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Entydnpefcra of Massachusetts

Biographical Genealogical

Compiled with Assistance of the Following



Former Librarian of Woburn Public Library;
Historian of New England Historic-Genea-
logical Society; Author of "History of Arling-
ton," "Bibliography of Woburn," "History of
the Cutter Family," etc.


Member of American Institute of Architecture,
etc.; Author of "Homes and How to Make
Them," and other popular works; Lecturer,
and frequent contributor to leading magazines
and newspapers.


Librarian of Berkshire Athenaeum and Mu-
seum; Secretary of Berkshire Historical Soci-
ety; Author of "Three Kingdoms;" "World of
Matter;" "Translation into English, Hexameters
of Virgil's Aeneid;" Joint Author "American
Plant Book;" "Barnes" Readers;" "One Thou-
sand Blunders in English."


Member of Connecticut Valley Historical Soci-
ety, and Western Hampden Historical Society;
Author of "History of the Town of Westfleld,


Charter Member, ex-President and for fifteen
years Librarian of Worcester Society of Antiq-
uity, and Editor of its Proceedings; Author of
"Rawson Family Memorial," "The Crane Fam-
ily," in two volumes, "History of 15th Regi-
ment in the Revolution," and Compiler of a
Number of Genealogies of the Prominent Fam-
ilies of Massachusetts. Member of the New
England Historic-Genealogical and other His-
torical Societies.


Clerk and Treasurer of Bostonian Society;
Director of Brookline Historical Society; Sec-
ond Vice-President of Mass. Soc. S. A. R.;
Chairman Membership Com. Mass. Soc. Colo-
nial Wars; Member Board of Managers, Mass.
Soc., War of 1812; Treasurer of Read Soc. for
Genealogical Research.


Ex-President of Essex Institute; Member of
Massachusetts Historical Society; ex-Repre-
sentative and ex-Mayor of Salem.


President of Old Bridgewater Historical Soci-
ety; President of Dyer Family Association.






Both justice and decency require that we should bestow on our forefathers

an honorable remembrance Thucydides

,', ..: .

( I * t t . < i C C

)< C<. '

>c c*



MASS. 7 i.

* " *


SMITH, C. Fayette, (Loomis) Smith. The line continued

Banker through Jonathan Smith, son of Benjamin

and Ruth (Loomis) Smith, who was born

Dean of the banking fraternity of Hoi- at West Springfield, and there lived a strict
yoke, C. Fayette Smith reviews a life of and pious h'f e unt jj his death, February 9,
fifty years spent in the banking business. ^72.. He married Margaret, a daughter of
The institution of which he is the honored Samuel Ball, who bore him sons and daugh-
head and in which he began as cashier terSj i nc i u di n g a son, Jonathan (2) Smith,
holds a commanding position among West- born a b out 1725. He inherited the Ball
ern Massachusetts financial concerns and is homestead at West Springfield, through his
regarded as Holyoke's leading bank. Its mo ther, and there resided until death, leav-
phenomenal growth since his connection mg amon g his seven children a son, Jona-
began may be justly attributed in a large de- than (3) Smith, who also resided at West
gree to his clear vision, modern progressive Springfield, married and left a son, Jon-
management and to his personal reputation athan ( 4 ) Smith, grandfather of C. Fayette
as one of the foremost financiers of his Smith, of Holyoke.

State. With the exception of three years Th j s j onat han (4) Smith was born at
passed in the employ of the George W. \v e st Springfield, August 27, 1790, and re-
Prentiss Company, wire manufacturers, he gide( j m t h a t par t of the town now Holyoke.
has been engaged in the banking business There he followed his trade of cooper until
from the time he was sixteen until the pres- h is death, February 27, 1845. Hs married,
ent, beginning as clerk in the Hadley Falls February 27, 1816, Martha, daughter of Jo-
Bank. In 1897 he had reached his present sep h i y> o f \y e st Springfield, a descendant
position, chief executive of the City Na- of Nathaniel Ely, through his son, Samuel
tional Bank of Holyoke, and for twenty Ely . h i s son, Deacon Joseph Ely ; his son,
years has ably guided the destinies of that j osep h (2) Ely; his son, Captain Joseph
institution. He is a descendant of William ^) Ely, an officer of the French and In-
Smith, born in England, who with four dian War . h is son, Joseph (4) Ely, a sol-
brothers and a sister settled in Connecticut, d j er o f t h e Revolution, who married Mar-
William settling later in Wethersfield in tha Smith, and they were the parents of
that State, where he died in January, 1670, Martha, born May 29, 1793, died March 24,
leaving nine children by his wife, Elizabeth 1^67, married, February 27, 1816, Jonathan
(Starling) Smith, whom he married in ^ Smith.
1644. Jonathan Moseley Smith, eldest son of

The line of descent from William Smith, j onat han (4) and Martha (Ely) Smith, was

the founder, is through his son, Benjamin born at South Hadley, Massachusetts,

Smith, born in Farmington, Connecticut, in March 20, 1817, died March 13, 1867. In

1658, a farmer and saw mill owner of West early life he was a farmer, but later and for

Springfield, Massachusetts. He died in many years he operated the swing ferry.

1738, at the good old age of eighty, leaving He married, March 30, 1843, in West

sons' and daughters by his wife, Ruth Springfield, Lucinda Warren, born Novem-



ber 3, 1823, died in Holyoke, November fornia, has spent the years of his life since
13, 1908, daughter of Oliver and Esther 1881 in Massachusetts, the State in which
(Dickinson) Warren, of Amherst, Massa- his American ancestor lived from the date
chusetts. They were the parents of four of his coming from England, about 1635,
children: Emily M., deceased, was the wife until his death. The surname Towne is an
of F. L. Seaver; Ellen S. ; Charles Fay- ancient English surname, but not of fre-
ette, of further mention ; Herbert M. quent occurrence. It is found as early as
Charles Fayette Smith, elder son of Jon- 1227, and again in the reign of Henry IV.;
athan Moseley and Lucinda (Warren) the coat-of-arms of the Towne family and
Smith, was born at Holyoke, Massachu- the family name are found on a memorial
setts, August 24, 1851. Until sixteen years window in a church at Kensington, County
of age he attended the public schools, and Kent. The arms are thus described: "Ar-
at that age he became a clerk in the Hadley gent on a chevron sable, three crosses cross-
Falls Bank, a connection which existed for let, ermine."

fourteen years, the boy becoming a man of (I) William Towne, the founder of the
banking experience and teller of the bank family in America, was born in England in
for a number of years. At the age of thirty 1600, and baptized May 21, 1603. He mar-
he resigned his banking position to enter the ried, at Yarmouth, Norfolkshire, England,
employ of the George W. Prentiss Com- March 25, 1620, in the Church of St. Nich-
pany, but three years later returned to his olas, Joanna Blessing, and there six of his
first love, the banking business, as cashier children were baptized. He came to New
of the City National Bank of Holyoke, serv- England about 1630, settled first at Salem,
ing in that position from his election in Massachusetts, where he had a grant of
1884 until 1897, when he was elected presi- land in 1640, residing in that part of the
dent of the bank, a position he now holds, town called Northfields until 1651. In 1652
In 1900 he was appointed receiver for the he sold his Salem property and bought land
Glasgow Manufacturing Company, and af- in Topsfield where he died about 1672. His
ter closing up all the affairs of the old com- widow died in 1682. They were the parents
pany he organized a new corporation, the of ten children, two of whom were put to
Hadley Mills, of which he was chosen treas- death during the infernal "witchcraft de-
urer, serving ten years. The mills of the lusion," which left so black a spot on the
old company after being closed four years history of Massachusetts. Children: Re-
were reopened by the new r company and becca, baptized February 21, 1621, executed
have since been in successful operation. He for witchcraft in Salem, July 19, 1692, wife
was also president of the Holyoke Ice Com- of Francis Nourse ; John, baptized Febru-
pany, and is deeply interested in all that ary 16, 1624; Susannah, baptized October
tends to promote the welfare of his city. In 20, 1625 ; Edmund, baptized June 28, 1628;
political faith he is a Republican, his clubs Jacob, baptized March n, 1632; Mary, bap-
the Bay State, Holyoke Canoe, Holyoke and tized August 24, 1634, executed for witch-
Mt. Tom Golf. craft at Salem, September 22, 1692, wife of
Isaac Estey; Sarah, baptized September

TOWNE, James Weld, 3 ' l648; J ose P h > of further mention.

(II) Joseph Towne, son of William and

Printer and Business Man. T '

Joanna (Blessing) Towne, was born about

Of the ninth American generation of his 1639, baptized September 3, 1649, resided in

family, Mr. Towne, although born in Cali- Salem until March 22, 1690, then moved to



Topsfield, where he was a member of the born May 6, 1739; Gardner, born June 6,

church, and died in 1713. He married Phebe 1741, married Abigail Hopkins, no issue;

Perkins, daughter of Thomas Perkins, of Elizabeth, born May 28, 1745, died July 16,

Topsfield. Children: Phebe, born May 1794; Susannah, born May 28, 1748, mar-

4, 1666, died young; Joanna, born January ried Timothy Nichols, October 2, 1779;

22, 1668, married Thomas Nichols, Decem- Mary, born April 20, 1751, died August 29,
ber 15, 1694, lived in Sutton ; Mary, born 1781.

March 27, 1670; Susannah, born December (V) Israel (2) Towne, son of Israel (i)

24, 1671, married John Cummings, January and Grace (Gardner) Towne, was born at

23, 1688, died September 13, 1776; Joseph, Topsfield, Massachusetts, November 16,
of further mention ; Sarah, born December 1736, died at Stoddard, New Hampshire,
30, 1675, died November I, 1760; John, April 28, 1813. He went with his parents
born February 20, 1678; Martha, born May to Amherst, New Hampshire, and there
19, 1680, married Isaac Leach; Phebe, born married, July 31, 1760, Lydia, daughter of
July 23, 1685, married Mr. Newhall, he Benjamin Hopkins. Children: Israel, of
died June 10, 1736. further mention; William, born July 21,

(III) Joseph (2) Towne, son of Joseph 1763; Gardner, May I, 1765; Benjamin,
(i) and Phebe (Perkins) Towne, was born March 23, 1767; Andrew, July n, 1769;
at Topsfield, Massachusetts, March 22, Lydia, April n, 1772, died August 28, 1777;
1673, died May 28, 1757. He married (first) Daniel, born August 20, 1774; Hannah,
Margaret Case, of Salem, November 9, August 28, 1776, died October, 1872, aged
1699; married (second) Abigail Curtis, ninety-six, married Ebenezer Bancroft, of
November 5, 1707; married (third) Mary Dunstable.

Mower, February 21, 1730. Children of (VI) Israel (3) Towne, son of Israel (2)

first wife: Margaret, born August 6, 1700, and Lydia (Hopkins) Towne, was born at

died January 5, 1757, married Samuel Per- Stoddard, New Hampshire, June 14, 1761,

kins, August 22, 1723; Joseph, born De- and died May 2, 1848. He married Han-

cember 26, 1701; Archelaus, August 31, nah Abbott, of Stoddard, who died March

1703; Israel, of further mention. By his 9, 1847. Children: Lydia, born Septem-

second wife Joseph Towne had ten children ber n, 1781, died June 28, 1878, married

and by his third wife one child. Oliver Hodgman; Archelaus, born No-

(IV) Israel Towne, son of Joseph (2) vember 29, 1782; Israel, of further men-
Towne and his first wife, Margaret (Case) tion; Hannah, born October 9, 1786, died
Towne, was born at Topsfield, Massachu- July 28, 1864, married Asa Copeland, April
setts, March 24, 1705, died at Amherst, 2, 1809; Esther, born June 24, 1788, died
New Hampshire, in 1791. He was one of August 23, 1871, married Isaac Howe, of
the early settlers of Narragansett, after- Milford, New Hampshire, October 15,
ward named Souhegan, and incorporated 1809; Grace, born March 24, 1790, killed
as Amherst in 1760. The first settlement by a falling tree; Gardner, born February
was made there in 1734, and September 22, 16, 1792; Ebenezer, August 3, 1795; Lucy,
1741, when the church was organized, the born August 16, 1797, died February II,
name of Captain Israel Towne appeared. 1888.

He married, May 23, 1729, Grace Gardner, (VII) Israel (4) Towne, son of Israel

of Middletown, who died in 1803. Chil- (3) and Hannah (Abbott) Towne, was

dren: Thomas, born 1732; Archelaus, born at Stoddard, New Hampshire, Novem-

1734; Israel, of further mention; Moses, ber 22, 1784, or 85, died at Amherst, New



Hampshire. October 25. 1858. He married
(first) June 14. 1812. Clarissa Weld, of
Boston, born December 3, 1795. died Jan-
uary 13, 1815: married (second) July 23,
1815. Sarah L. Brazier, born June II, 1796,
died May 22. 1874. Children by first wife:
Sarah, born February 8. 1813. died April
15, 1813: Clarissa Weld, born October 9,
1814. married Elijah Bagnall. of Chelsea.
Children by second wife: Maria B.. born
August 7. 1817: Pamelia C. born May i.
1822. died 1887. married Zephaniah Bas-
sett : Hannah C.. born April 5. 1825. died
1887. married W. Wesion Wilson. July 2.
1856; Betsey Elizabeth B.. bom March 29,
1827. married William J. Weston. February
14. 1850: James Weld, of further men-
tion: Emily R.. born June 14. 1832: Wil-
liam Henry, May 27, 1835 ; Charles G..
July 12. 1838.

(VIII) James Weld Towne. son of Is-
rael (4) Towne and his second wife. Sarah
L. (Brazier) Towne. was born at Amherst.
Xew Hampshire, May 29. 1829. His boy-
hood was spent in Amherst and Milford,
Xew Hampshire, and he learned the print-
er's trade in the office of the "Farmers Cab-
inet," of Amherst. For a short time he was
a journeyman printer in Boston, but in 1852
he journeyed to San Francisco and engaged
in the printing business very successfully,
being a member of the pioneer printing firm,
Whiton, Towne & Company, later a mem-
ber of the firm. Towne & Bacon. In 1868
his health failed and he returned East, lo-
cating at East Orange. Xew Jersey, acting
as Xew York resident partner of the San
Francisco paper house of Blake, Moffitt i;

He married (first) May 29. 1855. Cyn-
thia Gowing. who died July 8, 1875. daugh-
ter of Joseph Gowing. of Amherst. Mr.
Towne coming from California to claim his
bride and taking her back with him. He
married (second) October 3. 1877. Rebec-
ca Eames, of Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Children, all by his first wife: i. Arthur
G.. born May 12. 1856: married, May 14,
1885. Alice Wolcott Xichols and has James
Wolcort and Arthur Wolcott Towne ; re-
sides in San Francisco. 2. Emma, born Au-
gust iS. 1858: married Hugo Richards and
moved to Prescott, Arizona. 3. Carrie,
born December 18, 1861 ; married Frank
W. Wilson, of East Orange, Xew Jersey. 4.
Frank Beckwith, born January 7, 1865 ;
married, at Lock Haven. Pennsylvania,
June 21. 1804. Harriet A. Peale, daughter
of S. Richard and Harriet (Alter) Peale;
child. Richard Peale, born in Holyoke. Mas-
sachusetts, October 5. 1899. an adopted
daughter, Barbara Boynton, born August 5,
1904. 5. Edward S.. born April 18, 1866:
married at Richmond, Indiana, September
14. 1893. Joanna Maude Hogan. daughter
of John D. and Man- E. i Sands ) Hogan :
they reside in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and
have a son. Herbert Sands Towne, born Oc-
tober 9. 1899. at Holyoke. 6. Charles, born
in 1868. died in infancy. 7. William, born
1870. died in infancy. 8. Bessie, born De-
cember 8, 1871. died 1886. 9. Joseph M..
born July 7. 1875.

MOORE. Philander.

Retired Business Man.

Philander Moore, a well-known and high-
ly respected citizen of Holyoke. Massachu-
setts, comes of a family whose name ap-
pears in national history, both in the annals
of peace and war.

Major John Moore, great-grandfather of
Philander Moore, fought in the battle of
Bunker Hill, and a handsome monument
erected to his honor is to be seen at Xor-
ridgewock, Maine, the place of his birth.

Goff Moore, son of Major John Moore,
was born in Maine about the year 1761,
and there spent most of his life of ninety-
one years, his death taking place there in
1851. He was a patriot like his father and


served his country during the Revolution- of his native town, and received further ed-
ary War, at the termination of which he ucation at North Anson Academy, after
returned to his home at Norridgewock, which he became associated in business with
Maine, and there followed agricultural pur- his brother, who was a printer in North An
suits and hunting. He was twice married, son, Maine, remaining with him for four
and was the father of the following chil- years. During the next two years he filled
dren by his first marriage : Samuel, John, the capacity of clerk in a store at Anson,
Goff, Jr.; of second marriage: Moses, Maine, and then, coming to Chicopee, Mas-
Daniel, Robert. sachusetts, was for six months employed in

Goff (2) Moore, son of Goff (i) Moore, the store of the well-known grocery firm
by his first marriage, and father of Phi- of Carter & Spaulding. His next commer-
lander Moore, was born at Norridgewock, cial activity was in the city of Springfield,
Maine, February 23, 1791. He rose to dis- Massachusetts, where he entered the em-
tinction in the State, both in military and ploy of E. B. Haskell & Sons, grocers,
civic activities. He was the proprietor of a serving that company until October I, 1865,
saddlery and harness business of substantial then came to Holyoke, which city has since
importance in the town of North Anson been his home. For a year or so he was a
and later in Madison, Maine, where his clerk for W. C. Carter, and then pur-
personality brought him much power and chased an interest in the business of Mr.
prestige. He had inherited the martial spir- Tuttle, the firm becoming known as Tut-
it, and entered enthusiastically into the op- tie & Moore. Mr. Moore continued in the
erations of the State militia, eventually ris- partnership for three years, at the expira-
ing to the rank of colonel. He also partici- tion of which time he acquired Mr. Tuttle's
pated energetically and forcefully in local interest. Some time later he formed a part-
and State politics, and at one time held the nership with Mr. Glover, the firm name
postmastership at Madison, Maine. To then changing to Moore & Glover. His
church affairs he gave much of his time place of business was situated at the corner
and substance, his hospitable entertainment of High and Dwight streets, where the
of the dignitaries of the church being note- Holyoke National Bank now stands, and
worthy. Twice he married, his first wife which corner Mr. Moore owned at that
having been Alice Patten, and his second time. Three years later he purchased Mr.
Mrs. Mary Spaulding, nee Mary McLaugh- Glover's interest and again became sole pro-
lin, of Stark, Maine. To the first marriage prietor of the business, which he continued
were born eight children: Albert, James, to operate successfully until 1891 when he
Philander, Jane P., Goff A., Maria E., decided to retire. That was many years
Alice P., and Olive S. ; and to the second ago, while Mr. Moore was still able
marriage two children : Philander, who is to appreciate and find pleasure in things
the subject of main reference herein, and other than business, consequently he has
James. Philander Moore is the only one been able to spend the intervening time
living of the entire family at the present profitably in pleasure, chiefly in travel. He
time. has been once around the world ; has

Philander Moore, son of Goff (2) and crossed the Atlantic to Europe a number of

Mary (McLaughlin-Spaulding) Moore, times, and has traveled the length and

was born in Madison, Somerset county, breadth of the United States upon different

State of Maine, July 19, 1844. In due trips,
course he passed through the public schools Although now retired, Mr. Moore still



takes an interest in the affairs of institu-
tions with which he is associated. He has
been a director of the Hadley Falls Na-
tional Bank for thirty-five years ; is a mem-
ber of the Mount Tom Lodge, Free and
Accepted Masons, of Holyoke, in which he
has taken an interest, and for several years
was treasurer of the lodge. He has attended
the Second Congregational Church of Hol-
yoke for fifty years. Mr. Moore has seen
Holyoke grow from a little rural commu-
nity of four thousand to a thriving city of
seventy thousand population in the years he
has resided in it.

In 1872 he married (first) Ida A. Gro-
ver, who was born at Portsmouth, New
Hampshire, but at the age of two years was
brought by her parents to Holyoke, Massa-
chusetts, where her father, William Grover,
had been appointed agent for the Hadley
Mills. Her mother was Anna P. (Bailey)
Grover. Two children were born to Phi-
lander and t Ida A. (Grover) Moore: Emily
S., who died at seventeen, and Helen P.,
who is married to Aaron C. Bagg, of Hol-
yoke, son of E. P. Bagg. Mr. Moore's one
grandchild was christened Aaron Moore
Bagg. Mrs. Ida A. (Grover) Moore died
in 1901, and in 1911 Mr. Moore married
(second) Lydia M. Hardy, a native of Ver-

LYMAN, Charles Perry,

Business Man, Public Official.

Back into the centuries, Charles Perry
Lyman, of Holyoke, traces his ancestry
through eight American generations to
Richard Lyman, the patriarch of all the Ly-
mans of America of English descent, and
through ten generations of English ances-
tors to Thomas Leman, who held land in
County Wilts during the reign of King
Henry III. of England. The name con-
tinued as Leman until early in the
eighteenth century, when it became Ly-

man, its present form. The Lymans were
of the landed gentry, owned large estates,
bore the title of "gentleman" and intermar-
ried with leading families of their section of
England. They bore arms distinguished by
a ring within a triangle quartered with the
Lambert armorials. Although the name
Leman occurs in the Book of Domesday
and is traced in male and female line to
Alfred the Great, the authentic male line
begins two centuries later with Thomas
Leman, of County Wilts, in the reign of
Henry III. in the last half of the thirteenth

Richard Lyman, the American ancestor,
sold his lands in the parish of Ongar, Es-
sex county, England, in August, 1631, and
sailed for America with his wife and chil-
dren on the ship "Lion." Among the pas-
sengers on the ship was the wife of Gov-
ernor Winthrop, and John Eliot, afterward
known as the apostle to the Indians. Ten
weeks later, on November 2, the ship ar-
rived in Boston, Richard Lyman settling at
Charlestown. Later he joined Rev. Hook-
er's party and went to Connecticut, where
his name appears on a list of the original
founders of Hartford, 1636. He married,
in England, Sarah Osborne.

Lieutenant John Lyman, son of Richard
Lyman, the founder, settled in Northamp-
ton, Massachusetts, where he died August
20, 1690, aged sixty-seven years. He was
in command of Northampton troops at the
famous Falls fight above Deerfield, May
18, 1676. He married Dorcas Plumb.

Moses Lyman, son of Lieutenant John
Lyman, was born in Northampton, Massa-
chusetts, and there died February 25, 1701,
aged thirty-eight years, his wife, Ann, sur-
viving him.

Captain Moses (2) Lyman, son of Mos-
es (i) Lyman, was born in Northampton,
Massachusetts, February 27, 1689, died
March 24, 1762. He married M indwell



Deacon Elias Lyman, son of Captain Hudson, Massachusetts; Robert H., journ-

Moses (2) Lyman, was born in Northamp- alist, and editor of the "New York World."

ton, Massachusetts, September 30, 1715, Charles Perry Lyman, son of Samuel

died in Southampton, February 18, 1803. Tinker and Augusta (Kirkland) Lyman,

He was a deacon of the church, member of was born in Agawam, Massachusetts, Decem-

the Provincial Congress, 1768, 1775, deputy ber 25, 1850. He was educated in the pub-

to the General Court, member of the Com- lie schools of Huntington, at Ripon Col-

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