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Brooklyn daily eagle almanac !^

American Almanac Collection (Library of Congress) ^


Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Digitized by VjOOQIC

19151 LAUNDRY.

1 Digitized by VjOOQIvL , _.




i89/SLi9i Montague Street, 'BrooKtyn, Jf- ^.
CAPITAL AND SURPLUS - - - - $1,550,000

Interest Allowed on Balance* Specinl Rates on Time Deposits

The D«poslt« of Individuals, Finns, Banks and Corporations are solicited.
Wills legally prepared and safely kept free of charge.




georoe haddbn
frp:derick h. ecker
willard e. edmister
julius b. davenport



WILLIAM BBRRL Vloe-Presldent GEORGE HADDEN. 3d VIce-Pres. and Sec.

WALTER C. HUMSTONm 2d Vice-President ROBERT S. GIRLING, Assistant Sec.

JOSEPH C. HECKER. JR., Assistant Sec.


Founded by Charles Pratt, 1889.
Incorporated under the Banking Law of the State off New York, 1907.


to assist persons of moderate means to purchase or build their
own homes, or to pay off existing mortgages.

The Thrift's booklet explains in detail the method by which this is
done. A postal request will bring it, or if you will write us the particu-
lars of any plan you have in mind we shall be glad to reply fully, or
discuss the matter with you if you will call.

SAVINGS ACCOUNTS which may be opened in The Thrift are
also explained in the booklet.

The Thrift is open daily from 9 to 5 o'clock, closing at noon on Sat-
urday. Open Monday evenings, 7 :30 to 9.




207 RYERSON ST. (Adjoining Pratt Institute) BROOKLYN


Digitized by





A Book of Information, General of the 'World, and
Special of New York City and Lons: Island.

Copyrighted, 1915, by the Brooklyn Dailv Eagle.

Vol. XXX., No. 1, of the Eagle Library, January. 1915. Issued Monthly by the Brooklyn Daily
Eaglb. Trade Mark "Eajrle'' rej^Istered. Yearly Subecriptton, crne'rtoMar.-and Fifty Cents.
Almanac Number, One Dollar. ' ,

Office of Publication

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Jr'UbLlU LlbKAKY 1





Broollyn Trust Company


Malm Ofllcei 177-178 Montainie St.

Branch I Bedford Are. and Fulton St.

Manhattan Ofllcei Cor. IVall St. and Broadway.

Capital $1,500,000

Surplus 3,000,000

UndUvided ProfiU 470,000


Edwin P. Maynard, President.
David H. Lanman, Vice President.
Clinton L. Rossiter, Vice President.
Frank J. W. DiUer, Vice President.
Willis McDonald, Jr., Treasurer.

Frank L. Babbott
Walter St. J. Benedict
Samuel W. Boocock
William N. Dykman
John H. Emanuel, Jr.
John Englis
WiUiam Hester

Francis L. Hine
William A. Jamison
David H. Lanman
David G. Legcet
Frank Lyman
Howard W. Maxwell
Edwin P. Majmard
WilUs L. Ofden

Frederick T. Aldridge, Secretary.
WiUard P. Scbenck, Asst. Sec'y.
Horace W. Farrell, Asst. Sec'y.
C. O. Brinckerbof f, Asst. Sec'y.
Herbert U. Silleck, Asst. Sec'y.

Josepb E. Owens
Robert L. Pierrepont
Harold I. Pratt
Clinton L. Rossiter
Cbarles A. Scbieren
J. H. Walbridce
Alexander M. White
WilUs D. Wood

Eugene F. Barnes Edward Thompson

Edward Lyons William McCarroU

Chartered 1872.

Brooklyn City Safe Deposit Coe

SAFES, $5.00 to $100.00 PER YEAR.

Trunks and Packages called for in any

177-179 MONTAGUE ST.

Valuables stored at moderate rates,
part of the city free of charge.

DAVID H. LANMAN. President.

GEORGE W. CHAUNCEY. Vice President. FRANK O. EDGERTON. Secretary.


The Nation's Opportunity in Art Expression

Both Summer and Winter Sessions. Twelve Departments.

The New York School of Fine and Applied Art

frank Alfsk Psrfont, Pret. Tkirtjf laitnicton.

. . : Painting. Drawing, Interior Decoration, Illustrative

Advertising, Costume Design, Illustration, Normal

Tmining.- , Crafts. Send for Special Circulars.

SiCNA F. Biff eO, Secretary, 2239 Broadwaj, New York City




Near Myrtle Ave., BROOKLYN, N. Y.

Carpets Sewed, Fitted and Laid, Mot It Proofed and
Paclced for SItipping, Also Dyed.
Telephone Call, 3244 A 3245 Pr^apect. v^^^T^

Digitized by V^OOQ IC


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac. v


IMPORTANT NOTICE— The following index to the 1915 Brooklyn Eagle Almanac has been
eotlrely revlBed and rearranged according to the most up-to-date library and encyclopedic in-
dexing methods. A straight alphabetical arrangement has been followed in order to facilitate
quick and easy reference to any subject.

CAUTION — In using this index, disregard such geographical titles as. for example, "Kings
County SheriflT' and look only for "Sheriffs." where will be found the page numbers for each of
the local county sheriffs offices. Similarly, the "Metropolitan Museum of Art." will be found
under "Museums": the "New York State Barge Canal" will be found under "Canal." and aUo
crofis-lndexed under "Barge." Likewise, the "United States Department of Agriculture" at
Washington will be fo\md under "Agriculture," etc, etc

SPBCXAL NOTICE Regardtaig SocletlM and Assoclatloii* - Owlng to the thousands of organ-
ixatlons about which detailed information is contained in the Eagle Almanac, it is obviously Im-
poaaible to Index each under its individual title. For quick reference, all these organizations
have been grouped or classified under chapter headings according to the general purpose or func-
tion of the society. Consult the following list of these chapters for the KIND of organization you
are looking for. For example: The "American Seamen's Friend Society" Is classlHed under "Hos-
pitals. Homes and Societies for Relief." and is found with the Manhattan list of those devoted to
"Special Relief." Similarly, the "Froebel Society of Brooklyn." is classified In the "Literary
SodaOaa" chapter under the Brooklyn list.



Haapitela. Diapesswiea

•Bd AaylwM.

IM, 175, 181. It6. IM, 197
RaUtf of the Aaed.

IM, 17T 184, 1M» IM

KeUmt mt ChUdren,

177, 185, IM, 198
SpMlal Relief,

178, 187, IM, 188


180, 18S, 188, 188

SettlMMBta 180. 188

HamMM SocMlM 181, 186

.181, 188





Jewish 861-811 Scheol 880, 881

KlBdergartea 881 Scotttoh 881.888

Literary 888, 888

Medical 888,884

Mea'a Charcli Clake«.886, 887
Mothers' Oabe of P. B. 887. 888
Patrlotle aod Conunemor-

atlTO 870-878

Rellgiovs 878-878

" "" * ■ FIb-

878, 880


Art 888, 884

Bds. of Trade and CItIc

ImproTOBMBts 884-887

BBihMeo, CmmmmrtUk and

A^Seiltwal 887-888

DratMHr tSS, 888

EdvcAdoiMa 888-888

Fr«Bch t88, 887

GoraaB 887-846

Groilc Letter t46

Irteh 846.848



808, 810




Veteran Firemen 818

War Yeterana. 818, 880

WonuMi Suffrage 880, 881

Workfaia Olrle* Clabe 881




First consult "Additions and Changes During Printing." on pages xxlll and xxlv. and make cor-
rections in main body of Almanac on the pages indicated. Do this immediately. Otherwise you
might overlook Important changes and be misinformed.


Alcohol. Results of 480

Aldermen. Bd. of. 454: At-
Uches, 4S4; President 4S4

Aldermanlc Dist.. Boundaries
N. T. City 88. 84. 86. 86

Alhambra Theatre Dlag 628

Allied Bookbinding Leagues.
N. T^ City 185

Allied kospltaU 458

Allied Printing Trades Coun-
cil. N. Y. State. 186; N.T.C. 138

Almanac Changes zzlii. xxiv

Almanac Dally Calendar 61-68

Almanac. EUigle. Introduction 1

Almshouse. Suffolk Co 130

Alumni A Alumnae Assns..

149. 2U-2a

Amaranth. Order of 801

A. A. U. Records. 1914. .547. 648

Amateur Records. World's.. 645

Ambassador Page Criticised.. 580

Ambassadors. U. S 878

Ambulance Service. 175. 181:
Bd. of 464

American Assn. for Labor
Legislation 136

Amer. Assn. Master. Mates,
and Pilots 282

Amer. Bankers' Assn 228

Amer. Boy Scouts 433

American Federation of La-
bor, 133: State Branches... 134

Am. Female Guardian Soc... 196

Am Humane Assn 175

Am' Inst, of Architects 223

Am. Inst, of Banking 231

Am. Jewish Committee 251

Am. League Records 555

Am. Library Assn 262

Am. Museum of Nat. History.

148. 23>

Am. Museum of Safety 148

See Additions and Corrections to Almanac Text on Pages xxlll and xxlv.

Digitized by Vj^\^V IC

*-^ Page

Academies. Bkln.. 110: Mhtn.
Jk Bronx. liO: Queens. Ill:

Richmond. Ill: L. I lU

Academy of Music. Diag..

Bkln. M, 610

Academy of Sciences. Nat..

284: N. T 285

Accounts, Com'rs of 461

Acreage A Density. N. Y. C. 78
Actors' Fund of America — 187
Additions and Corrections.

Eagle Almanac xxlll. xxiv

Adelphl Acad, and Col. Clubs 290

AdelphI Acad.: College 110

AdmlnistraUve Depts. N.T.C. 455
Administrator. Public. N. T.
Co., 467: Bronx. 467: Kings.
468; Queens, 469: Richmond 469

Adrertisers' Index xxli

Aero Clubs 310

Aeronautlca 578

Aged. Relief of. L. I.. 150:
Bkln.. 176: Mhtn.. 184. 463:
Bnmx 196: Queens. 196:
Richmond. 187: N. T. State

and Vicinity 198

Agrid. Assns 149. 227. 232

Agrienltural Law. N. T. S. 412

Agricultural Resources 513

Agricultural Schools. N.T.S. 419

Agrlcoltare Dept.. U. S 873

A«rlcnl.. L. L Schf-.i of. 156. 428
Asrtcnltiire. K. T. S.. Com'r 419
Asrtettltnre, N. T. S. School 428
Agrlenlture, Sec. of, U. S.. 373
AgrAealtnm. IT. S. Dept. in

U" Y.-CT 377

Air Ftoeta* of 'the Nations.'.* 586

AMUp Wrecks 541

AHtHm 382

Am. Nat. Red Cross,

175. 178. 187. 874
Amer. Newspaper Pub. Assn. 228

Am. Numismatic Society 148

Amer. Nurses* Assn 221

Amer. Water Color Soc 888

Am. Registry. Foreign Built

Vessels 579

Ancient Order of Dntlds,

United 806

Ancient Order of Foresters... 282
Ancient Order of Gleaners... 282
Ancient Ord. of Good Fellows 282
Ancient Order of Hibernians

in America 282

Ancient Ord. United Wkmen 283

Ancient Scottish Rite 299

Annapolis Naval Academy.. 891

Anniversaries 60

Anthracite Production 357

Antl-Saloon League of Am.. 318

Anti-Suffrage Org 321

Anti-Trust Law. Federal 423

Apartment Hotels A Rest.... 95

Appeals. Court of 428

Appeals. U. S. Circuit Ct. of 376
Appellate Dlv.. Supreme Ct. 428
Apportionment & Est.. Bd. of 460
Apportlonm't. Senate.N.Y.S. 83
Appointments of Bd. of Edu-
cation 201

Appraisal & Estimate Com. 464

Appraisers' Office. N. Y 376

Appropriations by Congress.. 510
Appropriations. N.Y.C. B'dg't 482
Appropriations. Legislative.. 412
Appropriations. World's Fair 384

Aquarium, Mhtn 91

Aqueduct. City Dept.. Bd. of

W. S 459

Arbelter Ring 251

Archery riubs 310


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac



ArchitACt. N. T. State 420

Area and Density of Boroe. 7S
Area and Pop. SUti8tlce..«-81
Area and Pop. U. €.. each

Ceneus 68

Area, Center for U. 8 M

Area. Cities of U. S 406. 410

Area, Countries of World.. 582-5M

Area, L. 1 74

Area, N. T. State, by Coun-

Ues 71

Area of States and Ter 68

N. T. City 72-74

Armies of Belligerent Nations 684

Armories. N. Y. C 431. 432

Armory Board 463

Army and Navy Budgets S85

Army and Navy Union of

U. 8. A 283

Army, Enlisted Men's Pay. 388

Army Enlistments 889

Army Ofllcers' Pay 387

Army, Strength of U. S 389

Army Terms 42S

Army. U. 8 385-389

Arrests. N. Y. C 480

Art Clubs 228. 224

Art Commission 462

Art Museums 148

Ash Wednesday 60

Asholcan Reservoir 436

Assay Offlce. U. S 876

Assembly Dist.. Boundaries.

N. Y. City 82, 84. 86. 86

Assembly Dist. Clubs 449-438

Assembly. N. Y. State 424

Assemblymen, N. Y. S 424

Assemblymen. Vote. N.Y.C... 588
Assessed Valuations of Cor-
porations 387

Assessed Valuations, Real

and Personal Property 867

Assessed Value of Real and

Personal Estate 368

Assessed Value Real EsUte,

N Y. City 868

Assessment Bonds, N. Y. C.

483. 485-487
Assessments and Arrears.

Bureau for Collection 455

Assessments and Taxes.

I>ept. 417

Assessments. Board of Re-
vision 456

Assessments, N. Y. SUte.... 436
Assessments. Real Estate by

Boroughs 368

Assessors, Board of 468

AsseU and Liabilities. Cash

U. S. Treasury 397

Associated Press 228

Association for Improving the

Condition of the Poor.

Bkln.. 178; N. Y 190

Association Hall Diag 619

Association of Depositors of

the Union Bank, Bkln.... 230
A^SDS. & Societies.. xxill. 221-323

Assns.. L. I xxlll, 149-152, 22l

Assurance League of Amer.. 283

Astor Theatre Diag 627

Astronomical Calculations.

1915 59

Asylums. Bkln., 175; Mhtn..

181; Bronx. 195; Queens, 196;

Richmond 197

Athletic Clubs 310

Athletic Com., N. Y. SUte.. 422
Athletic Fields, N. Y. C... 577

Athletic Fields. P. S 212

Athletic Records 645

Attaches. Bd. of Aldermen... 454

Attaches. Commercial 378

Attorney Gen.. N. Y. State.. 417

Attorney General. U. S 372

Auburn Prison. N. Y 420

Audit Bureau. State Comp 417

Auditing Bureau. Finance

Dept.. N. Y. C 465

Auditor. N. Y. State 417

Audubon Society 322

Automobile Clubs 311

Automobile Offlce, N. Y. C. 417

Automobile Rates 109

Automobile Records 651

See Additions Mid



Automobile Registrations 130

Aviation 678

ATimtk)B Records 678

Baby. Perfect 358

Bacteriological Inst 182

Ballcan Boundaries Map 582

Balkan War, Commission Re-
port 323

Ballooning 579

Baltic Car Float Yard 495

Bank Commission 464

Bank Deposits. Saving 166

Bank Examiner, National 377

Bank Loans. (See Finance

Bank Shares. Tax on 367

Bankers' Ins. Corporation.... 283
Banking Bureau, State Comp 417
Banking Law. N. Y. S...381. 412

Bankruptcy Law. U. 8 163

Bankruptcy Referees 377

Banks. National. N. Y. C.

170; Long Island 164

Banks. N. Y. State. Supt 418

Banks. Savings, L. I., 166;

N. Y. City 166

Banks, State. L. I., 164; N.

Y. City 167

Baptist Churches. Nassau

Co., 167; Suffolk Co 159

Bapt. Churches. Bkln.. 831;
Mhtn.. 338; Queens. 346;

Richmond 849

Bapt Missionary Convention 828

Baptist Societies 273, 275. 277

Bar Assns., Amer., 228;
Bronx. 231; Bkln.. 230; City
of N. Y.. 231; N. Y. State,
230; Queens Co.. 232; Rock-
away Peninsula 2S2

Barge Canal, State 495

Barge Canal Terminals... 495. 496

Barnard College 110

Barnard College Clubs 281

Baron de Rirsch Fund 257

Baseball Playgrounds 94

Baseball Records 663

Basketball Records 660

Baths. Coney Island 107

Baths. Public xxill, 107

Baths. Shower. P. S. 212

Battleships, Keel Laid. new.. 637

Battleships of U. S. N 392-394

Battleships Sold 391

Bay Ridge Channel 496

Bedford Br. Y. M. C. A.

Diag. 611

Belasco Theatre Diag 658

Belle Terre Club 812

Bellevue and Allied Hosps.. 458
Belmont Tunnel (Stelnway).. 506

Benefit Societies 282-307

Benefit Societies, FVench, 236;
German. 237. 240. 244; Ital-
ian. 246. 248; Jewish. 260;
Scandinavian and Finnish,

279; Spanish 310

Benefit Societies. Miscel 306

Ben. A Prot Order of Elks. 283

Ben Hur. Tribe of 306

Bequests and Gifts, 1914 608

Berkeley Inst. 110; Clubs 280

Bible, Largest 432

Bicycling Records 561

Big Gun at Panama 388

Bill-Drafting Dept. Leg 421

Billiard Records 562

Birds. Fed. Prot. of Migra-
tory 376

Birth Rate, N. Y. C, 497;

State, 497; Sub. Towns 497

Births. N. Y. City 497

Births. Number of. N. Y. C.
497: State. 497; Sub. Towns 497

Birthstones 213

Blackwell's Island Store-
house. 460, 463; N. Y. Peni-
tentiary. 460; Workhouse.
460; City Hosp.. 468; N. Y.
City Home for Aged and
Infirm, 463; Metropolitan
Hocp., 463; Met. Train. Sch. 463
Blind & Deaf. N.Y.S. Schools 421
Correetions to Almanac Text on

Blind. Classes for in P. 8.. 212

Blue Lodge Masons 298

Bnal B'rith, Ind. Order 282

Board of Aldermen. N. Y. C.

xxiv, 454
Board of Aldermen. Attaches.

454; Pres. Offlce 454

Board of Ambulance Service 4M

Board of Assessors 468

Board of City Record 461

Board of Civil Service Exam-
iners, U. S 377

Board of Claims, N. Y. 8.... 420

Board of Education xxill, 201

School Teachers' Retirement
Fund. 201; Appointments of.
20L: City Superintendent's
Offlce. 201; Bd. of Supt.
202; Directors of Special
SubjecU, 202; Bd. of Ex-
aminers, 203; Bureau of
Supplies, 208; Supt. of
School Buildings, 203; Other
Employees of the Board.... 203

Board of Elections 462

Board of Embalming Exaip. 422
Board of Estimate and

Apporilonment 460

Board of Examiners 463

Board of Examiners, Bd. of

Education 203

Board of Exam, of Feeble
Minded. Criminals & other

Defectives 421

Board of Exam. Plumbers... 464
Board of Haxardous Trades.. 464
Board of Health. N. Y. C. 457

Board of Inebriety 476

Board of Mediation and Con-
ciliation. U. 8 874

Board of Parole 420. 468

Board of Regents 41f

Board of Revision of Assess-
ments 466

Board of Supts.. Bd. of Ed... 202

Board of Water Supply 459

Board of W. S. Police 459

Boards, Local Improvement.. 454
Boards of Trade.... xxlli, 224-227

Boat Clubs 311

Bonded Debt N. Y. City... 488
Bonded Warehouses, U. 8.

Customs 109

Bonds and Stoclcs xxiv, 489

Bonds Held in Trust for

National Banks 398

Booth Theatre Diag 6^

Boro. Assess., Real Estate... 868

Borough Engineers 459. 460

Borough Governments . . .464-461
Borough Presidents, N. Y. C. 464

Borough Statistics 49t

Botanic Garden. National 374

Botanical Garden, Bkln.. 90;

Bronx — Si

Boulevard. Od. Concourse.... 98
Boundaries and Districts, N.
Y. C. 82-88; Congressional.
87. 88; Police Precincts.... 478

Bowling Records 662

Boycotting. Laws Against... 131

Boy Scouts of America 433

Boy Scouts. U. S 4.T3

Boys' Brigades. United 591

Boys' Bkln. Disc. Training
School 180

T>^..., «.-,. r._w.., ^,..w- ,280

75. 463

.8. 422

... 456

199. 600

Ig. 612

r.. 262

... 255

... 692

... 679

U. 628

... 467

... 80

les and Asylums 196

Bronx Opera House. Diag... 629

Bronx Park 92

Bronx Parkway Com 422

Bronx. Statistics 498

Pages xxUI and xxiv.
Digitized by V^L^^JV IC


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac.



Bronx Street Directory 17-28

Bronx Theatre. Dlag 829

Bronx Valley Sewer Com.... 422

Bkln. Acad, of Music 269

l;kln. Ansa, for Imp. Cond.

of Poor 178

Bkln. Botanic Garden 90

Bkln. Brtdge JW

Bkln. Building Operations... 518
Bkln. Bureau of Charities... 178

Bkln. Central Library 114

Bkln. Children Aid Soc 177

likln. City Miss. & Tract Soc. 327

Bkln. City Planning 507

Bkln, Club SW

Bkln. College UO

Bkln College Clubs 280

Bklnl Commission on Height

of Buildings ii""'-:^

Bkln. Com. of One Hundred 507
Bkln. Com. on City Plan.... 507
Bkln. Disciplinary Training

School for Boys 180

Bkln. Eagle Honor Day 651

Bkln. Eagle SpeUlng Bee and

Honor Roll 213

Bkln. Elevated R. R. Plan.

Bkln. Free Kindergarten So. 261
Bkln. Grade Crossing Com.. 464
Bkln. Hospitals. Homes and

Societies for Relief 17S

Bkln. Ins. of Arts * Scien.. 115
Bkln. Kindergarten Union.... 261

Bkln Law School 110

Bklnl League K5

Bkln. Marginal R. R 495

Bkln. Masonic Temple. Dlag. 61S

Bkln. Navy Yard 890, 452

Bkln. Post Office xxlll, 125

Bkln. Public Library 118

B. R. T. System WO

Bkln. Soc. Prev. Cruelty to

Children 177

Bkln. StatlsUcs 498

Bkln. Street Directory 2- IS

Bkln. Subway Extension.

102. 503-506
Bkln Training School for

Teachers' Clubs 280

BWn. Waterfront Plans 496

Bkln. Woman's Club 24^

Brotherhood of America 288

Brotberh'd of Commonwealth 288
Brotherhood of St. Andrew,

274. 27«

Brush Stadium. Dlag 659

Bryant High School Clubs.. 281

Budget Appropriations 482

Budget of aty of N. Y.... 481 -494

Building Associations 172

Building. Statistics. N. Y. C 501
Building Trades Bmp. Assns.

of Greater N. Y 137

Building Trades Bus. Agts.

of Greater New York 137

Buildings and OfTrs., Public.

Bureau 466

Buildings. Bureau of 465

Buildings. Statistics 518

Buraaa of Collection of Ar-
rears for Personal Taxes.. 456
Bureau for Collection of As-

sesaments and Arrears.... 455
Bureau for Collection of City

Revenue and Markets 45S

Bureau for Col. of Taxes... 455
Bu. for Recov. of Penalties.. 4fi6
Bureau of Animal Industry.

New York City 377

Bureau of Buildings 465

Bureau of Charities. Bkln... 178
Bureau of Chemistry, N.Y.C. 877
Bureau of Child Hygiene.... 467
Bureau of City Chamberlain 468
Bu. of Contract Supervision 461

Bureau of Dept. of Com 376

Bureau of Dependent AdulU.. 195

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