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corap. for organ.]

O Thou, to whose all searching sight. [Solo, a., duet,

A. T., solo, s., and chorus from Tannhauser. Accomp. for
organ.] No. 17 in M.190.1

Waley. "The Lord is my shepherd," sacred song, . . .
[bar. Accomp. for pianoforte.] No. 12 in M.3S0.18

Walmisley, T. a. Te Deum, Jubilate & Sanctus, in C.
[Accomp. for organ.] No. 27 in M.igo.S; etc.

Walmisley, T. A., editor. Cathedral music . . . M.233.16

Walmisley, T. F. Te Deum & Jubilate. [Accomp. for
organ.] No. 28 in M.igo.S

Walter, W. H. "O how amiable." Quartett-anthem. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] No. 29 in M.igo.S

Walther, J. Wittembergisch geistlich Gesangbuch von
1524, zu drei, vier und fiinf Stimmen. Neue Partitur-Aus-
gabe nebst Klavierauszug. M.400.3.7

Wanning. Bloemlezing uit de 52 sententiae. Zangstemmen.

No. I in M.415.8

Warren, G. W. As pants the hart. Psalm for four voices
(with s. solo). [Accomp. for organ.] No. 3 in M.igo.g

Christ the Lord is risen today. Easter hymn. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] No. 4 in M.igo.g

No. S in M.158.23
[Trio, a. t. b. Ac-
No. 25 in M.igo.S


Church music


Church music

Church music. Anthems, &c. (Continued.)
Warren, G. W. O praise ye the Lord. Psalm. [Accomp.
for piano.] No. 2 in M.igo.g

Rock of ages. Hymn. [Accomp. for piano.]

No. II in M.290.9.1

Save, Lord, or we perish. Hymn. [Accomp. for

organ.] No. 7 in M.igo.g

Te Deum laudamus. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. I in M.igo.g

Warren, John C. Jerusalem the Golden. Hymn anthem

with T. solo. [Accomp. for organ.] No. i in M.203.25

Jubilate Deo, in B flat. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 22 in M.158.20

Te Deum, in B flat. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 21 in M.158.20

Warren, Joseph. Agnus Dei, soprano solo [and chorus]

from [his] Third mass, in A . . . With an accomp. for

the organ or pianoforte.

No. 14 in M.260.10.1

Benedic, Domine, offertorium for s. t. b. [Accomp.

No. 12 in M.260.10.1

Solo [b.] and chorus.

No. 13 in M.260.10.1

for organ,]

O Maria sine macula concepta!

[Accomp. for organ.]

Watson, W. M. "Come near, ye nations." Anthem for
Christmas. [Accomp. for organ.] No. 27 in M.158.20

"Hear, O Lord." [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 26 in M.158.20

O worship the Lord. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 29 in M.158.20

"Praise the Lord, O my soul." Harvest anthem.

[Accomp. for organ.] No. 28 in M.158.20

Webbe, S. Eight anthems, in vocal score. With a separate
accomp. for the organ. No. i in M.234.7

From everlasting. Canon [3 in i]. No. 197 in M.220.9.1

Glory be to the Father. Canon [4 in 2].

No. 144 in M.220.g.2; etc.

Haec dies. [Motet, s. t. b. Accomp. for organ.]

No. 13 in M.260.3; etc.

I will magnify Thee. Canon [3 in i].

No. 211 in M.220.9.1

The Lord's Prayer, an anthem for 3 voices [s. s. b.],

also adapted for one voice, with an accomp. for the organ
or piano forte. No. 9 in M.236.16

Regina coeli. [Motet. Accomp. for organ.]

No. II in M.260.3; etc.

Tantum ergo. [Motet, s. t. b. Accomp. for organ.]

No. 10 in M.260.3; etc.

Twelve anthems, in vocal score . . . With a separate

accomp. for the organ. No. 2 in M.234.7

Vidi aquam. [Motet, s. t. b. Accomp. for organ.]

No. 12 in M.260.3
Webbe, S., editor. A collection of motetts or antiphons. for
one, two, three, or four voices, or chorus, with a separate
accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte.

No. I in M.110.16
Weckerlin. Ave Maria, a i voix [s. ou t. Accomp. d'orgue].

No. 12 in M.201.36

Weiss, W. H. O Salutaris Hostia. b. Solo. [Accomp. for

organ.] No. 19 in M.260.10.2

Weldon, J. O praise God in His holiness. Full anthem.

Organ accomp. No. 24 in M.190.5; etc.

O praise the Lord. Full anthem. Organ accomp.

No. 25 in M.igo.5; etc.

Wels. Commit thy way unto the Lord. Quartet. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] No. 8 in M.igo.g

Wermann. Selig sind die Todten. Kleine Motette fiir s. a.
BAR. No. 33 in M.158.20

Werner, A. O Spouse mi. Morning star. Duet, s. t. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] No. 13 in M.201.36

Werner, A., compiler. The Cantate: a collection of masses,
Te Deums [etc.], and a selection of pieces for Advent,
Christmas, etc., comprising the services of the Catholic
Church. Vol. I. M.110.9

Wesch£. "Lord, remember David." [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 34 in M.158.20

Church music. Antlicms, S-c. (Continued.)
Wesley, S. Exultate Deo. Motett for five voices [s. s. a.
T. B.]. The voice parts in score, organ or piano forte
accomp. No. i in M. 192.20

In exitu Israel. Motett for double choir. The voice

parts in score, organ or piano forte accomp.

No. 2 in M.ig2.2o; etc.
Wesley, S. S. Anthems. Vol. i. M.233.22

. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel. Anthem for

Christmas. [Accomp. for organ.] No. 35 in M.158.20

Glory be to God on high. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. II in M.igo.g; etc.

O Lord my God. Full anthem for four voices. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] No. 12 in M.igo.g; etc.

Sacred songs. The collects for the first three Sun-

daj-s in Advent. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]

No. 19 in M.290.14

Te Deum. Jubilate, Magnificat, Nunc dimittis. A

chant service [in F. With organ accomp.].

No. 12 in M.236.22

The wilderness, and the solitary place. [Accomp. for

organ and pianoforte.] No. 10 in M.igo.g; etc.

Westbrook. "Let them give thanks." [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 36 in M.158.20
White, C. A. Father, in mercy. [Prayer, t. t. b. b. Ac-
comp. for pianoforte, ad lib.] No. 10 in M.203.22

Rejoice in the Lamb. [Sacred quartet. Accomp, for

organ.] No. 38 in M.158.20

Suffer little children. [Sacred quartet. Accomp. for

organ.] No. 37 in M.158.20

Whiting. Antiphonal music. Psalm XXIV. Vocal and
piano score. [Anon.] No. S in M.154.19

Hymn for Easter. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 40 in M.158.20
Whitney, .\gnus Dei [in F. Accomp. for organ].

No. 43 in M.158.20

Deus misereatur in Eb. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 13 in M.igo.g

Magnificat, in E flat. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 42 in M.158.20
Whittington, .\nd the city had no need of the sun. [.A.c-

comp. for organ.] No. 45 in M.158.20

Wiedemann. Te Deum, fiir 4 Solostimmen und gemischten

Chor mit Klavierbegleitung. No. 5 in M.221.1

Wiegand. Bow down and hear me. Quartet for mixed

voices. [Accomp. for organ.]
WiLLCox. Salve Regina. Solo for t.


Tantum ergo. Duo for t. and b.

for organ.]

Wilson, H. Jesus, Saviour of my

Shout the glad tidings. Christmas anthem. [Accomp.

for organ.] No. 23 in M.igo.g

Te Deum laudamus, in A. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 17 in M.igo.g

Same. A new Te Deum laudamus, with an accomp.

for organ. No. 18 in M.190.9

Te Deum in Bb. Antiphonal in form of chant. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] No. 16 in M.igo.g

Winter, P. von. Domus Israel speravit in Domino: Offer-
torium fiir s. A. T. B., 2 Violinen, Viola, 2 Oboen. 2 Trom-
peten, Pauken, Contrabass und Orgel. [Partitur.]

No. II in M.201.32

Hear my prayer, O Lord, adapted . . . for voices

only, with accomp. ad lib. No. 19 in M.2go.g.i; etc.

O Jesu dulcis. Quartetto. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 22 in M.260.10.2; etc.
Winterbottom. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace. Quar-

tett. [Accomp. for organ.] No. 21 in M.2go.g.i

Witt. Salve Regina [t. t. b. b.]. No. 3 in M.222.41

Woeltge. Easter anthem for quartet choir with [t.] solo.

[Accomp. for organ.] No. 25 in M.igo.9

Second Christmas anthem. [When Jesus was born.]

For solo [s. A. T. B.] & quartett (or chorus) choir. [.A.c-
comp. for organ.] No. 26 in M.igo.9

No. 14 in M.igo.g
or s. [Accomp. for
No. 2 in M.260.10.2
or s. & A. [.Accomp.
No. 28 in M.260.10.2
soul, [Accomp. for
No. 7 in M.2go.g.i ; etc.

I 34


Church music


Church music

— Ave Regina.
Op. S3-

— Ave Varum,
ad libitum.] Op.

libitum.] Op. 39, no. 2.^

— Pater Noster. [A

d'orgue.] Op. 60.

Church music. Anthems, &c. (Continued.)

Wolf, J. F. O Salutaris. [s. a. t. b.] Accomp. for the organ.

No. 4 in M.260.10.6
Wood, A. H. Jubilate Deo, in Bb. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 27 in M.igo.g

Praise the Lord (Benedic anima). Anthem with bar.

solo. [Accomp. for organ.] No. 28 in M.igo.g

Woodward, H. H. The radiant morn hath passed away.
Anthem for evensong. [Accomp. for organ.]

No. 49 in M. 158.20
WouTERS. Ave maris stella. Solo de bar. (ou t.) et choeur
a trois voix egales avec accomp. d'orgue. Op. 9.

No. 14 in M.201.36
[A 3 ou a 4 voix, avec accomp. d'orgue.]
No. 24 in M.201.36
[Choral a 4 voix, avec accomp. d'orgue
39, no. I. No. 21 in M.201.36

- Domine, Dominus noster. [Graduale, s. s. t. e., avec
accomp. d'orgue ad libitum.] Op. 27 [no. i].

No. 17 in M.201.36

Hymne a St« Cecile. [A quatre voix avec accomp.

d'orgue.] Op. 26. No. 16 in M.201.36

Juravit Dominus. [Offertorium, s. s. t. b., cum or-

gano.] Op. 27 [no. 2]. No. 18 in M.201.36

O Salutaris. [A 4 voix avec accomp. d'orgue, ad

No. 22 in M.201.36

3 voix egales, avec accomp.
No. 25 in M.201.36

Pie Jesu. [Solo de m.-s. et choeur, s. s. x. x. b., avec

accomp. de 2 cors, 2 trompettes, 3 trombones, timballes,
grosse caisse et cymballes, violoncelles, contre-basses et
orgue, ad lib. Partition.] Op. 36. No. 20 in M.201.36

Sancta Maria. [A 4 voix, avec accomp. d'orgue ad

libitum.] Op. 41. No. 23 in M.201.36

[Tantum ergo.] Benediction chorale. [Orgue ad

libitum.] Op. 10. No. 15 in M.201.36

Veni, Sponsa Christi. [Graduale. s. solo, x. x. b. b.]

Op. 32. No. 19 in M.201.36

WuELLNER. Deus, tu couvertens. Offertorium [s. a. x. b.].

No. 12 in M.ig4.2i

Diffusa est gratia. Offertorium [s. a. t. b.].

No. 13 in M.ig4.2i

Drei Motetten fiir vierstimmigen Chor.

No. 25 in M. 158.21

Der erste Psalm fiir vierstimmigen Chor a capella.

No. 23 in M.IS8.21

Qui sedes, Domine. Offertorium [s. s. a. a. i. x. b. b.].

No. 14 in M.ig4.2i

Yaxes. Jesu mi, a solo [s or t.], with an accomp. for the
organ or pianoforte. No. 19 in M.260.10.1

Zeuner, M. 82 geistliche Kirchenlieder zu fiinf Stimmen.
Niirnberg 1616. M.400.17

Zingarelli. Laudate, solo for a x. voice with chorus, . . .
arranged with an accomp. for the organ or pianoforte . . .

No. 5 in M.260.2; etc.

Zucchini. Ave Maria e Angeli Dei. Preghiere a 2 s. e con-
tralto con accomp. di violini, viola, violoncello e basso, e
riduzione per pianoforte. [Partitura.] No. 5 in M.260.22
Church music. Bibliography.

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Church music


Church music

Church music. History and criticism. (Continued.)

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