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pp. 449, 450.) No. loi in M.235.17.4

O be joyful in God. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Gardiner. Sacred melodies. Vol. 4, pp. 565-571.)

No. 26 in M.236.30.4

O Lord, Thou hast searched me out. Anthem [s. a. t. b. Ac-
comp. for organ], (/n Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. i,

PP- 53-59) . No. 20 in M.2go.22.i

Also to be found in Gardiner's Sacred melodies ; [for a. t. b.] Stevens's
Sacred music.

Sing praises to the Lord. Full anthem. [Accomp. for or-
gan.] Edited by J. Stainer. (In Novello's Collection of
anthems. Vol. 8, pp. 193-203.) No. 18 in M.195.2.8

Sing praises unto God. Canon, 4 in i. (In Turle and Tay-
lor. The People's music book. Vol. 3, pp. 280, 281.)

No. 66 in M.iii.4.2

Sing unto God. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] (In .'Ayr-
ton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. 2, pp. 37-40.)

No. 14 in M.290.22.2
Also to be found in Gardiner's Sacred melodies ; Turle and Taylor's
The People's music book.

Tantum ergo. Quartett and chorus. [Accomp. for organ.]
(In Novello. Evening service. Vol. 2, p. 353.) M.26o.23.2

Te Deum, Jubilate, Sanctus, Kyrie, and Nicene creed, in A.
[Accomp. for organ.] (In Novello. Cathedral choir book.
Vol. 2.) M.233.14.2

Thirty select anthems and the burial service ... in vocal
score, with accomp. for the organ or piano forte, by Vin-
cent Novello. London. Novello. [185-?] 2 v. M.233.6

Contents. — I. Hear my prayer, O Lord. — I will sing unto the Lord.
— The Lord is my strength. — Lord, what love have I. — O be joy-
ful in God. — O Lord God of my salvation [for 3 voices]. — ■ O Lord,
rebuke me not. — O Lord, Thou hast searched me out. — Out of the
deep. — Praise the Lord, O my soul. — Rejoice in the Lord. — Sing
unto God, O ye kingdoms. — Sing unto the Lord. — We wait for Thy
loving-kindness. — We will rejoice. — Burial service. 2. Blessed are
all they that fear the Lord. — Cry aloud and shout. — Hear my
prayer. — I cried imto the Lord. — I will alway give thanks. — O
give thanks unto the Lord. — O Lord God of my salvation [full, 4 &
6 voices]. — O Lord, grant the king a long life. — O Lord, I will
praise Thee. — O praise the Lord, ye that fear Him. — Sing praises
to the Lord, O ye saints. — The earth is the Lord's. — The heavens
declare. — This is the day. — The Lord is king. — ■ Thou, O God, art
praised. — Laudate Dominura.

This is the day. Anthem. [Accomp. for organ.] (In Gar-
diner. Sacred melodies. Vol. 3, pp. 330-334)

No. II in M.236.30.3

We will rejoice in Thy salvation. [Anthem. Accomp. for
organ.] (In Ayrton. Sacred minstrelsy. Vol. i, pp. 160-

168.) No. 57 in M. 290.22.1

Also to be found in Gardiner's Sacred melodies ; Hullah's Part music.
Sacred ; Novello's Collection of anthems.

Croisade, La. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 7.

Croisade, La, des enfants. Cantata. For the Music see Pieme,
For the Libretto see Schwab, M.





Croises, Les, devant Jerusalem. Oratorio. For the Music see

Concone. For the Libretto see Plouvier.
Croisset, Francis de, pseud. See Wiener, Franz.
Croix, La, de I'alcalde. Opera. For the Music see Perry Bia-

gioli. For the Libretto see Vast.
Croix, La, de Marie, Opera. For the Music see MaiUart. For

the Libretto see Simon, J. P.
Croly, George. . ..^

[Pride shall have a fall.] The overture, songs, ... in the

musical comedy. Composed by J. Watson.

No. 4 m M.390.40

Cromwell et Charles IL Opera. For the Music see Olivier.

For the Libretto see LoUiot.
Cronnan. Song. Schubert, F. P. Werke. Serie 20, Band 4.

M.317. 1.20.4

Cronthal, William, pseud. See Gross, Pierre.

Crook, John. ...

The new barmaid. Musical play. Written by Frederick

Bowyer and W. E. Sprange. Music by John Crook.

rVocal score with piano accomp.] London. Hopwood &

Crew. [1895.] ^'•SS?-"

Crookall, John.

Oravi Deum. (Soli and chorus.) [Accomp. for organ.] (.In
Lutz. Motets for the year. No. 47- PP- 222-227.)

No. 47 in M.156.50

Crookall, John, editor.

ScHMiD F. X. Schmid's Mass, in D. No. i in M.201.20

Croquefer, ou le dernier des Paladins. Opera.^ For the Music

see Offenbach. For the Libretto see Trefeu.
Croqueuses, Les, de pommes. Opera. For the Music see

Deffes. For the Libretto see Grange.
Croquignole XXXVL Opera. For the Music see L'Epine.

For the Libretto see Pittaud.
Crosland, Camilla.

Summer night, a cantata. Music by Emanuel Aguilar.

No. I in M.204.2

Cross, Charles Robert.

On the present condition of musical pitch in Boston and

vicinity. By Charles R. Cross and Wm. T. Miller. (.Cut

from American journal of otology. Vol. 2, pp. 249-263.

New York. 1889.) No. 6 in M.207.26

Cross, Michael Hurley, editor.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, J. L. F. A grand mass in G.

No. 2 in M.380.2
Mercadante. Ave Verum [s. t. b.]. No. 24 in M.260.10.7

Cross, John C.

The purse, or benevolent tar, a musical entertainment . . .
the music by William Reeve. No. 5 in M.220.18

Crosse, John. , . r.

An account of the Grand musical festival, held in Sept., 1823,
in the Cathedral Church of York. York. Waltenholme.
1825. Plates. Plans. M.121.22

Crotch, William.

Come, praise the Lord. [Accomp. for organ.] (In Metcalfe.

Fifty metrical anthems. Pp. 73, 74-) No. 44 in M.157.34

Elements of musical composition; comprehending the rules

of thorough bass, and the theory of tuning. London.

Longman. 1812. Plates. M.121.7

Go, tuneful bird. Glee. London. Birchall. [181-?]

No. 39 in M.235.14
Also to be found in Warren's Cocks's Hand-book of glees.
Holy, holy, holy Lord God. Hymn. For s. a. b. [Accomp.
for organ.] {In Hullah. The Singer's library. Sacred.
No. 29. Pp. 1-5.) No. 29 in M.IS7.3

Also to be found [for s. a. t. b.] in Novello's Collection of anthems.
Methinks I hear. Motett [s. a. x. b. b.], with instrumental
accomp. [Full score.] London. Cramer, Addison &
Beale. [183-?] No. 3 in M.235.7.2

Also to be found [with accomp. for organ] in Musical times [Music].

O God, Thou art my God alone. [Accomp. for organ.] (In
Metcalfe. Fifty metrical anthems. Pp. 45, 46.)

No. 30 in M.157.34

O Saviour, is Thy promise fled? Hymn for Advent. [Ac-
comp. for organ.] (/n Holden. Church music. Pp. 87-
gi.) No. 9 in M.236.34

Crotch, William. (Continued.)

Palestine, a sacred oratorio. The voice parts in score, the
instrumental adapted for the piano forte. The words by
Reginald Heber, the music by W. Crotch. London.
Cramer, Addison & Beale. [183-?] _ M.241.21

Substance of several courses of lectures on music. London.
Longmans. 1831. Plate. M.105.17

Crotch, William, editor.

G.^lliard. The hymn of Adam and Eve. No. 2 in M.110.18

Specimens of various styles of music referred to in a course

of lectures, read at Oxford & London, and adapted to

keyed instruments. [London.] Mitchell. [183-?] 3 v.

The lectures may be found on shelf-number M.105.17. M.237.3

Crotch, William. Works about.

Barrington, D. Account of a very remarkable young musi-
cian [Mozart] ; Account of Charles Wesley; Some account
of little Crotch. Portrait. (In his Miscellanies. Pp. 279-
325.) No. S in M.132.3

Crowest, Frederick James.

Advice to singers. Sth edition. London. Warne & Co.

1892. M.208.18

A book of musical anecdote, from every available source.

London. Bentley. 1878. 2 v. M.126.17

Cherubini. London. Low. 1890. [The great musicians.]

The great tone-poets: short memoirs of the great compo-
sers. London. Bentley. 1874. M.129.19
Contents. — Bach. — Handel. — Gluck. — • Haydn. — Mozart. —
Beethoven. — Spohr. — Weber. — Rossini. — Schubert. — Mendels-
sohn. — Schumann.
Phases of musical England. London. Remington & Co.
1881. M.146.13
Crown diamonds. Opera. For the Music see Auber. For the

Libretto see Scribe.
Crown jewels. Opera. See Auber. Crown diamonds.
Crown of Jesus music. [For congregations, convents, schools
and families. For 3 and 4 voices without accomp.] Lon-
don. Richardson. [187-?] M.215.6
Crown! oh, crown each brow with flowers. Glee. Taylor,
J. B. A set of seven glees. No. 3 in M.236.21
Crown the glass. Catch. Gillier. No. 192 in M.110.1.3; etc.
Crown'd with roses. Glee. Danby. No. 28 in M.220.9.4
Croze, J. B. de.

Frisette et Polydore. Saynete. Paroles de A. Blanc. Mu-
sique de J. B. de Croze. [Partition chant et piano.] Paris.
Collet. [188-?] No. 3 in M.301.3

Crozet, Felix.

Revue de la musique dramatique en France. Grenoble.

Prudhomme. 1866. M.115.13

Crucem sanctam subiit. Motet. Palestrina. M.384.28;etc.

Cruche cassee. La. Opera. For the Music see Pessard; also

Vasseur. For the Libretto see Lucas; also Cairon.
Crucifixion, The. Oratorio. For the Music see Rippon; also

Stainer. For the Libretto see Simpson, W. J. S.
Crucifixion, The, and the Resurrection. Oratorio. For the

Music see Clarke-Whitfeld.
Crucifixus. Anthem. Bach, J. S. No. 37 in M.2go.22.2

LoTTi. No. 24, 26 in M.202.6.2

Suidell. No. 12 in M.290.29.5

Crucius, Levinus. Works about.

Straeten, E. van der. Notice sur Lievin van der Cruyce

dit Crucius. Lille. 1862. No. 3 in M.149.22

Cruda Amarilli. Madrigal. Petti. No. 152 in

Cruda, La, mia nemica. Madrigal. Palestrina. Werke. Band

28. M.8o4oa.66.28

Crudel tiranno Amor. Aria. Handel. Werke. Lieferung 52A.

Crudele, acerba, inesorabil Morte. Madrigal. Lassus. Sammt-
liche Werke. Band 2. M.8o4oa.67.a

Crueger, Johannes.

Der Choral: ,,Nun danket Alle Gott," fiir die Orgel gesetzt
von Franz Liszt. (Chor und Begleitung der Trompeten,
Posaunen und Pauken ad lib.) Partitur und Stimmen.
Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [188-?] No. 4 in M.403.77





Cruel, behold my heavy ending. Madrigal. Wilbye. Works.

Vol. I. No. 28 in M.234.19.1

Cruel cuckoo. Part-song. Koschat. No. 30 in M.392.13

Cruel fate, A. Glee. Aylvvard. No. 208 in M.220.9.1; etc.

Hayes, P. No. 4 in M.220.5

Cruel, pourquoi m'as-tu trahie? Aria. Sacchini. Le Sacchini

des concerts. M.274.9

Cruel unkind. Madrigal. Bennet, J. Madrigals.

No. I in M.234.22
Cruel, veux-tu que ton amante. Aria. Sacchini. Le Sacchini
des concerts. M.274.9

Cruel, you pull away too soon. Canzonet. Morley.

No. 4 in M.220.S
Cruelle esperance. Song. Schubert, F. P. Melodies. Vol. 8.

Cruickshank, William Alexander Campbell.

Evening. A four-part song. [London. Novello, Ewer &
Co. 1882.] No. 21 in M.158.15

How beautiful are the feet. [Christmas anthem. Accomp.
for organ.] Boston. Schmidt. [1894.] No. 29 in M.203.26
O summer wind. A four-part song. London. Novello,
Ewer & Co. 1882, No. 20 in M.158.15

Sing, O ye heavens. [Anthem. Accomp. for organ.] Bos-
ton. Schmidt. 1894. No. 30 in M.203.26
Stars of the summer night. A four-part song [t. t. b. b.].
(/n The Orpheus. New series. Vol. 7, pp. 59-63.)

No. IS in M.205.10.7
Cruikshank, George, illustrator.

Ferdinand Franck; the auto-biographical sketch. M.i29a.38
Cruiskeen lawn, The. Part-song. Stewart, R. P.

No. 18 in M.ig5.i.i5
Crusade, The. Opera. For the Music see Shield. For the

Libretto see Reynolds, F.
Crusaders, The. Cantata. For the Music see Gade; also Hiles,
H.; also Rogers, E. For the Libretto see Andersen, C.
C. T.; also Millar.
Crusaders, The. Opera. For the Libretto see Bunn.
Crusaders, The. Part-song. Pinsuti. No. 28 in M.195.1.5; etc.
Crux fidelis. Anthem.
John IV.. of Portugal. No. 17 in M.1S8.33.3

Palestrina. Werke. Band 31. M.8o4oa.66.3i

Cruyce, Lievin van der. See Crucius, L.

Cry aloud and shout. Chorus. Croft. No. 18 in M.158.15; etc.
Cry aloud and shout for joy. Anthem. Clarke, H.

No. 22 in M.203.26
Cry unto the Lord. Anthem. Ebdon. Sacred music. M.233.15
Cry'd Strephon. Catch. Baildon. No. 102 in M.220.9.1; etc.

Crystal Palace, London. Saturday concerts.

Programmes, season 1880/81-1883/84. [With indexes.]
London. 1881-84. 4 v. M.304.5

Four programmes are missing in the season 18S2/83.

Same. 20th concert, 1878. No. 9 in M.116.10

Csiky, Gergely.

Toldi szerelme, . . . Toldi's Liebe. Musik Drama von Gre-

gor Csiky u. Emil Abranyi. Musik von Edmund von Mi-

halovich. M.395.44

Cubrid me di flores. Duet. Schumann, R. A. Werke. Serie

10, Band 2. M.316.1.10.2

Cuckoo, The. Part-song. Spohr, L. No. 10 in M.20S.10.4

Cuckow, The. Song. Hook, J. A sixth book of songs.

No. 2 in M.202.32
Cuckow, good neighbour. Catch. Nelham.

No. 219 in M.235.17.2; etc.
Cudmore, Richard.

The martyr of Antioch, an oratorio. The words from the
poem by H. H. Milman. [Accomp. for the piano.] Lon-
don. Balls. [183-?] M.241.22
Cudworth, William.

Musical reminiscences of Bradford. Bradford. Byles. 1885.
Portraits. No. 2 in M.ii9a.i7

Cueppers, Adam Josef.

Arminius. Oratorium [Musik] von Max Bruch. M.34i.n;etc.
Cui, Cesar. See Kui, T. A.

Cuisine, La, des pauvres. Cook-book. Varenne de Beost, C.

M. A. No. /in M.131.14

Cujus animam. Anthem. Klein, B. J. No. 12 in M.260.17.1

CuUey, Arnold D.
Let the words of my mouth. Anthem for s. solo and chorus.
[Accomp. for organ.] (/n Novello's Collection of an-
thems. Vol. 16, pp. 86-90.) No. 10 in M.19S.2.16
Culwick, James Cooksey.

Quartett fiir Pianoforte, Violine, Viola und Violoncell.
Op. 7. [Partitur.] Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. [189-.]

No. 2 in M.404.40

Cum autem esset Stephanus. Motet. Palestrina. Werke.

Band 6. M.8o4oa.66.6

Cum beatus Ignatius. Anthem. Vittoria. Opera. Tomus i.

Cum dederit dilectis. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.
Band 9. M.8o4oa.67.9

Cum descendisset. Anthem. Palestrina. Werke. Band 31.


Cum essem parvulus. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band 15. M.8o4oa.67.i5

Cum hominibus. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke. Band 9.


Cum inducerent puerum Jesum. Motel. Palestrina. Werke.

Band 6. M.8o4oa.66.6

Cum jucunditate. Motet. Bai. No. 18 in M. 158.33.4

Perez, D. No. 44 in M. 260.24.1

Cum natus esset Jesus. Motet. Lassus. Sammtliche Werke.

Band 11. M.8o4oa.67.ii

Cum ortus fuerit. Motet. Palestrina. Werke. Band 3.


Cum pervenisset beatus Andreas. Motet. Palestrina. Werke.

Band i. M.8o4oa.66.i

Cum Sancto Spiritu. Chorus. Bonno. No. 10 in M. 233.26.3

Clari. No. 8 in M. 233.26.2

Leo, L. No. 9 in M.233.26.2

Moriari. No. 26 in M.29o.2g.3

Pergolesi. No. ii in M.290.29.6


A sketch of the properties of the machine organ made for

the Earl of Bute. London. Hodson. 1812. No. i in M.373.36

Cummings, William Hayman.

The fairy ring, a cantata, the words by Miss R. S. Hobbs,

the music by W. H. Cummings. [s. a. t. b. and chorus.

Accomp. for piano.] London. Novello, Ewer & Co.

[1873?] No. 2 in M.154.43

O Lord give ear unto my prayer. Full anthem for 4 voices.

[Accomp. for organ.] London. Novello & Co. [1870?]

No. 21 in M. 190.2

Purcell. New York. Scribner & Welford. 1881. [The

great musicians.] M. 104.23

The rudiments of music. London. Novello, Ewer & Co.

[1877. Music primers.] No. 4 in M.117.5; No. I in M.197.5

Cummins, Charles, editor.

Kunzen. [Hallelujah of the creation.] M.222.8

Cunning-man, The. Opera. For the Music see Rousseau, J. J.

Cuopre tal volta il cielo. Aria. Handel, G. F. Werke. Lie-

ferung 52A. M.313.1.52A

Cuor, II, delle fanciulle. Opera. For the Music see Buon-

giorno. For the Libretto see Illica.
Cup, A, of wine. Glee. Bishop, H. R. No. 29 in M. 157.19; etc.
Cupid and Psyche. Ballet. Noverre, J. G. No. 11 in M.147.5

A resume only, no music.

Cupid mistaken. Glee. Baildon. "As afternoon."

No. 80 in M.220.10
Cupid, my pleasure. Glee. Webbe, S. Selection of glees.

Vol. 3. No. 18 in M.23S.13.3; etc.

Cupid no more. Glee. Dyne. No. 218 in M.235.17.2; etc.

Cupid's kindness. Song. Beethoven. Werke. Serie 24.

Cupid's Httle game. Play. W., H. G. No. i in M. 143.18

Cupid's lottery. Part-song. Platte. No. 22 in M.203.28

Cupido klein, das Gottlein blind. Part-song. Schein. Werke.

Band 2. M.414.1.2

Cupido, loser, eigensinniger Knabe. Song. Franz, R. Sechs

Lieder. Op. 33. No. 10 in M.244.5.3

Cups and saucers. Opera. For the Music and Libretto see

Cura d'Amore. Part-song. Schein. Werke. Band 2. M.414.1.2





Curci, Giuseppe.

Ave Maria. Preghiera pour a. [Accomp. de pianoforte.]
Vienne. Mechetti. [185-?] No. 7 in M.260.T0.4

Cure, Edward Capel-.

The light of life (Lux Christi). A short oratorio. The music

composed by Edward Elgar. No. 3 in M.384.26

Curfew, The. Opera. For the Music see Attwood. For the

Libretto see Tobin.

Curfew, The. Part-song. Anderton. No. 41 in M.235.10

King, O. No. 3 in M.195.1.17

Smart. H. No. 2 in M.1S6.4; etc.

Curfew. Song. Waley. No. 7 in M.380.18

Curfew bell. The. Part-song. Macfarren, W. C.

No. 3 in M.195.1.9
Curfew, The, tolls the knell. [Glee.] (/n Bland. The Ladies'
collection. Vol. i. pp. 130, 131) No. 188 in M.23S.17.1

Also to be found in Warren's Cocks's Hand-book of glees.
Curiose Geschichte. Part-song. Konradin. No. 21 in M.392.13
Curiose Geschichte. Song. Kuecken. No. 4 in M.221.25 ; etc.
Curiosites musicales. Criticism. Deldevez. M. 123.24

Curiosities of music. History. Elson. M.io9b.44

Curioso indiscrete, II. Opera. For the Music see Anfossi.
Curious collection. A, of Scots tunes. With variations, for the
violin, with a bass for the violincello [sic] or harpsichord.
Edinburgh. Bremner. [178-?] No. 8 in M.220.18

This collection is incomplete, lacking pp. 9-16, 18 — ?

Curly. Fiction. Coleman, J. No. 3 in M.129.32

Currat, Henry.

Deux permissions de dix heures. Operette. Paroles de Pol
Mercier & Henry Currat. Musique de Frederic Barbier.

No. I in M.2S5.38
Curschmann, Carl Friedrich.

Abdul und Erinieh. Singspiel in I. Aufzuge von S. tor
Hardt. Musik von Fr. Curschmann. Clavierausziig. Ber-
lin. Schlesinger. [183-?] M.231.7
Advent of spring. Trio [s. a. t.]. (/« The Choralist. Vol. i,
ser. 2, pp. 21-24.) No. 18 in M.157.5.1
Aus Liebeszauber. [Gesang, s. o. t. Mit Pianoforte-Be-
gleitung.] Berlin. Schlesinger. [183-?] No. 7 in M.221.30
Curschmann-Album. Sammtliche Lieder und Gesiinge fiir
eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte. Ausgabe
fiir Sopran oder Tenor. Berlin. Schlesinger. [185-?]

No. I in M.IS7.37

Contents. — Wiegenlied : Schutzling der Liebe. — Friihlingslied. —
Wer hatte sie geseh'n. — Lauf der Welt. — Vorabend. — Des Knaben
Tod. — Wiegenlied: O schlumm're, mein Liebchen. — Mailied: Wie
herrlich leuchtet. — Feldeinwarts flog ein Vogelein. — Es lachelt der
See. — Die Elfenkonigin. — Willkommen, du Gottes Sonne. — Liebes-
zauber. — Jagerlied : Kcin' bess're Lust. — Mein Bachlein lass dein
Rauschen sein. — Waldesgruss. — Ungeduld: Ich schnitt'es gern in
alle Rinden ein. — Die Abgeschiednen. — Heimkehr. — Der Fischer.
— Das Gelieimniss. — Morgenlied. — Aus der schonen Magelone :
Geliebter, wo zaudert. — Dankgesang an den Bach. — Altes Volks-
lied: Schatzelein, es kranket mich. — Fruhlingsglaube. — Wiegen-
lied: Schlaf, Kindchen, balde. — Die stillen Wanderer. — Trova un
sol mia bella Clori. — Or che il cicl. — Per pieta bell' idol. — lo lo
so. — Morgengruss. — Liebchen iiberall. — Wiegenlied: So schlaf
in Ruh'. — Lass tiet in dir mich lesen. — Jagerlied im Mai. — Wald-
lied. — Der Gott und die Bajadere. — Der Abend. — Komm lieber
Schatz. — Mein' Ruh' ist hin. — Der kleine Hans. — Du siehst mich
an und kennst mich nicht. — Fruhlingsfeier. — O konntet ihr horen
und sehen sie. — Mailied: Was ist das nur fiir Lust und Schall. —
Sie. — Liebesklage. — Gegenwartiges Gltick. — Zu Bacharach am
Rheine. — Ihr lichten Sterne. — Trost in der Feme. — Der lustige
Wanderer. — Abendlied. — An Rose. — Lenzverjiingung. — Der
Schiffer fahrt zu Land. — Aus der Schonen Magelone: Ruhe, Siiss-
liebchen. — Apri gli occhi. — An Sie. — Ruhe der Liebe. — Wiegen-
lied : Schlaf, mein Kind, schlaf ein. — Wie mir geschah. — Bild der
Nacht. — Standchen. — Huldigung: Hier bring' ich dir. — Der
Waldvoglein Sang. — Friahlingsnacht. — Erfiillung. — Le Napoli-
tain. — Adventlied. — Am Neujahrstage. — An die heilige Jungfrau.

— Nachtlied. — Einladung. — Erscheine noch einmal. — Die schone
Maria. — Kinderlied von den grunen Sommervogeln. — Morgengebct.

— Der kleine Wanderer. — Gia la notte s'awicina. — Weihnachtslied.
The flower-greeting. Trio [s. s. s. Accomp. for pianoforte].

(/); Musical times. [Music] Vol. S, pp. 26-29.)

No. 9 in M. 175.1.5
O Lord, give ear unto my prayer. [Trio, s. a. t. .Accomp.

for organ.] (/n Cotton. Bangor cathedral collection.

Pp. 160-166.) No. 25 in M.290.33

O time! thy hours of pleasure. Trio for 3 voices [s. s. \.].

{In Warren. Cocks's Hand-book of glees. Vol. i, pp.

125-130.) No. 32 in M.157.6.1

Curschmann, Carl Friedrich. (Continued.)
Ungeduld. [Lied, s. o. x. Mit Pianoforte-Begleitung.]
Berlin. Schlesinger. [184-?] No. 9 in M.221.30

Waldesgruss. [Gesang, s. o. bar. Mit Pianoforte-Beglei-
tung.] Berlin. Schlesinger. [183-?] No. 8 in M.221.30
Curst as the evil one. Round. Cooke, B. No. i28in M.220.9.2
Curst be the wretch. Catch. Carey. No. 70 in M.235.17.1; etc.
Curti, Franz.

Caprice. [Part-song, T. T. B. B.] {In The Osgood collection
of part-songs. Vol. 2, pp. 74-79-) M.193.23.2

Erlost. Drama in i Aufzuge von M. Vollhardt-Wittich.
Musik von Franz Curti. Clavierauszug. Dresden. Bock.
[189-?] No. 2 in M.265.33

Hertha. Grosse Oper in 4 Aufziigen von M. Vollhardt-
Wittich. Musik von Franz Curti. Clavier-Auszug vom
Componisten. Dresden. Bock. [189-?] M.383.11

Lili-Tsee. Japanisches Marchen in einem Aufzuge von
Wolfgang Kirchbach. Musik von Franz Curti. Partitur.
Leipzig. Breitkopf & Hartel. 1896. M. 281.39

Same. Klavierauszug. M.39S.21

The waterlily. [Part-song, t. t. b. b.] {In The Osgood col-
lection of part-songs. Vol. i, pp. 20, 21.) M.193.23.1
Curtis, Frazier.

Boscabello. '98 Hasty Pudding play. Music by Waldron H.
Rand, Jr. Libretto by Henry M. Woodruff, and Frazier
Curtis. No. I in M.402.46

Curtis, George Henry.

Eleutheria. A hymn to liberty. Words by Horatio Stone.

Music by George Henry Curtis. In vocal score [s. m-.s. t.

and chorus] with accomp. for piano. New York. Hall.

i8si. M.231.8

Curto, Gregorio.

Bone Pastor. Motet, t. t. b. ou s. s. b. [Accomp. d'orgue.]

Paris. Richault. [184-?] No. 5 in M.158.32

O Salutaris. Trio pour m.-s. t. ou bar. et b. [Accomp.

d'orgue.] Paris. Richault. [186-?] No. 12 in M.201.33

La Sainte Trinite. 2ine messe a 3 voix, s. t. b. [Accomp.

d'orgue.] New Orleans. Grunewald. [187-?]

No. 3 in M.191.4
Curwen, Henry.

Sorrow and song. Studies of literary struggle. London.
King & Co. 1875. 2 V. M.126.30

Contents. — I. Murger. — Novalis [t. c, F. von Hardenberg]. — Petofi.
2. Balzac. — Pol. — A. Chenier.

Curwen, John.

Musical theory. [Tonic sol-fa system.] London. Tonic Sol-
Fa Agency. [1879.] M.108.41

A tract on musical statics: an attempt to show the bearing
of the most j-ecent discoveries in acoustics on chords, dis-
cords, transitions, modulations, and tuning, as used by
modern musicians. London. Tonic Sol-Fa Agency. [1S74.]
Plates. No. i in M.215.7

Curwen, John. Works about.

Curwen, J. S. Memorials of John Curwen. London. 1882.
Portrait. M.108.40

Curwen, John Spencer.

Memorials of John Curwen. London. Curwen. 1882. Por-
trait. M.108.40
The story of Tonic sol-fa. London. [1879?] No. 3 in M.116.5
Studies in worship music, chiefly as regards congregational
singing. London. Curwen. [1880.] M.144.9
Curwen, Thomas.

Singing for schools and congregations: a course of instruc-
tion in vocal music. [Anon.] London. Ward & Co.
1843. Illus. No. 3 in M.376.25

Curzon, Frank.

The birthday festival. Ode. The music by William Spark.

Curzon, Henri de.

Croquis d'artistes. Paris. Fischbacher. 1898. 16 portraits.

Contents. — Faure. — Lassalle. — Maurel. — Vergnet. — Renaud. \^-
Saleza. — Fugere. — Taskin. — Mme. Viardot. — Carvalho. — Nils-
son. ■ — Krauss. — Rose Caron. — Galli-Marie. — Isaac. — Van Zandt.
Les dernieres annees de Piccinni a Paris. Paris. Fisch-
bacher. 1890. No. 5 in M.123.29





Curzon, Henri de. (Continued.)

La legende de Sigurd dans I'Edda. L'opera d'E. Reyer.
Paris. Fischbacher. 1890. M.127.11

Musiciens du temps passe. Paris. Fischbacher. 1893.


Contents. — Les demieres annees de Weber. — Mozart et le Mo-
zarteum de Salzbourg. — Mehul, sa vie et ses oeuvres. — Hoffmann

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