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& Co. [1886.] No. 2 in M.285.30

Clieveden woods. A trio [s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte].
(In Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. s, pp. 71-76.)

No. IS in M.204.36.5

The golden web. Comedy opera, by F. Corder and B. C.

Stephenson. Music by Arthur Goring Thomas. M.402.57

Hurley mill. A trio [s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte]. (In

Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. 5. pp. 84-91.)

No. 17 in M.204.36.5
Nordisa: a romantic opera in 3 acts. Vocal score. [Ac-
comp. for piano.] London. Forsyth. [1887.] M.285.31
Pangbourne. A trio [s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte]. (In
Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. 5, pp. 65-70.)

No. 14 in M.204.36.5
Prospero. Concert overture for full orchestra. Full score.
London. Novello, Ewer & Co. [1884?] No. 4 in M.332.11
Recitation with music. Music. (In Voice, speech and ges-
ture . . . Pp. 191-217. London. 1895.) M. 218.2
Sonning lock. A trio [s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte]. (In
Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. S> PP- 77-83-)

No. 16 in M.204.36.5

The sword of Argantyr. A dramatic cantata in 4 scenes.

[s. A. T. bar. B. and chorus. Accomp. for piano.] London.

Forsyth. [1889.] No. I in M.28S.30

Corder, Frederick, translator.

HuMPEEDiNCK. The pilgrimage to Kevlaar. No. i in M. 193.6

Orczy. II rinnegato (The renegade). M.277.30

Cordon bleu, Le. Opera. For the Music see Boissiere. For

the Libretto see Gaboriau.
Core muorto, Lu. Song. Roxas. No. 4 in M.390.44

Corelli, Arcangelo.

Werke. Hrsg. von Joseph Joachim. Theil i. Leipzig.
Rieter-Biedermann. 1869. [Denkma:ler der Tonkunst.
3.] M.354.7

Contents. — Senate da chiesa a tre, 3 violini, e violone, o arcileuto,
col basso per I'organo. Op. i. — Sonate da camera a tre, 2 violini, e
violone, o cembalo. Op. 2. — Sonate da chiesa. Op. 3- — Sonate da
camera. Op. 4.
Coremans, Victor Amedee Jacques Marie.

Louis van Beethoven. Bruxelles. Beethoven. 1872. M. 147.23
Corfe, Arthur Thomas, editor.

Mozart. "Out of the deep." No. 18 in M.igo.6; etc.

Corfe, Charles William.

The angler's trysting-tree. [Part-song.] (In Monk. No-
vello's Part-song book. Pp. 1 15-120.) No. 29inM.iS7.4

Corfe, Joseph.

Fill me a bowl. Two-part song [t. B.]. (In Bland. The
The Ladies' collection. Vol. 2, p. 235.) No. 249 in M.23S.17.2
Also to be found in Flowers of harmony ; The Harmonist.

A morning and evening service in B flat, with eleven an-
thems, in vocal score. With accomp. for the organ or
piano forte arranged by Josiah Pittman. London. No-
vello. [185-?] M.233.5

Contents. — Te Deum, Jubilate, Cantate Domino, Deus misereatur,
and Sanctus in B flat. — Anthems : Almighty and everlasting God ;
Be Thou my judge; Hosanna to the Son of David; I will magnify
Thee, O Lord ; O God, the protector ; O God, who hast prepared ;
Ponder my words; The king shall rejoice; The Lord is king; This is
the day ; Thou, O God, art praised.
Te Deum and Jubilate; ... in B flat. The organ part
added by Josiah Pittman. London. Novello. [185-?]

No. ig in M.igo.2

'Tis love and harmony. [Glee, s. a. b.] (In Bland. The

Ladies' collection. Vol. 4> PP- 386, 387.) No. 60 in M. 235. 17.4

What beauties does Flora disclose. Harmonised as a glee,

by J. Corfe. (In Musical library. Vol. i. pp. 138-140.)

No. 62 in M.235.18.1
Corfe, Joseph, editor.

Handel. The beauties of Handel. M.221.24

Kent. [Cathedral music. Vol. i, 2.] M. 234.8

PuRCELL, H. The beauties of Purcell. M.221.2

Corin's fate. Part-song. Turner, R. No. 2 in M.121.3

Corini, Giovanni.

Vespro a 2 T. e B. Con accomp. d'organo. Torino. Magrini.
[185-?] No. 3 in M.222.2S

Corinne. Song.

LiNLEY, G. Songs. Vol. 2. No. 19 in M.235.19.2

Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 8. M.327.4.8

Coriolan. Cantata. For the Music see Lux, F. For the Li-
bretto see Laufs.
Coriolan. Overture. Beethoven. No. 2 in M.345.35

Coriolano. Opera. For the Music see Graun. For the Li-
bretto see Villati.
Coriolanus. Suite. Mackenzie, A. C. M.406.19

Corisandre, ou les foux par enchantement. Opera. For the

Music see Langle. For the Libretto see Liniere.
Corlieu, Prosper.

L'amoureux depit. Operette en i acte, de Alphonse Bou-
vret. Musique de Prosper Corlieu. [Partition chant et
piano.] Paris.. Durdilly & cie. [1884.] No. 3 in M.28S.28
Corliss, Edward Warren.

Priscilla, or a maid of Brown. Comic opera in three acts.

Words by S. S. Colvin [and others]. Music by F. L. C.

Keating and Edward W. Corliss. No. 3 in M.397.9

Queen of the ballet. A musical comedy by R. A. Barnet.

Music by Edward W. Corliss. With additional numbers

by Alfred Norman. George Lowell Tracy . . . [Accomp.

for pianoforte.] Boston. White-Smith Publishing Co.

1898. M.394.1

The show girl. A musical play. Book by R. A. Barnet.

Lyrical collaborator. D. K. Stevens. Music by H. L.

Heartz, E. W. Corliss. M.382.30

Cormon, Eugene, pseud. See Piastre, Pierre fitienne.

Corneau, Andre.

Titania. Drame musical de Louis Gallet et Andre Corneau.
Musique de Georges Hiie. M.381.2S

Comeille, Pierre.

Scene d'Horace. Mise en musique par C. Saint-Saens.

Corneille, Pierre. Works about.

Blaze, F. H. J. Moliere musician. Notes sur [ses] ceuvres

et sur les drames de Corneille, Racine ... oil se melent

des considerations sur I'harmonie de la langue frangaise.

Paris. 1852. 2 V. M.116.9

Corneille, Thomas.

Bellerophon. Tragedie lyrique. [Musique de] Lully.

Psyche. Tragedie lyrique. [Musique de] Lully. M.306.31
Cornelius, Carl August Peter.

Musikalische Werke. Erste Gesamtausgabe . . . herausge-
geben von Max Hasse. Band 1-4. Leipzig. Breitkopf &
Hiirtel. [1905- ] 4 v. Portrait. Facsimiles. M.414.20

Contents. — i. Einstimmige Lieder und Gesange mit Pianofortebeglei-
tung. 2. Mehrstimmige Lieder und Gesange: Duette; Mannerchore;
Gemischte Chore. 3. Der Barbier von Bagdad, komische Oper in zwei
Aufziigen. Ouvertiire in H moll. Partitur. 4. Der Cid. Partitur.

Der Barbier von Bagdad. Komische Oper in 2 Acten. Par-
titur. Leipzig. Kahnt. [187-?] M.341.8

Same. Clavierauszug. Neue Ausgabe. [188-?] M.363.22

Der Cid. Lyrisches Drama in 3 .\ufziigen. Dichtung und
Musik von Peter Cornelius. [Klavierauszug.] Miinchen.
Aibl. [188-?] M.291.23

Drei Mannerchore. Op. 12. Leipzig. Fritzsch. 1873. 3
parts in i v. No. 26-28 in M.392.6

Contents. — i. Der alte Soldat. 2. Reiterlied. 3. Der deutsche Schwur.

Gentle slumbers hold him fast. [Chorus, t. t. b. b., & t. solo
frotn The barber of Bagdad. Accomp. for pianoforte.]
Boston. Schmidt & Co. [1891.] No. II in M.203.10

Gunlod. Oper in drei Aufziigen . . . Drei Stiicke daraus
zum Konzertvortrag eingerichtet und instrumentirt von
Felix Mottl. Partitur. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel.
1901. 3 V. in I. M.414.21

Contents. — I. Erste Scene des ersten Aufzuges (Gunlod). 2. Dritte
Scene des ersten Aufzuges (Gunlod, Odin). 3. Suitings Lied aus dem
dritten Aufzuge.

Same. Oper in drei Aufziigen. Klavierauszug. Nach den
Originalmanuscripten des Dichtercomponisten herausge-
geben von Max Hasse. Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel.
1894. Facsimile. M.394.SI





Cornelius, Carl August Peter. (Continued.)
Trauerchore fiir Mannerstimmen event, fiir Alt- und Man-
nerstimmen. Op. 9, Heft i, 2. Leipzig. Fritzsch. 1871.
2 parts in i v. No. 24, 25 in M.392.6

Contents. — I. Ach, wie nichtig [t. T. B. B. B.]. 2. Nicht die Thrane
kann es sagen [x. T. B. B.]. — Mitten wir im Leben sind [t. t. b. b.].
— Grablied [t. t. b. b.].
Cornelius, Carl August Peter, translator.

Berlioz, L. H. L'enfance du Christ. M.341.17; etc.

Leiio, ou le retour a la vie. M. 341. 18; etc.

Die Sommernachte. (Les nuits d'ete.)

No. 4 in M.270.55

Gluck, C. W. Iphigenie en Tauride. M.224.35

Rubinstein. Die sibirischen Jager. No. i in M.321.13

Cornelius, Carl August Peter. Works about.

Kretzschmar, a. F. H. Peter Cornelius

Sandberger, a. Peter Cornelius' Cid

[Leipzig. 1881.]
No. 4 in M.215.4
Mflnchen. 1893.
No. 3 in M.372.37
Cornelius Schut. Opera. For the Music see Smareglia. For

the Libretto see Illica.
Cornell, John Henry.

Ascribe unto the Lord. [Quartet. Accomp. for organ.]
Boston. Schmidt. 1886. No. 12 in M.158.1S

Cantica sacra: or, hymns ... of the Catholic Church. Bos-
ton. Donahoe. 1865. M. 108.2
A manual of the Roman chant. By a priest of the Congre-
gation of the most Holy Redeemer. Baltimore. Kelly,
Hedian & Piet. i860. M.10S.9
The Vesper-psalter or Psalmody made easy: comprising all
the vesper-psalms with the . . . Magnificat set in modern
notation to the Roman psalm-tones, with easy organ ac-
companiments. By a priest of the Congregation of the
most Holy Redeemer. Baltimore. Kelly, Hedian & Piet.
1861. M.100.14
Cornell, John Henry, editor.

Handel. How long wilt Thou forget. No. 14 in M.158.1S
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. Come, O Jesu.

No. 13 in M.1S8.15
Cornell, John Henry, translator.

Benoit, C. The typical motives of The Master-singers of
Nuremberg. M.375.3

Cornet, Julius.

Die Oper in Deutschland und das. Theater der Neuzeit.

Hamburg. Meissner & Schirges. 1849. M. 148.17

Cornet, Der. Opera. For the Music see Kueffner. For the

Libretto see Fuchs, H.
Cornette, La. Opera. For the Music see Bernicat. For the

Libretto see Pericaud.
Cornfield, The. Part-song. Lemmens. No. 3 in M.158.23; etc.

Cornish, Mrs. •

Alcestis. [Anon.] New York. Holt & Co. 1874. M.ioga.S
Cornus proclaims aloud. Catch. Berg, G. No. 148 in M. 220.9.1
Cornut, Romain, the younger.

Les noces de Promethee. Cantate. Musique de C. Saint-
Saijns. No. 3 in M.1S5.48

Cornwall, N. E.

Music as it was, and as it is. New York. Appleton & Co.
1851. M.101.17

Coron, Leon.

Au septieme etage. Bouffonnerie musicale. Musique de

Alph. Herman. No. 3 in M.256.ig

Pattes blanches. Operette. Paroles de Marc Constantin et

Coron. Musique de Laurent de Rille. No. 4 in M.307.20

Corona. Songs from. Vagedes. No. 3 in M.2gi.24

Corona aurea. Motet. Palestrina. Werke. Band 2.

Corona Lauretana. Litany. Schulthes. No. 2 in M.260.14

Corona messaggera. La. Song. Gordigiani. !6chos de la
Toscane. Vol. 2. No. 20 in M.244.13.2

Coronach. Part-song. Schubert, F. P. No. 13 in M.204.36.1; etc.
Coronaro, Gaetano.

La creola. Melodramma in 3 atti, di Eo. e M*. Torelli-Viol-
lier. Musica di Gaetano Coronaro. Per canto e piano-
forte. Milano. Ricordi. [1878.] M.285.32

Coronaro, Gaetano. (Continued.)
Un tramonto, egloga. [Parole di Arrigo Boito.] Musica di
Gaetano Coronaro. Riduzione per canto e pianoforte.
Milano. Ricordi. [1873.] No. 2 in M.277.2S

Coronaro, Gellio Benvenuto.

Claudia, dramma lirico in due atti di D. G. Bartocci Fontana,

musica di Gellio Benvenuto Coronaro. Riduzione per

canto e pianoforte. Milano. Sonzogno. 1895. M.399.10

Festa a marina, bozzetto lirico. Riduzione per canto e

pianoforte. Milano. Sonzogno. 1893. M.sgg.ii

Coronation anthems. Handel. Kronungshymnen fiir Konig
Georg IL Werke. Lieferung 14. M.313.1.14

Coronation-march. For orchestra. Mackenzie, A. C.

No. I in M.40S.3S

Coronation ode ... in honor of the coronation of King Ed-
ward VIL Cantata. For the Music see Cowen. For the
Libretto see Morris, L.


Bridge, J. F., editor. The form and order of the service . . .
and ceremonies ... in the coronation of Their Majesties
King Edward VIL and Queen Alexandra . . . With the
music to be sung. London. 1902. No. I in M.384.5S

Corrado d'Altamura. Opera. For the Music see Ricci, F. For
the Libretto see Sacchero.

Corregidor, Der. Opera. For the Music see Wolf, H. For
the Libretto see Mayreder-Obermayer.

Corrente. For pianoforte. Frescobaldi. M.380.59

Corri, Clarence C.

The dandy Fifth. An English military comic opera in three
acts. Written by George R. Sims. Composed by Clarence
C. Corri. Vocal score. [Accomp. for piano.] London.
Hopwood & Crew. 1898. M.389.36

Corri, Domenico.

Lilliput. A dramatic romance, written by the late David
Garrick, with additional songs and a masque, written by
F. G. Fisher. The music composed by D. Corri. [Ac-
comp. for pianoforte.] London. Goulding, D'Almaine,
Potter & Co. [181-?] No. 3 in M.391.63

The travellers, or music's fascination, a dramatic opera in S
acts. The music by D. Corry. Written by Mr. Cherry.
[Accomp. for pianoforte. London. 181-?] No. i in M.251.3

Corri, Domenico, editor.

A select collection of the most admired songs, duetts, &c.,
from operas . . . and other works in Italian, English
French . . . [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Edinburgh. Corri.
[179-?] 3 V. in I. M.244.26

Corri, Haydn, editor.

Cherubini. Mass, Third solemn. No. 2 in M. 250.8

Corsair, The. Cantata. For the Music see Cowen; also Glover,
W. For the Libretto see Francillon; also Byron, G. G. N.

Corsair, The. Opera. For the Music and Libretto see Cory.

Corsaire, Le. Opera. For the Music see Dalayrac. For the
Libretto see La Chabeaussiere.

Corsaire, Le. Overture. Berlioz, L. H. No. i in M.345.28

Corsar, Der. Part-song. Debois. No. 34 in M.3g2.6

Corsaro, II. Opera. For the Music see Verdi; also Pacini, G.
For the Libretto see Piave.

Corsaro, II, di Venezia. Song. Gordigiani, L. fichos de la
Toscane. Vol. i. No. 35 in M.244.13.1

Corsica. Folk songs.

Fee, a. L. A. Voceri, chants populaires de la Corse, pre-
cedes d'une excursion faite dans cette ile en 1845. Paris.
1850. M.197.7

Contains the music of four songs.

Corsini, Guido.

Lo spirito di Dante. Cantata del Maestro Teodulo Mabel-
lini. No. 3 in M.3SS.4

Cortege. For piano and orchestra. Mesquita, C. de.

No. 2 in M.410.47

Cortege solennel. For orchestra. Glazunov. No. i in M.406.58

Cortesi, Francesco.

La colpa del cuore. Dramma lirico in 4 parti. Parole di R.
Berninzone. Musica del Mo. F. Cortesi. Riduzione per
canto e pianoforte. Torino. Giudici & Strada. [1870.]






Cortesia, La, voi, donne, predicate. Part-song. Lassus.

Sammtliche Werke. Band lo. 14.80403.67.10

Cortez; or, tlie conquest of Mexico. Opera. For the Music see

Bishop, H. R. For the Libretto see Planche, J. R.
Corvin de Krjrukovskoi, Petr.

Le petit moujik. Operette, de Pierre Newsky [pseud.] &
Jean Lery. Musique de Georges Haakman.

No. I in M.393.22
Cory, Charles Barney.

The corsair. [Operetta. Words by C. B. Cory. Music by

C. B. Cory and Leon Keach. Accomp. for pianoforte.

Boston?] 1887. No. 3 in M.291.1

Cosa rara, Una, o sia bellezza ed onesta Lilla. Opera. For the

Music see Martin y Solar. For the Libretto see Ponte.
Cosaque, La. Opera. For the Music see Ronger, F. For the

Libretto see Meilhac.
Coscritto, II. Opera. For the Music see Bielati. For the Li-
bretto see Casanova.
Coscritto, II. Song. Gordigiani. fichos de la Toscane.
Vol. 2. No. 35 in M.244.13.2

Cosi cor mio vogliate. Part-song. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 6. M.8o4oa.67.6

Cosi dunque tradisci. Aria. Mozart. Werke. Serie 6, Band 2.

No. 29 in M.315.1.6.2
Cosi fan tutte. Opera. For the Music see Mozart. For the

Libretto see Ponte.
Cosi fan tutte. Overture. Mozart. No. 5 in M.347.11

Cosi la fama scriva. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band 28.

Cosi lechiome mie. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band 28.

Cosimo. Opera. For the Music see Prevost, E. P. For the

Libretto see Saint Hilaire.
Cossack's drinking song. Part-song. Raff. No. 10 in M.20S.10.7
Cosseret, Paul.

Lyderic. Opera. Paroles de E. Lagrilliere-Beauclerc & P.
Cosseret. [Musique de] fimile Ratez. M.300.13

Cossmann, Paul Nikolaus.

Hans Pfitzner. Miinchen. Miiller. 1904. [Muenchner
Broschiiren. Heft i.] No. 2 in M.102.37

Costa, Andrea.

Analytical considerations on the art of singing. London.
Sherwood, Gilbert & Piper. 1838. M.io9a.23

Considerations on the art of singing in general, and particu-
larly on several errors into which singers are liable to
fall ... London. Schulze. 1824. No. l in M.373.38

In English and Italian on opposite pages.
Costa, Enrico.

David Rizio. Dramma lirico. Musica del Maestro Luigi
Canepa. M.399.7

Costa, Sir Michael.

Date sonitum, an offertorium for a bass voice and chorus
. . . Organ accomp. arranged by V. Novello. London.
Novello. [183-?] No. 8 in M.260.10.1

The dream, a serenata, written by William Bartholomew
. . . The music . . . [s. A. T . B. and chorus] by Michael
Costa. Accomp. for piano forte. London. Addison, Hol-
lier & Lucas. [1858.] No. 5 in M.391.35

Eli, an oratorio . . . The words selected and written by
William Bartholomew. The music by Michael Costa.
Accomp. for the pianoforte by Charles Lucas. London.
Longmans. [1856.] M.153.12

Same. Full score. London. Addison, Hollier & Lucas.
[1856.] M.241.19

Flow, softly flow. [Trio, s. s. a. Accomp. for pianoforte.]
London. Hutchings & Romer. [187-?] No. 16 in M.244.10.5
Hymne componirt und gewidmet S^. Majestat dam Konig
Wilhelm von Preussen . . . von Sir Michael Costa. [Fiir
Chor und Orchester. Partitur.] Berlin. Bote & Bock.
[1869?] No. 3 in M.270.55

Let the people praise Thee. Quartette. [Accomp. for or-
gan.] Boston. Ditson. [186-?] No. loin M.290.9.1
The Lord hear thee. Introit. For s. A. t. b. From the ora-
torio "Eli." (In Hullah. The Singer's library. Sacred.
Pp. 30, 31) No. 33a in M.1S7.3

Costa, Sir Michael. (Continued.)

The Lord is good. Chorus. {In Parker. Sacred choruses.
Pp. 50-57.) No. 8 in

Make the car of a golden king-cup. Chorus of fairies [s. s.
A.] from "The dream." [Accomp. for pianoforte.] {In
Novello's Collection of trios, etc. Vol. 3, pp. 131-140.)

No. 18 in M.204.36.3

Naaman, an oratorio . . . The words selected & written by
William Bartholomew. Full score. London. Addison &
Lucas. [1864.] M. 241. 17

Same. [Accomp. for pianoforte.] Special edition for the
Sacred Harmonic Society. 1865. M.241.18

Same. Boston. Ditson & Co. [1869?] M. 204.10

Thou shalt love the Lord. Trio [s. s. s. Accomp. for or-
gan]. Boston. Ditson. [185-?] No. 15 in M.290.14

"Suffer little children to come unto Me," a baptismal an-
them for s. and A., with chorus. [Accomp. for organ.]
London. Novello. [185-?] No. 20 in M. 190.2

Te Deum. [Accomp. for organ.] (/n Buck. Motette col-
lection. Vol. 2, pp. 95-103.) No. 23 in M. 100.4.2
Costa, P. Mario.

Histoire d'un Pierrot. Pantomime en 3 actes de Fernand
Beissier. Musique de P. Mario Costa. Partition transcrite
pour piano. Paris. Choudens. 1893. M.39S.20

Coste, Jules Edme.

Les charbonniers. Operette en i acte. Paroles de Ph. Gille.
Musique de J. Coste. Partition piano et chant. Paris.
Heugel. [1877.] Plates. No. 3 in M.277.2S

Les horreurs de la guerre. Opera-bouffe en 2 actes. Pa-
roles de Philippe Gille. Musique de Jules Coste. Parti-
tion chant et piano. Paris. Brandus & Dufour. [1868.]


Le nid. [Chanson inedite, s. Accomp. de piano.] Portrait.
Facsimile. (In Album du Gaulois. Vol. i.)

No. 7 in M.3gi.28.i

Costenoble, Carl Ludwig.
Der Unsichtbare. Komische Oper. Musik von Eule.


Coster, C. H.

Suite: prelude, scherzo, intermezzo, marcia pour orchestre.
Op. 14. Partition. Paris. Maho. [185-?] No. i in M.358.24
Cottage maid. The. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 24.

Cottage rose. The. Ballad. Keller, M. No. 10 in M.192.13.1
Cottagers, The. Ballad. Haydn, F. J. Twelve ballads.

No. I in M.221.33

Cottens, Victor de.

Les demoiselles des Saint-Cyriens. Operette de P. Gavault

& V. de Cottens. Musique de Louis Varney. M.402.S8

Le fiance de Thylda, operette-bouffe de V. de Cottens et R.

Charvay. Musique de Louis Varney. M.381.S9

Mademoiselle George. Operette de Victor de Cottens &

Pierre Veber. Musique de Louis Varney. M. 381.60

Le pompier de service. Vaudeville-operette de Victor de

Cottens & Paul Gavault. Musique de Louis Varney.

Cotter, Joseph Rogerson.

Instructions for learning the basso-Hibernicon, or Hiber-
nian bass-horn, and the Hibernian tenor-horn. London.
Key. 1824. No. 4 in M.114.8

Cotter's Saturday night, The. Chorus. For the Music see
Mackenzie, A. C. For the Libretto see Bums.

Cottier, R.

Simone. Opera comique en 3 actes. Poeme de Pierre Bar-
bier. Musique de R. Cottier. Partition piano et chant.
Paris. Vve Girod. [189-?] M.397.20

Cottin, Edmond.

Messe a quatre voix, avec accomp. d'orgue. Paris. L'auteur.

[185-?]' No. 3 in M.201.3

Pierre et Paul. Operette en I acte. Paroles de V. L. de

Loud'hard. Musique de Edmond Cottin. [Partition piano

et chant.] Paris. Labadie. [185-?] No. i in M.277.27

Cottin, Paul, editor.

Auger, H. N. J. Memoires. M.370.S





Cotton, John Henry, editor.

Bangor cathedral collection: being a selection of anthems
and sacred music from the works of Astorga, C. P. E.
Bach, Caldara . . . consisting of solos, duets, trios, quar-
tets and choruses, with an organ accomp. Chester.
Thomas. 1848. M.290.33

t Contents. — Handel: Father, to Thy throne. — Gossec: Holy Spirit
from on high. — Bach : O come let us worship. — Righini : Great is
the Lord. — Haydn: Try me O God. — Haydn: Unto Thee will I
cry. — Graun ; O praise the Lord. — Graun : O sing praises. — Nau-
mann: Lamb of God. — Haydn: Glory be to God. — Pergolesi: O
my God I will magnify Thee. — Pergolesi : We praise Thee O God. —
Graun : He was despised. — Haydn : A service for Good Friday. —
Mozart: Bow down Thine ear. — Astorga: Hear my crying. — Haydn:
In Thee O Lord. — Mozart : O God Thou art my God. — Caldara :
Serve the Lord with gladness. — Mozart : Blessed be the name. —
Winter: O my God behold me. • — Graun: We will rejoice. — Pergo-
lesi : Glory to God in the highest. — Curschmann : O Lord give ear.

— Himmel : O Lord give ear. — Hymn from the "Laudi spirituali."
A. D. 1545. — Haydn: Sanctus. (From a Mass.) — ■ Haydn: Kyrie
eleeson. — Pergolesi: Sanctus. — Kyrie eleeson. — Mozart, adapted
by Corfe : Sanctus.

Cottrau, Teodoro, editor.

23a raccolta di canzoni napolitane. [Per canto e piano.]
Napoli. Cottrau. [186-?] No. 4 in M.390.44

Contents. — Cottrau : Santa Lucia. La Sorrentina. La fata di Amalfi.
L'aria de lo mare. Lo Zoccolaro. — Meglio : Lu passariello. — La-
briola: Lo passariello. — PeruUo : Na mmasciata. — [Anon.] : Tere.

— Perullo: Lu suonno de lo marenare. — Roxas : Lu core muorto.
Lu dispietto. — Giaquinto : Masaniello. — Ricci: Piedigrotta.

Coucher du soleil, Le. Song.

Berlioz, L. H. No. i in M.391.32; etc.

Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 7. M.327.4.7

Coucou, Le. Chorus. Weckerlin. Choeurs. M.1S7.12

Coucy, Raoul de. See Coucy, Regnault.
Coucy, Regnault, Chatelain de.

Le nouveau tems, et mais et violette. [Chanson, s. or t.,
with bass part added.] {In Smith. Musica antiqua. Pp.
16, 17.) M.236.10

Cou'd a man be secure. Duet. Goodwin, S.

No. 7 in M.i39a.i8.i ; etc.
Could gold prolong. Glee. Hutchinson, F.

No. 5 in M.220.3.2; etc.
Could I be near my boy. Song. Keller, M.

No. II in M.192.13.1
Could this ild [sic] world have been contriv'd. Song. Bee-
thoven. Werke. Serie 24. M.413.1.24
Could'st thou but know. Song. Balfe. No. 23 in M.192.9.1
Couldrey, Henry Robert.

Come unto Me. Anthem for solo [s.] and chorus. [Accomp.

for organ.] {In Novello's Collection of anthems. Vol. 13.

pp. i_5.) No. I in M.195.2.13

Coulisses, Les, de I'Opera. Roqueplan. No. 2 in M.i29a.33

Counterfeiter, The. Opera. For the Music see Davison. For

the Libretto see Whorf.
Counterparts. Fiction. Sheppard. M.141.23


AzoPARDi, F. Le musicien pratique, ou legons qui condui-

sent les eleves dans I'art du contrepoint . . . Paris. 1786.

2 V. in I. M.107.2S

Beethoven, L. van. Studies in thorough-bass, counterpoint

and the art of scientific composition. Leipzig. 1853.

Plates. Facsimiles. M.105.18

Cherubini, M. L. C. Z. S. A course of counterpoint and

fugue. 2d edition. London. 1841. 2 v. in i. M.116.12

Haupt, C. a. Theory of counterpoint, fugue, and double

counterpoint. New York. [1876.] M.371.41

HiLES, H. Harmony or counterpoint? Manchester. 1889.

No. 2 in M.372.44
Macfarren, G. a. Counterpoint. Sth edition. Cambridge.
1884. M. 122.23

ViRUES Y Spinola, J. J. DE. An original and condensed
grammar of harmony, counterpoint and musical composi-
tion by J. J. de Virues y Spinola and F. T. A. Chaluz de
Vernevil. London. 1850. M.131.7

Country girl, A. Opera. For the Music see Monckton. For

the Libretto see Tanner.
Country man's song, The. Part-song. Rimbault.

No. 8 in M. 157.4

Country pair, A. Madrigal. Weelkes. First set of madrigals.

No. I in M.234.21

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