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bar. B.], chorus and [pianoforte]. No. i in M.204.11

Creser. Eudora. A dramatic idyll [s. a. t. and chorus].

No. 2 in M.285.38
CuMMiNGS. The fairy ring [s. a. t. b. and chorus].

No. 2 in M.154.43
Curtis, G. H. Eleutheria. A hymn to liberty [s. m.-s. t. and

chorus]. M.231.8

Cutter, E., Jr. Song of home, for t. solo, mixed chorus and

[piano]. No. 5 in M. 194.8

Damrosch, L. Ruth and Naomi: a Scripture idyll [s. a. t. b.

and chorus]. M.154.52

Sulamith, "The song of songs." For soli [s. t.], cho-
rus and piano. No. i in M.155.2

Danican. Q. Horatii Flacci Carmen saecvlare. [Quartett
con coro. Full score.] M.254.14

David, F. C. Christophe Colomb, ou la decouverte du Nou-
veau monde. Ode symphonie [s. t. bar. et choeur].


L'fiden. Mystere [s. t. bar. b. et choeur].

No. I in M.295.6

David, S.. Le triomphe de la paix. Poeme lyrique [s. m.-s.

bar. et choeur]. M.303.24

Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)
Desjoyeaux. La Fornarina. Scene lyrique. Soli [s. s. t. t.

bar.], choeurs et piano. No. 2 in M.194.9

DiEMER, P. H. Bethany, a sacred cantata [s. Si.-s. a. t. bar.

and chorus]. No. i in M.194.11

Doerstling. Die Schutzengel. Fiir Solo [.s. a. b.\r. b.],

Chor und Orchester. No. I in M. 391.38

Doorly. Lazarus, a sacred cantata [s. a. t. b. and chorus].

No. 2 in M.155.2
Draeseke. Adventlied. Fur Solostimmen [t. b.], Chor und

Clavier, No. i in M.391.39

Drysdale. "The kelpie." Dramatic cantata for soli [s. x.],

chorus & [pianoforte]. No. 2 in M.213.2

Dubois, F. C. T. Le bapteme de Clovis. Choeur a quatre

voix, baryton solo, tenor solo. No, i in M.384.25

L'enlevement de Proserpine, Scene lyrique pour soli

[s. B.], choeurs et piano. No. 3 in M.213.5

Duvernoy. Cleopatre, scene lyrique pour soprano, choeur
et piano. ^ No. 3 in M.154.44

La tempete, Poeme symphonique pour soli [s. a. t,

BAR. B.], choeurs et piano. M.305.31

Dvorak. The spectre's bride, a dramatic cantata. For soli
[s. t. BAR. B.], chorus and pianoforte. M.155.1

Dyer, A. E. Salvator mundi (Saviour of the world), a sa-
cred cantata [for solos and chorus]. No. 3 in M.155.2

Eckert. Zur Heimkehr. Festspiel [t. mit Chor].

No, 2 in M.2g5.28

Egerton. a pastoral cantata [s, a. t. and chorus]. M.270.27

Elgar. The banner of Saint George, a ballad for chorus
[with pianoforte accomp.]. No. i in M.384.26

The black knight (Der schwarze Ritter). Cantata for

chorus [with pianoforte accomp.]. No. 2 in M.384.26

Caractacus. A cantata for soprano, tenor, baritone,

and bass soli, chorus [with piano accomp.]. M.384.56

Ellicotx. The birth of song. A cantata for soli [s. a. x.],
chorus and [pianoforte]. No. 2 in M.204.11

Elysium. For s. solo, chorus and [pianoforte].

No. 3 in M.204.11
Ellis, W. C. Sacred cantata on the millennial glory. For

4 voices [s. A. t. b.]. No. 2 in M.391.39

Erdmannsdoerfer. Prinzessin Use. Eine Waldsage. Fiir

Soli [s. B.], Chor und Clavier. No, l in M. 270.28

EssER. Der Konig der Ehren-Worte des 47ten Psalmes fiir

Chor und Orchester. No. i in M.401.15

Fane, J. Der Raub der Proserpina [s, a, b. mit Chor].

Faure, G. U. La naissance de Venus. Scene mythologique

pour soli [s. A. X. B.], choeurs et piano. No. i in M.213.10
Fluegel, E. p. Mahomet's Gesang. Concertstiick fiir Chor.

No. I in M.3gi.4i
Fodale. Dodici scene drammatiche tratte dalla Divina

commedia. [s. x. b. con cori.] M.270.30

Foote. The skeleton in armour. Ballad for chorus and

[pianoforte]. No. i in M.204.14

The wreck of the Hesperus. [For s. x. b. soli, chorus

and pianoforte.] No. i in M.204.13

Fox. The babes in the wood, new comic cantata [for s. a.
X. b. and chorus]. No. 3 in M.155.3

"Gabriel Grub." Cantata seriabuffa [for chorus with

s. A. X. b. solos]. No. 2 in M.155.3

Hamilton Tighe [s. B. and chorus]. No. 4 in M.277.ig

The jackdaw of Rheims [s. a. t. b.] . No. 2 in M.285.19

Lord Lovel, a humorous cantata, for 4 solo voices &

chorus. No. 3 in M.277.19

The messenger dove. For four solo voices [s. a. x. b.],

chorus, and separate pianoforte accomp. No. 4 in M.154.16

Sally Brown; a nautical comic cantata [for s. a. t. b.

and chorus]. No. 2 in M.155.3

Winifred Pryce; the milkmaid's story. A melodra-
matic cantata [for s. a. t. b. and chorus]. No, i in M.155.3

Franck, C. a. Psaume CL. „Halleluiah. Louez le Dieu
cache dans ses saints tabernacles", pour choeur, orchestre
et orgue. No, 2 in M,40i.i5





Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)

Frost, C. J. King John and the Abbott of Canterbury. An
old English ballad for t., bar. and b. solo with chorus.

No. I in M.204.16
Gabriel, M. A. V. "Dreamland;" or, light through dark-
ness, [s. T. and chorus.] M.270.31

Evangeline [s. a. t. b. and chorus]. No. 3 in M.272.15

Gade. Beim Sonnenuntergang. Concertstiick fiir gemisch-

ten Chor. No. i in M.270.39

Comala. Dramatisches Gedicht, fiir Solo [s. s. a. t.],

Chor und Orchester. Partitur. M.352.14

Same. Clavierauszug. M.270.37

Erlkonigs Tochter (Elverskud). Ballade fiir Solo,

Chor und Klavier. M.270.3S

Same. The Erl-king's daughter. Ballad for solo

voices [s. BAR.], chorus and [pianoforte]. No. 3 in M. 155.5

Friihlings-Botschaft. Concertstiick, fiir Chor und

Orchester. Partitur. M.270.33

■ Same. Klavierauszug. No. 2 in M.270.34

Friihlings-Phantasie. Concertstiick fur 4 Solostim-

men, Orchester und Pianoforte. Partitur. M.270.40

Same. Klavierauszug. No. 3 in M.270.39

Die heilige Nacht. Concertstuck fiir Alt-Solo, Chor

und Klavier. No. i in M.270.34; etc.

Kalanus. Dramatisches Gedicht, fiir Solo [s. t. b.],

Chor und Orchester. Partitur. M.352.11

Same. Klavierauszug. M.270.38; etc.

Die Kreuzfahrer. Dramatisches Gedicht fiir Solo,

Chor und Orchester. Partitur. M.352.13

Same. Klavierauszug. M.270.36

Same. The crusaders. For solo voices [m.-s. x. b.],

chorus and [pianoforte]. No. i in M.155.5

„Psyche." Concertstiick fiir Soli [s. a. t. bar.], Chor

und Orchester. M.352.12

Der Strom. Concertstiick fiir Soli [s. a. t. t. b.], Chor,

oblig. Pianoforte und Orchester. No. 3 in M.401.15

Zion. For baritone solo, chorus and [pianoforte].

No. 2 in M.155.5

Gadsby. The lord of the isles. A dramatic cantata [s. a. t.

T. BAR. B. and chorus]. No. i in M. 194.12

The 130th Psalm. (Out of the deep.) A sacred can-
tata [s. A. T. B. and chorus]. No. 3 in M.391.39

Galliard. The hymn of Adam and Eve. [s. t. b. and cho-
rus.] No. 2 in M.110.18

The morning hymn, . . . from . . . Paradise lost.

M.237.8; etc.

Gambini. Christoforo Colombo, ossia la scoperta del Nuovo

mondo. Ode-sinfonia. [m.-s. t. bar. b. con cori.] M.272.20

Garrett. The Shunammite. A sacred cantata for soli

voices [s. A. T. B.], chorus and [pianoforte].

No. 2 in M.ig4.i3

Gaul. The Holy City, a sacred cantata [for s. m.-s. a. t. b.

and chorus]. 2d edition. No. 2 in M.155.8

Israel in the wilderness, a sacred cantata for 3 solo

voices [s. T. bar.], chorus and [pianoforte]. No. i in M.155.7

Joan of Arc, "The maid of Orleans." An historical

cantata [s. x. bar. and chorus]. No. i in M.155.6

Ruth, a sacred cantata [s. s. a. b. and chorus].

No. I in M.155.8

A song of life (ode to music). For four-part chorus.

No. 2 in M.155.7

The ten virgins, a sacred cantata for 4 solo voices

[s. a. t. bar.] and chorus. No. 2 in M.155.6

Una, an allegorical romance. For 4 solo voices [s. a.

t. bar.], chorus and [pianoforte]. No. 3 in M.155.7

Geisler. Golgatha, fiir Solostimmen [s. bar.] und Chor.

No. I in M.391.42

• Sansara, fiir [Manner- und gemischten] Chor, Soli

[s. A. T.] und Clavier. No. 11 in M.212.5

Gernsheim. Nordische Sommernacht. Fiir Chor & Soli.

No. 5 in M.203.6

Der Zaubermantel. Ballade. Fiir Soli [s. x. bar.],

Chor und Pianoforte. No. 5 in M.39i.3g

Gevaert. Jacob van Artevelde. [s. s. t. x. b. b.] M.155.9

Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)
GiLBERX, A. Abdallah, the last Moorish king. A spectacular
cantata [s. a. x. x. bar. b. and chorus]. No. i in M.384.27

The Commemoration ode, written for the 300th anni-
versary of the birth of Shakespeare, [s. a. t. b.].

No. S in M.202.14

GiLCHRisx. "God is our refuge and strength." For s. solo,
chorus and [pianoforte]. No. 2 in M.194.12

Gill, F. A. The lord of Burleigh [s. a. x. bar. and chorus].


GiORZA. Cantata written expressly for the opening cere-
mony of the Sydney International E.xhibition [s. s. a. t. b.
and chorus]. M.236.36

Gladstone, F. E. Nicodemus. A sacred cantata [s. x. and
chorus] . No. 2 in M.204.IS

Philippi (or the Acts of Paul and Silas in Macedonia).

A sacred cantata [s. x. b. and chorus]. No. 3 in M.194.12

Glover, W. A cantata, entitled The corsair [s. m.-s. a. x.

bar. b. and chorus]. M.155.11

Glover, W. H. Tarn O'Shanter. A characteristic cantata

for a tenor voice, chorus, & full orchestra. Full score.

M. 226.4

Same. [Piano score.] No. 2 in M.391.42

Gluck. Prolog, fiir Sopran-Solo, Chor und Orchester.

M. 224.36
Godard, B. L. p. Le Tasse. Symphonic dramatique [s. s. x.

bar. B. et choeurs]. M.266.3

GoExz, H. Der i37ste Psalm, fiir Chor, Sopran Solo und

Orchester. Partitur. No. 2 in M.353.22

Same. Clavierauszug. No. 3 in M.270.16

Ncenia. For chorus and [pianoforte]. No. 4 in M.155.8

GoLDMARK. Friihlings-Hymne. (Maibetrachung.) Fur

Chor, Alt-Solo und Orchester. No. 2 in M.202.18

Same. Clavier-Auszug. No. 3 in M.203.6

GoLLMiCK, A. The blind beggar's daughter of Bethnal

Green. An operatic cantata [s. a. x. bar. b. and chorus].

No. 3 in M.204.16
Gordon. The maid of Gascony [s. s. s. a. x. b. and chorus].

GouvY. Elektra. Dramatische Konzertwerk fiir Solostim-
men [s. M.-s. T. B.], Chor und Klavier. M.394.15

Iphigenie in Tauris. Dramatische Scenen fiir vier

Solostimmen [s. t. bar. B.], Chor und Orchester. M. 202.19

Same. Clavierauszug. M.3g4.i4

Oedipus auf Kolonos. Dramatische Kantate fiir vier

Solostimmen [s. T. bar. B.], Chor und Orchester. Parti-
tur. M.351.17

Same. Klavierauszug. No. i in M.155.13

Polyxena. Polyxene. Dramatische Konzertwerk.

Fiir 3 Solostimmen [s. a. bar.], Chor und Orchester.

Grammann. Trauer-Cantate, fiir Baritonsolo, Chor und

Orchester. No. 3 in M.202.18

Grandval. La foret, poeme lyrique, pour soli [s. bar.],

chceurs et piano. No. i in M.155.14

La ronde des songes, scene fantastique. Pour solo

[s.], chceurs, et piano. No. 2 in M.155.14

Sainte Agnes. Drame sacre [s. bar. et chceurs].

No. I in M.155.15
Grast. Fete des vignerons en 1865. Chants [t. b. et choeurs]
et airs de ballet. No. 2 in M.266.38

Graun. The passion of our Lord [s. t. b. and chorus].


Der Tod Jesu. Neue Ausgabe. M.221.7

Gray, A. Arethusa. For bar. solo, chorus and [piano-
forte]. No. 2 in M.204.16

Greenwood. David; or, Israel delivered [s. a. t. bar. b. and

chorus] . No. 2 in M.270.43

Grieg. Scenen aus Olav Trygvason. Fiir Solostimmen

[m.-s. A. B. BAR.], Chor und Klavier. No. I in M. 155.16

Grimm, J. O. An die Musik. Fur Solostimmen [b.], Chor

und Klavier. No. 3 in M.270.54

GuiLMANT. Balthazar, scene lyrique, pour soli [s. t. bar.],

chceurs et piano. No. 2 in M.155.15





Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)

GuTTERSON. Christmas, [s. A. T. B. and chorus.] For a
Christmas evening service. No. i in M.384.2g

House of Rechab: or the penalty of intemperance.

[Solos and chorus.] No. 2 in M.384.29

Hackett. Zion, a sacred cantata, [s. s. t. b. and chorus.]

No. 2 in M.270.22

Hadley. The fairies. (Ballad for mixed voices, solo [s.],

and pianoforte.) No. 18 in M.203.27

In music's praise. For soli [s. t. b.], chorus and piano-

fQi-te. No. 6 in M.384.11

Hague. The ode, as performed at Cambridge, at the instal-
lation of H. R. H. William Frederick, Chancellor of the
University, [s. s. a. t. b. Full score.] M.235.2S

Hahn, T. Der Herr ist Konig [s. t. b. und Chor]. M.235.23

Haite. Abraham's sacrifice [x. t. t. b. b. and chorus].

No. 2 in M.384.16

Haking. Judgments & mercies, a sacred cantata for 5
voices [s. A. T. T. B.]. No. 4 in M.391.42

Halevy, J. F. F. £. Promethee enchaine. Scenes [t. t. b. et
choeur] . No. 2 in M.280.25

Hallen. Die Christnacht. Weihnachtslied, fiir Sopran-
Solo mit gemischten . . . Chor. No. i in M.391.44

Hamerik. Den rejsende. Fantastik Musikkomedie [m.-s.
T. or BAR. B. en koor]. No. 2 in M.391.41

Handel. [Cantaten.] Werke. Lieferungen i, 3, 4, S. 6, 7,
12. 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 33,, 46a, 46b, 53- 54. M.3I3.I-I ; etc.

Cantate con stromenti. Werke. Lieferung 52.


Acis and Galatea [s. x. x. b. and chorus]. Arranged

by John Clarke. No. 2 in M.241.36

Same. With additional accompaniments by W. A.

Mozart. Edited by Berthold Tours. Full score. M.402a.i4

Alexander's feast, ode, in vocal score [s. i. b. and cho-
rus]. M.153.27

L'allegro, II pensieroso-, ed II moderate; with the ad-
ditional songs, [s. A. X. B. and chorus. Full score. Edited
with accomp. for piano, by Ignatz Moscheles.] M.242.1

Same. Mit ausgefiihrtem Accompagnement von

. Robert Franz. M.401.20

An ode, or serenata for the birth day of Queen Ann,

composed in the year 1713. fChorus with orchestral
accomp.] No. 3 in M.380.6

Die Wahl des Hercules nach Mozarts Bearbeitung.

[s. S. A. X. mit Chor. Partitur.] M.30.14

Harriss. "Daniel before the king." [s. x. b. and chorus.]

No. 2 in M.204.13
Harxmann, E. Winter und Lenz. Fiir Chor und Orches-

ter. No. I in M.202.22

Haslinger. Die Glocke. Fur Solo-Stimmen [s. a. x. b.],

Chor und Clavier. No. 2 in M.391.44

Hasse, J. A. P. [I Pellegrini al sepolcro di Nostro Signore.

Oratorio per soli, a. x. b., coro ed orchestra.] M. 120.20
Haxxon. Robin Hood [s. x. b. and chorus]. No. i in M. 270.46
Haydn, F. J. Denk' ich Gott an Deine Giite. Fiir 4 Sing-

stimmen mit Begleitung Orchesters. Partitur.

No. 2 in M.250.20

Same. Klavierauszug.

The tempest, ... for 4 voices [s.

Same. La tempesta. Coro coll


Der Versohnungstod.

gleitung des Orchesters.

Healy. The Nativity play, or Christmas cantata
solos, and recitations.]

No. 2 in M.221.1

A. T. B.].

No. 5 in M.270.22

accomp. deir or-

No. 4 in M.250.20; etc.

Fur vier Singstimmen mit Bc-




Heap. The maid of Astola fs. a. x. bar. b. and chorus].


The voice of Spring. For chorus. No. i in M. 204.19

Hechx, E. Eric the Dane [s. x. b. and chorus].

No. I in M. 194.14

Hechx, G. Schon Elsabeth. Marchen fiir Solostimmen [s.

A. X. B.] und Chor. No. 3 in M.IS5.25

Hedenblad. Necken. (Der Neck.) For sopran solo, kor

och klaver. No. 4 in M.391.44

Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)

Hegar. Manasse. Fiir Solostimmen [s. x. bar. b.], Chor
und Klavier. No. i in M.15S.19

Heinze, G. a. Der Feenschleier. Romantische Dichtung
fiir Solostimmen [s. M.-s. bar.], gemischten Chor und
Pianoforte. No. i in M.155.30

Henschel, G. Out of darkness, "Aus der Tiefe," for soli
[s. X. b.], chorus & [pianoforte]. No. i in M.194.15

Henxschel. Friihlingsnacht. Fiir Sopran-Solo, Bariton-
Solo, Chor und Clavier. No. 3 in M.194.15

Herold, L. J. F. Hymne a quatre voix sur la Transfigura-
tion. No. I in M.213.11

Hess, C. The Pilgrims of 1620, an historical oratorio [for
chorus with s. A. x. B. solos] . No. 6 in M. 158.20

Hiles, H. The crusaders, a sacred cantata [s. x. and cho-
rus]. No. 2 in M.1S4.33

Fayre Pastorel [s. x. bar. b. and chorus]. M.15S.21

Hille. Die Weiber von Weinsberg. Fiir Soli \s. b.], Chor

und Clavier. No. 2 in M.202.22

Hillemacher, p. J. W. Loreley. Legende symphonique,
de P. & L. Hillemacher. [s. x. bar. b. et choeur.]

No. 2 in M.296.16
HiLLER, F. Christnacht. Fur Solo-Stimmen [s.] und Chor.

No. 2 in M.270.53

Lorelei. Fur Solo-Stimmen [s. x. und] Chor.

No. 3 in M.270.S3

Die lustigen Musikanten. Fiir 4 Singstimmen.

No. I in M.391.4S

Die Nacht. Hymne fiir Solostimmen [s. x.], Chor

und Clavier. M.270.51

Nala and Damayanti. For solo voices [s. x. b.], cho-
rus and [pianoforte]. M.204.20

„0 weint um sie," fiir Sopransolo, Chor und Clavier.

No. I in M.270.53

2. Ausgabe.
Ballade fiir

Pfingsten. Fiir Chor,

Richard Lowenherz.

und Clavier.

— Schon Hedwig. Fur Solostimmen
mischten Chor.

— Ver sacrum, oder die Griindung Roms
stimmen, Chor und Orchester

No. 9 in M. 204. 18

Chor, Tenorsolo

No. 3 in M. 194.14

[s. BAR.] und ge-

No. I in M.380.7

Fiir Solo-

M.2 70.50

Walther von Birbach. Legende fiir Solostimmen

[s. A. X. X. B.] und gemischten Chor. No. 2 in M.391.45

Him MEL. Trauer-Cantate zur Begrabnissfeyer Friedrich
Wilhelm II. [s. s. x. b. mit Chor. Partitur.] M.14.2

Urania, [s. s. t. b.] No. i in M.280.32

Das Vertrauen auf Gott [s. a. x. b. mit Chor. Parti-
tur]. M-360-S

Same. [Klavierauszug.] M.221.8

Hine, J. Love's martyrs [s. x. x. b. and chorus].

No. I in M.391.46
HiRSCH, C. Fahrwohl! Farewell. Ballade fiir Sopran- und

Tenor-Solo, gemischten Chor und . . . vierhiindiger Cla-

vierbegleitung. No. 3 in M.391.45

HoDSON, H. E. The golden legend [solos and chorus].

No. I in M. 153.37
HoFMANN, H. C. J. Aschenbrodel. Ein Marchen. Fiir Chor,

Solostimmen [s. A. bar. b.] und [Clavier]. No. i in M.155.24
Editha. Fine Sage. Fiir Soli [s. m.-s. od. a. bar. b.],

Chor und [Klavier]. No. 2 in M.286.3

Festgesang. Fur Chor und Orchester. No. 7 ni M.391.45

Das Miirchen von der schonen Melusine. (The fable

of the fair Melusina.) Fur Solostimmen [s. bar. b.], Chor

und Clavier. No. 2 in M.270.28
Prometheus. Fiir Soli (Sopran, Bariton, Bass), Chor

und Klavier. M.I55-23
[Selio- sind die Todten.] Cantate. Fur Altsolo, Chor

und Orchester. No. 6 in M.391.4S

HoL Der blinde Konig. (Ballade.) Fiir Soli [x. bar. b.],

Chor und Klavier. No. 2 m M.15S.25

Der 23ste Psalm fiir Tenor-Solo, Chor und Clavier.

No. I in M.370.54
Holland, C. Miss Kilmansegg and her golden leg. Grand

old fashioned cantata for 4 voices, s. a. x. b., and chorus.

No. 2 in M.204.9





Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)

Holmes, A. M. A. Les Argonautes. Symphonic drama-
tique [s. s. s. M.-s. T. et choeur]. M.286.6

Hymne a Apollo. Solo [bar.], choeur et piano.

No. 2 in M.213.11

Ludus pro patria. Ode-symphonie pour choeurs et

piano. No. 3 in M.384.17

Lutece. Symphonic dramatique \s. t. bar. bar. et

choeurs]. M.303.10

Ode triomphale en honneur du centenaire de 1789.

[Choeurs avec accomp. de piano.] M.270.S6

Holmes, H. "Praise ye the Lord," sacred cantata, for solo

[m.-s.], chorus & pianoforte. No. 2 in M.204.19

HoPFFER, L. B. Barbarossa [t. und Chor]. M. 155.26

Horn, C. E. The Christmas bells, [s. a. t. b. and chorus,

s. s. T. B.] No. 2 in M.270.57

Horner. Confucius, [t. t. b. and chorus.] No. 2 in M.393.5
HoRSLEY, C. E. Comus [s. a. t. b. and chorus].

No. 3 in M.204.15
Hue. Rubezahl. Legende symphonique [s. s. t. bar. bar. b.

et choeurs]. M.286.16

Hummel, F. Columbus, ballad for solos [a. t. bar. and]

mixed chorus. No. 2 in M.384.14

Same. Ballade fiir Alt-, Tenor-, Baryton-Solo, ge-

mischten Chor und Klavier. No. 8 in M.3gi.45

Jung Olaf. Ballade. Fiir Soli (Sopran, Tenor, Bari-

ton und Bass), gemischten Chor und Klavier.

No. 3 in M.380.8

Die Macht des Liedes. Romanzen Cyklus. Fiir ge-
mischten Chor mit Tenor- Bariton- und Basssolo.

No. I in M.380.8
HuMPERDiNCK. The pilgrimage to Kevlaar. Ballad for
mezzo-soprano and tenor solos, mixed chorus and [piano-
forte]. No. I in M. 193.6
Hutchison, W. M. "H. R. H." A humorous cantata [s. a.
T. B. and chorus]. No. 4 in M.204.19

The story of Elaine [s. a. t. b. and chorus].

No. 3 in M.204.ig
HuTTER. Lanzelot. Dramatisches Gedicht fiir Soli [s. t. t.
BAR. B.], Chor und [Klavier]. No. i in M.193.8

Hyde. The wreck of the Hesperus [s. b. and chorus].

No. 3 in M.384.14
Iliffe. The visions of S'. John the Divine [s. s. a. t. b. and
chorus] . No. i in M.194.17

Imbert, G. F. Bethleem. Pastorale [s. s. t. b. et choeur].

No. I in M.ig4.i8

Jackson, W., of Masham. [Praise the Lord, O my soul.]

The I03''d Psalm [s. a. t. b. and chorus]. No. 2 in M.290.21

The year, a cantata [s. m.-s. t. b. and chorus].

No. I in M.391.48
Jadassohn. Verheissung. Concertstiick fiir gemischten
Chor und Orchester. No. 4 in M.202.22

Jaques-Dalcroze. Poeme alpestre [s. M.-s. t. bar. b. et
choeurs]. M.3g4.66

Jensen, A. The feast of Adonis. For soli [s. s. a.] and cho-
rus. No. 4 in M.204.15

Jephtha's Tochter. Fiir Soli [s. a. t.], Chor und Cla-
vier. No. 6 in M.270.54

Joncieres. La mer. Ode-symphonie [m.-s. et choeur. Par-
tition]. No. 3 in M.403.76

Same. [Partition, chant et piano.] No. 2 in M.ig4.i8

Kappey. "Per mare, per terram." A martial dramatic can-
tata [s. T. B. and chorus]. No. 2 in M.ig4.i7

Kiel. Idylle von Goethe. Fiir Soli [t. bar.], Chor und
Klavier. No. i in M.194.20

Kleffel. Die Wichtelmanner. Weinachtsmarchen [fiir
Chor]. No. 2 in M.39I.38

Klein, B. J. Hiob. Cantate mit Choren. No. 2 in M.221.9

Klughardt. Die Grablegung Christi. (The burial of Christ.)
Fiir Soli [s. bar. B.], Chor und Clavier. No. 2 in M.286.37

Koessler. Sylvesterglocken. (The bells of New Year's
eve.) Ein weltliches Requiem fiir Soli [s. t. b.], Chor und
Klavier. No. 2 in M.ig3.6

Krause, E. Musik. Fur Solo [s. t. b.], Chor und Orches-
ter. No. I in M. 152.27

Cantatas. Mixed voices. (Continued.)
Kreusser. Der Tod Jesu [s. t. b. mit Chor]. M.350.7

Krug, a. An die Hoffnung. Fiir gemischten Chor.

No. 5 in M.380.7

Sigurd. Fiir Soli [s. a. t. bar.], Chor und Clavier.

Kuecken. Fest-Cantate fiir Soli [s. a. t. B.], Chor [s. a. t. t.

B.] u. grosses Orchester. No. 10 in M.352.21

Kufferath, J. H. Jubel-Cantate ter gelegenheid van het

tweede eeuwfeest der Utrechtsche hoogeschool [s. a. t. b.

en koor]. M.280.5

Lacheurie. David. Scenes lyriques [s. t. bar.].

No. I in M.213.13
Lacombe-Trouillon. Sapho. filegie antique. [Declama-
tion] avec [s. T. soli et] choeurs. No. i in M.225.10
Lahee. The building of the ship [s. a. t. bar. b. and chorus].

La Nux. Judith, scene lyrique [s. a. bar.]. No. 3 in M.154.34
Lara. The light of Asia (La luce dell' Asia). A sacred

legend [s. s. a. bar. b. and chorus]. M.3g5.67

Leavitt. Cambyses; or, the pearl of Persia. For solos [and]

chorus. No. 2 in M.204.6

Le Beau. Ruth. Biblische Scenen, fiir Soli [s. m.-s. a. bar.],

Chor und Clavier. M.155.27

Lefebvre, C. £. £loa. Poeme lyrique [s. s. bar. et choeur].

No. I in M.306.8

Melka. Legende fantastique pour soli [s. m.-s. b.\r.]

et choeurs. No. 3 in M.213.13

Lenepveu. Meditation sur des vers de P. Corneille, pour
soli [s. A.], choeurs & piano. No. 3 in M.213.11

Lenglet. Simple histoire. Poeme musicale [s. s. a. bar. et
chceur]. No. 2 in M.306.13

Leonardi. La peri. Poema lirico [s. m.-s. t. bar. con cori].


Leoni. Sardanapalus. Dramatic musical poem [s. a. t. bar.
and chorus]. No. 2 in M.245.12

Leroux. Venus et Adonis. Scene lyrique [s. a. et choeurs].

No. 3 in M.ig3.5

Leslie, H. D. The first Christmas morn. A Biblical pas-
toral [t. A. and chorus]. No. 3 in M.ig4.i7

"Holyrood." [s. a. t. b. and chorus.] No. i in M.39i.4g

Judith, a Biblical cantata [s. x. t. bar. and chorus,

S. S. T. B.]. M.242.27

Lesueur. Cantate religieuse. Soli [s.] et choeurs [s. s. t. t.
B. B. Partition]. M.201.30

Chant dithyrambique . . . [s. A. T. B.]. M.380.14

Chant du ler vendemiaire an IX pour soli [s. bar. b.],

4 chceurs et [piano]. M.380.14

Letorey, O. Clarisse Harlowe. Scene lyrique [s. t. b.].

No. 4 in M.213.13
Levey. The ride to Ware. A humorous cantata for s. a. t.

& B. soli & chorus. No. 2 in M.ig4.i9

Lindpaintner. ,,Herr Gott, Dich loben wir" [s. x. b. und

Chor. Partitur]. No. 2 in M.232.3g

Liszx. Die Glocken des Strassburger Miinsters. Fiir Bari-

ton-Solo, Chor und Orchester. No. 2 in M.35i.2i

[Prometheus.] Chore. Partitur. M.357.4

. Same. Vocal score with English and German te.xt.


Zur Sacular-Feier Beethovens. Fiir Chor [s. a. t. b.\r.

B.], Soli und [Klavier]. No. i in M.ig4.2i

Lixolff. Ruth et Booz. Scene biblique [s. a. t. bar. et

choeurs] . No. 4 in M.368.3I

Scenen aus Goethe's Faust [s. x. bar. b., Chor mit

Declamation]. Scene 1,2. No. i, 2 in M.353.3

Lloyd, C. H. Andromeda. For solo voices [s. a. x. b.], cho-
rus and [pianoforte]. No. I in M.i55.2g

Hero and Leander. For soprano and barytone solos,

chorus and [pianoforte]. No. 2 in M.i55.2g

The song of Balder, for soprano solo, chorus and

[pianoforte]. No. 3 in M. 155.29

Lorenz, C. a. Hymne an die Kunst, fiir Solostimmen [s. a.
T. B.], Chor und [Clavier]. No. 4 in M.ig4.20

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