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27, 1864, in the First Regiment of Heavy
Artillery from Nashua, and was mustered
out June 15, 1865. Owing to impaired


health, he has been several years retired
from active life, and now resides in
Nashua. He is a steadfast supporter of
Republican principles in the conduct of
public affairs. He married Elvira Rob-
bins, born October 9, 1854, in Nashua,
daughter of Jesse and Rebecca (Blanch-
ard) Robbins. Children: Archibald, born
March 1, 1873, living in Nashua; Alvin,
June 17, 1874, living in Peppered; Stella,
August 8, 1876, married Daniel Dunbar,
and they reside in Fitchburg; Rose, Sep-
tember 25, 1879, married Charles Rob-
bins, and they reside in Peppered ; Edgar
Francis, mentioned below ; Fanny E., No-
vember 22, 1885, married Henry Latush,
and they reside in Peppered ; Chester,
March 12, 1890, died at birth ; Ethel, May
11, 1892, married Edward Senical, and
they reside in Nashua; Sadie, February
13, 1894, died young.

(X) Edgar Francis Wright, third son
of John and Elvira (Robbins) Wright,
was born July 25, 1881, in Brookline. New
Hampshire, and attended school at Pep-
pered, Massachusetts. There he was
employed five years by Dr. William
Heald and removed to Fitchburg, Massa-
chusetts, in 1 901. With the exception of
two years spent in the west, his home has
been in that city to the present time. He
learned the trade of machinist with the
Putnam Machine Company, of Fitchburg,
and continued in its employ until r9?2,
when he engaged with the Fitchburg
Hardware Company, and has charge of its
warehouses and the automobile depart-
ment. He is an attendant of the Metho-
dist church, and is independent of party
organization in politics. He married. Sep-
tember 25, 1906, Blanche Sfa Moulton, of
Athol, Massachusetts, daughter of Arthur
Woods and Delia Dulcena (Fiske) Moul-
ton. Children : Gwendolyn Esfa, born
June 14, 1908; Arthur Moulton, October
31, 1913, both born in Fitchburg.

BARRETT, Leon Jefferson,

Prominent Citizen.

The surname Barrett belongs to a very
ancient and honorable English family.
The progenitor came from Normandy
with William the Conqueror in 1066, and
his name is enrolled in Battle Abbey.
The first record of the family in this
country is of Robert Barrett, who was
engaged in the Maine fisheries, which led
to permanent settlements along Winter
Harbor and Cape Porpoise as early as
1639 under Walter Barrett and others of
Bristol, England. Robert and James
Barrett, of Charlestown, were probably
sons of John Barrett, Sr., of Wells, Maine,
according to good authority. John Bar-
rett was one of the early settlers of Wells,
and was probably related to Walter and
Robert, mentioned above.

(I) Thomas Barrett, the pioneer an-
cestor of this family, came to America
from England, between 1635 and 1640,
and settled at Braintree, Massachusetts.
He was one of the thirty-two residents of
Braintree to whom the Massachusetts
General Court granted 10,000 acres of
land in Warwick, Rhode Island, but the
grant was overruled in England. He
signed the Warwick petition in 165 1. He
and his son, Thomas, who had moved to
Chelmsford, Massachusetts, before March,
1660, purchased a house and fifty-two
acres of land in Chelmsford on Robbin
Hill, April 10, 1663, and he settled there
soon afterward. He died at Chelmsford,
October 6, 1668. He married, in Eng-
land, Margaret , who died at

Chelmsford, July 8, 1681. In his will,
dated March 1, 1662, and proved October
6, 1662, wife Margaret named, also sons,
John, Thomas, Joseph. Children: John;
Thomas, mentioned below ; Mary, mar-
ried Shadrack Thayer ; Margaret, mar-
ried Joseph Parker, of Groton ; Joseph,
died December 17, 171 1, in Chelmsford.



(II) Thomas (2) Barrett, son of
Thomas (1) Barrett, was born in Eng-
land, and died in Chelmsford, Massachu-
setts, December 8, 1702. He spent most
of his life in Chelmsford, deeding his real
estate to his sons before he died. He
married (first) at Braintree, September
14, 1655, Frances Woolderson, of Brain-
tree. She died at Chelmsford, May 27,

1694. He married (second) Mary ,

whom he mentions in a deed dated De-
cember 10, 1700. Children, all by first
wife: Martha, born September 17, 1656;
Mary, April 17, 1658. Born at Chelms-
ford; Margaret, March 31, 1660; Moses,
mentioned below ; Mehitable, April 12,
1665 ; Anna, December 7, 1668.

(III) Moses Barrett, son of Thomas
(2) Barrett, was born at Chelmsford,
March 25, 1662, and died there, Novem-
ber 28, 1743. In 171 1 he received a grant
of fifty-two acres of land in Woodstock,
Windham county, Connecticut, and re-
moved thither soon afterward. He deeded
property to his son, Moses, Jr., March 10,
1712. He had other land granted, Sep-
tember 11, 1725, at Woodstock. He mar-
ried, September 10, 1684, Hannah Smith,
daughter of John Smith, of Dorchester,
Massachusetts. (See page 259, vol. 42,
New England Genealogical Register).
She was baptized September 7, 1651, died
April 6, 1745, in Chelmsford. Children :
Moses, mentioned below; Thomas, re-
mained in Chelmsford, died there, ]:■'.
9, 1761.

(IV) Moses (2) Barrett, son of Moses
(1) Barrett, was born in Chelmsford,
October 27, 16S5, and died about 1757 in
Connecticut. In 1705 he was captured by
Indians, but redeemed later. He bought
land of Joseph Barrett, October 24, 1707;
of Jacob Warren, November 2, 1710; of
Joseph Barrett, Jr., January 21, 1714, and
sold all his holdings at Chelmsford to

Richard Gookin, May 1, 1718. In that
year he removed to Killingly, Conncc
ticut, where he had been admitted one
of the proprietors soon after 171 1. He
next went to Woodstock, where he
bought land near Mill River of Nathaniel
Wight, March 13, 1722. He served on the
committee to build the school house, and
on March 18, 1756, signed the church
covenant. In 1756 he signed a memorial
against the minister at Woodstock. He

married (first) Sarah , who died in

1719; married (second) March 15, 1720,
Abigail Trott, who died August 22, 1749.
Children by first wife, four born in
Chelmsford, two in Killingly: David,
born February 18, 1709-10; Hannah, No-
vember 2, 171 1 ; Oliver, November 2,
1713; Smith, mentioned below; Benoni
and Moses (twins), August 17, 1719.

(V) Smith Barrett, son of Moses (2)
Barrett, was born at Chelmsford, Janu-
ary 2, 1715-16, died June 11, 1786. He
removed to Woodstock, and resided east
of Woodstock Pond and Mill River in
Southern Woodstock. He was a school
master of note. He married, in April,
1738, Mary Spalding, born September 15,
1717, died November 13, 1S00, daughter
of Samuel and Susanna Spalding. Chil-
dren : Samuel, born March 15, 1739;
Hannah, August 8, 1740, baptized Sep-
tember 28, 1740; Daniel, mentioned be-
low; Priscilla, born November 17, 1743;
Thomas, born November 15, 1745, bap-
tized December 15, 1745 ; Ephraim, born
May 24, 1747 ; Martha, born May 11, 1749,
baptized May 21, 1749: Priscilla, born
February 18, 1751. baptized February
27,, 1751; Thomas, born May 5, 1754;
Ephraim, born February 5, 1756, baptized
April 4, 1756; Mary, born October 16,
1759, baptized November 25, 1759; Smith.

(VI) Daniel Barrett, son of Smith Bar-
rett, was born in Woodstock, March 4,



1742, and died July 22, 1S07, in that town.
He inherited the homestead in the south-
east corner of Woodstock, adjoining
Thompson. He took the freeman's oath
at the first town meeting of Thompson,
June 21, 1785. He married (first) in
Killingly. March 11, 1765, Huldah Eli-
thorpe, born March 13, 1739, died June
8, 1774, daughter of Henry and Mehitable
(Aspinwall) Elithorpe ; (second) in Kill-
ingly, April 16, 1775, Mercy Manley ;
(third) in Dudley, Massachusetts, Sep-
tember 18, 1777, Mary (Wiley) Dodge,
died May 3, 17S0, daughter of John
Wiley; (fourth) in W'oodstock, Novem-
ber 16, 1780, Jemima (Inman) Benson,
born December 14, 1748, died February
7, 1827, daughter of Edward Inman.
Children by first wife, born at Killingly :
Smith, mentioned below ; Anna, born
February 20, 1768; Millicent, February
2, 1770, died March 14, 1777; Daniel, April
17, 1772. Child by second wife, born
at Killingly: Thomas Manley, March
20, 1776. Child by third wife, born at
Killingly: Aldrich Wiley, April 6, 1779.
Children by fourth wife: Edward In-
man, September 10, 1781 ; Mary, Septem-
ber 25, 1782; Simon, February 21, 1784;
Andrew, October 5. r'85.

(VII) Smith (2) Barrett, son of Daniel
Barrett, was born at Woodstock, Con-
necticut, July 2, 1766, died April 10, 1837.
He was a soldier in the Revolution, Octo-
ber, 1781, in Captain Robbins' company,
Colonel Samuel McClellan's regiment, on
a tour of duty at New London and
Groton, Connecticut. In 1790, according
to the first federal census, he was living
at Woodstock and had in his family one
son under sixteen, a wife and daughter.
Ephraim John, Daniel, Joseph and Han-
nah Barrett, all of this family, were also
heads of families in W'oodstock, accord-
ing to that census. About 1795 Smith
Barrett removed to Belchertown, Massa-

chusetts. Smith Barrett married, at
Pomfret, Connecticut, October 4, 1787,
Abigail White, born April 16, 1767, in
Pomfret, died November 29, 1825, in
Belchertown, daughter of James and
Jemima (Town) White. Children (from
family record of George Fisher, Belcher-
town, Massachusetts): Millicent, born
March 12, 1789, died September 26, 1814;
Calvin, mentioned below ; Thomas, Au-
gust 21, 1792, died August 7, 1832;
Lucinda, January 22, 1795, died March
9, 1800; Polly, October 12, 1796; Charles,
October 23, 1798; Leonard, November 24,
1S01 ; Nancy, November 5, 1804, died July
2 3< J 833 ; Amanda, January 20, 1807 ;
Lucy, March 19, 1810, died February 10,

(VIII) Calvin Barrett, son of Smith
(2) Barrett, was born at Woodstock,
Connecticut, June 10, 1790, died Novem-
ber 4, 1857, at Belchertown. He lived for
about fifteen years in Springfield, Massa-
chusetts, afterward at Belchertown in
that State. He married, in Palmer, Octo-
ber 16, 181 1, Abigail Clough, born Octo-
ber 3, 1792, in Stafford, Connecticut,
daughter of Timothy and Susan (Orcutt)
Clough (see Clough V). Children:
Smith ; Enos, whose widow by a second
marriage, resides at No. 416 Gregory
street, Bridgeport, Connecticut ; Horace,
mentioned below ; Calvin, Jr., who died
from injuries caused by the explosion of
a fluid lamp at Springfield.

(IX) Horace Barrett, son of Calvin
Barrett, spent his youth in South Belcher-
town on the homestead. He enlisted in
the Civil War, and afterward he served
in the United States army. Little is
known of his works, though it is known
that he was an artist in oil. He died in
Iowa, at the Marshaltown Soldier's
Home. He married Mary Hutchinson,
who was living in 1914 in the family of
Charles Whiting, Northampton, Massa-



chusetts, age eighty years. Children :
John Bunyan, mentioned below ; Abigail,
married Benjamin Phelps, a jeweler in
Northampton; Etta, married Dwight
Mather, a mason contractor; Ella, mar-
ried Granville G. Gates, an accountant,
son of General Gates, of the Civil War;
Minnie, married Charles Whiting, part-
ner of Dwight Mather, who continued the
business, after the death of Mr. Mather,
for many years.

(X) John Bunyan Barrett, son of Hor-
ace Barrett, was born in Belchertown,
Massachusetts, October 19, 1850. He at-
tended the public schools in Monson, and
Monson Academy. He was of a mechani-
cal turn of mind and was employed for
some years in the Remington Arms
Works at Ilion, New York, removing
thence to New Haven, where during the
remainder of his active life he held a re-
sponsible position with the Winchester
Repeating Arms Company as a factory
inspector. He lived in North Haven, re-
tiring from active business owing to ill
health at the age of fifty years. He
made his home after his retirement in
Belchertown, Spencer and Worcester,
Massachusetts, and in 1916 he is living
in the latter named place, an invalid. In
religion he is a Congregationalist, and
in politics an Independent. He married
Adella Arthermise Clough, at Ilion, New
York (see Clough VIII). Children: Leon
Jefferson, mentioned below ; Beatrice
Adella, born July 6, 1887, a t New Haven,
Connecticut, married, at Belchertown,
August 2, 1905, George A. Webster, of
Saco, Maine ; she has one daughter,
Adella Webster, born August 1, 1906, at
South Lee, New Hampshire.

(XI) Leon Jefferson Barrett, son of
John Bunyan Barrett, was born at Ilion,
New York, January 12, 1877. He at-
tended the public schools, and the private
school of Joseph Gile, of New Haven,

Connecticut. He entered the employ of
the Winchester Repeating Arms Com-
pany as a machinist's apprentice, after he
left school, at the age of fifteen, and he
followed his trade, and in 1902 he be-
came mechanician in the Sheffield Scien-
tific School of Yale University. This
proved his opportunity, as it opened a
way to obtain more education, and his
associates also were of great benefit to
him. In 1905 he decided to change his
occupation and started upon his career
in the insurance business, as district man-
ager of the John Hancock Life Insurance
Company at New Haven. A year later
he became the agency director of the
Underwriters Agency Company in New
Haven, a prosperous corporation, of
which F. C. Bushnell and R. S. Wood-
ruff (the latter then governor of Connec-
ticut) were his backers. A year later he
resigned his position, but remained on the
board of directors, and he accepted a
more lucrative offer of the general agency
of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance
Company, with headquarters at Bridge-
port, Connecticut. A year and a half
later he was elected inspector of agencies
of the Home Life Insurance Company of
New York. In this office his duties re-
quired him to travel extensively, and he
made a wide acquaintance among insur-
ance men. In June, 1909, he entered
into partnership with Benjamin Bigelow
Snow, under the firm name of Barrett &
Snow, as general agents of the State Mu-
tual Life Assurance Company of Worces-
ter, Massachusetts. This firm is one of
the largest in New England, and the
business has steadily grown each year.
His hobby is his machinist trade, in
which he has always kept up-to-date. He
is vice-president and treasurer of John
Bath & Company, Inc., of Worcester,
manufacturers of precision tools, gauges
and grinding machinery. He is a past


master of Corinthian Lodge, No. 103,
Free and Accepted Masons, Northford,
Connecticut, and a member of all the Ma-
sonic bodies, including Pulaski Chapter,
No. 26, of New Haven, Connecticut ; Jeru-
salem Council, of Bridgeport, Connecti-
cut ; Hamilton Commandery, No. 5,
Knights Templar, of Bridgeport ; Wor-
cester Lodge of Perfection, fourteenth
degree ; Goddard Council, Princes of Je-
rusalem, sixteenth degree ; Lawrence
Chapter, Rose Croix, eighteenth degree,
Worcester; Massachusetts Consistory,
thirty-second degree, Boston ; Palestine
Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine,
of Providence, Rhode Island ; Aletheia
Grotto, No. 13, of Worcester. He is a
member of the Adams Square Congre-
gational Church, and the Congregational
Club, of Worcester, Massachusetts. In
politics he is an Independent. He is a
member of the Commonwealth Club,
Worcester; Worcester Automobile Club;
Worcester County Club ; Leicester Coun-
try Club ; Worcester Chamber of Com-
merce ; Worcester Publicity Association.
Mr. Barrett married, May 26, 1896,
Martha Sackett Hyde, born at North
Haven, Connecticut, January 13, 1877,
daughter of Lyman Munson and Eliza-
beth Gertrude Hyde (adopted) (name
prior to adoption Givens). Children:
Ellen Elizabeth, born May 19, 1898, at
Westville, New Haven, Connecticut ; Vir-
ginia Bernice, born March 17, 1900, at
North Haven, Connecticut; Leone Mar-
tha, born at North Haven, Connecticut,
September 7, 1903.

(The Clough Line).

(I) John Clough, the first of the family
in this country, was born in England in
1613 and sailed for America in the ship
"Elizabeth" in 1635. The name was
formerly pronounced and often spelled
Cluff. John Clough made a deposition in
1691, giving his age as seventy-seven

years, thus confirming approximately his
age as given at the time of emigration.
He lived in Boston for a few years. The
General Court, March 13, 1638-39, granted
to John Clough, of Boston, a lot of land
at Salisbury, the record showing that he
had served an apprenticeship of some sort
for four years. In 1639 he settled at Salis-
bury and became one of the proprietors.
He was a house carpenter by trade. In
1640 he had another grant of land. He
was a member of the church, and on May
18, 1642, was admitted a freeman. In
1650 he took the oath of fidelity and was
a commoner and taxpayer in Salisbury.
He died July 26, 1691, and his will was
proved November 3, 1691. He married

(first) Jane , who died January 16,

1679. He married (second) January 15,
1686, Martha Cilley or Sibley. Children
by first wife : Elizabeth, born December
16, 1642; Mary, July 30, 1644; Sarah,
June 28, 1646; John, mentioned below;
Thomas, May 29, 165 1 ; Martha, March
22, 1654; Samuel, February 20, 1656-57,
married Elizabeth Brown.

(II) John (2) Clough, son of John (1)
Clough, was born at Salisbury, March 9,
1648-49. He also settled in Salisbury and
followed farming. He took the oath of
allegiance in 1677 an d was admitted a
freeman in 1690. He married, November
13, 1674, Mercy Page, who died January
26, 1719. Her will was dated in May,
1718, and proved May, 1719. He died
April 19, 1715, and his will dated in April
was proved in May, 1715. Children, born
in Salisbury: Benoni, born May 23, 1676;
Mary, April 8, 1677 ; John, June 30, 1678 ;
Cornelius, May 7, 1680; Caleb, October
26, 1682; Joseph, October 14, 1684; Sarah.
April 5, 1686; Jonathan, mentioned be-
low; Mercy, March 17, 1690; Moses,
March 26, 1693; Aaron, December 16,
1695 ; Tabitha, February 12, 1697-98.

(III) Jonathan Clough, son of John


(2) Clough, was born at Salisbury, April
11, 1688, and he was living in 1715, when
his father's will was made. He married

Hannah and they were members

of the Salisbury church, July 3, 1715. He
moved to Quinatisset, now Thompson,
Connecticut. Larned's history of that
town says: "In 1722 Henry and Ebenezer
Green sold to Jonathan Clough of Salis-
bury a hundred acres of land running
southeast of a little footpath leading from
Fort Hill to Simon Bryant's." (Vol. I, p.
180, Winham County.) He was one of
the proprietors of the town and was
eighth on the list of the founders of the
church. He had at least four children:
Jonathan, mentioned below; John, joined
the church in 1742; Obadiah, joined the
church in 1746; Ruth.

(IV) Jonathan (2) Clough, son of Jon-
athan (1) Clough, was born about 1715.
He joined the Thompson church in 1738.
He married and removed to Belchertown,
where he died at the age of ninety-four
years. Children, born in Belchertown :
Dan, married and had children: Desire,
Jonathan, and Abner, born 1805 ; Timo-
thy, mentioned below; John, married

(first) Sarah ; (second) Louisa

, and had children: Sarah, born

1796, Keziah, 1798; Charlotte, 1800; Cla-
rissa, 1802; Lovisa, 1804; Sophronia,
1805; Nancy, 181 1; Ann Jane, 1814;
John, 1816; Mary, 1818.

(V) Timothy Clough, son of Jonathan
(2) Clough, was born at Thompson, about
1750; removed to Ludlow, Hampden
county, and thence to Belchertown. He

married Lucy . Children : Abigail,

born 1792, married Calvin Barrett (see
Barrett VII); Susan, born 1794; Han-
nah, 1797; Olive, 1801 ; Candace, twin of
Olive; Timothy, 1804; Jonathan, men-
tioned below as John (VI), May 22, 1806;
Daniel, 1808; Daniel, 181 1.

(VI) John (2) Clough, son of Timothy

Clough, was born at Ludlow, Massachu-
setts, May 22, 1806. He was a blacksmith.
He married Elmira Levins, date Decem-
ber 1, 1824. Children: James M., born
May 10, 1826, Belchertown, Massachu-
setts; Jefferson Moody, 1st, born Janu-
ary 26, 1828, at Belchertown, Massachu-
setts; Jefferson Moody, 2nd, mentioned
below; Elmira C, born October 21, 1831,
at Belchertown ; Timothy L., born De-
cember 6, 1833, Belchertown; Guernsey
A., born April 28, 1835, Belchertown;
Mercy O., born October 17, 1838, Belcher-
town ; Henri S., born July 9, 1842, Palmer
Depot; Emily M., born March 28, 1846,
Belchertown ; George R., born March 27,
1849, Springfield; Mary Adella, born De-
cember 23, 1850, New Hartford.

(VII) Jefferson Moody Clough, son of
John (2) Clough, born November 29,
1829, at Gerry, New York, became one of
the foremost mechanical experts of his
time. He first became prominent while
superintendent of the Remington Arms
Company at Ilion, New York, where he
perfected the famous Remington Type-
writer, for which he received a royalty of
fifty cents on every machine made for
many years, later he perfected the Ham-
mond & Yost Machines, and was paid
handsomely for this service. Among
other inventions was the first practical
cotton-gin, which brought cotton within
the reach of all classes of people, and also
his ability manifested itself in the manu-
facture of fire arms. He was for many
years after leaving the Remington Arms
Company associated as superintendent of
the Winchester Repeating Arms Com-
pany in New Haven at a very large
salary. He was offered at one time a
large sum of money by the Chinese gov-
ernment to undertake the building of fire
arms in China, but this he did not accept.
His life was busy and fruitful, and in his
seventy-fifth year he built and perfected



the Clough Mauser Gun, which was
bought up for the purpose of preventing
its manufacture. He retained a large
interest in it, however, but did not live to
see it exploited. He died January 16,
1908, at Belchertown, Massachusetts. He
married. September 20, 1852, Ellen Eliza-
beth Debit, at Springfield, Massachusetts.
She was born September 25, 1829, and
died at Belchertown, Massachusetts, No-
vember 28, 1904. Children : Adella Ar-
thermise, mentioned below ; Jefferson
Moody, Jr., born April 2, 1855, at Duck-
ville, in Palmer, Massachusetts ; Jeffer-
son Budd, son of Jefferson Moody, Jr.,
born 1886, died February 3, 1897.

(VIII) Adella Arthermise Clough,
daughter of Jefferson Moody Clough,
born at Monson, Massachusetts, Septem-
ber 13, 1853, married, January 20, 1875,
John Bunyan Barrett (see Barrett IX).
Children : Leon Jefferson Barrett, born
at Ilion, New York, January 12, 1877;
and Beatrice Adella Barrett, born July
6, 1887, at New Haven, Connecticut.

HAMMOND, Richard Hill,

Head of Important Industry.

The original spelling of this family
name was Ham. Andrew Hill Hammond
had his name legally changed from Ham
to Hammond. The immigrant ancestor
was William Ham, who came from Eng-
land in 1646, and settled in Exeter, New
Hampshire, removing to Portsmouth in
the same colony in 1652. He received a
grant of land consisting of fifty acres on
Freeman's Point, just above Portsmouth
Bridge. He died in 1672 and his will was
proved at Exeter and is now in the ar-
chives at Concord. He bequeathed his
estate to his daughter, Elizabeth Cotton,
and to his grandsons, William, John and
Thomas Ham. It is known that he had
two children : Matthew, mentioned be-
low, and Elizabeth.

(II) Matthew Ham, son of William
Ham, died before 1672, the date of his
father's will. It is presumed that the
three grandsons mentioned in his father's
will were sons of Matthew; William,
John and Thomas.

(III) John Ham, grandson of William
Ham, was born in 1649. He was a tax-
payer in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1665.
His first homestead was at "Tolend" near
the second falls of the Cocheco, but later
he had a farm on Garrison Hill at Dover.
He was juror in 1688; lieutenant; town
clerk in 1694. His will was proved at
Exeter. He married, in 1667, Mary Heart,
daughter of John Heart, of Dover. She
died in 1706, and he died in 1727. Chil-
dren : Mary, born October 2, 1668 ; John,
1671 ; Samuel; Joseph, June 3, 1678;
Elizabeth, January 2, 1681 ; Tryphena ;
Sarah ; Mercy ; Benjamin, mentioned be-

(IV) Benjamin Ham, son of John
Ham, was born in Dover, 1693. He in-
herited his father's farm near Garrison
Hill and received one full share in the
common lands in 1732. The farm on
which he lived was purchased of Peter
Coffin in 1698 and the original deed and
part of the original farm were at last
accounts still owned by a lineal descend-
ant. He was a constable in 1731 ; sur-

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