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dent. He was a trustee of the Worcester
County Institution for Savings ; director
of the Worcester Safe Deposit and Trust
Company (now the Worcester Trust
Company) ; vice-president of the People's
Savings Bank. In early life he was a
Whig, later a Republican in politics. In
religion he was an Episcopalian and for
many years was vestryman and warden
of All Saints' Church. He was highly
esteemed in the community, of exemplary
character, the highest ideals, sound judg-
ment and sterling common sense. In his
social and domestic life he was beloved
for his kindliness and attractive personal
qualities. He died at Worcester, January
6, 1887.


He married (first) May 19, 1836, Serena
Chase, born April 4, 181 5, died at Worces-
ter, June 19, 1848, daughter of Caleb
Chase, of Sutton (see Chase XII). He
married (second) August 5, 1850, at
Worcester, Abby Curtis Read, born April
28, 1818, died April 29, 1896, daughter of
Ebenezer and Sally (Curtis) Read. Chil-
dren by first wife : Frederick Sumner,
mentioned below ; Emma Amanda, born
May 8, 1848, unmarried. Child by second
wife: Edward Read, born May 1, 1851,
died October 31, 1880.

(VII) Frederick Sumner Pratt, son of
Sumner Pratt, was born in Worcester,
September 21, 1845. He attended the
public schools and graduated from the
Worcester High School in 1862. After
four years of service in the Worcester
National Bank, he became associated in
business with his father and remained a
member of the firm of Sumner Pratt &
Company until 1896, when he retired.
Since then he has devoted much time to
portrait and landscape painting, in which
he had some training in early life, and
many of his works are highly prized by
their owners. Mr. Pratt is a trustee of
the Worcester County Institution for
Savings; trustee of the Worcester Art
Museum ; member of various local clubs
and Salmagundi Club, New York. He is
senior warden of All Saints' Protestant
Episcopal Church. In politics he is a

He married, January 19, 1871, at
Worcester, Sarah McKean Hilliard, born
in Boston (Roxbury), December 21, 1841,
died at Worcester, December 27, 1897,
daughter of Judge Francis and Catharine
Dexter (Haven) Hilliard (see Hilliard
and Haven families). Children, born in
Worcester: 1. Francis Hilliard, born No-
vember 3, 1871, died November 4, 1871.
2. Frederick Haven, A. M., M. D., born
July 19, 1873 ; graduate of Harvard Col-

lege and the Harvard Medical School ;
has published papers on scientific and
educational subjects ; Professor of Physi-
ology, University of Buffalo, and mem-
ber of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science, and the St.
Botolph Club, Boston ; he married, June
12, 1912, Margery Wilerd, daughter of
George D. and Leora Davis, of West New-
ton, Massachusetts; children, born in Buf-
falo: Frederick Sumner, June 15, 1913;
Margery, December 4, 1914. 3. Kath-
erine Chase, born December 29, 1875;
married, June 2, 1896, Dr. Alfred Lind-
say Shapleigh, of Boston ; both went to
China as missionaries in 1896 and again
in 1904 ; in February, 1905, Dr. Shapleigh
and two of their children, Samuel Brooks
and Stephen, died of smallpox at Ngan-
kin ; a third son, Frederick Gordon, had
died in 1900, in Worcester; Mrs. Shap-
leigh continued her work in China, how-
ever, and was located at Yang Chow until
1907, when she returned for a period of
rest. 4. Robert Gage, mentioned below.
5. Elizabeth Hilliard, born July 27, 1882;
married, June 23, 1906, Dr. William
Irving Clark, Jr., of New York City ; set-
tled in Worcester; children: Katherine
Irving, born January 14, 1908, and Wil-
liam Irving, born July 3, 1910.

(VIII) Robert Gage Pratt, son of Fred-
erick Sumner Pratt, was born at Worces-
ter, October 17, 1877. He attended the
public schools of his native city, Fish's
Private School, the Dalzell School in
Worcester and entered Harvard College
in the class of 1900. After three years as
a Harvard student he left college to en-
gage in business. He spent a year in the
office of Earle & Fisher, architects, in
Worcester. He then entered the employ
of the Crompton & Knowles Loom
Works, starting in the weave room and
mastering the details of the business. For
two years he was assistant of George F.



Hutchins in the office of the company.
In 1907 he established his present busi-
ness in Worcester, engaging in the manu-
facture of textile machinery for narrow
fabrics. The manufacturing of narrow
fabrics has been growing rapidly in this
country in late years and Mr. Pratt has
been highly successful in his business.
The plant had been enlarged from time
to time and the business has grown
steadily. Mr. Pratt is an incorporator of
the Worcester County Institution for
Savings; member of the Chamber of Com-
merce, the Worcester Club, the Worces-
ter Agricultural Society, the Tatnuck
Country Club, the Worcester Tennis
Club, the Quinsigamond Boat Club, the
Worcester Harvard Club and All Saints'
Church. In politics he is a Republican.
He is interested in music and while a
student was leader of the Harvard Uni-
versity Banjo Club.

He married, July 9, 1906, Edythe Mc-
Cord Coleman, born May 8, 1880, at
Toronto, Canada, daughter of Frederic
G. and Edith (McCord) Coleman, of
Toronto, Canada. Her Grandfather Mc-
Cord was for many years treasurer of the
city of Toronto. They have one child,
Sarah, born at Worcester, July 19, 1915.

(The Conant Line).

The surname Conant has been known
in England for more than six hundred
years. It is derived from a Celtic word
Conan, meaning a chief.

(I) John Conant, with whom the au-
thentic history of the family begins, lived
in the parish of East Budleigh, Devon-
shire, England, where he was a taxpayer
in 1571 and church warden in 1577. He
was buried March 30, 1596.

(II) Richard Conant, son of John
Conant, was born in East Budleigh about
1548. In 1586 he was a taxpayer and in
1606 church warden. He married, Febru-

ary 4, 1578, Agnes Clarke, daughter of
John Clarke, of Collyton, and Anne
(Macy) Clarke, daughter of William
Macy, of Collyton. Richard Conant and
his wife were buried September 22, 1630,
and his will was proved October 13, 1631.
Children : John, baptized January 20,
1579-80; Richard, baptized February 21,
1581-82; Robert; Jane, baptized May 9,
1584; John, baptized March 18, 1586-87;
Thomas, baptized April 30, 1587; Christo-
pher, baptized June 13, 1588; Roger, men-
tioned below.

(III) Roger Conant, son of Richard
Conant, was the American immigrant.
He was baptized at All Saints', East Bud-
leigh, April 9, 1592. He came first to
Plymouth, in New England, but followed
Rev. John Lyford and others to Nan-
tasket (Hull), where he made use of Gov-
ernor's Island, which for a time was
known as Conant's Island. In 1624-25 he
was chosen by the Dorchester company
to govern the colony at Cape Ann, and
Lyford was chosen minister. After a
year at Cape Ann, Conant removed with
the colonists who did not return to Eng-
land and settled at Salem, where he con-
tinued as Governor until superseded by
Endicott. Conant was therefore regarded
as the first Governor of Massachusetts
Bay Colony. He was justice of the Quar-
terly Court at Salem three years ; select-
man, 1637-41 and 1651-54, 1657-58. In
1667 he was one of the founders of the
church at Beverly. He died November
19, 1679. He married Sarah Horton. Chil-
dren : Sarah, baptized September 19,
1619; Caleb, baptized May 2~j, 1622, came
to Massachusetts, but returned to Eng-
land ; Lot, mentioned below ; Roger, born
1626; Sarah, 1628; Joshua; Mary; Eliza-
beth ; Exercise, baptized December 24,

(IV) Lot Conant, son of Roger Conant,
was born about 1624, at Hull or Cape



Ann, and settled as early as 1657 at
Marblehead. He was selectman in 1662
and a householder in 1674. About 1666
he removed to Beverly and built a house
near his father's. He was one of the orig-
inal members of the Beverly church. He
died September 29, 1674. He married
Elizabeth Walton, daughter of Rev. Wil-
liam Walton. Children : Nathaniel, born
July 28, 1650; John, mentioned below;
Lot, February 16, 1657-58; Elizabeth,
May 13, 1660; Mary, July 14, 1662; Mar-
tha, August 15, 1664; Sarah, twin, Febru-
ary 19, 1666-67; William, twin of Sarah;
Roger, March 10, 1668-69; Rebecca, Janu-
ary 31, 1670-71.

(V) John Conant, son of Lot Conant,
was born December 15, 1652, at Beverly,
and settled there on the homestead of his
father. He was a farmer and weaver.
He was in King Philip's War, in Captain
Samuel Appleton's company in 1675. He
died September 30, 1724. He married,
May 7, 1678, Bethia Mansfield, daughter
of Andrew Mansfield. She was born
April 7, 1658, and died July 27, 1720. Chil-
dren : Lot, baptized June 1, 1679; Eliza-
beth, born January 14, 1681-82; Bethia,
1684; John, July 7, 1686; Deborah, Feb-
ruary 20, 1687-88; Mary, October 20,
1689; Daniel, November 19, 1694; Re-
becca, March 29, 1696; Benjamin, men-
tioned below; Jemima, November 9, 1701.

(VI) Benjamin Conant, son of John
Conant, was born at Beverly, October 22,
1698. He lived on Dodge street. In 1732
he was one of the founders of the town
of Dudley, Massachusetts, and an active
and leading citizen; town clerk from 1737
to 1763; chairman of the selectmen, 1743
to 1756. In his old age he removed to
Warwick, Massachusetts, where he died
September 20, 1767. He married (first)
(intention, December 4, 1720) Martha
Davids, who died at Dudley, January 5,
1745-46. He married (second) Septem-

ber 17, 1746, Lydia Lamb. Children:
Lydia, born February 5, 1722; Ezra, men-
tioned below ; Abigail, baptized March
12, 1726-27; Benjamin, June 6, 1729, died
young; Ebenezer, November 2, 1731, died
young; John, June 6, 1733, died January
5. 1737 '• A sa, April 26, 1736, died 1737;
Martha, January 8, 1738; Benjamin, Oc-
tober 20, 1740. By second wife: Abijah,
August 9, 1747; Asa, June 29, 1750; Abi-
gail, March 4, 1752; Lucy, January 26,
1754; Jemima, December 20, 1755, died

(VII) Ezra Conant, son of Benjamin
Conant, was baptized at Beverly, March
8, 1723-24. He removed to Dudley with
his parents and later to Warwick, where
he was town clerk nine years and select-
man. He died December 7, 1804. He
married (first) at Dudley, January 1, 1745,
Millicent Newell, born December 19,
1725, died July, 1769. He married (sec-
ond) at Warwick (intention, January 16,
1770) Anna Fiske. Children by first
wife: Asa, born October 14, 1746; John,
July 21, 1748; Ezra, mentioned below;
Amos, January 8, 1753; Millicent, August
25, 1754; Ebenezer, April 12, 1756; John,
August 29, 1758; Jemima, October 1,
1760; Stephen, June 19, 1762; Benjamin,
March 28, 1764. By second wife: Anna,
May 26, 1771 ; Clark, June 23, 1773.

(VIII) Dr. Ezra (2) Conant, son of
Ezra (1) Conant, was born at Dudley,
April 7, 175 1. He removed to Warwick
and was town clerk there. He settled
later at Oxford and died there May 9,
1789. He married, October 27, 1773, Ruth
Davis, daughter of Samuel Davis (see
Davis). She married (second) Joseph
Healey, of Dudley. Children, born at
Warwick: Ruth, born January 8, 1775;
Sally, May 15, 1777, married, November
15, 1801, Elias Pratt (see Pratt); Samuel,
August 29, 1780, drowned August 5, 1805 ;
Learned, September 24, 1784.



(The Chase Line).
The Chase family is of ancient Eng-
lish origin. The ancestral seat of the
branch of the family from which the
American line is descended was at Ches-
ham, Buckinghamshire, through which
runs a rapidly flowing river, the Chess,
which gives its name to the place.

(I) Thomas Chase, of Chesham, was
descended from the ancient family of that

(II) John Chase, son of Thomas Chase,
was also of Chesham.

(III) Matthew Chase, son of John
Chase, was of Chesham ; married Eliza-
beth, daughter of Richard Bould. Chil-
dren : Richard, married Mary Roberts ;
Francis ; John ; Matthew ; Thomas, men-
tioned below ; Ralph ; William ; Bridget.

(IV) Thomas (2) Chase, son of Mat-
thew Chase, was of Hundrich, Parish
Chesham. Children, born at Hundrich :
John, baptized November 30, 1540; Rich-
ard, mentioned below; Agnes, baptized
January 9, 1551 ; William; Christian.

(V) Richard Chase, son of Thomas (2)
Chase, was born at Hundrich, England,
and baptized there, August 3, 1542. He
married, April 16, 1564, Joan Bishop.
Children, born at Hundrich : Robert, bap-
tized September 2, 1565; Henry, August
10, 1567; Lydia, October 4, 1573; Ezekiel,
April 2, 1575; Aquila, mentioned below;
Jason, January 13, 1585; Thomas, July
18, 1586; Abigail, January 12, 1588; Mor-
decai, July 31, 1591.

(VI) Aquila Chase, son of Richard
Chase, was baptized at Hundrich, Eng-
land, August 14,1580. Children: Thomas;
Aquila, mentioned below.

(VII) Aquila (2) Chase, son of Aquila
(1) Chase, was born in England in 1618,
and came early to New England. He was
a mariner and probably sailed under his
uncle or brother, Thomas Chase, who in
1626 was part owner of the ship "John

and Francis." Aquila Chase was of
Hampton, New Hampshire, as early as
1640. He removed to Newbury, Massa-
chusetts, in 1646, when he had four acres
of land granted him there for a house lot
and six acres of marsh. He was a ship-
master. He died December 27, 1670, aged
fifty-two years. His will was dated Sep-
tember 19, 1670. He married Anne,
daughter of John Wheeler, who came
from Salisbury, England. She died April
21, 1687. Children: Sarah, married
Charles Annis ; Anna, born July 6, 1647;
Priscilla, March 14, 1649; Mary, Febru-
ary 3, 1651 ; Thomas, July 25, 1654; John,
November 2, 1655 ; Elizabeth, September
13, 1657; Ruth, March 18, 1660; Daniel,
December 9, 1661 ; Moses, mentioned be-

(VIII) Moses Chase, son of Aquila (2)
Chase, was born in Newbury, Massachu-
setts, December 24, 1663. He married
(first) November 10, 1684, Ann Follans-
bee; (second) December 13, 1713, Sarah
Jacobs. Children : Moses, born Septem-
ber 20, 1685, died young; Daniel, twin of
Moses, mentioned below ; Moses, January
20, 1688; Samuel, May 13, 1690; Eliza-
beth, September 25, 1693 ; Stephen, Au-
gust 29, 1696; Hannah, September 13,
1699; Joseph, September 9, 1703; Benoni.

(IX) Daniel Chase, son of Moses
Chase, was born at Newbury, September
20, 1685, and died May 28, 1769. He set-
tled in Sutton, Worcester county, Massa-
chusetts, before March 26, 1733, when his
mill is mentioned in the town records and
he is said to have built the first grist mill
at Pleasant Falls. He was usually known
as Miller Chase. He and his wife were
admitted to the Sutton church in 1736.
His homestead was on the present site of
the plant of the Sutton Manufacturing
Company. He married Sarah March, who
died in December, 1771, aged eighty-eight
years. Children: Samuel, born Septem-



ber 28, 1707, married Mary Dudley ; Dan-
iel, September 18, 1709; Joshua, Novem-
ber 9, 171 1 ; Ann, November 13, 1713,
married David Lilley; Sarah, April 22,
1716; Nehemiah, June 27, 1718; Judith,
September 7, 1720; Caleb, mentioned be-
low; Moody, September 3, 1723, married
Elizabeth Hall; Moses, March, 1726, mar-
ried Hannah Brown.

(X) Lieutenant Caleb Chase, son of
Daniel Chase, was born November 29,
1722, and died October 2, 1808. He mar-
ried Sarah Prince, who died February
15, 1803. He was ensign and later lieu-
tenant of the Sutton company. From
1767 to 1776 inclusive he was one of the
selectmen of the town and among the
leading citizens. Children, born in Sut-
ton : Phebe, born April 7, 1747; Mary,
September 2, 1748; Nehemiah, mentioned
below; David Prince, January 15, 1753;
Caleb, March 19, 1755; Joseph, March 13,
1757; Sarah, May 1, 1759; John, March
2, 1761 ; Stephen, April 26, 1763; Moses,
November 1, 1765 ; Daniel, January 9,
1768; Israel, March 21, 1770; Rachel,
October 18, 1772, married David Dudley.

(XI) Corporal Nehemiah Chase, son of
Lieutenant Caleb Chase, was born at Sut-
ton, February 8, 1751, died October 5,
1808. He was a corporal in the Sutton
company in the Revolution. He married,
December 17, 1778, Vashti Batcheller.
Children, born at Sutton : Abner, married
Sukey Marble ; Caleb, mentioned below ;
Sarah, married Simon Woodbury ; Lavina,
married Captain Nathaniel Sibley ; Abra-
ham, died October 29, 1857; Nehemiah;

(XII) Caleb (2) Chase, son of Corporal
Nehemiah Chase, was born at Sutton
about 1780, and died there in 1848. He
was selectman of Sutton in 1820. He
married (first) December 27, 1806, Fannie
Harris; (second) September 1, 1840, Mrs.
Almira H. Grover, sister of first wife.

Children by first wife : Emily, born Feb-
ruary 21, 1808, married Nathan Garfield;
Malinda, September 23, 1810, married
Hymen Barber ; Amanda, November 27,
1812, married Silas E. Chase; Serena,
April 4, 1815, married Sumner Pratt (see
Pratt VI) ; Fanny L., July 24, 1817, mar-
ried Charles H. Town ; Vashti A., No-
vember 30, 1819, married Leroy Litch-
field; Achsah A., April 13, 1822; Caleb
Harris, March 26, 1824; Abner Hiram.,
November 25, 1829.

(The Hilllard Line).

(I) Emanuel Hilliard, the immigrant
ancestor, was born in England about
1620. He settled in Hampton, New
Hampshire, and, October 10, 1657, re-
ceived by deed of gift from Rev. Timothy
Dalton, his loving kinsman, a hundred
acres of meadow and upland, part of the
grantor's farm. Emanuel Hilliard was a
mariner and ten days later he was lost
at sea, October 20, 1657. He married
Elizabeth Parkhurst, a niece of Ruth Dal-
ton. She married (second) Joseph Merry.
Children of Emanuel Hilliard: Timothy,
mentioned below; John, born March 2,
1651, died August 7, 1652; Benjamin, No-
vember 2, 1652, killed by Indians, June
13, 1677; Elizabeth, January 22, 1655.

(II) Timothy Hilliard, son of Emanuel
Hilliard, was born in 1646. He lived at
Hampton, where he married (first) De-
cember 3, 1673, Apphia Philbrick, daugh-
ter of James Philbrick ; (second) Septem-
ber 20, 1712, Mehitable . Children

by first wife : Elizabeth, born September
29, 1679; Benjamin, mentioned below;
Apphia, August 29, 1686, died 1699; Mary,
August 23, 1688 ; daughter, June 24, 1690.

(III) Benjamin Hilliard, son of Timo-
thy Hilliard, was born at Hampton, July
19, 1681. He married (first) April 20,
1703, Mehitable Weare, daughter of Na-
thaniel Weare; (second) April 3, 1706,
Elizabeth Chase, daughter of Joseph



Chase. Children, born at Hampton : Ben-
jamin, October 14, 1704; Anne, January
7, 1708 ; Jonathan, married, February 10,
1732, Hannah Cooper; Timothy, born
August 3, 1713; Rachel, September 23,
1715; Elizabeth, January 12, 1718 ; Joseph,
mentioned below.

(IV) Joseph Hilliard (Joseph Chase
Hilliard), son of Benjamin Hilliard, was
born at Hampton. August 13, 1720. His
will was proved February 29, 1796. He

married Huldah . He settled in

Kensington, New Hampshire, and was
one of forty-seven inhabitants who signed
a petition, May 20, 1778, for a grant of
land. Children : Joseph resided in Kens-
ington ; Timothy, mentioned below; and
other children.

(V) Rev. Timothy (2) Hilliard, son of
Joseph Chase Hilliard, was born at Kens-
ington in 1746. He graduated from Har-
vard College in 1764 and was a tutor in
the college, 1768-71 ; chaplain at the Castle
William in 1768. He was ordained at
Barnstable, April 10, 1771, but after seven
years he resigned on account of ill health.
He became colleague of Rev. Dr. Apple-
ton in the Cambridge church, October 27,
1783, succeeded him and was pastor until
his death, a period of seven years. Presi-
dent Williams, of Harvard, said: "There
was no minister among us of his standing
who perhaps had a fairer prospect of be-
coming extensively useful to the churches
of Christ in this Commonwealth.'' The
"History of Barnstable" (Swift) says:
"No pastor of the Barnstable church ever
was more beloved or respected by his
people." He died May 9, 1790, aged
forty-three years. He married Mary Fos-
ter, daughter of Thomas Foster, of Bos-
ton. Children, born at Barnstable: Mary,
baptized October 16, 1772; Joseph, June
26, 1774, minister of Berwick, Maine ;
Timothy, July 21, 1776, rector of the
Protestant Episcopal church. Portland ;

William, mentioned below ; Charles, Feb-
ruary 10, 1780. At Cambridge: Francis,
baptized December 26, 1784, elder of the
church at Cambridge, died April 2, 1836.

(VI) William Hilliard, son of Rev.
Timothy Hilliard, was born at Barn-
stable, July 12, 1778. He was a promi-
nent publisher, founder of the firm of
Hilliard & Gray (now Little, Brown &
Company). He was deacon of the First
Church of Cambridge from April 5, 1804,
to April 27, 1836. He married (intention
dated October 30, 1802) Sarah Lovering
Hilliard, his cousin. Children, born at
Cambridge: William, born October 15,
1803; Francis Sales, baptized January 27,
1805; Francis, mentioned below; Sarah
Ann, September 13, 1808; Elizabeth, Oc-
tober 22, 1810; Joseph Foster, May 13,
1814; James Winthrop, March 28, 1816;
Edward Augustus, September 19, 1821.

(VII) Francis Hilliard, son of Wil-
liam Hilliard, was born at Cambridge, No-
vember 1, 1806, died at Worcester, Octo-
ber 9, 1878. He graduated from Harvard
College in 1823; was admitted to the bar
and practiced law for many years. He was
judge of the Roxbury police court and
commissioner of insolvency of Norfolk
county. He represented his town in the
General Court. His later years were de-
voted largely to the writing of legal
works, and from 1837 to 1866 he pub-
lished a succession of notable law books.
Among them were: "Digest of Picker-
ing's Reports" (vii-xiv) ; "Law of Sales
of Personal Property ;" "American Law
of Real Property;" "American Jurispru-
dence;" "Law of Mortgage of Real and
Personal Property ;" "Treatise on the
Law of Vendor and Purchaser of Real
Property ;" "Treatise on Torts ;" "The
Law of Injunctions;" "Law of New Trials
and Other Rehearings."

He married, July 26, 1831, Catharine
Dexter Haven, born January 4, 1802, at



Dedham, died March 10, 1888, at Morris-
town, New Jersey, daughter of Hon. Sam-
uel and Elizabeth Craigie (Foster) Haven
(see Haven). Children: 1. Rev. Francis
William, born July 18, 1832, died at Mem-
phis, Tennessee, July 24, 1910; married
Marie Nash Johnston, May 12, 1857 ; lived
at Edenton and Oxford, North Carolina ;
had ten children. 2. Elizabeth Craigie
Haven, born October 2, 1833, died un-
married. 3. Catharine Lydia, born May
I 7> J 835; married, April, 1859, Frederick
G. Burnham, of Morristown, New Jersey.
4. Samuel Haven, born December 13,
1838, at Cambridge ; married, May 19,
1870, Alice Anne Johnstone, of London,
England ; graduated from Harvard, 1859,
the General Theological Seminary, 1863 ;
had many important pastorates and was
secretary of the New England depart-
ment of the Church Temperance Society
from 1886 to 1916. 5. Sarah McKean,
born December 21, 1841, at Roxbury, died
December 27, 1897, at Worcester; mar-
ried Frederick Sumner Pratt (see Pratt).

(The Haven Line).

(I) Sergeant Richard Haven, the immi-
grant ancestor, was born in England and
came in 1645 to Lynn, Massachusetts.
His farm was near Flax Pond. He was
a member of the church and in 1692 was
one of those honored with seats in the
pulpit. He married Susanna Newhall,
daughter of Thomas Newhall, progenitor
of the Newhalls of Essex county. Ser-
geant Haven stated in 1691 in a deposi-
tion that his age was seventy-four years.
His wife died February 7, 1682. His will
was dated May 21, 1701. Children, born
at Lynn : Hannah, born February 22,
1645; Mary, March 12, 1647; Joseph,
February 22, 1649; Richard, May 25,
165 1 ; Susanna, April 24, 1653; Sarah,
June 4, 1655; John, December 10, 1656;
Martha, February 16, 1658 ; Samuel, May,
1660 ; Jonathan, January 18, 1662 ; Na-

thaniel, June 30, 1664; Moses, mentioned

(II) Deacon Moses Haven, son of Ser-
geant Richard Haven, was born at Lynn,
May 20, 1667. He removed to Framing-
ham in 1705, where he held many offices
of trust. He married (first) Mary Bal-
lard, of Lynn, (second) May 27, 1735,
Elizabeth Bridges, of Framingham, who
died November 1, 1747, aged eighty years.
Children, born in Lynn: Joseph, born
February 8, 1689; Susanna, October 20,
1690; Richard, January 28, 1693; Moses,
mentioned below; Mary, October 1, 1698;
Mehitable, January 30, 1702. Born at
Framingham: Sarah, June 10, 1705;
Daniel, June 16, 1708.

(III) Moses (2) Haven, son of Deacon
Moses (1) Haven, was born at Lynn, No-

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