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Also to be found in Social harmony.

Adieu, thou soft flowing stream. Duet. Mozart.

No. 24 in M.2 18.8.4
Adieu to the village. Glee. Baildon. No. 17 in M.158.13

Adieu to the woods. Part-song. Egerton. No. 25 in M.195.1.13
Adieu, vain joys. Glee [t. t. b.]. {In Apollonian harmony.

Vol. 2, p. 25.) No. 20 in M.141.21.2

Also to be found in Social harmony.

Adieu, ye jovial youths. Glee. Cooke, R. Eight glees.

No. 4 in M.220.8
Adieu, ye streams. Part-song. Atterbury.

No. 9 in M.220.3.4; etc.
Adieu, ye streams. Song. Reissiger. No. 34 in M.235.18.1

Adieux, Les. Tyrolienne. Weckerlin. Chants des Alpes.

No. I in M.158.44
Adieux a Charence. Song. David, F. C. Cinquante melodies.

Adieux a mes amis. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 8.

Adieux, Les, de De'idamia. Opera. For the Music see Polig-

nac. For the Libretto see Musset, L. C. A. de.
Adieux de I'hotesse arabe. Song.

Bizet. Vingt melodies. No. 2 in M. 265.24

Cressonnois. Harmonies. No. 2 in M.295.9

Vaucorbeil. Melodies. M.213.25

Adieux de Marie Stuart. Song. Rouget de Lisle. 48 chants

francjais. M.202.44

Adieux du matelot. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 7.

Adina. Opera. For the Music see Rossini.
Adios montanas mias. For violin. Sarasate y Navascues.

No. 7 in M.410.45
Adjure vos, filiae Hierusalem. Motet. Palestrina. Werke.
Band 4. M.8o4oa.66.4

Adjutor et susceptor meus. Anthem. Cherubini.

No. 10 in M.222.24
Adjutor in opportunitatibus. Anthem. Haydn, J. M.

No. 9 in M.202.g

Adjuva nos, Deus. Canon, 4 in i. (/n Warren. Collection of
catches. Vol. i, p. 9.) No. 9 in M.220.9.1

Adler, Guido.

Umfang, Methode und Ziel der Musikwissenschaft. (Cut
from Vierteljahrsschrift fiir Musikwissenschaft. Jahrgang
I, pp. 5-20. Leipzig. 1885.) No. I in M.373.27

Adler, Guido, editor.
Publicationen der Gesellschaft zur Herausgabe der Denk-
maler der Tonkunst in Osterreich. For the separate vol-
umes of this series, see Denkmaeler der Tonkunst in' Os-
Adler, Der, und der Kukuk. Song. Rubinstein. Fiinf Fabeln.

No. 14 in M.ig2.5
Adlerflug. Novel. Koch, W. No. 3 in M.370.62

Admet. Overture. Handel. No. 2 in M.344.32

Admeto. Opera. For the Music see Handel. Werke.
Admiral's daughter. The. Opera. For the Music see Wetherell.
Adolfo, Don, pseud.?

Troisieme messe, breve et facile a trois voix egales, avec
accomp. d'orgue. Op. 54. Bruxelles. Schott. [187-?]

No. I in M.201.1
Adolphe et Clara. Opera. For the Music see Dalayrac. For

the Libretto see Marsollier des Vivetieres.
Adonis. Opera. For the Music see Wagner, C. J. For the

Libretto see Baur, C. W.
Adoramus. Anthem. Panseron. Mois de Marie.

No. 16 in M. 260.12

Adoramus Te. Anthem. Anerio. No. 30 in M.202.6.1

Benelli. No. 25 in M.260.24.2

Feroci. No. 10 in M.233.26.1

Handl. No. 39 in M.202.6.1

Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band i, 5. M.8o4oa.67.i, 5

Mozart. Werke. Serie 3. M.315.1.3

Palestrina. No. i in M.260.20; etc.

Perti. In A moll. No. 9 in M.233.26.3

— In C. No. 2 in M.158.33.4

RuFFO. No. I in M. 158.334

Adoration. Duet. Brown, O. B. No. 14 in M.203.26

Adoremus in aeternum. Anthem. Cherubini. No. 7 in M.222.24

Adoremus Te, Christe. Motet. Reissiger. 15 Graduales.

No. 2 in M. 158.27
Adorna thalamum. Moifi. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band i.


Adoro Te. Anthem. Dietsch, P. L. P. No. 31 in M.260.30

Ghinste. No. 46 in M.260.1S

Janssen, N. a. No. 34, 38 in M.26o.ig

Lambillotte. No. 24 in M.260.10.6

Adoro Te, supplex. Hymne au St. Sacrement. (Liturgie ro-

maine.) [4 voix. Accomp. d'orgue.] (In Gounod. The

Royal Albert Hall choral music. Vol. i, pp. 25-29.)

Adown the river. Part-song. Lynes. No. 24 in M.3g2.i6

Adrian von Ostade. Opera. For the Music see Weigl. For

the Libretto see Treitschke.
Adriana Lecouvreur. Opera. For the Music see Cilea; also
Vera. For the Libretto see Colautti; also Lauzieres de
Adrien, Martin Joseph.

Hymne a la victoire. L'evacuation du territoire de la Re-

publique. [b. solo et choeur, s. a. t. b. Accomp. de piano.]

(/n Pierre, C. V. D. Musique des fetes et ceremonies de la

Revolution frangaise . . . Pp. 298-301.) M.380.Z4

Adrien, Robert, pseud. See Basset, Charles Alexandre.

Adrift. Part-song. Florio, C. No. 7 in M.203.7

Advent hymn. Cantata. For the Music see Schumann, R. A.

For the Libretto see Rueckert.
Advent of spring. Part-song. Curschmann. No. 18 in M.157.5.1
Adventlied. Cantata. For the Music see Draeseke; also Schu-
mann, R. A. For the Libretto see Rueckert.
Adventlied. Song. Curschmann. Curschmann-Album.

No. I in M.157.37
Adventure of Don Quixote, An. Opera. For the Music see

Macfarren, G. A. For the Libretto see Macfarren, G.
Adventures, The, of a travelling musician in Australia, China,
& Japan. Chisholm. M.3704





Motet. Lassus.




Adversum me loquebantur.

Werke. Band 9.
Advice to singers. Crowest.
Advielle, Victor.

La musique chez les Persans en 1885. Paris. 1885. Por-
trait. Plate. No. I in M. 123.10
Advocat, Un, dit a sa femme. Part-song. Lassus. Sammtliche
Werke. Band 12. M.8o4oa.67.i2
Advocaten, Die. Part-song. Schubert, F. P. Terzette.

No. 5 in M.156.1; etc.
Adye, Willet.

Musical notes. London. Bentley. 1869. M.108.29

Contenls. — The great composers. — Violinists and the violin. — The

violin and its history.

Aebtissin, Die. ^ong. Taubert, C. G. W. Drei heitere Ge-

sange. No. 5 in M.192.7

Aeferno gratias Patri. Anthem. Walther, J. No. 36 in M. 202.6.1

Aegle. Ofera. For the Music see Lagard. For the Libretto

see Laujon.
Aegra currit ad medicum. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 15. M.8o4oa.67.i5

Aegyptischer Tanz. Ballet Music. Bizet. No. 2 in M.405.5

Aehrenfeld, Das. Duet. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F.
Werke. Serie 18. M.413.3.18

Aelpler, Der. Song. Abt, F. Fiinf Schweizerlieder.

No. 22 in M.192.1
Aelplers Grass. Part-song. Rosciier. No. 56 in M.392.21

Aeneas in Lazium. See Righini, V. Enea del Lazio.

No. I in M.150.15
Aennchen lieb. Part-song. Andre, L. No. 29 in M.3g2.2

Aennchen und Robert. Opera. For the Music see Neukomm,

S. For the Libretto see Tiedge.
Aennchen von Tharau. Opera. For the Music see Hofmann.

For the Libretto see Rosenfeld, J.
Aennchen vcn Tharau. Part-song. Silciier. No. 9 in M. 130.7; etc.
Aeolian harp.

Kastner, J. G. La harpe d'fiole et la musique cosmique.
£tudes sur les rapports des phenomenes sonores de la
nature avec la science et I'art. Suivies de Stephen, ou la
harpe d'fiole, monologue lyrique avec choeurs. Paris.
1856. Plates. M. 121.32

Aeolic harp. Glee. Smart, G. T. Collection of glees . . .

No. 5 in M.235.8

Aeolus, you must appear. Song. Purcell, H. Beauties of

Purcell. M. 221.2

Aequinoktialstuerme. Part-song. Lachner, V. [Drei Miin-

nerchore.] No. 19 in M.392.15

Aerg're dich, o Seele, nicht. Cantata. For the Music see Bach,

J. S. Werke. Jahrgang 37.
Aerndtekranz, Der. Opera. For the Music see Hiller, J. A.
Aertsen, Guilliaem.

Machiavelli. A comic opera. Music by Leland B. Hall.


The Eumenides. The text in Greek and English. [Trans-
lated by A. W. Verrall. The incidental music by C. Villiers
Stanford.] No. i in M. 203.23

Orestes. Eine Trilogie nach der "Oresteia" des Aischylos
von Felix Weingartner. M. 381.66

Contents. — Theil i. Agamemnon. Theil 2. Das Todtenopfer. Theil 3.
Die Erinyen.

L'Orestie. Trilogie musicale. M.3g6.40

The title-page and words are in Russian, French and German. The
Russian translation is by Venkstern, the French by Delines, the German
by Hans Schmidt.


Address to the lovers and followers of the fine arts, and
particularly music. [London.] 1800. No. 8inM.ii4.8

A prospectus of a treatise on the philosophy of music.

Ambros, a. W. Die Grenzen der Musik und Poesie. Eine
Studie zur Aesthetik der Tonkunst. Leipzig. [1855.]


Arnold, Y. F. Der Einfluss des Zeitgeistes auf die Ent-
wickelung der Tonkunst. Leipzig. 1867. No. 4 in M.ii9a.i3

Banister, H. C. Musical art and study. Papers for musi-
cians. 2d edition, with an additional paper. London. 1888.


Aesthetics. (Continued.)

Bedford, A. The great abuse of musick. Containing an
account of the use and design of musick among the antient
Jews, Greeks, Romans . . . Also an account of the immo-
rality and profaneness which is occasioned by the corrup-
tion of that most noble science in the present age. London.
1711. M.147.IS

Bellaigue, C. Psychologic musicale. Paris. 1893. M.138.4

Bernhardt, J. W. Music & mind and musical physics. Lon-
don. [1878.] No. 2 in M.116.S

Buckley, O. D. Musical truths; or an analysis of music; a
delineation of some of the nicer parts of the science. Ken-
sington. 1843. M.i09b.2i

CoLLiNA, G. Delia musica. Ragionamento . . . Bologna
. . . 1817. Parma. 1817. No. 4 in M.370.70

CoMBARiEU, J. Les rapports de la musique et de la poesie
considerees au point de vue de I'expression. Paris. 1894.


Donovan, J. Music and action; or, the elective affinity be-
tween rhythm and pitch. A psychological essay on a new
principle of explanation for the genesis and development
of music. London. 1889. M.376.13

DuBoc, £. Considerations sur I'art musical. Havre. 1861.

No. 3 in M.373.24

DuRUTTE, F. C. A. Esthetique musicale. Technie, ou lois
generales du systeme harmonique. Paris. 1855. M.372.5

Engel, J. J. Ueber die musikalische Malerey. An den
Konigl. Kapell-Meister Herrn Reichardt. Berlin. 1780.

No. 2 in M.377.17

EsTCOURT, M. J., compiler. Music the voice of harmony in
creation. London. 1857. M. 1093.22

Favre, L. La musique des couleurs et les musiques de I'ave-
nir. Paris. 1900. M. 102.25

Fetis, F. J. Music explained to the world; or, how to under-
stand music and enjoy its performance. London. 1844.

M. 1093.32

Gail, J. F. Reflexions sur le gout musical en France. Paris.
1832. No. I in M.116.14; etc.

Gardiner, W. Music and friends. London. 1838. 3 v.

M. 101.40

Gervinus, G. G. Handel und Shakespeare. Zur Asthetik
der Tonkunst. Leipzig. 1868. M. 106.7

GjERTZ, M. G. La musique au point de vue moral et religieux.
Paris. 1859. No. 9 in M.373.23

Goddard, J. Musical development; or, remarks on the spirit
of the principal musical forms. London. [1867.] M. 149.28

— — The philosophy of music. A series of essays. Lon-
don. 1862. M. 118.23

Goodrich, A. J. Music as a language, or the meaning of
musical sounds. New York. 1881. M. 107.1

Grigor, a. L. Hints and maxims to players on the piano-
forte, harmonium, etc. Glasgow. 1883. M. 1093.34

Gurney, E. The power of sound. London. 1880. M. 123. 14

Hand, F. G. .Esthetics of musical art. Translated by Walter
E. Lawson. Book i. 2d edition. London. 1880. M.101.35

Hanslick, E. Vom Musikalisch-Schonen. Ein Beitrag zur
Revision der Aesthetik der Tonkunst. 2. .\uflage. Leip-
zig. 1858. No. 2 in M.370.57

Same. 3. Auflage. 1865. No. i in M.370.57

Hastings, T. Dissertation on musical taste. New York.

1853. M.109.31

Haweis, H. R. Music and morals. London. 1871. M. 147.14
Jaijll, M. T. La musique et la psychophysiologic. Paris.
1896. lUus. M.376.8

Koelle, L. L. C, compiler. Music in song. From Chaucer
to Tennyson. London. 1883. No. i in M.i29a.37

KuLLAK, A. Das Musikalisch-Schone. Ein Beitrag zur Aes-
thetik der Tonkunst. Leipzig. 1858. No. i in 11.1393.17
Lenz, £. Quel est le veritable genie de la musique? [Caen.
1844.] No. I in M. 207.25

Mainzer, J. Music and education. London. 1848. M. 143.11

Musical athenaeum; or nature and art, music and musi-
cians, in Germany, France . . . London. [1842.] M. 112. 12

Marx, A. B. Ueber Malerei in der Tonkunst. Ein Maigruss
an die Kunstphilosophen. Berlin. 1828. No. 3 in M.373.2S






Aesthetics. (Continued.)

Mathews, W. S. B. How to understand music. New York.

1884. M.106.2S

Maurice, P. Wliat shall we do with music? A letter to the

Earl of Derby. London. 1856. No. 16 in M.143.18

A plea for more attention to, and interest in music at Oxford.
NicoT, F. Du goijt musical en France. Nimcs. 1855.

The first eight pages are missing. No. ID in M.373.23

O'Neill, J. Inaugural lecture of the department of English
and Italian singing, Boston University [on musical aes-
thetics. Boston. 1872]. No. 4in M.148.7

P , J. E., compiler. Musical moments. Short selections

in prose and verse for music lovers. Chicago. 1889.


Paine, J. K. Inaugural lecture of the department of musical
composition, history, and aesthetics, Boston University
[on the historical development and aesthetical character of
music. Boston. 1872]. No. 5 in M.148.7

Pauer, E. The elements of the beautiful in music. London.
[1877.] M. 144.16; etc.

Physiology, The, of music; or, music explained. London.
1845. M. 1293.27

Porte, J. F. Des moyens de propager le goiit de la musique
en France, et particulierement dans les departements de
I'ancienne Normandie. Caen. 1835. No. 2 in M.218.4

Rambosson, J. P. Les harmonies du son et I'histoire des
instruments de musique. Paris. 1878. Illus. M.132.10

Specification des diverses influences de la musique sur

le physique et sur le moral. Paris. 1877. No. 3 in M.372.39
Reprinted from the Compte rendu de I'Academic des sciences morales
et politiques.

Skeffington, T. C. F. Handy-book of musical art. London.

[1858.] M.101.28

Tapper, T. Chats with music students; or, talks about music

and music life. Philadelphia. 1890. M. 1093.30

The music life and how to succeed in it. Philadelphia.

1892. M.104.43

Thoughts on the use and advantages of music, and other
amusements . . . London. 1765. M. 145.19

V****, M. Reflexions sur la musique, ou recherches sur la
cause des effets qu' elle produit. Amsterdam. 1735.

No. 2 in M.197.8

Webb, D. Observations on the correspondence between

music and poetry. By the author of An enquiry into the

beauties of painting. London. 1779. M.104.34

WiECK, J. G. F. Piano and song: how to teach, how to learn.

[Translated by Mary P. Nichols.] Boston. 1875. M. 108.25

Wylde, H. Music in its art-mysteries. London. 1867.

Aestimatus sum. Anthem. Palestrina. Werke. Band 32.

Aeterna Christi munera. Mass. Palestrina. Werke. Band 14.

M.8o4oa.66.i4; etc.
Aethiop, The, or the child of the desert. Opera. For the Music

see Bishop, H. R. For the Libretto see Dimond.
Aetius. Overture. Handel. No. i in M.344.32

Aeugerl, Die, voll Wasser. Part-song. Gauby. Neue Lieder
aus Steiermark. No. 22 in M.392.8

Af Mannens Solverglod. Song. Kjerulf. S.inger och visor.
Band 2. M.IS8.47

Afanasef, Nikolai Sergeivitch.

Le Wolga. Quatuor pour 2 violons, viola et violoncelle.

Partition. Leipzig. Senff. [i860?] No. 2 in M.335.1

Afflictus sum. Motet. Haydn, F. J. No. 38 in M.260.24.1

Afflige opprimentes nos. Motet. Palestrina. Werke. Band 3.

Afloat on the tide. Song. Keller, M. No. i in M.ig2.i3.i

Africa. For pianoforte and orchestra. SAiNT-SAiiNS.

No. I in M.343.36
Africaine, L'. Opera. For the Music see Meyerbeer. For the
Libretto see Scribe.

Part-song. Groschoff.

No. 29 in M.392.10
For the Music see Suppe. For the

Afrikanisches Standchen.

Afrikareise, Die. Opera.
Libretto see West,

Aftenstemning. Song. Kjerulf. Sanger och visor. Band i.

No. 2 in M.158.47
After the battle. Part-song. Liebe, E. L. No. 6 in M.392.16

Again as evening. Anthem. Millard, H. No. 2 in M.190.6; etc.
Again my lyre. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 24.

Again my mournful sighs. Hymn. Battishill.

No. 20 in M.175.1.4
Again returns the day of holy rest. Motet. Babcock.

No. 2 in M.100.4.1

Again the balmy zephyr. Part-song. Beale, W. A collection

of 13 glees. No. 5 in M.158.30

Danby. No. 131 in M.220.9.3

Holder. A collection of catches. No. 4 in M. 120.31

Again the day returns. Anthem. Palmer. No. 38 in M.158.19

Against the shaft of cruel fate. Part-song. Storage.

No. 15 in M.i3ga.i8.4
Against Thee only. Anthem. Haeser, A. F. No. 5 in M.2go.29.4
Agandecca. Cantata. For the Music see Umlauft. For the

Libretto see Ossian.

Agar. Part-song. Pfeiffer, G. J. No. 4 in M. 193.8

Agathe. Song. .A.BT, F. Sieben Lieder aus dem „Buch der

Liebe." No. i in M.204.37

Ages ago. Opera. For the Music see Clay. For the Libretto

see Gilbert, W. S.
Agghazy, Karoly.

Maritta. Die Madonna mit dem Kruge. Oper in zwei
Aufziigen. Text von J. Fuhrmann. Musik von Carolus
Agghazy. Maritta. A korsos madonna. Opera ket fel-
vonasban szoveget irta Fuhrmann J. Zenejet szerzette
Agghazy Karoly. Op. 32. [Clavier-.\uszug.] Budapest.
Kunosy. [1898.] M.393.1

Aghina, J. J., translator.

Heinze, G. a. Vincentius de Paulo. No. 2 in M.155.20

Agimus Tibi gratias. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band i, 5, 13. M.8o40a.67.i, 5, 13

— [s. s. s. T.] No. 3 in M.221.43

Agitato ancor mi sento. Song. Sabatino. No. i in M. 120.29

Aglae, I'eleve de 1' Amour. Ballet music. Lindpaintner.

No. I in M.232.39
Aglaja. Opera. For the Music see Blech. For the Libretto

see Kunhardt.
Agnes. Song. Abt, F. Sieben Lieder aus dem „Buch der
Liebe." No. i in M.204.37

Brahms. Lieder und Gesange. Op. 59, Heft 2.

No. 3 in M.380.40.2
Agnes Bernauer. Opera. For the Music see Mottl.
Agnes der Engel von Augsburg. Opera. For the Music see

Agnes Sorel. Opera. For the Music see A Beckett, M. A.; also

Gyrovyetz. For the Libretto see A Beckett, G. Abbott.
Agnes Sorel. Song. Rouget de Lisle. 48 chants frangais.

Agnes, to thee. Recitative. A Beckett, M. A. Agnes Sorel.

No. 2 in M.251.1
Agnese. Opera. For the Music sec Paer. For the Libretto

see Buonavoglia.
Agnete und der Mecrmann. Song. Gade. Lieder und Ge-
sange. No. 3 in M. 192.3
Agnete und die Meermadchen. Cantata. For the Music see

Gade. For the Libretto see Andersen, H. C.
Agnetes Wiegenlied. Song. Gade. Lieder und Gesange.

No. 3 in M.192.3
Agnus Dei. Anthem. Agostini. No. 6 in M.220.9.4

Beethoven. No. 33 in M.290.22.2

Braune. No. 23 in M.260.10.4

BuEHLER. No. 40 in M.260.20

Caldara. No. 14 in M.2go.29.4; etc.

Choulet. No. 24 in M.260.10.4

Cramsie. No. 22 in M.260.10.1

Danzi. No. 30 in M.290.29.6

Durante, F. No. 3 in M.290.29.6

Hasse, J. A. P. No. 20 in M. 290.29.4

Haydn, F. J. No. 25, 41 in M.290.29.2

Haydn, J. M. No. 9 in M.2go.29.3




Ah! taci

No. 12 in M.260.10.5

No. 8 in M.260.21

No. 17 in M.2go.2g.4


No. 29 in M.290.29.3

No. 33 in M.290.29.6; etc.

No. IS in M.290.29.2; etc.

No. 51 in M.260.20

No. 18 in M.201.35


No. 10 in M.260.12

No. 26 in M.234.6

No. 25 in M.263.I0.5

No. 8 in M.260.20

No. 25 in M.290.29.6

No. 14 in M.260.10.1


No. 43 in M.158.20

Agnus Dei. Anthem. (Continued.)


Naumann, J. G.
Neukomm, S.
— Mois de Marie.
Phillips, W. L.
Reber, N. H.
Schneider, J. C. F.
Warren, J.

Weber, C. M. F. E. von.
Agostini, Paolo.

Agnus Dei. Canon [8 in i]. (In Warren. Collection of

catches. Vol. 4, pp. 21-23.) No. 6 in M.220.9.4

Agreeable surprise, The. Opera. For the Music see Arnold, S.

For the Libretto see O'Keeffe.
Agricola, Martin.

Musica instrumentalis deudsch, erste und viertc Auss;abe.

Wittemberg 1528 und 1545. In neuer diplomatisch genauer,

zum Teil facsimilierter Ausgabe. Leipzig. Breitkopf &

Hartel. 1896. Illus. Folded plates. [Publikation .-elterer

praktischer und theoretischer Musik-Werke, vorzugs-

weise des XV. und XVI. Jahrhunderts. Band 20. Jahr-

gang 24.] M.185.7

Agrippina. Opera. For the Music see Handel. Werke.

Agrippina condotta a morire. Aria. Handel. Werke. Liefe-

rung 52A. M.313.1.S2A

Aguilar, Emanuel A.

A little book about learning the pianoforte. London. Groom-
bridge. 1866. M.101.21
Summer night, a cantata for treble voices. Words by Mrs.
Newton Crosland, music by Emanuel Aguilar. [Accomp.
for pianoforte.] London. Hutchings & Romer. [1875.]

No. I in M.204.2
Agutter, Benjamin.

Andante for the organ. [London.] Metzler & Co. 1868.

No. 23 in M. 157.23
Ah! c' rindien! Opera. For the Music see Bernicat. For the

Libretto see Gedhe.

Ahlgaira. Song. BtcouRT. M. 380.14; etc.

Same. [t. t. b. English words] No. 209 in M.215.21

Ah! calmons nous. Duet. Carafa. No. 11 in M.390.37

Ah! cannot sighs nor tears. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works. Vol. 2.

No. 30 in M.234.19.2
Ah cara immagine. For violoncello and pianoforte. Lee, S.

No. \6 in M. 210.3
Ah ch'il destine. Part-song. Hutchinson, F.

No. 131 in M.220.10: etc.
Ah che crudel tormento. Song. Piccini, N. No. S in M. 120.27
Ah che la morte io veggo. Song. Cimarosa. No. 2 in M.120.12
Ah! che la morte ognora. Song. Verdi. Verdi Album.

No. 21 in M.236.S

Ah! che pur troppo e vero. Aria. Handel. Werke. Lieferung

50. M.3I3.I.50

Ah! che troppo inequali. Cantata. For the Music see Handel.

Werke. Lieferung 52B.
Ah, could I with fancy stray. Part-song. Hatton.

No. 34 in M.IS7.2
Ah, crudel, nel pianto mio. Aria. Handel. Werke. Liefe-
rung S2A. M.313.1.52A
Ah I cruel Amaryllis. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works. Vol. 2.

No. 3 in M.234.19.2

Ah! cruel love. Part-song. Marenzio. No. 70 in M. 157.6.2

Ah, daignez m'entendre. Duet. Sacchini. Le Sacchini des

concerts. M.274-9

Ah! dear heart, why do you rise. Madrigal. Gibbons, O. Mad-
rigals and motets. No. i in M.234.20
Ah, dove siete. Canzonet. Weber, C. M. F. E. von. Sammt-
liche Lieder. No. 23 in M. 244.7
Ah! dunque non i\i notturno inganno. Duet. Pacini, G.

No. 9 in M.221.20
Ah, fading joy. ilfadW^n/. Coward. 10 glees. No. i in M.236.18
Ah! forse e lui. Song. Verdi. Verdi Album. No. ifi ni M.236.5
Ah, how gladly. Part-song. Purcell, H. No. 79 in M. 220.9.3
Ah! how happy are we. Duet. Purcell, H. Beauties of Pur-
cell. M.221.2
Ah! how lovely. Duet. Eccles. No. 126 in M.215.21
Ah, how Sophia. Part-song. Callcott, J. W.

No. II in M.i39a.i8.3; etc.

Ah, how sweet it is to love. Song. Purcell, H. Beauties of

Purcell. M.221.2

Ahll'honnetehomme. Duet. Meyerbeer. No. 2 in M.390.37: etc.

Ah! laissons pleurer. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 4.

Ah! lead me, genius. Part-song. Haye.?. W. No. 136 in M.215.21
Ah! lo previdi. Aria. Mozart. Werke. Serie 6, Band i.

No. 16 in M.315.1.6.1
Ah! lorsque la mort. Song. Mehul. No. 53 in M.235.18.2

Ah! may the red rose live alway. Song. Foster, S. C.

No. I in M.380.41.1
Ah me! can every rumor. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works. Vol. i.

No. 3 in M.234.ig.i
Ah me! my mistress scorns. Madrigal. Bateson. First set of
madrigals. No. 2 in M.234.22

Ah! me, my wonted joys. Part-song. Weelkes.

No. 1 in M.234.21; etc.
Ah me! what perils dc inviron. Part-song. Travers.

No. 3 in M. 220.9.1
Ah me! where is my true love? Madrigal. Anerio, F.

No. 13 in M. 157. 28.1 ; etc.
Ah! mon seigneur. Duet. Hal^vy, J. F. F. li. No. 6 in M. 157.40
Ah! monsieur, je suis tremblante. Duet. Isou.\rd.

No. 8 in M.157.40
Ah, n'avangons pas davantage. Duct. Sacchini. Le Sacchini
des concerts. M.274.9

Ah! neir alma ancor mi suona. Song. Aspa, M.

No. 2 in M.364.10
Ah no! from the bower. Duet. Kelly. No. 16 in M.237.7

Ah no che il mio contento. Duet. C.\mm.\rano, L.

No. 14 in M.221.20
Ah! no in quell' alma ingenua. Song. Ricci. F.

No. 2 in M. 364.10
Ah no, povero Prence. Aria. Piccini, N. No. 3 in M.120.27
Ah! no, son io. Song. Gluck. No. 6, 7 in M.120.16

Ah! non crede. Song. Bellini. No. 33 in M. 157.39

Ah, non giunge. Aria. Bellini. No. 36 in M. 157.39

Ah! non lasciarmi no. Song. Asioli. No. 2 in M.235.18.1

Ah, non son io che parlo. Aria. Handel. 12 Sopran-Arien.

No. i in M.270./!8
Ah perchi serbai fin' ora. Duet. Manfroce. No. 6 in M.120.26
Ah! perdcna al primo affetto. Duet. Mozart.

No. 40 in M. 235.14

Ah! perfido. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 22. M.413.1.22

Ah, piii tremar non voglio. Aria. Mozart. Werke. Serie 24,

Band I. No. 4 in M.315.1.24.1

Ah, pour moi quelle ivresse. Song. Halevy, J. F. F. £.

No. 9 in
Ah! pour soumettre une fiere coquette. Song. L.\barre.

No. 25 in M.390.37
Ah! se giusto. Part-song. Rossini. No. 16 in m. 157.14

Ah si! Duet. Pacini, G. No. 5 \v. M.221.20

Ah si in ciel, benigne stelle. Aria. Mozart. Werke. Serie 6,
Band 2. No. 38 in M.315. 1.6.2

Ah, spiegarti, oh Dio. Song. Mozart. Werke. Serie 24.

Ah! sure, sweet maid. Part-song. Loder, E. J.

No. 22 in M.335.7.1
Ah! taci ingiusto core. Part-song. Mozart. No. 6 in M.1S7.14


Ah! tu



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