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daughter of Timothy and Adaline
(Newell) Woodcock, of Dover, Massa-
chusetts. Children: Herbert Allen,
mentioned below ; Walter Crafts, born
October 21, 1862, died October 30, 1869.

(XVII) Herbert Allen Pike, son of
Nathan Crafts Pike, was born in Boston,
December 25, 1859. In 1864 he removed
to Newton with the family and attended
the public schools there. He preferred
business and with his father's consent
secured employment in Boston with the
large wholesale shoe concern, the A. W.
Clapp Company. As boy, clerk and sales-
man, he was with this company for seven
years and during the last three years
traveled in New York and Pennsylvania.
Afterward, he was traveling salesman for
Pillsbury Brothers, shoe manufacturers
of Northwood, New Hampshire, in the
west, covering territory in Colorado, Mis-
souri, Nebraska, Kansas and Ohio. He
was for some time in the factory and
subsequently had charge of the Boston
office of the firm. He resigned to engage
in business as one of the corporation
under the name of E. B. Warren & Com-
pany, shoe jobbers, succeeding the old
house of Henry L. Daggett & Company,

Boston. He was secretary of the com-
pany. He became treasurer of the Farm-
ington Shoe Company, having its factory
at Farmington, New Hampshire, employ-
ing about four hundred hands, and its
office in Boston. Upon the death of the
president of the company, this business
was wound up. Since 1906 he has been
president and treasurer of the Boston
Pressed Metal Company, 171-173 Union
street, Worcester, Massachusetts. This
company has a floor space of 35,000 feet,
employs about one hundred and fifty
hands and has a capital of $100,000.
Douglas P. Cook, of Worcester, is vice-
president. All kinds of stampings are
manufactured. The business has pros-
pered and shown a constant and gratify-
ing growth.

While living at West Newton, Mr. Pike
was treasurer of the Lincoln Park Bap-
tist Church several years, and since living
in Worcester he has served on the
finance committee of the First Baptist
Church and as deacon for one term. He
is a member of the Worcester Chamber
of Commerce and of the National Metal
Trades Association, of the Common-
wealth Club, the Economic Club, the
Worcester Society of Antiquity and the
Massachusetts Society Sons of the Amer-
ican Revolution. He has always taken
an interest in history and genealogy and
has for several years been president of the
Pike Family Association, which has in
preparation a genealogy and is about to
erect a memorial library at Salisbury in
honor of Major Robert Pike. In politics
he is an independent Republican.

He married (first) September 28, 1886,
Julia Maria Stone, born in 1862, died No-
vember 22, 1888, daughter of Joseph W.
Stone. He married (second) October 6,
1891, Mary Elizabeth Kimball, born in
Boston, October 2, 1871, daughter of
Oliver Dennett and Mary Elizabeth
(Jones) Kimball. Her father was born in


Tamworth, June 6, 1847, married, Octo-
ber 5, 1870, Mary Elizabeth Jones. Oliver
Dennett Kimball, St., his father, was born
at Tamworth, May 20, 1820, died in Bos-
ton, November 7, 1867 ; married Emeline
Safford Whipple, born March 27, 1814,
died February 22, 1868. Richard Kimball,
father of Oliver Dennett Kimball, Sr., was
born in Wells, Maine, May 24, 1793, died
March 27, 1848, lived in Tamworth, mar-
ried Olive Lary. Israel Kimball, father
of Richard Kimball, was baptized at
Wells, April 29, 1750, died at Kennebunk,
1822, married (intention October 12,
1771) Eleanor Dennett. Richard Kimball,
father of Israel Kimball, was baptized
March 25, 1707, died 1781, shipowner and
builder at Kennebunk, Maine, and mer-
chant; contributed clothing to the Con-
tinental army; married (first) (intention
September 1, 1733) Catherine Couzens ;
(second) August 6, 1740, Hannah Lord,
of Berwick. Caleb Kimball, father of
Richard Kimball, married in Wells, June
15, 1704, Susanna Cloyes. Mr. and Mrs.
Pike have on child, Rachel Bond, born
December 20, 1902.

(The Craft Line).

(I) Lieutenant Griffin Craft, Crafts or
Croft, as variously spelled by different
branches of the family, was the immigrant
ancestor, coming with Winthrop to Rox-
bury in 1630. He was admitted a free-
man, May 18, 1631 ; was deputy to the
General Court in 1638 and 1663-68; and
selectman in 1650. His first wife Alice,
who died March 25, 1673, had six chil-
dren, among whom was Samuel, men-
tioned below. He married (second)
Ursula, widow of William Robinson ;
(third) Dorcas Ruggles, daughter of
John and Barbara Ruggles.

(II) Lieutenant Samuel Craft, son of
Lieutenant Griffin Craft, was born De-
cember 12, 1637, died in December, 1691 ;
married, October 16, 1661, Elizabeth

Seaver, daughter of Robert and Eliza-
beth (Ballard) Seaver. He was select-
man of Roxbury for many years.

(III) Samuel (2) Craft, son of Lieu-
tenant Samuel (1) Craft, was born in
Roxbury, June 16, 1667, died December
9, 1709; married, December 25, 1693,
Elizabeth Sharp, daughter of Lieutenant
John Sharp. He was also a prominent
citizen of Roxbury.

(IV) Lieutenant Moses Craft, son of
Samuel (2) Craft, was born in Roxbury,
September 29, 1703, died December 3,
1768. He settled in Newton and was
selectman there 1741-45; was lieutenant
of his company at the siege of Louisburg.
By his wife Esther, daughter of Daniel
and Elizabeth (Greeley) Woodward, he
had nine children. Her father was born
September 24, 1671, died in 1749; mar-
ried (first) January 27, 1704, Elizabeth
Greeley. John Woodward, father of
Daniel Woodward, was born in Water-
town, March 28, 1649, died November 3,
1732, married (first) Rebecca Robbins,
daughter of Richard Robbins. George
Woodward, father of John Woodward,
was born in England in 1621, married
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Eliza-
beth (Cason) Hammond. Richard Wood-
ward, father of George Woodward, was
the immigrant, born in England in 1589,
settled with his wife Rose in Watertown,

(V) Ensign Samuel (3) Craft, son of
Lieutenant Moses Craft, was born in
Newton, November 23, 1729, died April
1, 1803; was selectman of Newton, 1773-
76, private in Captain Azariah Fuller's
company in the battle of Lexington and
later ensign of his company in the Revo-
lution ; spent his last years at Jay, Maine.
He married, November 8, 1753, Rebecca
Parker, daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah
(Severns) Parker, of Newton.

(VI) Nathan Craft, son of Ensign
Samuel (3) Craft, was born August 6,



1770, died December 19, 1848. He settled
in Jay and became a well-to-do farmer.
He was gifted musically and for many
years was chorister in the church. He
married, April 2, 1793, in Newton, Anna,
daughter of William and Lydia (Bruce)
Hyde (see Hyde V). Anna Jeffers Craft,
one of their nine children, married Heze-
kiah Pike (see Pike XV).

(The Hyde Line).

(I) Jonathan Hyde, the immigrant
ancestor, was born in England in 1626,
died October 6, 171 1. In 1647 he settled
in Newton, Massachusetts, and in 1652
with his brother Samuel bought two
hundred and forty acres there. He was
selectman in 1691. He married (first)
Mary French, daughter of William
French, of Billerica ; (second) Mary,
daughter of John Rediat, of Marlboro.

(II) William Hyde, son of Jonathan
Hyde, was born at Newton, September
12, 1662, died December, 1725; married
his second cousin, Elizabeth Hyde,
daughter of Job and Elizabeth (Fuller)
Hyde. Her father was born in 1643, died
1685, married in 1663 Elizabeth Fuller,
who died April 13, 1700, daughter of John
Sr., and Elizabeth Fuller, of Newton,
pioneers from England. Deacon Samuel
Hyde, father of Job Hyde, was brother
of Jonathan (1) Hyde, was born in Eng-
land in 1610, died September 12, 1689,

married Temperance and had five


(III) Lieutenant William (2) Hyde,
son of William (1) Hyde, was born Octo-
ber 30, 1690, died February 9, 1764; was
selectman in 1740; served in the Port
Royal expedition. He married, March 26,
1713, Deliverance Hyde, daughter of En-
sign Samuel and Deliverance (Hyde)
Hyde, granddaughter of Job Hyde, men-
tioned above.

(IV) Lieutenant Noah Hyde, son of
Lieutenant William (2) Hyde, was born

at Newton, September 26, 1717, died No-
vember 9, 1786. He was a selectman of
Newton two years. He married, in 1739,
Ruth Seger, daughter of Henry Seger,

(V) William (3) Hyde, son of Lieu-
tenant Noah Hyde, was born in Newton,
February 24, 1743, died in 1802; married
Lydia Bruce, of Framingham, Massachu-
setts, in 1767, and they had nine children,
among whom was Anna, born at Newton,
May 31, 1774, died December 19, 1848,
married Nathan Craft (see Craft VI).

DAVIS, Albert J.,

Business Man.

William Davis, the first known ancestor
of this line, was a resident of Freetown,
Massachusetts, where he served as a
member of the grand jury in 1697. He
married, March I, 1686, Mary, daughter
of William and Ann (Johnson) Make-
peace, of Freetown, Massachusetts, and
granddaughter of Thomas Makepeace, of
Dartmouth, and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth
(Mellows) Makepeace. Children: Wil-
liam, born June 11, 1688; Thomas, mar-
ried Lydia, surname unknown ; John ;
Jonathan, mentioned below; Remem-
brance, married (first) Sarah Soul, of
Tiverton, (second) Sarah Fox, of Free-
town ; Joseph ; Rebecca, married William
Cole; Abigail, married Ephraim Hath-
away, of Freetown, December 19, 1717;
Anne, married, January 29, 1723, Robert
Evans; Hannah, married William Gage,
of Freetown ; Ruth.

(II) Jonathan Davis, fourth son of
William and Mary (Makepeace) Davis,
was a resident of Freetown, where he
married, December 24, 1730, Sarah Perry,
of that town. They had children : Silas,
born January 1, 1732; Jonathan, May 26,
1736; Joseph, mentioned below; Richard,
February 1, 1741 ; Cornelius, January 24,


(III) Joseph Davis, third son of Jona-
than and Sarah (Perry) Davis, was born
September 26, 1738, in Freetown, and
married there, February 5, 1767, Susannah
Davis, born April 10, 1747, in Freetown,
daughter of James and Susannah Davis.

(IV) Joseph (2) Davis, son of Joseph

(1) and Susannah (Davis) Davis, was
born July 6, 1783, in Freetown. He
learned the trade of ship carpenter, and
made his home in Fall River, Massachu-
setts, where he followed this occupation
and was a well known citizen. He died
August 12, 1861. He married, January
22, 1S09, Lydia Hathaway, and they had
children : Sally, born July 25, 1810, died
August 8, 1826; Jason, mentioned below;
Harriet, April 22, 1817; Anson, Septem-
ber 17, 1820, died in infancy ; Anson, Oc-
tober 21, 1821 ; Susan, March 18, 1824;
Adolphus F., December 26, 1826; Joseph,
February 28, 1828; George H., August 19,
1830 ; Welcome, January 6, 1834.

(V) Jason Davis, eldest son of Joseph

(2) and Lydia (Hathaway) Davis, was
born March 1, 1813, in Fall River, where
he resided throughout his life, and was
a respected citizen, dying there July 20,
1874. He was buried in the North End
Cemetery, Fall River. He married, May
2, 1837, Matilda Dean, born May 2, 1816,
in Fall River, daughter of Apollos and
Caroline (French) Dean, died June 13,
1877, buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.
Children, mentioned below:

(VI) Albert Jason Davis, eldest son of
Jason and Matilda (Dean) Davis, was
born July 17, 1839, in Fall River, where
he was educated, and was engaged for
several years in the meat packing busi-
ness, in partnership with his brother,
Henry W. Davis. They continued very
successfully until the death of the senior
partner, December 1, 1893, in Fall River.
He was buried in Old North Cemetery.
He married Annie Sarah Brownell (see
Brownell VIII).

(VI) Henry Willard Davis, second son
of Jason and Matilda (Dean) Davis, was
born September 7, 1842, in Fall River,
where he grew to manhood, and was as-
sociated with his brother, as above noted,
in business. He married Maria Cars-
caden, of Providence, Rhode Island, and
they had two children: 1. Florence E.,
now the wife of Dana Dwight Brayton, of
Fall River, with two children. 2. Charles
Henry, who married Ruth Church, daugh-
ter of Captain Nathaniel Church, of Tiver-
ton ; she is the mother of four children.

(VI) Charles Franklin Davis, third
son of Jason and Matilda (Dean) Davis,
was born January 14, 1847, > n F a U River,
is now a resident of Brooklyn, New York.
He married Clara Brady, and they have
two children : Mabel Irene, wife of Jay
Baker, and Albert Delma ; all reside in

(VI) Lydia Anna Davis, eldest daugh-
ter of Jason and Matilda (Dean) Davis,
was born in Fall River, where she was
married, January 22, 1873, to Isaac Almy

(VI) Sabina Matilda Davis, youngest
daughter of Jason and Matilda (Dean)
Davis, is a native of Fall River, and was
married there, November 18, 1880, to
Charles Darius Buffington. They have
two children : Mary Deane, wife of Dr.
Fenner Chase ; and Harold Samuel Rob-
inson, a lawyer, practicing in Fall River.

This family is one of long and honor-
able standing in New England, its com-
ing to this country reaching back two
hundred and fifty and more years, to the
infancy of the colonies. It has also allied
itself by marriage to the first families of
New England, and in several lines its
posterity traces ancestry to the Pil-
grims of the "Mayflower," and others
who arrived soon after. The early his-
tory of this family, in its various

MASS-Vol. IH-25



branches, is treated at length elsewhere in
this work.

(I) Thomas Brownell, born in 1619,
came from Derbyshire, England, to this
country, and in 1638, the year he married,
he was of record at Portsmouth, Rhode
Island. In 1655, 1661, 1662 and 1663 he
was commissioner, and in 1664 was
deputy from that town. Both he and his
wife Ann died in 1665. Their children
were : Mary ; Sarah ; Martha, born in
1644, died February 15, 1743; George, in
1646, died April 20, 1718; William, in
1648, died in 1715 ; Thomas, mentioned
below ; Robert, in 1652, died July 12, 1728 ;
and Ann, in 1654, died April 2, 1747.

(II) Thomas (2) Brownell, son of
Thomas (1) and Ann Brownell, born in
1650, lived at Little Compton, Rhode
Island, where he died May 18, 1732. He
married, in 1678, Mary Pearce, born May
6, 1654, daughter of Richard and Susan-
nah (Wright) Pearce. Mrs. Brownell
died May 4, 1736. Their children were:
Thomas, born February 16, 1679, died in
January, 1752; John, February 21, 1682,
died in March, 1759; George, mentioned
below ; Jeremiah, October 10, 1689, died
in June, 1756; Mary, March 22, 1692, died
July 31, 1717; and Charles, December 23,
1694, died in February, 1774.

(III) Captain George Brownell, son of
Thomas and Mary (Pearce) Brownell,
born January 19, 1685, married (first)
July 6, 1706, Mary Thurston, who was
born March 20, 1685, daughter of Jona-
than Thurston. Captain Brownell served
as such officer on an expedition to
Canada. He resided at Westport, Mas-
sachusetts, where he died September 22,
1756. His wife died February 23, 1740.
Their children were: Giles, born March
1, 1707; Phebe, June 19, 1708; Mary,
November 9, 1709; George, June 27, 171 1 ;
Thomas, February 11, 171 3; Elizabeth,
September 13, 1717; Jonathan, March 19,
1719; Paul, June 12, 1721 ; and Stephen,

mentioned below. Captain Brownell
married (second) April 18, 1745, Comfort
Taylor. She was born March 2, 1703, and
by her marriage to Mr. Brownell became
the mother of a daughter, Mary, born
March 3, 1747.

(IV) Stephen Brownell, son of Captain
George Brownell and his wife, Mary
(Thurston) Brownell, was born Novem-
ber 29, 1726. He married, January 5,
1747, Edith Wilbor, who was born April
22, 1727. The children of Stephen and
Edith Brownell were : Phebe, born Sep-
tember 4, 1747; William, July 17, 1749;
Abigail, March 15, 1751 ; Edith, Novem-
ber 2, 1752; Mary, in April or July, 1754;
and George and Stephen, Jr., (twins),
October 29, 1756.

(V) William Brownell, eldest son of
Stephen and Edith (Wilbor) Brownell,
was born July 17, 1749. He married
(first) February 14, 1771, Elizabeth
Pearce, who was born October 19, 1751,
daughter of Giles and Mary Pearce. To
this union were born the following chil-
dren : Edith, born March 1, 1772; and
Isaac, born July 1, 1774. He married
(second) January 8, 1778, Eunice Palmer;
and (third) November 19, 1786, Betsey
Grinnell. The children of William and
Eunice (Palmer) Brownell were: Eliza-
beth, born February 13, 1779; Sylvester,
born July 31, 1782; and Humphrey, born
July 19, 1785. The children born to Wil-
liam and Betsey (Grinnell) Brownell
were: Eunice, born September 1, 1787;
William, born March 23, 1789; Walter,
born September 3, 1790; Clarke, men-
tioned below; Betsey, December 16, 1795;
and Stephen, January 2, 1798. William
Brownell, the father of the above chil-
dren, died in May, 1810, aged sixty-one

(VI) Clarke Brownell, fifth son of
William Brownell, and child of his third
wife, Betsey (Grinnell) Brownell, was
born October 16, 1793, in Little Compton.



He married there (first) November 5,
1S12, Hannah Hillard, daughter of Samuel
and Elizabeth (Pearce) Hillard, grand-
daughter of James and Deborah Hillard.
He married (second) Sarah Tompkins,
born October 9, 1797, daughter of Ben-
jamin and Deborah Tompkins. Children,
all born of first marriage : Warren, Oc-
tober 25, 1815; Oliver Clarke, mentioned
below; Benjamin P., February 17, 1823;
Isaac P., December 25, 1826; Deborah
Ann, October 20, 1829; Evans, September
28, 1S34; William, March 14, 1837; Rich-
mond, June 13, 1840.

(VII) Oliver Clarke Brownell, second
son of Clarke and Hannah (Hillard)
Brownell, was born October 27, 1819, in
Little Compton, where he was educated,
and was engaged in farming and stock
raising. He also dealt extensively in
cattle, and was associated with Judge
Joseph Osborn, of Tiverton, for many
years, in that business. A man of excel-
lent business capacity, he was successful,
and took a very active part in the public
life of Rhode Island. For several years
he represented his town in the Legisla-
ture and was also a member of the State
Senate. He served in the lower house
from 1850 to 1864, and again in 1880-81.
In 1865 he was elected to the State
Senate, and again in 1868 and in 1886.
In these various bodies he served on
many important committees in both
branches. He was noted for his honesty
and impartial consideration of every
public question ; was highly respected as
a citizen and as an officer. He died in
Little Compton, July II, 1898, and was
buried in the cemetery on the common
in that town. He married, January 1,
1840, in Little Compton, Ann Bailey
Brownell, born January 28, 1821, daugh-
ter of Pardon and Ann (Bailey) Brownell,
of Little Compton (see Brownell VI, be-
low). She survived her husband more
than five years, and died at the home of

her daughter, in Fall River, in August,
1903. Her body was laid to rest beside
that of her husband in Little Compton.
They were the parents of three children :
1. Pardon Clarke, born December 14,
1841 ; married Mary Willis, and resides in
Little Compton. 2. Annie Sarah, men-
tioned below. 3. Frank A., born March
28, 185 1 ; was associated with Belcher &
Loomis, hardware merchants, in Provi-
dence, Rhode Island, where he died May
30, 1914. He was buried in Oak Grove
Cemetery in Fall River. He married
Mary J. Simmons, a native of Little
Compton, daughter of Alexander C. and
Clarinda Bailey (Burgess) Simmons, of
that town.

(VIII) Annie Sarah Brownell, only
daughter of Oliver Clarke and Ann
Bailey (Brownell) Brownell, was born
February 11, 1846, and became the wife
of Albert Jason Davis, of Fall River,
Massachusetts, where she now resides
(see Davis VI). Her mother was a de-
scendant of the immigrant, Thomas B.
Brownell, through his grandson, George
Brownell, above described.

(IV) Giles Brownell, eldest son of
Captain George and Mary (Thurston)
Brownell, was born March 1, 1707, in
Little Compton, and there married, May
19, 1725, Elizabeth, daughter of Israel
Shaw, born October 7, 1706. Children
Isaac, born October 15, 1726; Charles
March 8, 1728; Giles, August 4, 1729
William, mentioned below; Alice, Octo
ber 28, 1733; Phebe, June 10, 1735
George, April 27, 1737; Mary, December
1, 1741 ; James, March 1, 1743; Joseph,
mentioned below.

(V) William Brownell, fourth son of
Giles and Elizabeth (Shaw) Brownell,
was born February 11, 1731, in Little
Compton, and lived in Dartmouth, Mas-
sachusetts. He married in Little Comp-
ton, February 15, 1750, Phillis Pearce, of
that town.



(VI) Jonathan Brownell, son of Wil-
liam and Phillis (Pearce) Brownell, lived
in Little Compton, where he married,
January 30, 1783, Dorcas, daughter of
Thomas Manchester, of Dartmouth.
Children: Lydia, born March 8, 1784;
Thomas Manchester, October 20, 1786;
Jonathan, December 9, 1788; James, men-
tioned below; Alice, March 3, 1794; Wil-
liam, February 23, 1797.

(VII) James Brownell, third son of
Jonathan and Dorcas (Manchester)
Brownell, was born August 15, 1792, in
Little Compton, and married in New-
port, Rhode Island, June 6, 182 1, Lydia
Church, daughter of Joseph (3) and
Elizabeth (Taylor) Church, of Little

(VIII) Charlotte Brownell, daughter
of James and Lydia (Church) Brownell,
was born in Little Compton, and married,
December 8, 1857, John H. Robinson, of
Fall River.

(V) Joseph Brownell, youngest child
of Giles and Elizabeth (Shaw) Brownell,
was born July 15, 1744, died February 24,
1824. He was a soldier of the Revo-
lution, and his widow received a pension
on account of this service. He married
Deborah Briggs, born September 23, 1748,
died September 23, 1840, daughter of Jo-
seph and Ruth (Coe) Briggs, grand-
daughter of Job and Mary Briggs. Chil-
dren : Cynthia, born December 14, 1769,
died November 1, 1828; Isaac, April 17,
1772; Roby, April 1, 1774, died February
22, 1824; Elizabeth, December 7, 1776,
died young; Elizabeth, February 25,
1779; Joseph, March 6, 1781 ; Deborah,
June 19, 1783, died June 23, 1848; Pardon,
mentioned below; Lydia, March 15, 1787;
James, March 3, 1789; Mary, January 10,
1792, died September 19, 1826.

(VI) Pardon Brownell, third son of
Joseph and Deborah (Briggs) Brownell,
was born February 11, 1786, and died
May i, 1876. He married, March 22, 1820,

Ann Bailey, daughter of Deacon Abra-
ham and Ann Bailey.

(VII) Ann Bailey Brownell, daughter
of Pardon and Ann (Bailey) Brownell,
was born January 28, 1821, and married
Oliver Clarke Brownell, of Little Comp-
ton (see Brownell VII, above).

(The Bailey Line).

(I) William Bailey, the progenitor of
the Baileys of Rhode Island, an English-
man probably, became an inhabitant of
Newport soon after the settlement of the
town. The partial destruction of the
records during the War of the Revolution
leaves but meager gleanings concerning
the lives of the early settlers of Newport.
It is a matter of record, however, that
William Bailey was at Newport as early
as June 14, 1655, when he bought prop-
erty there ; and one year later he is styled
in the records as William Bailey, Sr. Fam-
ily tradition has it that he was a resident
of London, England, and a weaver of silk
ribbons by occupation. Mr. Bailey died
some time before 1676. He married Grace
Parsons, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island,
daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Parsons.
After the death of her husband she mar-
ried (second) Thomas Lawton. Chil-
dren of William and Grace (Parsons)
Bailey: 1. John, who died January 13,
1736, married a Sutton, and resided at
Portsmouth and Newport; his children
were : Sarah, William, John, Thomas,
Abigail, Samuel, Mary and Ruth. 2. Jo-
seph, married and was a resident of New-
port. 3. Edward and his wife Frances
were residents of Newport and Tiver-
ton ; their children were : Edward, Eliza-
beth, John and Sarah. 4. Hugh, was twice
married, his first wife, Anna, died in 1721,
and he married (second) in 1724, Abigail
Williams, of Voluntown, Connecticut.
Mr. Bailey was a resident of Newport
and of East Greenwich, Rhode Island,
was a freeman of the latter town in 1702,

-Ed-chcoo J, /3rz l cmsru&


died in 1724, and his wife Abigail passed
away about that year. His first child was
born in Newport, and the others in East
Greenwich, Rhode Island: William, born
April 29, 1696; Samuel, July II, 1703; Jo-
seph, March 2, 1705; Hannah, January
9, 1708; Sarah, January 27, 1710; John,
January 6, 1712; Jeremiah, September 21,

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