 parts in I v. No. 1-5 in M.203.7
Contents. — i. Concert waltz. 2. The star of love. 3. Hark! the
trumpet calleth. 4. Good night! 5. Lead, kindly light!

The 46th Psalm. "God is our refuge." For chorus, solos
[s. T. B.] and orchestra. Op. 57. Boston. Ditson & Co.
1872. No. I in M.204.1

Good night. [Chorus, t. x. b. b.] Op. 69, no. 4. [Boston.
Ditson. 188-?] No. 53 in M.392.3

Grand sonata in E flat for the organ. Op. 22. New York.
Beer & Schirmer. 1866. No. 8 in M.200.2

Hail to the Lord's Anointed. [Accomp. for organ.] New
York. Schirmer. 1869. No. 7 in M.290.11

Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding. [Accomp. for organ.]
New York. Schirmer. 1869. No. 6 in M.290.11

Hymn to music. »[Part-song.] New York. Schirmer. 1877.

No. 2 in M.154.38

Illustrations in choir accompaniment, with hints in registra-
tion. New York. Schirmer. 1877.

Impromptu pastorale. Op. 27. New York. Schirmer. 1868.

No. II in M.200.2

In memoriam. [Part-song, x. I. b. b.] Op. 92, no. 3. New
York. Schirmer. 1883. [s four-part songs.]

No. 4 in M.392.6

The influence of the organ in history. Inaugural lecture of
the department of the organ, Boston University. [Bos-
ton. 1873.] No. 6 in M. 148.7

King Olafs Christmas. Poem from Longfellow's 'Saga of
King Olaf.' Composed for male chorus and baritone and
tenor solos, with accomp. of piano obligato, reed organ,
and string quintet ad lib., by Dudley Buck. New York.
Schirmer. 1881. No. 4 in M.270.12

Lead, kindly light, [s. a. x. b. Anthem. Accomp. for organ.]
Boston. Russell & Co. [1873.] No. 17 in M.290.11

Same. [x. x. b. b.] No. s in M.203.7

The legend of Don Munio. A dramatic cantata [for solos,
s. A. X. X. BAR. B., and chorus]. Words and music by Dud-
ley Buck. Boston. Ditson & Co. 1874. M.154.40

The light of Asia, a cantata. The words from the poem by
Edwin Arnold, the music by Dudley Buck. [s. x. b. and
chorus. Accomp. for pianoforte.] Octavo edition. Lon-
don. Novello, Ewer & Co. 1886. No. i in H.154.38

Buck, Dudley. (Continued.)

Midsummer fancies. 3 characteristic pieces for piano. Op. 8.
New York. Beer & Schirmer. 1866. 3 parts in i v.

No. 1-3 in M.200.2
Contents. — I. In the woods. 2. By the brookside. 3. On the seashore.

The nun of Nidaros. Poem from Longfellow's "Saga of

King Olaf." For male chorus and tenor solo, with obli-
gato piano accomp. and reed-organ ad lib. by Dudley

Buck. New York. Schirmer. 1879. No. 3 in M. 270.13

O God, the protector. Quartette in canon form. [Accomp.

for organ.] Chicago. Lyon & Healy. 1870.

No. IS in M.290.11
O holy, holy, holy Lord. [Accomp. for organ.] New York.

Schirmer. 1869. No. 10 in M.290.11

O Zion, that tellest good tidings. Christmas anthem.

[Accomp. for organ.] New York. Schirmer. 1780.

No. 14 in M.290.11
Offertory sentences . . . with accomp. for organ. New

York. Pond & Co. 1867. No. i in M.2go.ii

On the sea. [Part-song, x. x. b. b.] Op. 92, no. 4. New

York. Schirmer. 1883. [5 four-part songs. 4.]

No. S in M.392.6
Rock of ages. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Boston.

Russell & Co. 1873. No. 18 in M.290.11

Rondo-caprice. Op. 35. New York. Schirmer. 1868.

No. 14 in M.200.2
Scenes from Longfellow's Golden legend. Symphonic can-
tata for solos [s. T. BAR.], chorus and orchestra. [Accomp.

for pianoforte.] Cincinnati. Church & Co. 1880. M. 154.39
Scherzo-caprice for piano. Op. 14. New York. Beer &

Schirmer. [1866.] No. 4 in M.200.2

The signal resounds. Vocal march [x. x. b. b.]. Op. 92, no. 5.

New York. Schirmer. 1883. [s four-part songs.]

No. 6 in M.392.6
Sing alleluia forth. [Anthem, for organ.] Boston. Russell

& Co. 1873. No. 16 in M.290.11

The spring is come, huzza [x. x. b. b.]. Op. 92, no. 2. New^

York. Schirmer. 1883. [s four-part songs.]

No. 3 in M.392.6
The story of the Cross. Cantata for Lenten use, for chorus,
■ solos [s. .\. T. B.] and organ. New York. Schirmer. 1892.

No. 3 in M.154.38
The strain upraise, alleluia! [Accomp. for organ.] New

York. Schirmer. 1869. No. 5 in M.290.11

A summer night. Quartette for male voices. New York.

Pond & Co. 1880. No. I in M.392.6

The tempest. Dramatic poem by A. A. Procter. Music

[s. or X., with piano accomp.] by Dudley Buck. Op. 41.

New York. Schirmer. 1870. No. 22 in M.200.2

There were shepherds. Christmas anthem [also Hark, what

mean, hymn. Accomp. for organ]. New York. Schirmer.

1868. No. 3 in M.290.11

Three songs for mezzo-soprano. [Accomp. for piano.]

Op. 36. New York. Schirmer. 1868. 3 parts in i v.

No. 19-21 in M.200.2

Contents. — Where are the swallows fled? — Down by the mill. — -
The sunset's smile has left the sky.

The triumph of David. A cantata for church use, for solo
voices [s. A. X. B.] and chorus with organ accomp. New
York. Schirmer. 1893. No. 4 in M.154.38

Triumphal march. Op. 26. New York. Schirmer. 1868.

No. 10 in M.200.2

Twilight. [Chorus, x. x. b. b.] Op. 92, No. i. New York.
Schirmer. [1883. 5 four-part songs.]

No. 54 in M.392.3; No. 2 in M.392.6

Two morning services, with obligato organ accomp. Bos-
ton. Russell & Co. 1872. 4 parts in i v. No. 2-3 in M.igo.2
Contents. — Te Deum (No. 4) in C major. — ■ Jubilate in C major. —
Te Deum (No. 5) in B mi»or. — Benedictus in E major.

The voyage of Columbus. (Reise des Columbus.) Cantata
(in six night-scenes) for male voices (solo and chorus)
with orchestral accompt. Words (English and German)
and music by Dudley Buck. Piano score. New York.
Schirmer. 1885. No. 3 in M.203.12

I 22





Buck, Dudley. (Continued.) _

Winter pictures. 3 characteristic pieces for the piano. Op.
10. New York. Beer & Schirmer. 1866. 3 parts in i v.

No. 5-7 in M.200.2
Coiilcitts. — I. Woodland scene, z. Sleigh bells. 3- Echoes of the
ball room.

Buck, Dudley, compiler.

Motette collection, [ist,] 2d. Boston. Ditson & Co. [1864,
71.] 2 V. M.100.4

Co)i(CK«j.— I. Hauptmann: O come let us worship.— Babcock: Agam
returns the day of holy rest. — Rossini: Morning hymn. — Mozart:
Benedictus. — Buck: The Lord is king. — Buck: Thou wilt keep
him in perfect peace. — Wilson : Jesus, Saviour of my soul. — Haydn :
Magnify Jehovah's name. — Rietz : Though great thy sorrow be. —
Hauptmann : Plead Thou my cause. — Barnett : Turn Thou unto us
O Lord. — Buck: I will lift up mine eyes. — Cherubmi: Requiem
aetemami — Buck: O how amiable. — Beethoven: I will give thanks
unto the Lord! — Babcock: Rock of ages. — Mendelssohn: Good
deeds avail not. — Hauptmann: God, my strength! — Buck: Out of
the deep. — Buck: Peace, troubled soul. — Buck: When the Lord
turned again. — Hauptmann: Praise thou the Lord. — Beethoven:
Lord, in the morning Thou shalt hear. — Leavens: Now the God of
hope. — Meyerbeer: The Lord's prayer. — Warren: Come Holy
Spirit. — Buck : Brightest and best. — Barker : O that I had wmgs.

— Richter: Whoso dwelleth. — Buck: Jubilate Deo! — Barnett:
Come unto me. — Haydn: Not unto us, O Lord. — Buck: Blessed
are the dead. 2. Buck: The God of Abraham praise. — Buck: Hark!
hark! my soul. — Buck: Give unto the Lord, O ye mighty! — Buck:
He shall come down like rain. — Buck: O thou afflicted. — Buck:
Arise! shinel for thy light is come. — Buck: O Lord, rebuke me not.

— Buck : O clap your hands. — Buck : I will call upon Thee. — Buck :
O praise God in His holiness. — Buck: O Lord, Thou art my God —
Buck: Evening hymn. - Haydn: Te Deum. - Mendelssohn: Te
Deum. — Mozart: Lord Jesus, Christ our Saviour. — Palestrina: We
adore Thee. — Haydn: Jubilate Deo. — Wesley : O Lord, my God. —
Cherubini: Benedictus. - Monk: H ye love me. - Goss: O Lord
God Thou strength of my health. — Novello : Sanctus — Costa Te
Deum. — Liszt: Holy Lord Almighty. — Wagner: Mornmg hymn.

— Andre: Gloria in excelsis. — Andre: It is a good thing. — Bee-
thoven: Blessed be the Lord God of Israel. - Mendelssohn: Blessed
be the Lord. — Buck: Behold the Lamb of God. — Mendelssohn
Jubilate Deo. - Wagner : Come unto me. - Rossini : God *>= ™f ^'«"';
_ Neukomm: Praise the Lord. — Mendelssohn: Happy and blest
are thev — Abt : When gathering clouds around I view. — Barnby:
Sleep thy last sleep. — Hauptmann: Thou O Lord wilt ne er forget. —
Beethoven: O that my load of sin were gone. — Andre: Rend your
hearts. — Butterfield: Turn ye unto me. — Thayer : The Lord s
prayer. - Schumann: O Saviour of the world. - Bennett: God is a
spirit. — Wilson: I will lift up mine eyes. — Wilson: Not every one
that saith unto me.

Buck, Dudley, editor.
Beethoven. Andante from Sonata m D. No. 16 in M.200.2
Flotow Alesandro Stradella. Overture. No. 17 in M.200.2
Rossini. William Tell. Overture. No. 1.5 m M.200.2

Schumann, R. A. Pictures from the Orient. No. 18 in M.200.2
Buck, Dudley, translator. , ^ .

RiESE. Stradella. No. 16 in M.144.18

Buck, Percy Carter, compiler.

Oxford University Musical Union. Ten years of univer-
sity music in Oxford. M.372.50
Buckley, Olivia Dussek.

Musical truths; or an anlysis of music; a delineation of some
of the nicer parts of the science. Kensington. 1843.


Bud, The, is on the bough. Part-song. Mori, F.

No. 62 in M.157.S.3; etc.
Budd, George William, editor.

Wilbye. Works. M.234.19

Budde, W. H.

Te Deum. [For 4 voices. Accomp. for organ.] Boston.
Ditson & Co. [185-?] No. 6 in M.190.2

Buechler, Ferdinand.

Ich geh' nicht mehr zum griinen Wald . . . Fur vier Man-
nerstimmen. Op. 15. Offenbach a. M. Andre. [1868?]

No. 24 in M.3g2.35
Sechs Gesange fiir vierstimmigen Mannerchor. Op. 10.
Offenbach a. M. Andre. [186-?] 2 parts in I v.

No. 34, 35 in M.3Q2.S

Contents. — Heft i. In der Feme. — Bauernregel. — Dcr Blume Tod.

2. Maikafers Freierei. — Abschied vom Walde. — Veilchenluft.
Same. Heft 2. N0.23 in M.392.3S

Sechs Gesange fiir vierstimmigen Mannerchor. Op. 20.

Offenbach a. M. Andre. fi88-?l 2 parts in i v.

No. 36, 37 in M.392.5

Contents. — Heft i. Ghasel. v. J. Hammer. — ■ Verrath. — Meeresstille.

2. Aus dem osmanischen Liederbuch. — Ich wollt' ich ware weit von

hier. — Ghasel, v. Platen.

Buechner, Emil.

Wein her! [Lied, t. t. b. b.] (In Gruber. Sangeshort.

Heft I, pp. 47. 48.) No. i in M.370.30

Wittekind. Gedicht von Adolf Bottger, fiir Soli, Chor [t.

T. B. B.] und Orchester componirt . . . von Emil Buchner.

Op. 40. Klavierauszug. Leipzig. Dorffel. [188-?]

No. 2 in M.203.12
Buehler, Franz.

Agnus Dei. Solo [s.] et choeur. [Accomp. d'orgue.] (/n
Dietsch. Repertoire de musique religieuse. Pp. 195-202.)

No. 40 in M.260.20
Credo. [A 4 voix. Accomp. d'orgue.] (In Dietsch. Reper-
toire de musique religieuse. Pp. 180-193.)

No. 38 in M.260.20

Jesum omnes agnoscite. Canon a 4 voix. [Accomp. d'orgue.]

(In Lambillotte. Musique religieuse. ii^ Salut, pp. 10-14.)

No. 45 in M.260.18
Kyrie. [A 4 voix. Accomp. d'orgue.] (In Dietsch. Reper-
toire de musique religieuse. Pp. 149-155.)

No. 33 in M.260.20

Magnus Dominus. Motet pour b. solo et choeur. [Accomp.

d'orgue.] (In Dietsch. Repertoire de musique religieuse.

Pp. 122-129.) No. 26 in M.260.20

Mass [in F. Accomp. for organ]. (In Handel and Haydn

Society collection of sacred music. Vol. 4, pp. 119-132.)

No. II in M.221.22.4
O cor amoris. Canon a 4 voix. [Accomp. d'orgue.] (In
Lambillotte. Musique religieuse. i^r Salut, pp. 12-17.)

No. 42 in M.260.18

Sancta Maria. Solo [s.] and chorus. Arranged from a

litany by Biihler, by W. C. Peters. [Cincinnati. Peters.

1856.] No. 17 in M.260.10.5

Sanctus. [A 4 voix. Accomp. d'orgue.] (In Dietsch.

Repertoire de musique religieuse. Pp. 246-248.)

No. 49 in M.260.20

Buek, E., translator.

Brambach. Waldmeisters Brautfahrt. No. 3 in M. 270.18

Hirsch, C. Fahr wohl! No. 3 in M.391.4S

Schwalm. Abendstille am Meer. No. 4 in M.202.29

Spicker. Der Pilot. No. 5 in M.202.29

Buel, David Hillhouse.

Penikeese; or, cuisine and Cupid. Comic opera. Music by
T. G. Shepard. No. 2 in M.323.2

Buelow, Hans Guido von.

[Des Sangers Fluch.] Ballade fiir grosses Orchester nach
Uhland's Dichtung Des Sangers Fluch. Op. 16. Partitur.
Berlin. Schlesinger. [187-?] , No. i in M.335.18

[Jules Cesar.] Ouverture et marche des Imperiaux de la
tragedie de Jules Cesar de Shakespeare, pour grand or-
chestre. Op. 10. Partition. Mayence. Schott. [186-?]
2 parts in i v. No. i, 2 in M.3S5.17

Mazurka-Fantasie fiir Piano. Op. 13. Fiir Orchester bear-
beitet von Franz Liszt. Partitur. Breslau. Leuckart.
[187-?] No. 3 in M.33S.17

Nirwana. Orchesterfantasie in Ouvertiirenform. Op. 20.
Partitur. Munchen. Aibl. [187-?] No. 4 in M.335.17

Vier Charakterstucke fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 23. Par-
titur. Leipzig. Seitz. [187-?] 4 parts in I v.

No. 2-5 in M.33S.18

Contents. — I. Allegro risoluto. :. Notturno. 3. Intermezzo guer-
riero. 4. Funerale.

Buelow, Hans Guido von, editor.
Gluck. Paris und Helena. Ouverture. No. 6 in M.346.28
Liszt, F. Concerto pathetique fiir zwei Pianoforte.

No. I in M.200.6
Wagner, W. R. Tristan und Isolde. M.284.32

Buelow, Hans Guido von. Works about.
Hans von Bulow. A biographical sketch. His visit to
America. New York. Gushing & Bardua. 1875.

No. II in M. 144.18
Lassalle, F. Briefe an Hans von Biilow. (1862-1864.)
Dresden. 1893. No. i in M.208.16

Sternfeld, R. Hans von Bulow. Leipzig. 1894.

No. 4 in M.207.3






Berlin. Bote &
No. 6 in M.338.11

[Carol.] Boston.

No. 18 in M.158.14

No. 30 in M.3g2.5

No. 10 in M.384.12


Paroles de Chauvin

Buergel, Constantin.

Schlummerlied, fiir Orchester
Bock. [1867?]
Buerger, Gottfried August.

Gottfried August Burgers Gedichte gesetzt von Georg Wil-

helm Gruber. M.130.9

Lenora. Set to music by G. A. Macfarren. M.273.3

Buergerliche Deputirte. Part-song. Hiller, F. Zehn Lieder

aus Waldmeisters Brautfahrt. No. S in M.3g2.ii

Buergschaft, Die. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20,

Band 3. M.317.1.20.3

Buesnoren. Song. Kjerulf. Sanger och Visor. Band 2.

Buessel, Alois, translator.
Lachner, F. Catharina Cornaro Konigin von Cypern.

Buffalo Philharmonic Society.

Book of the programmes . . . for the season of 1884-85.
Buffalo. The Society. 1885. Photograph. M.205.6

Buffault, Ernest.
Job et son chien. Operette. Paroles de Mestepes et Buf-
fault. Musique de fimile Jonas. No. 4 in M.286.18
Buffinton, Eugene Lucian.

Four hymns in anthem form. [Accomp. for organ.] Bos-
ton. Ditson & Co. 1875. 4 parts in IV. No. 7-10 in M.190.2
Contents. — Gracious Spirit [s. solo and chorus]. — God is love [a.
solo and chorus]. — Blest Comforter [b. solo and chorus]. — Spirit of
peace [t. solo and chorus].
The world itself keeps Easter day
Russell. [1882.]
Bugle song. Part-song. Brown, O. B.

Parker, J. C. D. 7 part-songs.
Buguet, Henry.

Clercs et modistes. Operette bouffe.

et Buguet. Musique de Gilles Raspail. No. i in M.383.31
Simone et Boquillon. Operette-bouffe. Musique de Ernest
Ouvier. No. i in M. 277. 20

Un telegramme. Operette. Paroles de Gaston Marot et H.
Buguet. Musique de Victor Robillard. No. 6 in M.307.23
Building, The, of the ship. Cantata. For the Music see Har-
nett, J. F. ; also Lahee. For the Libretto see Longfellow.
Buisson, Le, d'ecrevisses. Opera. For the Music see Pardon,
F. For the Libretto see Constantin.

Bujac, .

L'alcade de la Vega. Musique de G. Onslow. M.311.6

Bulgare, Der. Opera. For the Music and Libretto see Dib-

Bull, John.

O Lord, my God, I will e.xalt Thee. Anthem for s voices
[s. s. A. T. b. Accomp. for organ]. (/« Boyce. Cathedral
music. Ed. Warren. Vol. 3, pp. 93-104.)

No. II in M.233.23.3
Parthenia, or the first musick ever printed for the virginals,
composed by William Byrd, John Bull, and Orlando Gib-
bons. Translated into modern notation and edited by
Edward F. Rimbault. London. Chappell. [1847.] Fac-
simile. [Musical Antiquarian Society. Publications.]

No. 2 in M.234.26
Bull, Ole Bornemann.

Adagio religioso, pour violon avec orchestre ou piano. Op. i.
[Partition.] Hambourg. Schuberth & Co. [187-?]

No. 2 in M.403.16
Fantaisie et variations de bravoure, sur une theme de Bellini
pour violon, avec orchestre ou piano, composees par Ole
Bull. Op. 3. [Partition.] Hambourg. Schuberth & Co.
[187-?] No. I in M.403.16

Bull, Ole Bornemann. Works about.
Bull, Sara C. Ole Bull: a memoir. With Ole Bull's "Vio-
lin notes." Boston. 1883. Illus. Portraits. M.106.3
Bull, Sara Chapman.

Ole Bull: a memoir. With Ole Bull's "Violin notes," and
A. B. Crosby's "Anatomy of the violin." Boston. Hough-
ton, Mifflin & Co. 1883. Illus. Portraits. M.106.3

Portraits are inserted.

Bullen, George W., translator.

Cheve, fi. J. M. The theory of music. M.104.16

Bully, Leocadie Aimee de.
A deux pas du bonheur, proverbe lyrique de Mme. Roger de
Beauvoir [pseud.], musique de Felix Godefroid.

No. I in M.368.3I
Bulmer, John.
The dial of Ahaz. A sacred cantata (on Isaiah xxxviii).
[b. and chorus. Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Bath.
[188-?] No. 2 in M.204.3

Bulthaupt, Heinrich Alfred.
Achilleus. Componirt von Max Bruch. M.341.10

Amor und Psyche. Componirt von Georg Schumann.

No. 2 in M.ig3.xi
Constantin, Oratorium, Componirt von Georg Vierling.


Das Feuerkreuz, dramatische Cantate. [Musik] von Max

Bruch. No. l in M.154.37

Kain. Musikalische Tragodie. Musik von Eugen d' Albert.

No. 2 in M.381.1

Das Kathchen von Heilbronn. Romantische Oper. Musik

von Carl Reinthaler. M.307.6

Leonidas. [Musik] von Max Bruch. M.403.ii;etc.

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward George Earle Lytton, ist Baron


The birth of love. Cantata. [Music by] J. H. Brewer.

No. 7 in M.203.10; etc.
"Salve Eternum," a Roman dirge by H. H. Pierson.

No. 6 in M.270.22
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Robert Lytton, ist Earl of Lytton.
Julian Fane. A memoir. London. Murray. 1871. Por-
trait. M.128.9
Bumper, A, a bumper." Part-song. Linley, T. 77^5-/795.

No. 17 in M.i3ga.i8.5; etc.
Bumpus, John S.

Catalogue of the compositions of the Rev. Sir F. A. G. Ouse-
ley. (In Joyce, F. W. The life of . . . Ouseley. Pp. 256-

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