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Mich., engaged in farming, where he remained about twenty years,
then with his family removed to the City of Jackson, Mich., from thence


to his farm in Blackman, where he still resides. He m. Mar. 16, 1848,
Sarah Ann, dau. of WilUam B. and Sarah (Macumber) Dean. (They
were natives of Vermont.) She was b. in Monroe Co., N. Y., Jan. 1,
1827 ; she d. Nov. 24, 1893. Children :

14754. Charles D. Wood,^ b. Jan. 17, 1849 ; d. May 10, 1870.

14755. Frank W. VVood,^ b. Sept. 10, 1854; d. Jan. 10, 1855.

14756. Anna Wood,^ +.

JOTHAM Wood, Jr.^ (14714), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Feb. 28,
1819 ; went with his parents when a child to Otsego Co., N. Y., and in
1830 to the wilds of Michigan. He m. Apr. 6, 1866, Leonora, dau. of
John King, b. Aug. 8, 1843. They settled in Tompkins, Mich., where
he d. Dec. 31, 1885. Mrs. Wood resides in Tompkins. Children:

14757. NeUie Theresa Wood,^ +.

14758. Homer R. Wood,^ +.

LINCOLN Wood^ (14715), b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., Apr. 17, 1823 ;
moved with his parents to Jackson Co., Mich., in 1830; m. Dec. 29,
1852, in Spring Arbor, Mich., Lydia Ann, dau. of Guy Carlton and
Lydia (Cass) Bryant, b. in Spring Arbor, May 15, 1827. Mr. Wood
was a farmer in Blackman, Mich., where she d. Sept. 20, 1897. Chil-
dren :

14759. Adeline Pattridge Wood,^ +.

14760. Caroline Pattridge Wood,^ +.

GEORGE Wood^ (14716), b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., Feb. 14, 1826 ;
went with his parents when live years old to Michigan Territory and
was thus reared among the wild scenes of pioneer Hfe ; when reaching
manhood started on his own account and cleared a farm of one hun-
dred acres in Tompkins township, of which he was a resident fourteen
years. His early education was obtained in a log school-house with
puncheon floor and slab benches, but he made the best of his oppor-
tunities for useful knowledge. He m. Dec. 28, 1852, Hannah, dau. of
Jacob and Polly (Loudon) Houseman, b. in Orleans Co., N. Y.,
Sept. 11, 1825. Her maternal ancestors were of Holland and her
paternal grandfather, George Houseman, emigrated to America when
but nineteen years old, in time to serve in the Revolutionary war.

14761. Jotham J. Wood,« b. in Tompkins, Nov. 19, 1853.

14762. Ella Semira Wood,*^ + .

L. Augustus Partrida:e.


J. CURTIS Wood" (14717), b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., Feb. 28, 1828 ;
went when a child to Michigan and settled in Tompkins, Mich. He
m. Sept. 26, 1860, Susan Ann Brown, b. Mar. 22, 1839. They lived
on a farm in Tompkins, where she d. May 31, 1870. Mr. Wood d.
May 1, 1880. Children :

14763. John Brown Wood,« + .

14764. Joseph Curtis Wood, Jr.,8 +.

14765. Dewitt Clinton Wood,8 +.

L. AUGUSTUS Pattridge" (14718), b. in Chesterfield, N. H., June
3, 1819; removed with his parents to Peacham, Vt., the following
year, where his early life was spent attending the district school and
assisting in the labors of the farm, enjoying the sports of the hunt for
game was plentiful, the shy partridge, the squirrel and even deer and
bear were often met. He early showed a talent for music, and would
leave his play to sit by his mother's spinning-wheel to sing with her.
While yet a boy he made a violin, on which he played for a time, go-
ing to the woods and cutting a tree to get the proper wood, and the
only tools at his command to use in its construction was a saw, jack-
knife, and a piece of an old scythe. He sold this violin and later he
led the choir in the church with another violin, and also his voice. He
afterwards mastered the clarionet and for a time was leader of the
Peacham brass band. They played at the ''June training," which was
popular at that time, and helped foster a military spirit, and gave them
practical knowledge for future use. The band was also in demand at
Commencement, which was the greatest event of the year in the com-
munity, for in Peacham was situated the Academy, the chief county
school and pride of the people.

He, at one time, by his courage and presence of mind, quieted a
panic in the crowded church, when a heavy rumble and an apparent
settling of the building, from the cracking of an underpinning stone,
caused a wild stampede for the doors. The band occupied the high
gallery. He directed them to keep their seats and play, which quieted
the people before anyone was injured.

He was a student at the Peacham Academy, also taught the Water
Street School, which was a hard school to govern, his future wife was a
pupil and stood in much awe of the stern teacher, who was a strict
disciplinarian. On attaining his majority, he visited the west in the
summer of 1840, stopping for a time with his uncle, Jotham Wood,
near Jackson, Mich. The railroad, at this time, only extended fifty


miles west of Detroit. When he went on from Jackson, he walked to
St, Joseph, Mich., a distance of eighty miles, went by boat to Michigan
City, Ind., and again on foot to Chicago. One warm day he walked
twenty-four miles, the road-way was sandy, and so heated by the sun
that he blistered his feet. He went from Chicago up into the Fox
River country which was utterly wild at that time ; here he was attacked
with fever and ague which few escaped, and returned in poor health to
his home in Vermont, but recovered after a few months. The follow-
ing year, he engaged with his father to work on the farm for five years,
at $100 per year; at the close of this period, he purchased the home-
stead which was a portion of the 400 acres of land, which his grand-
father had bought for his two sons, Joseph and Lyman, and where
most of his life had been spent.

He married Dec. 19, 1845, Ellen C, oldest daughter of Rufus and
Electa (Skeele) Miner, born in Ascott, Lower Canada, Oct. 24, 1825.
He had a natural turn and taste for farming and was a reader of agri-
cultural books and journals, beginning with " The Boston Cultivator,"
and later, "The Scientific American," "The Working Farmer," "The
Agriculturist " and the " New York Tribune." From these he gained
many ideas, and fearlessly practiced many methods, which were un-
heard of by his neighbors, notable among which was his " reclaimed
swamp," which he had with almost incredible labor, reduced from a
wet and boggy thicket of bushes and fallen logs to a rich and produc-
tive field, handsome to look at, of which he was justly proud. He was
always progressive, being the owner of one of the first two " Wheeler
& Wilson" sewing machines ever brought into Caledonia County. It
was a beauty, silver-plated, and cost $115, when that sum was as hard
to get as $500, now.

The severe, long and cold winters discouraged his efforts at small
fruit culture, and in the winter of 1865, he removed to Bureau Co., 111.,
where he settled on a farm a few miles south of Buda, and for a num-
ber of years devoted his time mostly to the culture of small fruits.
While living there, his shoulder was broken, by being dragged by a
runaway horse, and he had also a dangerous illness of lung fever. In
1880, he left the farm and moved to the village, where he still culti-
vated a few acres of small fruits, and took much pride in their quality.

Early in the autumn of 1888, he was stricken with creeping paralysis,
and died Dec. 15, of the same year. It was said of him at his funeral,
" He lived a brave life and died a brave death." Children :

14766. Ira Pattridge,^ b. and d. young.


14767. Eliza Augusta Pattridge,^ +.

14768. Leslie F. Pattridge,^ b. in Peacham, Vt., Aug. 7, 1849. He

was in business in Minturn, Colo., where he was killed
by a switch engine as he was walking on the track, Feb.
8, 1901.

14769. Newton A Pattridge,^ +.

14770. Alice Pattridge,^ +.

14771. Florence Pattridge,*^ b. and d. young.

14772. Elsie Pattridge,*^ b. and d. young.

14773. Helen Frances Pattridge,** +.

14774. Lyman H. Pattridge,^ +.

14775. Semira Wood Pattridge,*^ +.

HELEN S. Pattridge' (14721), b. in Peacham, Vt., Oct. 11, 1826;
m. Aug., 1850, Daniel W. Gilfillan of Barnet, Vt. They lived in Wil-
mington, Ohio, and Trempealeau, Wis., where he d. Oct. 26, 1885.
She d. Oct. 29, the same year. Children :

14776. Lyman W. Gilfillan,^ b. July 12, 1851 ; d. Oct. 17, 1854.

14777. Nellie T. Gilfillan,*^ b. Dec. 22, 1855 ; d. Sept. 22, 1857.

14778. George W. Gilfillan,*? -|-.

14779. Myra P. Gilfillan,^ b. Sept. 3, 1860. She is a trained nurse

in Helena, Montana.

14780. Angelia M. Gilfillan,^ +.

14781. Grace Gilfillan,^ ) , ^, ^ , _ . d. Oct. 2, 1865.

' ^b. Sept. 6, Ibbo : '

14782. Gertrude Gilfillan,^ i ^ d. Oct. 5, 1865

14783. Eugene C. Gilfillan,^ +.

MARY E. Pattridge^ (14723), b. in Peacham, Vt., Aug. 17, 1831 ;
m. in Peacham, Apr. 25, 1853, William A. Palmer, son of Capt. Simon
and Betsey (Spencer) Blanchard, b. in Peacham, Mar. 12, 1826. They
went to Minnesota directly after their marriage, returned to Peacham
and remained until 1856, when they went to Stark Co., 111., where he
engaged in mercantile business for two years, then went on to a farm
near Neponset, 111., there being no railroad at that time. After ten
years of farm life, moved to Neponset, resided in Illinois twenty years.
They moved to Creston, Iowa, in Apr., 1880, where they resided on a
farm two miles south of the city, till Mr. Blanchard's death, Oct. 18,
1887. Mrs. Blanchard is living in Creston. Children :

14784. Willie Blanchard,^ b. and d. young.

14785. Ella Blanchard,^ b. and d. young.


14786. Francis Milton Blanchard,^ +.

14787. Bertie Blanchard,^ b. and d. young.

14788. Mamie Blanchard,*^ b. and d. young.

14789. Harry Blanchard,^ b. and d. young.

14790. Laurence Simon Blanchard,^ +.

14791. Luther Edwards Blanchard,^ +.

FRANCIS W. Pattridge^ (14724), b. in Peacham, Vt., Dec. 17,
1833; m. in Springfield, Mass., May 3, 1866, Mary Graham of
Neponset, 111. Mr. Pattridge went to California when a youth of
nineteen years, where he remained ten years. When informed of a
serious accident which occurred to his mother, he returned to his
native place and lived with her on the home farm until her death,
when he purchased the farm and has since lived where his parents
both lived and died. Children :

14792. Loren Eugene Pattridge,^ +.

14793. Blanche Graham Pattridge,^ b. Mar. 10, 1873.

14794. Mary Frances Pattridge,^ b. July 9, 1874.

ANGELIA Pattridge^ (14725), b. in Peacham, Vt., Nov. 3, 1836;
m. in Peacham, Sept. 26, 1855, Alvin Harriman. They lived in Kerr,
Mo., where she d. June 12, 1897, where her family now reside. Mr.
Harriman was b. in Peacham, a son of Joshua and Mary Harriman.
He served in the Civil war. Company F, 15th Vermont Volunteers.
Children :

14795. Lyman P. Harriman,^ +.

14796. Eva Sophia Harriman,^ b. Aug. 11, 1860; d. Aug. 17,


14797. John Sprague Harriman,^ +.

14798. Mary Elkins Harriman,*^ -f (14783).

14799. Norman Follett Harriman,^ b. Jan. 12, 1873.

14800. Oscar A. Harriman,« b. Mar. 20, 1876.

S. MARY Wood^ (14726), b. in Richfield, Otsego Co., N. Y.,
Nov. 29, 1816; m. Nov. 19, 1833, Isaac Newton Merrill of Napoli,
Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., where they lived for a time. Mr. Merrill d.
and Mrs. Merrill now lives in Jamestown, N. Y. Children :

14801. Frances O. Merrill,^ +.

14802. Agnes A. Merrill,^ +.


SALOME A. Wood" (14728), b. in Richfield, Otsego Co., N. Y.,
Oct. 5, 1820 ; m. Aug. 5, 1863, John C. Jones in Randolph, N. Y.
He was b. in Rutland, Vt., Feb. 11, 1806. They lived in Jamestown,
N. Y., where he d. several years since. Mrs. Jones is still living in the
old home in Jamestown.

JOHN H. Wood' (14729), b. in Richfield, Otsego Co., N. Y.,
Sept. 18, 1822; settled in the south, where he m. and had several
children. He was a captain in Hood's army in the Civil war. Child :

14803. Emma L. Wood,^ b. ; m. , Price; lives in

Sartinville, Pike Co., Miss.

LAURA J. Wood^ (14730), b. in Randolph, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1824;
m. about 1848, William G. Morse and lived in San Bernardino, Cal.,
where he d. Jan. 7, 1888, aged 60. She lives in the old home in San
Bernardino with her younger son. Children :

14804. Edgar H. Morse,^ b. in 1850. Was a cashier in a bank for

a number of years, when on Dec. 13, 1888, he was shot
through the right lung, living only twenty minutes ; it
was the act of an insane man.

14805. Arthur P. Morse,^ b. May 12, 1858; now living in San

Bernardino, Cal.

JUUA Pattridge^ (14735), b. in Watertown, N. Y. ; m. Luther P.

Dorwin, a lawyer of Watertown, where he d. Mrs.

Dorwin resides in Watertown. Child :
14805 a. E. C. Dorwin.^

R. KIRKWOOD Pattridge' (14736), b. in Watertown, N. Y.,
Oct. 18, 1826. He remained with his father on the farm until 1846,
when he went to New York and shipped for a whaling voyage and later
was settled in San Francisco, Cal., where he was a lumber dealer. He

m. , but we have been unable to get the record of his family, as

he was in very poor health when we found him. He d. in San Fran-
cisco in 1899, leaving one daughter and perhaps other children.
Child :

14805 b. A daughter,^ m. J. J. Hayden of San Francisco.

CHARLES W. Burt^ (14739), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Nov. 6,
1820; m. Feb., 1852, Julia A. Loomis of Colebrook, N. H., who d.
May 2, 1859. He was a lawyer in Detroit, Mich., where he d. Apr. 11,


MARTHA M. Burt^ (14740), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Aug. 20,
1822; m, June 11, 1851, Lincoln Goodnow of Chesterfield, N. H.
She d. Feb. 3, 1852.

Lieut.-Col. WILLIAM H. Burt' (14741), b. in Westmoreland,
N. H., May 24, 1824; m. (1) Oct., 1848, Hannah L. Williams of
Amherst, Mass., who d. May 8, 1852. He m. (2) Nov. 8, 1855, Ann
Louisa Davis of Dublin, N. H., who is now living in Keene, N. H.
He passed his early years on the farm, and enjoyed such advantages
for education as were provided by the common schools, supplemented
by a few terms in Mt, Caesar Academy in Swanzey, N, H. He cher-
ished a hope to become qualified for a professional life, either at medi-
cine or law, and directed all his energies to that purpose, but often
found the way obscure and discouraging, yet by perseverance he
realized his anticipations. He studied law in the office of Hon. Levi
Chamberlain in Keene, N. H., and afterward with Gen. James Wilson,
formerly of Keene, in San Francisco, Cal., where he was admitted to
practice as Attorney and Counselor-at-Law, Feb. 9, 1854, and returned
to his native state in Nov., 1855. In the spring of 1856, he went to
Minnesota, then a territory, where he engaged in business as a lawyer
in Stillwater, and important interests were placed in his care. He was
a member of the legislature of Minnesota in 1861-2.

Under the urgent call of President Lincoln, for 600,000 men to re-
inforce the Union army in August, 1862, he joined the military ser-
vice. As a recruiting officer for the Seventh Minnesota Regiment
Infantry he enlisted a full company of men in five days, and reported
forthwith in Fort Snelling, Minn., for duty. He was elected captain
and directly given the command of his own Company C and Company I,
with orders to move directly to Fort Ripley, Minn., to assist in the de-
fense of that post against Chippewa Indians, who were then harassing
the settlers of that frontier. Soon a "Council of Peace," of which
Capt. Burt was a member, was convened, whereby peaceful relations
were resumed with that tribe, through their Chiefs, and his command
(Company C and Company I) was ordered to join their regiment,
which had been protecting other parts of the state, suffering from the
depredations and cruelties of the Sioux Indians, and were then in
Mankato, Minn. His detachment arrived there Nov. 23, and was
assigned to duty as guard of the Sioux prisoners, three hundred of
which had been sentenced to close confinement, and thirty-nine to
death, by a military commission. Company C was given the post of


honor on the day of execution, Dec. 26, 1862, and Capt. Burt as
" officer of the day " received much credit for his services. Again he,
with his company, were called upon to perform the somewhat perilous
duty of escorting the three hundred Indian prisoners, in the spring of
1863 to Rock Island, 111. by steamboat, and returning they joined in
the summer campaign against the Sioux in Dakota. With a small de-
tachment Capt. Burt was ordered to Devil's Lake to reconnoitre for
stray Indian bands, and there captured Wowinapa, the son of Little
Crow, the powerful Sioux Chief, in the massacre of 1862 in Minnesota.
The entire command of Gen. Sibley returned to Fort Snelling, Sept.
16, 1863, and the Seventh Minnesota regiment was soon ordered
south to aid in the great work of suppressing the Rebellion. In St.
Louis they were retained during the winter for guard and escort duty.
Here Capt. Burt received a commission as major of his regiment,
dated Nov. 6, 1863. In April, the regiment was sent forward to
Paducah, Ky., thence, June 19, was ordered to Memphis, and assigned
to the " Third Brigade, First Division, Sixteenth Army Corps," under
(ien. A. J. Smith. From this time, for this regiment, the service was
very hard ; long marches, coupled with severe deprivations and fre-
quent engagements with the Confederate army, following the for-
tunes of "The Sixteenth Army Corps," which was expected to hasten
hither and thither, to strengthen the forces of every L'nion general
in want of troops, often taking the brunt of the battle upon their
arrival. Thus going from Memphis to Tupelo, Miss., Oxford and
Tallahatchie, to Arkansas and Missouri, by forced marches pursuing the
Confederate General Price and his command through mud and snow,
fording icy rivers, hungry and weary, reaching St. Louis and hurried on
to assist General Thomas in his great battles at Nashville, Tenn., Dec.
15 and 16, 1864, following Hood in his flight through Tennesee ; then
to Eastport, Miss., and New Orleans, and on to Dauphin Island, where
the 16th Army Corps was reorganized for the great siege of Mobile,
arriving there March 20, 1865. They were at once sent forward to
invest the Spanish Fort, which was reduced Apr. 8, 1865. The Seventh
Minnesota regiment, under Major Burt, did garrison duty from that
time till July 20, at Montgomery and Selma, Ala., when they started
homeward and were mustered out of the military service at Fort Snell-
ing, Minn., Aug. 16, 1865.

Originally possessed of a strong constitution, the exposures of army
life, during three years of continuous active duty as a soldier, exhausted
the vitalit}' of Major Burt, causing an illness from which he did not


recover. He d. Mar. 15, 1866, at Worcester, Mass., at the home of
his only surviving sister, leaving a widow. His military services were
highly appreciated by his superior officers. He received the commis-
sion of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel United States Volunteers, from
President Johnson, for gallant and meritorious service at the siege of
Spanish Fort, Mobile Harbor, Ala.

JANE E. Burt' (14742), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., July 17, 1826 ;
m. Jan. 6, 1851, Jerome Beals of Chesterfield, N. H., who d. in 1853.
She d. Aug. 10, 1852. Child:

14806. Lizzie Maria Beals,« b. Mar. 3 ; d. Sept. 23, 1852.

CHARLOTTE A. Burt^ (14743), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Jan.
20, 1829 ; m. Feb. 24, 1855, John A. West of Worcester, Mass., who
d. Sept. 16, 1863. She lives in Jackson, Mich.

HASKELL W. Buffum^ (14744), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Aug.,

1820; m. , Mary Burker of Pittsburg, Pa. They resided in

Walla Walla, Wash., where he d. a few years since. Children :

14807. Haskell Buffum,*^ b. ; d. young.

14808. Harry B. Buffum,*^ a physician.

14809. William B. Buffum.s

14810. Edwin S. Buffum.s

14811. Charles Buffum.^

14812. Clinton Buffum.«

14813. Walter Buffum,^ b. ; d. young.

JULIA A. Buffum^ (14745), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Nov. 7,
1822 ; m. Dec. 13, 1843, Dr. Charles, son of Jotham and Hannah
(Goodwin) Lord, b. in Westmoreland, July 22, 1817. His grandfather
Jotham, was son of Jotham and Eunice (White) Lord, and great
grandson of Capt. John White, the great Indian fighter of Lancaster.
They lived for a time in Walpole, N. H., then in Pittsburg, Pa., and
later in Shakopee, Minn., where he d. Apr. 3, 1881. She d. in Minne-
apoHs, Apr. 15, 1898. Children :

14814. Julia Eunice Lord,« +.

14815. Charles Haskell Lord,^ +.

14816. Salome Hannah Lord,^ +.

14817. Frank Jotham Lord,^ +.

14818. Clinton DeWitt Lord,^ +.

14819. Sarah E. Lord,^ +.


14820. Curtis J. Lord,^ +.

14821. John E. Lord,^ b. and d. in 1866.

14822. Harry Lord,^ + .

JOSEPH C. Buffunv (14746), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Jan. 22,
3 825; m. Aug. 3, 1848, in Pittsburg, Pa., Ann Maria Ramalay, b. in
Salem, Westmoreland Co., Pa., Oct. 14, 1830. They live in Pittsburg.
Children :

14823. Joseph Howard Buffum,« +.

14824. Frank Edward Buffum,^ b. Aug. 12, ; is a physician

in Pittsburg.

14825. Curtis Wood Buffum,** b. in Pittsburg, Jan. 1, 1856 ; d. July

4, 1891.

14826. Charles Ellsworth Buffum,^ b. Aug. 24, 1861 ; d. June 1,


14827. Clara Maria Buffum,^ b. Sept. 19, 1863 ; d. Aug. 24, 1866.

14828. Eugene Howard Buffum,« b. Apr. 21, 1869 in Pittsburg; is

a physician in Fair Oaks, Cal.

14829. Cora Lynn Buffum,« b. Jan. 5. 1871 ; d. Aug. 11, 1890.

SALOME W. Buffum^ (14747), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., June
8, 1828 ; m. in Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 2, 1854, Friend William Jenkins,
b. in Prospect, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1824. He went to Pittsburg in 1854,
where he established in 1855, the Iron City College, the first commer-
cial college west of the Alleghany mountains. Afterward, in partner-
ship with Thomas C. Jenkins, he established a wholesale flour and gro-
cery house, which is now the largest in the world. Later he withdrew
from the firm to establish the wholesale flour house of F. W. Jenkins &
Brother of New York and Pittsburg, and the well known " Old Tea
House" which was for many years the leading retail grocery in Pitts-
burg. He d. Apr. 11, 1888.

Mrs. Jenkins bought a tract of land in Northern Alleghany which
she opened up as a suburban residence district under the name of
" Duquesne Park." It was owing to her efforts that the northern part
of Alleghany became the popular residential section that it is to-day,
the natural beauties of the location having been ignored before she
brought them to the attention of the public. Children :

14830. Jay R. Jenkins,^ +.

14831. Julia Hannah Jenkins,^ +.


14832. Jane Salome Jenkins,^ +.

14833. Friend William Jenkins, Jr.,« +.

14834. Jenks Buffum Jenkins,^ +.

MARY A. Buffum^ (14748), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Dec. 3,
1830 ; m. Sept. 22, 1866, Jason Duncan, son of Rev. Thomas and
Lucy (Duncan) Wheeler, b. Aug. 6, 1830 in Lower Canada, where his
parents were stopping at the time of his birth, though they were natives
of Newfane, Vt. He was educated in Michigan, was a professional
miner of gold and silver, a metallurgist and superintendent of mines.

Mrs. Wheeler began teaching when seventeen years of age, and has
taught in public or private schools over thirty years, having taught in
five states. She now resides in Los Angeles, Cal.

CAROLINE J. Buffum^ (14749), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., June
26, 1836; m. Sept. 7, 1859, in Westmoreland, Stephen Hiram, son of
Hiram and Esther (Thayer) Burt, b. in Westmoreland, Feb. 8, 1831.
She d. in Westmoreland, Apr. 7, 1881, and is buried in the south vil-
lage. He m. (2) in Winchendon, N. H., Jan. 23, 1884, Eva Jennie
Jarvis and they have two children, Allen Delass Burt, b. Feb. 25, 1886,
and Lawrence Carl Burt, b. Mar. 24, 1890. Mr. Burt is a farmer in
Westmoreland, N. H. Children :

14835. Corra Lelia Burt,^ +.

14836. Albert Stephen Burt,^ b. Jan. 31, 1863.

14837. John Ramaley Burt,« +.

14838. Flora Josephine Burt,^ b. Aug. 20, 1867.

14839. Semira Wood Burt,^ +.

14840. Annie Louise Burt,^ b. Mar. 5, 1873.

14841. William Harry Burt,^ b. July 28, 1876.

SARAH B. Buffum'? (14750), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., Dec. 12,
1838; m. Sept. 28, 1861, John D. Ramaley of Pittsburg, Pa. They
reside in White Bear Lake, Minn. Children :

14842. Clarence W. Ramaley,^ b. July 19, 1863 ; d. Dec. 7, 1865.

14843. Florence W. Ramaley,^ +.

14844. Eugene J. Ramaley,^ b. Dec. 14, 1863; resides in White

Bear Lake.

CORALINN H. Buffum' (14752), b. in Westmoreland, N. H., May
3, 1841 ; m. in Westmoreland, Nov. 17, 1868, John Works of West-
moreland. They live in St. Paul, Minn. Children :


14845. Mary B. VVorks,^ b. Aug. 20, 1864; d.'Jan. 25, 1873.

14846. Walter L. Works,^ +.

14847. Fred A. Works,^ b. Oct. 7, 1878.

SARAH Anna Wood« (14756), b. in Ingham Co., Mich., Jan. 13,

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