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and moral songs with music. M.103.11

Dorr. Music for the church service. [Anon.] M.101.14

Dunham. Hymn music for the use of quartette or chorus

Church music. Psalmody. (Continued.)

choirs. No. 18 in M. 154.19

Fay, C. K. Four hymn tunes. No. 43 in M.158.15

Gerrish. Still, still with Thee, Lo! the seal of death, Bread
of the world. [3 hymns, the last arranged from Mendels-
sohn.] No. 4in M.158.26; etc.
Goss. Sabbath evening sacred vocal music. With an ac-
comp. for the piano forte. No. 2 in M.236.g
Hamilton, E. The sanctus: a collection of church music.

M. 100.29
Hayter. Church music. M. 100.7

Hodges, E., compiler. Trinity collection of church music . . .


Hopkins, E. J., editor. The Temple Church choral service.


Hopkins, J. H., editor. Harmonies to the Ten Selections and
the Proper Psalms noted. No. 3 in M. 156.49

HoY'TE. A book of Litanies, metrical and prose, with an
Evening Service and accompanying music. M.372.6

Hullah, J. P., editor. The Psalter, or Psalms of David in
metre; from the authorized version of Brady and Tate:
with appropriate tunes, set in 4 parts, with accomp. for the
organ or piano-forte. M.290.28

Ions. Jesus Christ is risen to-day. (Hymn for Easter-day.)

No. II in M. 154.19

IvES, E. The Beethoven collection of sacred music. With
accompaniment for the organ. M.100.2

JowETT. Musae solitarise. A collection of original melodies,
adapted to various measures of psalms and hymns — and
a full accomp. for the pianoforte or organ. M.236.3

King, W. A., editor. New York Grace Church collection of
sacred music . . . Psalms & hymns with a separate organ
accomp. M.220.2

Kreissmann, a. Anthems and hymns set to music. M.100.20

Latrobe, C. I., editor. Selection of sacred music from the
works of . . . composers of Germany & Italy . . . The
vocal parts in score, the instrumental adapted to the piano-
forte. 4 V. M.290.29

Le.\ch, G., editor. The church and home: a collection of
sacred music.

' Laus Domino: a new collection of anthems, motetts.


Leavens, compiler. The service of song, a new collection of
church music . . . With a separate accomp. for the organ
or piano forte. M.2go.35

Leslie, H. T. Pilgrim songs, for home or public use.

No. 3 in M.370.31

Marshall, L. The harpsichord, or union collection of
sacred music . . . M. 100.23

Mason, L., compiler. Carmina sacra: or Boston collection of
church music. . . . M.100.25

The psaltery. A new collection of church music . . .

Mercer, W., compiler. The church psalter and hymn book.


Neukomm, S. Recueil de 50 cantiques et chants sacres pour

4 voix d'hommes. No. 2 in M. 158.37

A selection of psalms and hymns arranged for one or

two treble voices and an additional bass voice.

No. 2 in M.167.3
Oliver, H. K. Collection of hymn & psalm tunes . . .


Ravenscroft, T., compiler. The whole book of psalm-tunes,

in four parts, . . . The whole being drawn out in schore.

M. 102.39
Sacred Vocalist, The, or pocket collection of select and
original tunes. M.109B.3

Sankey, I. D., compiler. Sacred songs and solos.

No. I in M.37o.3r

Schulthes. Guirlandes de mai. Hymns to the B. V. M.

[Accomp. d'orgue.] Vol. 1-3. No. 3-5 in M.1S6.28

. Twelve Latin hymns, for vespers and complin, etc.

With organ accomp. No. 22 in M.1S8.32

Shore, W., editor. Sacred music. Selected and arranged

. . . with a separate accomp. for the organ or piano forte.



Church music



Church music. Psalmody. (Continued.)
Stadlmayr. Hymnen. No. 3 in M.414.3

Tans'ur. The melody of the heart; or the psalmist's pocket-
companion ... No. 2 in M.100.39

The royal melody compleat: or the new harmony of

Sion ... No. I in M.100.39

Taylor, V. C. The chime. M.100.33

Truette. Two vesper hymns: This night, O Lord, we bless
Thee; I love to steal awhile away. No. 16 in M.158.20

Tuckerman, S. p., editor. The national lyre: a collection of
sacred music. M.100.18

Walter, W. H., compiler. A manual of church music: con-
taining chants and metrical tunes. M.107.6
Webbe, S., editor. A collection of sacred music as used in
the chapel of the King of Sardinia; with a separate accom-
paniment for the organ or pianoforte. No. 2 in M.110.16
Werner, A., compilef. The memorare: a collection of
Catholic music: masses, vespers . . . M. 100.3
Westlake, F., editor. Hymns, sacred part-songs and other
pieces, for 2, 3 and 4 voices. With accomp. for pianoforte
or organ. M.157.26
Westrop, E. J., editor. Musical services of the Church of
England, for four voices, with accompaniment. M.110.4
Weyman, D., editor. Melodia sacra; or the Psalms of David,
the music composed by the most celebrated authors . . .
with hymns, anthems & choruses . . . With a figured bass
for the organ or pianoforte. M.2go.20
Whitaker. The seraph, a collection of sacred music . . .
With accompaniment for the piano forte or organ, and
violoncello. M.123.20
White, E. L., compiler. The harmonia sacra: a new collec-
tion of anthems, choruses [etc.]. Added, the Episcopal
Church service. M.110.7

The modern harp: or, Boston sacred melodist.

M. 100.16

WiLLCOX, J. H., editor. Lyra catholica: masses, hymns,

motetts . . . [Accomp. for organ.] M. 100.5

Wilson, H. Quartets, or Christ Church collection of sacred

music. M.100.6

Woodbury, I. B., compiler. The cythara: a collection of

sacred music. M. 100.21

■ The dulcimer: or, the New York collection of sacred

music. M.100.36

Worcester, S., D.D. Select harmony: the fourth part of
Christian psalmody, consisting of a variety of tunes . . .
suited to the various subjects and metres of the psalms
and hymns. No. 2 in M.373.31

Ye gates, lift up your heads. The 24th Psalm.

No. 13 in M. 157. 28.1
Zu Bethlehem geboren [and 14 other hymns, etc., some
with German words, some with Latin]. No. 6 in M.156.39
Church music. Use of instruments.

Begg, J. A treatise on the use of organs and other instru-
ments, in the worship of God. Glasgow. 1808.

No. 5 in M. 104.49

The use of organs and other instruments in Christian

worship indefensible. Glasgow. 1866. M.109B.23

DoDWELL, H. A treatise concerning the lawfulness of in-
strumental musick in holy offices. London. 1700. M.i47.«
Glasgow, J., D.D. Heart and voice: instrumental music in
Christian worship not divinely authorized. Edinburgh.
1883. M.104.41

J., D. Instrumental music in the Church of Scotland. By
the minister of the united parishes of Harray and Birsay.
[Edinburgh. 1872.] No. 3 in M.ii9a.i2

Jefferson, J. Lyra evangelica; or, an essay on the use of
instrumental music in Christian worship. London. 1805.

No. 2 in M.125.13
Church Musician, The, and library of Church music. No. 1-12.
London. Edwards & Hughes. 1850, 51. M.123.31

Churchill, George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough.

Sei arie con accompagnamento. Composte da'l [sic] Mar-
chese di Blaiidford. Londra. 1791. M.220.37

Contents. — I. Se ti basta ch'io t'ammiri. 2. Va della danza. 3. Du
rivage de Vaucluse. 4. Nice, nice infedele. 5. Leggjadra rosa le cui
pure fogiie. 6. Ah ritorna.

Churchill, George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough. (Con-
Viva la padrona. Glee [t. t. b.]. (/n Warren. Collection of
catches. Vol. S> PP- m. ii2.) No. 30 in M.220.9.5

Churchman's help, The, to chanting. Rees, L. S. D.

No. 2 in M. 148.34
Churchyard wall, The. Song. Balfe. No. 25 in M.192.9.1

Chute, La, du jour. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 2.


Chvala, Em.

Quartett (C moll), fiir 2 Violinen, Bratsche und Violoncell.
Partitur. Berlin. Simrock. 1898. No. 2 in M.338.17

Chwatal, Franz Xaver.

Des Sangers Rosenzeit. [Mannerchor.] (In Abt. Leichte

Miinnerchore. Heft 23, pp. 20-22.) No. 153 in M.246.22

Ich kenn' ein Auge. [Mannerchor.] (/n Abt. Leichte Man-

nerchore. Heft 23, pp. 12-16.) No. 151 in M.246.22

Lovely night. [Part-song, t. t. b. b.] (In The Choralist.

Vol. I, series 3.) No. 33 in M.157.5.1

Also to be found in The Orpheus glee book; The Orpheus, New series;

Willard's Arion.

Nachtgesang [t. t. b. b.]. (In Orpheus. Band 4, p. 10.)

No. 121 in M. 1293.43.4
Also to be found in Regensburger Liederkranz; Das Rutli.
'S ist schlimm genug. [Mannerchor.] (In Abt. Leichte
Mannerchore. Heft 23, pp. 17-19.) No. 152 in M.246.22

Silbernes Biichlein. [Mannerchor.] (In Abt. Leichte Man-
nerchore. Heft 23, pp. 22-24.) No. 154 in M.246.22
Ciaconna. For violin and orchestra. B.^ch, J. S. No. 4 in M.346.45
Ciampi, Francesco.

Amplius lava me. [Solo, a. Accomp. for pianoforte.] (In
Latrobe. Selections of sacred music. Vol. i, pp. 15, 16.)

No. 2 in M.290.29.1
Cor mundum crea in me. Duetto [s. t. Accomp. for piano-
forte]. (In Latrobe. Selections of sacred music. Vol. i,
pp. 168-171.) No. 38 in M.290.29.1

Ecce enim in iniquitatibus. Duetto [s. s. Accomp, for piano-
forte]. (In Latrobe. Selections of sacred music. Vol. i,
pp. i5t;_i57.) No. 34 in M.2go.29.i

Also to be found in Rochlitz's Sammlung vorzuglicher Gesangstucke.
Hear me, O God. Aria [s. Accomp. for organ]. (In Gar-
diner. Sacred melodies. Vol. 3, p. 392.)

No. 23 in M.236.30.3
Cibavit eos. Antiphon. Mozart. Werke. Serie 24.

No. 4 in M.315.1.24

Cibber, Colley.

Damon and Phillida. A comic opera. [The text adapted
from Colley Gibber's play.] Composed by Mr. Dibdin.

No. 6 in M.220.16.2
Cibo, II, dei giusti. Aria. Gordigiani. Melodies sacrees.

No. 4 in M.270.42
Cicco e Cola. Opera. For the Music see Buonomo. For the

Libretto see Spadetta.
Cicconetti, Filippo.

Vita di Gaetano Donizetti. Roma. Tib. Tiberina. 1864.
Portrait. Facsimile. No. i in M.126.6

Cicile, Emile.

La Nativite. Poeme sacre. Musique de Henri Marechal.

Cicognini, Giacinto Andrea.

II Giasone. Musica del S«. Francesco Cavalli [pseud.]. (In
Oper, Die, von ihren ersten Anfangen bis zur Mitte des
18. Jahrhunderts. Theil 2, pp. 3-85.) M.400.6.2

Cid, Der. Opera. For the Music and Libretto see Cornelius.
Cid', Der, im Leben, Lieben und Sterben. Song. Rungen-
'hagen. No. 21 in M.221.30

Cid, Le. Ballet music. Massenet. M.403.100

Cid, Le. Opera. For the Music see Massenet. For the Li-
bretto see Philippe, A.
Ciel, Le, a visite la terre. Song. Gounod. Vingt melodies.
3e recueil. No. 17 in M.1S7.36.3

Ciel etoile. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 6.


Ciel pietoso. Song. Bellini. No. 2 in M.364.10

Verdi. Verdi album. No. 12 in M.236.5

Ciel! sur qui sa fureur. Duet. Destouches. No. 2 in M.296.6





Cielo, di stelle orbato. Song. Verdi. Verdi album.

No. i6 in M.236.5

Cieutat, Henri. j t- o -

Le collier. Opera-comique en un acte. Paroles de h. Kemy
et A. Semiane [pseud.]. Musique de Henry Cieutat. Par-
tition chant et piano. Paris. Choudens. 1892.

No. I in M.39S.17
Pierrot puni. Opera comique en i acte. Paroles de MM. A.
Semiane [pseud] & Albert Geres. Musique de Henri Cieu-
tat. Partition piano et chant. Paris. Grus. [1888.]

No. I in M. 285.16
Proces-verbal. Operette en I acte. Paroles de F. Beissier
& A. Semiane [pseud.]. Musique de Henry Cieutat. Par-
tition piano & chant. Paris. Meuriot. [189-?]

No. 2 in M.395.17
Le reve. Operette en I acte. Paroles de MM. Albert Semi-
ane [pseud.] & Albert Geres. Musique de Henri Cieutat.
Partition chant & piano. Paris. Maquet & cie. [1888.]

No. 2 in M.285.16

Cieux, Les, en chacun lieu. Anthem. Sweelinck. Werken.

Deel 4. M.4I3-2-4

Cieux, Les, instruisent. Quartet. Lacome d'Estalenx. Douze

psaumes. No. 2 in M.296.1

Cifra, Antonio.

Ave Rex noster. [Motet.] (In Lueck. Sammlung ausge-

zeichneter Compositionen fiir die Kirche. Band 4. pp. 18-

21) No. 10 in M.158.33.4

Cifra, La. Opera. For the Music see Salieri. Das Kaestchen

mit der Chiffer.
Cigale, La, et la fourmi. Opera. For the Music see Audran;
also Barbier, F. fi. For the Libretto see Chivot; also
Cigale madrilene. La. Opera. For the Music see Perronnet, J.

For the Libretto see Perronnet, A.
Cigisbe, Le. Opera. For the Music see Piccinni, L. For the

Libretto see Marmontel, J. F.
Cilea, Francesco.
Adriana Lecouvreur, commedia-dramma di E. Scribe ed E.
Legouve, ridotta in quattro atti per la scena lirica da A.
Colautti, musica di Francesco Cilea. Riduzione per canto
e pianoforte. Milano. Sonzogno. 1903. M.396.45

L'Arlesiana (da A. Daudet), melodramma in tre atti di
Leopoldo Marenco, musica di Francesco Cilea. Riduzione
per canto e pianoforte. Milano. Sonzogno. 1899. M.399.9
La Tilda. Melodramma in tre atti di Anneldo Graziani.
Musica di Francesco Cilea. Riduzione per canto e piano-
forte. Milano. Sonzogno. [1892.] M.397.17
Ciliege nere. Song. Gordigiani. fichos de la Toscane. Vol. i.

No. 31 in M.244.13.1

Cimarosa, Domenico.
Ah che la morte io veggo, aria seria. [Accomp. d'orchestra.]

Manuscript. N. d. No. 2 in M.120.12

Le astuzie femminili. Melodramma giocoso in 4 parti di

D. Cimarosa. [Parole di Metastasio.] Riduzione per

canto e pianoforte. Paris. Escudier. [1872?] M.395.18
La ballerina amante. Dramma giocoso in tre atti. [Parti-

tura.] Manuscript. [Napoli. 1872.] 2 v. M.31.8

Cara! non dubitar. Duetto [s. t. Accomp. di piano]. {In

Lira d'ltalia. Pp. 168-177.) No. 45 in M.157.39

From II matrimonio segreto.
Che bel piacere. Duettino. Manuscript. N. d.

Full score. No. 3 in M.I20.I3

Chi per pieta. Scena [s. o. t. Accomp. di piano]. (In Lira
d'ltalia. Pp. i-io.) No. i in M.157.39

From II sacrifizio d'Abramo.

II credulo; farsa. [Opera. Partitura.] Manuscript. [Na-
poli. 1785.] M.31.6

Deh ti conforta. Duettino [s. t. Accomp. di piano]. (In
Lira d'ltalia. Pp. 190-193.) No. 48 in M.157.39

From II matrimonio segreto. Also to be found in Musical library.

I due baroni di Rocca Azzurra. [Opera in due atti. Parti-
tura.] Manuscript. [Roma. 1777.] 2 v. M.31.7
This is the same as his I due baroni.

[I due supposti conti. Opera in due atti. Partitura.] Manu-
script. [1784.] 2 V. M.31.9

Cimarosa, Domenico. (Continued.)

II fanatico burlato. [Opera buffa in 2 atti. Partitura.]
Manuscript. [Napoli? 1787?] 2 v. M.402b.2

Giannina e Bernardone. Dramma giocoso in 2 atti. Ridu-
zione [per canto e pianoforte] del Marchese F. d'Arcais.
Milano. Ricordi. [1870?] M.285.17

L'impegno superato. Dramma giocoso. Musica del Sig.
Domenico Cimarosa. [Partitura.] Manuscript. Napoli.
[1795.] 2 V. M.31.10

L'impresario in angustie. Intermezzo di un atto. [Parole
di Dubuisson.] Musica del Sigr. Domenico Cimarosa.
[Partitura.] Manuscript. [1786.] M.31.11

Same. L'impresario in angustie, ou le directeur dans I'em-
barras. Opera bouffon en 2 actes. [Paroles de Dubuis-
son. Partition.] Paris. Sieber. [1802?] M.291.11

Same. Theatralische Abentheuer. Eine komische Oper in
2 Akten. In Musik gesetzt von Cimarosa und Mozart.
[Partitur.] Manuscript. [179-?] M.320.9

This opera was composed with the collaboration of Goethe, in 1791,
under the title Theatralische Abentheuer, some of the music (the over-
ture, the terzette : Ich bin die erste Sangerin, and the finale) being
taken from Mozart's Schauspieidirector.

L'imprudente fortunato. Opera [in due atti] a sette voci.
Musica del Maestro Cimarosa. [Partitura.] Manuscript.
[Roma? 1798?] 2 V. M.31.12

L'ltalienne a Londres. Opera bouffon en 3 actes. Musique
de Cimarosa. Paroles de M^. * * * [Neuville. Parti-
tion]. Paris. Sieber. [1802?] M.291.28

II marito disperato. [Opera in due atti di Lorenzi. Musica
di Cimarosa. Partitura.] Manuscript. [Napoli. 1785.]
2 V. M.31.13

II matrimonio per raggiro. [Opera in due atti. Partitura.]
Manuscript. [Roma. 1779.] 2 v. M.31.14

II matrimonio secreto. Opera buffa [di G. Bertati]. Posta
in musica e ridotta per il pianoforte da Cimarosa. [Paris.]
Marquerie. 1839. M.363.12

Same. II matrimonio segreto, dramma giocoso in 2 atti [de
G. Bertati] . . . Musique de Cimarosa. Paroles fran-
Qaises de Moline. [Partition.] Paris. Imbault. [1802?]


Same. II matrimonio segreto (The secret marriage). Comic
opera. With Italian and English words. [The former by
G. Bertati.] The latter by William Grist. The music by
Domenico Cimarosa. [Accomp. for piano.] London.
Jeffreys. [188-?] M.382.9

II mercato di Malmantile. [Opera in due atti. Partitura.]
Manuscript. [Roma. 1780.] 2 v. M.31.15

Morte crudele e ingiusta, scena ed aria. [Accomp. d'or-
chestra.] Manuscript. N. d. No. 3 in M.120.12

[Nel lasciarti, O prence amato.] Aria [bar., con accomp.
d'orchestra. Partitura]. Manuscript. [1784?]

No. 8 in M. 120.6

I nemici generosi. [Opera in due atti. Partitura.] Manu-
script. [Roma. 1796.] 2 v. M.31.16

L'Olimpiade. [Opera. Partitura. Parole di Metastasio.
Musica di Cimarosa.] Manuscript. Vicenza. [1781.] 2 v.


Gli Orazi e j Curiazi. Opera seria del Signor Sografi.
Musica da Domenico Cimarosa. Paroles frangaises de
Moline. [Partition.] Paris. Imbault. [1800?] M.400.27

Same. Gli Orazzi ed i Curiazi, musique de Cimarosa. Opera
complet. Partition de piano et chant, paroles italiennes
[de Sografi]. [Paris.] Launer. [184-?] M.363.11

La Penelope. [Dramma serio in due atti. Partitura.]
Manuscript. [Napoli? 179S?] M.402b.3

II pittor parigino. Intermezzo a cinque voci. [Partitura.]
Manuscript. Roma. 1786. 2 v. M.31.18

Pria che sponti. Aria [s. o. t. Accomp. di piano], (/n Lira

d'ltalia. Pp. 16-24.) No. 3 in M.157.39

From II matrimonio segreto.
Quelle pupille tenere. Aria [s., con accomp. d'orchestra.

Partitura]. Manuscript. [180-?] No. 6 in M.i20.i8

Se torni vincitor. Scena con duetto [t. t., con accomp.

d'orchestra. Partitura]. Manuscript. [180-?]

No. g in H.i20.i8





Cimarosa, Domenico. (Continued.)
Theatralische Abentheuer. See his Impresario in angustie.

I traci amanti. [Opera in due atti. Partitura.] Manu-
script. [Napoli. 1793.] 2 V. M.31.19

Le trame deluse. [Opera. Partitura.] Manuscript. [Na-
poli. 1786.] 2 V. M.31.20
[A trio and a quintet from Gli inimici generosi, with orches-
tral accomp.] Manuscript. [180-?] No. 4, S in M.152.17
Udite tutte udite! Aria [b. Accomp. de piano]. (/» Biblio-
theque musicale. Serie 2, t. 2, pp. 143-154.)

No. 22 in M.193.21.2
While time is swiftly winging. [Trio, s. s. a. Accomp. for
pianoforte.] London. Leader & Cocks. [185-? Cham-
ber trios. 57.] No. II inM.244.10.3
Cimarosa, Domenico. Works about.

Neumann, W. Domenico Cimarosa. Giovanni Paesiello.
Friedrich Heinrich Himmel. Biographien. Cassel. 1856.
Portrait. No. 3 in M.20S.17

Cimarosa. Opera. For the Music see Isouard. For the Li-
bretto see Bouilly.
Cimino, Giorgio Tommaso.

Bianca Orsini. Melodramma. Musica del Mo. Errico Pe-
trella. M.2S4-2

Esmeralda. Dramma lirico. Musica di Fabio Campana.

Manfredo. Dramma lirico. Musica del Mo. Errico Petrella.


II mercante di Venezia. Melodramma da Shakespeare.
Parole del Cav. G. T. Cimino. Musica del Mo. Giro Pin-


Dramma lirico. Musica del Maestro


F. Schira.



For the

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Programmes. Season 1897/98; 1901/02-1905/06.

nati.] 1897-1906. 6 V. Portraits.
Cinderella. Opera. For the Music see Farmer, J

Libretto see Leigh, H. S.
Cinderella. Opera. For the Music see Rossini. La Ceneren-

Cinderella, or the little glass slipper, . . . Pantomime. For the

Music see Kelly. For the Libretto see James, .

Cinder-Ellen up too late. Opera. For the Music see Lutz.

For the Libretto see Hobson.
Cinese rimpatriato. Arie e duetto del Cinese. [Paris. 175-?]

No. 6 in M.340.3

An opera with the above title is attributed by Castil-Blaze to Salletti,

but it is not included among Salletti's works by Fetis.
Cingalee, The. Opera. For the Music see Monckton. For the

Libretto see Tanner.
Cin-Ko-Ka. Opera. For the Music see Sommer.
Cinq mai, Le. Cantata. For the Music see Berlioz, L. H. For

the Libretto see Beranger.
Cinq mai, Le. Song. Niedermeyer. 10 melodies.

No. 4 in M. 157.37
Cinq-Mars. Opera. For the Music see Gounod. For the Li-
bretto see Poirson, P.
Cinquantaine, La. Opera. For the Music see Gennaro-Chre-

tien. For the Libretto see Aylicson.
Ciocchi fate. Part-song. Callcott, J. W.
Cipollini, Antonio.

Commedia lirica.

No. 93 in M.22o.g.4

Musica di


II piccolo Haydn.

Cipollini, Gaetano.

II piccolo Haydn. Commedia lirica in un atto di Antonio
Cipollini. Musica di Gaetano Cipollini. Riduzione per
canto e pianoforte. Milano. Sonzogno. 1893. M.245.5

Circassian bride. The. Opera. For the Music see Bishop, H. R.

Circassienne, La. Opera. For the Music see Auber. For the
Libretto see Scribe.

Circe. Cantata. For the Music see Courcelles. For the Li-
bretto see Rousseau, J. B.

Circe. Opera. For the Music see Brunei; also Hillemacher.
For the Libretto see Richet; also Haraucourt.

Circuire. Motet. Palestrina. Werke. Band 2. M.8o4oa.66.2

Circumdederunt me dolores mortis. Motet. Lassus. Sammt-

liche Werke. Band 15. M.8o4oa.67.i5

Circus girl, The. Opera. For the Music see Tilkins. For the

Libretto see Tanner.
Cirillo, Francesco.

Dove son, dove vado. Madrigal [s. a. t. t. b.]. (In Bland.
The Ladies' collection. Vol. 2, pp. 228-231.)

No. 247 in M.235.17.2
Ciro in Babilonia. Opera. For the Music see Rossini. For

the Libretto see Metastasio.
Cirque Napoleon, Paris.

Elwart, a. a. £. Histoire des concerts populaires de mu-
sique classique; contenant les programmes annotes de tous
les concerts donnes au Cirque Napoleon . . . Paris. 1864.

Cirri, Giovanni Battista.

Domine, non mea. Canon [for 3 voices]. (/» The Apollo.
Vol. I, p. 80.) No. 31 in M.i3ga.i8.i

Also to be found in Warren's Collection of catches. '

Molto spesso. Catch [for 3 voices]. (/« Warren. Collec-
tion of catches. Vol. 2, p. 23.) No. 9 in M.220.g.a
Cithern. History.

Kennedy, H. Die Zither in der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart

und Zukunft. Fine historisch-kritische Studie iiber das

Instrument und seine musikalischen Verhaltnisse. Tolz.

1896. M.376.IS

Citta di Dio. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band 29.

City's hum. The, was hushed and still. Carol. Fay, C. K.

No. 13 in M.i54.ig

Rousseau, J. J. Discours qui a remporte le prix a I'Acade-
mie de Dijon, en I'annee 1730. Sur cette question: Si le
retablissement des sciences & des arts a contribue a epurer
les mceurs. Par un citoyen de Geneve [J. J. Rousseau].
Nouvelle edition, accompagnee de la Refutation de ce dis-
cours, par les apostilles critiques de I'un des academiciens
examinateurs [C. L. Le Cat]. London. 1751.

No. I in M.103.3
Claassen, Arthur.

Fest-Hymne, gedichtet von Max Oberbreyer. Ftir Manner-
stimmen (Soli u. Chor) und Orchester componirt von
Arthur Claassen. Op. 13. Klavier-Auszug. Leipzig.
Kahnt. [189-?] No. I in M.212.4

"Sanssouci." Menuett mit Benutzung eines Thema von
Quanz. Ausgabe fur [Streich-Orchester]. Berlin. Luck-
hardt. [1890.] No. 3 in M.334.1

Claassen, Arthur, editor.

Ludwig Liebe-Album. Ehrengabe zum 70. Geburtstage
Ludwig Liebe's gewidmet von seinen Freunden und
Verehrern. Berlin. Luckhardt. [1889.] Portrait.

No. II in M.203.16
Contents. — Attenhofer : Pater Franzesco. — Bartmuss: Mein Taub-
chen. — Bauer: Minnelied. — Becker: Freude, holde Freude. —
Claassen : O Welt, du bist so wunderschon. — Dregert : Sokrates. —
Ellmenreich: Roslein, wann bluhst du auf? — Fromm: An Sie im
Alter. — Gaugler; Morgenwanderung im Mondenschein. — Gernsheim:
Auf Waldespfaden. — Hahn : Wasserfahrt. — Herman: Sonnen-
wende. — Hermes: Nur zu Zweien. — Hirsch: Horch auf, du trau-
mender Tannenforst. — Jork: Herzenthranen. — Jiingst : Im Mai! —
KoUner: Das Volkslied. — Krauss : Ueber's Jahr. — Mohr: Glaube
an die Freundschaft. — Prase: Des alten Kriegers Tod. — Reise:
Mein Schatzelein. — Rosenhain: Trinklied. — Saro: Blau Aeugelein.
— Schilling: Sommernacht. — Schletterer : Ob kein Lied der Welt
verblieben. — Schultz: Abend am Meere. — Speidel: Die Soldaten-
braut. — Spicker ; Die gebrochene Blume. — Van der Stucken : Waldes-
lied. — Sturm: Gott, Du bist mein Zuversicht. — Weidt : Postilion
Friihling. — Witting: Tragische Geschichte.

Claerchens Lied. Song. Rubinstein. Sechs Lieder.

No. 13 in M.ig2.5
Claeys, Henri.

Drei Ritter. Drie Ridders. Ballade von Edgar Tinel.

No. I in M.202.27
Clair de lune. Suite. Lacome d'Estalenx. No. 2 in M.405.2g
Clair de lune. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 3.

Clairville, pseud. See Nicolaie, Louis Francois.
Clairville, fils, pseud. See Nicolaie, fidouard.

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