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No. 63 in M.3g2.2i ; etc.
Captive of Spilberg, The. Opera. For the Music see Dussek.
For the Libretto see Hoare.





Captives of Babylon, The. Oratorio. For the Music see Shinn.

For the Libretto see Shepherd, J.
Captivite de Babylone, La. Cantata. For the Music see Ber-
nard, li. For the Libretto see Reed, L.
Captivity, The. Oratorio. For the Music see Vogrich. For

the Libretto see Goldsmith.
Capuletti, I. Duet. Louis, N. No. i8 in M.390.28

Capuletti e Montecchi, ossia Giulietta e Romeo. Opera. For

the Music see Bellini. For the Libretto see Romani, F.
Caput apri defero. Part-song. Pearsall. No. 5 in M. 195.1. 11
Caput ejus aurum optimum. Motet. Palestrina. Werke.

Band 4. M.8o4oa.66.4

Caquet du couvent, Le. Opera. For the Music see Potier. For

the Libretto see Planard.
Cara, che tanto amai. Part-song. ■ Elia. No. 6 in M.120.13

Cara deh! asciuga il pianto. Song. Vaccaj. No. 2 in M.364.10
Cara Italia, amica e bella. Duet. Campana. No. 17 in M.244.9
Cara Lisa. Song. Reissiger. No. 50 in M.235.18.1

Cara! non dubitar. Duet. Cimarosa. No. 45 in M.157.39

Cara sposa. Aria. Handel. 12 Sopran-Arien. No. i in M.270.48
Cara, vale. Elegy. Callcott, J. W. Collection of glees. Vol. 3.

No. 9 in M.234.1.3
Caraccioli, Luigi Maria.

Six Tuscan foll< songs for two voices. Words by Theo. Mar-

zials. Music by Luigi Caracciolo. New York. Schirmer.

fi8()-?] No. I in M.384.20

Contents. — A streamlet full of flowers. — From far away. — When I

am dead. — A flight of clouds. — Oh! happy are the blind. — Nearest

and dearest.

Caractacus. Ballet. Bishop, H. R. No. 3 in M.391.8

Caractacus. Cantata. For the Music see Elgar; also Read, J.

F. H. For the Libretto see Acwrorth; also Stoeks, E. J.
Caracteres, Les, de la folie. Opera. For the Music see Bury.

For the Libretto see Duclos.
Carafa, Michele Enrico Francesco Aloisio Vincenzo Paolo.
Ah! calmons nous. Duo [s. t. Accomp. de piano]. Paris.
Petit. [183-? La prison d'fidimbourg.] No. 1 1 in M.390.37
Ai nostri gemiti. [Duettino, s. t. Accomp. di piano.]
Braunschweig. Meyer. [185-?] No. 17 in M.221.20

Assis dans ma barque. Couplets [t. Accomp. de piano].
Paris. Petit. [183-? La prison d'fidimbourg.]

No. 3, 8 in M.390.37

C'toi, je ne puis rien comprendre! Duo bouffe [t. t.

Accomp. de piano]. Paris. Petit. [183-? La prison

d'Edimbourg.] No. 9 in M.390.37

Chant de la berceuse [s. Accomp. de piano]. Paris. Petit.

[183-? La prison d'fidimbourg.] No. 6 in M. 390.37

Dans notre chaumiere. Ronde [s. Accomp. de piano].

Paris. Petit. [183-? La prison d'fidimbourg.]

No. S in M.390.37
Gabriella di Vergi. Musica del Sig. Michele Caraffa. [Li-
bretto di Profamo. Partitura.] Manuscript. [1816?] 2 v.

Masaniello, ou le pecheur napolitain. Drame historique en
quatre actes de Moreau & Lafortelle. Musique de Michel
Carafa. [Partition d'Jorchestre. Paris. Grus. 1827.

Oh! comme il lui ressemble. Duo [s. s. Accomp. de piano].
Paris. Petit. [183-? La prison d'fidimbourg.]

No. 7 in M.390.37

Ombre che a me d'intorno. Cavatina [s. o. t. Accomp. de

piano]. (In Fleurs d'ltalie. Pp. 52-54.) No. 2 in M.364.10

Pour oublier mes peines. Choeur [s. s. b. b. Accomp. de

piano]. Paris. Petit. [183-? La prison d'Edimbourg.]

No. 10 in M.390.37
La prison d'fidimbourg. Opera comique en 3 actes. Paroles
de MM. Scribe et E. de Planard. Musique de Mr. Carafa.
Partition. Paris. Petit. 1833. M.402a.5

Same. [Partition chant et piano.] Richault. [183-?] M.363.5
La revoke et la guerre. [Air, T. et choeur, s. s. T. t. b. Ac-
comp. de piano.] Paris. Petit. [183-? La prison d'Edim-
bourg.] No. 4 in M.390.37
Le solitaire. Opera en 3 actes [par F. A. E. de Planard],
compose par M. Carafa. [Partition chant et piano.] May-
ence. Schott. [1822.] M.230.37

Carafa, Michele Enrico F. A. V. P. (Continued.)

Le valet de chambre. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles de
Scribe et Melesville [pseud.]. Musique de M«' Carafa.
Partition piano et chant arrangee par Paul Bernard. Paris.
Lemoine. [184-?] No. 3 in M.275.16

La violette. [Opera en 3 actes.] Paroles de Planard. Mu-
sique de Carafa. [Partition chant et piano.] Paris. Leduc.
[183-?] 12 parts in i v. No. i in M.291.24

Same. Das Veilchen. Oper in 3 Aufzugen [von F. A. E. de
Planard]. Musik von M. Caraffa. Clavierauszug mit
franzosischem Text, und freyer deutscher Bearbeitung
von Th. von Haupt. Mainz. Schott. [183-?] M.281.27
Caraffa, Michele Enrico. See Carafa, Michele Enrico Fran-
cesco Aloisio Vincenzo Paolo.
Caravan, The. Part-song. Pinsuti. No. 29 in M.195.1.S; etc.

Caravan, The, or the driver & his dog. Opera. For the Music

see Reeve. For the Libretto see Reynolds, F.
Caravane, La, du Caire. Opera. For the Music see Gretry,

A. E. M. For the Libretto see Morel de Chedeville.
Caravita, Giuseppe.

II trionfo di Rosselane, ossia le tre sultane. A semi-serious
opera. Music by V. Pucitta. London. Brettell. 181 1.

No. 6 in M.io9a.i.i; No. 8 in M.147.7
Words only, in Italian and English.

Carcano, Raffaelle.

Vespro a 3 voci, T. T. B., con accomp. d'organo. Torino.
Blanchi. [185-?] No. 2 in M.222.25

Carcassonne, Adolphe.

Le jugement de Dieu. Opera. Musique de Auguste Morel.

Cardiff, Wales.
Johnstone, W. H. S. History of the first Cardiff Festival,
1892. Revised by W. A. Morgan. London. [1892. Por-
traits. Facsimiles. M.370.18
Cardillac. Opera. For the Music see Dautresme. For the

Libretto see Truinet.
Care selve, aure grate. Song. Handel. Werke. Lieferung
50. M.313.1.SO

Care, thou canker. Part-song. Garth, J.

No. 23 in M.141.21.1; etc.
Careless of love. Part-song. Lawes, H. No. 36 in M.iii.4.3
Caressante, La. Orchestral music. Sokolov. No. 3 in M.412.11
Carey, Henry.

Curst be the wretch. Catch a 3 voci. (In Bland. The Ladies'
collection. Vol. i. p. 45.) No. 70 in M.235.17.1

Also to be found in dementi's Collection of catches; The Harmonist;
Social harmony.

[The dragon of Wantley.] Songs and duettos in the bur-
lesque opera, called The dragon of Wantley. Composed
by Mr. John Frederick Lampe. M.402.75

He comes, the hero comes. [Duet, t. b.] (In Social har-
mony. P. 219.) No. 182 in M.215.21

In these groves of content. Glee [t. t. b.]. (In Apollonian
harmony. Vol. 2, pp. 44, 45.) No. 36 in M.141.21.2

Also to be found in Social harmony.

Love's a gentle, gen'rous passion. Duett [t. b.]. (In Bland.
The Ladies' collection. Vol. i, pp. 90, 91.)

No. 141 in M.235.17.1
Sally in our alley. Ballad [t. Accomp. for pianoforte]. (In
Musical library. Vol. 2, pp. 14-16.) No. 5 in M.235.18.2


Grand-Carteret, J. Richard Wagner en caricatures. Paris.

[1891.] Illus. Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles. M. 144.13

Warren, H. Notes upon notes, with cuts upon copper and

music. London. 1832. Colored plates. M.i29a.8

Carignani, Carlo, editor.

Catalani, Alfredo. La Wally. M.389.56

Carillon, Le. Opera. For the Music see Urich. For the Li-
bretto see Mery, J.
Carillon, Le. Pantomime. Massenet. No. 3 in M.384.3

Carillonneur, Le, de Bruges. Opera. For the Music see Grisar.

For the Libretto see Saint Georges.
Carin, Peter.

Rose-Mousse, piece de Andre Alexandre et Peter Carin.
Musique de Charles Lecocq. No. 2 in M.39g.3i





Carissan, Celanie.

Rebecca. Oratorio ou idylle sacree en huit scenes, pour or-

chestre, choeurs et soli. Poeme de E. de Nassirac [pseud.].

Musique de C. Carissan. Partition piano et chant. Paris.

Enoch & Costallat. 1893. Portrait. No. 2 in M.213.21

Carissan, E.

Rebecca. Oratorio ou idylle sacree. Musique de C. Caris-
san. No. 2 in M.213.21
Carissimi, Giacomo.

Ardens est cor meum. Motetto. [Mit Orgel-Begleitung.]

(In Rochlitz. Sammlung vorziiglicher Gesangstiicke.

Band 2, pp. 9-12.) No. 3 in M.202.6.2

Dite, O cieli. Duet[T. B.]. (/n Apollonian harmony. Vol. 2,

pp. 30, 31.) No. 23 in M.141.21.2

Also to be found in Social harmony.

Dulce Te. Solo [t.] e duetto [s. t. Accomp. for organ],
(/n Novello. The Fitzwilliam music. Vol. 4, pp. 8, 9.)

No. 2 in M.233.26.4

Gaudeamus omnes (a 4 voci e coro). (/n Novello. The Fitz-
william music. Vol. I, pp. 35-41.) No. 7 in M.233.26.1

I am well pleased. Trio [s. s. b. Accomp. for organ]. (In
Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. 2, pp. 144-146.)

No. 54 in M. 290.22.2

[Jephta.] Aus dem Oratorio Jephta. [Chore, s. s. s. a. t. b.,
und Recitativ, t., s., mit Orgel-Begleitung.] (/» Rochlitz.
Sammlung vorziiglicher Gesangstiicke. Band 2, pp. 15-
23.) No. 5 in M.202.6.2

Magnificat. Solo. [Accomp. de piano ou d'orgue.] (In
fichos du monde religieux. Pp. 161-164.) M. 156.52

My soul truly waiteth. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] (In
Pratt. Collection of anthems. Vol. i, pp. 74-90.)

No. 8 in M.233.18.1

O felix anima. A 4 voix. [Accomp. de piano ou d'orgue.]
(In £chos du monde religieux. Pp. 104, 105.) M.156.52

O felix anima. Trio [a. t. b. Accomp. for organ]. (In No-
vello. The Fitzwilliam music. Vol. S, p. 26.)

No. 5 in M.233.26.5

O Lord, in Thee. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] (In
Pratt. Collection of anthems. Vol. 2, pp. 33-41-)

No. 4 in M.233.18.2

O Sacrum Convivium. Motette [s. A. T.]. (In Rochlitz.
Sammlung vorziiglicher Gesangstiicke. Band 2, pp. 13,
14.) No. 4 in M.202.6.2

The oratorios of Carissimi. Edited by F. Chrysander.
Vol. I. [Bergedorf? Weissenborn? 187-?]

No. I in M. 153. 10

Contents. — I. Jephte. — Judicium Salomonis. — Jonas. — Ealtazar.

Six cantatas. Edited, and accomps. [for pianoforte] written
by Ridley Prentice. London. Cock. [1877.]

No. 2 in M.391.35

Contents. — A morire [solo, M.-s.]. — Deh contentatevi [solo, s. or
T.]. — Filli, non t'amo piu [solo, s. or T.]. — No, no, mio core [solo,
s. or T.]. — Exulta, gaude [duet, s. s.]. — Anima mea [duet, m.-s. b.].

Surgamus, eamus. Trio, A. T. B. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Novello. The Fitzwilliam music. Vol. i, pp. 12-17.)

No. 2 in M.233.26.1
Turbabantur impii. [Einleitendes freies Recitativ, t., und
Schlusssatz, a. t. b., der Cantate: Klagen der Verlorenen.
Mit Orgel-Begleitung.] (In Rochlitz. Sammlung vor-
ziiglicher Gesangstiicke. Band 2, pp. 5-8.) No. 2 in M.202.6.2
Carle, Richard.

The maid and the mummy. A musical farce. Music by

Robt. Hood Bowers. No. 2 in M.399.15

The Mayor of Tokio. A musical comedy. Music by Wm.

Frederick Peters. M.396.72

The storks. A musical fantasy. [Book by Richard Carle

and Guy F. Steely.] Music by Frederic Chapin. M.381.8

Carline. Opera. For the Music see Thomas, C. L. A. For the

Libretto see Ribbing.
Carlini, Oreste.

Di soUevarmi al soglio. Duetto [s. a.] . . . Con accomp. di
pianoforte. Napoli. Girard. [184-?] No. 13 in M.221.20

From Solimano Secondo.

Carlisle wall. Ballad. Porter, P. W. A collection of melo-
dies. No. 2 in M.236.21

Carlo Magno. Opera. For the Music see Torriani. For the

Libretto see Cressoni.
Carlo Rosa. Opera. For the Music see EUerton.
Carlotta-Grisi, La. Waltz. For piano. Four hands. Herz. H.

No. I in M.390.8
Same. For violin and piano. No. 8 in M.390.10

Carmagnole, La [a. ou bar. Accomp. de piano]. (In Pierre,
C. V. D. Musique des fetes et ceremonies de la Revolu-
tion frangaise ... P. 481.) M.380.14
Carmagnole, La. Opera. For the Music see Barbier, F. £;
also Fauchey. For the Libretto see Pericaud; also Le-
maire, J.
Carman, L N.

Camillus, the Roman conqueror. A dramatic cantata. Music
by B. F. Baker. M.384.13

Carman, Marius.

Les bicyclistes en voyage. Operette en 3 actes de H. Chivot
& H. Blondeau. Musique de Marius Carman. Partition
piano et chant. Paris. Choudens. 1894. M.303.20

Jean Raisin. Operette en 3 actes de Paul Burani [pseud.].
Musique de Marius Carman. [Partition chant et piano.]
Paris. Biardot. 1893. M.303.21

Le mariage au Yatagan. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles
de Marc Sonal [pseud.]. Musique de Marius Carman.
[Partition piano et chant.] Paris. Grus. [188-?]

No. I in M.399.12
La servante de Ramponneau. Opera-comique en 2 actes.
Paroles de Achille Rodembourg. Musique de Marius Car-
man. [Partition piano et chant.] Paris. Leduc. 1886.

No. I in M.275.29
Carmelite, La. Opera. For the Music see Hahn, R. For the

Libretto see Mendes.
Carmen. Opera. For the Music see Bizet. For the Libretto

see Meilhac.
Carmen saeculare. Cantata. For the Music see Danican; also
Stanford. For the Libretto see Horatius Flaccus; also
Carmichael, Mary.
The frozen heart, or the snow queen, an operetta adapted
from Hans Andersen, by M. C. Gillington, music by Mary
Carmichael. Vocal score [with pianoforte accomp.].

London. Williams. [190-?

No. 2 in M. 397.62

Carmina sacra. Church music. Mason, L., compiler. M.100.2S
Carminati, Giovanni Paolo, translator.

Zajc. Nikola Subic Zrinjski. M.294.30

Carmosinella. Opera. For the Music see Hollaender, V. For

the Libretto see Hirschson.
Carmouche, Pierre Franqois Adolphe.

La chaste Suzanne. Opera de genre. Paroles de Carmouche
et de Courcy. Musique de Hipp. Monpou. M.267.9

La permission de dix heures. Opera comique. Paroles de
Melesville [pseud.] et Carmouche. Musique de J. Offen-
bach. No. I in M.302.I4
Same. Urlaub nach dem Zapfenstreich. Komische Operette
[von A. H. J. Duveyrier und Carmouche]. Musik von J.
Offenbach. No. 3 in M.267.34
[Le proscrit, ou le tribunal invisible. Drame lyrique de
Carmouche et X. Saintine. Musique d' Adolphe Adam.]
The title-page is lacking. M.2SI.9
Carnaby, William.

A grace. [Catch for 3 voices.] (In Hague. A Second col-
lection of glees. P. 73-) No. 5 in M.340.15
Sanctus. [s. a. t. b. b. Accomp. for organ.] (In Ayrton.
Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. i, pp. 116-119.) No. 42 in M.290.22.1

Carnall, Arthur.

Come live with me. A madrigal for a. t. b. b. (In The
Orpheus. New series. Vol. 6, pp. 15-20.) No. 4 in M.205.10.6
Hail! Thou that are highly favoured. Anthem for Christ-
mas. [Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of
anthems. Vol. 16, pp. 65-75-) No. 8 in M.195.2.16

Carnaval de Venise, Le. Opera. For the Music see Thomas,

C. L. A. For the Libretto see Sauvage, T. M. F.
Carnaval de Venise, Le. For violin. Ernst, Heinrich W.

No. S in M.406.6





Carnaval ouverture. Overture. Glazunov. No. 2 in M.341.21
Carnaval romain, Le. Overture. Berlioz, L. H.

No. 2 in M.341.21
Carnet d'un tenor, Le. Autobiography. Roger, G. H. M.118.4
Carnet du diable, Le. Opera. For the Music see Serpette.

For the Libretto see Blum, E.
Carneval. Overture. Dvorak. No. 2 in M.344.38

Carnaval in Paris. For orchestra. Svendsen. No. i in M.312.6
Carneval in Rom, Der. Opera. For the Music see Strauss, J.

182,^-1899. For the Libretto see Braun, J.
Carneval Scene, Fine. For orchestra. Bird, A. No. i in M.410.11
Carneval von Venedig, Der. Part-song. Genee.

No. 17 in M.392.33; etc.
Carnevale di Venezia, II. Opera. For the Music see Petrella.

For the Libretto see Arienzo.
Carnival at Naples, The. Opera. For the Music see Barnett,

Caro, Paul.

Hero und Leander. Oper in 3 Aufziigen (und S Abtheilun-

Ren). Te,\t nach Grillparzer's Tragodie „Des Meeres und

der Liebe Wellen." Musik von Paul Caro. Clavier-Aus-

zug mit Text. Leipzig. Robitschek. [189-?] M.382.6

Caro e morto, II. Part-song. Palestrina. Werke. Band 30.

Caro amor mio. Song. Gordigiani. fichos de la Toscane.

Vol. 2. No. 8 in M.244.13.2

Caro autor di mia doglia. Duet. Handel. Werke. Lieferung

-^2. M.313.I.32

Caro beir idol mio. Canon. Mozart. Serie 7, Band 2.

No. 61 in M.315.1.7.2

Caro! bella! Duet. Handel. No. ii in M.235.18.3

Caro Enea dove son? Part-song. Andreozzi. No. 7 in M.120.13

Caro mea. Anthem. Baini, L. No. 2 in M.260.19

Martini, G. B. No. 21 in M.260.3

Palestrina. Werke. Band 3, 6. M.8o4oa.66.3, 6

Caro mio Druck und Schluck. Quartet. Mozart. Werke.

Serie 24, Band i. No. 4 in M.3is.i.24.i

Caro sposo. Song. Alberti, D. No. 6 in M.i20.i7; etc.

Caro vieni. Catch. Hayes, W. Catches, glees and canons.

Vol. I. No. I in M.220.S

Carol! Christians! Carol. Warren, G. W. No. 6 in M.190.9

Carol round the fireside, A. Part-song. Gabriel, M. A. V.

No. 20 in M.157.23
Carolme, William.
Althea. A romantic comic opera. Libretto by Wm. Caro-
line and John J. Flynn. Music by R. S. Poppen. M.381.33
Caroline, La. Rondo. Hoberecht. No ; in m 2^7 ?

Carolus, Edouard.

Antoinette au Coeur d'or. Operette. Musique de L Gob-

^^^'^'■t?- . No. 4 in M.256.12

t,arpani, Giuseppe.

Cammilla. A tragic-comic opera. London. Winchester.

U^^-1 , • T ,• , r- No. I in M.ioga.1.2

Words only, m Italian and English.

Same. La Cammilla, o sia il sotterraneo. [Opera.] Musica
del Sig. Ferdinando Per. M.S0.5

Same. Camilla. Opera di Ferdin. Par. M.IS2.16

Same. Mit deutsch und italienischem Te.xte. M.330.15

Le Haydine, ovvero lettere su la vita e le opere del maestro
Giuseppe Haydn. Milano. Buccinelli. 1812. Portrait,
c. P'^tes M.145.28

Same. Letters on Haydn. {In Beyle. Life of Haydn .

Pp. I-33I. London. 1817.) M.116.1

L'uniforme. Dramma eroi-comico. Musica di G. Weigh

Same. [Die Uniform. Grosse militairische Oper ] Musik
von Weigl. M.340.19

Carpenter, Benjamin.

Man in the moon's ball. [Glee, t, t. b. b. Accomp. for piano-

forte.] Boston. Russell. [1887.] No. 57 in 1^.392.3

Carpenter, John Alden.

The flying Dutchmen. '97 Hasty Pudding play. Music by

J. A. Carpenter. Words by M. E. Stone, Jr. Lyrics by

H. T. Nichols. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Boston Ste-

vens Co. 1897. No. i in M.39I.36

Carpenter, MilHe W., editor.

Ritter, F. R. Lyre, pen and pencil. M.373 50

Carpet weaver. The. Song. Storage. No. 32 in M.237.7


No. 20 in M.391.S7

Carpintero, El. Song. Yradier.
Carr, Benjamin.

Gloria in excelsis. Chorus. [Accomp. for organ.] {In
Handel and Haydn Society Collection of sacred music.
Vol. 2, pp. 77-82.) No. 13 in M.221.22.2

Carr, Frank Osmond.

Blue eyed Susan. Comic opera, written by Geo. R. Sims &
Henry Pettitt, music by F. Osmond Carr. Vocal score.
London. Ascherberg & Co. 1892. M.245.1

Go bang, a musical farcical comedy in two acts. By Adrian
Ross [pseud.]. Music by F. Osmond Carr. Vocal score
[with piano accompaniment]. London. Williams. [1894.]

No. I in M.381.7
His Excellency. A comic opera in 2 acts. Written by W. S.
Gilbert. Composed by F. Osmond Carr. Vocal score.
London. J. Williams. [1894.] M.39S.11

If ye then be risen. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Bos-
ton. Schmidt. [1892.] No. 29 in M. 158.14
In town: a musical farce. By Adrian Ross [pseud.] and
James Leader. Music by F. Osmond Carr. Vocal score.
London. Williams. [1892.] M.393.9
Joan of Arc, or the merry maid of Orleans. Opera bur-
lesque. Written by J. L. Shine & Adrian Ross [pseud.],
music by F. Osmond Carr. Vocal score. London. As-
cherberg & Co. [1891.] No. 2 in M.328.3
Lord Tom Noddy. A musical comedy in two acts. Written
by George Dance. Composed by F. Osmond Carr Vocal
score [with piano accomp.]. London. Ascherberg & Co.
1896. No. 2 in M.397.8
Morocco bound. A musical farcical comedy, in two acts.
Libretto by Arthur Branscombe. Lyrics by Adrian Ross
[pseud.]. Vocal score. London. Williams. [1893.]

Carr, Joseph William Comyns.

The beauty stone. An original musical drama. By Arthur
W. Pinero, J. Comyns Carr, and Arthur Sullivan. M.394.48
Carraud, Gaston.

Cleopatre, scene lyrique [s. T. B.], de Fernand Beissier.
Musique de G. Carraud. [Accomp. de piano.] Paris.
Hartmann & c'^. [1891?] Illus. No. i in M. 154.44

Les nuits. Symphonie avec soli [s. T.] et choeurs [de voix de
femmes] d'apres les "Nuits" d'Alfred de Musset. Musique
de Gaston Carraud. Partition, chant & piano.

No. I in M.203.36
Carre, Albert.

L'Amour en livree. Operette. Paroles de Albert Carre &

Paul Meyan. Musique de Georges Street. No. i in M.393.65

La basoche. Opera-comique. Musique de Andre Messager.

M.225.ig; etc.
Les beignets du roi. Opera-comique. Musique de Firmin
Bernicat. M.26S.12

Miss Robinson. Operette. Musique de fimile Jonas.

No. 2 in M.286.24
La montagne enchantee. Piece fantastique de A. Carre et
E. Moreau. Musique de A. Messager & X. Leroux. M.402.40
Les premieres armes de Louis XV. Opera-comique. Mu-
sique de Firmin Bernicat. M.265.13
La reine Mozab. Opera-comique. Musique de J. Duprato.

No. 4 in M.305.23
Carre, Auguste.

Lanterne magigue! I ! Operette. Musique de Louis Deffes.

No. 3 in M.302.16
La meuniere Sans-Souci. Operette. Musique de M. Ernest
Boulanger. No. 7 in M.301.2

Carre, Emile.

Un vovageur en chambre. Operette. Paroles de Leon
Quentin & fimile Carre. Musique de Victor Robillard.

No. 2 in M.383.31
Carre, Fabrice.

Les delegues. Vaudeville de fimile Blavet & Fabrire Carre.

Musique de A. Banes. No. 2 in M.25.';.33

L'enlevement de La Toledad. Operette. Musique de Ed-

mond Audran. No. 2 in M.303.17

La femme de Narcisse. Operette. Musique de Louis Varney.

No. 2 in M.325.4




Carre, Fabrice. (Continued.)
Josephine vendue par ses sceurs. Opera-bouffe, de Paul
Ferrier & Fabrice Carre. Musique de Victor Roger.


Mam'zelle Carabin. Operette. Musique de M. Emile Pes-

sard. No. i in M. 287.14

Monsieur Loliengrin. Operette. Musique de Edmond Au-

dran. No. i in M.395.64

Le retour d'Ulysse. Opera bouffe. Musique de Raoul

Pugno. M.297.20

La vocation de Marius. Vaudeville-operette, de Fabrice

Carre & Albert Debelly. Musique de Raoul Pugno.

No. 2 in M.2g7.2i; etc.

Carre, Michel.

La belle au bois dormant. Feerie lyrique. Poeme de Michel
Carre et Paul Collin. Musique de Ch. Silver. M.381.41

Bouton d'or. Fantaisie lyrique. Musique de Gabriel Pierne.

No. I in M. 287. 18

Le cadi. Opera-comique. Paroles de Michel Carre & E.
Dubreuil. Musique de Leon Vercken. No. 2 in M.32S.31

La captive. Opera posthume. Musique de Felicien David.


Le chateau Trompette. Opera comique de Cormon fpseud.]
& M. Carre. Musique de F. A. Gevaert. M.256.35

Le chevalier Lubin. Opera-comique de Victor Perrot et
Michel Carre. Musique de A. Boieldieu. No. 2 in M.265.29

Le chevrier. Opera comique de MM. C. Narrey & M. Carre,
fils. Musique de Ch. Lecocq. M.383.62

Chez I'editeur. Saynete de moeurs musicales. Musique de
Edmond Missa. No. 2 in M.389.12

Le clos. Opera-comique. Musique de Ch. Silver. M. 389.18

Le colin-maillard. Opera-comique de Michel Carre et Jules
Verne. Mis en musique par Aristide Hignard. M.366.12

La colombe. Opera comique de J. Barbier et M. Carre, mu-
sique de Ch. Gounod. M.365.15

Le diable au moulin. Opera-comique de Cormon [pseud.]
& M. Carre. Musique de F. A. Gevaert. No. 2 in M.2S6.34

Dinah. Comedie lyrique par Michel Carre & Paul de Chou-
dens. Musique de Edmond Missa. No. 2 in M.257.16

Dinorah, ossia il pellegrinaggio di Ploermel. Opera semi
seria [di Barbier e Carre]. Musica di G. Meyerbeer. Pa-
roles italiennes et allemandes. M.367.23

Same. [Incomplete. With Italian and English words.]

No. 56 in M. 157.1

Same. Le pardon de Ploermel. Opera comique de Jules
Barbier et Michel Carre. Musique . . . par Giacomo
Meyerbeer. M.226.ii;etc.

Don Mucarade. Opera-bouffe de Michel Carre et Jules Bar-
bier. Musique de Ernest Boulanger. No. I in M.27S.2

L'eventail. Opera comique de Carre et Barbier. Musique
de E. Boulanger. No. 2 in 11.275.2

Faust, opera in five acts, by Barbier and Carre, the music by
Ch. Gounod. The English version imitated from the
French by H. F. Chorley. London. Chappell & Co. [1864.]
Words only. No. 6 in M.373.44

Same. Opera de Jules Barbier & Michel Carre, musique de
Ch. Gounod. 2e edition, avec les recitatifs. M. 365. 16

Same. Traduzione italiana. M.365.17

Fior d'Aliza. Opera par Carre & H. Lucas. Musique de
Victor Masse. M.367.4

Les fourberies de Marinette. Opera bouffe de Michel Carre
et Paul de Chazot. Musique de Jules Creste.

No. 4 in M.285.28

Francoise de Rimini. Opera de Jules Barbier et Michel
Carre. Musique de Ambroise Thomas. M.324.14

Galathee. Opera comique de Jules Barbier et Michel Carre,
musique de Victor Masse. No. i in M.247.28

Gil-Bias. Opera de Jules Barbier et Michel Carre. Musique
de Th. Semet. M.322.14

La guzla de I'emir. Opera-comique de Jules Barbier et
Michel Carre. Musique de Th. Dubois. M.305.16

Hamlet. Opera de Michel Carre et Jules Barbier. Musique
de Ambroise Thomas. M.327.1S

Lalla-Roukh. Opera comique de MM. Michel Carre et
Hipp. Lucas. Musique de Felicien David. M.401.7; etc.

Lara. Opera comique de MM. Cormon [pseud.] & Michel
Carre. Musique de Aime Maillart. 11.347,10

Carre, Michel. (Continued.)

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