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Steamship Company, continuing until
he was accidentally killed on March 20,
1880, by falling down a hatch on one of
the vessels of that line. He was an active
worker in the Harrison Avenue Baptist
Church, Boston, and was a member of
the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
He married Charlotte Ann Borden,
daughter of Wellington and Lavinia
(Martin) Borden (see Borden VII).
Children: 1. Lila, born January 22, i860;
married (first) Samuel Holt, (second)
James Dahl, (third) John McDowell; by
her first husband she had three children :
Walter E., Frank E., and Eva, who died
in infancy; by her second husband she
had two children: Edward and Elsie;
by her third husband she had a daughter,
Eunice. 2. Prue Louise, mentioned be-
low. 3. Fred Starr, born March 17, 1864,
at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia; a carpenter
and builder; now living at Hyde Park,
Massachusetts ; married Mary Elizabeth
Stuyvesant, children: Fred Starr, Jr.,
Prue Louise, Ralph Wilbur, Annie Eliza-
beth, Ethel G., Grace E.

(VIII) Prue Louise Cox, second daugh-
ter of Garland Pineo and Charlotte
Ann (Borden) Cox, was born in Corn-
wallis, Nova Scotia, and became the wife
of Lyman Francis Gordon, of Worcester,
Massachusetts (see Gordon VII).

(The Borden Line).

Borden is an ancient English surname.
The coat-of-arms is described : Azure a
chevron engrailed, ermine, two bourdens
or pilgrims' staves proper in chief and a
crosslet in base or. Crest : A lion ramp-
ant above a scroll argent on its sinister
foot holding a battle axe proper. Motto :
Palma vcrtuti. The surname is taken from
the place-name Borden, a town in County
Kent. Various explanations of the origin
of the name itself are given. There were
Bordens or Bourdons in the army of the



Conqueror. Simon de Borden of Borden
Manor, sometimes called Borden Court or
Hall, resided there in the reign of King
John, who was crowned in 1199. The
family became distinguished in Kent, and
was prominent among the landed gentry.

(I) Richard Borden, the American im-
migrant, of County Kent, England, came
to America in the ship "Elizabeth and
Ann" in 1635, accompanied by his wife
Joan and two children. In 1636 he
went from Boston to Portsmouth, Rhode
Island, and was one of the founders of
the town. He was admitted a freeman,
March 14, 1641. He held various offices.
He was assistant treasurer, 1653-54;
general treasurer, 1654-55 ; commissioner,
1654-56-57, and deputy to the General
Court, 1667-70. He was a member of the
Society of Friends. He died June 25,
1671, and was buried in the Friends' bury-
ing ground at Portsmouth. His will was
dated May 31, 1671. His wife died at
Portsmouth, July 16, 1688. Children:
Thomas, born in England; Francis, born
in England ; Mathew, mentioned below ;
John, born September, 1640, at Ports-
mouth ; Joseph, 1643 1 Sarah, 1644 ; Sam-
uel, 1645 ; Benjamin, 1649 ; Amie, 1654.

(II) Mathew Borden, son of Richard
Borden, was born at Portsmouth, May
16, 1638, died July 5, 1708. It is recorded
by the Friends of Newport that he was
the first child born of English parents in
Portsmouth. He held various town offices,
and was a faithful member of the Society
of Friends and his house was the meet-
ing place for many years. He married,
March 4, 1670, Sarah Clayton. Of his
children six are mentioned in his will,
dated March 23, 1705. He died while
visiting in Boston, and was buried in the
burial grounds of the Friends at Lynn.
His widow died April 15, 1735, aged
eighty-two years. Children born at Ports-
mouth : Richard, mentioned below ; Mary,

September 20, 1674 ; Mathew, August 14,
1675; Joseph, July 18, 1678; Sarah, De-
cember 29, 1680; Ann, January 5, 1682;
Thomas, April 10, 1685 ; Abraham, March
29, 1690 ; John, August 29, 1693.

(III) Richard (2) Borden, son of
Mathew Borden, was born at Portsmouth,
October 25, 1671. He married Innocent
Wardell. His homestead was on the four-
teen or fifteen great lots on the main road,
about a mile from the east shore of Mount
Hope Bay and two miles and a half south
of the City Hall in Fall River. These lots
contained two hundred acres each and
extended a mile from the shore. He
bought lands also at Tiverton, Rhode
Island. In 1714 he and Joseph Borden
bought of Colonel Benjamin Church and
son Constant twenty-six and a half shares
in the mill lot and Fall River stream.
Richard Borden became sole owner after
the death of his brother, the other shares
having been previously secured. The Fall
River property was managed largely by
his sons, Thomas and Joseph, who settled
there. He bought other real estate at
Fall River, and when he died he was one
of the largest owners there. His prudence
and foresight thus established the for-
tunes of his descendants who succeeded
to the property. He deeded to his sons
half-interests in the property he intended
to bequeath to them and confirmed the
deeds in his will. His will, dated Febru-
ary 12, 1731, was proved July 18, 1732.
Children: Sarah, born July 31, 1694;
John, December 24, 1695 ; Thomas, De-
cember 8, 1697; Mary, January 29, 1700;
Joseph, November 4, 1702; Samuel, men-
tioned below; Rebecca, July 16, 1712.

(IV) Samuel Borden, son of Richard
(2) Borden, was born October 25, 1705, in
Rhode Island. He had a fair education
in the district schools and acquired a
knowledge of surveying, probably of his
father. Indeed, it seems that each genera-



tion of the family learned the art of sur-
veying, in turn, as a part of their youthful
training. He was appointed by Governor
Shirley to survey the lands and give loca-
tions to the settlers in Nova Scotia, from
which the French had been expelled. The
Acadians were exiled in 1755. In 1760
Samuel Borden went to Nova Scotia, but
it is not known how long he stayed. His
son Perry settled on land granted to Sam-
uel Borden. He returned to Fall River
and followed farming. His will was dated
September 1, 1769, proved at Tiverton,
December 7, 1778. He married Peace
Mumford in Exeter, Rhode Island. Chil-
dren: Joseph, born October 14, 1736;
Perry, mentioned below; Benjamin, 1740;
Ann, March 8, 1743; Abigail, married
Joseph Durfee ; Edward, married Eliza-
beth Borden.

(V) Perry Borden, son of Samuel
Borden, was born at Tiverton, Rhode
Island, November 9, 1739. He was edu-
cated there. He also learned surveying.
In order to effect the resettlement of
Acadia, from which the neutral French
had been ruthlessly banished, Governor
Shorley offered a farm to every settler
and during the winter of 1759 a company
of one hundred and fifty was formed in
New England and located in Nova Scotia.
Perry went to assist his father and de-
cided to settle there. The settlers landed
June 8, 1760, at what is still called the
town plot, though the town was never
built. The place was named Cornwallis
from the British general who commanded
troops in that section. Perry Borden
bought from time to time and became the
owner of much valuable land, the rise in
value of which made all his sons independ-
ent. He married (first) September 6, 1761,
Emma Percy, who died December 2, 1765.
It is said that she was a daughter of a Brit-
ish officer. He married (second) October
22, 1767, Mary Ellis, born May 25, 1745,
mass- Vol in— 5 65

died in 1831. Children: Samuel, born Sep-
tember 1, 1762; Joseph, June 3, 1764;
Lemuel, September 26, 1768 ; David, Janu-
ary 28, 1770; Jonathan, July 29, 1771 ;
Perry, February 17, 1773; Joshua, men-
tioned below; William, January 13, 1777;
Benjamin, April 28, 1779; Edward, Au-
gust 9, 1781 ; Abraham, January 18, 1787.

(VI) Joshua Borden, son of Perry
Borden, was born in Nova Scotia, Decem-
ber 3, 1774, died March 10, 1854. He
married, in 1809, Charlotte Fuller, born
January 22, 1788, died March 31, 1872.
Children, born at Horton, Nova Scotia :
Sophia Charlotte, born October 23, 1809;
Joshua W., mentioned below; George W.,
December 20, 1816; Silas Hiram, Septem-
ber 9, 1818; Charlotte Ann, April 29, 1822,
died February 28, 1828.

(VII) Joshua W. Borden, son of
Joshua Borden, was born at Horton,
Nova Scotia, October, 1813, died May 30,
1891. He married, at Horton, Lavinia
Greenough, February 17, 1837. Children
born at Horton : Charlotte Ann, born
May 25, 1838, married, November 17,
1858, Garland Pineo Cox (see Cox VII) ;
William Joshua, April 30, 1840; Matilda
Amelia, April 29, 1842 ; George Frederick,
August 2, 1844; Edward Perry, July 17,
1846; James Martin, November 18, 1848;
Cassie Burbidge, December 29, 1850;
Herbert Huntington, April 19, 1853;
Caroline Olive, July 28, 1856; Ella Al-
berta, January 19, 1858; Arthur Henniger,
March 31, 1861.

EDDY Family.

William Eddye, A. M., was vicar of the
Church of St. Dunstan, of the town of
Cranbrook, County Kent, England. He
was a native of Bristol, and received his
education at Trinity College, Cambridge,
England. He was vicar from 1589 to
1616, died November 23, 1616, and was
buried in the Cranbrook churchyard. He


left the financial affairs of his parish in
better order than before, and collected
and arranged the loose registers dating
back from 1588 in a new parchment book,
about eighty of the pages beautifully en-
grossed and illuminating three title pages,
one for births, one for marriages and the
third for deaths. The book is still in
existence at the vicarage. He married
(first) November 20, 1587, Mary Foston,
daughter of John Foston, who died Sep-
tember, 1573. She died July, 161 1, leav-
ing an infant, Nathaniel, who died nine
days after she died. He married (second)
in 1614, Elizabeth Taylor, widow. Chil-
dren of first marriage : Mary, born Sep-
tember, 1 591 ; Phineas, September, 1593;
John, March, 1597; Ellen, August, 1599;
Abigail, October, 1601 ; Anna, May, 1603 ;
Elizabeth, December, 1606 ; Samuel, men-
tioned below; Zachariah, March, 1610;
Nathaniel, July, 161 1. Child of second
marriage: Priscilla, born 1614.

(II) Samuel Eddy, son of William and
Mary (Foston) Eddye, was born May,
1608, and died 1685. On August 10, 1630,
with his brother John he left London,
England, in the ship "Handmaid," Cap-
tain John Grant, arriving at Plymouth,
Massachusetts, October 29, 1630, settled
there, and on January 1, 1632, was made
freeman. On November 7, 1637, three
acres of land in Plymouth were set off to
him, and in 1641 six acres of land and
thirty acres of meadow were set off to
him. On April 3, 1645, he sent his son
John to live with Francis Gould until he
should come of age. His wife was fined,
October 7, 165 1, for wringing out clothes
on Sunday, but later the fine was re-
mitted. She was summoned before court,
May 1, 1660, to answer for traveling on
Sunday from Plymouth to Boston, and
declared that she went there on that day
because of the illness of Mistress Saffin.
She was excused, but admonished. On

May 9, 1631, Samuel Eddy purchased a
house at Spring Hill, at the end of
Main street, in Plymouth, of Experience
Mitchell, and sold it in 1645. He was one
of the original purchasers of Middleboro,
Massachusetts, and owned much land in
other places. In 1631 his assessment was
half that of Captain Standish, and in 1633
it was the same. His wife Elizabeth died
in 1689. Children : John, born December
2 5> J ^37 ; Zachariah, mentioned below ;
Caleb, 1643; Obadiah, 1645 ! Hanna, June
23, 1647, died young.

(III) Zachariah Eddy, second son of
Samuel and Elizabeth Eddy, was born in
1639, an< i died September 4, 1718. In
1646 he was bound out to John Brown, a
shipwright of Rehoboth, until he was
twenty-one years old. He was pro-
pounded as freeman, June 16, 1661, and
on June 7, 1665, was granted twelve acres
of land between his land and the Whet-
stone Vineyard Brook. At that time he
was living in Plymouth. On July 10,
1667, he purchased thirty acres of land
adjoining the land on which he lived, as
well as other lands, and was a farmer.
His house was situated on the twelve
acres granted him, near what was the
"Eddy Furnace," in 1840. He moved to
Middleboro, where he lived for a time,
and then settled in Swansea, Massachu-
setts. He married (first) May 7, 1663,
Alice Padduck, born March 7, 1640, died
September 24, 1692. He married (second)
Widow Abigail Smith, whose daughter
Bethiah married Caleb Eddy, son of Zach-
ariah Eddy. Children: Zachariah, born
April 10, 1664; John, October 10, 1666;
Elizabeth, August 3, 1670; Samuel, June
4, 1673; Ebenezer, February 5, 1675;
Caleb, September 21, 1678 ; Joshua, Febru-
ary 21, 1680; Obediah, mentioned below;
Alice, November 28, 1684.

(IV) Obediah Eddy, seventh son of
Zachariah and Alice (Padduck) Eddy,


^/'jwiu-U &dc/',



was born September 2, 1683, in Plymouth,
or Middleboro, and lived in Swansea,
Massachusetts, where he was undoubt-
edly a farmer. He married, December 9,
1709, Abigail Devotion. Children: Con-
stant, born September 7, 1710; Ichabod,
June 1, 1713; Olive or Alice, February 24,
1715; Mary, November 10, 1716; Abigail,
October 14, 1721 ; Hannah, January 23,
1723; Job, mentioned below; Azariah.

(V) Job Eddy, third son of Obediah
and Abigail (Devotion) Eddy, was born
July 23, 1726, in Swansea, and lived in
that town with his wife, Patience (Phil-
lips) Eddy, of Middleboro. Children:
Ann; Preserved, born July, 1748; Hope-
still, December 17, 1749; Patience, Janu-
ary 8, 1752; Job, December 23, 1753;
James, December 30, 1755 ; Zachariah,
April 29, 1758; Elizabeth, March 22, 1760;
John, May 28, 1763; Richard, September
8, 1765 ; Joshua, mentioned below.

(VI) Joshua Eddy, youngest son of
Job and Patience (Phillips) Eddy, was
born April 7, 1767, in Swansea, lived in
that town, and married Isabel Baker, of
Dighton, Massachusetts. Children: Fran-
cis, mentioned below ; James, born Sep-
tember 22, 1798; Wanton, March 3, 1800,
died young; Joshua, August 28, 1802;
Joseph, February 13, 1804; Ebenezer,
September 4, 1805; Jabez, July 1, 1808;
Mary Ann, May 3, 1810; Stephen, Octo-
ber 10, 181 1 ; Wanton, September 26, 1813.

(VII) Francis Eddy, eldest child of
Joshua and Isabel (Baker) Eddy, was
born in April, 1797, in Swansea, and died
February 1, 1863, at his home on Bank
street, in Fall River, Massachusetts. His
body was laid to rest in Oak Grove Ceme-
tery of that city. He was a butcher in
Fall River, where he spent most of his
active life, among the first retail meat
dealers in the city, a well known and re-
spected citizen. He married in Attleboro,
Massachusetts, July 8, 1827, Betsey Wil-

marth, born July 21, 1799, daughter of
Learned and Betsey (Lane) Wilmarth, of
that town (see Wilmarth V). She died
in Fall River, November 26, 1873, an ^
was laid to rest beside her husband in
Oak Grove Cemetery. Children, men-
tioned below.

1. Francis W. Eddy, born October 30,

1830, died in Fall River, July 5, 1898. He
married Sarah J. Gardner, daughter of
John and Harriet H. (Davis) Gardner,
and had children: Frank Albert, born
October 20, 1852, and Elvira N., March
4, 1862. She married, March 26, 1884,
John B. Nichols, of Fall River, a grand-
son of Galond and Huldah (Martin)
Nichols, of Rehoboth. Their eldest son,
Charles B. Nichols, was born August 28,

1831, in Rehoboth, where he lived with
his wife, Sarah H. Their eldest child was
John B. Nichols, born December 1, 1859,
in Rehoboth, where he lived as a boy,
attending the district school, and work-
ing on his father's farm until eighteen
years of age. He then served a term at
the plumbing and tinsmith trade with
George H. Davol & Company, of Fall
River. In June, 1893, he purchased the
business of C. A. Wyatt, located at the
corner of Third and Rodman streets, Fall
River, and has since continued success-
fully as a dealer in stoves, glass, tin and
woodenware, and conducting a general
plumbing business. He has made a spe-
cialty of installing heating apparatus, and
has placed plants in many public and pri-
vate buildings in the city, notably those
of the Episcopal church on Rock street,
and the Emergency Hospital. Children:
Sarah Frank, born December 1, 1885;
Nettie Waite, December 5, 1888; Alton
Eddy, August 21, 1892; Mildred Baker,
July 5, 1894; Milton Bailey, July 24, 1897.

2. Caroline Elizabeth Eddy, born June 10,
1833, married, October 16, 1890, Jerome
Brown Westgate, who was born Novem-



ber 9, 1823, in Swansea, Massachusetts.
He was a mason by trade and well known
as a contractor and builder of Fall River,
where he died April 24, 1902, and was
buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. He was
a member of St. Paul's Methodist Epis-
copal Church, and of the Masonic and
Odd Fellows fraternities, being identified
with the latter for over fifty years, and
served as deputy sheriff of Bristol county.
Mrs. Westgate was for many years en-
gaged in the millinery business in associa-
tion with her sister, and after the latter's
death continued the business with Mrs.
Ashley, under the name of Eddy & Ash-
ley. She is active in the social life of her
home city, has been prominent in pro-
moting the cause of temperance as a mem-
ber of the Women's Christian Temper-
ance Union of Fall River. She is also an
active member of the Unitarian church of
Fall River.

3. Chloe Jeannette Eddy, born June 4,
1837, established in 1866 the millinery
business at Fall River, which she con-
ducted until her death, October II, 1914.
She married Andrew Jackson Wade, of
Fall River.

(The Wilmarth Line).

Among the freemen of the town of
Rehoboth, Massachusetts, in 1658, were
John Willmarth and Sergeant Thomas
Willmarth. Both appear in the contribu-
tors to the expenses of King Philip's War,
after which the former seems to drop out
of the records. In a list without date,
showing grants of land made about 1643,
appears the name of Thomas Willmarth
as having the lot originally granted to
Isaac Martin, valued at fifty pounds. In
a drawing made June 22, 1658, Thomas
Willmarth received lot No. 13 in the
meadows on the north side of the town.
He was a grantee of land in the north
purchase allotted May 26, 1668. He gave
six pounds twelve shillings and three

pence to the support of King Philip's
War in 1676, to which Thomas Will-
marth, Jr., was also a contributor. It is
probable that Jonathan Willmarth was a
son of Sergeant Thomas Willmarth, but
there is no evidence to establish the rela-

(I) The first record of Jonathan Wil-
marth appears in his marriage, December
29, 1680, in Rehoboth, to Esther Peck,
born January 7, 1658, daughter of John
Peck. He appears in the list of those
participating in the Narragansett expedi-
tion, at which time the name is spelled
for the first time Wilmarth. It was previ-
ously written Wilmouth. A list of the
inhabitants and proprietors of Rehoboth,
made February 7, 1689, includes the name
of Jonathan Willmarth, also Thomas
Willmarth, Jr. Children of Jonathan Wil-
marth : Esther, born November 28, 1681 ;
Rebecca, August 30, 1683 ; Daniel, De-
cember 7, 1685; Elizabeth, April 3, 1688;
Jonathan, August 5, 1690; Margaret, Au-
gust 31, 1692; Stephen, April 16, 1695;
Thomas, February 22, 1698; Nathan,
mentioned below; Nathaniel, April 15,

(II) Nathan Wilmarth, fifth son of
Jonathan and Esther (Peck) Wilmarth,
was born December 17, 1700, in Rehoboth,
and lived in that town, where he married,
November 29, 1722, Mary Stacy, probably
a daughter of Ensign Henry and Rebecca
Stacy. Children: Nathan, mentioned be-
low; Esther, born December 31, 1724;
Mary, February 2, 1726; Elkanah, July
22, 1727; Ichabod, November 7, 1731, died
same month ; John, May 10, 1733.

(III) Nathan (2) Wilmarth, eldest
child of Nathan (1) and Mary (Stacy)
Wilmarth, was born November 3, 1723,
in Rehoboth, and lived in Attleboro,
Massachusetts. There he married (first)
December 6, 1748, Mary Titus, born Feb-
ruary 8, 1726, in Rehoboth, daughter of


Jpercnte LS. Jyeltc^cite


Benjamin and Hepzibeth (Hemenway)
Titus. He married (second) August 19,
1756, in Rehoboth, Rebecca Brown. Chil-
dren of first marriage : Daniel, mentioned
below; and Benoni, born September 25,

(IV) Daniel Wilmarth, elder son of
Nathan (2) and Mary (Titus) Wilmarth,
was born December 16, 1749, in Attle-
boro, and served through several enlist-
ments as a Revolutionary soldier. He
was a corporal in Captain Moses Will-
marth's (Ninth) company, Colonel John
Daggett's (Fourth Bristol County) regi-
ment, which marched on the alarm of
April 19, 1775, served six days. He was
also in Captain Alexander Foster's com-
pany of Colonel Thomas Carpenter's regi-
ment, from July 27 to August 12, 1778,
seventeen days, in an expedition to Rhode
Island. He served in Captain Moses
Willmarth's company, Colonel Isaac
Dean's regiment, which marched July 31,
and was discharged August 1, 1780, ten
days, on a Rhode Island alarm. No rec-
ord of his marriage is discovered, but the
following children are recorded in Attle-
boro : Learned, mentioned below ; Nathan,
born February 10, 1775 ; Hannah, Novem-
ber 15, 1777; Waitstill, September 18,
1779; Cynthia, December 22, 1781 ; Dan,
May 15, 1785; Hipsa, September 22, 1788;
Mira, July 30, 1790; Benoni, August 23,

(V) Learned Wilmarth, eldest child of
Daniel Wilmarth, was born February 10,
1773, in Attleboro, and died May 5, 1841.
He married, in Norton, Massachusetts,
April 9, 1795, Betsey Lane, born there
June 6, 1755, daughter of Lieutenant-
Colonel Ephraim (3) and Elizabeth
(Copeland) Lane, of that town (see Lane
VII). Children: Learned, born Septem-
ber 8, 1797; Betsey, mentioned below;
Beeby, July 5, 1801 ; Calvin, March 14,
1804; Clement, January 26, 1806; Polly,
February 17, 1808; Ephraim, April 27,

1810; Dan and Hannah (twins), April 13,
1812; Chloe L., July 7, 1815; C. Ferdi-
nand, March 13, 1818.

(VI) Betsey Wilmarth, eldest daugh-
ter of Learned and Betsey (Lane) Wil-
marth, was born July 21, 1799, in Attle-
boro, and was married, July 8, 1827, to
Francis Eddy, of Fall River, Massachu-
setts (see Eddy VII).

(The Lane Line).

(I) William Lane probably came from
the western part of England. He was a
resident of Dorchester, Massachusetts, as
early as 1635, and received grants of land
there in 1637. His will, proved July 6,
1654, mentions his children, but no wife.
Children, all probably born in England:
Elizabeth, Mary, Avis or Avith, George,
mentioned below; Sarah, Andrew.

(II) George Lane, son of William
Lane, was an early settler in Hingham
and at the first division of land, Septem-
ber 18, 1635, was granted a house lot of
five acres. He also had a grant of ten
acres at "Nutty Hill," and thirteen shares
in the common lands. He was a shoe-
maker and resided on what is now North,
near Beal street. He was a selectman in
1669-78, and died June 11, 1689. His will
was dated October 16, 1688, and proved
August 20, 1689. He married Sarah
Harris, who died at Hingham, March 26,
1695, daughter of Walter and Mary
(Frye) Harris. Her father came to Wey-
mouth in 1632. Children, all born in
Hingham: Sarah, March, 1638; Hannah,
February 24, 1639 ; Josiah, May 23, 1641 ;
Susannah, June 23, 1644 ; John, mentioned
below; Ebenezer, August 25, 1650; Mary,
April 11, 1653; Peter, July 21, 1656.

(III) John Lane, second son of George
and Sarah (Harris) Lane, was born Janu-
ary, 1648, and died at Norton, Massachu-
setts, November 23, 1712. He was known
in Hingham as John Lane, the shoe-
maker, and was constable there in 1689.



About 1694 he removed to Norton, and
settled near the boundary between Nor-
ton and Attleboro. He was taxed in Attle-
boro, November 12, 1696, one pound for
paying the town's debt of five pounds fif-
teen shillings and one pence, and was
chosen grand juryman, March 22, 1697.
In 1710 he was rated in Norton for build-
ing the first meeting house, and was on
the committee, June 12, 1711, to secure
incorporation of the precinct of Norton.
He married (first) June 4, 1674, Mehit-
able, daughter of Thomas and Jane Ho-
bart, born July 4, 1651, died February 15,
1690. He married (second) about 1693,

Sarah , who was admitted to the

church at Norton in 1718, and died No-
vember, 1727. Children by first marriage :
Samuel, born March 15, 1677; Priscilla,
March 5, 1680; Mary, April 3, 1682;
Asaph, July 21, 1685 > child. Children by
second marriage : Ephraim, mentioned
below; John, born February 18, 1696;
Sarah, January 11, 1698; Benjamin, Feb-
ruary 15, 1699; Sarah, June 22, 1701 ;
Melatiah, June 18, 1703; Elizabeth, July

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