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harmony, P. 220.) No. 127 in M.220.10

Why art thou so heavy? Canon, 3 in i. (In Warren. Vocal

harmony. Pp. 114, I iS) No. 72 in M.220.10

Alcock, John, Jr.

Once in Arcadia. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Amusement for

the ladies. Vol. 4, P- n) No. 4 in M.220.3.4

Also to be found in Warren's Collection of c.-\tche3.

Alcock, Walter.

The repentance of Nineveh, a dramatic oratorio. The words
selected from Holy Scripture by Joseph Bennett. The
music ... by J. F. Bridge. The pianoforte accompani-
ment arranged by Walter Alcock. No. 3 in M.154.29
Alder, Ernest.

Les almees. Melopee orientale pour piano. Partition d'or-
chestre [sans piano]. Paris. Enoch & Costallat. [189-?]

No. I in M.410.6
Alderman's thumb. The. Part-song. Harington.

No. 18 in M.i39a.i8.i; etc.

Aldini, Giovanni.

Precis des experiences galvaniques faites recemmont a
Londres et a Calais. Paris. Levrault. 1803.

No. I in M. 103.32

Aldrich, Henry.

Catch on tobacco, a 4 voci. (In Clementi. Collection of
catches. Vol. i, pp. 36, 37.)

No. 31 in M.iio.i.i; No. 31 in M. 110.2. i

Also to be found in Musical times [Music] ; Warren's Cocks's Hand-
book of glees.

Aldrich, Henry, (Continued.)
A catch upon nothing. For 3 voices. (In Warren. Cocks's
Hand-book of glees. Vol. 3, no. 120, p. 80.)

No. 28 in M. 157.6.3
Hark, the bonny Christ church bells. Catch a 3 voci. (In
The Apollo. Vol. i, p. 72.) No. 27 in M.i39a.i8.i

Also to be found in Apollonian harmony ; Bland's The Ladies' collec-
tion ; Clementi's Collection of catches ; Collection of glees and catches ;
The Harmonist; Musical times [Music]; Social harmony; Webbe,
Jr.'s Convito armonico.

If all true friends. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Vocal har-
monist's magazine. Vol. i, p. 44.) No. 4 in M.220.S
Not unto us, Lord. Full anthem. Arranged from H. Lawes
and R. Farrant. (In Cope. A Collection of anthems. Pp.
81-86.) No. 19 in M.290.34
Also to be found in Turle and Taylor's The People's music book.
O give thanks. Anthem. (In Boyce. Cathedral music. Ed.
Warren. Vol. 2, pp. 310-315.) No. 28 in M.233.23.2
Out of the deep. Anthem. (In Boyce. Cathedral music.
Ed. Warren. Vol. 3, pp. 38-43-) No. 4 in M.233.23.3
Also to be found in Cope's A Collection of anthems.
Sanctus & Gloria in excelsis, in G, with the greater third.
(In Ouseley. Cathedral services. Pp. 34I-345-)

No. 29 in M.233.9
Sing merrily now. Catch [for 3 voices]. (In Vocal har-
monist's magazine. Vol. i, p. 3.) No. 4 in M.220.S
Te Deum, Jubilate, Kyrie, Nicene creed, Sanctus, Magnifi-
cat, and Nunc dimittis in G. (In Boyce. Cathedral music.
Ed. Warren. Vol. i, pp. 276-301.) No. 10 in M.233.14.1
Also to be found in Novello's Cathedral choir book.
Aldrich, Henry, editor.

Wise. Thy beauty, O Israel. No. 35 in M.233.23.3

Aldrich, Perley Dunn.

Softly now the light of day. [a. solo and chorus. Accorap.
for organ.] Boston. Schmidt. 1894. No. 3 in M.203.26
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey.

The little violinist [James Speaight. Boston]. 1880.

No. 4 in M. 143.18
Alembert, Jean Le Rond d'.

filemens de musique theorique et pratique, suivant les prin-
cipes de M. Rameau. Nouvelle edition, augmentee. Lyon.
Bruyset. 1766. Plates. M.147.20

Aleph. Anthem. Klein, B. O. No. 15 in M.158.32

Aleph, Das. Part-song. Schoen, E. No. 27 in M.392.7

Alessandro. Opera. For the Music see Handel. Werke.
Alessandro Stradella. Opera. For the Music see Flotow, F.

F. A. For the Libretto see Riese.
Alexander, Alfred.

Why seek ye the living? Full anthem for Easter. [Accomp.
for organ.] (In Novello's Collection of anthems. Vol. 11,
pp. 99-104.) No. 99 in M.i95.a.ii

Alexander, Carl, translator.

Mercadante. Le due illustri rivali. M.310.29

Alexander, J. W.

Near the Cross was Mary weeping. [Hymn.] .\rranged by
Irving Emerson. [Boston.] Russell. 1884.

No. 43 in M.158.19

Alexander, Louis.

The opera glass; or, a clear view of too popular operas . . .
London. Bogue. 1881. Portraits. M.149.31

Alexander. Cantata. For the Music see Koellncr. For the
Libretto see Lingg.

Alexander. Opera. For the Music see Handel. For the Li-
bretto see Rolli.

Alexander Balus. Oratorio. For the Music see Handel. Werke.

Alexander's feast. Oratorio. For the Music see Handel. For
the Libretto see Dryden.

Alexander's Fest. Oratorio. For the Music see Handel. Werke.

Alexandra Josifovna, Grand Duchess of Russia.

Bolero. Partition [d'orchestre]. St. Petersbourg. Johan-

sen. [186-?] No. 4inM.334.4

Titan. Symphonisches Fragment nach Richter . . . Parti-

tur. St. Petersbourg. Johansen. [186-?] No. 5 in M.334.4

Alexandre, Andre.

Broceliande. Opera-feerique. Musique de Lucien Lambert.






Alexandre, Andre. (Continued.)

fivangeline. Legende acadienne. Tiree du poeme de Long-
fellow par Louis de Grammont, Georges Hartmann &
Andre Alexandre. Musique de Xavicr Leroux. M.302.7
Madame Chrysantheme. Comedie lyrique. Poeme de
Georges Hartmann & Andre Alexandre. Musique de
Andre Messager. 11.257.27

Rose-Mousse, piece de Andre Alexandre et Peter Carin.
Musique de Charles Lecocq. No. 2 in M.399.31

Sire Olaf. Legende dramatique. Musique de scene par
Lucien Lambert. No. 3 in M.206.12

Le spahi. Poeme lyrique par Louis Gallet & Andre Alex-
andre. Musique de Lucien Lambert. M.395.41
Alexandre, Michel.

Quelques reflexions d'un orpheoniste. Paris. Proux & cie.

1847. No. 5 in M.206.3

Alexandre a Babylone. Ol^erc. For the Music see Lesueur.

For the Libretto see Baour-Lormian.
Alexandre aux Indes. O/'cra. For the Music see Mereaux.

For the Libretto see Morel de Chedeville.
Alexis, W., I>seud. See Haering, G. W. H.

Alexis. Opera. For the Music see Dalayrac. For the Li-
bretto see Marsollier des Vivetieres.
Alexis. Song. Pepusch. No. 7 in M.23S.18.4

Alexis et Justine. Opera. For the Music see Dezede, — . For

the Libretto see Monvel.
Alexis und Ida. Songs. Himmel. M.221.31

Alfeland. Sonp. Kjerui-f. Sanger och visor. Band 2.

Alfernes Hvisken. Sana. Kjerulf. Sanger och visor. Band 2.


Alfieri, Pietro.

Iste confessor. [Motette, t. t. b. avec accomp. d'orgue.]
(/n Lambillotte. Musique religieuse. 7= salut, pp. 7-1 1)

No. 27 in M.26o.i8

Precis historique et critique sur la restauration des livres du

chant gregorien. [Traduction de I'auteur.] Rennes. Vatar.

igjg. No. I in M.207.2

Ristabilimento del canto e della musica ecclesiastica. Roma.

Tip. delle belle arti. 1843. M.207.1

Veni Creator. [Motette, a 4 voix. Accomp. d'orgue.] (/u

Lambillotte. Musique religieuse. I2<: salut, pp. 12-15.)

No. 48 in M. 260.18
Alfin brillar nell' iride. Song. Ricci, L. No. 2 in M.364.10

Alfin sen tua. Song. Donizetti. No. 7 in M.157.39

Alfonsi, Theodore.

Mousselinette. Saynette. Musique de E. W. Bordogni.

No. 2 in M.277.21

La petite mendiante. Petit opera-comique. Musique de

M. E. W. Bordogni. No. 3 in M.277.21

Alfonso. Opera. For the Music see Hasse, J. A. P.

Alfonso und Estrella. Opera. For the Music see Schubert,

F. P. For the Libretto see Schober.
Alfred. Cantata. For the Music see Prout. For the Libretto

see Grist.
Alfred the Great; or, the enchanted standard. Opera. For the

Music see Lee, G. A. For the Libretto see Pocock.
Algarotti, Francesco, Conte.

Hssai sur I'opera, traduit de I'italien du Comte Algarotti par
M. *** [F. J. de Chastellux]. Pise. Ruault. 1773.

An essay on the opera. Glasgow. Urie. 1768. M. 109b. 25
Saggio sopra I'opera in musica. Livorno. Coltellini. 1763.

No. 2 in M.376.1
Alger, Abby Langdon, translator.

Wasielewski. Life of Robert Schumann. M.io9a.i9

Algerian, The. Opera. For the Music see De Koven. For the

Libretto see MacDonough.
Alhambra. Suite. Lange-Mueller. No. 3 in M.337.7

Alheim, Pierre d'.

Moussorgski. [Conferences. Opinions de la presse. Paris.]
Magazine international. 1896. Portraits. No. 6 in M.372.43
Ali Baba. Cantata. For the Music see Bottesini.
Ali Baba. Opera. For the Music see Bottesini; also Cheru-

Ali Baba. Opera. (Continued.)

bini; also Lecocq, A. C. For the Libretto see Taddei;
also Scribe; also Vanloo.
Ali Pascha von Janina. Opera. For the Music and Libretto

see Lortzing.
Alibi. Opera. For the Music see Schmidt, Gustav.
Alice Brand. Ballad. Porter, P. W. A collection of melodies.

No. 2 in M.236.21
Alice de Nevers. Opera. For the Music and Libretto see

Ronger, F.
Alienor. Opera. For the Music see Hubay. For the Libretto

see Haraucourt.
Alike in temper. Part-song. Hayes, W. No. 196 in M. 215.21; etc.
Alimon und Zaide. Opera. For the Music see Kreutzer, C.
Alinde. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20, Band 4.

Aline. Opera. For the Music see Schulz, J. A. P. For the

Libretto see Sedaine.
Aline, reine de Golconde. Opera. For the Music see Berton,
H. M.; also Monsigny. For the Libretto see Vial; also
Ali-Pot-d'Rhum. Opera. For the Music see Bernicat. For

the Libretto see Gedhe.
Alix, Celeste.

Cours complet de chant ecclesiastique. Paris. Lecoffre &

cie. 1853. No. 2 in M.207.3

All about a bonnet. Opera. For the Music see Harraden, R. E.

For the Libretto see Harraden, H.
All abroad. Opera. For the Music see Rosse, F. For the Li-
bretto see Davis, J.
All amcng the barley. Part-song. Bridge, E. S.

No. 16 in M.157.4; etc.
Air amore. Part-song. Cocchi. No. 54 in M.215.21

All at once well met. Part-song. Weelkes. No. 93 in M.iii.4.3
All cold beneath this narrow heap. Part-song. M.. R.

No. 131 in M.235.17.5
All creatures now are merry. Part-song. Bennet, J.

No. I in M.235.7.1; etc.
All glory to God. Carol. Bailey, E. H. No. 9 in M. 158.13

All hail, Britannia! Part-song. Lotti. No. 21 in M. 157. 28.1

All hail! thou dwelling, pure and lowly (Faust). Song.
Gounod. Ten popular songs. No. i in M.157.10

All hail to the greenwood. Trio. Donizetti. No. 4 in M. 244.10.2
All Hallow eve. Cantata. For the Music see Gilbert, E. T. B.

For the Libretto see Oxenford, E.
All I wish in her obtaining. Duet. Florio, C. H.

No. II in M.218.8.3
Air idea di quelle pene. Anthem. Jommelli.

No. 15 in M.290.22.2
All in the dark; or, the banks of the Elbe. Opera. For the

Music see Livius. For the Libretto see Planche, J. R.
All into service. Catch a 3 voci. (In Bland. The Ladies' col-
lection. Vol. I, p. 55.) No. 90 in M. 235. 17.1
Also to be found in dementi's Collection of catches.

All is not gold that shineth. Part-song. Westbrook.

No. 20 in M.195.1.2
All is still. Part-song. Macfarren, G. A. No. 2 in M.195.1.14
Air mein' Gedanken. Song. Brahms. Deutsche Volkslieder.
Heft 5. No. 13 in M. 380.40.3

Air mein' Gedanken, mein Herz und mein Sinn. Song.
Strauss, R. Schlichte Weisen. No. 17 in M.380.24.1

Air meine Gedanken. Part-song.

Rheinbercer, J. G. No. 4 in M.158.27

Weinwurm. No. 21 in M.392.38

Air meine Herzgedanken. Part-song.

Brahms. 7 Lieder. No. 5 in M.204.7

Gericke. Vier Lieder. No. 16 in M.392.10

All my past life. Duet. Sacchini. No. 105 in M.235.17.4

All naticns whom Thou hast made. Anthem.

FowLE. No. I in M.233.29

Selby. No. 16 in

Air orologio. Song. Ferrari, G. G. Six favorite ariettes.

No. 7 in M.221.21
All people clap your hands. Anthem. Weelkes.

No. 3 in M.234.26; etc.





All people now. Glee. Callcott, J. W. No. 26 in M.220.g.5

All people that on earth do dwell. Antkem. Tallis.

No. 26 in M. 175.1.1; etc.
All pleasure is of this condition. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works.
Vol. 2. No. 19 in M.234.ig.2

All sole alone. Part-song. Braun. No. 28 in M.392.S; etc.

All's well. Duet. Braham. No. i in M. 1393.18.6

All they that trust in Thee, Lord. Anthem., F.

No. 4 in M.2 70.22; etc.

All things love thee. Part-song. Hatton. No. ii in M.205.10.1

All through the night. At hyd y nos. [Welsh air.] Arranged

for I voice, [also] harmonized for 4 voices. {In Thomas,

J. Welsh melodies. Vol. i, pp. 19-25.) No. 3 in M.235.6.1

All Thy works praise Thee. Anthem.

Kent. Anthems. Vol. i. M. 233.21. i.; etc.

Nanino. No. 26 in M.233.25.1

Thorn. No. 4 in M. 195.2.2

Air ungherese. For violin. Wilhelmj. No. 2 in M.405.67

All we like sheep. Anthem. Spark. No. i in M. 233. 29

All who sing. Part-song. Goodban, T. No. 7 in M. 175. 1.5

All ye who music love. Madrigal. Donato.

No. 2 in M.157.28.1 ; etc.
All ye who weep. Anthem. Gounod. No. 10 in M. 290. 13; etc.
All ye whom love. Part-song. Dowland, J. First set of songs.

No. 2 in M.234.21
All ye woods and trees. Part-song. Lahee, H.

No. 22 in M. 195. 1. 2
Alia caccia dei fiori. Opera. For the Music see Varisco. For

the Libretto see Casati.
Alia campanna andiamo. Duet. Campana. No. 4 in M. 244.9; etc.
Alia mazurka. For orchestra. Gernsheim. No. 3 in M.410.26
Alia polacca. For violin. Wilhelmj. No. i in M.405.67

Alia viva del Tebro. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band 28.

Alia siciliana. For violin. Louis, N. No. 4 in M.390.18

Alia voce della gloria. Song. Rossini. No. 15 in m. 283.45

Alladin. Overture. Reinecke, C. H. C. No. 3 in M.347.5

Allah giebt Licht. Part-song. Belcke. No. 158 in M. 1293.43.5
Allala, pia calia. Part-song. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 10. M.80403.67.10

Allsn, James.

Wight, A. The life of James Allan, the Northumberland

piper ... 3d edition, enlarged. Newcastle upon Tyne.

1818. Portrait. M.146.11

Allard, Paul.

Jeanne d'Arc. Drame lyrique. Musique de Ch. Lenepveu.

No. 3 in M.384.55
Alldeutschland Heil! Part-song. Horn, C. No. 12 in M.392.12
Alle Blumen mocht ich binden. Part-song. Debois.

No. 4 in M. 212.4

Alle gingen, Herz, zur Ruh. Song. Wolf, H. Spanisches

Liederbuch. No. 31 in M.380.30

Alle Lust hat Leid. Part-song. Boehme, F. M. Heimische u.

fremde Weisen. No. 8 in M. 392.5

Alle Zeit gedenk' ich Dein! Quartet. Jahn, A. Vier Quartette.

No. 27 in M.3g2.i2
Allegiance we swear. Part-song. Bishop, H. R.

No. 13 in M.I57.I9; etc.
Allegri, Gregorio.

Jesu dulcis memoria. A 4 voix [s. s. a. bar.]. (In Frober.
Jvbiivs rythmicvs de nomine Jesv. Pp. 28-35.)

No. 2 in M.201.1

Miserere, [s. s. a. T. B.] (/» Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy.

Vol. I, pp. 133-135.) No. 47 in M. 290.22. 1

Also to be found in dementi's Collection of catches ; Lueck's Samm-
lung ausgezeichneter Compositionen fur Kirche ; Novello's Music for
Holy Week ; Rochlitz's Sammlung vorzuglicher Gesangstiicke ; War-
ren's Vocal harmony.

Allegria. Dnet. Roberti. Inspirations italiennes.

No. I in M.364.10
Allegro, L'. Song. Brambilla. No. 2 in M.364.10

Allegro appassionato. For orchestra. Lalo. No. 4 in M.343.23
Allegro appassionato. For violoncello. Saint-Saijns.

No. 4 in M.405.53

Allegro, L', ed il pensieroso. For the Music see Parry, C. H.

H. For the Libretto see Milton.
Allegro, L', il pensieroso ed il moderate. For the Music see

Handel. For the Libretto see Milton.
AUein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ. Cantata. For the Music see

Bach, J. S. Werke. Jahrgang 7.

Alleluia, laudate Dominum. Motet. Neukomm, S. Recueil de

40 motets. No. i in M.158.37

AlleluJ3. Anthem. Bach, J. S. No. 75 in M. 220.9.4

Bates, W. No. 68 in M.220.9.2

Berchem. No. 20 in M. 158.33.3

Bernabei. No. 8 in M.202.6.2

BoYCE. No. 64 in M.220.9.1

Hayes, W. No. 2 in M.220.5; etc.

Mozart. Werke. Serie 7, Band 2. No. 52 in M. 315. 1.7.2

Portogallo. M. 260.23.2

Smith, J. S. No. 145 in M.220.9.2

Vecchi. No. 34 in M. 158.33.3

Alleluja Amen. Anthem. Handel. Werke. Lieferung 38.


Alleluja, laus et glori3. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band i. M.8o4oa.67.i

Alleluja pr3e g3udio. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band 3. M.8o4oa.67.3

Alleluja! tulerunt Dominum. Motet. Palestrina. Werke.

Band i. M.8o4oa.66.i

Alleluja vox l3et3. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band 3. M.8o4oa.67.3

Allem3nisches Lied. Song. Kuecken. No. 13 in M.244.6.1

Allen, Aubrey Mayhew.

Florette (or the goose girl). [Operetta.] Composed by
Agnes Bartlett. No. i in M.255.41

Allen, Edward Heron-.

De fidiculis bibliographia: being the basis of a bibliography
of the violin and all other instruments played with a bow
in ancient and modern times. Part i, section 1-5, with
supplement; Part 2 and 2d supplement; Part 3-6; 3d sup-
plement; Concluding part. London. Griffith, Farran,
Okeden & Welsh. 1891-93. 2 v. M. 371.40

De fidiculis opuscula. Opusculum IIL Libri desiderati . . .
3d edition. London. Mitchell & Hughes. 1890.

No. 5 in M.376.2
Same. Opusculum V. 4th edition. No. 3 in M.376.2

Libri desiderati. Prolegomena to „De fidiculis bibliographia."
4th supplement. Instruction books. London. 1890.

No. 2 in M.376.2
Opuscula fidicularum. No. i. The ancestry of the violin.
Being a discourse delivered at the Freemasons' Tavern on
June 2, 1882, to "The Sette of Odd Volumes." London.
Mitchell & Hughes. 1882. No. 4 in M.376.2

Bibliography, p. (l).

The violin. Books wanted. Prolegomena to "De fidiculis
bibliographia." 5th supplement. London. 1892.

No. 2a in M.376.2

The violin. Duplicate books for sale or exchange from [his]

collection. Prolegomena to „De fidiculis bibliographia."

6th supplement. London. 1892. No. i in M.376.2

Allen, Edward Heron-, editor.

Violin times. A monthly journal . . . Edited by Eugene

Polonaski, and Edward Heron-Allen. London. 1894-97.

Allen, George.

The life of Philidor, musician and chess-player. With an
essay on Philidor, by Tassilo von Heydebrand und der
Lasa. Philadelphia. Butler & Co. 1863. M. 105.4

Allen, George Benjamin.

"Castle Grim." A comic opera (in 2 acts). Written by R.
Reece. Composed by G. B. Allen. [Accomp. for piano-
forte.] London. Metzler & Co. [1S65.] M.361.17
Fifteen anthems. [Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello.
[1853-] M.233.1

Contents. — Almighty and everlasting God. — And lo! I beheld the
dead. — And there was war in heaven. — By the waters of Babylon.
— Have mercy upon me. — I will ahvay give thanks. — I will give
thanks. — It is a good thing to give thanks. — Let my complaint. —
LorJ, what love have I. — O be joyful. — ■ O give thanks. — O God,
who hast prepared. — O Lord Thy word. — The Lord is my shepherd.






Allen, George Benjamin. (Continued.)
Harvest home, a pastoral cantata, written by Guernsey,

composed by George B. Allen. [Solos and chorus, s. a.

T. B. Accomp. for pianoforte.] London. Metzler & Co.

[1863.] M.270.5

I love my love in the morning. [Trio. s. S. A. Accomp. for

pianoforte.] London. Leader & Cock. [185-?]

No. 14 in M.244.10.3
Same. [s. a. t. b.] Hutchings & Romer. No. 16 in M.157.23
In the beginning was the Word. Anthem for Christmas.

[Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello & Co. [186-?]

No. I in M.190.1
Listen, O isles. Anthem. {In Ouseley. Special anthems.

Vol. I, pp. 217-219.) No. 27 in M.233.24.1

The Lord is my Shepherd, verse anthem for 4 voices.

[Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello. [185-?]

Also in his Fifteen anthems. No. 3 in M.190.I

Now is Christ risen, anthem for Easter. [Accomp. for

organ.] London. Novello & Co. [186-?] No. 2 in M.191.1
Te Deum laudamus. In D. (/n Novello. Parish choir book.

Pp. 24-31.) No. 5 in M.157.30

The voice of moonlight. [Trio. s. s. a. Accomp. for piano-
forte.] London. Cock, Hutchings & Co. [186-?]

No. 22 in M. 244. 10.4

Allen, Nathan H.

The apotheosis of St. Dorothy. Cantata for tenor solo,
chorus and orchestral accompaniment. [Words by Ed-
mund W. Gosse.] Vocal score [with pianoforte accomp.].
New York. Schuberth & Co. [1891.] No. i in M.384.11
AUen-a-Dale. Part-song. Lloyd, C. H. No. 11 in M.19S.1.17
AUerseelen. Song. Strauss, R. Acht Gedichte.

No. 8 in M.380.24.1

Alles, Joao Victoriano Jacome.

O Salutaris Hostia, for 4 voices. [Accomp. for organ.]
London. Novello. [184-?] No. 4 in M.260.10.1

Alles dir, mein Vaterland. Part-song. Kuecken.

No. 18 in M.130.7
Alles Gute, alles Schone! Canon. Beethoven. Werke. Serie
12. M.413.1.23

Alles hat seine Zeit. Part-song.

Haydn, F. J. Gesange. Heft i. No. i in M.312.35; etc.

Same. Neun Quartetten. No. 2 in M.203.8

Matschinsky. No. 28 in M.392.16

Alles ist richtig. Song. Mozart. No. 4 in M.204.37

Alles mit Gott. Part-song. Kremser. No. 41 in M.392.13

Alles nur nach Gottes Willen. Cantata. For the Music see

Bach, J. S. Werke. Jahrgang 18.

Alles steht in Gottes Hand. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. Fiinf

Gesange. No. i in M.192.7

Alles urn Liebe. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20,

Band 2. M.317.1.20.2

Alles, was die Erd' enthalt. Part-song. Call.

No. 33 in M.213.9; etc.

Alles, was mein ist. Song. Taubert, C. G. W. KLange aus der

Kinderwelt. Heft I. No. 3 in M.192.6

Alles, was wir lieben, lebe! [Mannerchor.] (In Das Rutli.

Pp- 364, 365.) No. 153 in M.147.4

Allez regner, jeune princesse. Chorus. Sacchini. Le Sac-

chini des concerts. M.274.9

Allgegenwart der Liebe. Part-song. Osthoff.

No. 74 in M.i29a.43.2
Allgemeine Musik-Gesellschaft, Zurich.

Biographic von Johann Gottlieb Naumann. Abtheilung 1-3.
Ziirich. Orell, Fiissli & Co. 1843-45. Portraits. Plates.

No. 4 in M. 132.3

Allgemeine Musikschule, Basel.

Jahresbericht iiber den 11, 12 Kurs, 1877-79. Basel. Riehm.

1878-79. No. I in M.373.60

Allgemeiner deutscher Musiker-Kalender fiir 1879. Heraus-

gegeben von Oscar Eichberg. Berlin. Luckhardt. [1878.]

M. 109b. 10
Allgemeiner deutscher Musik-Verein.
Almanach. Jahrgang i, 2. Leipzig. Kahnt. 1868, 69.


Allgemeiner deutscher Musik-Verein. (Continued.)

Same. Jahrgang 2. 1869. No. i in M.376.3

Tonkunstler-Versammlung zu Leipzig. Programm fiir die

Festtage vom 3 bis mit 6 Mai, 1883. [Leipzig. Bar &

Hermann. 1883.] No. 10 in M.375.2

Allgemeines Wandern. Part-song. Methfessel.

No. IS in M.392.42.2
Alliance, The, of musick, poetry and oratory. Bayly, A.

M. 148.4
Allingham, John Till.

Who wins? or the widow's choice. A musical farce. The
music by H. Condell. No. I in M.391.14

Allingham, William.

The fairies. Ballad. [Music by] H. K. Hadley.

No. 18 in M.203.27
Allison, Horton Claridge.

"Sigh no more, ladies." Part-song. [London.] Metzler &

Co. 1871. No. 41 in M.157.23

Allmacht, Die. Cantata. For the Music see Schubert, F. P.

For the Libretto see Pyrker.
Allmacht, Die. Part-song. Lachner, V. No. I4in M.212.9; etc.
Allmacht, Die. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20,
Band 8. M.317.1.20.8

Allmers, Hermann.

Phobos Apollon. Hymne von Friedr. Gernsheim.

No. 4 in M.212.6
AUnaechtlich im Traume. Song. Franz, R. Sechs Gesange.
Op. 9. No. 6s in M.244.5.1

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Werke. Serie 19.

Schumann, R. A. Dichterliebe. Heft 2. No. S in M.244.15.2
AUon, Erskine.

Annie of Lochroyan. Traditional Scotch ballad. Set to
music for s. solo, mixed chorus and orchestra by Erskine
Allon. Op. 20. Vocal score. [Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. London Music Publishing Co. [1890.]

No. 2 in M.204.2
The maid of Colonsay. Cantata for soli [a. t. bar.], chorus
& orchestra. The words adapted by F. W. Felkin from
the ballad by John Leyden. The music composed by
Erskine Allon. Op. 25. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Lon-
don. Willcocks & Co. 1894. No. i in M.213.1
Allon, Henry.

Church song in its relations to church life. [London. 1862.]

No. 7 in M. 128.36
Allons, aliens, venez le prendre. Duet. Rifaut.

No. IS in M.390.37
Allons, mourez, je vous en prie. Song. Louis, N.

No. 18 in M.390.4
AUor ch' io dissi addio. Song. Handel. Werke. Lieferung so.

AUor che a notte splendere. Duct. Campana. No. 14 in M.244.9
Ally Croaker. Harmonized for 2 voices [s. a.]. (In Bland.
The Ladies' collection. Vol. s, PP- 57o, S7I-)

No. 160 in M.235.17.S
Alma cortese. Madrigal Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band 2.

Alma Dei Creatoris. Offertory. Mozart. Werke. Serie 3.


Alma grande e nobil core. Aria. Mozart. Werke. Serie 6,

Band 2. No. 4 in M.315.1.6.2

Alma I'incantatrice. Opera. For the Music see Flotow, F. F. A.

For the Libretto see Saint-Georges.
Alma innamorata, Un'. Cantata. For the Music see Handel.

Werke. Lieferung S2B.
Alma parens, dilecta Deo. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 5. M.8o4oa.67.5

Alma real, dignissima d'impero. Part-song. Lassus. Sammt-
liche Werke. Band 8. 11.80403.67.8
Alma Redemptoris. Anthem.

Barbieri, G. [Partitura.] No. i in M.260.22

Bernabei, G. a. No. 40 in M.158.33.4

GiRAC. No. 25 in M. 260.10.2

Hamma, B. No. 8 in M.I58.32

Janssen, N. a. No. 37 in M.260.19





Alma Redemptoris. Anthem. (Continued.)
La Face. No. i6 in M.26o.ig

Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band 5, 13. M.8o4oa.67.5, 13

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