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and they had two children: Susie Emily,
died in infancy, and Fannie Hatch, born
at Portland, graduate of Cape Elizabeth
High School, class of 1884. ii. Hosea
Harford, unmarried, iii. Sarah, died in
infancy, iv. Louisa, died in infancy, v.
Frederick, Jr., died in infancy. 5. Nathan-
iel. 6. Sarah. 7. Elizabeth, who never
married. 8. William, mentioned below.

(VII) Joseph Hatch, son of John
Hatch, married Abigail Wallace. Chil-



dren, born at Cape Elizabeth: I. Pameli.
married Albion Burbank and had chil-
dren: Frank and Carrie Burbank. 2. Al-
mira, married Emery Dyer and had chil-
dren : Clara (single), died aged twenty
years; George, who married Emma
Smart ; Hannah Dyer, who never mar-
ried ; Mattie Dyer, who married

Leonard ; Elizabeth Dyer, who married
William Eliot; all of South Portland,
Maine, formerly Cape Elizabeth. 3. Eliz-
abeth, married Alfred Russell, of Cumber-
land, Maine; children: Joseph Russell,
married Elmira Haskell; Alice Russell,
married George Doughty and has a son
(grocer) at Cumberland, Maine ; Fred-
erick Russell ; Elizabeth and Ella Rus-
sell, unmarried. 4. Harriet, married
(first) Frank Rice, and (second) John
Fogg, of Scarborough ; children : Edward
and Charles Fogg. 5. Eunice, never mar-
ried. 6. Anthony, a policeman, then a

shoe dealer in Portland, married

Fickett and has a large family. 7. Alfred,
married Ruth Ann Brazier ; had no chil-

(VII) Major William Hatch, brother
of Joseph Hatch, was born at Cape Eliz-
abeth, now South Portland, Maine, Au-
gust 16, 1807, and died there September
26, 1884. He received his education in
the public schools of his native town, and
early in life engaged in business as a car-
penter and builder. He became one of
the leading contractors of the vicinity
and built a great number of the resi-
dences in South Portland and adjacent
towns, various churches and public build-
ings. For many years he was active and
prominent in the State militia and held
commissions as captain and major. He
was appointed ensign of the Fifth Com-
pany, First Regiment, Second Brigade,
Fifth Division, July 24, 1829, tendered his
resignation, which was accepted April 14,
1831, but was appointed captain of the

same, September 31, 1834. He was elect-
ed colonel of his regiment, but declined
to accept the commission. In the Metho-
dist church, of which he was a member,
he was active for many years and served
faithfully as a teacher in the Sunday
school. He married, April 5, 1832, Me-
hitable W. Mitchell, born August 26,
1807, and died March 10, 1891, a daugh-
ter of Robert and Lydia (Wheeler)
Mitchell, of Cape Elizabeth. Children
born at Cape Elizabeth : Joseph, March
27, 1833, died October 29, 191 1 ; John,
April 6, 1835; Ruth M., July 16, 1837, died
unmarried, September 4, 1862; Moses M.,
June 5, 1840, married Mary Delano;
George, mentioned below ; Woodbury,
November 11, 1846, died January 8, 1848;
Mary, June 7, 1850, now living with her
brother George in Worcester.

(VIII) George Hatch, son of Major
William Hatch, was born in Cape Eliza-
beth, March 15, 1843. He was educated
in the public schools of his native town.
He worked for various contractors in
Portland, and in 1871 came to Worcester,
where he worked at the carpenter's trade
for a time. For twelve years he was em-
ployed in stair building business in the
firm of Stratton & Johnson, Worcester,
and had charge of putting in stairs for
contractors in all parts of New Eng-
land. In 1889 he formed a partnership
with Fred W. Barnes and engaged in the
business of stair building in the old Merri-
field Building. The business was later
moved to the new Merrifield Building and
after the fire in 1904 to the present quar-
ters on Union street. The business pros-
pered from the beginning. Both partners
were shrewd and practical men and the
firm became one of the most successful
in this line of business in this section of
the State. To the business of stair build-
ing, the firm added all kinds of interior
finish used by builders. The firm's name


became a synonym, for first-class work,
promptness and reliability. In 1904 the
business was incorporated under the
name of Hatch & Barnes Company and
Mr. Hatch was president and Mr. Barnes
secretary until 191 1, when Mr. Hatch re-
tired from business, selling his interests
to his partner. Since then Mr. Barnes
has been the sole owner of the business.
Mr. Hatch lived at 35 Lovell street from
1908 to 1913, then built a residence on
Pleasant street. In 1914 he moved to his
present home, No. 19 South Lenox street,
in the beautiful residential district known
as Lenox on Hammond Hill. Both houses
were beautiful types of modern architec-
ture and especially attractive in the de-
tail of interior woodwork. Mr. Hatch is
a member of Quinsigamond Lodge, Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows, of
Worcester, and of the Worcester County
Mechanics' Association. He was formerly
a member of the Worcester Board of
Trade. In politics he is a Republican and
has always supported the candidates and
principles of the party, though he has
never sought or held public office.

He married, September 9, 1874, at
Worcester, Nellie Augusta Knight, born
October 1, 1855, daughter of Hezekiah
and Sarah (Woodward) Knight. She died
April 22, 1905. Children: 1. Nellie May,
born July 21, 1875; married William
Thompson; they reside in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania; child, George Hatch
Thompson, horn in April, 191 1. 2. Wil-
liam, died aged three years. 3. Arthur
Dean, mentioned below.

(IX) Arthur Dean Hatch, son of
George Hatch, was born at Worcester.
He was educated in private schools at
Powder Point and was for several years
a student at the Worcester Polytechnic
Institute. He is now in charge of the
office of the Hatch & Barnes Company.
He is a member of the local lodge of Odd

Fellows. In politics he is a Republican.
Mr. Hatch married Annie Hanson, daugh-
ter of Andrew Hanson, who was a native
of Norway. They have one child, Jetta,
born May 11, 1912.

BROWN, Isaac A.,

Representative Citizen.

John Brown was an English ship-
builder of Plymouth, England, and had
an acquaintance with the Pilgrims at Ley-
den, before 1620. The date of his com-
ing to America is not known. In 1636
he was living in Duxbury, and in 1643
was of Taunton, Massachusetts. He was
assistant governor for seventeen years
from 1636, and served as commissioner
of the United Colonies from 1644 for
twelve years. He died in Swansea, near
Rehoboth, where he had large posses-
sions, April 10, 1662, his will being made
three days before. His wife Dorothy died
in Swansea, January 27, 1674, aged ninety
years. Children : James, married, in 1655,
Lydia Howland ; Mary, married in 1656,
Captain Thomas Willet; John, mentioned

(II) John (2) Brown, youngest child
of John (1) and Dorothy Brown, was of
Rehoboth and Swansea, and died the last
of March, 1662. His will was made in
October, 1661, and proved March 31, 1662.
He married Lydia Buckland, and had
Children : John, mentioned below ; Lydia,
born August 5, 1655; Hannah, January
29, 1657; Joseph, April 9, 1658; Nathaniel,
June 9, 1661.

(III) Captain John (3) Brown, eldest
child of John (2) and Lydia (Buckland)
Brown, was born September, 1650, and
died November 24, 1709. His widow and
sons, John and Samuel, were appointed
administrators of his estate, December
27, 1709. He married, November 8, 1672,
Ann Mason, born June, 1650, daughter



of Major John Mason. Children : Anne,
born September 19, 1673 > John, men-
tioned below; Samuel, January 31, 1677;
Lydia and Rachel (twins), May 16, 1679;
Martha, November 2, 1681 ; Daniel, Octo-
ber 29, 1683; Ebenezer, June 15, 1685;
Daniel, September 26, 1686; Stephen, Jan-
uary 29, 1688; Joseph, May 19, 1690; Eliz-
abeth, December 12, 1691.

(IV) Captain John (4) Brown, eldest
son of Captain John (3) and Ann (Ma-
son) Brown, was born April 28, 1675, and
died April 23, 1752. His will was dated
March 20, 1752, and proved May 5, 1752.
He married (first) July 2, 1696, Abigail
Cole, born December 1, 1681, died in her
thirtieth year, daughter of Lieutenant
James and Mary Cole. He married (sec-
ond) Mary (surname said to be Pierce).
Children: Mary, born November 21, 1697,
married Daniel Gould; Ann, April 1,
1700, married Walter Chaloner ; Eliza-
beth, October 4, 1702, married John Hud-
son ; John, March 19, 1705; James, Janu-
ary 2, 1707, married Ruth Pierce; Jere-
miah, mentioned below ; David, Febru-
ary 22, 1718; Lydia, April 28, 1720; Seth,
September 5, 1725; Benjamin; Martha
and Rachel, confirmed in St. Michael's
Church, 1732.

(V) Jeremiah Brown, youngest child
of Captain John (4) and Abigail (Cole)
Brown, born June 26, 1710, was a com-
municant of St. Michael's Episcopal
Church, Bristol, in 1732, and died May 1,
1776, in his sixty-sixth year. He mar-
ried, January 10, 1731, Elizabeth Sisson.
died March 24, 1780, and both she and
her husband are buried in Touisset. Chil-
dren : Jarvis, mentioned below ; Rebecca,
baptized November 11, 1739.

(VI) Jarvis Brown, only son of Jere-
miah and Elizabeth (Sisson) Brown, was
baptized April 10, 1733, at St. Michael's
Church, where he was confirmed April 1,
1762, and where his children were also

baptized. He died August 26, 1809, in his
seventy-fifth year. His will was dated
August 8, 1809, and proved September 5,
1809. He married, December 5, 1754, Ann
Kinnicut, who died November 10, 1809,
aged seventy-seven. Children : John, men-
tioned below; Seth, baptized May 15,
1757, married Susanna Gardner; Abigail,
May 2, 1762, died at the age of fifteen
years; Lydia, June 19, 1768, married

(VII) John (5) Brown, eldest child of
Jarvis and Ann (Kinnicut) Brown, was
baptized December 7, 1755, died August

10, 1803, aged forty-nine (per tombstone),
and married, May 21, 1778, Abigail
Brown, daughter of Aaron and Catharine
(Bell) Brown, born December 9, 1757,
died May 1, 1824, in her sixty-seventh
year. Children, born in Swansea : Jere-
miah, mentioned below ; Abigail, born
April 29, 1787; James Kinnicut, October
28, 1789; Matilda, February 22, 1791 ;

Czurina, August 7, 1795, married

Pierce; Charlotte, June 28, 1798, married
Stephen Wrightington ; Ann (Susanna),
died in 1826, unmarried.

(VIII) Jeremiah (2) Brown, eldest
child of John (5) and Abigail (Brown)
Brown, born July 16, 1785, married, Feb-
ruary 4, 1804, Hannah Gardner, born
March 14, 1782, died August 18, 1828,
daughter of Peleg and Lydia (Simmons)
Gardner, of Swansea. Children : Rebecca
L. G., born December 24, 1808 ; Catharine,
September 2, 1810; Lydia G., February

11, 1813, married James M. Hathaway;
John, November 4, 1814; Ruth B., No-
vember 19, 1816; Ophelia, mentioned be-
low; Jarvis, September 27, 1819, married
Rachel Ripley; William H., February 14,
1821 ; Jeremiah, mentioned below; Han-
nah G., July 29, 1824; Abraham G., July
13, 1828.

(IX) Ophelia Brown, fifth daughter of
Jeremiah (2) and Hannah (Gardner)



Brown, was born February 5, 1818, and
became the wife of Edward Anthony.

(IX) Jeremiah (3) Brown, fourth son
of Jeremiah (2) and Hannah (Gardner)
Brown, was born December 25, 1822, in
Swansea, and died at his home in Fall
River, September 22, 1910, where he
spent the greater part of his life. He
married Emeline E. Almy, who died in
1908. Their children were Annie E. and
Isaac A.

(X) Isaac A. Brown, only son of Jere-
miah (3) and Emeline E. (Almy) Brown,
was born in Fall River, August 1, 1849.
There he received his early education, and
for some years was connected with a re-
tail grocery business. In 1872 he became
bookkeeper at the Narragansett Mills,
holding that office for twenty-five years
continuously. On March 23, 1897, he was
elected treasurer of the mills, and he has
since served in that capacity. Mr. Brown
is a member of Mount Hope Lodge, An-
cient Free and Accepted Masons. He
married, January 22, 1873, Lydia A.
Davis, daughter of Jason Davis, of Fall
River, and they have had one son and
one daughter: George Emery, born No-
vember 5, 1873, a cotton broker in Fall
River, married Cora Leeburn Brown ; and
Helen, who died at the age of twenty

(The Dean Line).

(I) Walter Dean was born in Chard,
England, between 161 5 and 1620, was a
man of influence, and highly esteemed
among his English neighbors at Taunton.
He married Eleanor, daughter of Richard
Strong, of Taunton, England, who came
to New England with her brother, Elder
John Strong, in the "Mary and John," in
1630. They had children: Joseph, was
a cordwainer in Taunton ; Ezra, men-
tioned below ; Benjamin, settled in Taun-

(II) Ezra Dean, son of Walter and

Eleanor (Strong) Dean, settled in Taun-
ton, and died between October 28, 1727,
and February 15, 1732. He married, De-
cember 17, 1676, Bethiah, daughter of
Deacon Samuel and Susanna (Orcutt)
Edson, of Bridgewater. Children: Bethiah,
born October 14, 1677, died November 27,
1679; Ezra, mentioned below; Samuel,
April 11, 1682, died February 16, 1683;
Seth, June 3, 1683; Margaret, married

Shaw ; Ephraim, married Mary

Allen, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

(Ill) Dr. Ezra (2) Dean, eldest son of
Ezra (1) and Bethiah (Edson) Dean, was
born October 14 or 19, 1680, and was a
physician, residing in Taunton. He mar-
ried (first) Abigail Leonard, (second)
Abigail, daughter of Samuel Brentnell, of
Bridgewater, who survived him. His
family was remarkable for its longevity.
The following is an extract from a com-
munication published in the "Columbian
Reporter," a newspaper published in
Taunton in 1825 :

Dr. Ezra Deane's children were: (1) Ezra,
died at the age of eighty-nine years. (2) Theo-
dora, died at the age of one hundred years.

(3) Abigail, died at the age of ninety-five years.

(4) Bethiah, died at the age of ninety-six years.

(5) Nehemiah, died at the age of ninety years.

(6) James, died at the age of ninety years. (7)
Seth, died at the age of eighty-eight years. (8)
Solomon, died at the age of sixty-one years.
(9) Elkanah, died at the age of eighty-seven
years. (10) William, is living (1825) aged
ninety- four years, (n) George, died at the age
of eighty-six years. (12) Elisha, died at the age
of eighty-three years. (13) Nathaniel, died at
the age of twenty-five years. (14) Esther, living
1825, aged ninety-two years. (15) Prudence, died
at the age of eighty years. (16) Stephen, died at
the age of fifty-one years. United ages 1307.
Eleven of the family lived more than 1000 years,
two of whom are now (1825) living.

(IV) Solomon Dean, son of Dr. Ezra
(2) Dean, was born in i7 2 3ยป ar >d died in
1784, in Taunton. He married Mary Wil-


liams, daughter of Richard Williams (3),
and had children: Abisha ; Richard, men-
tioned below ; Solomon ; Nathaniel ; Brin-
ton; Sylvester; Wealthy, married John
Robinson, of Raynham.

(V) Richard Dean, son of Solomon and
Mary (Williams) Dean, married Deborah
Crossman, and had children : Simeon ;
Richard ; Apollos, mentioned below ; Deb-
orah ; James ; Bethiah ; Calvin ; Dolly ;
Abijah, born April 28, 1782.

(VI) Apollos Dean, fourth son of Rich-
ard and Deborah (Crossman) Dean, was
born April 18, 1770, in Tiverton, and set-
tled in Freetown, Massachusetts, where
he married, February 10, 1803, Caroline
French, born August 10, 1779, in Berkley,
Massachusetts. Children : Apollos, born
November 25, 1803 ; Samuel F., February
8, 1805, died September 20, 1887; Caro-
line, June 22, 1809, married James Madi-
son Deane; Job, September 2, 1812; Ma-
tilda, mentioned below.

(VII) Matilda Dean, youngest child of
Apollos and Caroline (French) Dean, was
born May 2, 1816, in Freetown, and was
married, May 2, 1857, to Jason Davis, of
Fall River (see Davis V).

WHITTEMORE, Eric Hamblett,


The form of Whitmore is chiefly used
in England and by many of the descend-
ants in this country. Others employ the
form Whittemore, and by some descend-
ants the name is spelled Wetmore. It has
been traced back in England to the
twelfth century, as the result of research
made by T. J. Whittemore, chief engineer
of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Louis
Railroad. This labor employed several
years at considerable expense and infinite
pains to secure accuracy. The name has
been conspicuous in this country through
public service and high private character
of many who bore and bear it.

(I) The Whitmores of Staffordshire,
England, were originally termed de Bot-
rel. The name of the father of William
de Botrel and his brother, Peter de Botrel,
is unknown. William had a son William.

(II) Peter de Botrel, of Staffordshire,
had a son Radulph or Ralph.

(III) Ralph de Botrel married twice.
His son William by the first wife married
Avisa de Whitmore. William (IV) had
a son Reginald (V), who had a son Rob-
ert (VI), who had a son Robert (VII).
This is not the American line. That de-
scends from the second wife, by her son
Ralph de Botrel and not by Rad Fitz
Wetmore, an illegitimate son. Rad had a
son Will le Burgvyllon.

(IV) Ralph de Botrel had a son, Sir

(V) Sir John de Whitmore married

Agnes and had at least three sons :

John, Lord of Whitmore, founder of what
the genealogists call the Caunton line ;
William, married Alice Fenners, had son
Philip (VII), founded what is called the
Claverly branch ; Ralph.

(VI) John (2) Whitmore, son of Sir
John (1) de Whitmore, married Mar-
gerie .

(VII) Richard Whitmore, son of John
(2) Whitmore, married Susannah, daugh-
ter of Sir Philip Draycote, of Painesley,
Knight, and had: Jane, married John
Blunt ; Mary, married John Gifford ; Bea-
trix, married John Chetwind ; Christina,
married Richard Fleetwood ; and Philip.

(VIII) Philip Whitmore, son of Rich-
ard Whitmore, married Thomasine,
daughter of Richard Oliver, and had a
son Richard.

(IX) Richard (2) Whitmore, son of
Philip Whitmore, married (first) a daugh-
ter of Sir Ralph Bagot ; married (second)
a daughter of Richard Deveraux; married
(third) a daughter of Simon Harcourt,
probably of Ellenhall, Staffordshire, and
by his third wife had son Nicholas.


(X) Nicholas Whitmore, son of Rich-
ard (2) Whitmore, married Annie, daugh-
ter of Thomas Aston, of Tixall, Stafford-
shire, and had: Mary, married William
Lusone ; Anthony.

(XI) Anthony Whitmore, son of Nich-
olas Whitmore, married Christina, daugh-
ter and heir of Nicholas Vaux, and had :
Joan, William.

(XII) William Whitmore, son of An-
thony Whitmore, had a son John.

(XIII) John (3) Whitmore, second son
of William Whitmore, in the reign of
Henry VI., married (first) Alice, daugh-
ter and heir of Robert Blyton, of Caun-
ton, County Notts; married (second)
Katherine, daughter and heir of Robert
Compton, of Hawton (Visitation of York,
1563), and had son William, the heir, who
married a daughter of John Ridley. Wil-
liam, of Rottenham, died in 1568.

(XIV) Robert Whitmore, son of John
(3) Whitmore, married (second) Alice
Atwoode, of Harlington, Bedfordshire.
He died at Caunton in 1540. By this mar-
riage the children were : Richard, died
without issue, 1559; John, living in 1545;
Charles, died 1568; Thomas, living in
1559; Rowland, living in 1591 ; James,
Randall, and three daughters. Thomas
Whitmore, of Hitchin, was the son of Ed-
mund, or Rowland, son of Robert.
Hitchin is the parish where the immi-
grant, Thomas Whitmore, was born, and
he was the son of another Thomas Whit-
more, as will be seen later.

(XV) Charles Whitmore, son of Rob-
ert Whitmore, died in 1568. He lived in
Tuxforth, County Notts. His children
were: William, died 1582, in County
Notts; John, supposed to have lived in
Staffordshire and died 1571 ; Robert, died
1608; Richard, died 1578; James, died
1614; Thomas, the elder, died 1649;
Roger, of Hitchin ; Christopher, of County
Bedford, died 1640; four daughters and a

posthumous child supposed to be George.
Three of the sons spelled the name
Whittamore, three spelled it Watmore,
and one Whitmore, the spelling that has
prevailed in England.

(XVI) Thomas Whitmore, son of
Charles Whitmore, lived in Hitchin,
County of Hertford, England. He had
wife Mary. His two sons immigrated to
New England ; Thomas to Maiden, Mas-
sachusetts, and John to Stamford, Con-
necticut. Thomas, of Maiden, is the an-
cestor of most of the American Whitte-
mores. John Whitmore, of Stamford,
had a daughter Elizabeth and son, John
Whitmore, who was of age in 1649, lived
at Stamford and Middletown, Connecti-

(The American Line).

(I) Thomas (2) Whittemore (as the
name appears in the records of Cam-
bridge, Watertown and other Massachu-
setts neighborhoods) was born at Hitchin
and came to New England in 1639 or 1640.
He had a child born in England in the
first named year, and in the latter year
he signed a petition at Charlestown, Mas-
sachusetts. He soon removed to the
"Mystick Side," later known as Maiden,
in that part of the town which is now
Everett. He bought land of John Cot-
ton in 1645 which adjoined his home lot
and is now in the city of Everett, and
continued in the family until May 1, 1845,
a period of two hundred years. The site
of his first dwelling house is known. He
died there May 25, 1661, and his will was
proved one month later. He was thrice
married, but the name of his first wife is
unknown. He married (second) April 14,
1623, in England, Sarah Deardes, who
was buried November 17, 1628. His third
wife, Hannah, was born 1612, and after
his death married (second) June 3, 1663,
Benjamin Butterfield, of Chelmsford,
Massachusetts, and was still living in


1680. His first child, Thomas, received
his portion of his father's estate in Eng-
land and there remained. He subse-
quently gave the same name to another
son in this country. Children : Sarah,
Mary, Thomas, Daniel, John, died young;
Nathaniel, John (all born in England),
Elizabeth, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel,
Pelatiah, Abraham. The first, baptized
April 14, 1616, was a child of the first
wife. There were two of the second and
the others were children of the third wife.

(II) Daniel Whittemore, second son of
Thomas (2) and eldest child of his sec-
ond wife, Sarah (Deardes) Whittemore,
was born July 31, 1633, in Hitchin, died
May 11, 1683, on the paternal homestead
on "Mystick Side" which he inherited,
and bequeathed to his sons, Daniel and
John. His will was nuncupative, and was
not proved until nearly two years after
his death, and his widow was made ad-
ministratrix. He married, March 7, 1662,
Mary, daughter of Richard Mellins, of
Charlestown. She died May II, 1683.
Richard Mellins removed from Charles-
town to Weymouth, Massachusetts,
where he was admitted a freeman, Sep-
tember 7, 1639. Daniel Whittemore's
children: 1. Daniel, born April 27, 1663;
resided in Charlestown and Maiden ; died
September 21, 1756, and left his home-
stead to his son Daniel. 2. John, men-
tioned below. 3. Thomas, born March 5,
1667. 4. Mary, born February 15, 1669.
5. Nathaniel, born February 7, 1670.

(III) John Whittemore, second son of
Daniel and Mary (Mellins) Whittemore,
was born February 12, 1665, died in Mai-
den, March 4, 1730. His whole estate was
valued at five hundred and three pounds,
and his widow, Ruth, was appointed ad-
ministratrix, April 3, of that year. He
married, in 1692, Ruth, daughter of Jo-
seph and Martha (Hobart) Bassett, of
Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Joseph Bas-

sett was a son of William Bassett,
who came over in the ship "Fortune,"
in 1621, lived in Duxbury, Massachu-
setts, in 1637, and was deputy to the
general court in 1640-41-42-43-44. He
joined Governor Bradford and others in
the purchase of Dartmouth, Massachu-
setts, and removed to Bridgewater, where
he died in 1667. Children of John Whitte-
more : 1. John, born September 12, 1694,
in Maiden. 2. Jeremiah, mentioned be-
low. 3. Joseph, married Ruth Eustice.
4. Benjamin, married Sarah Kendall. 5.
Patience, married Timothy Lamson. 6.
David, born April 6, 1706; resided in Bos-
ton ; married (first) Alice Kendall, and

(second) Sarah . 7. Deborah, born

March 1, 1708; married Moses Gleason.
8. Elias, married Rhoda Holt. 9. Pelatiah,
born October 30, 1710; resided in Dun-
stable ; married Deborah Kendall.

(IV) Jeremiah Whittemore, second
son of John and Ruth (Bassett) Whitte-
more, was born 1695-96, in Maiden, and
resided in Weston and Concord, Massa-
chusetts, dying in the latter town, March

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